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GoldenCare Online Insurance Reviews

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Company Name: GoldenCare
Overall average rating of 4.7 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 77 %
I’m a retired nurse and I had thought about long-term care for a while. I thought having one was the thing to do. If I could avoid problems for our kids, I would like do that. Our GoldenCare agent was very nice and helpful. We did a lot of emailing. I had to have a bone density test done and he explained why it was necessary. He also answered all my questions and made me feel that GoldenCare was a responsible company and it will be there when I needed it. He recommended a policy and we thought that was probably the one we could afford. It can be used at different levels of care like in-home care, assisted living or long-term care. I have some security knowing that I have this plan in place.
I was wanting some form of long-term care coverage and Arsenio from GoldenCare found his way to me. I talked to him over the phone, which is rare for me, and I liked him so I worked with him. I got an insurance policy that covers if you're in a nursing home or you need an in-home care for a certain period of time. It has defined benefits like how much you can get over a period of time. It’s basically just a way to offset a very high cost should something happen to either of us. Arsenio has called back to make sure that things went through. He came and helped us fill out the paperwork. Overall, he was pretty well-informed and easy to deal with. He wasn’t high pressure. He and I both understood I was the boss.
I was in charge of my mother’s care - she had dementia. good thing, she had VA benefits that helped her out. I don’t have that. So, getting long-term care seemed like a smart thing to do. There’s no way to really subsidize that expense if you don’t have masses of retirement funds. GoldenCare was recommended by the ANNA. They had some special benefits for nurses. I had compared it to a couple of others and it seemed better so they won. The policy I got was thorough and even though I cringe every time I have to pay that annual fee, it gave a lot of flexibility in terms of choices between home and facility. And even though I could break down the fee, I don’t want to pay for it every month. It's far easier than $6000 a month later on. The person I spoke with was really good about explaining everything. His name is Harry and I called him several times with more questions, and he was always good about answering them. I am impressed with his ability to inform and he did that pretty thoroughly, giving me information to read over. I don’t remember feeling pressured. Because if I was, I won't buy their product. Overall, even without dementia, I would still need some kind of help as I age because I have no children. I bought Golden Care for the future and having this coverage, I have peace of mind that my cost will be handled for the most part.
I saw GoldenCare in a nursing magazine and that was one reason I chose them. I have this as a just-in-case thing. If some sickness prevented me from staying home, I would be able to stay a little longer. The purchasing experience was long but okay. There was an over-the-phone interview that took a couple of hours but The sales rep was knowledgeable of what was going on in the best of my interest and she answered satisfactorily to me. However, I cancelled one of the policies a couple of months ago 'cause of the expenses.
We got a long term care because we're getting older and it might come in handy to have. I did some research online and I talked to four different people then I decided to go with GoldenCare. I talked to their guy on the phone and he gave us some solid advice. I felt comfortable working with their sales agent. But GoldenCare is sometimes a little slow on the callback. It could take them a day or two later to get back to me. Nevertheless, I would tell a friend that GoldenCare is a good solution for them.
We went through a broker when we signed up with GoldenCare. He looked at all different types of long-term care and we ended up getting a traditional long-term care policy because it seemed to be the best fit for us. Hopefully, the policy will cover 60% to 70% of our financial needs when we need it. The broker also told us to contact him whenever we wanted to enforce our policy but I was concerned if he would be responsive when we have issues or if he would be around five years from now. I also have a question on who to go to if he wouldn't be around in 10 years when we want to enforce the policy.
I retired a year ago and the only thing that was missing from my portfolio was a long-term care program. My wife and I did some web search and I found GoldenCare and read reviews on them. I spoke with Anthony from GoldenCare and he was extremely helpful and I never got the sense that he was just trying to sell something. We had multiple conversations and my experience with him has been better than the experience I had with other agents I have spoken to. He provided all the information that I needed to research it. I think the plan that I eventually purchase was extremely affordable compared to others I was looking at. My wife is looking at some insurance and using him again. So she's re-contacted him. GoldenCare has given me a sense of relief or confidence that I don't have that particular issue to worry about. Compared to the others that I was looking at it was much more reasonable. It was the same kind of benefits that had little more features in the plan. It has a little more flexibility that I was interested in at a cheaper price. So it was a great purchase for me. It offers more customizable for an individual. Plus the process was extremely easy.
The enrollment process with GoldenCare was painless. I had a good experience and the cost was a bargain. I would recommend them.
