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Golden Rule Online Insurance Reviews

Company Name: Golden Rule
Overall average rating of 1.2 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 3 %
The company offered a short term that I didn't need. I, not knowing, gave the company a payment $130.91 for the month of January. I am calling to request my money but no one is responding. I feel they are a scam.
Golden Rule took advantage of automatic withdrawal that was set up during the period of time when I had health insurance and continued to make withdrawal even after the insurance was canceled due to starting of Medicare.
Applied for Golden Rule on December 17. They sent paperwork and took payment on December 29th showing approval. They never informed me until the 29th it went through. However, the coverage stopped the 16th of January. This for a month policy - short term.
Had Golden Rule for a secondary insurance. It was a minimal plan. I filed a claim for an office visit. Only claiming a 100.00 and the red tape was awful. I gave them statement detailed and talked with them on the phone and they said they needed info on my wife. I sent that. And on and on. I only had the policy for about a year. Paid 4000.00. All I wanted was a lousy 100.00 which they said the plan paid once a year. Golden Rule is a joke, rip off, scam co.
We had several claims and they were fair every time. One very large catastrophic claim in particular was paid without any problems. They have always been fair. They will never make any money on us as they paid some large claims but that is how insurance works. I will not change insurance carriers even if I could save a few dollars a year in premiums. They are not perfect but neither is anyone else. People expect too much from medical insurance. Think about it, if insurance companies did not make a profit then there would be no medical insurance available and then where would we all be?
I just received a letter from Golden Rule, a United Healthcare Company, increasing my annual healthcare premium by 25%. This is on top of a 15% increase 10 months ago. I can't afford to be alive.
Went to the doctor and they said I had to pay the full amount of the visit. The nurses told me I had a 10,000 dollar deductible. So I had to pay for the visit. It would take the rest of my life to meet the deductible. What a rip off, they are just stealing your money. Better Business Bureau A-plus certified my ass. They will be getting an irate call from tomorrow morning. God bless.
I honestly shouldn't be writing this review considering how livid I am right now. Back in December 2013, like many others, I rushed to buy an individual policy being that my company was too small to offer group insurance. I went through a insurance broker, and was quoted $135/month. Later, I got a call back, saying that because of my pre-existing condition, my premium was going up to $170/month to cover the condition and medication. It is now 3/12/2014. They didn't even finish writing my policy until the end of January.I went to fill my prescription (that I've taken for over 10 years) and it was denied coverage. I called my broker first, because I know we had discussed it. They told me I was better off going to get another policy with another company. Now I know that's true. I called Golden Rule today to see what the deal was, and why I was being charged MORE to cover something that's not being COVERED. I spoke to someone in claims, and he told me there HAD to be a mistake because when Golden Rule does the underwriting and they find a pre-existing condition, they can either exclude the coverage, or charge a higher premium and cover it. He told me that had to be a mistake, was not common at all and would transfer me to Premiums. I was transferred, and he was correct. Turns out they excluded it AND charged more for it to be covered.It gets worse. They refuse to cover it, even though they've charged me more. So basically, they charged me more because I had the condition in the past, but aren't going to cover it. It's just excluded and that's it. I am cancelling my policy, and after reading the reviews about trying to cancel policies, and them still taking the payments out, I will call every day, until I know it's cancelled.
You are better off uninsured. They claim to cover life-threatening conditions, and not once has that happened. The oldest child has a fatal gluten allergy, and after an anaphylaxis episode, they denied any coverage. The youngest has had severe problems with mental health, and they denied coverage. They would have been willing to let her die because they decided hospitalization was unnecessary, despite numerous evaluations by doctors. After a fall from a horse that required an ambulance, there was a huge bill that they covered none of. The money you spend paying for the insurance is the money you could be using to pay the bills they won't cover.
