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GEICO Online Insurance Reviews

Company Name: GEICO
Overall average rating of 2.5 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 21 %
I've had a great experience with Geico. They are always very helpful when I call, and they treat me like a great customer every time I have an issue. I've been in accidents, and Geico has made the process very easy to go through.
This company was okay with me. Any problem I had was handled in a speedy and professional manner.
I've had Geico on and off for the past 10 years. I've never had issues and the customer service has been great! They make submitting claims quickly and smoothly, especially using the app.
I want to let everyone know that Geico Insurance is a complete ripoff. I use to let them take money directly from my checking account every month. They were very prompt at first. Then they became very Lackadaisical. I have never seen such incompetence before in my life. They had permission to take money out on the 20th of January and yet they tried to take it out on the 23rd. They blame this on my bank. And they claimed the money was not there. My bank has a statement that shows close to $300 for them to take $50 dollars out. I can show anyone this if they don't believe me. I told them 3 days later that I will no longer need Geico because another insurance carrier is lower and can beat their price. But they continue to insure my Lexus and F150. I tried to tell them the situation and they want to know my new insurance company. It is none of their business. So, after 2-3 weeks I get a statement in the mail saying they want $70 plus. I don't owe you that much. They claim otherwise. So I just make a complaint with the BBB. But I call them up and speak to a lazy worker and make a $20 payment with my checking account. I specifically ask this employee if I will get another bill in the mail as a receipt and I will make another payment. He reassures me that I will get another form in the mail and I can make another payment. Well people, this never happened. I received a collections paper stating they want $54. Please do not trust this company. I paid the entire bill and asked for them not to contact me at any point. Please people, I can validate all my information. They claim it's a bank error. My bank is very meticulous and precise. I would not ever trust Geico. I am very sympathetic to everyone who has used this insurance company. Please complain to your secretary of state also. Everyone should be aware of this behavior. If they stole money from me, they will steal money from you. Verbal contracts are binding in the court of law.
Geico is a pretty good insurance company and gives the best service for your dollars. They offer a more reasonable premium than other insurance companies. A rock hit my windshield on the freeway and it cracked so I called in the claim. Everything went pretty quick, they sent a window repair company to my job and replaced the windshield while I worked. Although the windshield didn't look exactly like the original, it is still working fine.
I use Geico for my Auto Insurance and what I like most about it is they have very helpful customer service and very nice agents who answer questions fully. I am very pleased with my experience with them. I had never purchased auto insurance before and they made sure I knew everything I needed to know about my coverage. They also have great rates and great coverage. But I would improve the automated system when you call to pay your bill over the phone. It is very hard for the system to understand what I am saying. It takes about 10 minutes to get to the place I need because the system doesn't understand me.
I was involved in an auto accident (I was rear-ended). From the get-go the other driver and GEICO, other driver's insurance, responded in a positive way, however, my truck needed repairs resulting in me needing a rental. GEICO agent contacted me and ASSURED me that repairs and rental will be covered and she mailed all the necessary documents. GEICO also set me up with Enterprise for a rental. So, after all said and done I got the rental and my truck was repaired. During the time my truck was in the shop, Enterprise contacted me about 3 times to let me know that they have not received reimbursement for the rental. I explained to them that my truck was still in the shop and that they should contact the appraiser or the shop and I provided the contact information to Enterprise. I continued to get calls from Enterprise after that.I finally got my truck back and 30 days later I receive a bill from Enterprise for the complete cost of the rental $885.35! I figured it will be taken care of by GEICO, but no I end up receiving 2 more bills and 2 letters from Enterprise threatening to take action against me. I contact Scott, the appraiser. I explained to him the bill from Enterprise and he asked that I forward to him. I emailed the bill to Scott on 2/5/18. Scott tells me that he will be reviewing and will get back to me. I have not heard back from Scott or anyone else at GEICO to this date. I placed another call to Scott on 2/11 and left him a message and still no response/call back, no reply to my email either. Now my accident was on 11/8/17. My truck was returned on 12/29/17. I have sent Scott @ GEICO an email and explained that if I did not hear from them regarding this issue that I would have to contact my attorney as my credit is being threatened due to their lack of response. Being involved in an accident is stressful enough and this issue is just adding extra stress and anxiety thanks to GEICO.
I was in a car accident nearly a year ago. I did not think it was my fault but Geico refused to investigate even though there was a video tape available. They did not bother getting the video tape. I took my car for a damage estimate and was given a check. Soon after, the Geico adjuster called me stating I should not cash it because it should be made out to me and not to me and the bank financing the car. The car was already paid for and the check had been made out to me. I told this to the adjuster but she would not listen and cancelled the check anyway. In going through my records I found that Geico had given me a check for $250 which I had never cashed. I asked them to re-issue the check and they said they would. Nearly a year later I still don't have the $250 check or the one for my repairs. Geico did send me a check for the repairs but I did not cash it right away because I kept waiting for the other check so I could use both to pay. This because I had a deductible so the check they gave me did not cover all the repairs and I need the $250 check to help. Then I got a call from the Geico adjuster stating they would reissue the check they had sent me because it was probably no good anymore. The check was good but that was canceled anyway. Then another Geico adjuster called me and stated she could not re-issue the check because it had to be made out to both me and the bank. This is the exact opposite of what she told me not to cash the first check. By now I was fed up with all this and told the adjuster to send me the check or I would file a complaint. Today I got the check in the mail and it was made out to the bank and not to me. No promises of getting the $250 check were ever kept. Their stories keep changing and I believe they are lying to me and trying to get out of paying me. Three times they promised to send the $250 check and never did. I am very disgusted and frustrated and I put in a call to a lawyer and I'm waiting to hear back.
Don't get hit by any of their customers. They will put used or 2nds parts on and not give the body shop any money to work with. You have to fix bend parts and paint only as little as can. They said if you wash it a few time you won't be able to tell the difference. I said come do that - the adjuster has NO clue of auto's works. As they say what comes around goes around.
Negative 5 stars. I was in an accident earlier this year. I was told by GEICO over the phone we would be taking responsibility even though I felt it wasn't my fault. They never came and investigated like I suggested. Had they did they would've seen how narrow the street was as I told them so if I had in fact hit her she would have hit the all the cars parked parallel to her, nope. She was hugging and consoling me that it could've been worse, we're both insured and neither of us were hurt. She told me adjuster she was fine. 2 weeks later I received a letter from the DMV notifying me she hired a Beverly Hills attorney and was suing me. I was livid, we my kids were crying for a happy meal so we go to McDonald's and guess who helps us at the drive thru? None other than the girl who is suing me for neck and back pain. I call GEICO and give all the details, hoping this shows it's not true. A few weeks later I get a letter from an insurance company I had never even heard of saying the claim was denied, I was like what claim? Who are you? So I call them and got the runaround. After the 3rd call I was told that the claim was denied because after their investigation they found out her mother wasn't in the car at the time so they are denying her mothers claim and had to notify me. Wow?? I was blown away, I was like surely this enough for GEICO to prove they are trying to run some fraud or something. All GEICO would say is that they will contact me once it's settled. They straight out told me we offered money and are just waiting to them to accept. I was livid, I've shown more than once that she is a liar. I asked them, "Did you even try to fight for me because it seems like you're basically bending over for her lawyer?" I was told, "Once the case is settled you will be noticed." No help whatsoever. I got a letter a few days ago that they've settled, she accepted the offer. Poor injured girl, she didn't look injured at all when she was running around at McDonald's LAST NIGHT in the kitchen. So this is what GEICO did for me. Should also mention I've never had a ticket or an accident, have been driving for 20 years, and because of that they actually raised my rate over $200 more than it already was. (And I was already paying too much).
GEICO has failed to resolve my claim for the theft of my van on or about March 15, 2012, apparently because I upgraded my policy from minimum coverage to full coverage 2 days prior to the theft. My van was disabled (flat tire) on the expressway on 3-15-2012. When I returned on 3-16-2012, my van was gone. I have furnished a police report and statements from two witnesses. A GEICO investigator has requested phone records of my and my witnesses' cell and home phone. I welcome any assistance in resolving this matter including attorney advice.
When someone else is at fault it is significantly easier. Accident forgiveness makes it easier if it is your fault. If someone else is at fault, and they have Geico and you are injured, getting the claim resolved can be difficult. It is easy to get a variety of coverages, up to full coverage, for a reasonable price. The lowest coverage still provides for anyone you may hit. Once there is an accident, you can put it into their hands and expect it to be quickly and easily resolved. Reasonable prices for the full variety of coverages allows you to protect your vehicle without feeling as if you're throwing away your money. Even if you never have an accident, you are still left feeling like it’s a worthwhile investment. The representatives are helpful and kind. There is no judgment. The staff are reassuring and calming, especially when you are already distressed because of an accident. They let you take your time to convey all necessary information without rushing you.