I’m by myself and I wouldn’t have any children to take care of me when I get a certain age. A few months ago, I purchased a long-term care insurance and I know GoldenCare will help me in the long run. My agent was very knowledgeable, helpful, and good in explaining things. I was very comfortable working with him. I’m paying $88 a month and the experience was good. I’d tell my friends who are interested in long-term care to look into GoldenCare and see if they might be able to think about it or try to set something up for themselves.
I’m aware that long-term care is getting more and more expensive. I’m 70+ now and when we run the preliminary qualification stuff, I qualified preferred and that made it financially feasible. We decided we would need some extra money for long-term care in the future, and I don’t see that getting any cheaper so we ended up taking part in it. I know GoldenCare is kind of a middle person, but they gave us about five different companies to consider, but it looked like we got more benefit for the dollar from the Mutual of Omaha policy that we took out. The products that GoldenCare put in front of us were suitable and competitive. I remember chatting with Wayne, our sales rep, and he was very helpful and answered all the questions I have. We talked many times and I bothered him for a good bit. We don’t normally purchase things unless we have a good deal of peace of mind about it, and he was able to provide that to me in that moment of time. The young man seemed really knowledgeable and very giving of information. He never seemed to be frustrated when I called him back, which I did many times.However, my wife is not crazy about the direct payment stuff, right out of our bank account. They wanted a six months at a time payment structure. We were able to negotiate a monthly draw and that was more agreeable to our situation. But Wayne had to do a little wiggling to get that approved. It was one of those extra little benefits that we got him to provide us and it’s just personal preference on our part. I would tell friends I had a pleasant experience with GoldenCare. I have a little more peace of mind about it. It’s one of those things that I was bothered by for a while. It’s hard to get it done, but it’s a great sense of relief when you do.
I have had some illness for a while and it concerned me. I thought I should look into that problem and it ended up that I couldn’t get long-term nursing home insurance, but the agent who helped me found a policy for in-home care. I talked to him on the phone three or four times, he met with me in-home twice and he was very nice and helpful. I compared several policies and the long-term in-home care policy seemed like the most economical for what it offered. Overall my experience with GoldenCare was very satisfactory and I would recommend them.
We were getting old and we thought we needed to look into long-term care and GoldenCare gave me the best options for what I could afford. It was a very easy process and their representative was pretty honest and explained everything in detail. Plus, the cost was reasonable. My experience with this company was very straightforward. They were responsive and they did a very good job.
My mom had long-term care insurance and she ended up using it. So, I thought that it would be beneficial for me to have a policy for long-term care as well. The GoldenCare sales agent seems knowledgeable about the policies and what was available. I talked to her on the phone and she came back with policy recommendations for me and my husband. I purchased the policy, and the bills automatically come out of my account, so I don’t have to worry about it.
Women outlive their husbands and I figured long-term care is what I would need. GoldenCare is a company that I was impressed with and I got their traditional long-term care plan.
I am a nurse and it is important to have long-term care in this day and age. GoldenCare was one of the names that were in my nursing magazine and I got the policy. I pay a premium once a year. The rep, Wayne, was very nice and informative. Dealing with him throughout the process was simple.
My wife had MS, and she was sure that eventually, she was going to be in a nursing home full time, and we were wondering how we were going to afford it. But she passed away, and I thought that long-term care might be a good thing to get in case that would happen to me since I could help protect a few of my assets for my kids. I looked at a few different ones, and GoldenCare had the better policy. If something would happen to me and I end up in long-term care, things are going to be taken care of by GoldenCare.I got their Traditional Long-term Care policy and the agent that I had came and explained to me the policy. This was an insurance place that my wife had and I previously looked at, and that’s how I got with this particular agent. He seemed like a good person and I was very comfortable with him as he was easy to talk to and get along with which I enjoyed. Whenever he was here, I was sitting back and talking about various things, and then getting into the insurance. When I had questions or concerns, he came right out, had the answers for me and explained them. We had nice conversations and everything went well. If somebody would call, a friend of mine and we end up talking long-term care, I would recommend GoldenCare. I would tell them that my salesman is the person they need to talk to.
I'm getting older and I talked to GoldenCare's agent over the phone. He came and talked to us and we decided in one trip what we were doing. We ended up purchasing the long-term care for me and my wife. It runs about 120,000 apiece and it increases by 3% per year. Our agent was helpful in terms of questions I had afterward and I've had no problem since. I'd recommend GoldenCare.
