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Fred Loya Online Insurance Reviews

Company Name: Fred Loya
Overall average rating of 1.1 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 1 %
I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS INSURANCE COMPANY TO ANYONE. THEY ARE NOT CUSTOMER FRIENDLY ONCE SO EVER!!! I had this company a little bit shy of a year and every single month, a week or two before my insurance payment was due they would call two to three times a day to remind me about my payment. If no I did not answer from my mobile number they would call my workplace... who does that as a insurance company??? As a paying customer there is no need for you to be that needy and clingy towards people to make a payment. This is not a loan company people!!! Fred Loya Insurance you need to get your priorities straight and try better customer service skills, not greedy in need of money skills. People please be advised take your money and your time elsewhere!!! Sincerely your friendly neighborhood reviewer.
My car was hit by one their insured. My car received minor damage. I took my car to a reputable body shop for repairs. When I told them the insurance company name they just sort of rolled their eyes and told me that they had certain rules dealing with that company. If the repairs would be anymore money then what their claims adjuster estimated they would need to go there to take them a check in order for them to release my car. The repairs only took 2 days to complete, I have been stuck with a rental car for more than a week now. I have been calling and calling Jennine ** every day. She did return my call once and still I do not have my car back. Fred Loya insurance is a joke. I will file a complaint with the state insurance authority. They cater to illegal immigrants and have very low standards. Pray to God that you never get hit by one of their insured. Don't waste your time like I did and report and file a claim with your own insurance company. Let your insurance company deal with these low life people. They are unprofessional and have a terrible reputation with body shops and car rental companies. Most insurance companies have a relationship with the rental car companies, not these guys. They do not trust them and force you to pay in advance for the car rental then they claim that they will reimburse you later. That is very shady way and proves they have a terrible reputation. Stay away from this company.
On April 18, 2018 got an estimate with Nataly for Liability Auto Insurance: Policy, $156 for 3 months and to be deducted from my Bank Acct. So today April 19, 2018 went to sign up to one of their locations and Judy said, they change the policy to $183. According to them because I stop 3 times when driving my car. So the more stops I do, the more they charge? I called the 1-800 and they said can't open a policy for me at this time. This is ridiculous.
They review my car damages and say that they will fix it. The SRS light and the side air bags light turn on since the accident, my radio stop working. They had another adjuster go over to the body shop and readjust the claim. He said that there no way that caused it. I picked my car and I'm taking it to my Honda dealership and let them look at it. I will send Fred Loya the bill for sure or I see them in court.
My daughter was in an accident with one of Fred Loya's insured customers. He was at fault according to the police report. My daughter has been calling them for months with no results. The claims adjuster stopped answering her emails and her calls. She has been trying to talk to someone for weeks. When she does speak to someone they tell her she needs to speak to someone else. Fred Loya is giving her the runaround. They offered her 250 when her hospital bills were over 3000. The accident occurred in December 2015. These people are unprofessional and lack integrity.
I would like to know who are the people to blame that is not doing what is needed to stop this kind of company from doing business? I am angry and very upset with my dealings with Fred Loya Insurance company. However, I am just as angry when I can that this company is ripping off people in every way that they can in every state that they are allowed to do business in and that NO ONE is caring enough about their wrongdoing to stop them. Each of these states that are doing nothing about the wron doing of this company is doing more than doing nothing, they are ALLOWING this company to do all the wrongdoing that it does! That being said, On May 21, 2016 my car was rear ended by one of Fred Loya policy holders in Bakersfield, CA. If you are in a traffic accident and no one is injured, the police do not come to the scene and there is no police report that is completed on your accident. My car was on Belle Terrace, street has one lane going east and one lane going west and there is a lane that divides the two lanes which is a turning lane. My car had moved out of the right lane and had pulled over and stopped in the turning lane with my left signal on. If I had been going to turn right I would have been in the right lane and would have just turned right but I was turning left which mean that I had to be right where I was, this was for turning left. As I set there waiting for the oncoming traffic to slow so I could safety turn, headlights were approaching from behind me. As I just start to turn my car is rear ended from the back with most of the blow to my car to the back bumper and left corner of my bumper, her front is smashed. We call our insurance and contact Fred Loya insurance and thought it odd that she had contacted our insurance but not her insurance but it had been more than 25 years since we had been in any kind of car accident and then not our fault plus we were told that she probably just had not got around to reporting the accident. When I contacted Fred Loya Insurance, the man sounded young and was so nice and was being more than helpful. There was something in his voice and he insisted on giving me all the information that I needed as well as information and phone numbers that I might need for whatever reason later on. Then the young man set me up with an appointment to take my car in so pictures could be taken for the claim adjuster.OK, I'm taking my car in and pictures will be taken and the claim adjuster will make an estimate and write me a check. No, I will take my car in for pictures and the pictures will be sent to Texas for the claim adjuster to look at and from the pictures the claim adjuster will send me a check, based on what he sees in the picture? What? The young man said "It is very important that everything shows in the pictures. Make sure that you contact your claim adjuster and go over all damages with him before he sends you that check because after he send you that check if there is other damage, they will not pay you"!!! I am confused, I have three days before I take my car in and I must have misunderstood, everything will be clear when I take my car in Wednesday. However, I told the young man that my car had been rear ended and the only thing that was damage was my rear bumper and lights under the back bumper. The man asked, what about my tires, anything leaking, etc. and told me to check my car over very close. I hung up the phone and next morning I went over every inch of my car and notice things and notice that things were not lining up as they should. The next few days I start Googling Fred Loya Insurance and I was shocked at the complaints. To make a long story short from May 26 to June 6 I made more than 43 calls and all calls to the adjuster would ring and reroute back to the office when the people that answer the phone state that they can help me there is no one else that can. They try to convince me to take my car into any body shop and get it worked on and if the damage is more than what Fred Loya Insurance figures then the body shop person has to contact Fred Loya Supplement Dept. who will then issue them a check. I already had read about the many people who had lost their car because the body shops had put liens on their car for failure to be paid by the insurance company. Long story short, their policy holder 100% to blame and Fred Loya refuse to pay, they tell their policy holder to go after mine and my insurance knows when you are rear ended and proof is there that they are not going to pay. My insurance is now going after their insurance to pay but they still refuse. My insurance states that this may take several months before we find out or get any money for the damages. My insurance has paid me for damages to my bumper less the deductible which they are also trying to get my Fred Loya. I stated that I am preparing to take the girl that hit me to court that I can sue her for the deductible plus all court cost but my insurance ask me to first wait and see what happens. Maybe if enough of Fred Loya policy holders started getting sued, may be the only way to stop this Insurance company!Fred Loya had no excuse for not accepting blame but the reason they gave for not paying the claim was "He said, she said" They said we will take our policy holders word over another person’s word, I explained that they are supposed to be taking facts over words and going by the Insurance Act and laws that insurance company is supposed to go by. I then explain that if they open their own rule books that explains "Who is at Fault" it will show and explain that their policy holder is at 100 % fault? I was informed by the agent that have the right to decide how they decide who is at fault!
