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GEICO Motorcycle Insurance Online Reviews

Company Name: GEICO Motorcycle Insurance
Year Founded: 1936
Address: GEICO Motorcycle One GEICO Center
City: Macon
State/Province: GA
Postal Code: 31295-0001
Country: United States
Phone: (800) 442-9253
Overall average rating of 2.4 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 13 %
Had a Harley accident and rear ended on my bike. This was almost a year ago. I was thinking It might make things easier (get things behind me) to just settle with them without one so I dropped mine. As soon as I did that I contacted them and they were VERY NICE. I did everything they asked of me fast and prompt. 3 months later still waiting, they are not so nice to me now. Seem to take their time and do not answer calls and emails. WHAT happened to that fake courtesy? Always have an attorney, I really do not care for them either but they are a necessity when dealing with this company. You had your chance, should have jumped on it GEICO. :)
There is someone there 24/7 365 days a year that you can contact them with any issues or billing issues or claims. They always can help you. They get it done within 5 days once it's processed. Can't be any happier with them helping me and other people that are with them and they email me. Everything is spelled out in black and white, easy to understand, follow and get. It's very simple. Any questions they will explain to you until you understand. They have 3 different levels of policies on coverage and prices for you to buy so a lot more people are with them and the best coverage you can ask for.
Geico is a company that is one of the best in the insurance business. Geico is one of the lowest paid insurance company in the business of insurance. You will always be happy with your insurance provider. Excellent process in any way that you can do to provide your insurance company with the necessary information to Geico so they can process your claim as soon as possible. The policy of Geico is better than any company out there that provides insurance for your needs. If you want an excellent company you need to check out Geico. The coverage of Geico is excellent for your needs as well as anyone that you know will be very happy with Geico. Geico will make you very happy at all times.
My motorcycle was found on top of another bike. It was in a secure area, so it was stated, "It may have been the wind." Geico denied the claims for damages to the other bike as, "An act of God". They stated if no one saw how the incident occurred, Geico was not going to cover it, and since I mentioned the wind, then they are cleared of any liability. I have full coverage and my policy is paid in full. Be careful... never explain any situation to the agent, let them figure it out.
The processing was not too long, so I was not very regretful of anything. I was, in fact, pretty happy with the claims processing overall. Geico provides many options for their policies so I would say I am happy overall with the policy options they provide their customers. The coverage was not bad at all, it was pretty good. They cover a lot with motorcycle insurance, so it makes me feel safe, so I would rate happy for it.
The customer service is amazing. They cater to what the customer prefers. Very ease, helpful and safe. They don't keep you on the phone for hours like other services. I've been satisfied for many years. GEICO is a great company and has never let me down in any category. Their policy options are perfect for anyone. They really do choose wisely and customize a plan for the consumer's needs. That's the ideal part of GEICO. Would recommend. The coverage is very useful and affordable. If anything were to happen, the coverage pretty much does its job. I've never had better coverage with insurance companies.
I had Geico for years when I lived in Vermont. I moved to Arizona and called them up to do the change of address. Policy more than doubled for the same coverage! Same motorcycle, still kept in a garage, same rider and quoted same mileage per year. I argued it made no sense at all for this premium to double! I went to Progressive, got the same coverage at the old price I was paying.
I got a quote for motorcycle insurance from GEICO. It was 40% cheaper than my existing insurance. I told that to the representative, and switched to GEICO. I paid my first quarterly installment, and then got a letter a few weeks later jacking my policy up 200%. The rep on the phone tells me: “The state of California requires it from GEICO.” It's a terrible mistake they didn't tell me about it and they forgot to mention it in the quote. I switched my 3-year policy due to a false statement. I had to make many phone calls (pay per minute) to no avail. They keep on aggravating me, greatly upsetting me, and messed up my finances. I'm a farmer with little income in the winter. Where am I going to get the extra money a new policy will cost me? The money to GEICO was wasted.
GEICO has great customer service. All my questions were answered and my problems were taken care off quickly. The representatives were nice, friendly and spoke perfect English with no accent. There are lots of policy options and they provide decent coverage. All the basics are covered under the cheapest policy and I’m satisfied with it. But if you want the best coverage then the premium price becomes much higher.
