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Generali Global Assistance Online Insurance Reviews

Company Name: Generali Global Assistance
Company Type: Public
Address: 4181 Ruffin Rd, # 150
City: San Diego
State/Province: CA
Postal Code: 92123
Country: United States
Phone: 800-874-2442
Overall average rating of 4.2 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 66 %
CSA Travel Protection is worth having. I wouldn't lose any money if we didn't get to go on our travel.
We decided to purchase travel insurance because of the amount of money we had invested and Generali Global Assistance was referred by a travel agent. We set it up on their website. It has been easy.
I suggested Generali to my dad when I bought a ticket for him. My dad is a very healthy man but I got the insurance just in case. Before purchasing, I shopped for other insurance companies, but Generali’s price was good. I'd them recommend to a friend.
My experience with Generali has been terrific. I’ve used them more than half a dozen times, and I’ve had to make claims twice, and both times, it has been a very helpful and fair experience. One time, my wife and I were going on a trip when my wife fell and broke her arm a couple of weeks before we left. So, that kind of mess up went up, but that worked out very well. Also, last year, I was on a bike trip with a friend who had a bad fall and had to come home early. I had to come with him because he was hurt so bad, and Generali was very fair. For something like a biking trip that we had, where you have to be physically in shape, it is a very reasonable, cost-effective approach to covering your travel risk. In fact, I’m planning another trip right now, and I will certainly incorporate in my plan signing up with Generali again.
I was going overseas and getting travel insurance was one of the necessary evils that I had to have. I learned about Generali Global Assistance over the internet and their prices were comparable with other companies. Purchasing the policy was easy and their website was simple to navigate. I paid the premium but I didn’t use the insurance that I got from them.
We rented a VRBO condo at the beach for ourselves and our grandchildren over spring break. More than 500 miles down the road both grandchildren became seriously ill. Both were diagnosed with influenza and the doctor wrote "no further travel recommended" on the discharge from the hospital ER. We stayed in Alabama for 48 hours until both children were stabilized, then returned home. I filed a claim immediately. It's now been almost 3 months of consistent run-around. I get no updates unless I harass them. I was told the "policy" was monthly updates. Really? How many months does it take to process a fairly small, straight-forward claim? I had paperwork ready to go, and all sorts of evidence. I've filled out hospital release forms twice--the second time I had them overnighted to CSA in California. Still, I hear crickets. We have a small claim - the cost of a condo. What must consumers with large claims experience? Avoid, avoid, avoid!!!
My family and I were going to travel to Las Vegas 14-18 May 2017. I am a disabled veteran and started experiencing back spasms which would not allow me to fly. I thought at the time how lucky I was to purchase a CSA Travel Protection Policy. I called the airlines, cancelled my flight, contacted CSA Travel Protection, was sent a packet to fill out, filled it out, mailed it, and waited. I am still waiting. I have contacted CSA and they tell me the packet is not there. Now what, I certainly do not want to make and pay for another doctor visit and fill out the burdensome packet. I guess I will keep waiting and hoping. At this point my premium payment returned would be better than nothing.
A friend of mine is in the insurance business and when I asked him how I can get some evac insurance for my kids going to Europe, he told me to call Generali Global Assistance. Buying policies from them isn't hard and I only got confused a little bit when they changed names between the last time I used them three years ago and this time. Other than that, their online interface worked out well and I could find what I needed. I wasn’t looking for trip interruption insurance and I was able to exclude that relatively easily. I’ll probably call them again in a couple of years when the kids go somewhere else. And I also tell others to go to Generali's website and see if they could find what they need.
I booked a cruise for my adult daughter and me for the dates April 8-15 and took out CSA Travel Protection months in advance for the cruise portion. When we arrived at the airport an hour ahead of the scheduled flight to fly to Tampa via Atlanta on April 8 on Delta, the Delta agent told us that our flight was changed to April 9 due to there having been adverse weather conditions from April 5-7 in Atlanta which had caused cancellations of flights from our airport (CRW) to Atlanta for those days. Due to the backlog of passengers trying to fly from CRW to ATL, the plane for which we held reservations was full. We had confirmed reservations and on April 7 Delta sent us an email reminder of our flight scheduled for April 8. Delta did not notify us of the change of flight until we were at the ticket counter at 5:20 a.m. on April 8. None of the other carriers at CRW had flights that would get us to Tampa by 2:00 p.m. that day. Although we explained to the Delta agent that we needed to fly to Tampa to board a cruise that afternoon, we were not allowed to board the flight. We missed the cruise. I submitted the claim for payment due to trip interruption due to adverse weather. CSA denied our claim. We are out the money I paid for our cruise AND I BOUGHT TRAVEL PROTECTION INSURANCE. If this wasn't an eligible situation, then what is??? I am going to file a complaint with the attorney general in the states in which CSA is registered to do business. I also have LegalShield and shall turn this over to one of their attorneys. CSA says in the fine print that one has to wait sixty days to file with an attorney.
