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Freeway Auto Insurance Online Reviews

Company Name: Freeway Auto Insurance
Overall average rating of 1.1 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 2 %
This company "SLIDES" additional fees onto their policies and when they get approached with reporting them to the state is when they get scared and give you back the additional money they took. I think people should be aware that insurance isn't what it use to be and as many offices they may have and operating in multiple states they use their name to bait you in with their "resources". Upper management sucks in this company and from what the employee said to me, they have to meet goals or they'll get fired. It's unfortunate that employees have to do shady things in order to keep their job but that fact of the matter is very simple. If you want customers then don't rob them and stop forcing your employees to sell us things where they need to lie about it in the client's face. I didn't report them because they gave me back my money but people should be aware.
I called two days ago to add a person to my insurance through Freeway insurance and the agent said he would call me right back with quotes. To this day the agent hasn't called me. Totally bad service and it's not the first time they have done this.
I was buying a car and I had Freeway insurance for my old one. They ended up giving me a different insurance company and I had to pay $648 for a "down payment" - it's a broker fee. Only $252 went to the insurance and they take the rest! So I ended up paying $397 at the time. 4 days later I found cheaper insurance and went back to Freeway to cancel my insurance. They still wanted me to pay the $250 but the lady I talked to didn't tell me that.
They called my mother, she is 92! They sold her an auto ins. policy for $108/month and took a $500.00 fee straight out of her checking acct. SHE'S 92, does not drive, didn't understand what was happening. Has a fixed income, checks bounced. SHE'S 92 - what the heck. TRIED to get the money back but they said - "Hey, she signed." Such a scam. I had to pay her bills. I don't have the $ either. Called the phone # on the email and whoever answered said, he doesn't work at this number. I can't get through or an answer. Scam a poor little old lady.
First off Freeway Insurance is just the broker. It's not a actual insurance company. I finally found out I had insurance through Western General after going in to speak with them. Make long story short if you purchase a new car and want to take the old one off they will charge you 172 just to swap cars on your insurance and you will have to pay your insurance on top of that. So in one month I needed to pay 175+240 or whatever your insurance amount is added with the 175 in. Guess what. It does not stop there. Because my car is a 2016 they took it up 60 more dollars so my payment is 300 a Month. What a rip off. Insurance is almost a car payment. Looking for another insurance company as we speak. Throw the broker and the insurance company away pls.
Two months ago I helped a friend find auto insurance. She has a bad driving record, so I searched for companies who deal with assigned risk. Freeway Auto Insurance took all of her information, driver's license, vin number etc. and ran all the reports. They quoted her a price of $298.00 a month (which was a lot less than other places). The agent sent her the documents to sign, which included all of her accidents listed and spelled out who was at fault. The agent assured us that this was the price and it wouldn't go up. They deducted her payment for the 2nd month just as the first one. Then on the 3rd month she got a bill that read that her payment was $564.00 a month. When she called them and spent 6 hours on the phone, they told her that the agent has put a "good driver" discount in and then upon review, they took it off.Did the agent do this just to get the $350.00 non-refundable agent fee, knowing that it wouldn't stick? Also, the insurance company (Dairyland Insurance) obviously accepted the policy presented from the agent, why would they do if they didn't plan on honoring the contract. I feel like our friend was scammed. Shady business practices a best... possibly scam artists.
Didn't get the service I sign up for. No authorization to take out money out of a 3rd party account and they still did it - overcharge me. Consumers service are a shame.
First at all, agent lied I will get the "best rate" for my car. It was not cheap at all. Additionally my bank declined my car loan, because insurance was not full coverage. I paid brokers fee $100 plus to agent for "fool coverage". Got high price for only liability insurance. When I got car insurance with other insurance company called to cancel my policy with Freeway. They don't have electronically sign paperwork. I must to got to they office and cancel. They charge cancellation fee. Can you believe it? They work like in 19 century!!! Freeway insurance services should be closed. Want to sue this "agency".
This company is a joke. The employees/agents are all unprofessional and incompetent. I moved 4 months ago and have had to physically go into their office to change my address twice. They charge you $10 for any change you want to make to your policy and you have to physically go to their office to sign a lot of paperwork for any little change. Not only did they NOT make the change of address in their system correctly, TWICE they hung up on me 5 times when calling to sort this out. My policy expired 10 days ago and I didn't even realize it since they have been sending invoices and notices to my old address. This company is beyond difficult to work with. I will not bother with them anymore and will just move on to another company.
I had purchased car insurance from Freeway Insurance on Adams and Figueroa. On the day I went in, I was rushed through the paperwork because the broker said she had to use the restroom. Later on my Visa card, I was debited $200, and when I called their corporate office, they then stated that my money would not be refunded. They had charged me for hidden broker fees that I was unaware of, being my first time buying car insurance. The broker did not discuss the broker fees which led to me lose $200. I was really hurt and disappointed with their service, and would like my money refunded.
I was charged a huge broker's fee, the broker agency is located at the MAIN ST, EL CAJON CITY of CALIFORNIA. The lady that spoke with me told that "we are charging you for three months and we will refund your money back if you cancelled before that." After 1 week I sold a car and cancelled the policy and received the letter from the original company letting me know that I will receive the refund after one month. I went many times to the broker and every time, they give phone number to call the original insurance company. After almost one year the original company told me that they charged me for one month $42.97. When I asked the broker about that, they told me the rest of the money are for documents and broker fee $20.00 + $66.02. They never told me about these fee. Most of the people who go to this broker do not speak English. So be aware for their roles.
Freeway ins. could ruin your credit for hiding information from you.
I need a towing service from you guys and I'm still on the line for two hours. Nobody answers me. I can't believe it. Just a really bad service.
I filled out info online asking for a quote. I received three calls and none could meet my current insurance. In about a two-week period, I received 11 calls and kept asking to take my name off the list. Today, I received another call and asked to be removed. Then I received the 12th call and I called the number listed for the Corporate Headquarters and asked to speak to a manager. I was given to a person named Kane (or Cain) who claimed to be a manager but refused to tell me his position title. He agreed to take me off the list. Within an hour, I received the 13th call and when I answered, they hung up. I called the number back and Cain answered and when he heard me, he hung up again. This is causing me to go to several consumer services to ensure a bad rating.
