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Grange Auto Insurance Online Reviews

Company Name: Grange Auto Insurance
Company Type: Private
Year Founded: 1935
Address: 671 South High Street
City: Columbus
State/Province: OH
Postal Code: 43206
Country: United States
Phone: (800) 422-0550
Overall average rating of 2.6 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 18 %
I've been working with Grange for the last 14 years with a catastrophic claim. Being a long period of time I've only had a couple changes in adjusters and they have all been great to work with! I would highly recommend Grange to anyone looking for insurance. Especially when those horrible accidents do happen, they are there for you. They are quick with reimbursements and have helped me in various situations over the years. Thank you Grange!
Grange didn't provide efficient follow-ups with the rental company regarding rental extension and collision center regarding supplement to adjusted repair approval. This resulted in lack of notification that my rental limit had expired, therefore causing an out of pocket expense to me. We pay for rental coverage to prevent out of pocket expense other than our deductible. The repair shouldn't have lasted 3 weeks or long enough to exhaust my rental limit. However, the appraiser and adjuster played email and phone tag with the collision center regarding needed approval for supplements to repair. Grange failed to respond to the rental company when they requested if an extension would be given for my rental.The adjuster responded two days after the rental limit had been exhausted. The rental company notifies the customer once Grange closes out rental claim. Therefore, I wasn't notified in timely manner to decide if I wanted to be responsible for the out of pocket cost or return the rental. Grange doesn't feel they are responsible to refund the money lost due to their poor response to deadlines. Grange's customer service is horrible, passing me around to various people. When asked to provide the regional manager's contact information I was informed by a call center rep and my insurance agent they are not allowed to give the number out. In no way do I want to do business with a company that limits customer access to chain of command. I do not recommend Grange due to not working in the best interest of their customers. I found the adjuster, M. **, of my claim to be rude and to date her supervisor, M. **, hasn't contacted me to address my concern. Documentation from both the collision center and rental company show the lack of proper follow up and an effort to clean up a missed notification to the rental company. CHEAPER RATES MEANS YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR. BE AWARE. It's all great until you need them to make your claims process efficient and not stressful. They have lost my business and I will continue to warn other consumers.
My experience has been good. They appear to work with me and have been good during accidents. I do believe they are more expensive than competitors but do not have time in my life to review my options. Plan on doing so first of the year.
Hit a deer on October 30th 2018, the initial filing of the claim went great. But after that I tried contacting the woman that was in charge of my claim and could never get ahold of her. I left voicemails but never received a callback. Finally I had to threaten to get a lawyer in order to get them to look at my vehicle. They finally picked my vehicle up the second week of January. Two and a half months after the accident. Within a week they totalled my vehicle out and here it is now May of 2019 and myself and my bank are still waiting for payment. I had full coverage insurance that I am still paying for, and still paying on the loan for my vehicle. It has been over 4 months and now when I email my claims adjuster, I get no response. I will definitely be finding another insurance company after all this.
Horrible company. I was in an accident with one of their clients and they admitted fault. Jeff **, their adjuster, proceeded to give me a low-ball offer for my car. When I told them I found their valuation unreasonable and I felt it wasn't a fair offer, they stonewalled me. They told me it was the absolute best they could do and wouldn't negotiate with me. I told them that if they can't give me a fair offer, I would have to sue their client for the money I feel is owed to me. They told me they couldn't offer me anymore, so I am filing a suit against their client because they refuse to work with me.
This company is awesome! I hit a deer and they worked very quickly to get my car fixed and back in working order! I called on a Monday and the car was in the shop being fixed the very next day. They had a rental waiting for me and the repair was done well.
I like how quickly Grange Auto Insurance take your calls and respond back to an issue when one occurs. They are also really friendly and nice for the most part and make the process smoother. However, some of the people are not quite as friendly and Put up a fight when you have multiple claims too close together even when not at fault and it become a Hassle and headache.
Grange Auto Insurance has good price, friendly and helpful customer service when I had to call. Check prices with this company before signing somewhere else.
Have not had direct claim interaction with company yet and as I deal directly with an independent insurance broker I hope not to have to but may need more user friendly website access for policyholders in the future if needed.
We get the coverage we need for our family, especially with two teen drivers. I have been with them for over 30 years as well as my parents. Started with them in high school and my husband switched to them when we got married. They cover auto and home.