I was referred to Generali Global Assistance from someone else who typically buys the insurance through them. I purchased it online and it was easy to see their different plans. I was reading a lot of different feedbacks, so, at some point, I didn’t feel like it was worth purchasing and I wasn’t sure that they would cover me in a lot of the situations where I needed coverage but I still went for it. I was pregnant and I wanted to make sure I did everything I could in case of an emergency. But when I called to ask questions, the customer service reps were not helpful at all. I was just trying to see if I would have been covered since I was making an appropriate purchase. They were not knowledgeable and they just told me to file a claim and wait to see what happened.
My wife and I are at our early 70's, and we’re concerned that if something happens to us on a trip, we’ll make sure that we’re covered well with insurance. We looked at the options that were offered by each of the insurance companies, and then compared it to the premiums, and Generali came up on top. Then we had to file a claim where we had a bruised area, sprained ankle, and the doctor took an X-ray, which entailed a large charge, which will be covered. We submitted all the paperwork that they asked for and we have acknowledgement that they have accepted the claim. What little experience I’ve had with them, they’ve stood behind the policy and only for a few hundred dollars. I’m very pleased with them.
I used Generali Global Assistance in the past for travel insurance as I usually always purchase travel insurance for safety. I would recommend them.
I bought a company insurance policy in May. I found Generali Global Assistance on the internet, and I googled the reviews to see if there was any negative feedback. I rely heavily on that type of research and it appeared that they’d been in business for a while. I understood what the policy covers and not cover pre-existing conditions. It seemed like if I had a claim, they would pay out. I purchased it online and they sent me all the materials.
Generali Global has good price and coverage, and I read good reviews on it online. I've been using them when I go on vacation out of the country. I would never know what could happen when I'm overseas. My health insurance won't work, so I don't want to be stuck somewhere, in an emergency, with nothing covered. And fortunately, I've never had to use my travel insurance but I'd definitely recommend it.
My overall experience with Generali Global Assistance was fine.
We’ve been using Generali for years and their website is really easy to use as well as easy to compare. I got coverage from them for a trip to Disney World in May. I’m cautious that way and I like to make sure I am covered in case anything happens. It’s worth the money to have that instead of having to pay out of pocket. I’d rather pay a 100 bucks for insurance and not use it than having to pay thousands and thousands for something that I could’ve only spent a little bit on. Also, I’d pick a higher-rated coverage if we were on a cruise. Get Generali if you’re gonna get travel insurance.
I have bought CSA in the past but have also used Allianz and there was not much difference. Now I see that CSA had changed its name and has much better plans. I like the Premium plan because it covers my golf clubs. Love it! This is an unique coverage!
I was going on an extended overseas trip and I wanted to be reassured for it. I looked at several policies on the internet and Generali came up tops and I got them because they were cheaper. Luckily, I didn't need the insurance but it would have been the crunch point whether they performed or not if I needed them. But if someone asked, I'd tell them to go ahead and check Generali.
I have purchased from Generali in the past, and I also came across them through a link from AAA. I purchased a travel insurance because of the cost of the trip. Their cost was also better than that of other providers. The website was good, too. I was satisfied.
I always get a travel insurance and I was looking at different options and with Generali, I could buy the insurance right before I left instead of buying it when I bought my plane ticket. Most of it was online and then, I talked to their rep on the phone before I was done. It was a good experience with their rep. The cost might have been a hair higher than other places but not much. I would tell people about Generali if they asked. I had no bad experiences at all.
I flied with VivaColumbia and Generali Global Assistance was the insurance company that they recommended. My mom booked it for me and she got the insurance since she's sort of paranoid about that stuff. But I wasn't expecting anything to happen. So I went to Columbia and while I was there, the airline told me four days before I was going to fly back that my flight was cancelled. I have a business so it's hard for me to miss days on my job. I contacted the insurance company to see if they could help me out regarding the time that I was there. They asked me to send them some paperwork then they wrote to me and said that they're working on it. But they didn't get back to me because they have a large amount of people that are writing to them. So, as of now, I'm still waiting. That was three months ago so it's been quite a while. But they gave me another flight to go back to Colombia.
Experience tells us that we should get travel protection for all our trips. In 2004, back when Generali Global Assistance was still CSA Travel Protection, my wife had an accident on a trip and they covered us. We were in Victoria then and we submitted two claims, and it was just a matter of making a call to them. The travel people made a lot of the arrangements for us and they made sure that we were taken care of. My wife needed to have an extended seat on the plane and they arranged for that. It was a very good experience because they took care of almost everything once we called in. Since then, we've been using them and every time we took a trip, we've always had an insurance with them. The customer service has been absolutely excellent and I’d recommend them to many other people. We have a trip coming up in the next few months and we've already put in an insurance with them.