My husband, Dave, and I did our will and talked to our estate planner about what we can do to help protect our assets if something happened to us. He felt that it was a good thing to do long-term care, so we contacted Ron of GoldenCare and he talked to us. We went through the process together and ended up getting it done. I don't really know that much about long-term care policy, so he just helped us provide one that helped cover us at a reasonable rate. He was very nice to work with and he also helped Dave get something. Dave was turned down for a policy like I have because of all his surgeries but Ron was able to find an alternative for him that is not as good as mine but will help if something happens.
I'm old so I decided to look into getting a long-term care. I’ve got Mutual of Omaha supplement for about eight years and I’ve been very pleased with them so I went with GoldenCare. I went with the traditional long-term care for me and my wife. That was what satisfied my needs and I didn’t need the maximum of everything since I have a good retirement and I have a couple houses paid for. I just needed the stuff to take care of us if we get sick. However, the first guy that worked with me tried to talk me into more policy than what I really needed. He wasn’t somebody that was really trying to benefit me and my wife. Also, he took his shoes off at my table like he lived there. If it hadn’t been Mutual of Omaha, I probably would have looked somewhere else. But I called his boss about it. I would recommend GoldenCare.
My husband and I had the fear of ending up in a nursing home. Our grandmother went to a nursing home and all of her money went towards the nursing home until she went out. We didn't wanna have that happen to us with our investment so we looked into long-term care. My husband did all the research on it and he found GoldenCare. He liked everything about it and decided to go with them. The gentleman that worked with us was very good and he answered all of our questions. We always had a conference call and he would meet with us at a time that was convenient for us. We would sit around the table with him on the phone and go over it all. He was very helpful. Working with GoldenCare has made us feel better. We feel confident now that we're gonna be taken care of if we ever need it and we have that in place. It gives us peace of mind.
My parents-in-law recommended purchasing a long-term care plan because they had purchased a similar fund but they were frustrated with the amount that they discovered they were actually gonna receive and the hoops they had to jump through to get it set up. My mother also passed away from early onset dementia. So there is some family history.We spent over an hour talking to the sales agent from GoldenCare about the specific details. We had a conference call where we had the phone hooked up then we had an online way of communicating so he could show us different aspects of the plan. He also showed us a variety of different options and plans, and we felt like we had a lot of power in terms or our decision-making. It was also very specific to us so in terms of the attention that we got, it was personal. He was also very thorough and patient. He explained everything and he seemed knowledgeable about what he was talking about. I hope I don’t have to use the service but if I do, I know that there’s a plan in place so my kids aren’t ending up burdened by the responsibility of paying for my care. There’s some peace of mind in having the coverage and I would recommend it.
The GoldenCare rep went over the whole long term care plan with us over the phone, which went very well. The only trouble we had was with my end but my girlfriend got sent through right away. I haven't had a family doctor for years so I had to go to the doctor back and forth several times and I kept having to repeat visits to get more. But once I got everything to satisfaction it went well. Working with Anthony has been very good. He was super nice, pleasant and answered all questions. We accomplished what we were trying to do to get some extended coverage for ourselves. It cost me a couple grand a year and I haven’t used it yet so it’s something for down the road in case. It’s a good experience and I would recommend it.
I've always wanted a long-term care and David, the rep who I worked with at GoldenCare, was very nice. He explained all the options and what my budget was so that I could afford it since there were different options with higher limits. We worked backwards to figure out what I could spend for a month and the cost turned out a good deal.
My mother-in-law had a stroke and, not having long-term care, it has been really hard on everybody. It also cost a lot of money choosing a nursing home for a while. Now she has home health and it's a lot. This made us want to look into getting long-term care, thinking that I wanted to be taken care of and I want my husband to be taken care of. And by having this, I'd know that it's not gonna be on my family. I don't have to worry about not having the money and saying, "Where in the world am I gonna be?" People are gonna take this insurance and it's an open door and I don't want to be left out in the cold at that point in my life. We got GoldenCare's policy with a spousal benefit where if one of us needs it earlier and used up all of our amount, then the other spouse's amount could go towards taking care of that person. Ronald, our agent, was really down-to-earth and I was very comfortable working with him. He knows all about long-term care and was able to make it where I could understand what was available and have confidence in the company that it's not just somebody who's gotten their license and they're trying to sell a whole bunch of stuff, so they can provide for them. Working with GoldenCare has given us peace of mind and so I would tell people to do it as well; and earlier the better.
