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Guarantee Trust Life Insurance Co. Online Reviews

Company Name: Guarantee Trust Life Insurance Co.
Overall average rating of 2 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 20 %
Avoid doing business with this shady company. Long story short...very conservative company that see nothing in minorities but money. I was talked to very rudely by management when attempting to resolve an issue with both a lost application and an issue with an incorrect policy w/ someone's else's personal info mailed to me. Terminated doing business with them altogether. Seems like their practices are outdated and there is a lack of diversity.
I took out 3 policies on my kids 14 years ago. I was told rates would never go up and cash value would build. Today I get a letter. My oldest son's policy tripled in prices. And I was told there was no cash value built up after 14 years. For a 15 dollars a month my son could get a 200k policy. So why would I keep paying same for 12k. Lady on phone didn't care and didn't try to help. She told me that letting the policy lapse was only option other than paying Higher rate. DON'T USE THIS CROOKED COMPANY.
I had told the salesman up front that I could not purchase the insurance until after the first of the year. He pursued until we agreed to get the minimum of the policies he offered and told us about the free look guarantee. When we got the policy, I called the company and cancelled. They said it would be 3 to 5 weeks before we would get our initial payment back and to send a letter of cancellation, which I mailed that day. Three weeks later, they pulled another payment out of my account. When I called about that, they said it takes 3 to 5 weeks to process the cancellation, 3 to 5 weeks to send the first payment back, and another 3 to 5 weeks to send the second payment back. I have been forced to pay my bank $28 to ensure that they will not be allowed to continue taking my money out of my account even though I have cancelled my policy. Do not deal with this company.
In Nov of 2017, I turned 65 and decided (with my family concern, my neighbor's input and a GREAT agent's help) to purchase what is called a MAPD - a Medicare Advantage plan WITH drug coverage included. My agent showed me both the HMOs and PPOs in the area and we looked up all the plans my Doctors/Specialists/Hospitals/etc take. I took a PPO plan from a big 6 (UHC [not AARP like everyone says], Aetna, Humana, the Blue Boys, Cigna, - we don't have Kaiser here) Insurance company with the Hospital Indemnity Plan from Guarantee Trust Life or GTL. The plan costs me about $45 a month and in the time I've had it (a little over a year now) I've collected $1150 dollars! I love my "Aflac for Seniors".
It's Nothing like real Insurance. These "people" had no problem taking $400+ in premiums. When I turned in one claim for $200 they refused to pay. Demanded more and more documentation. I had an attorney look and he said "You could win a suit, but for a few hundred bucks??" So the alleged "Insurance" is worthless. They apparently stay in business thru client turnover. Stuff your money in a mattress, it's safer.
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