I started using Generali two years ago. I've gone with them considering the coverage and the cost of their travel insurance. Their customer service was very efficient when I called. I asked questions and the people were very nice and they seem to know their product. When I asked them to send me things, they did.
I travel everywhere and I would like to be insured and protected. We went on a trip to India and I wanted to be sure there was not gonna be surprises. Generali had a couple of options and I read them and then choose what I thought was gonna fit for us. So far, I have been on a few trips. The one to India was a major trip and it was expensive. But, the insurance for my smaller trips has been reasonable. It's good when Generali shows everything that they protect. But it will be better to have some more explanations on some things just to be sure that people understand what they cover and what they don't. There are things that are not sufficient and for some people, it could be confusing.
I bought Generali Global Assistance because I travel to Thailand every three months. This is the second time I am buying it and everything has been good. It was easy to apply online and the website gave me a quote which was easy to follow. Generali's other insurance was cheaper, but I bought the maximum benefits one time and I would recommend it. We’ll never know what will happen when we travel.
Do NOT purchase the travel protection insurance from this company. We contacted the company to tell them we would need a refund for the condo we rented due to a tragic death in our family. Our son’s girlfriend (who was going to travel with us) died. The people I spoke with were the most unsympathetic and uncaring people I’ve ever encountered. They insisted on a death certificate. I explained that it would be extremely inappropriate and unacceptable to ask her family during their time of grieving for a death certificate. The company made certain to tell me that even if a death certificate was provided the policy does not cover a death due to a pre existing condition or death by suicide. The company didn’t care that we needed to plan and host a memorial service. If you cannot cancel a vacation due to a death what can you cancel for? Stay away from CSA Travel Protection. You will be wasting your money, time, and energy.
Having a travel insurance was recommended by friends so I decided to get one. I went with Generali because of their general package and the combination of the most reviewers and highest rating which was what I was looking for. Also, they're $50 to $100 different from other companies. My interaction with Generali was very limited. I've just asked their customer service a general question about going from United States to Canada and he said, “Oh, yeah.” But they're fine and the experience has been efficient.
Generali seemed to have the most comprehensive coverage for the premium they charged so I went with them. I got the travel insurance earlier this year for the risk. We didn't have any health insurance especially for overseas so it was a peace of mind thing. I talked to somebody one time about a basic question on the policy and their rep was helpful. The insurance served its purpose and I recommend them.
Signing up with Generali had to be easier or I could not have done it. Overall, I was satisfied with them.
I purchased Generali travel insurance for the delays and cancellation. When I purchased it, they just automatically said that this is what they charge and I wasn't able to compare products and pick the right policy for my budget. I've used them before on another trip that we booked to Mexico, and I didn’t have to contact them. Sometimes I think that I'm just giving my money away but Generali gives me a little bit of assurance that I'll get my money back or they'll help me out.
My wife and I are both in our mid-60s, and we were going in a fairly extensive trip. And on the off chance that there would be any kind of health issues beforehand, or even during the course of the trip, we wanted to be prepared. So, we decided to get travel insurance. I read reviews online as we prepared for the trip, and I looked at three different companies. Generali was a well-rated company at a price point that seemed right, so we decided to go with them.On our way home from the trip, we had a bag go missing because our return was pushed back one day in transit, due to having to stay over a night to catch another flight. So, I called the emergency contact number for Generali, and the contact I had at that point was very good. It was answered quickly, and the representative gave me all the information that I would have needed to follow up if we were going to. We were lucky that nothing too wrong happened. But if we had to, Generali seemed like a good company to deal with. We’ve used them, and had a good experience, so I’d be more than happy to recommend them.
I live in a world where bad things happen so I have to make sure that I take care of myself and cover my back. Purchasing travel insurance from Generali is a good way of preventing any unfortunates. Generali Global Assistance is a great company and this is why I always use them. Anytime I’ve ever had an issue or anything, it always covers me for everything and I’m always grateful to have them.Somebody they were partners with actually introduced me to them. Then I found out that they could give me a cheaper plan, but they didn't tell me about it. I looked at their rates and that’s how I found out. I did a little research on them too, so I found out that they have a bunch of subcontractors. The customer service has been very friendly too. If I ever needed to get a hold of them, I would always get transferred very quickly and everybody answers the phones promptly. I've submitted two claims in the past five years and I let my wife take care of it. It seemed like a normal process and I was actually very surprised that everything got handled quickly. Usually, whenever I file a claim, it doesn’t take more than four months. I’ve also recommended four or five friends of mine to them.
I used Generali for a trip to Japan. We were in a group trip and they gave us a couple of options to call so that's what I did. I looked them up and went with them. They were the better deal.