Over priced, no customer service, they do not even have a voice mail. No one pick up the phone in the office and the employees do not know what they are talking about. You are better not having insurance than going with freeway auto insurance. Go with geico, progressive, farmers... they all have better rates, customer service and overall value.
Freeway Insurance of Fresno, CA 4846 Kings Canyon Rd - I signed up with Freeway October 12, 2017. I was very clear with Agent **, that I didn’t want Freeway Insurance in my private account. I told her 5 times, while looking directly in her eyes at her desk, I did not want Freeway Insurance in my bank account. It turns out, if you write a check, or use a debit card whether you authorize them or not, these people now have the right to access your account at will. This is exactly what Freeway Insurance did. This company is robbing customers at will when you sign up them, And overcharging good paying customers for what’s supposed to be reasonable insurance. What I paid Freeway for Liability, I have full coverage at a better company.
The price they quoted me was different in person. They made me put twice the amount. They gave me two weeks to pay the portion that I didn't have. Once I told them I needed additional days, they said I couldn't and was very rude. I spoke with a supervisor and he granted the next two business days...On a Friday, come the next day my account was in the neg. They took it upon themselves to take the money. Anyhow three days later, made another attempt to take more money after signing, saying I didn't want my account set up for automatic withdraws. They have been giving me the runaround ever since...very unprofessional.
I was asks by State Farm Insurance if I wanted to put my daughter's boyfriend under my Insurance and I said yes. But then I had got sick, miss a lot of work, was hospitalize so I couldn't afford to put him on my Insurance. And State Farm told me he would be an excluded driver so I told my daughter's boyfriend to look for insurance that he could afford. So went with Freeway Insurance that day they give a paper saying he was cover till 12:01 noon or else his policy would be cancel. He get in an accident at 11:13, the ambulance rushes Julian and grandson to the hospital. So by the time they were release, he went to Freeway. Paid the remaining balance. They said they were not going to cover the accident because he got Insured after the accident leaving me to pay 39,000 dollars. How can they stop false advertisement, a lot of young adult go for this kind of insurance because that all they could afford.
I paid $560 for a down payment Freeway insurance never mentioned. When I open the policy, they cancel my Policy. NOW, I have NO Insurance and they took my $560 (down payment). This is the WORST experience ever!! :(
A few months ago, I purchased a Freeway Auto Insurance, which is by the way Safeway Auto Insurance. It cost me nearly $300 or even more to sign up with a ‘03 Impala with some decent monthly payments. But the issue here is that they are quick to take your money by constantly bombarding you with these questions, "Do you have a credit card? Do you have a checking account? Are you sure you don't have a checking account?”, although I have told them that I mentioned to the agent I didn't have one and that I will come back when I can pay the money. So then, they fed me this line, "Well, you have to do it today: pay like $175 now and within a few days pay $75 or $85."So when I paid, they tried to within a day, and not a few days, withdraw the money. But before that could happen, I canceled my checking card for a new one and they sent me a letter in the mail so quickly about the failed transaction. But this was the first time I signed up and I paid, though I had no choice if I wanted change from the car lot's insurance, which is about $200 for a ‘03 dusty car, with peeled off paint and scratches on it. So now I went yesterday with a new car, a 2012, and all of a sudden I get hassled again this time from a new agent with the same questioning about paying with a checking account or debit card/credit card when I already have their insurance. And then after I told him I don't have either, he still insisted.So he went in the office like for the third time talking to his manager about my situation with paying the same price I stated earlier for the ‘03 to pay for the 2012. So I said, "I will come back and pay the money on my payday." He said, "Sir, if you do not, I can't guarantee the same quote." So he left again and came back from talking to his manager behind closed doors and he told me if I pay $75 or even $50 or $30 today, and $180 to $200 something in a few days, then I can start up. Then he switched from saying the policy may change to, "I will wait and keep the premium and liability the same when you come back.” But during the whole time he spoke gibberish English trying to confuse, but had a very clear tone when it came to getting my money so quickly.I think for 20 minutes he was trying so bad to make a sale and I asked him why I have to pay this much to add this car and he said, "You have to pay double for the first and last months." But something isn't right with the picture because I had a different agent and I have to pay that same amount for the ‘03. I am so confused. I know this may have confused someone who is reading because this whole entire process was to me. Sorry.
My son went to a Freeway Insurance Co. located on Laurel Canyon Plaza in North Hollywood. The agent Allison didn't disclosed the broker fee of $212.00. His downpayment was of 312.00, we are assuming the 300.00 is going towards the downpayment. We tried to cancel and Allison said their broker fee was not refundable. The reason why we are upset is because this fees were not disclosed at the beginning to see if we were going to agree to their terms and conditions.
I heard about this company and heard about their "amazing" deals, so I decided to give it a try and save some money. For the first few days, I didn't worry, until I told my daughter to look for reviews online. When she told me about this website, and how she found many bad reviews, I immediately called to cancel my policy. Of course this company doesn't refund, so I knew I wasn't going to get back my first payment. I was only a few days in. I thought "okay, it's canceled. It's done".A few days later, I check my bank account to find they charged me an extra $20 without my consent. It didn't even come up on my bank charges with their company name. I called them and they said I had accepted this fee. The worker I talked to then said he would have someone call me. No one ever called. A few days later I find another fee! $150! I call them and they had NO excuse to why I was charged!Not only that, but he then says my policy is still active! I called the next day to get this sorted out, just for them to IGNORE every call. Turns out my policy number wasn't even for my car, the number that was on the bill was not even their actual telephone number! This company can't be trusted! Super unprofessional and rude. If you have a similar incident I advise you call your bank and have it sorted out. I called, and was refunded my money.