What is the use of offering roadside assistance with a motorcycle policy, if you do not have any tow truck to aid when you're stranded. After 1.5 hour wait we called back to check the status of the wait and was notified that our request was cancelled. No one called - no one notified us. In addition they claimed they called 26 tow trucks and no one could assist. What is the purpose of this policy feature. All they keep saying was "I'm sorry." In addition no one was willing to refund my policy. They are rip offs!!!
I found a big dent on my gas tank with minor scratches and it happened when my motorcycle was parked in the parking lot unattended for about a week. I have a comprehensive coverage on my motorcycle so I contacted GEICO to explain the incident and the CR said it sounds like vandalism and should be covered under my policy. However, when adjuster came to inspect the motorcycle, he determined it as a collision as he also found some scuffs and scratches on other part of the motorcycle from previous collision and denied to cover any damage. I called them 4-5 times to ask for the justification but each person I talked to had different words. Finally, I am getting my motorcycle fixed myself and canceling my policy as well. NEVER going back to GEICO.
Always seems to be helpful when I call them, never put on hold for long periods of time. I always get the answers to the questions that I have. I had someone hit my motorcycle and knock it down with damage. They two different tow trucks and cut me a check the same morning. They had it picked up by the second truck and had it in the shop by lunchtime.They had many different policy groups to choose from, the more you pay the better coverage you get, just like everywhere else. The prices are really reasonable. The coverage is really good. I had to have knee and hip surgery and while I was down and could not ride they changed my coverage to lower coverage at a lower fee then when I recovered I went back up to my normal coverage and price.
I had an accident with someone pulling out of a side street blocking my lane of travel and they let the other insurance company take my bike before court even happened. I had to fight the other company to get my bike back. GEICO didn't help a single bit. I would not recommend them.
I had two separate motorcycle policies with Geico that I was instructed to merge to save money. Each policy had varying coverage options since I used 1 motorcycle more than the other. When Geico merged policies ,they dropped some of the coverage options without my knowledge or approval. Needless to say, when I submitted a claim, it was denied. I have to coverage sheet with my options that I approved which includes medical coverage (I will be posting to this site). NO ONE at Geico could answer me on how my policy dropped this coverage. Now heading to small claims. STAY AWAY, Geico is a marketing company with a slick talking lizard.
Customer service reps were rude, did not listen, refused to discuss rate increases that were not due to claims. Rigid and inflexible company that does not tell you upfront that their quotes are speculative and may not be the rates you pay after the first 30 days. I have no experience with their claims as I never filed one. The process as explained by them seemed reasonable and straightforward and would be handled in a timely manner. Auto billing, direct electronic debit, liability limits, collision deductibles all would factor in the price of the policy. Credits for combined policies such as homeowners. Liability limits can be minimal or high. Collision can have lower or higher deductibles. Policy can include passengers or just cover the driver.
GEICO is doing to cover you if you are a scooter driver and will insure you that they are the lowest coverage. With that said, if you decide to get their policy then you are stuck with them unless you pay them a large amount of money if you find a company willing to insure you very much lower ($135)! Then they will try and bill you a cancellation fee which they say isn't a cancellation fee! You don't have to pay them that charge and it won't go on your credit! You just can't insure with them unless you pay it off. Which is fine with me!!!
Customer service is the best I have dealt with. So many options available for me to use and it covers my motorcycle almost to the fullest it can cover. Great claims processing that I have dealt with and I would recommend it to anyone that wants to be the same thing as well as me. It would be a good choice. A lot of different policy options. That's why I keep using GEICO insurance company and it's been awhile since I have been with a good insurance company. Almost full coverage, but how do they make money if you don't pay something? It's still a awesome experience to be with GEICO. I have recommended it to a lot of people who are looking for good insurance.