I was getting a good price and good coverage at the same time so I went with Generali Global Assistance for my travel insurance. My experience with them was perfectly fine, though I did not have to use it. So far, so good.
I always get Generali because they are the old CSA Travel and we were very happy with CSA Travel. And I like Generali because it provides rental car insurance and I usually rent a car, and I use that for coverage.
We used CSA for trip cancellation insurance for a 2 week rental in Emerald Isle North Carolina. This costs us over $200.00. Then we found out recently that our 13 year old dog has cancer and it has spread to her lungs. We are giving her daily chemotherapy at home and she is very fragile. We cannot in good conscience leave her to take a beach holiday. We called CSA and explained this to them and sent them all the appropriate documentation. They quickly denied the claim and when I asked for an appeal was told they don't "really have an appeal process" but would "kick it upstairs and review the situation." A few days later (very quick review I guess) we received a letter denying us any of our claim. I know this is a dog but she is our family and we wasted all that money for nothing. Read other review sites to see similar complaints and many much more serious than ours. Do not waste your money for a company that will do just about anything to deny your claim.
Generali was offered when we purchased the trip. We got it in case something would happen. They were very nice. They're a reliable company and I would suggest it. I was happy with the experience.
Generali Global Assistance's prices went up when they changed names, so I went with another company that the prices weren't up. I took them because I was going to different places and I was concerned about help and emergency stuff, and that they were 20% lower than others before. I have purchased them about four times. I was satisfied with all the service and the experience. But, I would recommend somebody else who's a little bit cheaper.
I heard about Generali Global Assistance through my friends. And since I'm worried about my health I took an insurance The customer service rep was very polite and good. I recommended them.
I have had a false sense of security when renting my five rental houses through VRBO. I have required guests to purchase the CSA Travel Protection damage insurance protection in the amount of $1,500. A renter broke the frame on a sofa in one of my properties. I filed a claim with CSA, sent photos, and provided an original receipt showing the sofa cost was $731.95. When the renter was contacted about the damage, she denied that her family broke the sofa frame... no surprise there. Based upon the renter's statement solely, CSA denied the claim because they said she was the owner of the policy. I asked how I should go about protesting their denial of the claim. I was told their decision was final, and that there is no means for further escalating a claim. Have you ever heard of such? Additionally, no supervisor was available to speak with me. My recommendation to all VRBO homeowners is to charge a damage deposit, don't fall for the false sense of security they are peddling with damage insurance protection. It's a farce.
I had used Generali before and it recently forwarded me to their website. They were not directly affiliated with the travel company or cruise line I was using. Many times when people make a claim, the insurance people only cover a portion or segment that people had purchased with them. By going with a third party company such as CSA or Generali, it allows us to be covered if we left our house two days ahead of time before a scheduled tour. Whereas if we purchased the insurance from the tour company, it wouldn’t start till when we actually joined the tour. It wasn’t the hugest savings but it was acceptable based on the ease of selection in their website as well as them being a third party. That was why I went there in the first place, and certainly why I have continued. When you go online, you can pull up the insurance policy at Generali, which is like 14 pages long. The policy itself is not very user-friendly. There are wordings that say, "If it could not have been prevented." It seems as though the the wordage has a way out as if they didn’t want to cover somebody at some point. I called one time and asked if I would be covered if I broke my leg and I had to come back to the country, and my partner and I wanted to travel back to the country to have my leg put in a cast and corrected. They said I'd be covered, but it didn’t seem like it would have been covered after reading the actual policy myself. If there’s a paraphrase or a one-page explanation that could be done, it would be great.
I've been with Generali for a month and a week. They are very easy to deal and work with. Everything went well.
I looked for travel insurance on my first trip right out of college. I was tight on money, so I wanted to make sure that if something happened I would not go down the drain. There was a comparison of the policies online and so I used that and got Generali. I bought it for the past two trips and have not needed it, and it gave me peace of mind. My husband and I traveled about twice a year and before our second trip, my husband broke his clavicle so we were not able to travel. We provided receipts and a doctor’s note to Generali then we got our money back for everything. And so with the ease of that, we continued to use them. They've been nothing but good for me. People should take a look at what they need in a trip insurance, go to the comparison site I saw, and then if they come to the same conclusion as I did, then I would tell them to go for it.
When I booked my flight, there was an insurance component to it from Generali Global Assistance. I also tell my friends about Generali and I advise them that when they travel, especially overseas, they should buy insurance for themselves.
It was a good experience with Generali. We planned a trip to Scotland and decided to have a travel insurance. Generali's price was very favorable compared to other places. I needed to make one call to customer service to clarify something. The individual on the phone was very helpful in speaking to me. If I had a friend who was looking for a travel insurance policy, I would suggest that they check out Generali, go to their website, they have a variety of different policies available. And I'd highly recommend them.