I had an accident made the 22nd 2015. I call the insurance company or insurance company to come out and make her assessment of my damages. Cesar ** came out and looked at the damage to doors on the passenger side or damage they offered 4500 dollars to repair. After about an hour said that he was writing a check. Mr ** told me that they decide to total the car out because of the frame was damaged. I asked how could he determine if the frame was damaged and not have the vehicle on a rack? After the appraisal left I immediately took my car to body repair vs. each told me that the car was not damaged at the frame to the point that it could be total out each said they couldn't repair the two doors and my car will be just like new.It seems that Fred Loya has a method of extorting vehicles by total of them out and not paying anything for the value of the vehicle to the customer whereas having on the ship of those vehicles they can repair and resell those for a profit. I am caught in this extortion of my vehicle caused by Fred Loya. They are a rip off company. There must be a class action lawsuit brought against them for totaling cars out when they are not necessarily damage totally.
My daughter turn 16, and without my authorization they decided to add her and charge me without my consent. They said since she turn 16 they ASSUMED she was going to drive. They charged and withdrew from my banking account without my consent. Called them and I couldn't take her out of my policy unless I went in person to sign papers to approve for her to be withdrawn from my policy, what an irony. They didn't me to add her and charge me without permission.
Everything must be done in person, when I cancelled my insurance with them, they need you to go back in person and jump through hoops to get the balance of the money owed to me. The saying is right - you get what you pay for. Thank God I never had a claim with this company. Do yourself a favor and get a real insurance agency. Horrible experience.
Fred Loya Insurance is a horrible car insurance company. They sold me a policy and presented me with all these great benefits but left out all the fine print. Every time I ran into a problem involving my vehicle they always seemed to come out with an excuse on why they couldn't help me without me having to pay more money. Right before I had about enough of them and decided to cancel my policy they asked me for my month payment and said they couldn't go forward with any actions until I paid for another month. After canceling I immediately demanded a refund for the money I had just paid since I wouldn't be using their services anymore. The manager said there was nothing he could do and that he could not refund me. I was enraged. I can't believe how horrible they treat their customers. Fred Loya is a thief.
Save yourself and do not use this insurance company. They drafted payment from my account three times instead of just one and now my account is overdraft. According to them they only had proof "in the system" of one payment drafted so I had to go out of my way to an office and show them my bank statement for proof. It seemed like they were going to handle the situation and they told me they would have my money refunded by Tuesday December 13th 2016. This is already a stretch for me considering I cannot access my money because my account is overdrawn. (By the way my bank also charged me an overdraft fee). Now it is Tuesday and they still haven't refunded my money. I called customer service to see what the situation is and the lady says it's going to take 3-5 business days to refund my money. I was lied to twice and told that I was going to get my refund right away and now they are telling me to wait 3-5 business days with no money. And then when I ask if they could take me off the auto pay she says I need to go to an office AGAIN and have them take me off. AND she said they are gonna charge me more for not doing auto-pay. "So you're telling me you messed up my account and now you are gonna charge me more?" I am so upset and I will be leaving Fred Loya as soon as they refund me my money. DO NOT USE FRED LOYA FOR YOUR AUTO INSURANCE. They will steal your money then act like it's an inconvenience for them to give you a refund.
I was involved in the most minor fender bender with a Loya Casualty insurance member who reversed into my car and before I had called them they had decided I was at fault. The damage to the other persons car was very minor whilst mine was a little more serious. I called them and sent letters which they did not reply to and offered to pay if they paid for my damage. What I did not know at the time was that my estranged wife had removed my car from our insurance so I first received a physical threat from the other driver then more recently an abusive phone call which threat from someone claiming to be a lawyer representing Loya Insurance stating that if I did not pay them money for the accident they would have my licence suspended which is extortion. This company is bad news. They refused to supply me with estimates for the damage to their clients car and are not interested in any facts about the accident. By the looks of the many complaints online they dont care too much about their clients either.
The company is based out of El Paso, TX so in actuality I think they are run by the Juarez Cartel, and it shows. It's been a wild ride by this company and I'm still not done with them. Wth? Unbelievable experience. After reading some of these other reviews, my situation nowhere near as dramatic as some of the others, but here goes. Two months ago on 4/20/16 my car while in the parking garage of the building where I currently work was hit by someone as she was apparently leaving. I wasn't there. She was kind enough to leave a note on my windshield explaining what happened. I called her when I got home and we had a good conversation and I explained to her that I will go get an estimate for the damages and get back to her. She said "fine." All well and dandy.When I got the estimate a few days later, 1900 approx, I immediately sent her the information. Immediately she got defensive saying that was too much. She took pictures with her cell of the immediate damage and a few other spots and proclaimed 'I didn't do this! And that scratch there... Not me! I'm going to let my insurance company handle this from here on out!' And I'm like fine! I anticipate that. (I know this has nothing to do with Loya, but to just give you an idea of the type of people they represent typically, bear with me.)She would only give me her first name and not the last, and would not give me her insurance policy #. Ding! Light bulb goes off... No insurance! Great. Well I spent a good few days trying to call her and texting her, no response. Great. Contacted my insurance company, Geico, opened the claim with them, shared all available info, they said they could cover it, with myself responsible for the deductible. And they indicated they would try to reach her and get her to pay up! No luck on their part.Well a few weeks later, I get an unexpected call from a rep at Loya Insurance, whom I never heard of, and they indicated they accepted the liability damages to the car and would take care of it. I should await to hear from a damage inspector next. I asked her what was the deal with the insured? She said the person that hit me was not insured and did not own the car, it belonged to her sister. Ok great, welcome myself to that world!It was another two weeks or so before I heard anything outright. And I had to hound them! I've been hit before, and never has it taken this long. So for the next several weeks I went back and forth, back and forth, back and forth with the company, both the claims rep assigned to my case as well as other reps at the 1-800 number, and the dude assigned to come out to look at my car (His voice box was full, go figure!). 'Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, someone will get back to you soon!' Blah blah. Lot of voicemail and non-returned phone calls. Approx 6 weeks of this. Btw the primary claims rep that are assigned to head up individual cases at this company might as well not even show for work on any given day, they are that useless, the results would be the same. Well finally after so much phone tag, I finally talk to Ms. claims rep, she says I'm never returning their phone calls! Wth, are you serious??! She indicated they've assigned it to a third party appraiser service to come look at the car. Serious? She gave me the # of a rep there. Well, spent a few days trying to get a hold of him. Nothing. Kept calling both him and Loya for the next week or so, same old rigmarole. Then one day out of the blue I receive a call from an independent appraiser and he sets it all up. Two weeks ago (it is now 6/22), he came to look at the car and made out his own estimate. About $800 less than the body shop (Can't wait to get into those weeds!). He says he'll provide Loya with the info and I should hear from them soon. A few days. Great. I never did. I had to call them. By now used to it. The rep over the phone confirmed they had the estimate info provided by him, and they would be issuing me a check within the week. That was the week of June 13th. Light at the end of the tunnel?No. In the mail yesterday, received a letter from my glorious claim adjuster, a standard letter, asking if I was awaiting action on their part. Was the claim ready to be closed? Huh??!! No! I'm awaiting the check your company promised me! Get on the phone today and spoke with the most receptive agent to date. She said she had no idea what was going on, that the claim had been closed, and no check issued. She asked me to hold while she re-opened the claim and issued the check that was supposed to go out last week. 7-10 business days. Just like the last rep told me last week.That's why I call this Part 1. Definitely at this point not naive enough to believe I'm anywhere near the end. I will be back to write more if I don't receive this check next week. And while all this is still going on, I still have a claim opened with my own company as back up! What other choice do you have!? But based on other reviews I have read, this is nothing new. This company runs a racket. Obviously. And they are getting away with it. They are in the business of representing those not playing by the rules in society, and will continue to get away with it if they aren't seriously reprimanded. Hopefully I won't be back to write part II, but wouldn't count on that being the case.