So I signed up with Freeway Insurance on 4/26/12. I was as happy as can be that I found and switched to Freeway Insurance. I spoke with Jeamy at the Westminister Freeway Insurance office. She got me all set up and told me that if anything, to contact her. So, it's all going well. Then, I got this letter in the mail stating that my payments would be $225 and that my monthly payment would always be on the 18th. But I signed up on the 26th. The 18th isn't even a month yet. So I called Jeamy, and she told me that she's going to talk to them and that she would call me the next day around 10am.So the next day came, it's 10am, and I see no missed call or anything. So I called and they said, "She's busy right now. Give me your number, and she will get back with you." So I did that, and I received no calls back or anything. So I went down there and spoke with her, and she fixed it. This last time, I went yesterday, because they just took money out of my account. I called and they said she's not there. So I went down there after work, and she told me "Oh, we will have you switched to the other plan' that I and she had talked about to lower my payments. She said, "Let me talk to my boss, so we can get you switched and get you your money back asap (the money they took out)." So she said, "I will call you tomorrow. So expect my call." So I waited and still received no calls all day, and they're open till 8. Even my friend called, and they said, "Sorry. Jeamy's at lunch. She's with a customer right now, but she will call you back." All these excuses, and their office is always dead, like nobody goes at all. Like this last time, I just called and someone answered. I said, "May I speak with Jeamy." The guy said, "Yeah, one moment please." Then he got back on the phone and said, "Actually, she's busy; but I can take a message." Like I honestly believe. She's ignoring me or trying to, because every time I go, she's all nice. But when I asked for one call back, I got nothing; and I'm already tired of it. That's not good customer service at all! I should take action and sue!
I called Freeway, received a great quote, paid the amount, got their insurance. 2 weeks later I got a letter stating that my payment was triple than they quoted me. Two day later my son wreck his 2014 car. Freeway insurance said the car was totaled. Then 2 month later I get a check in the mail for a small amount. They decided not to total the car but fix it. Nobody accepted their offer, it was not enough and no collision shop was willing to work with them. This is a horrible company.
First of all, PLEASE DO NOT GO TO THESE CAR INSURANCE OFFICES. FREEWAY DOESN'T WORK AT ALL. I needed to talk to someone who can help me with my questions, but no one did. The manager is a stupid guy who didn't even get out of his office and talk to me. They said I was supposed to pay a certain amount. Now they wanna charge much, much more for no reason. 4th STREET AND VERMONT is where the OFFICE I went to is located. They have a horrible customer service. Please do not go. SO RUDE AND MEAN.
I paid Freeway Insurance for premiums amounting for 1 one year of coverage. I found out that they haven't been covering our vehicle but someone else. They have been charging me for premiums and have not been covered for one day. I contacted Freeway Insurance and refuse to reimburse me the premiums that they charge me for no coverage. Please make note that the Broker that help me Tersa ** was very rude, disrespectful and started threatening me and told that if I wanted her to help to shut up and don't say a word!
Very poor sales people they gave me a set price then after I gave him the money he told me a different price like 200 more after we came to a agreement. Beware of broker fee and charging for every change to policy. I gave Freeway 300 down. I had to drop one of my cars because they did not have the right limits to insure my truck so I ask for my refund. They told me those are broker fees. Beware.
I wish I could give this place negative stars if I could. So first, I called Baja Insurance to get a quote and I signed up with an agent named Jesús. Then my policy got later canceled because of something about my insurance card not being current and when I tried to call him I find out that he doesn't even work for the company anymore so the number they gave me doesn't mean jack **. After that I had to call Freeway Insurance from the number on their website because neither of the numbers that were on my signed contract were applicable. So fast forward to today, I go to check on my policy and find out that it's canceled AGAIN even though I sent in a current insurance card, and when I call the fourth person in a row in order to get some information on that, they tell me that my policy was canceled because my application was never sent. Mind you they're talking about the application that I SIGNED and RETURNED to Jesús. They told me that they sent me a mailed and texted notice about this, but I never received either. When I asked what could be done about it, the agent was extremely rude and told me that the only thing that could be done about this whole mess was to open a new ** policy.To summarize DO NOT GO HERE unless you're comfortable with: being randomly dropped from the policy for payments you never received notice for, being dropped for never submitting an application even though you did, your agent suddenly not existing anymore, having to call four different numbers just to get in contact with your company because the other three they gave you don't work.
Hi... When I signed up for this Ins the customer service was quick and helpful, I signed up with a lovely agent (**). She was great in getting me a quote and I paid over the ph and she sent me my ID cards and all her reachable info, She said when it was time for my payment I can call her and we can do it over the phone. So at that time, I called. No Ans, so I left a message NA, then I called at different times of the day. No answer, left messages, no return call, emailed, no return emails, at one time the call rolled over to another office at Military (Mitchell). She was really nice. I asked how come the office on Austin High never answered. She says the office is always open.So I called the 8884434662 Customer Service #. The Rep that answered was unprofessional and rude, So at the end of the call she asked If there was anything else I needed help with I said, "Yes; you need to be more nicer to your customers," and I said, "You are very rude and impatience and had I have had an accident or something else had happen and that's why I would have been calling I would not want a Rep with your attitude helping me." So with a softer tone of voice, she said, "I'm sorry." I then told her I was originally thinking that I was going to get a quote for my other 5 veh's, However with their manner of assisting customers, Them, not answering the phone calls or emails I'm definitely sure I do not want to stay on with Freeway Ins. So I made my way to 1533 Austin Highway, spoke to Mrs. ** and put in my cancellation. Shortest time I was ever with an Ins Co. 16 Days Only. What one needs in an Ins Co is for the least: Great Customer Service, Prompt Assistance, ESPECIALLY in the event of an accident, Then again their having employment depends on Customers and their Satisfaction, Hence Training and Assessments, To Better Serve Customers.
I was told I would be getting insurance on the phone by an agent named Gana at She quoted me a policy for $39 a month.I just got a bill in the mail for another $80 and the actual policy I received in the mail is showing it is $59 a month. And I am being forced to carry uninsured motorist, which is not a requirement in my state. I have contacted Freeway Insurance and have had no reply from them.I am filing a complaint with the California Department of Insurance. I will be informing my bank not to honor their electronic payment since I have seen they steal money from people. I am disabled and this is just one thing I got to worry about. I bought this policy online through their website.