I have been with GEICO for over 5 years. I pay them full coverage for 3 vehicles and 1 motorcycle. My payments come directly out of my back account which means it’s never been late, I don't get tickets or accidents, and have never filed a claim. A couple weeks ago, someone tried to steel my catalytic converts off, but just damaged them really bad beyond repair. I called GEICO the next morning as soon as I found out and reported it. They told me to turn in my car for repairs. A week later, I got a call to pick my car up, only to find nothing had been done, and they have to do an investigation! So I met with this idiot wannabe cop on a power trip; he questioned me like I was in for homicide. Basically, in other words called me a liar and trying to get repairs done on my car for free. I complained to his supervisors and of course, they try to act nice and sweet. Anyways, I got the final call today. They are not fixing my car! What the hell?! If this is how they treat a customer who gives them as much money as I do and always pay on time, I can’t imagine how they treat other people. What a joke they are! I have just cancelled my policy with them and moved on. You have been warned! They do not take care of their customers no matter if you have full coverage or not. Stay away from GEICO.
They answer quickly and any questions or concerns you have they will try their best to help you out. Sometimes it will take longer for them to respond but it's rare. Very easy for your first request you would might need to provide a little bit more information just to confirm your claims. Once that is done the rest of the process is fast and easy. The policy is mostly straightforward, just read through and follow the terms. Nothing is out of the ordinary. Policy differs from person to person but it is consistent. Coverage could be either full or half depending on the plan. Coverage covers your whole family. You don't have to worry about your coverage at all.
GEICO was priced right and they always were fair. I had them for my cars and added the motorcycle so the insurance on the motorcycle was inexpensive. Any claims I had on the cars were always paid fast. The claim is made by call the 24/7 claim office and GEICO would send an appraiser to where your motorcycle is and work with the repair shop for the best repair. My policy covered liability collision and medical. If the motorcycle was total they would give me a fair market price for the motorcycle. The coverage was beyond all CT state law requirements a million dollar umbrella covering all my rides. GEICO will help you set up the best coverage for your motorcycle. They did a great job for me.
I've received the utmost respect from everyone I have talked to. When I've had any issues it was resolved in a timely manner and without hassle. I've tried so many companies and I would have to say by far I am glad I found them. If I could recommend everyone I would because I feel you deserve the most respect for the most reason. I pay the companies and without us a lot of places would close down. Two thumbs up. I will tell everyone how awesome they are and bring as much business as possible. It's way worth it and I'm not exaggerating.
I had Geico insurance on my bike and lost control of my bike. Ended up in the hospital. Geico told me they don't cover my medical bills. I thought that was part of why I had insurance in the first place. So disappointed in Geico for the way they handled all of it.
In October 2016 I was riding my adventure motorcycle off road, had a tip over, got back up and not only rode 80 miles to the campground, but 700 more back home. I had hurt my leg during the tip over and did receive medical care 2 days later... my medical insurance did not cover all costs and the medical facility wanted to verify that I did not have personal injury coverage on my motorcycle. So a quick call to GEICO, they verify I do not carry personal injury, done deal. Months later and my annual policy renewal has a 31 percent increase... no payout or claim was done, motorcycle had zero damage, etc., but GEICO apparently assessed me a 4 point loss of control incident and raised my rates 31 percent. I discussed this with 2 agents and apparently there is no accident forgiveness despite there being no accident. In the big picture I have a 31 percent rate increase for a non claim and I received no benefit. Had I pushed my motorcycle off the mountain road, filed a report and paid a 500 dollar deductible, I would have cash in hand for the value of my bike, a better chance of accident forgiveness, and my rates may not have gone up as much... how does that work?
This is now -semi-resolved. I have reluctantly settled my comprehensive claim for the motorcycle simply because it was clear we came to a stand-still and I seriously need to move on from this company...I can't stand the fact they've still gotten several months of insurance payments from me while I've been trying to settle this. However, the medical claim is still open and UNresolved, and they still haven't sent a copy of my insurance policy.
Always easy to deal with and customer service always handles any business in a very easy manner and timely fashion. I've been with Geico for numerous years. I have never had to deal with the claims department but my buddies that have are one of the reasons I choose Geico because they never had anything bad to say. There are a wide range of coverage options and all options are great prices compare doing to the competition and one of the main reasons I'm with Geico. The coverage is middle of the road for me but the pricing and the options are great for me and exactly what I need. I love Geico insurance for my motorcycle and my car.
I was involved with an accident with GEICO and one of GEICO adjuster told me they will pay for the car seat as long as I have concern about it. Its support is so nice and professional. When I have a question, their customer service always help me solve my trouble, but also sometimes is a little slow, with a big time of response. Their policy are acceptable but I think their coverage should include more aspects, in accident case. Other companies include more aspects.