GoldenCare is excellent and since we're getting older, we started looking into getting long-term care. Their rep was a knowledgeable man and their rates were right in line. Getting the policy was easy as well. Every month we send them a check and it has resulted in less money in my checkbook. But with their coverage, I have peace of mind.
I have Mutual of Omaha and I’m fine with it. My mother has long-term care and it was a good idea since we don’t have children. GoldenCare's Mutual of Omaha was the most reasonable over other providers. Phil did a fine job during the purchasing process and was very accommodating. He was a personable man and was very easy to work with, and I liked him right away. The bill was quarterly but GoldenCare helped me work it through so I ended up being semi-annually and then finally, we got it to an annual payment. We got a reduction in the cost and it’s a little benefit if it’s paid on an annual basis, and that's great.
I was looking at the cost of nursing homes and GoldenCare had what I wanted at a reasonable price. The purchasing went very well and there were no problems with the girl I dealt with. I’m satisfied with what I have and I had a good experience with them.
I was taking care of my elderly mother and she had long-term care. That showed me how much I needed it myself so I started looking into getting one a couple of years ago. I talked to a representative of GoldenCare and got a traditional plan. Yet, I would like to have it cost less.
My wife and I discussed long-term care. She is a heart transplant recipient and she could not qualify but we went ahead and got something for me so she wouldn’t have to worry. I terminated Mutual of Omaha about six months ago because we switched and found another insurance company that had a combination of long-term care, cancer care, and cardiac care. My wife, Laurie, is a member of the Allina Clinic in Northfield and found Howard through her clinic. Howard met with both of us and we felt really good about him. He bent over backward trying to find an alternative for Laurie because of her situation but he was not able to find anything. He came out twice to go over different options. We were very happy with Howard. He was very laid back and easy going. There was no pressure and was very accommodating in looking for alternatives based on our specific situation. GoldenCare did very easy and I’d tell my friends to take the time to look into it.
Our financial adviser recommended GoldenCare and we chose the carrier company Mutual of Omaha through a flyer my wife responded to. The policy I hold with them is long-term care where I can use it until we’re old and decrepit and in a nursing home. It was the best deal at that time and we got it three years ago. Having a long-term care insurance plan protects your assets and that’s why you get them. I’ll recommend to people to get this insurance. We had a fantastic experience.
I wanted to protect myself if something happened down the road. GoldenCare seemed like they knew what they were doing. In addition, they were comparably priced and the customer service person was very good. The follow-up and the knowledge that their customer service rep had impressed me. Any questions I had, they answered right away. I bought a long-term care policy with Mutual of Omaha for the cost. Moreover, the insurance company had a good reputation too. Having the policy adds a little peace of mind. Plus, GoldenCare is a good company to be associated with if one is interested in a long-term care policy.
We needed a long-term care policy and got GoldenCare. The rep was very professional and courteous. Plus, we were impressed with his knowledge. We were very comfortable working with him. The policy gives us a little assurance and I would recommend them.
The rep was very helpful and very good to work with. I get billed for the long-term care every month, and I know I have something in place if I needed it sometime in the future. However, I don't really hear much back from the company and that's the only thing that could be improved. I would like to know that we really are doing the right things and things are in place, or just to hear from them what's going on. There needs to be more of where you feel like you're followed up with in the future and maybe once in a while. GoldenCare should be making sure if people’s needs are met, and if they have any questions, the company should let these people know that they are there for them. That's important to me. I would refer GoldenCare in a long time.
Having long-term care insurance seemed prudent rather than taking the risk when all of your assets are used up. At the time, I was a nurse working in West Virginia and GoldenCare came up. I talked to somebody on the phone, I received the paperwork and I filled it all out. GoldenCare sends me a bill every year and I pay it. It’s expensive but compared to long-term care, what you would pay for it and what it costs, it’s reasonable.
I was getting up in age and I felt that I ought to have something that will take care of me in my olden days so my kids won't have to. Purchasing a long term care with GoldenCare was non-high pressure.
Darrel, our representative, was helpful as he explained the whole thing about Medicare. Medicare has been good for the long-term care for my sickness. We like it and it gives us peace of mind. I can share with some other people that GoldenCare is a good medical insurance. Their service is fair but not cheap.
Both my husband's mother and my uncle had to use long-term care and we know how it drained their finances. Our financial advisor recommended GoldenCare and did most of the paperwork for us. It seemed like it was a good deal and a good plan for what we were thinking. We purchased the traditional long-term care plan from them and if we never use it, then we'd get reimbursed for it too. I’m a nurse, so I’m hoping my husband won’t need it but if he does, then we have it. And that's kind of what we were looking at. Also, the process of getting it was fine and simple and we've had peace of mind since having it. We're happy with it.