I used to work there. They tell you a price to get you to set up an appointment. When you get there, they add in a travel package, accidental death and dismemberment that they usually start at an additional $200.00 a year. They calculate it into your regular monthly payment so you won't notice because they quote a 12-month policy rather than a 6-month, which is what most have already. The salespeople are training to sell these packages because if they don't, they only make $10.00 per policy. If you go there, plan on spending around 2 hours. Their paperwork (approximately 30 pages) is a joke. You will constantly be interrupted by phone calls because they're too cheap to hire a minimum wage person to answer the phone.I know jobs are hard to come by but this is a place you do not want to work for; they've already been fined $17,000.00 by the Department of Insurance for allowing unlicensed employees to sell their policies. I'm waiting for the state of Arizona to pounce on them again when they find out about the unethical selling of these travel packages. By the way, they pay the minimum $7.65 here in Arizona. If you do take the job, prepare yourself to be cold calling people that are sick of hearing from your office like one of the other people has already mentioned.
So I have previously had got an insurance policy with this company for less than a month, and they did not inform me of the payment of $200 that was owed to them? I had paid the first 2 weeks but then had to cancel my policy due to financial troubles. They then sent me a letter saying that I have to pay them $200 or I will be reported for fraud? I had got a letter from Freeway Insurance saying that I will be reported to their fraud department, but I had did nothing of this sort? I am really worried that this is a scam of some sort and would like to know what I can do? Since my policy was cancelled and I had got a letter from them for it, why do they still want money from me? Someone please shed some light on this situation?
Signed up with Freeway Insurance. They wanted $200.00 down payment. I said that was too much. I have $100. She said not to worry. Then I receive a letter from Infinity telling me that they were taking $100 out of my account. I was outraged and called another insurance company. They quoted me only $100 and no more. So I went to Freeway to cancel my policy. They said no and I couldn't get any money refunded and they said I still have to pay the $100. I'm on a fixed income and told them I just couldn't afford it. They said go to the other company and see what they are charging me, then I can cancel. I was only insured by them for 7 days. I realize they are to get some money for their services and that’s fine, but not $200.00. I also looked at my payment plans and it states $39.88 for 11 months which totals to $438.68. My premium is for $353.00 plus $1.80, so there is another $85.68 of costs to whom? After I called corp. and explained what happened and they said no refund, I was really mad and hung up. I did tell them I was filing a complaint. About 10 minutes went by and she told me that they would be nice and take $50 off the $200. So it’s still $150.00 for 7 days. No way. The agent never explained anything to me and she did say I have 30 days to cancel.
I purchased insurance for two of my vehicles. One newly bought, through the phone and completed the paperwork online. I was charged $400+ of broker's fee without even being informed of it. I did ask the guy why was it so high, he just told me, "That's how much you'll have to pay to install the insurance." There was no "broker's fee" in this while processing the paperwork. While on the phone and completing the rest of the paperwork at the same time, he told me, "I've already gone ahead and completed some of those information for you, you just have to click agree." Of course, I read over those portions before clicking agree. At the end, I questioned the cost of $600+ for auto insurance and was given the response earlier. Needing insurance to drive my newly bought car home, I paid the price. Later on as I printed the emailed documents and read them, I learned that I was cheated and lied to. I was never given the broker's fee information document online but was given the broker's fee agreement page. Reading further, I realized that the agent had put in initials for me, however, those initials were not my initials. I have one extra initial when I initial documents. So I called customer service a few days later and was given a case number, waited a few days (was told that upper management would get back to me within 24-48 hours), heard nothing, called back and was told that they would call me again. So I finally called back, maybe a week later, and was told that it says on my record that I told them that everything was okay and fine. I never said that! I told them that I would be waiting for upper management to call me back regarding the high broker's fee I paid that I did not know about. So, the agent told me that he will put it on my file and email it to his manager and the manager will call me back at 3pm once he returns from lunch. I waited, yet nothing and it's been over a month since I've heard from them and I don't think I'll ever hear from them because they just want to cheat, steal, and lie to their customers and that's exactly what they did to me!!! I've canceled all my policies through them and am now happily insured with Triple AAA. Never!!! Never go through Freeway Auto Insurance, they'll only lie, cheat, and steal from you!!!
I have never dealt with a company that has such horrible customer service. There is employees are rude and unhelpful. I called to see if I could add a car to my policy and I needed to know how much that would cost. They tell me that they cannot tell me how much it will cost over the phone. So how am I suppose to know how much money to bring in to add the car to my policy. It is utter idiocy to expect someone to take off work and come into your office without even being prepared to have the payment ready. I honestly would not recommend this company to anyone.
I called Freeway for a car insurance quote and met with a broker in person to sign up for a 6 month insurance policy. I paid Freeway $198.00 which was the cost for the down payment fee and the first month of my auto insurance policy. After using this agency for one month I had an unsettling feeling regarding their professionalism and I sensed some shady business practices. I decided to call around for new insurance quotes and switched my car insurance before the second insurance payment was due. After setting up a new insurance policy with a different company and canceling my existing policy with Freeway I made a trip to my local motor vehicle department to notify them of my new insurance policy just to make sure that they had my new policy information on record so I didn't receive an insurance laps for my cancelation with Freeway.To my (not so) surprise, the clerk at the motor vehicle department told me that my car was never insured, and the insurance ID card that I had received from Freeway were fraudulent. In a nutshell... I paid $198.00 for a car insurance policy that never existed and drove my car for 30 days with no insurance! I also had to pay my local DMV $310.00 to avoid getting my license suspended for having plates to a uninsured vehicle.I immediately called Mercury insurance company because that was the company that I was insured through via Freeway, and a Mercury representative told me that they had no record of me on file and the policy number that I gave them was for a different vehicle. To say that this is a bad company is an understatement. Just as I had suspected... I was scammed! And after reading other reviews I am less hopeful that I'll even get reimbursed. I'm not sure how this company is still in business and I would highly recommend you look elsewhere for auto insurance.
I needed cheap insurance because I have an old car that doesn't need full coverage. Heard about freeway insurance on the radio so I gave them a call. I paid 75$ to start my insurance and was told it would be 45 a month after that. I specifically told them that I don't authorize auto bill pay. Two weeks later 130$ was taken from my account. From what I've read on here I'm not the only one to have this problem. Please someone do something about this company.