This insurance sucks. If you are half way healthy, the low end plan never pays out a dime. Warren Buffett became a billionaire by investing in insurance companies ... collect a lot of money, make few promises, and get rich. When you reach Medicare age, they send you a dozen pages of carefully worded legalese enticing you to continue this plan at a reduced rate which is twice what Medigap insurance is going to cost me. Nowhere in their member website is there a downloadable PDF Form or other mechanism that allows you cancel your coverage. You must call them and listen to lengthy computerized voice mail telling you to use the website whenever possible because it has everything you need. Not so. Then the greatest insult is that in July you want to cancel insurance as of the end of September they cannot help you. One must call back 1 to 30 days prior to the desired cancellation date and waste 30 minutes on the phone again. Bunch of crap.
Please be aware that you may turn to this company for cheaper insurance but what they don't tell you is that it do not have the requirements need to not be fined by Obama Care. This company is a waste of money and time. I never even received my dental cards so they claimed that they told me to call United. They never told me that at all. In fact they told me they would send it. I should have read the fine print. I went back to Obama Care and got a better deal than I did on this crappy insurance. I thought I was saving but the truth is I got duked.
I live in a remote small town high in the Colorado Rockies. It can be dangerous to drive in winter storm conditions. In the past I needed Physical Therapy and had requested and been approved to use a local, but out-of-network PT provider. The in-network providers are well over 50 miles away (they're criteria for acceptable distance to travel) at 68 and 111 miles respectively, yet their system erroneously shows them as within 50 miles, so they have now twice denied my current request for an exception. I now must write a written appeal (after hours devoted to waiting on the phone (20-30 minutes avg wait) to speak to a rep to request the exception). Now I must continue the appeal, and lose more time away from therapy. It makes NO SENSE to deny this request when they gave the exception before. They have refused other necessary medical services in the past as well.
They are horrible. Barely cover anything as it is and I just found out that they do not cover pregnancy unless it is related to a complication. Ultrasounds, high risk pre-natal tests, radiology, delivery, c-section, hospital stay are NOT COVERED! That is an easy $20,000 of debt, thanks to their broker who put us into this horrible policy and did not disclose properly what is and what is not covered. Contacted the insurance administration and explained that my wife is pregnant and we are facing thousands of dollars of debt because we were mis-informed. "There is nothing we can do" is all I got. They added that none of their plans covered pregnancy when I was put into this. Would have been a nice thing to hear from the broker at the time of getting this insurance. I guess a sale is a sale and that is all you are to this company - money. They do not work with you. They do not help you. Stay away. There are many other insurance companies out there that will be far more honest and willing to work with you in a dire situation like this one.
I went to the doctor today and was told Golden Rule has a 6 month waiting period on office visits for anything other than your annual exam. This was NOT disclosed to us before we signed and paid! I have spend over $2000 on premiums and have not used this insurance and they are refusing to give any type of refund. We are calling an attorney. I feel this is predatory since they did not disclose this information before we accepted and paid! I cannot believe they feel they can get away with this. Before people realize they have this 6 month waiting period they have paid for months and get nothing back. Golden Rule is basically just collecting people money and laughing when we cancel. It is sad that this country has given these people so much power and control!
We signed up for this insurance in October 2011. My family was approved and I was initially declined due to a surgery on my ear to improve my hearing. Once I could prove to the insurance company that there were no side effects of the surgery, I was insured as of January 2012. Since then, it has been nothing but problems. Our premium went up almost $180 and when I received a notice that I needed to pay an additional amount, I did. The next correspondence we received was that we owed them over $1,000 or we would be cancelled. When I called customer support, they said I did not owe that amount and I immediately paid the amount due. One week later, we received a notice that our policy had been cancelled. I paid the amount they now said I owed and we were reinstated. I confirmed the next payment due date and amount due. I sent this payment out and I am now being told I still owe this amount. Every time we contact customer support, we are told we owe a different amount and they have even sent us a small amount back saying we overpaid, but then say we still owe money. Why not apply the overage to the amount due? Also, when we asked them why we never received any notification that we were late, the service rep informed us the company doesn't do that. Really?! Why not? Something with this company just doesn't add up. They continue to take an insane amount of money and don't cover any bills. We have disputed the current amount due and are looking at legal representation as they are not honest about monies due and policy increases. We are currently seeking other insurance, but I would never use this company again. It is a scam!