GoldenCare was recommended by our investment firm. When we purchased our policy, the questions, interviews and the medical information they took were very logical. Their sales agents were on time and they’ve been good at trying to keep in touch with us. They were professional and organized about the information that they were gathering. It’s been a couple of years since we’ve had the policy in place, but we haven’t had any claims or use of their services yet, so at this point, the cost is excessive.Getting a long-term care insurance was a smart thing to do for the family. And when a situation comes where we’re going to need some assistance, we’re going to be able to remain more independent longer with the assistance of GoldenCare. Our kids are all spread out all over the country, so knowing we got the policy in place helps them have peace of mind as well.
The experience that we had in signing up and working with GoldenCare was great. They had what we needed and the cost was reasonable. The rep, Ron, was knowledgeable and he guided us to what we needed. It was an easy transaction and I'm happy with GoldenCare. I have recommended them to other people and shared Ron's contact information with them.
My husband passed away from cancer and we had quite a bit bills. I figured if something comes like this again, we're going to have a big problem. I thought I'd better check in to a lot of possibilities or ways of taking care of things. I bought the policies for a nursing home and for assisted living from GoldenCare. It looked like something I could use since I live by myself. The rep, Steven, came to my house and he showed me all the stuff and what you could do and what you couldn't do. I know nursing homes cost a fortune because my mother-in-law was in one, and it was unreal. He wrote it all out on a piece of paper showing me, "If you're paying this much, then we cover for this, and we cover for that." But he didn't leave me that piece of paper with all of the information, and he has given me the other paper. I thought that information would be in the stuff I got in the mail, but it wasn't. Hopefully, GoldenCare would be something where if you're ill, supposedly each place should be covered for up to two years. That gives me four years to figure out what to do with the house and if I should have to go do these things, I wouldn't have to worry about immediately losing the house. The house could be put up for sale or we’d do something with it and have time to make a decision because a lot of times, these things happen quickly.
I have long-term care insurance through Mutual of Omaha and got it two years back. It had good home care coverage. My interaction with the sales rep of GoldenCare was fine. He was professional and knowledgeable, and I felt completely comfortable working with him.
Once you get to a certain age and if you end up in a long-term care facility it's very expensive. So, it is a good idea to take a long-term care insurance like GoldenCare just in case I needed it. It's a protection for me, such that my son or family does not have to pay for my care in a long-term care facility in the event I needed to go that route. Their rep covered everything as far as the long-term care insurance plan. I had mentioned a combination long-term care life insurance, which I know they have, but he's guiding me more just to long-term care. I've had X amount of coverage for X amount of dollars that I would pay each year for the premium. Then, they sent me a binder with the insurance information in it. I would definitely recommend it to a friend.
We did an Internet search for long-term care providers for my wife's parents. We ended up finding three different brokerage houses and Ronald from GoldenCare came up with the most favorable ratings. We contacted him for more information and he had a good product based on everything else we looked at. We set up a session where we had to gather information for him and then he was able to go over that with us on a video conference call online. Ronald seemed to be very honest and knowledgeable. He understood our particular situation where we've got good finances and have financial planning going on. Also, he was able to get the right product for us and didn't oversell us on a bunch of stuff we didn't need. He told us the facts we needed based on the actuarial tables and care studies they've done. He also told us what a female and a male care would typically need.Then Ronald laid the table out to us and said what coverage we would need and the partnership agreement we could get based on where we live in Iowa. He also told us the coverage protects some our assets as well in case we'd have extended long-term care. It'll help, but if we're gonna use it, it's not for very many years. It's just to make us comfortable at the end. But we wanted something that would do in-home, plus possible facility care. This very flexible option was Mutual of Omaha's product. So far, the coverage was slightly less based on the risk factors, but our premium was slightly less too. At the end of the day, we think it's a good policy.