I was struck from behind by a Freeway Insurance member. However, Freeway Insurance seemingly has no way to be contacted to make a claim! Try. I dare you. Google them. Look on their website. There is plenty of information on how to buy their crappy insurance. None on how and where to file a claim. I've invested several hours today trying to make a claim, having wound up in several queues and voicemail boxes. This company is the absolute worst. Please. In the name of all that is holy, do not buy insurance from these people.
I signed up over the phone opting to pay in full, but decided to cancel less than 2 hours after charging over 1,000 on my card. They were supposed to email paperwork for me to sign and fax back an Insurance info within 15 minutes, but hadn't done so yet. So when they finally called me back 2 hours later I told them I no longer wanted insurance, Please cancel. They threatened me they would take money anyway and if I didn't want to lose any more money I needed to keep Insurance and not cancel.
This company is not a good insurance company, I had a freeway and they over charged me. And then they stole $150 off my credit card.
Classic bait and switch. Quote me one price. Then double it in person. When I reluctantly went with their policy. I was $14.00 short. Kila then said I could pay him back. I thought that was kind. Yesterday he called to remind that I owed him still. So I said I'll try to make it over to pay him. I unfortunately was unable to make it there. As far as Freeway insurance I highly recommend that this gentleman, and I use the term gentleman loosely. Is either fired or give him a business ethic course along with a basic guideline of what proper customer service is supposed to be like. As for me I recommend that you stay away from this place. This place is shady. Go with a company like Allstate, AAA or State Farm. Their agents have to be professionals.
I called Freeway Insurance and talked to someone (I can't remember her name). She made me an appointment with promotional code at Norwalk. She quoted $96 for 2 vehicles, so I was excited and went there in a hurry. As soon as I got there, I got help and the girl was asking me that I have to pay for $580. I was like for what. She said, "The insurance company wants you to pay this amount," which is ** because I already have Infinity insurance. I could've just added it through my policy, but she insisted "Oh no, this is a new policy," so I wasn't thinking. She said, "How much money can you pay?" I said, "I only have $150, so okay I can pay that," but saying that the Infinity insurance wants me to pay $580, even though I already have policy with them. She didn't explain to me about the broker fee. If I knew that we have to pay broker fee, I would never do it there. I was trying to read the contract and she was in so hurry I can't even read it. It's like she's grabbing the paper in my hand and trying to tell me, "Oh just sign it, it's not that big of a deal." I'm so upset now I want to cancel it. I want my money back, but they said I cant get my money back which is not right at all. They're trying to steal money from people. I wish they get punished by this. I would never ever recommend this company to anyone. Beware of scams that want your money upfront where you're not supposed to pay. I might have to cancel my card. I don't want to pay the $200. So upsetting. They shouldn't be in the business or at least have the employee let all the customers know about the broker fee.
I began shopping around for a new insurance policy and I kept hearing the commercials about how great Freeway Insurance is ($29.00/day and blah, blah, blah). I honestly was upset with my current insurance company because my monthly payments had gone up $30.00 due to renewing my policy. So, I called Freeway and ** answered. I asked for a quote and she transferred me to another agent who took down my DL number and all other personal information and then told me, "Oh, someone just pulled up. It might be a new customer. I have to call you back." I waited 2 hours (no call back). I called again and ** answered. I explained to her what happened. She stated she would be glad to help me. It’s the same thing: she took my DL number and personal information along with my second driver's info. She asked me, "Is it okay if I run your MVR while we are on the phone?" I answered, "Yes, that's fine." She then says to me, "It looks like I can get you a monthly rate of $112.00 and if you bring 4 cans of food, I can discount you $100.00 off your deposit fee." I replied, "Awesome! So, how much is the deposit?" She said, "I don't have that information yet. Would you like to make an appointment for 7:15 pm tonight?" I said I get off at 6 pm and I'll go over right after work. I showed up at 6:20 pm and filled out the application. There are 3 girls in the office and one is helping customers already there before me (which is normal). The second girl takes my DL and makes copies and hands them to the first girl who already has customers and gets on the phone. The third girl (**) sits at the last desk doing nothing. My waiting time is 20-25 minutes.I’m observing girl number 1 as I wait and the customers are not happy with her quote. I heard them say it was too high and she replies that it's a better company than what they currently have. They get up to leave and she said, “Wait. You have to sign this paper that states you don't want the policy,” and they leave after signing. So I'm up next I wait while number 1 chit chats with ** at the back desk. Finally, she said she can help me. I sat at her desk and explained my current situation. She began inputting my info and said to me, “I have to run this with my manager (**).” They talked and ** said to her, “You can do it - work your magic.” That’s a big sign of bad news. The girl comes back and says to me, "Your deposit will be $360.00 and since you brought the 4 cans of food, I can take off $100.00 and your monthly will be $180.00.” I told her no! I spoke with ** earlier today and she quoted me $112.00 monthly. The girl then goes and explains to ** what I said. She comes to the desk and said, "I was the one who talked to you on the phone. What I told you was just an estimate. We still have to run your MVR." I replied, "You ran it while we were on the phone and you asked my permission to run it and I said yes." She said, “Well, I'm the manager and I don't do that over the phone, so I know you’re not telling the truth." My response: "I wrote down everything you told me and I would have not came in if I knew you were gonna charge me more than what I'm currently paying." She then said, "Well, there is more than one ** at this office." That really pissed me off. I asked for my paperwork back and girl number one then said, “Well, if you want you can pay the deposit in payments.” I told her, “No, I don't want to go through with any of it,” so she made me sign a paper stating I didn't want the policy. I got up ready to leave and I told her you can keep the can food. I was so upset I wasted so much time. This was the location on 40th Street and Thomas road in Phoenix, AZ. **, you have very poor customer service skills.