Very helpful staff, always ready to listen to your complain or problem. Sounds very nice on the phone, always assuring you that your problem will be addressed and carefully investigated in needed. I didn't have to file a full claim with them yet. But I did ask about the standard procedures in case I needed to file one in the future. It sounded like no big problem, pretty standard. Good choice and wide range of policy options were offered, which I definitely count as a plus. The options are pretty clear and not complicated to choose from. The coverage options varies and pretty much you can always find the right coverage that will suit your current needs perfectly. I think they offer good selection.
4/15/16 I stopped to give medical aid to another cyclist. My stop was made safely and to the furthest right portion of the roadway when I was rear ended by another cyclist insured by GEICO. My cycle was totaled and I airlifted to ICU for a brain bleed. The assigned GEICO claims agent conducted his negligent investigation and determined I was 50% at fault for "illegal braking" (no such traffic violation in the state of Texas). When I asked how him came to that conclusion he claimed I had slammed on my brakes to avoid contact with the cyclist I was giving aid to. A total lie on his part, not even close to the statement I provided, and what factually happened. It is no wonder our court system is over taxed.
I been working on my Harley Davidson. I had everything off, I was fixing the motor. My garage got broken into stole $4200 of my parts to my bike. No adjuster showed up, so they send me a check. Now they investigating for fraud lol... There a police report also. They won't go by the police report. Stay away from these ins company. I have never experience anything like THIS in my life until now. They are more less calling me a liar, they want my phone records! They are crazy. The police officer was there saw what happen. This company need to be turned BBB. They didn't send the adjuster so THIS is their fault sending the check before they look as in what happen.
Failure to fulfill insurance payment for coverage - Three months of fighting to get Geico to pay for repairs and still, not even the full repair. They want an unsafe process of repair to my motorcycle frame, not replacing the frame.
It was good as it had personalized attention on customer to supply its demand accurately. They follow up with customer as to know their feedback. They process claims in a timely fashion to create positive personal business relationship with the customer. They give the best ability to ascertain need and supply. Their policy was ok with my status as it meant my need. The policy was alright as it provided good services and usually resolves issues amicably. The coverage was going an extra mile to provide assistance. I was impressed to receive superlative service as it was expected by the company.
Great for getting claims. Need money in a hurry to get another vehicle replace one that damaged. Not wait a long time to get another vehicle. They make sure taking care of right away and not lead to waiting a long time like other insurers who just collect the money and run. Do not care about customer at all. Policy that the customers always come first no matter what. Money should not be a businesses. You be covered for another vehicle and not wait around like other claimers. They appreciate customers well being and that is more important than anything in the world.
Read your policy very closely. You will find that if you move out of the way of a car, following too closely and have an accident, GEICO considers you responsible! They will not pay to cover your expenses. If you cannot prove that a motorist was too close you are up the creek. They have a Tucson based office that are the most miserable people to deal with, particularly Sierra. To avoid an accident I suffered the total loss of my motorcycle, which I will still owe 3k to the bank, broke a handful of ribs and was unconscious for 4 days. The officer and the Judge in traffic court found me "not responsible". We're not even talking a lot of money but it's a fortune to me at my stage of life. Buyer beware, with this bunch of hoodlums. Seriously do not use these guys! I should have stayed with Allstate. What is insurance for if not to cover expenses from an accident that you are not at fault for?
I contacted GEICO regarding a motorcycle accident on 01 June 2011. I was informed by the agent that the coverage that I had didn't have collision. I have been going back and forth with the agent and the manager to review the recorded tape conversation from the phone call when the insurance was set up. I have my two vehicles insured with GEICO and one of the vehicles is paid for and has collision on the policy. When I set the policy up, I thought that I was receiving the same coverage as my vehicle policy. I feel like this is a stall tactic from GEICO so they do not have to pay to fix my motorcycle. It has been almost three months and I am still dealing with a coverage discrepancy without my vehicle. That is totally unacceptable. I pay for my insurance each month and all I expect from this company is to repair my vehicles in the event of an accident/incident. There is no reason for me to get put off and not get any resolution in a timely manner. I need assistance with getting this resolved.