4 days AFTER the open enrollment period ended, Golden Rule sent notice of a rate hike. After looking at the other reviews here, I realize I have experienced a lot of the same things: denial of coverage despite premium being withdrawn, no RX plan, extremely long telephone wait to talk to a customer service rep, and not being able to access online account due to faulty ID or other reasons.
This company is listed as one of the MANY subsidiaries of United Health Care. When signing up for health coverage, the online process is very similar to the one for obtaining marketplace insurance so things appear legitimate. A letter is promptly mailed with just an insurance card and no prescription card, yet the plan offers prescription coverage (Red Flag). When calling the customer service line, an automated prompt reads off the information that would be on your prescription card (if you had actually received it), but when you bring that information to the pharmacy, the RxBin number is invalid (Red Flag). When calling to "enroll" for coverage, someone answers the line immediately. When a doctor's office calls to verify coverage, all they ask for is your date of birth and they proceed to state your member ID number and when your coverage is good until (but you must wait 30+ minutes to speak to someone) (Red Flag). When you submit the claim for that doctor's appointment, barely anything is covered. I received one EOB statement with a small check - my name was spelled correctly and my member ID number was correct. I was able to deposit it with no problems. On the EOB statement, however, your name appears in two places - one for the mailing address window and the other for the account holder information. My name is spelled correctly on the mailing address side, yet is missing the last letter in the account holder information (Red Flag). Anytime I have tried to call to get this resolved, I am on hold for at least an hour, even though I am given a 30 minute wait time. I have lost over $25,000 to this fraudulent company and I still have not been able to get the matter resolved. Stay away from this company by all means.
For the past two months I have been fighting the insurance for a specialty medication and have had no luck. This medicine is a necessity for me, otherwise I break out in abscesses. For the past two weeks now my doctor has notified me that my Humira injection syringe has been approved. When I call the pharmacy (OptumRx) they tell me I have been rejected. Then I try to call the insurance and no one answers. Every time I call the number on the back of the card it will take me through a couple automated questions then tell me "for unexpected circumstances we cannot take your call at this time". This is about the tenth time I've called my doctor only for her to tell me it has been approved. The cycle continues. I am very upset with this insurance company. I am glad I found this blog because I was honestly was becoming vulgar towards the employees. I felt bad until I read other people's experiences with this so called insurance company. Please, for your own well-being, do not use this insurance company unless you enjoy panic attacks.
James installed our furnace & air conditioner. He is a very hard worker & does the job right. He is friendly, courteous & helpful. He help us with programming details and any other concerns we had. Even after the job is done he still will help with question etc. Would recommend him & Golden Rule to others.
I thought I was saving money by having a plan without mental health coverage. I had a blood test for a suspected genetic defect (which was positive) and a panel of bloodwork relevant to this condition. With my physician I have often talked about low energy and depression. But, it seems that Golden Rule feels like sticking a needle in your arm and drawing blood counts as mental health. I could see this if maybe I was being tested for mood stabilizer levels or the blood test was for antidepressant responsiveness, but it was not. What a scam.Upon my first dispute, they called me and asked me to retract the dispute as the health records did not arrive and that they would reopen it as soon as they got the records. They never called or wrote. Hospital bills started coming in and I wrote the hospital to hold on as I was supposed to be in a dispute. I called the insurance company and they acted like everything was resolved. But, we went through the process again and I filled in the consent form for health information release and then within a couple of weeks they wrote that they closed it again as they did not have the information. It seemed pretty hasty. I got in touch with my physician's office and told them that it wasn't reaching them for some reason and I filled out more consent forms for the release of health information.After time passed, they eventually acknowledged receiving the paperwork and they just denied it again. Meanwhile debt collectors are now calling me and even got my parents' number. What a disaster! I thought when a policy said that laboratory work was covered, they would cover laboratory work. The best decision I have made in a long time was to drop Golden Rule as soon as possible. Our healthcare and insurance systems are such a disaster in this country now.