On January 15 2015 I picked up my car which is a 1978 Ferrari from auto shop. I had smoked and had some new catalytic converters replaced. I left the shop which is about 40 miles from my home. When I got in town I stopped at a store and smelt something burning. When I went to the back of my vehicle the rear bumper was melting as well as my rear tail lights. I could see that the exhaust guards paint had burned off. I called Geico and they had my vehicle towed to a local shop.A couple of days later I receive a call from the adjuster who said she had talked with her boss and they decided to have my car towed to the nearest Ferrari dealer to have it repaired. The shop was not able to take my car for a week so they towed it back to my house. February 17 my car was towed to the Ferrari dealership about 45 miles away from my home. Spoke with the Ferrari liaison and he sent me an estimate for the repairs on March 6. I then was referred to a different adjuster for that area. The guy was rude and told me that the estimate Ferrari made was wrong and they would only cover damage caused by the catalytic converters that all else I would have to pay. He said they did not cover mechanical damage. When I asked him for a copy of what they would cover he said "No", he said all damages would be covered other than the exhaust and catalytic converters. I asked him "so you made the determination that the catalytic converters caused the damage." He said "that's what they thought." I asked "how did you come to that conclusion because if they did they should go after the manufacture." I then told him that the exhaust system is a two part system and that the exhaust would have to be covered as well. He said he would look into it. Meanwhile days went by and neither the Ferrari liaison or myself were contacted by Geico. After being at the Ferrari shop for over forty days without any work done on my car I called the adjuster who told me they were sending an expert out to find the cause. April 7 their expert arrived at Ferrari, looked at the car, took some pictures, talked with the Ferrari liaison and left. He did not dismantle any part of my car. I called the adjuster and they said it would be another 30 days for their analysis on what caused the damage. Ferrari called them on the 9th and told them to pick up my car due to nothing being done and no decision being made. On the 10th my car was towed back to my house and here it sits. Geico did not even inform me that my vehicle was being towed back to my house. When I confronted the adjuster she blamed the tow company for not calling. It seems that Geico is trying to find a way not to pay the claim. This claim will subrogated out either to the shop or the manufacturer of the catalytic converters. Will update at a later time. When Geico says they provide excellence service don't believe them.
My daughter was involved in the plane crash that killed 5 people in Santa Ana, the plane nose dived into my daughter's car demolishing it, my daughter saw the bodies flying out of the plane very horrific, she is still in shock, Geico didn't waste any time trying to settle giving her nothing for her car calling her and intimidating her telling her they needed pictures of her car and so on the **, the pictures of her car were all over national news! They wanted to settle so they could turn around and sue the company that owned the plane. She has 30 days of rental car use but they only want to give her a week of rental car use. This is a Dirt Bag insurance co. with no ethics! Sorry Geico we have an attorney now so my daughter doesn't have to be harassed by you anymore! Geico should not have a Lic. to sell insurance!
My insurance goes up 30 dollars every 6 months. I was recently in an accident and Geico wasn't horrible, however, I have not received any payment for loss of wages and my insurance has went up 60 dollars a month!
I went to add a car and noticed that they had added towing and rental reimbursement onto my policy without my permission. This is not the first time that this has happened. GEICO said that at renewal I should of checked and seen this. I don't review my renewal because if I don't make changes there should not be anything for me to review. Geico is well known for this scam, watch your policies monthly.
I called July 30th and asked how much another 6 months on my policy would be. The rep asked me if I moved and I said yes and gave her my new address. She said the cost of the policy had changed but not by much (I live less than 2 miles from my former address). She told me the new price for the 6 months and I paid it.A few days later I got an email from Geico saying my payment was declined. I went to my bank account and it showed the payment had cleared. Puzzled, I called and the rep couldn't find where the 6 month payment been declined. It was showing as paid. Then she says that she sees that I was on MONTHLY payments and it was that payment for the 30th was declined by the bank on the 2nd. I told her I am not on monthly payments, I always pay the 6 months all at once. I became concerned that I actually had 2 policies because I knew something was wrong. She checked and said no, it was the same policy number and, even tho I had been paying them the full cost every six months, ALL THIS TIME I was on a monthly payment plan (with the extra $5 a month fee) with bank account info for a account that had been closed for ages. I told her I never approved of the monthly payments out of ANY account and when I asked the rep on the 30th for the amount of the 6 months, she took my new address and gave me my new price for the policy. Nothing was said about a pending one month payment and how that would affect the price I was going to pay. A rep wouldn't say "Your policy amount has changed to $____ and today we have a pending debit for $____ so the balance to pay it off today would be $____"? How could she not tell you about a pending payment and how it would affect what you are paying? No, didn't sound right. I asked for a supervisor. He said there was nothing he could do. He was sorry for "inconvenience" of the original rep putting me on payments but I had to pay the NEW AMOUNT I WAS NEVER TOLD but I wouldn't have to pay the balance until the end of the year. I just gave up and let it to that.Now I get an email saying that I have to pay by August 30th. Of course I am hot. I call and explain that even tho I do not feel I owe this payment there was nothing anyone could do so I was told I didn't have to make it until the end of the year. It is a hardship for me since I am not working right now. I am told by the rep to IGNORE any cancellation emails and mail I may get because they are computer generated and I have paid for 5 months. I have ZERO trust right now and am afraid I will call after the 30th and find out I am cancelled. He wouldn't send me something saying I won't get cancelled but he did send a copy of my policy and in the notes wrote that the policy was in effect until 01/01/2017. Nothing saying it can't be cancelled for non payment. The comment below where he wrote this say that it is only effective up until the day it was sent (today) and after it could change so this isn't any sort of proof I won't be cancelled.Every time I had a car, I always got Geico because they helped me once when my license was suspended for not having insurance by another company because I had switched to Geico. It was a mistake on their part but that rep called Tallahassee and had my driver's license reinstated in 30 mins. I have lost all my faith in them because of the way this was handled. Now I have to find a new insurance company by the first of the year.
I have had Geico car insurance for about 15 years now. I have been very satisfied. I had some claims years ago and they were all handled efficiently. More recently I have had to use the Roadside service and those also was handled efficiently. I am also real pleased that they always ask if I am in a safe place before proceeding to call a towing company.The only problem I have is that my premium rates have consistently gone up and my Geico premiums are far higher ($200 and more/year) than quotes I have obtained from other large companies. I have asked if they will match other quotes I have received, but they will not. I suspect that my rates go up since I am a long term customer and they think that I will stay with them and not price comparison shop. Although I would like to stay with Geico, I will definitely consider changing companies. I have looked at auto insurance reviews and it seems that all car insurance companies have some pretty bad reviews, including Geico. Therefore, I am seriously looking to change insurance companies.
I am in a total limbo with GEICO. I let my son use my car, and he had an accident. I did not have collision on it and they claim it was a collision as he did hit a street sign going off the road. However, he was getting off the road, and panicking, as he was getting sick. He did not hit the sign purposely. The car caught fire because it landed in an area of very high and dry grass. Geico is claiming this is a collision and demanding an accident report, and in the meantime the shell of the car is at the pound, garnering daily storage fees while Geico decides whether this is considered a collision or NOT. I am going insane and just want the doggone tow and impound fee paid. I am told to WAIT until they can verify that is was a collision or NOT, and in the meantime I sit and collect storage fees. I was given a very rude adjuster, who just kept insisting all last week (the accident happened on a Saturday) that I must get a police report, when all the police have is a tow report! The Charlotte County Sheriff's office says it was NOT a collision while Geico, today, tells me that it IS a collision due to a street sign being flattened when he went off the road... but he did NOT go off the road because he hit the street sign! He was simply getting ill and wanted to park the car and STOP as he was getting into a residential area. I have called the CCSO about ten times and they are not producing the report that Geico wants, so I sit and WAIT and accrue storage fees. I am in a total limbo I guess thanks to the definition of a collision!!! It is a mess. I lost my car and items in it, and don't care about that. Can anyone tell me the definition of a collision as that makes a great deal of difference to Geico when something like this happens. Charlotte County Sheriff says no collision and Geico says COLLISION. Help me out. This is insanity. I lost a car, yes, and many items in it... a smart phone, glasses, groceries, but all I want is the doggone tow yard paid off and storage charges stopped. Geico is really being horrid here.
It was simple to enter the information with the GEICO app. It was also easy to check on the status with the app as well. I was very happy with the easy of the process. The coverage is great. They cover everything that we need and then some. It is easy to check coverage online, over the phone, with a representative, or on the app. I have been a "valued" customer of GEICO for over 15 years and yet they charge me an arm and a leg. I pay a ton for my coverage and I am very unhappy. Unfortunately for some reason GEICO is still the lowest auto insurance that I can find. Go figure. GEICO has the best customer service. Everyone that I have ever spoken to have been super friendly and helpful. They have always gone above and beyond to help answer any questions I had for them.
Perfect driving record. Never had a claim. Rates keep going up. Called to really "laid" into them. Said they were a "Class Action" waiting to happen. Was informed they will NOT extend my coverage when it comes up. Good thing though. Checked with other companies and found a policy the same as what I have now and saved 600.00 a year. Number one rated, B.S. First time they raise your rate for NO reason run... Other companies are out there.
Very good service.
While going through an intersection my car was hit by a car running a red light in 2003. I filed a claim and everything was handled quickly and w/o hassle by Geico. Good coverage for me right now. I have dropped collision as my car is 13 years old but have kept all of the other coverages that are appropriate for me at this stage of my car ownership. Geico is a customer friendly company. You can use their new application on your Smartphone so you can access all of your information including your latest Geico insurance card right on your phone. If you don't have a Smartphone you can still call and get a customer service agent in a timely manner. When I was involved in a car accident that was not my fault in 2003 Geico was very responsive. I called and they handled everything to my satisfaction. Was having a claims representative meet me at the place where my car was towed to determine the damage to sending a check quickly once the determination that my car was totaled was determined.
