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Geico RV Insurance Online Reviews

Company Name: GEICO RV insurance
Overall average rating of 3.1 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 25 %
I have not had to process a claim yet. So far everything with the company is pretty good. You can claim your claims online which is pretty good. Their website is good. Their customer service department is amazing. I have had no problem with them whether it's adding a car or driver, or just to check on my account. They are amazing. The policy I have is amazing. Full coverage 500 deductible and I only pay 534. Other companies want 100. I am truly happy with the coverage I have. I have full cover deductible comp and collision both 500 and I have rental and towing. I can't complain. I don't need to get other services like Triple A or looking for a rental.
I am a good customer of theirs, with a perfect driving record. I called for a quote back in June, for a class A RV. I don't plan on purchasing an RV until next year, but want to get my research done now. So I decided a class C would better fit my situation, as it is far more versatile, due to size and maneuverability. I called for a quote and in the conversation I mentioned that I was considering living in it full time at a nice RV park (I am retiring). At that point the Customer Service representative told me he could not quote me and I should call a local insurance company. I was then told I am blocked (denied coverage) for getting a quote for 6 months. Having been a Fraud Agent for a major bank, I was livid over being treated like a potential fraudster. Called Good Sam and got a very reasonable quote in minutes, regardless of how I intend on using the RV. I am not the type of person to take this type of abuse lightly, as my primary vehicle is still insured with them. Having been a finance manager in the car business for 30 years, I know GEICO is a good company, but this problem is more of a reflection of BAD ATTITUDE on the part of customer service. The idea of blocking your own customer from getting a quote for 6 months, because they are considering different uses, for the vehicle, is insane.
Geico insurance company is extremely good about claims and processing them in a timely fashion. Great adjusters on their team and they strive for fast payouts. Customer service at Geico insurance is top notch. Very informative, very efficient at what they do. They provide reassurance that your claim is number one to them. Geico Insurance has many many insurance options and they have wonderful insurance agents to help you with the best affordable insurance for the client. Geico insurance has multi-wide coverage. An insurance representative can sit and walk you through to obtain the best insurance coverage for you.
I had sadly more than my share of claims and they were fast and furious to the beaten battered self I was after 3 accidents in a little over a month! They are courteous and not a robot! That's key and it was always fast long wait times. Geico is amazing in all aspects. They never had me on hold and got done what I called for right away. The rates were amazing and still are. They got many options for am budgets. Easy to apply and I'd say everyone should go to Geico. They're the best insurance company I have ever went through. I had full coverage for like 25$ a month. They are in my eyes one of the best insurance companies and their coverage is great and for am budgets!
My RV was violated, while I was away. Returned to the RV, it had been flooded, rodents came to roost. We had secured the RV (water hoses and sewage hoses, electrical lines stowed away) as all RV owners do. We returned to find our water hose connected, our RV with severe water damage, yet no signs of forced entry. GEICO claimed that we had "multiple leaks" in our roof, and a breach (which we knew of) over the front cab. They decided it was rain that created the flooding and our CLAIM WAS DENIED. This, in the middle of a 7 YEAR DROUGHT. The only time it rained as we were away was 12/31/14 and that: "rainstorm" was nothing. 2 POINTS: They blamed us for leaks. They blamed us for rodents chewing through the lines (We didn't have "rodent coverage") which they claimed created the "flooding". HOW CAN WATER HAVE BEEN INTRODUCED WITH NO SUBSTANTIAL RAIN and NO HOSE CONNECTED TO THE UNIT? Geico dismissed us without apology, and without a sincere investigation. 12-year customer. Now I am without a home. Heads up, everyone. Thank you for your time.
Very easy process with minimal difficulty. The customer service department handled my matter rather efficiently! I was very happy with the outcome. The customer service department was very efficient and proactive regarding my case. I had everything solved in a matter of days and my car was sent to the shop and a rental provided! I was unaware of some of the lesser known policy options but after speaking with a representative and having this carefully explain things with me I am more confident! My coverage options had a variety and were all explained carefully to me about the benefits of each package and the state minimum requirement. I had confidence in picking out my coverage.
I left my recently purchased class A diesel pusher at a CAT dealer in Gainsville FL for engine repairs in August while I was working for FEMA on hurricane Irma relief. I was then sent to Puerto Rico for Maria and didn't return till Dec 15th. During that time the motor home suffered roof damage from the storms but I was not aware of it till I returned. I notified Geico about the damage and they said they would send an adjuster asap. The first adjuster looked at it Jan 10th and wrote an estimate for $13,700 for repairs. After several calls to Geico the claims examiner in FL over the next several weeks she finally told me the adjuster had never sent in the claim before going on vacation. It is now mid Feb. and 2 more adjuster visits to the repair facility where it is parked and Geico will only tell me it is in process and they haven't decided whether they will cover it. I asked to speak to a supervisor and was told that under no circumstances would they accept any phone calls from customers. There was no one that I could talk to about my claim, I should just wait to hear from them but they had NO idea when that might be. Now I understand why their advertising rep is a reptile. WORST customer service EVER.
I haven't had a chance to make a claim yet thankfully but I'm assured that I'm in good hands so until then I would hope that they're efficient in processing claims. Geico stands by their words. They take the extra mile to guarantee your happiness or else you wouldn't have RV insurance with them. Their policies are similar to other RV insurers but they take the extra mile to protect your rights as well as take your safety and well being very seriously. Depends on the plan you choose and what it covers but even with the standard coverage it's still a very good policy. Covers accidents, floods, and fires.
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