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Geico Boat Insurance Online Reviews

Company Name: Geico Boat Insurance
Overall average rating of 2.8 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 10 %
If you want a insurance company that works harder to not cover anything vs support you as a client/customer, then by all means get their coverage. I had to pay $2K for a out of water survey to get their insurance, when I did, they then dropped me months later after a very egotistical 3rd party insurance adjuster came out who was looking for more issues vs supporting and or reporting on my claim. Extremely unprofessional and a huge loss of money and time! Epitome of corporate insurance with a volume business strategy, NOT customer service.
This is the best insurance yet. They were happy enough to take their time to help me with my boat problem when it broke down. They offered me a lot of ways to repair or get back my money for my boat. This was great because I wasn't singled out toward one choice. The insurance was expensive over time, but overall, I saved money instead. This was the most worthy thing I've ever done and I wish Geico my very best.
I been toyed with. Told my engine's repair had to be reviewed and I was promised a refund on some expenses I paid out of pocket such as boat battery's but I wasn't refunded. Was told my claim was being reviewed and the manager only called me after I left an angry voicemail to the adjuster of my claim for not calling me back. The manager claim he would call me back with follow up and it's passed the time he claimed. I called today and I was on hold for 30min and no answer. I have a boat that needs to be moved out by the end of Aug and the new slip wants me to drive in not be towed in. Without the repairs I can't drive in. This insurance company delay and lack of service has my life on hold. If they hurried and fixed my boat I would of been driving in to my new slip that I was on a waiting list for 1 year and finally got it and I won't be telling all of you to not insure your boat with GEICO. We are a military family yet I get no respect. The military marina I'm at now plays no games. The boat has to be moved out by the end of Aug. It's August 25th and still no insurance moves towards service repairs. Waste of my money with this company. But they have no problem collecting my bill payment on time.
Was with BoatUS for many years, never a claim. For the 2018-2019 policy year Aug 2018 thru Aug 2019 policy price was raised 29.5%. A phone call yielded the standard scripted response they were trained to offer. My conclusion Geico no longer wanted my business. In addition, a careful reading of the new BoatUS/Geico policy shows that a new depreciation clause is in the policy. For boats that are going to enter their 20th year and beyond during the policy year Geico is imposing a 10% per year depreciation clause with a floor of 20%. This means that if you have a partial loss claim, the depreciation clause will apply unless you are making a claim against another company (say someone runs into you). In my case with an older but still very valuable boat I would be out of pocket for the first $22,000! You should carefully check and read the entire policy if you have an older boat! Buyer beware. I moved my business to Pantaenius which has no depreciation clause with a much lower premium. It's a market out there for insurance and it pays to be aware of what's in your policy terms and conditions.
I own a boat in Florida, I am a responsible owner and when I became aware I was in the path of hurricane Irma I did the responsible thing and had my boat hauled and stored in a safe place at my own expense. The hurricane passed without incident to my boat and I put her safety back in the water. Today I received my BoatUS insurance renewal and it begins "Congratulations because of your excellent claims record" it then goes on to tell me my policy has increased by 24% or $263 for my excellent claims record. It also mentions that my hull deductible has decreased to 25% so in order to take advantage of my excellent claims record I need to make a claim? go figure, I foolishly thought that BoatUS was an organization that existed for the benefit of boat owners, ensuring there best interests, clearly I was wrong, they are just another company ensuring they maximize their profit.
Covered damage to my boat or someone else's boat or property in case of an accident... after the deductible was met. I paid a monthly premium for the coverage and I thought the price was fair for the amount of coverage that I received. If I got ill and could not pay there was a grace period. They also paid out a substantial payment if I got seriously injured or died on the boat. If my boat was vandalized that was also covered. I only had to call customer service one time and the agent I spoke to was helpful, courteous and very professional. They also didn't hassle me when I canceled my coverage.
Never had to use it but it was good for peace of mind. When I called to have it set up they were fast and I got my coverage immediately. I never had to call them or actually work one on one with anyone after the initial set up, but they were friendly and wonderful when setting it up. The price was fantastic! I called around and couldn't find anything better. I also did some online quotes as well and still could not find anything lower than Geico. While I would recommend the extra coverage, the standard coverage was fine for me. We did not use our boat that often. For people who are on the water a lot, I would recommend getting some of the extras.
I'm really satisfied with Geico because it's not very expensive. They are reliable and they can cover that are rented which I'm pretty sure others don't do. Also, they pay for losses that are resulted in collisions. For example if my vehicle crashes or damages some other way such as stolen, damaged by floods, hurricanes or something, they cover them. The customer service isn't that bad, if you call they take care of everything that you have a problem with and will answer any questions that you have. The customer service isn't that bad, if you call they take care of everything that you have a problem with and will answer any questions that you have.
Geico is a company you can trust. They have good option, covers all the basics, and reliable. If I have an issue it is always solved. Their price is great, reasonable, and has great deal of flexibility in how you set it. They also match prices with their competitors. It's the best. They even give you so much extras including emergency ambulance, general dental, optical, physiotherapy, chiropractic, osteopathy and natural therapies. They have excellent customer service, always someone there when you need them. They are kind and gentle and are available 24hrs a day seven days a week.
I have had my boat insurance through BoatUS since purchasing it 2013 and have been very satisfied with their coverage and fair premiums. During this period BoatUS changed their underwriter to GEICO. I have had no claims the entire time with BoatUS; this year my premium went up 25%. My reward for being claims free is a reduction in the hull deductible, so the only way for me to benefit from not having any claims is to have one; this is great, make perfectly good sense to me? I guess knowing that GEICO is a Berkshire Hathaway I shouldn't be surprised!
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