I’m having an issue. I had an accident and my car was in the shop since December 18th 2017 and was deemed a total loss just recently on Feb 1 2018 partially because Fred Loya didn’t know how to communicate professionally so a lot of delaying was going on then when they finally got ** done they deemed it a loss. Then they had me come in and sign the release paper at the body shop so they can pick up my car and so that the total loss adjuster could come out and pay me out for my car and now that’s on hold 'cause they are investigating the other vehicle 'cause their damages don’t match mines as if to say the other party is trying to get damages fixed that was already there. I was told that the other vehicle issues has nothing to do with Fred Loya paying me out for my car since it’s already a loss and they have my car and never even told my finance company they had my car so my finance company said they will be calling them Monday morning to get the car or the payment since Fred Loya deemed it a loss. I don’t have a rental no more 'cause they only pay for it for 30 days while car is in the shop but why is it my fault that I don’t have the rental anymore, all because it’s not in the shop no more but Fred Loya is still continuing on the same claim though so why can’t I have a rental until it’s all the way completed. I have contacted an attorney and the news. I’m tired of them also. There are only Spanish people working there and they are only there for the illegals 'cause they don’t offer much and every time we went in to pay they were hella rude like we didn’t belong. We ** so they treated us bad.
I was hit by someone with this joke of a company for their insurance. I was injured in the accident. The total bill for my treatment was around $7000, they offered me $240. By far the worst experience in my life!
My daughter's car was hit in a parking lot by one of Fred Loya's customers. She had two witnesses who went to campus security with their eyewitness account of the guy hitting my car and then driving away. They both had descriptions of the driver and one of them had the license plate #. The guy was later arrested for hit and run and a police report filled out. His truck had white paint on the bumper that matched my daughters car. And there is CCTV video of him entering the parking lot and then a few minutes later leaving in a hurry. Fred Loya says that they believe their customer was not involved (Really!?!) and they are refusing to pay. The case has now gone to arbitration between my insurance company and them. Basically, Fred Loya is a scam and is not offering coverage, only a piece of paper saying that you paid for coverage.
What to expect on a claim: -Voicemails - returned promptly, but voicemails. -Very Low settlement offers- so, counteroffer. -No Rental cars - so lack-of-use comp. starts day of wreck, today check is cut. -Checks take 10 working days - if lucky.
I was hit by a Fred Loya customer. After 2 hours on the phone I finally got someone to tell me where to take my van to get an estimate. So I took it to an office where a lady did an estimate it was for $363.65!! I laughed at that she didn't even look under the van to see the sub frame that was bent, guess she didn't want to get dirty. So I took it to a body shop I trust. They came in at $1224.86. Then I went to my insurance companies estimator who came in at $1222.23. So I contact the adjuster for Loya and they tell me to take it to the shop of my choice and they will then send send the difference to the shop. Problem is after calling 3 reputable shops and having all 3 tell me they won't work with Loya insurance cause they don't pay the difference, they try to claim the shop did excessive work and the customer gets stuck with the bill. So I call Loya again and a supervisor says they will send a different estimator to look at where I was working and that he would call me back the next day. Well it's been 7 days and no call back and no solution. Every time I call a different shop I get more horror stories about this company how do they get away with this.
I signed up due to the savings and advertising I had been hearing on the radio, but before that I had never heard of this company. I started a policy with this insurance company 10/24/2014, paying $80.00 that day and $62.00 11/08/2014. I canceled 11/28/2014 due to being in an accident and having my car totaled. I was told I had to come in and cancel, so I did. I was told at the time I canceled that I would receive a refund for the remainder of my coverage, the dates I paid for but did not use. A few weeks went by and I had received nothing. So I called the 1800 number and was told I would not receive a refund due to the cancellation fee that I had agreed to and signed. The cancellation fee was $50. Ok, I say so where is the rest of my refund? I was then told that there is a billing fee added on to each payment that is included in payments that I make. 1. If the billing fee is included in the payment I had already made, why was I paying for it again out of the refund that was due to me? I was then told that I actually owed the company money and that instead of charging me, they wrote it off. I was also then told that there is a $25 agent fee that was deducted but was included in my initial payment. My problem is that there is absolutely no documentation and surely no proof of my acknowledgement of there being a $10.00 billing fee each and every time I make a payment. I was also told that they do not send out refund checks if the amount of less than $5.00 unless it is requested. How is someone to know they can request their refund when they were previously told they would not receive one in the first place? All in all, this is by far the absolute worse insurance company I have ever purchased a policy through and I will be more than sure to tell everyone about them in hopes that they do not give this mediocre company one cent of their money. You cannot charge someone fees in which they did not know nothing about. That is very unlawful.