My wife’s younger than I am and she’s concerned that if something would happen to me, that she would lose everything. Our GoldernCare covers two years stay. It increases the longer we have it without using it. My wife and I had a lot of questions and the sales rep, Russell, answered all of it. He explained them all very well, was patient, and listened to our concerns. I had a little bit of heartburn putting out that much money every month but he made it less painful. Having long-term care was something that we felt that was necessary. My wife could’ve waited and not included hers in with it, but it was at her insistence that we do that. It wasn’t a hard sales push and we pretty much outlined the plan that we wanted and the sales rep made it work for us. Having GoldenCare gave us some reassurance that if we do need it, that it’s there. It may be on a limited basis but it gives us peace of mind.GoldenCare is not for everyone because a lot of the people I know doesn’t have the resources to actually pay that much money out. We’re very fortunate that we do have enough resources. I have recommended it to a few but most people are like, “I don’t need that. That’s not a problem.” It’s a personal choice whether they want that or not. Most financial people will recommend it to you, that at some time, you get long-term care. Most people should listen to that but most people don’t.
Based on my age and what I needed at that time, we got a long-term, three-year-policy with GoldenCare. The purchasing process was very smooth. Julie, our broker, was very knowledgeable, helpful and had good follow-through. If she didn’t know something, she would get back to us and let us know about it. She made some good suggestions as well. GoldenCare is very good. The experience was fine and I would recommend them.
Getting long-term care seemed like the smart thing to do. I was not anxious to be a burden to my family, and since I could afford it, I did it. We had our mind made up that we were going to do it, and Michael was thorough and knowledgeable. The experience went very well. GoldenCare helped me find the best policy that was available at the time and I was very pleased. Knowing that no matter what happens, we’ve got it at least partially covered, if not all, is a little stronger than peace of mind.
I had an offer getting into long-term care and then I purchased the GoldenCare plan over the phone. I looked at things and made decisions, while Brenda from GoldenCare gave me information. I was impressed by her knowledge of needs that I might have in the future even though I was apprehensive and was looking forward at expenses. Overall, GoldenCare is good for the nurses, and, also, I'm happy that their premiums have not gone up.
My husband died with United of Omaha, which is one of the Mutual of Omaha thing. They were one of the few insurance places that did not put me through endless paperwork wherein it was all handled with a phone call. GoldenCare is through Mutual of Omaha as well and we had a positive experience with them where everything was handled with well. I got GoldenCare a little more than a year ago and just got a note through the Nurses Association after the first year saying that some benefits had been increased without an increased premium, so that was good news. It said, "Mail the card back if you’re interested in long-term care," so I did and then got a call from Stephanie. She was the person the card went to evidently. We talked about what I wanted and what my plans were when I could no longer live at home. She then suggested GoldenCare as the best option for me and I knew things would be handled without putting through unnecessary misery. I consented to have them look at medical records. They also had a nurse come out and put me through the interview. As a result of an MRI that showed some spinal stenosis, I had to pay the first 90 days. It was a one-day time thing, which would have been waivered had that not evidently been there. We went with the plan that eliminated that waiver. Other than that, it was the same thing pretty much that we had discussed. It would pay for care in the home for as long as I can. But it will cover the inpatient situation too because we’d all get there eventually. Stephanie was very helpful and nice. She would listen and if I have a question, she would answer. She also gave me alternate names just in case I needed to talk to someone for whatever reason she wasn’t available. There was a lot of back and forth over several phone calls. There was an issue at one point with the wrong social security number going on the policy and she worked with me to get that corrected. I said I wanted something in writing, stating that it had been corrected and she worked with them to get me that so that things could go forward and wouldn’t all go in under the wrong social which would have been a disaster.There is peace of mind there knowing that one more piece is taken care of so that when the time comes all we’d have to do is make a phone a call and start the process. And then, GoldenCare kicked and of course as time went on, there’d still be portions of it that I have to pay because these things always go up. Right now, my plan is to go into one of those nice little villas. Like my mother, she and my dad started out in an independent living apartment and they were at a place where she could graduate to assisted living, and then into the nursing home towards the end of her life. My son would take over with bill paying when I can’t do it and the rest would be nursing care and a little housekeeping services at some point. I’d recommend GoldenCare.
When I’m old and can’t take care of myself, I don’t want to have to eat cat-food on the side of the road. I got some information from a nursing organization that I belong to and they hooked me up with GoldenCare. My long-term policy is with Mutual of Omaha, and I had that with Nicolas. The rep checked in on things and he helped me work through some questions that I had from a previous experience with Farm Bureau where some information wasn’t accurate. He did a fine job, so that was good, and if I need the insurance, I've got it already set up. GoldenCare makes me a little more secure as far as my kids not having to worry about it and things like that. I had somebody else within the insurance business look it over and the policy I got and they felt that it was fair and pretty comparable to most other policies around and available. I had the best overall experience with GoldenCare and everything I had about it was positive.