I used to buy travel protection from CSA, which was bought by Generali. Generali is a good company so I stick with them. Sometimes, I have a question so I call them and they answer in a very nice way. However, they put me on hold and I have to wait for around 10 minutes. It's not bad, but the 10-minute wait is still a lot of time. Though when I called them, they always had a lot of people to work with. It'd be better for us if they have more customer service people on the phone, but right now I’m happy with them.
We planned a trip to see my Uncle. I actually purchased the airfare after my significant other had congestive heart failure. He was released from the hospital feeling good and was told that his condition could be controlled with medication. I purchased the tickets 2 months before the date we wanted to travel and travel insurance after being assured by the doctors that he is fine to travel. I purchased the insurance mainly because the airlines were having problems where they were leaving passengers stranded. The doctor ordered further tests wanted to make sure that no further treatment would be necessary in the future. About 1 week before we were suppose to travel the angiogram revealed he had 3 blocked arteries and a leaky valve. At that time the doctor advised him not to travel because he needed more test and a triple bypass. We made two trips to the VA hospital which is 60 miles from my home to get letters for this bogus insurance company that said it is a preexisting condition and we would not get any of our money back. I was not buying life insurance I was buying travel insurance. Talked to the representative and he would not even consider changing the decision NOT TO REFUND MY MONEY. So I am out the airfare, cancellation fee charged by Just Fly and other fees they decided to charge. BOGUS COMPANY. NEVER AGAIN. I wish I could give them a 0.
I’ve been buying insurance for years from CSA which is now Generali. I've been doing it whenever I travel. It brings me peace of mind. I've always been happy with them and it's very easy to sign up for the insurance and file a claim online. In the past, they've given me a very quick response. I only had one very small claim with CSA in all the time I used them. It was for a few hundred dollars and they were great. I filed a claim yesterday because I had a problem with my recent trip. But I haven't heard back from Generali on it and they haven't acknowledged receipt of the claim.
We were going to a foreign country and we'd never know the amount of money we're going to spend so it made sense to get a travel insurance. I took someone's recommendation to go with Generali and did it all online by myself. Navigating their website was very easy and didn't take me long at all. I would recommend them. It's been a very good experience with Generali.
One of my friends told me about Generali but my experience with them was not good. We had a problem with our ticket on our way back to San Francisco. I didn't have a chance to go to the company, but my friend called and they told her she can’t do anything about the insurance because we bought it after we got the ticket. I am very suspicious because we’ve talked about that and they knew we just got that insurance a week after. And if the insurance didn't work, we could have had a serious problem. I called them a couple of times but nobody called me back yet and it's been three days. If something happened and I called but they didn't call me back, then I don't think there’s something good about this insurance. I want to find out if we will be paid for the hotel and our expenses.
Generali Global Assistance had the right combination of price, the coverage I was looking for, and consumer reviews. I'm a nurse and deal with a lot of travel insurance on the professional side. So I knew exactly what I wanted and what I didn't want. I wanted a repatriation to the hospital of my choice, not of the insurance's choice, and I couldn't find any other carrier that was willing to do that. The price was reasonable, but I was willing to pay a little bit more in order to get that. I did it all online and it was easy to purchase.
I always have travel protection insurance for trips. This is the first time that I've ever experienced having to use Generali Global Assistance travel insurance. We were in Canada and my husband got very ill and we had to rush to a hospital. We crossed into New York and got to Plattsburgh Hospital in 25 minutes, and he was there from 11:00 in the morning until 7:00 at night. He was discharged, but we had to stay close to the hospital so we got a camp site in Plattsburgh. The customer service rep was very nice and they covered the medical when he's in the hospital, though there was a deductible of a couple of dollars. They also covered our night in Plattsburgh because we were just out of the hospital.However, they didn't cover anything on our way home. We had to work our way home in an alternate route from what we had planned to get home ASAP so that he could be doctored here in Pennsylvania. We also needed to cancel a reservation that we had in Upper Canada because we had to travel a different direction to get to the hospital. They said would not cover the cancellation because of the rerouting and that we did not have a trip cancellation insurance.Then they also said that it was no longer covered once he was discharged from the hospital and deemed able to travel. But it doesn't mean that it was a comfortable travel at all and my husband was still very ill. It's just their wording on a policy that nobody runs into until they need to use it to weasel their way out of payment. We were traveling through RV parks to get home and the actual claim would have been around $70 and was so minimal because I didn't keep track of food when he was in the hospital. For that reason, I will never use them again.
I always purchase a travel insurance. It's a smart thing to do. If you're travelling outside of the country, you want an insurance that covers evacuation. You also want to have medical coverage and want something that does at least a million. I purchased a travel insurance plan from Generali Global Assistance. For the price, it covered what I wanted. It was a straightforward process. On their website, it says that most people who picked it starts filing claims but it wasn't an issue. I would be very satisfied based on what they offer.