I have 2003 Chevrolet Avalanche and the back covers were stolen and they cost $3,063.51. And I talked with a lady named Diana ** to let her know about the problem and how much the covers were, and she ended giving me a check $299.96 which doesn't even pay for one of the covers. And when I get the chance to leave the company I will because they sell full cover but end up paying whatever they want and not covering for anything.
One never smiles when I go into the office. She looks like she's always angry. Second when they send me a text they sent me two different prices that I owe. Don't know why I only have a 1999 truck. Then they're rude. I tell them "Why the heck do you have 2 title holders on my insurance?" They couldn't give me an explanation. All they keep saying is "Well maybe those people live or Lived in your house." I said "Nobody's lives in my house for 11 years." I said houses built in 1960, well all the people that lived in your house they have to go on the insurance, so I told her "So the house is build 1960. Everybody that has live there it's going to go on my insurance?" There's about 3 or 4 people on my insurance saying they can't drive my car, so I don't even know who the heck they are. Oh I see you're all stupid. You don't do that. No wonder there's a lot of theft. Looking for a new insurance company.
My truck was stolen Monday night between 11:30 to 6:30 a.m. I reported the incident right away to the police department and contacted the Fred Loya claims department after I talked to the police officer. Customer service was helpful. She asked a lot of questions and after we're done she gave me the adjuster name and phone number. In less than 2 hours Alex the adjuster contacted me and informed me everything what we need to do. I don't even get a chance of calling him. He is so fast handling my problem. My blood pressure went up because I was very angry when I noticed my empty driveway but Alex calm me down. Today he contacted me again that our rental car is ready for pick up. I am so thankful that I have Fred Loya insurance. They are very helpful and fast solving my problem.
This company is crap, in every aspect. How are you even in business, when you obviously cannot do a job you're supposedly paid to do? My daughter was parked at a restaurant and one of their "insured drivers" hit her car as they were pulling into a parking space. Right away the other party wanted to send my daughter to their own preferred body shop, in another county. My daughter made a claim with Fred Loya, went to the office, they took pics, and never got back to her, until she started calling 24/7. They stated they can't carry on with the claim because their insured driver will not return their calls, to give her statement?? They have bad communication amongst each other, between California and Texas. None of them know **! It's like a revolving door or no one knows **! Your best bet is to just sue for damages because you will get nowhere with these people! HORRIBLE HORRIBLE service, never dealt with a company like this!
I was rear-ended by a "Fred Loya Insured". So far, I'm out of pocket for the rental, they have refused to pay for the proper parts, the "claims adjuster" was the rudest little punk I've ever encountered and his boss said he had never heard of Farmer's Insurance (which is my insurance company). I have been treated like I was lower than low and I'M THE INJURED PARTY! My car is in the shop, it looks like it's going to cost me and I'm thinking this is insane. If I quote law they just say, "according to our policy, we do things differently." Well, I will hate to have to sue for damages BUT, it looks like that's where we're headed. Fred Sleaze Insurance Company...
Loya driver does 5k damage to my car. Loya adjuster informed me I can take my car to a repair shop of my choice and they would reimburse me for the rental car. Then one week after I took my car to a repair shop and picked up a rental, Loya adjuster calls to tell me they are not paying for the rental because the repair shop is taking too long.
Approximately 7 yrs ago, we had bad storm and hail damages. I filed a claim to be denied w/o ANYONE coming to view damages. I called and was transferred to a woman VM. I then received a letter of denial. Again called and spoke with claims and explained that damage could be seen inside and no one came inside or to view. So ... I had no choice but to fix out of pocket. Well last week I get a letter after 7 yrs... that they want pictures of my repairs or my home insurance policy would be canceled in approximately 3 weeks. I called and asked why? Again was transferred to same VM lady ... No call yet and email given to send pics wasn't valid. So I have now a few days to attempt to email pics of MY COSTLY REPAIRS... FRED LOYA DENIED 7 YRS AGO??!!
My son got T-boned by a driver with this insurance and it has been a week. The adjuster still has not got a statement from the insured driver. His driver. Their own people. Can you believe this non-sense. They have a statement from everyone else involved. This company is ridiculous. I have never dealt with an insurance like this. I call everyday from the day of the accident and the adjuster never calls me back. What a way to do business!!! The more people that don't go to them the better for everyone else driving.
Was in a bad accident on August 14, 2014. Car spun out of control and had 3 impacts messing up my arm & neck. Almost a whole year and nothing yet. I would never in my right mind recommend such a poor valued insurance company! I have my lawyer and they ARE going to pay even if I have to go to court. Best way to go is State Farm.
My husband and I have had a policy with Fred Loya now for over 3 years. We have been covered since we were 16 without a gap. There have been 0 tickets and 0 accidents in the last 8 years and yet they informed me today that my rate will now more than double. They have horrible customer service and provide no reason for my rate doubling other than Texas rules. I call BS. I will be canceling my policy on both vehicles and finding a company who actually respects their clients. All of the employees I have ever dealt with have been rude and seemed to be inconvenienced by doing their job. Complete disappointment!! NEVER GET A POLICY WITH FRED LOYA, WORST INSURANCE COMPANY EVER!!!
Updated on 12/07/2018: This is a follow-up review from a car accident dated on July 23rd. This was an accident which I was not a fault, I was insured through FRED LOYA and till this day, they just left me hanging. Never did they help my car get fixed nor recover anything from the at-fault insurance parties company. To top it off my policy ended this November 2018 and they still had the nerve to ask me if I'd like to renew my policy! What a sad joke of a rip off company. The policy I had clearly stated that they covered up to $200 dollars for tow truck reimbursement, and they only sent me a check for $100.Also a supervisor adjuster promised to keep me updated and all they did was state that this claim was under arbitration and they promised to call me back... Never has happened. They were always quick to call whenever the payment was due a few days prior. Most of their staff they hire is unqualified young untrained employees whom don't seem to know nothing about car insurance. I filed a complaint with the insurance bureau of Los Angeles California and FRED LOYA was quick to write a report with lies to cover up any bad doings. TO anyone considering this insurance company stay away and don't waste your money nor your time. All these bad reviews should tell consumers something. STAY AWAY!!!Original review: I am currently insured with this company and on July 23 I was involved in a accident which I was not at fault at. Today is Sept 28 and still till this day they have not done anything firm to get the other insurance company to fix my car. Almost 2 months that my car has been sitting wrecked and collecting fees. The day of the accident, they refused to provide me a tow-truck which my policy states that they cover also a place to store my vehicle, which they policy also states that they cover. Throughout this whole nightmare, I have had to do most of the work for my insurance adjuster, contacting the other parties insurance, finding information and when I have called my Fred Loya adjuster at times my calls are ignored, passed on to other people or usually I am given the runaround. At times, you can even hear people laughing over the phone at their customers when you try to ask serious questions.My adjuster even advised me to go out on my own and try to go through small claims court to recover any damages. I feel that if I am paying for my insurance they should be helping me out as much as they can . Especially on a car accident for which I am not a fault at?? FRED LOYA INSURANCE leaves me wondering how they continue to pop up left and right at most shopping center which such bad customer service. They are quick to call you when your payment is almost due, but when you really need them... they don't seem to really care. Overall this has been a nightmare. Never, NEVER, NEVER have I dealt with an insurance company that has lagged this long. I would not recommend them at all!!!