I am currently looking for a car ins. and noticed that this company has a loan for as little as $15 a month. So the husband and I said why not? We went down to the both they have in mi pueblo on solano ave vallejo ca. The young lady was real nice. When she entered in all our info she called someone and proceeded to give us our quote. She said it would be $400 to start first month free and we could pay it off in 2 payments...... When I asked her what was the $400 for, she couldn't answer me. And said if we did direct deposit it would be cheaper. I was already feeling uncomfortable so we said we would comeback. Then she started asking how much did we have on hand right now. They would take anything we had... That's when I knew this business was shady and wanted to leave fast. When they saw we weren't going to be fooled with she said the man on the phone wanted to speak to me. He started saying how I was a good customer and didn't want to lose us. He would lower it to $98 down and $75 a month for all 3 cars. But I had to sign up RIGHT now because it was an offer that wouldn't last. Thankfully my husband was already out the door. I told him we'd call back if interested. This business is completely SHADY and a complete SCAM!!!!! DO NOT GO!!!! I'm so glad I'm not stupid enough to fall for their stuff.
I think I just been took! First off I called - heard advertisement and was ready to switch. So I asked them could they hold my account until today, so call them, being trusting and tried to complete my policy! Why did they have me in the system with someone else's name - lies, all lies. So I get worried but I proceed because I am like 'it's car insurance, how scam-ish can that be?' Wow am I naive. As a grown woman I always check reviews, Google, the whole nine. Never in my life have I been in a place so money-hungry. I mean times get desperate, but this is insane. And I'm not the one. So I check yelp - nothing. So I give the chick correct info, and not to mention credit card info, to get the policy started. And way all day it's been crazy because ** called me 50 times and then I had to actually take my care to a place that wasn't even a Freeway office, so then I'm like, 'really this is in the ghetto'. And she told me that was the closest to where I lived. So a lady named ** comes, takes pic and I'm like what freak! I got taken for a ride for a second, so I realize this and I don't answer any of her texts or calls because it's raining and I am busy doing other things. So she calls back saying...
I recently bought insurance through them and then I made my other payment this month or next month and that's when I received the letter stating that they're not going to cover my car because they don't covered GT Mustangs but now they took my money and tell me if I would have had a wreck it wouldn't have paid for it but now they don't want to give me a full refund. They want to keep my money for a policy that was no good to start with. How can you sell somebody something in it doesn't even cover their vehicle and you keep the money. I would like to know if y'all could help me get my money back. I would appreciate it. I live on disability.
I called to get a quote from the company. The girl tells me my price for the insurance. This was on Wed. I make appointment to come in on Thursday and all of a sudden, they not writing anymore more policies for the company. She gave me a price for the day before. They will quote you one price on the phone and tell you something higher when you come into the office. GEICO THEY ARE LIARS ALSO SO BEWARE.
I went into their offices on La tijera on 11/ 9/11, needing insurance. The CSR, Michael **, quoted me $60 a month for my vehicle with $100 down and $57 to be brought in the following week and in additional an additional $200 to be paid in on 11/23/11 after signing forms. I considered two things: 1) That was too much money to pay in a month. 2) He didn't give me copies of all documents I needed. I went in on 11/16/11 to cancel the policy and that I received a better insurance with another company. On 12/2/11, they deducted $200 out of my account via my debit card. When I called them on Saturday 12/3/11 at 4:30, they were closed. I called on 12/5/11 and explained to a " Sylvia" the situation and she hung up on me. I called back and spoke with "Lydia", I explained what happened and she said I could not be refunded my money. I said I cancelled my policy on 11/16/11. I made sure to get a copy of that. She said it was for services rendered. I said, "What services rendered?" I only had the policy for a week and I cancelled because it was too much money. I then requested to speak to someone higher up. I spoke with Joel who basically repeated what she said. I said, "Look, you have 127 complaints with Better Business Bureau. I just looked your company up right now, do you want to make me the 128? He was rude and replied, "I don't care ma'am, you're not getting your money back." He continued to say that if anything, you still owe us $ 77. I said for what? I cancelled on the 16th of November. He then continued to say, "Sorry, you're not getting your money back."
I contacted Freeway Insurance via phone to open a new policy on January 4, 2018. I paid nearly $150 to start the policy and I was told several times that my first installment payment would be due the following month, and all subsequent bills would come monthly. I received a bill in the mail for my first installment fee about a week later stating that my first bill was due as of January 25, 2018. Needless to say I was pissed. They did not honor what they originally quoted me. What is the purpose of recording the phone conversation if the broker/agent is not going to be held accountable. I paid $150 for 22 days of insurance as opposed to 30. Had this been conveyed to me initially, I wouldnt have had a problem, but I don't like being deceived.I tried contacting customer service and after being placed on hold for more than 20 minutes the agent finally picked up and after explaining my grievance the call was disconnected and there was no attempt for them to call me back. I had to contact them again and wait again for someone to pick up only to be told that there is nothing that can be done about the mix up. Extremely frustrating. I will never do business with them or any of their affiliates (such as Infinity) and would not recommend their services to a friend or loved one. Their rates were no lower than any of the many other insurance agencies in my city.
If you expect courteous customer service you will NOT get it from Freeway Insurance. If you go into their office you will wait for extreme long times even if you are the only customer. The underqualified agents purposes ignore you and file their nails and giggle while they gossip. They have deceptive means as to which to charge you obscene charges that are hidden and unreasonable such as a $100.00 fee to make changes on your policy including removing a vehicle from the policy. Then if you get wise and cancel they will find other coercive ways to bill you for made up charges. And forget their roadside assistance as you will sit for 4-5 hours in danger. I cancelled and got written by AAA with better coverage, rental car and roadside assistance that can be depended on. So DO NOT use FREEWAY INSURANCE, they are not to be depended on and surely are not your friend.
I made the biggest mistake of going to Freeway Insurance to get car insurance for my family. I was charge $395 by Freeway Insurance agents just to find me a car insurance (broker fee). I was never aware of a broker fee. I also was NOT told that there will be a down payment fee... In total I paid $544.00 and was WAS TOLD THAT THIS WAS THE CAR INSURANCE PAYMENT FOR THE ENTIRE YEAR!!! I was lied to. I found out that it's a BROKER FEE and DOWNPAYMENT FEES, I also have to pay a monthly fee of $85 on top of that $544.00 fee which I had thought was the car insurance payments. I find this experience with Freeway Insurance to be very dishonest. I feel that they took advantage of me.Had they explained these fees to me, it would have been a different situations. They never did, they told me that this was the entire payment for the whole year! I clarified it with them and they said the same thing. They never mentioned a monthly payment and my understanding was, I was going to pay the whole amount in two payments... Find a local, and honest insurance. Do not go online and make calls to random insurance companies! My family, whose on the insurance with me was so busy that we decided to go online and call around to these insurance companies to check on quotes. This was the biggest mistake I made in a long time.