After being a 5 years loyal customer, I called them to have some discount in bill if possible, after spending 5 loyal years without any accident, no violation whatsoever, no past due payment. Well after long discussion with an agent, he said I might have no discount as I already paying a minimum available... Until that moment I have no complain and issue. After 2 weeks from that call, I have been shocked and surprised to see an increase in my bill instead of decrease without any notifying and without any specific reason, while I have already paid the bill cycle in full at that time. I called them again and asked them to remove that increased amount, otherwise I will cancel my policy. They don't care with no respect as well, and immediately punished me with a shocking cancellation.Well in the end I felt so so so regret wasting my years and money with irritate company. Anyway I have switched immediately to another insurance company, at that time I received a call from them offering me a new policy and new program. At that point, they fail from my eyes ultimately and completely as I consider that as a silly and immature game. Come on you Geico, wake up and grow. Not all customers are casuals and victims. No more mistakes.
Other driver hit me and lied, no video evidence, plenty of witnesses but none stopped. I said that the other driver failed to yield, switched into my turning lane, and hit me, which is the truth. The other driver said that I entered his lane and drove into him. GEICO sided with the other driver 100% on his policy and 60% on mine. They paid him $21,000 and officially marked it on my driving record, according to Mercury Insurance. GEICO said that they received a written statement of facts from the other driver's attorney but never documented it in either claim file. All of the adjusters refused to discuss the statement upon telephone communications.GEICO literally told me to go through the process of discovery to obtain the statement. I subpoenaed GEICO in Small Claims for the statement but they refused to comply with the subpoena stating that the information was protected, despite the multiple exemptions. The interesting part is that the first claim adjusters on the other driver's policy told me that the other driver stating in the statement that the other driver's "vision was impaired". This claim adjuster was immediately replaced after I sent an internet inquiry asking to discuss the statement and what the adjuster had told me. I have never been able to contact that adjuster again.I am now involved in an Unlimited Civil Bad Faith lawsuit for hiding and concealing the statement (material misrepresentation), for fabricating the statement and its existence since it was never proved to actually exist (intentional misrepresentation), refusing to discuss the statement, attempting to compel me to manifest my assent and accept liability, and assuming that I accept liability (tortious interference), along with the intentional infliction of emotional distress, the breach to pay a covered claim, and breach of the duty and the implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing. GEICO literally sided with the other party when we were both saying the same thing about the other person. GEICO then refused to discuss what the other person said and refused, even during the course of litigation, to provide the other driver's statement.
I called GEICO a week before my payment was due to set up a new billing date. Everything went fine and I was told that I would have to start a new billing cycle that was now higher. Whatever, I left it alone. I received an email that morning stating my new date and the amount of which would be taken that day. A week and a half later I checked my debit card as I often do and found that the only $50.00 I had to my name was gone. After reviewing my account I came to find out that GEICO had taken the payment 2 days earlier than they were supposed to. They took it the 21st not the 25th as per the changes I had made and as my email confirmation had stated. When I called them I was told that it didn't matter what I was told or what my email read, that the payment was already processed before the phone call to change my billing date. I argued and cussed and was continually told that there was nothing they could do and even if I was right it would take two weeks to put the money back. They also told me for them to put the money back I would have to produce that same payment from another debit card at this time!! How does that even make sense?! GEICO is a fraudulent company and steals from their "customers". They processed a debit payment from my account with no permission to do so just because they could. I then went online and tried to change my information so they wouldn't have my account info and end my automatic payment arrangements. I was then prompted to pick a new billing cycle and since I was no longer enrolled in the auto pay system my payments would now be $200-$300 more!! Wtf??? When I started with GEICO I was warned by others that they are crap and that their coverage is also crap but I chose them anyway because the price was unbeatable. Now I know why. They are thieves. Literally thieves. I will be finding a new company. This just happened about an hour ago and I am literally counting the minutes to get off of work to switch companies. If there is ever a lawyer who takes the massive lawsuit against this company I want in on it. Not for the money but because they need to be stopped immediately. How is what they do legal??
By a substantial amount, Geico provided the least expensive policy. I found out that they also offer first accident forgiveness with my policy; that's a nice feature, should I ever need it. Every year, I check out a few other insurance companies to make sure that I'm still getting the best bang for my buck, and Geico always comes out on top. It wasn't always that way; different insurance companies seem to offer better discounts for different situations. As it happens, I'm 58 years old (and I have an unblemished driving record) and Geico appears to favor drivers over 55, as I have been with them for three years. Maybe that will change when I turn 62, but as long as they can beat the competition, I'm sticking with them.
My experience with Geico in the short time being with them has been horrible. I was involved in an accident and my car was heavily damaged. They opened an investigation against me assuming I’m trying to commit fraud since I haven’t been with them for long. I’ve missed a week out of work because they will not put me in a rental until the investigation is over. I was told by a Geico rep to Uber or Lyft to work. My job is 40 miles out. That is over $100 to get there and $100 back. I wouldn’t recommend Geico. I know they are cheap but spend more money elsewhere for better service and somewhere else where you’ll be taken care of.
Geico insurance is simple and one thing I never have to worry about. I have had Geico for many years and never had an issue. They always are helpful when I call or email. I even have renters insurance through one of their companies
A GEICO insured driver pulled out from a stop sign and T-boned me on passenger side door, forcing my car to also hit a median sign on driver side. He was cited for failure to yield to a through highway. The driver seemed pretty straight to me, admitted fault (even coming up to my window when the police were done to again say "I'm sorry, it was an accident - I didn't do it on purpose."). The GEICO rep claims he was told that their driver was stopped - I said, "Yeah, stopped at the stop sign then pulled out and hit me..." He denied the liability.Then a few weeks later, my agent again contacts them - the GEICO an ** told him that his driver claims I lost control and hit his stopped vehicle (I was a lane away from him - he crossed one lane to hit me and HE ended up stopped in the turning lane from the other, opposite direction side - physically impossible!).. My agent confronts him with being cited for failure to yield, and ** claimed that his client said the officer misunderstood him and he was fighting the ticket (This is mid-late March, and the driver had already PAID his ticket in early-mid February a week or so after the accident!) - OBVIOUSLY a lie!Posted the situation on GEICO Facebook page and got a response - the 'higher up' rep said she had the accident report (which my agent had faxed to them) in front of her.. even googled up the intersection so she could see it and said "I think it's pretty clear - you were on a through street and he had a stop sign. I think this needs to be reversed." At this point, I thought they would actually act in good faith - I was SO very wrong. After 4 months of anguish, I find out that GEICO is still not accepting their responsibility by denying liability. In my honest opinion, GEICO is guilty of fraudulent practices. If you have them as an insurance company and have an at fault accident, you will almost certainly get dragged into court being sued. Spread the warning!! I will be filing a complaint with the insurance commission and attorney general's office regarding this.
I had my car insurance with GEICO for more than 4 years. I did not realize HOW TERRIBLE & HORRIBLE service of their claim department until this week. I hope my experiences with GEICO can help other people not becoming the insurance's victim like me. :( This Monday I was driving my car on San Marcos Blvd in San Marcos. Suddenly the car in front of me STOPPED hardly and I stopped very hardly too. Maybe the car in front of me carrying baggage in the trunk so the front car felt my car collided with her car. So we pulled over and inspected the cars and no damage was found (Not even a scratch)!!!However my insurance company, Geico, determined the collision was my fault!!! Because the driver of front car was working for Geico!!! So ridiculous… Anyone who is reading my review about GEICO, watch out... Maybe their premium is cheaper than Allstate, State Farm, Triple-A, Progressive but their service is horrible and not responsible for their clients. If you are with GEICO be prepared for the nightmare if someday you are involved in car accident.
I have called GEICO several times for getting a binder for a vehicle purchase, roadside assistance and updates to my policy or better coverage. Their premiums are affordable and the service fantastic. There was also a claim filed for my windshield and it was handled right away. Plus, the experience with the insurer has been excellent. When I've purchased both cars, the binders and ease of service has never disappointed. Their customer service is top notch and the reps are very knowledgeable and always ready to provide excellent service. I have recommended GEICO to my friends and co-workers.
My husband and I have had GEICO car insurance for a number of years with no accidents. Our teenage son became a driver and got 3 speeding tickets. We expected a rate increase, but GEICO dropped us with 3 weeks warning. After paying this company many thousands of dollars over the years without any claims, I found this absurd! Insurance companies make a hearty profit to take on risks - then drop people once risk is in sight. Seriously? Americans need to start demanding decent service for our hard-earned money. Never, ever will we go back to GEICO and if you are shopping around for insurance right now - stay away - far away from this company!
I'd recommend them because of the Easy claims processing, good follow up and quick processing of claims for quicker way to get back on the road. Friendly service to get you the correct service and available discounts that will fit your budget, also use of website to access account for additional services. Good value for multiple cars and good coverage for the price, and having multiple discounts available and included is also a plus, which is why I would recommend them. Awesome customer service. Willing to help and ask if there's anything else they can do for me prior to hanging up. Also thanks me for being a part of a military family.