They dropped my dental insurance after 2 years of worst service ever and still take money out of my account for second month now.
I wanted to buy a good and reasonable insurance for myself when I came across this insurance company. I called them and a lady answered the phone, she will probably be in her early sixties. She was so nice and ask me a lot of questions which I answered politely. When I ask her questions about the insurance especially the package of the insurance that I am paying for, I ask if the insurance will cover doctor's visit and if I can have access to doctor's office in my area, she said yes I will access doctors. Few days after paying for the insurance I called their customer service to ask again if I can have access to doctor in my area. The lady that answered the phone said she would check for me and after few minutes she said that my coverage will not allow me to access any doctor. I ask her to terminate my contract with them and promised to give me a full refund. They already deducted about $95 from my account, When I received the refund check in my mail they only return $12.48. This company is a total scam, they will lie to you that you will have access to doctors and even tell you that you can terminate your agreement with them at anytime with full refund, only to take your money and never give a full refund. This people need to face the law with its full consequences.
I enrolled in gap benefits for three months, and was only supposed to be charged three times. I was charged twice in one month, again the next month, and again, a month after my benefits had ended. I will be calling until that money is back in my account, and never again will I make the mistake of enrolling in insurance with this Ponzi Scheme.
Look I don't know much about the actual health care here, it's the insurance I have always had since my parents set me up on it, but I generally seem to have to pay out of pocket for everything. These guys don't like to cover anything it seems. My biggest issue is their phone lines. I have been on many 1(800) automated systems in my life, they are annoying, some are a runaround, but THIS ONE takes the cake, I cannot express to you how impossible it was to get a live person to talk to.First it gives give you a LONG intro about how to properly enter your ID #, which you can't seem to skip. Next it READS THE ENTIRE # back to you. Press 1 to confirm. Now it reads you this LONG message about the IRS and a 1095 tax form, complete waste of my time. Next new menu press 1 - medical providers, 2 - current customers, 3 application status, 4 quotes, 5 insurance brokers, 6 prescription drug cards, 8 all other callers. Obviously I press 2. This gives me a long explanation of how to access information online, followed by another 90% identical tax speech.The next menu contains information all out of order matching the #s... Press 4- to cancel policy, *- same as 6 from before, 1- premium billing options, 2- change social cc #, 3- questions about claim or how insurance works, 5- obtain a new ID card, 6- update name or address, 7 - update on privacy, 8- mailing press 9, 0- all other questions. I pressed 3 to find out more info about my insurance. Next is some other menu in a man's voice now about some total other garbage. Finally starts to rattle off basically the EXACT same options as the first 2 menus.Next menu asks you to enter your birthday. I enter mine, and it tells my because I am over 18 information cannot be disclosed over the phone, like it thinks I am a medical provider even though I started this whole thing with being a current customer (press 2) it sends me back to enter in my member I'd # then birthday, SAME EXACT MESSAGE, you have to hang up.Start over, menu choose option 8, instead of 2, takes you to 2 more menus that take you make to menu 1. Start over, try option 3, takes me to another male voice menu but finally it says I am on hold and gives a callback feature, FINALLY... something of this era. Lady calls back in less than 7 minutes, gets all my info again, and has to transfer me to another menu just like the first one, but slightly different, LISTEN CAREFULLY, WOULDN'T WANT TO START OVER AGAIN,I finally get through to a real person in the right department. Seriously though I could have gone into much further detail about these menus, but I decided I wanted to waste less of my time half way through, This has been enough of a runaround to make me take my first step in looking for a new insurance company. Morons.
They do not cover anything! Even if it says it is in the network. Will not cover. Call them too saying it was all mistakes but they are not doing anything. Even a simple doctor visit they will not cover. Wish I could report them even more because they stole 3 months of my money! DO NOT USE AT ANY COST!
