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Geico Flood Insurance Online Reviews

Company Name: Geico Flood Insurance
Overall average rating of 4.8 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 75 %
Geico is the best insurance company from my point of view. It provides all type of insurance like auto home and life, and it's good in all aspects. The process is very simple. I provide through someone else but there are simple steps if anybody can fill online. Just few question and the other question according to the requirement.
My flood insurance policy perfectly covers every one of my needs, keeps me totally safe and I have no worries about inconvenient problems in the future. It was not difficult for me to choose a good insurance policy. I went to the point where the company is and talk to a competent adviser who helped me in all my problems without needing unnecessary requirements.
I am personally inspired by my neighbors to have this insurance and they help to choose this brand because they had experience about 5 years. You can feel good, if you have this insurance. I like everything in the flood insurance policy and I recommend everyone to have this policy on their home.
The process of purchasing the flood insurance policy from Geico was pretty easy to do. I liked the concept and it was very cool to do. I had no problems at all doing all the information to get my flood insurance policy onto my house. I also like how much coverage I get on the flood insurance policy. It seems to protect me against the worse very good. Also, it's pretty cheap compared to how much value I get. Overall it is definitely worth the money.
Geico really took their time in getting me to understand the process. Once I understood everything, it was pretty simple from there. I really like the option in the policy to quit at any time I don't like the rates and go to somewhere I do approve of the rates. Because most of the time we don't agree with rates insurance try to charge. However, I would improve the waiting time. I had to almost wait a week just to get everything done in a timely manner. But overall everything was pretty decent and really easy.
Geico Flood Insurance provides the necessary coverage that I need to satisfy the mortgage requirement. Found it online and was easy to call and book a policy. No major hassle and haven't had any flooding.
I went to my broker who maintained the beach house and worked with him on choosing the policy when he knew I already had GEICO as a policyholder. On other policies he went over some others with me and agreed that the company I was already using was the best one for me to choose. I was already aware of them through other policies. I trust them because I have other kinds of insurance with them. I only had to make a phone call. It was very easy.Their prices are very competitive with other insurance companies. As it turned out I received the best coverage for the price I had to pay and thankfully I never had to make a claim. However, I think the policies could be written in a much shorter manner and a little less legalese and more in simple more understanding language. And maybe there are too many if and or buts in the policies which tend to protect the company more than the insured. But all companies do the same thing.
I was hesitant to pick Geico at first until I saw how well they represented my friend. I found it to be very easy to get a quote from them over the phone and all the different options they had. I enjoy Geico for the most part. I don't have many negative things to say about the company other than when I'm trying to deal with a claim it would be nice to have one person to speak with instead of having to go through multiple representatives to get my questions answered. I believe they will go above and beyond for their customers and make certain that customers are satisfied and feel special. They make me feel like they are on my side and will do what it takes to help me resolve my claims efficiently and easily. I have been satisfied with the help they provided me with my last claim that was a real headache for me. They made necessary outbound calls and always followed through with their word by keeping me up to date with new information that may have come up. I felt satisfied with the price and value of the policy. I have added other family members to my plan and plan on staying with them long term.
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