They will not pay off lien to me. A customer financed a car with me. After about 3 months, the car caught fire which happened on June 3rd. It's now August 19th, I called the president of GEICO, Tony Nicely at 800-824-7795. I also called Nancy ** at **, Terry ** at ** and Bob **, who referred me to a nasty ** named Darlene **, claims manager, who hung up on me. I don't know how much money you can save with GEICO and the caveman and lizards, but their customer service needs a complete overhaul. I wouldn't even buy insurance from GEICO if it was free!
Few weeks ago, I received a letter saying that my insurance policy will be cancelled because they need me to provide some information. I called them and thought I solved the problem. They said that I would receive my card in the mail. 2 weeks later, I did not receive the card. I called them back and find out that they cancelled my policy. I tried to reactivate it, they told that it's ok, and I will receive my card in 15 min but that never happen and I was told it is ok to drive with no proof of insurance.
GEICO is AMAZING! Each time I call they are courteous and very quick to respond to both my questions and my needs. NEVER have I had a long wait to talk to someone and the app is even better!
I was rear-ended by a Geico customer two and a half months ago and dealing with them has been an absolute nightmare. Their insured driver didn't have enough property damage coverage to cover my repairs, which at the time they informed me of this were estimated at $6000. What kind of policies are they giving their drivers that don't even cover $6000 worth of damage to someone else's property? The repairs ended up totaling just about $12K and took two weeks longer than my own rental car coverage allowed because the collision shop kept finding hidden damage. (My car had a clean record and less than 4200 miles on it at the time of the accident so any and all damage to the vehicle was related to this accident.) It took three (increasingly angry) phone calls and asking to speak to a supervisor to get them to agree to reimburse me for the overages for the rental car that I was only driving because their driver hit me. They kept telling me prior to this that they couldn't authorize any more charges because my repairs had exceeded their insured drivers' coverage limits... the coverage that they themselves gave their driver. The fact that they underinsure their drivers and then try to use that as a justification not to pay out what they rightfully should is, in my opinion, sleazy and deceitful.
The adjuster introduced himself to my boyfriend, who had driven up with me to give me a ride home, as I had assumed I would be leaving my car for repairs after a vandalism. The adjuster argued that the damage done to my upper door edge was from me; that I had locked my keys in my car and tried to open it. I told him it wasn't possible but he said I should just admit it. The car has an electronic lock, no "key" so it can only be opened with the locker in your hand. "Mr. Brainy" obviously couldn't grasp that it wouldn't be possible for me to lock my car with the locker in my hand and within the car simultaneously. Then he said I had prior repairs to both front and back panels since they're a shade or so off color. I explained that I had not, that he could check his computer because I bought the car and the policy at the same time so any claims would show up. I also said it was my belief that those panels are slightly different due to paint aging on plastic differently than on metal and pointed out that both back side mirrors (plastic) were the same color as the front and back panels. Then he said I bought the car used. I told him it was new. During this time, he rarely addressed me, choosing to speak to my boyfriend. It was maddening when he told me the headlight damage was not due to vandalism but rather delaminating. I told him it didn't seem possible to me that something like that could happen within two days, that I had washed the car two days prior and they were clear and unscratched. He said car washes do that to them and I explained I hand wash and know every nick in the paint. He showed me three vehicles whose headlight were delaminating to prove to me and I pointed out that the patterns he showed me were either crosshatched or cracked mud looking and that the surfaces of those were still smooth. Mine was obvious "swipes" the same direction, lengthwise of the headlight lens, and deeply gouged within the surface of the plastic. He then said all Mazda headlights do this and it happens to all horizontal surfaced lens. So I showed him the rear lights which have a horizontal portion, crystal clear. I explained to this man that I had the punk on camera but that, at night, there was not enough definition to allow for identification. I offered a copy of the police report. He said it wasn't necessary. He also didn't provide an estimate and told me to leave my car there, they would repair it, and I would find out how much was covered when I came to pick it up! I called the Geico 800 number while he was speaking with my boyfriend and the rep told me I needed to prove it was vandalism. I asked what he suggested I do - should I have gone, by myself, outside in the dark, confront the man, maybe get stabbed, killed - or raped so I'd have a semen sample they could test against. It was demeaning, insulting and ludicrous! I have no accidents on my driving record - EVER. I have had no tickets for anything since 1992. Forty years of clean driving history. Forty years of paying for insurance. You would think I would be the type of driver they would want to retain. After my second call to Geico's 800 number, I spoke with a supervisor who said she would look into it because my treatment didn't seem right. Now I am to call yet another supervisor. I finally received a quote last night. Headlight damage is not included. The repair to the upper door edge and dented fender, they say, is $500. By the way, did I mention that it's a pearl paint? "Mr. Brainy" lists the interior as cloth. It's leather. He states standard door speaker. It's Bose. According to the adjuster, he has been doing this for many years. Maybe he should sell shoes.
Overall this company is ok but it could have better customer service, it's hard to get anything done because they basically ignore you especially if you're looking to cancel. Pretty cheap but there's a reason why. This company lacks the essentials when dealing with customers. Looking for a better insurance company. There is no customer service department unless you're signing up for insurance. They want you to do everything online. There's a local agent nearby and he refuses to help you.
On 06/27/2015, our 2007 Pontiac Vibe was involved in a car accident where my husband sustained injuries... Geico sent an adjuster to our home where he says our $21,000.00 dollars 2007 Pontiac Vibe, was totaled at the Claim Check Amount of $5,502.69... This amount was given to a lien holder instead... We had to get a lawyer to receive any payout from Geico. Geico continues to run those "false advertisement ads" on television, radio, internet, and etc... My advice to any family members, workmates, neighbors, or friends, please cancel any policies you may have with Geico. They won't pay if you have an accident or any other mishap. We were insured by them for five years, without missing any premium payments in the process... Geico insurance company, is deceitful in its practices towards their policyholders... They will continually embezzle your monthly premium payments, and have no intentions on making payments to your claims. Drop Geico immediately!!! It is now November/2016, and our attorney hasn't received any payment from Geico even after my husband and I attended their, Examination Under Oath... Nothing have we received and we are desperate for funds to purchase another vehicle.
Insurance in my case has been the cheapest by far. Reviews give customer service and claims excellent. I myself have had great experience with customer service when needed, easy to use website, view policy, add/remove cars, change coverage etc. Great company experience and great value.
I had moved and a survey was sent to my address and which I never seen but disturb me as to our conversation over a price change. The agent called out this to my attention and stated they received this invoice back and was notified that I moved, of course I placed a forwarding address for my mail so how could I missed that hocus pocus. How come it never forward to me instead of return to my Auto Insurer.
On 03/12/19 I called to update my address as well as my mileage commute. I MOVED and was not aware just for moving my insurance would go up by $100.00 when I just finally got it down in the 6 months I had Geico. Furthermore, Angela the representative was very misleading with her information and very dismissive to my questions. She spoke over me the entire conversation and I felt she was not trying to help me at all with my concerns.I also asked her to rate me on a quote for my boyfriend to possibly add him to my insurance opposed to him going on by himself and she added him anyway without my consent raising my policy almost 200.00. Her supervisor Jordan locked me out of my account and in her codes made the changes permanently. When I asked Jordan to speak to a manager above her she hung up on me and told me she won't put anyone else on the phone. Both of them proceeded to remain in my account against my will and invaded my privacy as well as making changes to my account I never allowed.
GEICO is a decent company. Their customer service people are knowledgeable, efficient and helpful. Plus, it was fairly simple to file a claim.
I was in an accident where another driver ran a red light and hit my car. I immediately called the police and then Geico. The agent on the phone did not get the information right. All she kept asking for was a recorded statement from the driver, my mother, a 76 year old woman who has nearly been killed minutes before. When I contacted them the next day, they asked me for the other driver's information. I had to go to the police station to get this although I knew she was also insured by GEICO since I saw their blue envelope in her hand. She never apologized. The police gave her a ticket based on a witnesses report. It gets worse from here. They do no investigation. I sent them the police report and they still refuse to waive my deductible. They didn't send an adjuster to do an estimate for three weeks. They totaled my car which was in mint condition and inspected and serviced two weeks earlier. The medical claims department is even worse. I think they are told to deny all claims. When I was at the hospital to get an ultrasound to check for internal bleeding their medical examiner told the hospital there was no record of my claim because they didn't receive the form. Their mail sits for two weeks in their office. You never speak to the same person twice unless they are hounding you for a treatment plan so they can limit their liability and end your claim. My car is still sitting. I am in constant pain and I had trouble to find any doctors that will accept no fault. STAY AWAY FROM GEICO. They are your worst nightmare and they should be investigated.
I've been insured with Geico for some years now, and I must say they are the worst when it comes to claims. On April 16, 2017 roughly around 3 am Eastern Standard Time my vehicle was parked inside our complex when me and my wife got a rude awaking from screaming voices and loud noise. A neighbors' van caught fire and burnt completely down and also destroyed our vehicle. This new van that caught on fire was deemed as an electrical fire from the local fire department saying the fire started from the van. I was given a fire alarm number and a police report number. I called Geico the next day gave them all the information needed and even upload pictures of what was left of the vehicle. Fast forward to May 9th, 2017 Geico is now telling me that because I have regular PIP that my coverage won't pay me what the car is worth. Okay I get that, but If their car was the problem and not my vehicle shouldn't I still be compensated? Their answer was no. They claimed that they will send an investigation team to assess the damages, but then it went from that to the maker of van MAY... MAY reimburse me for the damages that occurred to my car. The owner of the van has Geico as well. They paid to salvage the van, but didn't pay to salvage my car even tho I wasn't at fault. They stuck us with a tow fee and storage fee because we're not allowed to have an unauthorized vehicle in the area. They took care of the neighbor claim, but threw mines in the trash. I'm very disgusted with Geico. The car that burnt was a car that I used every day to get back and forth to work and planned on giving it to my son on his 17th birthday. Geico really dropped the ball with this case. I also had 3 different claim adjuster when the neighbor was only assigned to one. I guess the old saying is true "You get what you pay for". Geico is affordable that's why we chose them, and now we regret it!