Signed up on August 22, paid my premium and set up automatic payments for a three month plan. I had to get some testing done on September 9. I was contacted January 12. They told me they were not covering anything and my plan Is null and void. Then I received close to $14,000 in bills from the hospital that I have to come out of pocket and pay for. Healthcare is a joke. I’m going to expire naturally. I had a good run. Signed dead man walking.
I explained that I needed short term ins. including drug coverage. Agent went over my meds. Said, "YES, you are all covered." I asked again to make sure! NP! Then when it came time to use, IT IS A DISCOUNT CARD! Doesn’t cover a thing. Couldn’t cancel the vision. Have to keep for 1 year! And not use. Horrible company. I’m still shocked. They have treated me and others this way. I sure wish I would have seen these complaints prior!!
If you have a problem, if they do not receive a payment (they are missing two of mine) the number they give you to calls says that you have to wait 30 minutes... I have been on hold for an hour and ten minutes and they have not picked me up. It is 2:56 in the afternoon. I went to the pediatrician and they would not see my son because of no insurance. I checked the website and they are missing payments that I sent. Because of their ridiculous long hold times, I had to pay cash and because they will not pick up and I have no insurance, what are we supposed to do? How can they treat us this way. I pay 414.00 a month to this company.
This is truly unbelievable. This company charged my card before even approving the policy or premium. Steer far away from United Golden Rule. I went with another company which was more but they didn't charge me first.
Just doing end of year paperwork. Lucky to have great health but just noticing that I paid Golden Rule $4400 this year. They paid 0 out in any payments. Reminds me of my mom's favorite expression - "laughing all the way to the bank!"
They should not be allowed to be a Practice Company. When I first bought the policy, I was under the appreciation that I would get my money since it was saving like plan. I thought get my money back when I cancel, they said no, only if I made payment from the time I canceled. Oh I am pissed. They ripped off quite a bit of money. They lie to their customers. I want my money back. I only used them one time and they only paid for half.
After having Golden Rule for 3 years +/-, and having $100 per month send to my HSA, I discovered that for Nov. and Dec., no money was being added. I did not make any changes or authorized anyone to make these changes and I was not notified of these changes. I called yesterday and someone is supposed to get back with me in 24-48 hours. I'm sure they will have a phony excuse. I plan to make a complaint to the Insurance Commission in my state. It's too bad that the company and someone working there are incompetent.
Watch this company like a hawk. My wife had an interim policy while getting a new job, had an accident, and renewed. Though assured coverage was continuous, the company claimed pre-existing condition. Now, we're stuck with huge bills for surgery, rehab, etc. Record everything, save every piece of paper and keep notes. They talk a good game, take your money and then pull the rug out from under you. The only good outcome will be if the American public grows to hate the insurance companies more than the Congress and Federal government and agitates for sensible health care.
This was the worst insurance company I have ever encountered. First they said it was UnitedHealthOne when it was actually some weird insurance called Golden Rule. They told me my plans would end on 12/30/18 and then they kept taking money out. They never sent me my 1095. I could never get in touch with anyone on the phone. In order to end my insurance on the time designated I had to file an appeal by fax. Did I mention that my login never worked and that they never sent my 1095. Run as fast as you can from this company, they are the worst!
I just recently started a policy with Golden Rule through United Health One last month, or at least I tried to. The representative who took my doctor and health information over the phone ended up requesting tests from the wrong doctor, which is why they never received the test results they requested and which is why they initially declined my coverage. As soon as I found out about being declined, I had the correct doctor send my test results. So Golden Rule approved my coverage, but decided to change my effective date to a month later than what was agreed upon. As a result, I will get stuck with a doctor bill from a month before from when I thought I was covered. Even though it was Golden Rule's fault for contacting the wrong doctor, they refused to change my effective date back to the original one. They also refused to cover anything related to illnesses I've had in the past 2 years. I really needed tubes in my ears, but because I had it done 1 1/2 yr ago, there was a waiting period of 6 months before I would be covered for that. I ended up cancelling the entire policy because I was so angry at them. I applied for coverage on 10/14 and didn't receive a decision from underwriting until 11/14, which is ridiculous. It shouldn't take that long! I think Golden Rule is unprofessional and unethical in their business conduct. They should have backdated my coverage to the originally agreed date since it was their fault they contacted the wrong doctor to obtain test results for underwriting. I also thought that Insurance companies could no longer decline people for pre-existing conditions under Obama Care, guess that's not true though. This was the most frustrating experience I ever had getting health insurance. I hate this company!!!