We thought getting into long-term care might be a wise thing to do. We checked out a couple of different providers but we got the Traditional Long Term Care from GoldenCare. We had somebody else who advised us and thought that was the way to go. It's an expensive service but we got it to give us peace of mind.
My wife made me look into long-term care and I had a great experience signing up with GoldenCare. Julie did everything that I expected and she did a great job. She could answer every question and brought the options. Their cost compares favorably to the quality of their coverage, too. I really enjoyed working with Julie and I would work with her again. I would also recommend her to others that are seeking a similar type of coverage.
Getting long-term care was a smart thing financially for my future and I’m anticipating the possibility of needing care when I get older. I ended up getting it from GoldenCare for myself because my husband is not eligible. However, I have not gotten many calls to review the policy and it would be good to review it on a regular basis. Also, the cost of the coverage is probably gonna continue to rise because people really need it even if they don’t know it. But overall I'm happy with the service.
I’m disabled and there are a lot of people like me who get shoved around and doesn’t know who to talk to. I purchased a policy from GoldenCare, and so far, everything’s on track. I spoke to them on the phone, and I was impressed with their personality and I could tell in their voice that they care. They weren’t trying to hurry up and get me off the phone to go to the next one. They were really concerned about my condition, and they were very polite. They go above and beyond.
I'm a nurse. I work in long-term care, and I realized it can happen to anybody. I looked into what's around in our area since I wanted to have some preventative care. I worked with this lady from Golden Care. We talked quite frequently about what they offered and what I'd have. My plan covers for about three years. From experience working in long-term care, some are in there a hell of a lot longer than three years, but at least for me, it's something for a while. All in all, Golden Care gave me some relief. Hopefully, I can use it in different ways like home health or assisted living.
We got a long-term care from GoldenCare, which could be important in the future. Our rep was very personable and described everything really well. We were very comfortable working with him. We'd recommend them.
My parents had GoldenCare and it was a big help with them being taken care of. It had a fixed daily amount and doesn't have an inflation rate otherwise, it would be expensive. Thomas, the sales agent who assisted me, was great and informative.
The adviser that showed up, Mohamed, seemed very knowledgeable. He called and we set up an appointment. He made the presentation, everything went well and I signed on the dotted line. I was impressed with his knowledgeable of the product and how everything worked. I've recommended him to one of my buddies. Also, with the other health coverage that I have, GoldenCare was a no-charge benefit. And it covers up some gaps in regular Medicare, so it’s good.
My parents, mother-in-law, grandmother and everybody had to have assisted living at some point. So I decided that, for my sake, it was probably a good thing to go ahead and invest in a long-term care. GoldenCare came to my house and I filled out some paperwork. The rep was very friendly, nice and he knew the product well. The service was costly but it's not bad. I haven't used it so I also hope that the quality would be good.
I needed to have long-term care so I reached out to the rep, Ronald because he contacted the nurses at my medical facility and said that they were there from North Orleans. All our correspondence was done via telephone conversations. Ronald was very knowledgeable about the different products and understood what my needs were and was able to make arrangements. We had the evaluations done at a time that works for me. The process was very smooth and seamless. I have recommended GoldenCare to my friends. Although I haven’t had to utilize the long-term healthcare coverage I purchased, I’m anticipating a great return on my investments.
I've fallen more than a couple of times while getting in and out of the tub. I've also gotten lightheaded and have had issues when standing for long periods of time. So I looked into getting some assistance for a couple hours a day, three or four times a week. GoldenCare gave me some places to call and lookup to see what I would be eligible for. They said that due to my age, I would have to go through different agencies. I went through three of the companies they gave me and I got discouraged when those companies couldn't help me. But I haven't looked into all of the companies they gave me.GoldenCare provided excellent service and they were very good to me. Their reps made me feel comfortable and I might not have been asking the right questions at that time but they helped me out a lot with what questions I did ask. The rep I talked to gave me his extension number and if I had any questions, I could call back. I would recommend GoldenCare. I have talked to some people and told them that if they needed any help or assistance, they can call GoldenCare, and even if GoldenCare can't help them, they'll find someone else who can.
The GoldenCare agent who sold me the policy was very pleasant. She was knowledgeable as far as she could be as an insurance agent. So far, I haven’t had to use it but I’m hoping that when I do have to use it, it will be adequate.