My wife, Dana **, was in an accident involving her car and another car. The other car she rear ended, when it stopped abruptly to turn into a place of business. The damage done to her car was to the front and front right of her car.In 4/12/2011, we called GEICO to file a claim, and they sent us to Richard **, Auto Damage Claims Adjuster, on **. From the time of the accident to getting the car in (7/27/2011), we were saving up for our 250.00 deductible. Upon dropping the car off we were informed that we didn't have to pay, until the completion of repairs.The initial bid for repairs was never seen by either me or Dana. After work was already started on the 2005 Chevy Malibu, we found out what the total estimate price was. We immediately started to question and call the collision center and GEICO adjuster, looking for a reason to be spending over 6,000 dollars on our car. We brought up the question of what our car was worth and why we were fixing it, instead of totaling it.All they told us was that they were fixing the car and it would be done on the 19th of August. They still have no answer for us, on what our car was worth and should we be totaling it or not. The initial research from Kelley Blue Book revealed our car is worth 4,910.00, in fair condition and 5,760.00 in good condition. And by definition it would be a stretch to classify the 2005 Malibu in good condition.It took an excess of three weeks to fix the damages on her Malibu, where Dana had to call and try to extend our rental car coverage, due to a lengthened time of completion of repairs.The Collision Center's communication was awful. After numerous attempts of Dana asking to call her, she is the only one handling these issues and I am still getting messages that she did not receive anything from the Collision Center of America.Dana did try to pick up the car and there were issues with the Collision Center, when she found out that they told the rental place that our car was already picked up. On one occasion, one of the personnel of the Collision Center harassed Dana about her communication skills with me, that person said, "We left messages with your husband; maybe you need to work on your marriage and communication skills."The number of calls was placed to GEICO, in regards to the rental car being covered for the extended period of working time on Malibu. The rental car was to be covered, due to us having no control of our car being worked on or the drama to ensue, due to lack of quality workmanship on the Malibu.August 26th, 27th, and 28th, we called the Collision Center, but they did not return our call. On August 30th, Dan from Enterprise called back and said, "Your car was picked up, why do you still have the rental car?" On August 30th, JT from Collision Center called around 10:37AM; he said that the rental car can be squared up, due to the miscommunication on their part.On September 3rd, I called the Collision Center, but did not return my call, again. On September 8th, Jeffry ** called and said that everything will be taken care of.When Dana finally picked up her 2005 Chevy Malibu, she was exhausted from trying to get proper and fair treatment, she drove home realizing her car was unsafe. For starters, the power locks don't work anymore. The oil was never changed, or filled up to the proper level, with an oil indicator light on the display. There was even a dent still in the front right quarter panel; which I believe should have been fixed. Worst of all, she told me her breaks were still making noise.Once again, she is back on the phone with the Collision Center, explaining that her car was not fixed to satisfactory. They sent a tow truck out to pick up the car. The Collision Center would not return, or cover another rental, even though it was their job to return us a safe and completely fixed Malibu. Dana is a plain housewife with 3 kids in school and no means of transportationShe called a GEICO supervisor (Jeffery **, Sept. 8th 2011), and tried to complain and find somebody who could get to the bottom of why, getting a car fixed through insurance is such a hassle. They said that they would check into it and let us know. After the first day, the car was brought back and we heard from the Collision Center. They stated that they fixed the car, according to what went wrong in the crash and that was it. They said the dent was there, it was fine that the power locks didn't work, and that our breaks were our responsibility.Knowing this they also gave us a final sheet from NADA telling us our car was worth 7,175.00. This was the Clean Retail Value of the Malibu. To reinstate the definition of Clean Retail Value, as it is stated in their printout.Clean Retail Values reflect a vehicle in clean condition. This means a vehicle with no mechanical defects and passes all necessary inspections with ease. Paint, body and wheels have minor surface scratching with a high gloss finish and shine. Interior reflects minimal soiling and wear with all equipment in complete working order. Vehicle has clean title history.This definition clearly is not what shape the 2005 Chevy Malibu is in. The seats and interior is soiled, where a professional cleaning is needed, and might not even clean the stains. The fact that they knew and refused to fix the said breaks leaves the car in poor mechanical driving condition. All interior equipment is in poor working conditions. Leaving power locks not working, the CD player doesn't work leaving only a radio. And most important, this is the 2005 Malibus second major accident; CarMax even noticed clamp marks and frame damage on the car when I brought in for an appraisal. In addition to their price sheet being for a car in excellent condition, Collision Centers added every option they could think of to make the Malibu look like it was worth more. You can see on the NADA price sheet all the options listed. I've highlighted and checked in orange what the 2005 Chevy Malibu is actually equipped with. The bids, estimates and values listed in this complaint are attached following the letter.To conclude this, I would like to express how upset Dana and I are with this whole insurance claim. Dealing with GEICO and the Collision Centers of America was a fiasco. We were run around playing phone tag with multiple different representatives, as we were both called simultaneously, being told condescending information about the damages and repairs being done. And at the end of it all, it was us trying to tell you we were unhappy with the service, they are telling us, "We fixed your car now come and get it." We paid the deductable of 250.00 to get our car back. We spent the needed 155.52 dollars of brake parts, and three hours of my time in labor went in, as well.I have photos that show you what the Collision Center never really looked at. We then took the 2005 Chevy Malibu straight to CarMax for an appraisal to find that it was worth 2,500.00 to us. We are no dealership who is going to get a Clean Retail Value for a car. Even the Kelley Blue Book prices in fair to good condition, still do not meet the expenses to fix the car. And as the final low blow, all the talk about us being taken care of with a rental car during this whole ordeal was just a smoke screen, as we received a bill from Enterprise for 564.17 dollars, on September 14th. All together, this is the worst experience I've ever had from an insurance company, auto repair shop, and rental facility that seem to be working side by side to make this happen. Bravo!We would like to see a refund for our deductibles, our Enterprise bill taken off our names, as it's not our fault it took an extended amount of time to fix our car. I would like a written apology to my wife from the Collision Center for making personal comments about her life, which I'm pretty sure is against the law or business policy. And mostly, I would like the personnel involved to be investigated, for their business ethics and claims decisions. Our 2005 Malibu should have been totaled from the beginning, and none of this would have happened. I feel somebody was trying to make a dollar, or making sure their business had something to work on and our car was their opportunity. I feel used and cheated out of a proper insurance claim.In final addition before sending this complaint, my wife Dana just had her car over heat, while driving on the highway for the first time since the repairs. The radiator was inspected and supposedly worked on by the Collision Center in the repairs invoice. Yet, another problem with the car after receiving a completed product out of the Collision Centers of America shop. It is not the owner's job to double check every fluid and piece of mechanics on their car, right after they get it from a shop who told us that it was complete and in Clean Retail Value. All in all, I've found nothing clean about their work, their customer service, their communication skills, and their overall responsibility to be moral and ethical in the work they do.
I was in a accident, the other driver has GEICO. The agent handling paying the claim Claudia **, screwed around, played around, with the claim, took responsibility for the claim, but GEICO never paid... Don't use GEICO. They don't pay their claims. In complete violation of the law, and little buddy Warren, and his GEICO don't care.
Great insurance company! Great customer service! Always on the ball and quick to handle and resolve complaints. Never had an any issues with them. The billing is always correct. Couldn't ask for better customer service.
Geico backing off their 2013 agreement to never raise my rate. They failed to total my MiniCooper and put $9500 in repairs into the engine and body. I was going to get an attorney. A Geico supervisor spoke to me as I was livid because insult to injury they raised my rate right after the accident. She asked if having my rate remain the same and never changing as long as I remained a client...would that appease me? Stupidly I accepted. I had to sell my car about 1.5 years later as it was having all kinds of trouble. Now, statute of limitations is up. When 3 years was up, they started raising my rate. I have not had an accident and have not been ticketed. I am livid. My bill has gone up again for the third time. I have called before and got zero response. Called today, and they said they would note it.
The rates are very competitive. They are very when you contact them, be for new coverage or for an accident. They recommend ways you can obtain discounts. I am very happy with the service I receive from them over the phone. Their website is user friendly and I am fully paperless with them.
First off, the adjuster is uncaring, argumentative, and refuses to listen. His arrogance is somewhat annoying especially after an accident. I have a 2012 Nissan Rogue. Everything from the front of the car to the back doors was demolished by a herd of deer. I believe I hit all four deer and I in fact killed two in the strike. His initial estimate was about 6 grand lower than our private adjuster. He was rude about it when questioned. Geico came and picked up the car without asking me where to repair it. I assumed they were just towing it to an adjuster. Next thing I know, their certified repair shop is asking to begin repairs. I said unless he is Nissan certified, I don't want the vehicle repaired. It was an instant battle with the adjuster. He asked me "why would you tow it here if you didn't want it repaired here?" I said nobody asked me where I wanted it repaired. He then accused me of just wanting it totaled, which I do given that 95 percent of the car needs painted and replaced. Every part is aftermarket and if you google the brand, they have horrible ratings on the parts. I am shocked at Geico's behavior. After trying to reach a manager I have since given up. Every time you try, you get directed back to this unprofessional adjuster. All in all, if the adjuster would have just given me the facts about the KY laws to begin with, this would have been easier. Nonetheless, GEICO CUTS CORNERS IN YOUR REPAIRS TO KEEP FROM TOTALING YOUR VEHICLE.