I was rear-ended over a month ago by their insured. It took three days of my hounding them to get a rental and an estimate. They explained to me that if I agreed to use their body shop, which has lifetime warranty, I would receive better service and prompter return; because they are contracted with Fred Loya. I am a single woman in Houston and don't have the resources or time to shop around; so, I agree. After days of my calling about my car, twice I was told it would be ready. Then, just before 5 p.m. told that I could pick it up the following week. The day I was to pick it up, I was instructed that the back gate (electrical) was still not functioning properly, but I should be able to pick it up on Monday (this was a Friday). I went to get it after work on Tuesday at 5 p.m.. Immediately I noticed no sound from anything in my car (blinkers, blue tooth, back-up camera, radio). First, thing in the morning I called them and they were going to contact insurance about a supplement. When I went to leave work that afternoon, I attempted to roll the windows down from the driver's control. The passenger windows would not open. After about 20-30 minutes the passenger window and rear windows opened. Once the car cooled, I attempted to raise the windows and the back windows wouldn't come up. Eventually, they came up over about 45 minutes only raising a few inches at a time. The back gate makes a popping noise when it opens then it slips. I brought the car back at the assurance from the adjuster I would get my car back in the "exact" same working condition it was in when I was hit by their insurer. Yesterday, their appraiser calls me and tells me they took my car to Chevrolet to be eval'd and the non-functioning part is an amplifier that is corroded and they are refusing supplement not related to accident. Ironically, there was no corrosion prior to the accident and it was fully functioning. Again, at 6 p.m. yesterday their adjuster assured me they would repair my vehicle to pre-accident working condition. These non-functioning issues are a safety hazard to me and my family. Today at 4:30 p.m., I don't get a call from the shop, the appraiser, adjuster (who reassured yesterday); I get a call from the rental supervisor (on Friday) to tell me they are not paying my rental after today. I am 42 miles from the body shop, which has not put my car back together and wouldn't have it ready for me to pick-up. I call Fred Loya and they tell me there is nothing they can do. They won't pay the supplement because it's a manufacturer defect. Not to mention, the shop working on my car flooded here in Houston the Sunday and Monday before I picked my car up. So, could I maybe assume the corrosion happened there? Now, I am left paying a rental for the weekend and a vehicle that isn't ready. I was injured and paying my own medical, because all I wanted was my car back in the condition it was in when I was hit. I told them I have seen a doctor twice and no one with person injury has ever contacted me or offered to pay. I will no longer attempted to make contact with these fraudulent, incompetent, and unprofessional individuals. They will now be required to speak with my attorney.
I have been getting auto insurance through Fred Loya for a while now. My vehicle was broken into & I filed a claim with them. The insurance adjuster told me to file a police report, then to go to an auto repair company to get an estimate for the damages to be repaired. I followed all of the instructions they gave me & gave them copies of everything. Now they are saying my insurance policy will not cover anything. On the policy I have, it clearly states that I am covered. So now I am taking legal action. Whatever you do, please choose a reliable Auto Insurance Company so you don’t get scammed!
12/5/15 I lost my son in an auto accident. The car he was riding in was insured by Fred Loya. Today is 12/28/15 and they STILL to this day have not returned any of my calls nor has anyone contacted me after my insurance company was sure to give someone my contact information. My son died... why am I still being ignored? Why Fred Loya, WHY?
By far, this is the worst insurance company I have ever dealt with. I was hit by one of Loya's insured. It took nearly 3 weeks to get my rental car authorization. I was lied to and told a check was sent out for the estimated repairs and it wasn't. It took another 13 days to complete 4 days' worth of repairs due to the adjuster not returning the body shop's calls. Then to add insult to injury, I was charged over $300 for the rental car extension. Lastly, I still have not received a call pertaining to the diminished value that was requested. I was told I would receive a call within 24-48 hours. It has now been 5 days and 4 messages later. This company is horrible!
Very unprofessional. They never answer your messages... and when they do they will hang up on you. Good luck trying to get a rental car coverage. They only want to cover 30 days even when it was their client who's at fault. I'm surprise they are still in business. Avoid dealing with these crooks.
Loya Insurance will not REFUND money, it's their policy to roll over to the next payment period. So, if you cancelled a vehicle you still have to pay in full and they will apply any monies to your next payment. Also, the payment is due about 20 days before your insurance is due.
I have an auto insurance from Hanover Insurance Company for last 4 years. All the payments went on time from my savings account each month. In July 2014, I ran into an accident, no fault of mine, and had a total loss of vehicle. The other party has state farm insurance company. I have been trying to settle my claim from the date of accident very sincerely. The Hanover insurance company appraised my vehicle at 60% of the current market price, I can buy similar vehicle from dealer. I have emailed them at least 50 similar vehicles up for sale. They will not repair my vehicle or they will not compensate with reasonable amount so I can replace my vehicle. The saddest part is that they have my vehicle since the time of accident and THEY have been withdrawing insurance premium from my savings account on the vehicle that they have possession of. When I asked them to stop taking premiums on my vehicle they said, since the claim is not settled, they can't stop the insurance. Also, they are saying they can't pay me full price on vehicle since it has a branded title. I have driven this vehicle almost 160,000 miles, without any major problems. All these years I have paid premiums for a regular title vehicle. They didn't tell me that they are charging me less premium for branded title.Basically they are saying whatever price they valued my vehicle, I should accept it and GO AWAY.
I've had auto insurance thru Loya Insurance for about 10 years. My policy canceled cause my automatic payment didn't go thru. I called them, paid over the phone, stepped into their office to sign paperwork and that was that. I had roadside service before it cancelled, because they asked me if I wanted it. When the policy cancelled, so did the roadside service which I understand. They didn't ask if I wanted to include it again and I figured everything went back to what I had before since there were no questions asked. Now I need a tow truck and have no roadside service. After 10 years you'd think I'd get more than a "unfortunately..." I'm super frustrated with them.