I was completing the adhesion of Freeway Insurance when the dealership of the car I was trying to buy informed me that I could not buy the car. At the same instant I told the FREEWAY INSURANCE clerk Arthur to cancel my insurance. But even canceling in the same second, I was charged, and by requesting my money back they informed me that it would take 2 weeks for my refund. I'm waiting almost 1 month, and every time that I call to ask about my refund, they put me on the waiting line for more than 40 minutes and they never solve my situation. This will be my last request before talk with my lawyer to solve this problem.
I purchased Insurance with Windhaven through Freeway Insurance. I provided proof of prior insurance and was told my discounted rate will be $260 per month. After almost 3 months I realized they were charging my card over $510 per month. I called Windhaven and they stated Freeway never sent them proof of prior insurance and that is why I was charged $510 per month. Windhaven stated it is too late for me to receive my previous quote and placed a conference call to Freeway. Freeway asked them to cover the mistake made by Freeway and Windhaven said no and canceled my policy. Freeway filed a complaint for me because it was proven that I provided my previous insurance proof prior to purchasing this new quote and it was a mistake on their behalf and they owe me the overpayment amount.I received a refund offer of only $100 instead of the total owed of $750 when the math is done based on being overcharged for the past 3 months. I kept asking to speak to someone else, all of then admitted it was Freeway's mistake, but the most I was offered to be refunded is $300, which I refused to accept because then I would be agreeing by taking that amount versus what is owed. I was told that someone will contact me next week with their final amount they will pay for their mistake. Each person offered a different amount of refund and someone who stated she was the Manager said they will not refund anything and I should have noticed in the beginning. I'll find out next week what they're going to actually pay me.
Looking for reasonable insurance after being dropped by State Farm, Freeway Insurance helped me find affordable coverage for around almost half the price of other companies. My agent Dawn ** really help ease my mind of paying high prices for insurance. With an affordable down payment and affordable monthly payments, I have great insurance coverage again. Thanks Dawn, you're truly an angel!!
I got a quote from broker Salvador in their Covina office with a company named Western General located in Calabasas, CA. The broker initially told me my monthly payments will be $198 for 2 cars with a contract for a year and my down payment will cover my first month $400+ 20 transaction fee. Also, he said that I could cancel any time without paying a fee. I agree, Big Mistake. I barely got their insurance for 10 days and got charged my account $198 from Western General for the first month. Five days later I got a letter from Western General saying that my premium was going to be raised to $398 because my husband didn't have enough driving experience. I call my broker right away and he promised to get my a new policy with a new insurance. Whenever I call he would say that he was looking for a better rate. After a week he never called me back. Before the month was over I cancel Western General only to be told that I still owe $200 for cancellation fee. All this happened during a month period. I called customer service for a refund and was hung up twice. Later I found out that the broker lie about our driving record just to get me to sign with them. Overall, I was out almost $900 for one month coverage.. SCAM, WORST NIGHTMARE..
Horrible service and the people are liars, they play dirty and lie to make you come so they can sell a higher price insurance! I called for a quote and told the guy (Eliot) all about me, my cars and one ticket I have. He asked about how much I pay with Moreno's Insurance through Adriana's Insurance. I told him $98.59 and he said he and his manager will beat or match the price if I bring the policy agreement where it says that I pay that. So I went and then Eliot asked his manager. Rudely, the guy came to the desk where my family and I were and started by saying Adriana's was bad and they sell no rated insurance. He didn't even know how to justify. He could not match the price and that he could not stand by what they offered and promised to me. At that point, he even got rude and upset when I said that I did not expect to get basically that because I do sales myself, but that I do deliver what I offer and that I expect people to do the same. But he got so angry and said he won't match it just because truly, he didn't have any pricing like that at all. I call that liars and unprofessional people!
I began my policy July 1. The agent (**) told me that ACCC would be the only company to accept me with a suspended DL. I paid $224.00 only to find out the insurance company planned on canceling the policy a few days after. The manager at the 5800 Bellaire location finally come back from vacation only to tell me I can not be refunded the $100. I spoke to another manager (**) who told me that accounting would refund the funds in 2 days. It's been 3 days and I've only gotten horrible customer service. They never answer phones and when you go into the location, they are all sitting there. This company is horrible and I do not recommend anyone to use them. Complete ripoff!!!
I was searching for an insurance policy over the weekend. I called Freeway insurance twice and twice they hung up on me. A man and (the second time, when I called to complain) a woman. No apologies; nothing! Because I really needed an affordable policy, I called again. I began an insurance policy with Freeway for $260. They said the insurance policy is from Progressive Insurance. To my surprise, in the space of two days they had deducted $260 and an additional $258! My gosh! I have been calling and emailing the Manager, Luiz. He said he's been communicating with Progressive and that it'd take them 2 WEEKS to refund my money! How is that POSSIBLE?I do not know WHY & HOW they exposed my banking information to Progressive Insurance. Secondly, this UNAUTHORIZED debit into my account has led to my inability to meet certain financial obligations! Freeway insurance emailed me on Monday to inform me that Progressive would send an overnight check to get to me by EOD, Wednesday! Unfortunately, as of today, Thursday 9/28/17, I am yet to receive a cheque, call or email from Freeway Insurance! Beware of these scammers!!! I am taking them to court!