I don't know if Geico's reps lie or what, but every 6 months when our policy ends, the price gets higher and higher. Every single rep has told me that it is because Texas' "state" taxes rises. First of all, stop lying. The state of Texas has no state tax, so you people may stop your darn lies. When all it really can be is that prices from other insurance companies go up, so they want to go up, too, just tell the truth. Maybe my hubby and I can agree to shop around for cheaper and a better price elsewhere and perhaps, who don't lie to their faithful customers. Also when they explain a policy to a customer, try to slow it down a notch.
I love GEICO! The process of obtaining insurance was so easy! The staff is always friendly! By far the best insurance I have ever had. I have had a few of the competitors and nobody compares to the great rates GEICO always has. They have the option to have the monthly payment come directly out of your account which makes it so much easier, I never forget to make a payment!
Called to remove a car from policy and add another. Agent asked about my son and I stated that the call was only for the addition and removal of vehicles because I could not leave the car lot until the new car was added to my insurance. Agent stated my next payment on 4/6 would be $185 and then $169 monthly after that. End of call. On 4/6 $245 was removed from my account.I called and asked why the amount was so high and was told they had added my son which increased the payment. I did NOT add my son and I did NOT approve that amount for auto pay. I was not informed of the change or the charge prior to it being removed from my account. I didn't even receive the normal text prior to the payment or I would have been able to prevent it. They will do nothing but try to help me find more discounts. I want my money, not discounts. They arbitrarily made change without my knowledge. This is deceptive and fraudulent but because I am on autopay, I am screwed. I will be consulting an attorney as well as take my business elsewhere. I have been a customer for 8 years, but this is unacceptable. I will no longer recommend Geico.
I've been loyal customer of Geico for the last 3 years and I'm extremely happy with Geico. Their policy is great and price is very reasonable. They provide free road service and I've used road service from Geico before and they helped me lot quicker. They never increase our rate and always send our policy renewal on time. Since I'm very good driver I never had any problem with Geico. I recommend Geico to all my friends and family as I truly believe their rate is very reasonable and Geico really do try to help their customer in their needs.
I will be canceling my policy with GEICO due to a recent claim they are refusing to pay. My husband's work truck was hit from behind by one of their policy holders. He lost 4 days of work and they are refusing to pay the loss of income claim that was submitted. We provided everything they asked. After reviewing the paperwork submitted they started deducted this and that, and depreciating his work truck, and came up with a figure that was around 75% less than what he would have made that week. I have been arguing with them for weeks now. The lady I spoke to said they don't have to pay and paying was a courtesy! EXCUSE ME??? What is insurance for then?? My husband was going to work, was hit by their customer, and lost income from it!! Makes no sense. It's pretty clear cut.The level of customer service is substandard, the agents are rude, never call back, and honestly I am in shock from the level of customer service we received. My opinion of GEICO has changed completely. I will be filing a complaint with the insurance commissioner. Get it together GEICO. You really need some serious customer service training.
"WITH GEICO WE ARE NOT IN GOOD HANDS". GEICO Group is the worst insurance company. They don't have respect toward its insured. It is very difficult to contact GEICO customers services or claims department and "do not explain anything " in case you have an accident. GEICO Group attracts with a policy at low cost to then increase prices as they want. Do not have respect toward minorities and immigrants, give a discriminatory treatment. Change prices is easy for them as well cancel the insurance policies to charge more money.The worst thing is that if the customer report a claim or have an accident, GEICO claims representatives prefer to accuse their customer and pay to the opposing party, declaring guilty the insured from the GEICO Group to increase the insurance without explanation. Then they increase all the costs as the customer doesn't have any rights. It is abuse - the treatment of customer service and claims department and the discriminatory treatment they have against minority group and immigrants... determined guilty without the determination of a judge and only want to finish each case in a fast and less work to charge the insured.The report of the police department doesn't represent anything. The legal representative of my case orally said an explanation, and later send a letter with other information and in the claims department have another information. I am was accused by one agent of GEICO claims department as guilty or at fault when my case is open. The only support I have is increased the insurance policy and the other companies give me higher prices and I have to stay with them. I canceled the policy and I then rose. With the Geico Group WE ARE NOT IN GOOD HANDS.
I was hit by a drunk driver. Their quick action was vital & they really support you! You ask, they answer right away. They have been helping me, paying all the bills & giving me moral support that companies normally wouldn't do.
Geico has competitive rates. Haven't had to make a claim thus far thankfully. So in the future if I have to, I hope they are as good and efficient as my old carrier State Farm of which I was covered for 15+ years, never a problem with them.
I had damage to my car last year in June, it took them over a month and a half to get the payment to the body shop. Ok I'll let that slide, but my daughter wrecked her car, ironically the exact same time as last year. Anyway, the accident was on 06-28, I called them on 7-2, it is now 7-17 and the car still isn't fixed. In both instances they keep claiming they are not receiving the photos from the body shop, they have given them at least 4 different emails and as of today I still haven't heard anything from them and neither has the body shop. I live in Podunk, mo and they do not even have claim adjusters come look at the car! On top of that, my payment went from 184 a month to 382!
After a 4 day family camping trip, my mother- and father-in-law left Shaver Lake CA to go home. They filled up for gas and realized there was something wrong with the brakes on their motor home which they have full coverage on through Geico car insurance. So they also have roadside assistance which comes with their coverage. After sending the rest of the family home back to Bakersfield California approximately a 3 hour drive thru call insurance expecting to be home in time to work today, they broke down on the side of the road approximately 2 PM yesterday September 1, 2014. Now on September 2, 2014 at 8:47 PM, they are still on the side of the road! First Geico told them they won't tow on a holiday being yesterday was Labor Day which is ridiculous because a lot of people travel on holidays! Also my mother-in-law can't find that stipulation in their policy paperwork. So they decided to wait a day and and camp out on the side of the highway. This morning at 7, they called Geico to finally get home and after many phone calls of getting the runaround they were told they had to find their own tow truck! So they called around and found one that had the capability of towing their motor home and now several hours later they are still waiting. Their generator went out so now over 30 hrs later they still sit tired and in the dark waiting. What kind of insurance company has such unprofessional customer satisfaction? As policy holder myself first thing tomorrow I'm looking for new insurance and will tell everyone I know this story and recommend getting other more reliable insurance!
On September 3, 2014, I was rammed in the back by a person who like I am is insured with GEICO. I just received a call from the claims adjuster stating that they would be handling my claim. First, she tried to tell me to take my car to one of their body shops at Sterling McCall Nissan. I told her that I need an estimate and I would be taking my car to BMW for repairs. Then she want to discuss my personal injury claim and said that she would be setting $500.00 aside for my hospital visits and any personal injuries because she wanted to resolve the personal injury side of the claim. I told her that she can't tell me where to go and that I just got hit, was not feeling well because I am having headaches, neck pains and stiffness, lower back pains, and pain all down my left side from the head to my knee. She said that she wanted to resolve the personal claim - I told her that I was going to the chiropractor to get my back and neck looked at and that she can't tell me about my injuries because she is not a physician. She is just a low level claim adjuster and that she would not be resolving my case and I have not be released from doctor's care. I did not like her attitude - she is pushing to resolve a claim before I thoroughly get checked out and cleared by physicians. These people want your monies but they do not want to deal with your claim and treat you fair once you are in an accident.
GEICO has provided our family with competitive rates, quality coverage and excellent claims service. The repair process is seamless and efficient. We ensure 6+ cars with GEICO and have teenage drivers.
I received a letter for a Juan ** the other day, which means Juan More and/or One More. But it was addressed to my personal address. Been getting a lot of mail for other people as they make up random addresses on the fly. So I called the number on the letter and got one of the outsourced phone operators I could barely understand. I explained why I was calling and he kept asking for MY SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER! Insisting on me giving it when I have ZERO business with GEICO and never have I. This man was demanding my social so I just said, "Remove Juan ** from (my address) and do not send anymore letters to (my address)." And he was yelling over me for my social! It's absolute madness. Now I think maybe it was a scam or something. If that's how GEICO does business, then I have no clue how they are still in business. PS: GEICO has too many commercials. I went to first NFL game and a plane with a GEICO banner above stadium and not one person looked up at it, only I seemed to notice. Point is, all the money for advertising and customer support worse than I've ever experienced. GEICO is trash and that was my only interaction with them. Other than an outrageous quote YEARS ago.
I haven't had any accidents nor has my husband so we haven't filed any claims ever with Geico. We have received accident forgiveness because of this which is great just in case something does happen in the future. When we signed up with Geico their customer service was great and very helpful. We also added our home insurance with them as well which we haven't had to use either yet! So far we have loved Geico but that could change if we ever have to file any type of claim with them.