I had a motorcycle stolen from me on Oct.18, 2014. Just got a letter from Geico denying to pay the claim. A theft is a theft no matter if it was stolen or stolen by deception. They should pay the claim. Insurance is to cover your losses.
They were very helpful. It was good experience to have done business with them. Everything was done correctly and even gave me a nice deal on the pricing. The people there are very polite and professional. I would recommend them. There was no issues with getting the paperwork done on time and had car exactly when needed it. It was very understandable they broke everything down to me to where I understood the policy of company and the agreements made. They read everything over with me and didn't rush me reading things over. The rates are very good. They have good pricing for discounts. They will work with you and go over the package deals suitable for you. They make sure they fulfill the needs of customers.
GEICO Insurance had lots of policy options and the rates were good. The person who signed me up was knowledgeable and my policy was easy to understand. However, I only wanted basic insurance being that my purchase was a used motorcycle and was only worth a couple of thousand dollars. I needed the insurance for liability. I rode the motorcycle for a while but didn't get into any accidents nor had a claim. After that, I used it as a trade-in on a truck and haven't had any motorcycles since.
I have Geico Insurance for my motorcycle and on 6/13/2013, I had a big accident in Bronx, NY and I did my police report plus I have to go to the hospital. Geico never paid me for my motorcycle and my hospital bill. Now I don't have a motorcycle because Geico doesn't want to pay for my biker.
Geico Company they very good and have good service. I'm very happy to use this company and will be customer of this company in the future too. They fix the problem quick. Me and my family we very happy with this company. Coverage what I want and no need to worry about insurance when we need help. They are work very good.
Twice now I have been duped by a low quote up front, then receive a letter stating that my coverages are too low and therefore my premium will increase. Never in the quote process was anything flagged that needed to be adjusted. I ACCEPTED THE DEFAULT COVERAGES OFFERED BY THEIR WEBSITE. Then they send me a letter that my coverages are not adequate! WTF? This happened when I insured my bike and it pissed me off. Months later, I go to insure my wife's bike and lo and behold I get another letter jacking up my rate. Progressive had quoted similar rates, maybe we should have looked there. Very unfair and unethical practices. What a bunch of crap.
Their damage adjuster had my chopper motorcycle towed to a repair shop that he picked for my me because I had never had an accident before nor did I ever need to have anything repaired before and I trusted I would be in good hand with them. After 7 month I had to have my bike towed out of Sixx Pigz bike shop in worse shape than when it had arrived and GEICO refused to help with matter at all. And the bike shop refused to refund the money and never gave me the a bill for any of the work that GEICO was tell had done. I have my motorcycle in another shop and I am having to pay out my pocket for repairs.
Taking 2 months to pay claim on a stolen motorcycle and still have not paid. They say there is an investigation.
I gave a friend that owns a car dealer a motorcycle to sell for me on consignment. It was stolen, so I put a claim in through GEICO. They’re denying the claim, stating that he owns it now because he needed a bill of sale. I signed a consignment letter and a bill of sale. He never had the title signed over until he paid for it.
Great customer service. Employees are knowledgeable and provide an enjoyable experience. Employees are polite and have a good knowledge of their product. Great ads too. Love the lizard. Claims are processed quickly and accurately by knowledgeable employees. The process is explained well and efficiently and the customer is kept in the loop about the progress of the claim. Have injury, property, collision. Have just about all that you need to protect yourself from financial disaster. Accidents unfortunately happen and these policies help when they happen. Coverage is not only good and complete but reliable. It keeps you protected from financial disaster, administered by knowledgeable employees.
Customer service is awful because most of the time representatives don't know what exactly do with claims or issues related to your insurance and they respond rudely. They always try to avoid claims even you met all the criteria and if your claim got approved they will increase your premium. They took lot of time for processing and the deductible always hurt. Your premium very likely go up. I never understand their policies. It's very complicated to go through all terms and conditions as it contains lots of non-sense information. I always found hard to understand coverage details and their policies of filing claims. I never know for what I paid insurance premium for. It's better to not have insurance instead of paying to a insurance company. It's better to have something else.
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