I was afraid that if we had a death in the family, or if there was a hurricane that went through or some reason why we wouldn't be able to go on the trip, our travel agency wouldn't give us our money back. So I got Generali just for precaution. We hardly travel and this trip was 10 years in the making. It was $50 and our trip was $1,200. To me, that wasn’t really a loss. It was security knowing that we could get our money back. Plus, it was easy to do, and we received our policy in the mail later. When you do these things online, you're not really sure what you're getting into. I've never done this before but after getting the paperwork, I was reassured that this was a legit company. Everything went okay and I’m very satisfied.
It was nice to have the travel insurance from Generali. We haven't been able to use it, but it was a good peace of mind. We went to Alaska and it covered up most of what was going to be involved in our trip. The weather wasn't really good when we left. So, we didn't know if we will get there the day we were supposed to. But everything worked out good. I'd recommend them.
We always purchase travel insurance when we go overseas and I heard about Generali Global Assistance from a travel agent. It was comprehensive and the price was fair. I purchased through the internet and it was efficient and convenient. You never know a policy until you use it. It’s easy to pay money and they don’t hear from you which is a good thing for them. But everything was fine and I would recommend them.
Getting a travel insurance is a rational thing to do if you're spending any money on travelling. I did some comparison of companies and purchased the coverage online with Generali as it was less expensive.
I was comparing different insurance companies online to see what they cover depending on what kind of trip I’m taking and the kind of coverage I needed, and that’s how I found Generali and used them for the price. I just filled out a form, took out the insurance and thank God, I didn’t have to use it. It was very simple. I like their coverage and the trip that I used it for, it suited me perfectly. I have a list of the insurance companies that I've used and so before I go on another trip, I will plug them all in and see what they would offer me.
When I was searching on the internet and comparing the prices, Generali Global Assistance offered the best prices. My claim was handled very quickly and I was very satisfied with them.
We had to interrupt our trip because of hurricane Irma. Our air tickets, hotel and car rental reservations were from Sept 3rd to 23rd. We had to cancel all our reservations in Florida and South Carolina and returned home Sept 7th. We had to buy a new ticket to return home before hurricane. CSA insurance said basically we left too early so we not entitle to be reimbursed. "We will only pay benefits for losses occurring within 30 calendar days after the evacuation order is issued," they said. So according to them we had to stay there and suffer to be reimbursed.
I had to postpone my trip because I was sick for a couple of weeks. I submitted a claim with Generali and the process was quick and easy. They said since it was just a short time, they would just move it up a couple of weeks for me. I’m very satisfied with them.
They're very professional and simple and there's always reassurance that they're going to be there.
I had somebody do the insurance for me and they picked Generali Global Assistance. I insured the whole package that I had just to be on the safe side. There were no issues and it was a great experience. Generali is the company to go with.
We're traveling as a group to South Korea four weeks from now and we needed coverage for medical conditions. I was advised by our group tour leader to contact Generali but I had a very difficult time upfront because both the agent and the instructions were unclear. The agent asked me for the cost of our trip so I gave him an estimate of it. It inflated the cost of the insurance so I took it back to the group leader. We went back and forth several times both with the group leader as well as the agent since I could not get any kind of rate coming back that was in line with what I was told was other people's rates. Finally, I got the correct instruction which was to tell Generali to make the cost of the travel zero and that we wanted just the health care insurance. When that happened, the pricing fit my expectations and was reasonable.The agent could have asked if we're trying to get only health care insurance. Then it would have solved the problem because it's what I was asking for. They kept quoting us $300 plus but I said that’s supposed to be under 100 bucks and we could not resolve where the $200 was coming from. We later realized it was the insurance of the trip cost, should there be a pre-mature cancellation of sorts, that was inflating the total quote. The same thing happened with the online rate calculator. When I keyed in zero for the travel cost, everything fell within the expected area and we proceeded with the booking.
My friend's mother was very ill and I was afraid that my friend got to go. I got a travel insurance so that I would be able to go with her. I went with her recommendation which was Generali. Their website was fine. I was able to sign up without a problem. I'd recommend it.
This was only partially resolved AFTER submitting our documentation to the North Carolina Insurance Commission who contacted CSA on our behalf.
I was traveling so I needed travel insurance. I used a comparison website and Generali's rate was very competitive. They have the best price and so I ended up getting a slightly more expensive policy with them for the added protection. Overall, working with Generali was easy. The protection was good and the rates were affordable. The website was great as well. And so, I recommend them.
I compared 4 different insurance companies, and when I went to Cuba, I used Alliance, but Generali offered a better price for people under 60 years old. I bought the policy online, but I don’t have it yet. It's also very hard to get a live person on the phone. So far, it's not a good experience.