Worst insurance ever and I'm insured by them. I was driving one day getting on the freeway when another Geico driver hit me and because our statements are different what a surprise they tell me I'm not at fault at all. But they not going to pay for my vehicle because it the statements are different and the other driver got a ticket by the police and the officer stated he was at fault and gave him a ticket but because he said he's going to fight it they said they won't pay. So he hits me, gets a ticket and don't have to be responsible for the damages to my vehicle. What a crock of crap.This company is a scam artists. Look at the other reviews. Same issue. They just treat you like crap. Whether you have them or not they don't care. They just want their money and the lady I talked to Adriana ** basically told me you can play bumper car, hit other people and as long as your statement is different they won't pay to fix their car so you can just change lanes and hit other people and you won't get in trouble cause GEICO won't pay to fix their car and all you have to do "IS CLAIM YOU'RE GOING TO FIGHT THE TICKET".Wow I can't believe how this company has people who can't do their jobs. I'm still waiting for a supervisor to call cause the driver who hit me and got the ticket can fight and she told me I can fight whatever decision she decides. That's what it is. Wow what a joke. I will not keep this company. Stay away from Geico drivers. Your car will not get fixed if they hit you! BE AWARE. There's other insurances you can go to!!!
About a month and a half ago my family and I were moving into our new home. My oldest son and I were about to drop off a load when a teenage girl, covered by GEICO and driving on a supervisional license, blew through a stop sign and slammed into my driver side back tire, pulled my drive shaft out of my transmission and tweaked my back axle. The body shop GEICO suggested to hand my truck for over a month. I picked it up yesterday, took it home, I come outside a few hours later and there's a big puddle of transmission fluid on the ground. I call the shop, the shop calls adjuster and I get a call from the adjuster and he says "Well, we're gonna go ahead and pay for it to get towed back and put you in another rental but we're going to inspect it, and if I think it's wear and tear, you'll be responsible for all costs." I told him that my truck never leaked anything, he said "well that's real convenient for you to say." How could he even tell me that? First off, your teenage client who shouldn't of been driving alone, ripped my drive shaft from my transmission. The body shop GEICO recommended and replaced the drive shaft but he's going to tell me it might just be wear and tear. I am contacting my lawyer. This is worst insurance company I've ever dealt with.
After an accident I gave GEICO representative Tierra an opportunity to investigate an accident involving one of their clients. I gave GEICO phone number of two witnesses to investigate an accident. The woman Tierra was very unknowledgeable and inexperienced investigating anything. I give them every opportunity - has a client lied to them to make things right? The woman had a negative attitude and really cannot understand what she was saying. I gave them contact information for two witnesses. They never even came and look at the vehicle that was hit, never even looked at the vehicle that was hit. And of course their outcome was negative and denied my claim. I called her supervisor Mark and gave him every opportunity to make things right. They refused to do so. Luckily I was able to get footage, actual video footage of the accident. So what could have caused GEICO 12 - $1,500 in auto repairs will end up costing him over $10,000 in legal fees, damages, lost time to clients, lost wages over a decision they could have been made very simply by having a well-experienced individual doing a job that they are qualified for. I would do everything in my power to make sure that the public is aware of GEICO’s poor quality service. I will be notifying the newspaper and the Better Business Bureau as well.
I found Geico is way over priced than the others and am looking to switch insurance companies as soon as possible and recently searching new quotes. Customer service is fine. I have never had any issues in that department.
We have had two, not at fault, accidents this year. GEICO was extremely helpful, quick, and accommodating. Our rental was easy, repair shop was convenient for us, plus it was so much cheaper than our previous insurance. I'd highly recommend GEICO for anyone looking!
I cancelled my insurance on Feb 3 and was told refund will be processed until the 15th. I talked to supervisor Carrie, who kept interrupting and talking over me. I am glad I took my multiple car and home insurance somewhere else.
I tried to issue an anti thief device for a discount and Geico stated that there is no discount for the club. I stated to them that the club is listed under their anti thief devices and they actually asked me to send a screen shot to them. Naturally, I asked, "Can you not look under your own devices to see what is listed?" Young lady said to me there's no way.
Placed a claim with GEICO 6 days ago. Waiting to receive video of the accident from the store that we were in front of before I could gather all my information. The auditor said "we refuse to accept responsibility." I said "But you haven't received all of my info so how did you make that determination so quickly?" "Just off of what we were told by both parties..." He never inspected the vehicle?? No wonder they lizard representing company. BEWARE!!!
We have been with Geico for quite some time now and we have been very satisfied with them. Their customer service is excellent and their rates are competitive.
You can never get in touch with the adjuster for the claim to ask simple questions. And once you actually get someone on the line (NOT AN AUTOMATED PERSON), they inform you that they do not work on that team and cannot help. My problem is how do you know you can't help me if you don't know what my question is?? I do not recommend this insurance company to my worst enemy. Companies that are excellent when giving you the policy and taking your money, but when it hits the fan... TERRIBLE!! Just voice mails and transfers. Do not waste your time or money!!
Government Employee Insurance Company (hereafter Geico)'s insured / customer (at fault) crashed into my vehicle. Geico named as the payee for repairs. Geico stated that they would bring my vehicle back to pre-crashed status - but would not honor objective 3rd party (expert) inspection of the vehicle should the 3rd party assessment deviate from their (Geico's) own assessments. The behavior of both office and location staff was to minimize Geico losses with no interest in myself - while consistently reiterating that they have my interests at heart. But would not honor an objective parties assessment. The At Fault party is using Geico as the payee - and Geico is vehemently acting to protect own interests. They rush to repair so I have no opportunity to receive a structural assessment of the damage by a qualified party while the underlying structure is exposed. The Geico representative also refused to perform a vehicle alignment test - to assess whether the damage (Front right hand quadrant) had disrupted the frame geometry of steering alignment. I asked if the representative had formal education / knowledge of structural integrity - and he responded he did not. Require that the vehicle has a professional 3rd party inspection performed, and tested by a non-Geico employee for structural integrity.
Call the customer care center and then a representative with awesome customer service and communication skills will answer the phone and gladly help you out above and beyond with your claim. I love them and wouldn't switch to anyone else. Just really depends on the vehicle, you have just about anything from half coverage to full coverage. We have 2 different things up to 10,000 damage with 1,000 deductible. They are about the cheapest auto insurance there is. They were able to lower my bill from $150 down to $116 when I first signed up with them which helped me a lot because I was buying a new car at the time and I already was short on money. They were very helpful and I thank them for that. The last sales representative that I spoke with, his name was Mark. I loved that the whole phone conversation was not just all about the insurance packages and signing up etc. He made conversations about other things which made my experience even more great.
I called Geico to get a quote on my new car today. The salesperson was sort of helpful until I told him that I was shopping for quotes and that I didn't plan on buying it right now. He told me that the quote rates may change when starting off and refused to change information on my quote because he "couldn't". I was genuinely considering buying a quote until he became rude to me.
This is a review for Geico and Stillwater Insurance Co. I switched my home and auto insurance from a local company to Geico because they were about $1800 cheaper a year than I was previously paying. On my homeowners insurance I had additional coverage for several pieces of scheduled jewelry. When I was reviewing my policy with the Geico agent I was told the coverage was the same as I had before. I even sent them my current policy to compare their information to. All seemed in line, and I purchased the policy. In December I had a break in at my home and about $36k worth of jewelry was stolen. I just received a letter from Stillwater stating that they do not pay the insured amount, but lowest amount they can find the item for. My $28k family heirloom bracelet is now being "replaced" for $17k.Do not switch to Geico unless you have someone look over your documents. I would've never agreed to this type of coverage if I would've known that they do not pay the insured amount. I also found out that my policy only covers $1500 on watches, jewelry, and guns. Anything else is up to $250k, so all of my other jewelry that was stolen will not be replaced.
We have had a satisfactory experience with this company. We had no claims so there was never an issue. When we changed vehicles there was always an agent to speak with. The transitions from one vehicle to another went smoothly. The original process of acquiring the insurance was easy. The agent we spoke to worked with us discussing our options for coverage and what was most appropriate for us. We were given several choices of methods of payment. We chose the most convenient way to pay for us with no problems. We were happy with the entire process. Of course, like everyone we would like smaller premiums.
Geico has been a good company overall but when we used their roadside service after hitting an animal, it took hours to convince them to send a tow truck even though we paid for the service. It was the middle of the night and the middle of nowhere.
Getting quote online made easy & quick. I've also called 2 times to see about adding home to policy & both people great. They were informative & friendly in going over needs. They were good to work with & patient with me in going over costs of 2 vehicles I was interested in buying & helped me make decision on which to buy. Saved $ over others I checked out and got better coverage too.
Always friendly and prompt service on the telephone. I appreciate that they take customer service seriously. I have had my insurance with this company for a couple of years now. No complaints. Proof of insurance is always quickly delivered to my email for easy printing at home. I like how this company is very affordable and available 24/7 online and on the phone.
I have been with my insurance company for a few years. They provide great coverage for reasonable prices especially since I'm still lying on my car and have full coverage. If we have had questions we are provided with good solid answers in a timely and professional manner. They cover more states than other insurance companies do. So if you have to move as I have you most likely keep your policy and just change your address. I am very happy with our service and would recommend them to anyone.