One of our cars was backed into by a Fred Loya insured (actually it was his UNINSURED daughter, but not knowing how much trouble FL would be, we let that slide, big mistake). We got the information and filed the claim. We waited about a week to hear from the estimator to set up an appointment (earliest was almost another week from then). We got the estimate in the mail and it was at $1600. Before we filed the claim, we already got an estimate from our local body shop and it was at $3,200 (it's mostly a fairly damaged door, door alone costs $1,000 before paint, installation, electrical and upholstery and everything else) so we get the letter saying they're going to take responsibility and we get the check for $1600, BUT our name on all of the paperwork/check was spelled incorrectly. I call right away to fix the problem and they say they will send new updated papers. We wait over another week (3 weeks from filing claim) before I call back asking if there's anything we can do to speed up the process. They then decide to tell me that I could have taken the paperwork with the incorrect spelling to the body shop to get started. They wait to tell me this till it was a Friday. So I start planning on getting the car to the shop and call to ask about the rental, which they REFUSE to authorize on a Friday, and I would have to wait till Monday (I forgot to mention that it took me over 6 hours on Friday to get a hold of our claims "adjuster" - funny job title I might add - and his "supervisor" - again, what?). Was actually impossible to get a hold of. After a good back and forth argument leading nowhere, I gave up for the day to try again Monday. Monday morning I drop the car off at the shop, can't get a hold of adjuster, body shop can't either. Started calling around 8 am, a couple times an hour. It started getting late in the day so I just called the general claims department and begged them to find me someone ELSE that could help me, 3 times, and they all three sent me to the guy who was already assigned to my case who still didn't answer or return calls as promised. Finally I get through to our adjuster at 4:30 in the afternoon having to be at Enterprise by 6. First thing he says is, "You were next on my list to call." - yea right dude. Anyway I'm starting to get frustrated just reliving these past few weeks. If you made it this far, I congratulate you. There's more to this story but I feel like I got the point across. Fred Loya has no shame and does not care about fixing you up. It's a wonder that they're even still in business. Worst insurance experience ever. That's the most I've typed since my school days.
We had this insurance for 4 years, never had to file a claim till last month, my husband was driving on the highway and cut a sheetrock panel on the road, got damage on the windshield, front bumper, driver side mirror, driver side fender, hood, etc. We call and file a claim, when they give us the final estimate they also send us a check for $130.00, so I laugh, and call them back, took my truck to a shop and they give us a total of 1800.00 to fix it. I meet the adj at the shop and he told me that he was not going to pay more than that because my truck had rock-chips on it. This is how easy they get away of the bill, so what’s the point for me to have a full cover insurance on it?
June 20, 2016 had an accident and my engine was ruined! Need to get a new engine put in now and 45 days later, still waiting for my truck to be fixed. On June 21st I reported the incident when I got to work. The young lady asked a few standard questions, took the report, never asked if I needed a rental and then sent me on to repeat what happened to the next young lady who asked me basically the same standard questions. After a few days I attempted to get an update on my claim from the adjuster that was assigned to my claim and no answer. Attempted a few more times, same thing. I even told them I was leaving out of town for a business trip and wanted to know something before I left and still, nothing. Called on my way back from my business trip a few days later and found out the 1st young lady that my claim was assigned to, no longer works for the company and they will get an update for me and call me back. Nothing. Called and left a message with a supervisor (they leave their supervisors info on their voicemail) and received a call later that evening from her while I was out to dinner on a Friday night with family and missed the call, no detailed message, just her name and number so I could call her back. Phone tag!! Several more attempts of trying to get an update on my claim (these people do not believe in picking up the phone when it rings, they send it straight to voicemail), I leave a nasty voicemail letting them know how frustrated I was and saying that I'm getting a lawyer involved, I get a call back at 6:15 p.m. that night while I'm putting my 12 month old baby to sleep and I get the same lame excuse as everyone else is getting, they're waiting on a 3rd party adjuster.After almost 3 weeks without a vehicle and having my husband miss time from work because we're car pooling, I tell her I need a rental so I can take my 2 kids to the doctor for their shots and she sets me up with that. Fine, I'm kinda happy now I will have a vehicle soon. She also gives me the 3rd party adjusters info for me to call and get an update from them. Who works for who? I don't work for Fred Loya, that's what I pay them to do, right??? NOPE, I have to call. Get lame excuses from that company also on why it's taking so long. FINALLY they come up with an amount they feel is enough to fix my truck. Guess what? It's not enough! Surprise, surprise!! Now have to get my repair guy to call and get a supplemental on the claim. Almost 2 months later, still waiting! My rental agreement is up next week and my 1st born kid starts school for the 1st time the week after that. What am I to do with no vehicle? Not their problem I guess! So my husband and I have to figure out a way to get our kid to school, get the now 14 month old to the babysitter, both get to work and then get the kids from the sitter/school separately because we don't work together nor do we work near each other. My husband can't keep missing time from work because time is money! Hmm, I guess you get what you pay for with Fred Loya!! It was the cheapest when we were shopping for new insurance and we took the bait! WARNING, STAY CLEAR OF FRED LOYA INSURANCE!!
I was rear ended by a Fred Loya insured driver. I drove from my son's pre k school parking lot and entered the middle lane (turning lane) because traffic was kind of heavy. As I'm sitting there waiting for traffic to clear so I could merge onto the main highway--boom! I'm like 'what the hell.' So I tell lady who hit me who is now on the side of me in traffic to drive in front of me out of traffic before she gets hit. She asks am I ok and says she didn't see me. We both came from the same driveway which had a stop sign, had she stopped and looked carefully before jutting into traffic, she would have saw me. Well I let her use my phone before I even make a call because she doesn't have a phone. The police come, we give statements. I call my insurance and I also called hers. They assigned me a claims adjuster with Fred Loya, I give her a recorded stated. I call every day to check up on the claim because I needed a rental bc my car was undrivable. The statement she gave the police was that she indeed hit me but didn't see me, then I find out from the fred loya claims adjuster that her statement to them was now that I hit her. Wtf. The lady ** with fred loya says she ultimately needs the police report to help with her investigation. Well couple of days later I go downtown and purchase the report from police headquarters and I email it to my claims adjuster with progressive. I call ** with fred loya to check up on the claim and she says "we have denied your claim and don't accept liability." Oh boy I went off. I worked hard for that car and only had it 3 months and for someone to hit my property because they weren't paying attention sent me through the roof. I ask her "how can you not accept liability," ** goes "my client says you cut her off causing her to hit you." Now this is the 3rd story. I said "well didn't you say the other day that you're insured said I hit them? And I said do you have the police report?" She says she decided not to use the police report in her investigation, she's just going to use her client's statement. Yea after she gave 3 different stories. I said "well I have the police report proving she changed her story." She said "well you can send it but I don't think it's going to make a difference. I told her this was bs and hung up. Even the police found her insured at fault. Luckily I'm paying my deductible to get my car back on the road and hopefully progressive finds them at fault and goes after my almost 6000 worth of damages. It's really not fair at all. I'm a single mother and I DID nothing wrong. These people are crooks. If I hadn't went with my own insurance to get my car fixed who knows how long it would have been having to take them to court.