I am very pleased with the billing and contact information and their website is very friendly to move around in. I have had one claim with them recently and the lack of communication and the response that I got from them was not good. I initiated all phone conversations with the claim adjuster and emails with her supervisor. I would not use the collision repair company that I was informed that I should use as there was no correspondence with them whatsoever. I had to go through the insurance company to find out what the status of my car was. I had to have a rental for a month as it took that long for it to be repaired. Just seemed to be a hassle/fight with everything or it might still not be fixed today.
I started to take out insurance with Grange and the agent made 2 mistakes while setting up my policy. Wanted to charge me more money than I was quoted so I cancelled. I cancelled payment and when a check was mailed to me I immediately had my account charged again and not I am getting bills telling me to pay immediately. I sent proof that this was paid but did not do any good. I will complain to BBB if this affects my credit rating at all.
I was struck by a driver with Grange Insurance and have had the worst experience of my life. I was a pedestrian and was hit by their driver, which broke my ankle. After having surgery to repair it, they have stalled paying my medical providers leaving me, a single mother of 3 to struggle to make payments to them or take the hit on my credit. They have said their claims adjuster was out of the office unexpectedly, they had technical issues, peer review was taking more time unexpectedly, etc. All excuses to delay my settlement when they already accepted liability.I’ve had to hire an attorney and after months of delays, we now have to file a lawsuit against the driver, as well as Grange for failing to act in good faith to settle this claim. I would never want to have an insurance company that would personally put me at this type of financial risk. We think our insurance companies will protect us in the case of an accident but Grange has left their insured driver in a lawsuit because they refuse to settle this matter in a timely and reasonable manner. I feel aweful for the driver as they will likely need an attorney of their own and begin to experience the stress and financial burden I have been through while dealing with Grange. Think twice before you use them to insure you, as they are not there to protect you, they are protecting themselves while leaving you open to possible financial ruin.
Grange doesn’t answer emails or voicemails and their receiving department dropped the ball. The agent lied that I should have my check on Friday. My daughter was hit by a driver with Grange Insurance. Grange does not have a claims office near me. The week before Thanksgiving they called me on a Friday, we discussed an offer for the car to be totaled (the amount had not settled) and I had three days to return the rental... Not three working days. The rental was due to be returned on Monday, I did and my daughter had no car. We looked at new cars Saturday and put a down payment down to hold till I received the Grange check.After I called and asked, they emailed me the amount they would pay on Monday. I overnighted the papers to them that Monday and email the agent that I had. I called Tuesday at 1 pm. I asked if she had received my overnighted package (the claims agent said it had not been scanned into their system). I checked tracking and my package was signed for at 10:30 am. I called back two times and left messages. I called back at 3:30 pm and gave the agent the tracking number. She said she would message the department and find out why my package hadn’t been scanned into the system. At this point, I still had hope that I would have a check Wednesday (the day before Thanksgiving).I call a few times on Wednesday morning and left messages. I called at 2 pm and finally got the agent. I asked if my paper had been scanned in, she said they had not and she would call the responsible department. At 3 pm I called her supervisor and told him that the department that scans in received paperwork is holding up my claim. After calling and leaving messages, I finally reached the agent at 4 pm, she had all the needed paperwork, I should have the check Friday and that she would email me. That night I checked the tracking; UPS indicates the package hasn’t been picked up, was 2nd air and was scheduled to be delivered Monday. I checked again today on Thanksgiving Day, hoping that UPS just hadn’t updated. Oh... Well... Still the same.
DO NOT USE THIS INSURANCE COMPANY!!! We just had a comp claim due to an accident with a deer. The damage was WELL below blue book and yet they REFUSE to repair it. We were advised the adjuster said he was going to total it before he even looked at it. They have NO compassion, they WILL NOT listen to or reason with you. They know they hold all the cards and are powerless against them. They couldn't care less about what you want or need. They ONLY care about what is in their best interests - period!!!
Have had this company for more than four years with only one problem. I updated my new address and phone number on their website but somehow it didn't get passed on to my local agent. Which caused a issue in contacting me when I bought a new vehicle. Thankfully I wasn't in a accident because the local agent didn't insure my new vehicle for almost 3 weeks after I bought it. And I had no idea!
My overall experience with this company has been positive so far. I was sent an online quote, which saved me time. I was able to ask for the same type of coverage that I had in my previous insurance policy. Since the office was local, I was able to ask questions and sign everything in person. I liked the fact that they had a local office and that I have a person that I can call directly and not just talk to an automated system. And I enjoy the fact that Grange is much more affordable than my last plan. It was also recommended to me by my boyfriend so I know it is that insurance. I have only had this policy for a few months, but it might have been nice if the representative called me to ask if I had any questions or if I was enjoying my new account.
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