We are covered under GoldenCare if we need something in home health care all the way up to the skilled care unit. The agent we talked to answered all our questions and gave us what we could expect. He seemed very knowledgeable. We were very happy with what we got. Having GoldenCare gives us peace of mind. We are both on Medicare and a supplement, and if we have to go into a facility or have home health care, we know we are covered. Having it is a great idea, but we should have gone with it years ago because it is more expensive as one gets older. Nevertheless, it is worth it.
My husband’s older than I am and we have younger kids. I was 42 when I had my twins and I didn’t want them to feel burdened that was why we looked into getting long-term care. The policy that was presented seemed like as reasonable an option as any other company. We had looked at the prices and it seemed agreeable. Plus all my questions were answered. This was over two years ago and right now and now I just pay my annual premium.
GoldenCare was promoted at my place of employment. I checked it out and compared rates with other places. The guy we were working with recommended the long-term package. He did the research, gave me options and prices for some other companies as well. Me and my wife are together on the package. We each had our own policies, but we can share. However, she was denied and it was really weird how they denied it. The process was also long because of my wife's situation. Also, I didn't feel I ever got a good explanation or good reasoning why my wife was denied. We tried to go back and dispute the finding that they had, and the guy who helped us said once they deny us, they deny us. He also made it sound like he was gonna go look into another company and see if my wife could get covered somewhere else, but he never followed through with it and we never heard back from him again. I would not recommend the person I was dealing with. But the communication was good and the product was very good at a great price.
I’m a nurse and there was a nursing program that was offering long-term care insurance, which I contacted and went through. I called and spoke to an agent who was very nice and on top of things. He even had a little slide program to walk me through all of it and then he answered questions for me. They made sure I understood everything completely before I moved forward. I was comfortable with him, though it would have been better if the policy wasn't so costly. Overall, it was an easy experience and I've already recommended GoldenCare.
I purchased some long-term care policies and several years ago, I bought from Wayne of GoldenCare. I had a good experience talking to him. He was very polite and nice and I didn’t feel threatened. I originally bought a policy through him and then later on, I bought another policy from the company. I value the coverage. I’m paying a lot of money so that when I’m old, I'll have a place to go.
Working with GoldenCare has given me more confidence and a sense of security. I feel that I can take care of myself and my loved ones now. GoldenCare called me on the phone and explained the benefits. I enjoyed talking to the rep and felt comfortable with him. I admire his courtesy, too. Also, all my questions and concerns have been addressed. I would recommend them.
My parents got a long-term care and my mother just had to go into a rehab and used it so my wife and I started looking into long-term care as well. Once we got interested in GoldenCare and got hooked up with Tom it’s been all good from then on. He was a help to us. The process was easy and we didn't have any issues. The coverage gave us peace of mind. It was something we felt we wanted to do and we feel better about doing it. GoodCare is a good insurance to have and I would definitely recommend it.
I needed to get a supplemental from GoldenCare to help me through since all my bills weren’t covered. I felt very comfortable working with them. The interactions I had with the sales agent were cut and dried, but he explained the benefits very thoroughly. Their process was easy and not too long. Their cost seems to be working out right now and it’s right in my budget. I see value in my coverage and it’s given me a little sense of security. But I always got that same feeling like tomorrow it's going to change. Things are going to change or you're not going to have enough to cover this or that. You have to be flexible and since I’m in the military, I'm used to change. Still, I would recommend GoldenCare. Everything fits for me and for my wife.
We didn’t want to put our kids in a position that's going to cost them time away from their job to take care of us. Our daughter has health issue so we didn't want her to take care of us during our time of need. My husband did a research and found that GoldenCare was more cost-effective. We were actually going to another company but the agent of that company didn't follow through. He wasn't accurate and wasn't trustworthy. So, we had that cancelled and then we went with GoldenCare and got their traditional long-term plan. We hope that GoldenCare's coverage will help us stay at our home and get care within the home before we have to go to any type of long-term care facility. Others should check GoldenCare out too.
I’m an old man and my wife is a registered nurse. She got information about GoldenCare through the Nurses Association. Going with GoldenCare worked out and everything was fine. They had a good price and good coverage. I purchased Long-Term Care and everything was as I would have expected it to be as far as the sales agent was. His customer service level was perfect. If I called him and left a message, he called me back. If I had a question, he had an answer. There was nothing negative about anything that happened or anything that has happened since. I’m happy with my insurance policy and I like the benefits that it has. My impression from working with them was that all they did was work with Nurses Associations, but I think they would do something for anybody. Other people should call this company.
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