I was there for 3 months and I was in the emergency room after work so I missed 3 days and I had excused paperwork from the er. But since I wasn't there for more than a year I wasn't eligible for sick days so they fired me. Nobody there lasts more than a year because they try to fire everyone before giving benefits.
My Mother was hit at a red light from behind. The woman has Fred Loya Ins. My Mother is 82 years old and they are refusing to pay for her rental car for the remainder of the time it takes to fix her car. They are accusing the Ford Body shop of falsifying documents. How does Mr. Loya sleep at night with his name on insurance that would hurt an 82 year old woman? I have always heard bad things and read very few decent reviews about this company. The claims department was quick to start the claim; but has obviously decided not to pay what they owe. Just want to warn you not to believe that this company will do anything that is right and just. They will get away with what they can get away with. There are medical bills yet to pay, we will see if they actually pay those or deny them. I have not talked to anyone of any nationality but Mexican. Why do they not have to follow the EEOC laws in this company? I would pay more for my insurance than to ever have to deal with these people again!!!
Their commercials talk about how much money they save their customers - yeah, if you're Hispanic. I paid almost $200 a month for liability only on two vehicles. Ridiculous. They refused to give me a discount for automatic pay, no commute (it takes me 12 mins to get to work), and being a safe driver. Then, when I tried to cancel my policy after signing up with another company, they told me I had to go in to sign the papers... which was impossible. Not to mention, it's illegal for them to continue covering you once you've signed on with another company (they were trying to eat away at the premium I already paid). Bad company to do business with if you're not Hispanic.
One of their stupid, ugly, and overweight customers hit me and profusely stated that it was all her fault and blah blah blah. I said, "** IDC. Give me your information" (the only time I, as an adult, felt like laying a ** out). This accident happened on May 19th, 2016. It is now July 7th. Damn and Fred Loya is a **. I know how he got rich. He was a ** cattle rancher who never went past the ** 8th grade and was depressed and decided to start selling ** insurance. Anyways, they have finally issued out my 12,500 check but are still lagging on releasing my vehicle. I had signed the agreement to keep the car, but they are still lagging on that... I do not care. At least I am getting paid. Pray that one of their customers does not hit you because it will be a few months until you get paid. Also, you will most likely develop some type of depressive disorder because these people are going to take the fight out of you.
I had an accident back in February. It was completely my fault. I hit a median head on that I didn't see. This caused a leak in my oil pan, thus locking up my engine. Fred Loya was my insurance company. I filed a claim. The collision shop they recommend took over a month and failed to fix the problem. The car still overheats, the struts which were damaged were not replaced, a Crack in the water reserve was not done. They refuse to fix it properly, claiming it was done correctly and I must have had another accident!!! Oh... and to top it off, they listed my daughter as the driver of the accident. She was never mentioned in any conversation. She was actually in the hospital due to illness when I caused the accident and it's been a nightmare trying to get this fixed. She now has another insurance company and paying more of premium than necessary because Fred Loya is incompetent.
Jose **, insured by Fred Loya, hit three parked cars, totaled two, including my truck and Fred Loya Insurance has not paid me for the damages. It's been over two years now.
Very bad service, unprofessional agents/employees. I got my insurance on Sept. 2014 and until now I have not received any documents from them at all, the only thing I have is the cards I printed online. Other than that no other paperwork from them. Very bad service by phone and super unqualified for customer service. I bought my insurance Sept. 28, made the payment and then I got a call and was asked to pay another similar payment on the 5th of October, I did not get a good explanation why. The only thing I was told it's because that's the date "they" decided I should pay. So when I asked to cancel now found out there was a 50-dollar cancellation fee. It's all about collecting as much money from you. Can't do anything online, you will always be directed into an office where they will charge you even for a smile. Well I finally had it. I called the 800 number to get a quote for an additional driver and the lady that answered was in a bad mood, hardly speaking and of course directed me to an office because she did not give quotes by phone. So I decided to cancel my insurance today, and yes was directed to an office where I came to find out not only was I going pay 50 dollars cancellation fee but some other mambo jumbo fees. So there goes the month I had paid in advance... Thieves, corrupted, unprofessional... Authorities should look into this so-called company.
I was involved in a minor accident the day before Thanksgiving. I was in a gas station parking lot with my car door ajar about to step out to go inside. A car comes from my passenger side, drives behind my car and pulls into the space beside me. When he did this, he hit my door. There is a good foot long dent in the driver's side door now. I filed a claim as I am supposed to do. My insurance company gave me an adjuster by the name of Veronica **. She actually argued with me on the angles of the accident! MY INSURANCE!! She wanted to know how it was possible that he hit me if the front corner of his car didn't hit my door. Did you not take geometry? If you are turning from behind someone your right corner is not going to hit it would be the side of your car. She then said she would re-review the case and get back to me. This was 3 days ago. Plus they went ahead and cut me a check without even trying to contact the other parties company first. The check was also 63 dollars short of what it should have been according to the estimate THEY gave me. I am more disappointed than a mosquito in a mannequin factory. This company is a total joke.
A Fred Loya ensure customer backs up into my car because he wasn't paying attention and caused damages to my new car and Fred Loya insurance wants me to pay half of the damages that was caused by their customer. The man even admits that he hit me but I guess that's not enough for them to pay for damages that he caused. What a poor excuse for not taking responsibility. What a ** company.