I was going abroad and I always get travel insurance. Generali was not the least expensive, but it provided the best coverage for me for the things that I was particularly concerned about which was my equipment and a rental car overseas. I would recommend them.
My father's getting older and we were worried that he was going to pass away so we wanted to get something just in case. He had several choices in terms of policy and he chose the best fit for us. We stayed with the coverage then we updated it.
I wish there is ZERO star to click!! We filed a claim last July. They kept asking for more info. We did that every time! Now we got another email and need more info! They are trying to make it one year without sending us a refund!! We did follow what they asked for info. We lost the count of how many times they ask us to send them info and signed papers. Doctors signed papers. Blah blah blah! We would never never never do it with CSA again!!!
I compared a few other travel insurance companies, found Generali Global Assistance on the internet and it was fairly straightforward. I purchased it but I have never had to use it, so it hasn't been a good nor a bad experience.
Due to the uncertainty of medical in Canada, I thought of getting a travel insurance. I went with Generali five months ago and their prices were in the lower end but not the lowest. Their process was all straightforward and it was successful dealing with them through the internet. I didn't have to go to customer service in Pakistan, India or the Philippines. Using the internet it made easier, all the deductibles and stuff.
I wanted to purchase a travel insurance for safety reasons and the first website I went to took me to Generali. Their price was really good and their customer service was great. I really enjoyed it.
Generali Global Assistance was suggested to me by the tour organization that I travel with. Everything worked great. The rates were fair and reasonable. The website was easy to use and didn’t require a lot of work or attention. We have recommended Generali to other people as well that have taken trips with the same travel organization. I’m glad that I haven’t had to use it. Insurance is always that way. It’s a protection plan so the minute you don’t buy it is when you need it.
I talked to a someone on the phone to get info about Generali Global Assistance and looked at pricing, and I was treated fine. We had a family member who was in the hospital and we were concerned about whether we're going to be able to go or not. We purchased the policy in June but ended up not needing it.
We’ve been on many, many cruises. When we first started cruising, my husband’s dad died. We didn’t have insurance then and it was quite expensive to get back. So, we decided to take out a travel insurance when we go. We’ve been taking it out through CSA Travel and we’ve been doing it for years. Generali Global Assistance is the carrier that CSA Travel uses. Their rates seem reasonable for the coverage that we want. So far, we’re just hanging out hoping that if we ever have to use them, they would come through for us. I would recommend them.
Generali Global Assistance had the best coverage for the money and was also less expensive. Things went very well when we had to use them. We had to terminate our trip to Ireland prematurely because my wife fell and broke a wrist. We filed the claim online and sent some supporting documents. They helped us get through all the stuff and they were very prompt in reimbursing us. We were satisfied and I would recommend them.
I used to go for three weeks at a time for long periods of time, and having a policy is a smart thing to do when travelling. I went online looking at the best insurance companies and Generali was one of the top ones. They had a very reasonable policy which had the best qualification for what I needed. I filled out everything online and so far, the policy has been fine.
I always purchase a travel insurance when I travel overseas. The ones that we were looking at were so expensive but they were also not what we were wanting. It was a secondary insurance and we wanted a regular insurance. Between the price point that we are wanting to spend along with everything that it covered, we went with Generali. We made a claim which we did online. However, I was confused by some stuff because what happened was we ended up being delayed for more than 3 hours. I didn't understand because we never got compensated for that. Is it only if you spend anything in those 12 hours? We lost half a day of work. They paid for our taxi cab but that was the only thing that was paid for with the insurance.
I purchase travel insurance because as an insurance professional, I know how useful it is. And Generali has better coverage and really good customer service. We bought Generali coverage when we were going to go on a trip to Russia with my parents 15 years ago. My husband hurt his back beforehand and they reimbursed us all of the non-reimbursable cost in that claim. Their customer service handled the claim very well. It has been a very positive experience and I'd tell people to got buy it.
I have used Generali Global Assistance previously when I used to run a vacation rental. They provided travel insurance to protect our guest for their stay there. I also used them a couple of time personally as well. Then I used them again on my most recent travel. They're good. I have had to do claims in the past and it has been good working with them plus their prices are comparable.
We travel quite a bit and when we’re out of the country, we’re worried about medical expenses. I did a comparison with another company that I used years ago and I noticed that Generali's rate was lower and it looked like all the features were the same. I also checked their ratings and saw that it was highly rated. We purchased our travel insurance through their website, which is very user-friendly.
I looked at the policy of Generali online, along with what was offered and the price. The process went fine and if a friend would ask me about Generali Global Assistance I'd suggest it.