I like how low key Geico is. I can use them from anywhere in the country, and there are a variety of ways to reach Geico - via app, website, phone number for example. They handle claims quickly, and I have rarely had to wait to speak to a customer service rep or claims agent. I do wish they would give you more notice that rates have increased, and not just use your renewal documents to point that out, but overall I have had no major problems or issues with Geico.
I recently had a vehicle that was covered by GEICO insurance co. I had full coverage, the vehicle was set on fire, steering column broken, the was running when vandalized. When the car was ready to start there was damage to the fuel system, they refused to look at the reason for this damage. They left me in a bad position, paying insurance and car note for a car that had unresolved issues. They didn't follow up on this matter, it is costing me. I returned the car to the financial institution, still paying for a car not repaired.
The auto insurance which I have now is fine. It's cooperative, pay for damages, accidents and other stuff. The only one thing I don't like about this is monthly payment is high!! So I'm planning to change my insurance!!
I've never had any issues with them in any other interactions though so I'd assume their claims processing would be the same. I have great coverage at an amazing rate. Plus they reward you with discounts for having multiple vehicles and no accidents. Changing coverage is never a problem either. I get a great rate for the amount of coverage I receive. I've never filed a claim but feel sure that they would give me a fair deal if, heaven forbid, it ever happens. They're always friendly and happy to help with any questions I have. I've changed my policy many times, adding or taking cars on and off the policy, and I've never had a bit of problem doing so.
On 7/29/09, I was rear-ended by another driver, who's running 45-50mph. After two independent MRI services, it was confirmed that I had cervical herniated disc (4) with cervical radiculopathy and herniated lumbar disc (3). I attempted to rehab myself without the need for surgical intervention.After about 3 months, GEICO physician determined that I required additional medical treatment. GEICO refused to pay any of my claim for lost wages after that point. Four months later, I was seen by another GEICO physician who stated that I did not require any treatment beyond 90 days after the accident. This wholeheartedly refutes what the first physician said. At that time GEICO, stopped paying any benefits for my claim for first party benefits (Med/Wages/Nurse/Attn Care). To date, physical therapy has not resolved my injuries and GEICO refuses to pay for the spinal surgery that I need to resume a normal life and return to gainful employment.On 8/2/11, GEICO rejected an arbitration award of $75,000.00 to bring my claim current. They made a counteroffer of $50,000.00 if I agree to make no further (future) claims regarding this loss.This is ludicrous given that Michigan No-Fault Insurance Law allow lifetime medical treatment and wage loss benefits for three years following the loss. I have been awarded Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits, but GEICO still refuses to pay their portion of my claim for lost wages (disability) nor allowed coverage for any further medical treatment.
I was a very long time customer of Geico when My vehicle was sideswiped by a taxi. I was sitting at a red light in NYC when the speeding taxi barreled illegally along the far right lane which is a bus only lane and then cut across 3 lanes of traffic cutting too close and then bashing his entire driver's side along my front passenger fender. It was as though the taxi driver was trying to quickly get across to the left to get to a cross street on the left but not caring that it was a red light. Because I was in an SUV and not moving at the time due to a red light, the taxi however was wrecked. What a mess. The driver was a very rude and violent screaming foreign man poked his keys at me while he was a screaming. He was either mental or pumped up on some type of drugs. I filed a claim with Geico and from the beginning they promised that I was not at fault. Especially since I was sitting still at a red light minding my own business. They assigned an attorney because they said that in NYC taxi companies have a dirty little secret when it comes to insurance. The city of New York and NY State allow taxi companies to be “self-insured”. That means that they can repair their own cars. And when someone has a valid claim against a taxi company the taxi companies always use lawyers to bully and smear and fight every collision involving their horrible subcontracted taxi drivers. But what it also meant for me was that Geico allowed the taxi driver to lie without challenge at his deposition and the taxi companies attorney to treat me like ** at my deposition. They were rude and despicable. Geico lawyers did nothing and said absolutely nothing to protect me when the taxi company lawyer began to badger me and make outlandish accusations that had nothing to do with the collision whatsoever. Geico lies and is not trustworthy. After the whole mess of lawyers and depositions and calls and forms etc. the end result was that Geico sided with the taxi company and said I was 25% at fault. That was just enough to save Geico from having to give me back my $500.00 deductible which the taxi company should have been responsible for. Unbelievable. I actually believe that Geico violated my right to a fair and due process because every time I was contacted by an attorney for Geico it was a different attorney telling me that the previous attorney had moved on to a different case. Even the attorney who showed up at my deposition to represent me was a different and unknown attorney to me than the one that contacted me last before the deposition. Geico or their attorneys kept sending me letters with my name misspelled and so on and every week it was a different attorney and there were several attorneys that came and went and so I could never really be represented properly. Geico in the end was a terrible disappointment. I was crushed. How could it be that I was sitting at a red light not moving when a crazy out of control taxi crashed into me and Geico couldn't defend that? Geico is tainted by something very sinister and will not do the right thing when you really need them. Geico is useless. Beware of Geico. Geico will betray you when you need them most!
They are thieves. I only had Geico insurance for about a month. They gave me a quote and I paid for six months in advance. One month later, I did an inquiry for adding my son who lives in another state. I just wanted an estimate for his automobile. They withdrew funds (almost double what I paid the six months coverage for) out of my bank account without notifying me or without my authorization. After I explained this to them, they informed me that once authorized, they have access to withdraw funds as needed per my agreement. Guys, this is not what I agreed to. They explained I needed to provide proof my son was covered by another policy. They did not have any of his information nor did I ever get an updated policy with his name on it. Basically, they just took my money out of my account because I made an inquiry. Unless you have excessive money in your account and you monitor you bank account daily, I would not recommend giving Geico access to your bank account under any circumstances. They will rob you blind.
I have Geico insurance on multiple cars since 7 years without a single claim. Recently, I had a failed water pump on my Toyota SUV, which required urgent attention. I got 2 reasonable quotes and took it to the nearest dealer for repair and then called Geico since I had Mechanical Breakdown Insurance under which it was covered. The agent told me he would talk to the repair shop and get back. Geico got back saying they would reimburse only $80 on top of my $250 deductible for repairs which cost ~$690. They blamed me for not getting prior authorization and said the repair shop was unwilling to negotiate down to their parts/ labor prices. I wasted over an hour talking with Geico and the repair shop spent an equal amount of time on the phone with no compromise. I regret getting Geico and not reading the fine print.
It is the best insurance company that I used, it is comprehensive insurance company, to which I owe much respect and trust. Describe it as one of the best in the country and recommend to my friends and acquaintances.
Geico has been an excellent insurance provider for me. I think they're one of the best insurance. They are good for the value. Could be expensive for others. They are unique and reliable and honest. Only Geico offered a fair rate. GEICO's website gives full details, explanations and examples of what everything means. They have good customer service.
My car was hit in the parking lot by an uninsured driver. However, the driver was considerate enough to come find me and tell me that she hit my vehicle. We exchanged information and I filed a claim. Now, despite many calls to the claims department from both me and the woman who hit me, the matter has still not been settled. It's been nearly three months because perhaps out of every four calls I make, only one gets returned. The woman even gave me a call list to show how she's been trying to get in touch with GEICO in order to set up a payment plan. Seriously?!?! The person who hit me and damaged my car is being more proactive than my own insurance company that I pay monthly. It's utterly ridiculous. As soon as this year is up, I'm dropping this insurance and trying Allstate. The people I had to work with at Allstate when handling my mother's accident were far more professional, courteous, and on the ball than this lot.
On the 23rd a Geico-insured driver pulled out in front of me. He tried to drive between cars that were stopped due to a backup. My lane was not block and I was just going along with my whole world blew up. Their driver pulled in front of me so fast I never saw him. The past ten days I have been beat up pretty bad plus having my car impact something, airbags and the instant pain. Gave me a flashback to fighting overseas. For about 20-30 minutes I tried to reason with my subconscious that I had not been hit by an IED. Scared me silly and so far I haven't been able to sleep the past ten days now. The Geico agent basically tried to offer me $2,500 for pain and suffering. I ask him why the heck was he trying to settle so fast for. He stated, "Normally in accidents like yours I offer way less." Hmmm Geico driver causes accident, causes me to have a flashback and loss of sleep ten days and counting and this is all they want to offer. Not to mention the nearly $18,000 to my brand damn new vehicle.
April 19th, 2016, I was on my way to work. It was a weekday morning and the traffic was crazy. We all stopped in the signal for the light to be green. All of a sudden this car hit my SUV at the back bumper, but instead of being sorry he started yelling at me, blaming me that I reversed and hit his car. At that moment, it seemed funny to me because no one will reverse to ongoing traffic. I thought he found a silly reason to cover his fault, and no insurance will believe that. But I got so surprised when I found that Geico had actually believed his false statement and denied my claim. Unfortunately, the other party and I both had Geico Insurance, so it was easy for them to believe his lie and not pay for my damage. I couldn't make any witness, cause I didn't wanna bother people who has to reach their destination on time as well. I thought since the other party is insured with Geico, they will make a fair judgement and solve this issue. But I am totally disappointed at this time. I realized that their customer service has dropped really below. The agent who helped me had a cheap attitude and was not helpful at all. I am with Geico for more than eight years, but now I am thinking to switch my insurance both car and house elsewhere. Shame on Geico!!
They are a great company. Service was great and people were nice and easy to talk to. Their prices were low and very affordable. I loved working with them. I would highly recommend them to other people.
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