OK, I called Freeway to get a quote. Five different sales reps called me within one hour. Weird, but fine. I picked one sales rep. She was nice, honest and respectable. I came into the office (on 17th Street in Santa Ana). I was going to sign up with the policy when I noticed I had to be somewhere at 6. It was 5:50. I stood up, told the manager and the sales rep that I had to leave. Wow. Big mistake. The rat-faced, sun-burned looking office manager gave me attitude. To put it nicely, he questioned the fact that I had to be somewhere. When I asked him to give me my documents and my ID back, he would not. He said, "No, we have done all of this for you and now you are going to stay here and sign the paperwork."I was shocked. I started crying because I could not believe that they were holding my paperwork hostage. I told the sales rep I would have gladly finished the process via email. That was not good enough for them. So, I was standing there and wanted my documents back. Another rude sales rep was telling me "Well, we're still going to charge your card." I almost lost it. I told them they could not charge my card without me signing anything. I felt like calling the police. The office manager started saying rude comments in the third person context like, "I just want her out of my office. Get this girl out of here, this is such a waste of time."He kept telling me, "You have to sign a cancellation form, you can't leave. I can't give you your documents." Finally, I was handed my paperwork, but I was told I still have to sign a cancellation form. So, I returned to sit down and wait for my cancellation form. Then the sales rep said, "You can just go. It's okay, you don't have to sign anything." I almost lost it once again. The rat-faced, beady-eyed, redneck office manager was doing all of that to waste my time. What an immature and unprofessional person. I will never do business with this company because of his actions.
On August 8, 2011, I went down to Freeway Insurance to cancel a policy on a vehicle of mine that was recently stolen. After canceling the policy, I asked the representative if he could give me a quote on a my truck which was previously insured by them earlier this year. After the representative quoted me a monthly payment ($5X.XX) and a down payment ($311.00), I informed the rep that all I wanted was a quote and that I did not have any money at the time to open a policy. The rep insisted that I get the policy because he said that the rates would soon go up. I decided to get the policy and the rep informed me that he would debit both amounts at different times. One amount ($180) would be debited on 8/12/11 and the remaining amount ($131) would be debited on 8/22/11. The rep never told me I was signing a contract nor did he ever informed me that any of the amounts were non-refundable. The rep basically told me just to sign and date some documents. After an hour, I left Freeway Insurance with a "proof of insurance" certificate. On my way home, I looked at my certificate and noticed it had an effectivity start date of 8/12/11. The rep never once told me that my coverage would start on 8/12/11. The next day (8/9/2011), I called the office and spoke to the same rep and informed him that I would like to cancel the policy and request a refund due to my truck not working. The rep informed me that it was impossible to cancel the policy and that I would not be issued a refund. I explained to the rep that my policy has not even been activated yet and will not be effective for another 4 days so there is no reason why I would not be able to cancel it. The rep assured me that it could not be done and that I was "stuck" with the policy. Having been a Freeway Insurance customer for 5 years, I felt betrayed and cheated. So after I got off the phone with the rep, I called their corporate office and spoke to a CSR. She informed me that only the Office Manager (Pat) could cancel the policy and issue me a refund. I called the office back and spoke to the same rep and requested to speak to Pat. The rep informed me that she was not in the office and that I was wasting my time trying to reach her. The rep told me that she was going to tell me the same thing he has been telling me. After disconnecting the call, I called back and left a message with another rep for Pat (office manager) to return my call. Later that day 8/9/11 around 5:15PM, Pat returned my call and I explained the whole situation. I also informed her that the corporate office referred me to speak to her directly. Pat (office manager) informed me that she would cancel everything, however she would need me to come into the office to sign a cancellation statement. I informed Pat that I would stop by tomorrow (8/10/11) after work and sign the document. Pat informed me that she would be there waiting for me. The next day (8/10/11), I stopped by Freeway Insurance and met with Pat (office manager). She had me sign a cancellation statement and informed me that everything would be canceled and she would like for me to return when I need insurance again. Pat also assured me that I would not be charged anything and that my debit transactions for 8/12/11 & 8/22/11 would be canceled right away. I thanked Pat and left the office. On 8/12/11, I was not charged anything and felt confident that everything was canceled. On 8/22/11, I went to my bank to withdraw some money to buy groceries and the teller informed me that the amount I was requesting was not available. After checking my check book, I knew there was some mistake. After checking my online account, I noticed that earlier that day Freeway Insurance debited a total of $131 from my account. After leaving the bank, I went down to the Freeway Insurance office and asked to speak to Pat. I spoke to her and explained what had happened. She informed me that she canceled everything and that she didn't know what was going on. She also stated that I would be getting a call from the corporate office within 24-48 hours regarding a refund. I asked why this happened after she assured me that everything was okay and she stated that she didn't know. After leaving the office, I called corporate and they were already closed. The next day (today 8/23/11), I called corporate and explained the situation. The CSR informed me that she would look into it and get back to me tomorrow. I explained to the CSR that I need my money back and that it was very important. Earlier today after speaking to the CSR, I received a call from another rep (Luis) and he informed me that I would only be refunded a total of $75 and that I still had a remaining balance of $180. I explained to the CSR that I was assured that everything was cancelled and he agreed that it wasn't fair to me that this was happening. CSR said he would forward the case to management and I would get a call later on. As of 12pm today, I'm still waiting to hear from them. I feel that everyone is giving me the runaround and not giving me any results.
Stay away from these people. This is now - and ALWAYS HAS BEEN - an UNPROFESSIONAL, INCOMPETENT, sorry office full of LOSERS! They contacted ME today to offer me an "overlooked discount" upon renewal of my policy. When I returned their call and for the next THREE HOURS, I was caught in a parade of unprofessionalism and incompetent personalities. Placed ON HOLD forever trying to return THEIR call. A waste of my entire afternoon!! FOREWARNED IS FOREARMED. READ THE REVIEWS ON YELP!! They are nothing but a BLACK HOLE of sweet-talking CREEPS!!!
An agent I spoke to named "Sabrina **" and she lured me into getting insurance by telling me that there is a great deal but did not tell me that I will be paying a huge deposit. I paid $486 and told her to cancel and she said she will call me the next day to cancel it but did not! I called her up the next day after huge call waits and she was on another call (probably duping another innocent person). After a few long call waits and few tries I was able to contact her and she said she will cancel the insurance and I will be refunded the money in 2 to 3 weeks.8 WEEKS go by with NO SIGHT Of MONEY, I call back only to find out that she did not complete the cancellation form and was told only $16 could be refunded back after all cancellation fees, DUPING broker fee and all their fees to STEAL my money!!! Horrible service, very hard to get in touch, multiple transfers, long call waits, cheaters, manipulators, liars, very expensive. DO NOT GET THEIR INSURANCE.
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