I've used Generali in the past when they were under a different company name. They were very easy to work with and now that they have everything online, the process is more efficient and quicker. When I gave them a call to review the policy and I had a question on one of the line items, their representatives were very helpful. I like to give stories behind my questions and they were patient. They gave me the answers that I needed as well. They're very outgoing, friendly and knowledgeable. They treated me with respect and I didn't feel like I was dealing with an insurance company. It's more like they were educating me on it. I called other agencies and I felt like they didn't have the time to answer more of my questions. I also looked at Asurion and another one that Expedia has, but I opted for Generali because they've had better customer service and pricing. I have recommended them on Facebook several times.
I used the travel insurance from CSA on our vacation once. Now CSA ended up being with Generali. We had good success with them. We had a cancellation many years ago and everything seemed to work out fine. They covered everything quite thoroughly.
We were traveling outside the country with my elderly mother and I wanted to make sure that we were covered in case we needed a travel insurance for anything, so I got one. Then, we were going to Colorado and we were staying in a lodge. They recommended Generali as our travel insurance. We said okay and we booked through them. We were able to use that travel insurance when my husband got altitude sickness while in Colorado. We had to have a doctor come to the lodge we were staying at. While he told us upfront that it would not be covered, it was our best alternative rather than driving an hour and a half to an emergency room and spending the night there. In the end, I still applied for the claim and it was paid. I like Generali very much.
Generali had everything I needed and their price was reasonable. I did everything online and they credited my account. Their coverage time was okay. And I’ll be using the travel insurance very soon since I’m going back to the Philippines.
I’ve traveled the world and used many different travel insurance policies. One in particular, I had to file a claim and for the first couple of weeks they were a pain. Getting travel insurance from Generali was quite easy. Once, I didn’t have enough time and was in a hurry to book a flight, then at the bottom of the booking site was, “Would you like insurance?” I just clicked yes, and it was a no-hassle situation. Generali was right there and it was convenient.
We've been in a couple of trips where people had been ill and one had to be helicoptered out and all-around things that happen. We're getting up there in age a little bit and all of the things are going on in the world and you never know what might happen. I've looked at other travel insurance companies, but I liked the directness and simplicity of Generali's site. It tells exactly what you get and it's easier to navigate compared to some other companies. Also, it's a reasonably priced product so I stick with them, and I would recommend them.
We have peace of mind if we have travel insurance especially when going overseas. We also purchase one to cover medical expenses. When we booked a cruise with MSC Cruises, I asked their representative if they work with somebody. They recommended Generali and so we decided to go with them. It was 50% cheaper than the one that we usually buy in the last six years. We purchased it online and it was easy to open there.
Travel insurance is important, so I got one form Generali Global Assistance, and I have had no problems. They have better prices compared to other places I’ve shopped, and they have very good customer service.
We had a group of people going on a mission trip. The travel insurance was for protection and for liability for the church as well as for the individuals. At first, I tried to get a quote on the Generali website and because of the nature of our group that wouldn't work. However, talking directly to an agent did. Their prices seemed good especially for the coverage and with the particular coverage we needed. It was a very good experience from figuring out which product to purchase to the customer service. I talked to two different agents and both of them were great. They did a good job to make sure that I had what I needed.
I always use travel insurance. Previously, I was going with Travel Select as they're a Wisconsin brand but on this one trip, I decided I'd use Generali Global Assistance as they are the group that Vacations To Go uses. I felt confident since Vacations To Go is the largest travel agency in the country. Based on my experience, I'd definitely recommend them and I plan on using them again.
Generali Global Assistance was reviewed in the Thomas Travel magazine that I was reading. I’ve looked at a couple of other providers that I’ve used in the past and Generali got a really good review, so I decided to give them a try. I bought the policy from them and did it all online. We’re gonna travel in July, but hopefully, we won’t need it.
We used Generali Global for travel insurance when we were going on a very long trip with children and wanted to make sure we were taken care of. I emailed them to submit a claim and it was easy. If someone needed insurance, I would tell them to go for Generali Global and use it.
I’m going on a trip to Japan so I was looking around at travel providers and Generali seemed to be the more recommended one. Their website was okay. There were some stuff that were not very straightforward. Like if there’s a typhoon and the flight gets canceled, does it cover things like that? There are so many possibilities and I wanted to know how many of them are actually covered, but I struggled with understanding exactly what coverage I was gonna get.
We were doing a river cruise in France, and it just felt like purchasing travel insurance might be a necessity. One of my neighbors talked to me about Generali Global Assistance a while back, he had used it before and he said there was never any issue. So we decided to go with them. Luckily, we didn’t need to use, so it worked out great and so far, they were not a problem at all.
I got a travel insurance from Generali Global Assistance in case anything needed to be cancelled. I had used them in the past before it was called Generali. Booking with them was easy.
Just love the customer service and prompt assistance. Not once have I been let down by them and recommend them to all of my family and friends for the future travel plans. No one expects to have any type of emergency while traveling, it's best to prepare just in case and this is the company to go with.
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