My wife has Golden Rule Coverage. I am disabled and even though she works for a healthcare provider her position is outsourced without healthcare benefits.Golden Rule has raised her rates three times in the last 3 years, now more than doubling the original premium. Her policy also has a $10000 deductible and now cost her $450 per month for a policy she hardly uses. The Obamacare mandate does not offer protection for the consumer. These companies can raise their rates with no data to justify the increase, just a letter to inform you of the rate hike.The ceo of United Healthcare the parent company of Golden Rule profited 102 million and 66 million dollars in salary and compensation in 2 recent years. The ceo Stephen Hemsley has surely profited from Obamacare while the declining middle class struggles to make ends meet. Don't believe anything Hillary Clinton says for what has the Clintons done but reap huge monetary rewards from speeches they offer to these healthcare conglomerates. The mass media does not even cover these premium increases that affect so many as they seem to offer their time for the LGBT movement.
They changed the TERM DATE. Didn't even give me a reason why they cancel me. All I did was visit the Gyn/OB doctor on Tuesday 11/27/2018. I called the customer service... she said my insurance is still good. And I can use it until December the 1st. I even printed out the Medical Coverage Summary. The term date was 12/31/2018. Now they changed to 11/01/2018. I emailed them, if I get a medical bill that stated that they didn't pay anything... I will sue them. I am so glad I printed out the Medical Coverage Summary off the internet... I will show the Judge this paper. And I also copied the conversation from TTY Relay between me and the customer service. All I have to do is show these papers to the JUDGE... and have him to force them to pay my medical bill... which isn't even $1,000. How is visiting a doctor and getting lab work blood test a $1,000??? Which it won't meet the deductible... unless my doctor told them that she is planning to do surgery on me... and they got chicken out. The customer service said something about pre-existing condition. "This policy is in a pre-existing and contestable period throughout the time of the policy."
My son suffered a spinal cord injury in a rollover accident on 10/10/2015. He is being treated at Craig Hospital in Colorado. He has Catastrophic medical coverage with United Health Care and has had it for 6 years. They have refused to pay for his wheelchair. He has no movement in his left leg below the hip and only some muscle movement in his upper right thigh. The hospital has told us that they stopped paying 3 days ago. My son is only 4 1/2 weeks post surgery. His policy is suppose to cover 60 days inpatient care. Craig hospital hates dealing with United Health Care. Hospital don't have the manpower to fight insurance companies so they just work around it. If you have coverage with United Health Care be prepare to hire an attorney to hold them to their contract.
Golden Rule is not for people's health, just for money. Be careful. I had Golden Rule Insurance for 4 years and I wanted to start paying from my company and sent a check with its name on it instead of personal check. I thought it took care of my payment. In a while, I got a letter saying that my coverage was terminated. I did not hear back saying that they did not process my check or anything at least another bill.Then they asked me to fill another new application, so I did, but rejected because they found out that I had liver enzyme, which I never heard of. I am a healthy sports person with 3 kids. She said she can let me have coverage for my kids. I wanted to have a family plan so I rejected. Of course, I had some bills from my daughters’ pediatrics for visiting him monthly infant check. Never go with them again, even though I had liver problem, they should not kick you out after charging $1,000 a quarter for the whole 4 years. I am touching the wood not to have any problem with my body. Thank you for recommending illness for me, Golden Rule sucks!
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