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Geico Life Insurance Online Reviews

Company Name: Geico Life Insurance
Year Founded: 1936
Address: 5260 Western Avenue
City: Chevy Chase
State/Province: MD
Postal Code: 20815
Country: United States
Phone: (888) 532-5433
Overall average rating of 4.1 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 59 %
We haven't had our policy for that long - maybe a year - but we had one claim with our teenage son and they were quick and thorough and didn't raise our rates for which I am VERY thankful.
It is a policy through my company. It's an added benefit so therefore I have no input on the policy. It is a free benefit that we enroll in every program year.
So I wanted to email you about the horrible experience I had today with your company Geico. First I wanted to allow you a little insight as to the dealings I’ve had with your company in the past. I’m a finance manager at a car dealership and I’ve worked with your company hand-in-hand for over 17 years and referred hundreds of customers to your company. On November 1 I decided to get some quotes for my father for new insurance Policy. I called the Amica, Nationwide, and Geico. Geico was the cheapest. I was quoted $243 down and $243 a month and accepted that policy. On 6 November I received a letter in the mail stating that the policy would now be $408 per month. On 7 November call and told Geico that I would not be willing to pay that amount and Would in fact be looking for another insurance company and be cancelling the insurance policy. I did in fact find equal insurance from Nationwide for the same rate that Geico had originally Quoted me for which was $243. Because Geico decided to mail out correspondence about the increase in rate instead of calling or emailing me and giving me the opportunity to decline I feel as though the six days that it took for me to find out about this increase did not allow me the opportunity to make an educated decision. Had I been given that quote from the beginning or had I’ve been giving the change in the quote the same day or the very next day I would’ve cancel immediately. But because Geico did not inform me by phone or by email and instead they mailed out that information it took six days to receive. I don’t think it’s fair that I’ll be charged $12.44 which is the prorated amount on $408 which is the amount that I never agreed to the refund that was issued back to me was $172.82. I think this is very unfair and I believe that I am entitled to a full refund. Not to mention the rudeness that I encountered when I spoke with one of your supervisors by the name of Simon **. I spoke with him today November 9 at 11:20 AM. To be a supervisor he was very rude and continuously Cut me off while I was talking. I would definitely welcome you to go back and pull that phone call and listen to the way your manager speak with your customers. I’m a very unsatisfied customer and I sure hope your company does the right thing and refunds me the $74 that you kept from me without giving me the proper opportunity to make an educated decision based on prices. Considering the fact that I did not blindly go into insurance with Geico. I was comparing rates and the only reason I signed up for Geico was because you beat out the other companies. I would really appreciate if you could have a manager or supervisor to call me or email me back or simply refunding the rest of my deposit. Thank you.
I feel I pay way too much for just liability insurance in the state of Texas. I do like that I can pay online and they do always send an email reminder that they will be processing a payment in a certain day. I like that I was able to sign up for insurance online and can print a proof of insurance card at any time. Website is very user friendly.
I have been insured through Geico for over 5 years and whenever I have needed assistance with anything, they have been nothing but helpful and efficient. Along with great monthly rates, their website is easy to navigate as well as their phone apps too.
I am retired military and transferred my coverage when I retired. It seems to be very expensive for the amount of insurance coverage. I would probably not recommend it to anyone retiring today.
I have been with Geico for a year and a half. I have to stay up until the last two months have been great. However, the last two months have been the worst customer care experience of my life. I recently had a loss in the family causing me to be behind on some of my financials which is completely on my end and I understand. I worked with a rep who was able to get me taken care of. After I made the payment that was needed to make my account up to date. I called in to confirm my information and that my account will continue as normal.The young lady I spoke to assured me that all was fine and my account was in good standing. Today I received a cancellation notice that if I do not make a payment by the end of tomorrow my account will be canceled??? So I called into the customer service department where I was speaking with a young man that was attempting to help me. Once I realized that he was unable to assist me with my issues I asked for my issues to be escalated. He continued with his manager will advise me of the same and that if I wanted to be transfer thats fine but that's all they can do. After 5 minutes of me asking for a manager I finally was transferred.Now I myself am a manager for a call center so I am aware how customer should be treated. The manager got on the phone and repeated my issue back to me and I confirmed. She goes on to tell me that she cannot help me and that no one will be able to. OKAY SO NOW I AM UPSET! If no one is able to help me why I am wasting my time giving your company money? I can easily change over to another provider and will not have to deal with this headache. So I go on speaking with her and the conversation gets heated of course. I’m irate at this point and the manager keeps telling me the same thing as if it’s helping my situation.At this point I asked her if she was deaf or something because she is not understanding what I’m explaining to her and what I need as a consumer. She goes “Excuse me ma’am. What did you say?” I repeated what I said and she and asked her again was she deaf? She goes “No, I was giving you a chance to change what you said” WHAT? Excuse me but who are you that I have to change what I said? You are there to help me and if you’re unable to why are you there??? At this point I’m OVER dealing with Geico and this ongoing issue. I will be looking elsewhere and will make sure to continue to post reviews and make everyone aware of the service you provide your customers.
I am more than satisfied with them. They have an excellent customer services and always responds to my questions and inquiries. I recommended this insurance to my family and friends. They are always for me. I love them.
I have not had to use my life insurance so I assume it is great. I pay monthly and I personally will never benefit from it. The reason for this type of insurance is to help the family when I die.
My life insurance is through my work and I don't have a lot of dealings with it. When I used the same insurance when my husband passed away it provided quick service.
They provide good coverage for a low cost. It is a decent level of coverage for a thirty-year term policy. It was easy to qualify. They came to my home and did all of the tests and asked all of the questions. The rep that came was very pleasant and knowledgeable.
We have received excellent service from this company in my family for years. We will remain customers! We've had a couple of accidents and they've been excellent in service and timing.
I have Blue Cross and Blue Shield. I am happy with their service as a provider. Have not had to use it, but I am safe and secure knowing they are there for me. I would recommend them to whoever is seeking Life insurance.
Very easy to start, they could ask all my questions and I am shareholder. I have term and whole life and I have been able to increase my amounts based on my income. Also because I am a shareholder I gain money at the end of the year. It has been very easy to ensure my family would be taken care of if I pass. I would recommend Northwest mutual to anyone.
They are very friendly and always there to give me the correct feedback on the question that I needed answer. If I have a question about my policy I know that I can call my agent and get the correct answers to my questions in a timely manner.
I have had excellent service from my life insurance company. The agent is always willing to explain/answer any questions I have. When I have had to make changes, the agent has completed his part within the week, usually that day. Would definitely recommend to others and have do so in the past.
Good company to work with, very efficient, very thorough... Quick to respond and guide you through to the end.. Good people to talk to and will help you in any way possible... Have a good relationship with them.
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