This is accurate and fair. This is possibly the very worst experience of my life. After an accident involving one of Fred Loya' insureds, I had medical treatment for almost 8 months, and, as a medicare patient no specialist would see me. That aside, my bills total approx $20k. I was dealing with an adjuster for all this time, maintaining contact every two weeks with progress reports. When I realized that I needed to settle this claim as it was now quite high and I needed to see serious hand specialist, possibly to have a sympathetic vein transplanted to get blood flowing into my hand, this could result in some seriously large bills with a microvascular surgeon. The process came to an abrupt halt, the decent claims adjuster who I foolishly trusted was moved, and 3 more replaced her, and pouf! All the lies, promises, and I do have all the e-mails, were running rampant. About a month ago I received an offer of a settlement of $5k, I said no. I received another call yesterday and they were prepared to raise it by $500, so, I would have to file bankruptcy as there is no way I can pay these bills. Unfortunately, at the time I did have full coverage with a decent insurance company, Progressive, but I declined their PIP as I was led to believe that it was not necessary to use it, that as the other party's insurance would cover medical bills and something for pain and suffering along with some provision for future medical expenses. Their insured had minimum coverage, there was not enough money involved to involve an atty. in a clean claim. But, now... at age 69, this company has totally ruined what is left of my life. I am angry, but more than that, I am amazed that this company can stay in business with such deceptive practices.
It's been almost a month since I've been dealing with this fraud insurance company. I was hit on the 9th of May by one of their drivers. They picked up my car a week later and I was never notified of them getting it. Not once did they call me and tell me where the vehicle was located. It wasn't until today June 1st, after countless emails and calling that I found out it was at some salvage yard. Damages were estimated to be over 4K. When I called they said my car isn't going to get fixed until they get the statement from the other driver who hit me who happens to be out of the country. If they can't get it within 40 days, the claim will be dropped. I haven't been called once by these asshats I'm calling and emailing everyday and they just decide to ignore me. The claim rep is Cecil **, she is no help and isn't professional one bit. I've contacted her numerous times and still not a reply. Dealing with them is frustrating. I'll be seeking an attorney to get these clowns to fix my ** car.
After accident insurance adjuster Mary ** and supervisor Mauricio ** didn't take care of myself and family, I have full coverage. Very rude to me. Every time I called Mary ** was very rude and hateful. Has no customer service skills at all. I had to pay 1231 expenses and 500 deductible total of 1731. I write a letter to company about my treatment. I never got an apology or nothing out of this insurance company. As of 08/14/2015 I dropped this carrier.
Long story short. My car was parked and was hit by a Fred Loya policy holder. He cause an accident by running a stop sign, he flipped over a couple of times and hit my car. He admitted to fault. Called Fred Loya the same day...said they'll come pick up my car in a couple days. Called them back the next day to check and they said my claim was denied because the driver wasn't on the insurance. I immediately told them that's a lawsuit because that's a lie. (Not knowing I went to their website and read the policy) Bring up a lawyer and all of a sudden an adjuster will be calling soon. Well I'll Be calling back today because I'm almost positive these lying people will never call back. They were not helpful whatsoever. Just a bunch of liars.
Too bad I can't give Fred Loya insurance a zero. Was in a fender bender with a Fred Loya insurance holder, her fault as she failed to yield to traffic. Spoke to Fred Loya and was under the impression an adjuster would come to take the car and assess the damages. Wrong! They came with a tow truck without notifying anyone and took it. They took it to Carparts in Anthony Tx, which is several miles from El Paso. Never say they can "TAKE" your car or you might never see it again. And if you do get ready for a fight and lost time. The people are never there, don't call you back and don't communicate with you or each other. Didn't even offer a rental car but stated I had one only to look again and notice they didn't give me one. I had to pay for a rental and they'll probably fight me on that as well. So frustrating. Even lost sleep over it. After three weeks finally get the car back and they paid the loan company with which the car was under collateral, only after they state the car was totaled. The tow truck dropped off the car today only to find everything was taken out of the car without my permission. If they were assessing the car then why even open it, especially when they didn't have the keys. And they messed up the door even more than the original hit trying to open it. Both companies are liars and cutthroats. The Carparts females were condescending and tried to talk over you blaming the tow truck driver for the missing items as well as the bent license plate where they tried to pull it off without a screwdriver. This is by far the worst customer service!!! Good luck dealing with both these messed up companies.
All of Fred Loya's commercials say how they can save you so much money, but at what cost. I had their insurance and when I went to trade in my truck my dealership would not accept that insurance. I was told it was because when you are in an accident they don't pay out. What's the point in having that insurance if it's not going to pay.
We were in an accident with a driver that has this company's insurance. It was their driver's fault. We had witness statements but no official police report because of weather related cold reporting. We were given a claim number and tried for three days to contact an adjuster. They give you the runaround. You have to play phone tag. The adjuster finally called at 10:30 at night. He was extremely rude and not helpful. It was a waste of a call. I called his team leader the next day and played phone tag with her for two weeks. I called her team leader and he answered right away but was no help. When I finally talked to the adjuster she lied to me outright which began another week of phone tag. If you get in an accident with a driver insured by these criminals, forget trying to collect on a claim. They prey on the poor and the high risk drivers with no intention of paying. They will wear you down until you give up unless you can afford a lawyer to sue them but I would imagine they have thousands of pending lawsuits. We will end up getting a loan to fix our truck because our insurance only covers liability. Lesson learned, being insured by these criminals is like not having insurance at all. And pray you don't get hit by one of their "insured drivers."
Was rear ended by one of their policy holders (if there is such thing). She was from Mexico, was going to run, had to call police. Of course she has no driver's license and has Fred Loya insurance. Man I knew this was trouble. Now just like one of the other reviews posted I keep getting told she's not returning calls so they can't process claim. FRED LOYA INSURANCE COMPANY SUCKS and he should be jailed for fraud.
I would have given 0 stars but it wouldn't let me. My driver was involved in an accident in May. Fred Loya’s driver was 100% at fault. I even have text proving it. I had full coverage and had to file with my insurance to get a rental car and my insurance ended up paying me for my totaled car. We have medical totalling almost 9000$. They are refusing to pay all medical and lost wages and only offered my driver $1000 for injuries and pain and suffering. Our claims adjuster is Derek **, he never returns our calls, we are constantly calling trying to get an update or status on our claim and he never has an answer. We aren't trying to get rich, just want a fair offer. This company is a joke. They have the worst customer support ever. Our next step is an attorney.
Worst company ever!!! They called me saying my account was closed and my payment could not be processed. I paid with the same account immediately on the phone with my agent, only to get notice later that day that they had drafted my account again for the payment. Have been getting nothing but a runaround now for 3 weeks. I changed to a real insurance company. My agent in Mesa, Arizona at the Rodney Young agency has failed to return my calls all week after basically calling me a liar. However, the bank statement does not lie. Never never never do business with this crappy place.
My vehicle was damaged by one of their insured drivers while legally parked and the responsible party admitted fault. Filed a claim with Fred Loya Insurance Company and an adjuster took photographs. Repeated attempts to contact the adjuster were met with disconnected phone number recordings and wrong numbers. Was told that a check had been made out and was in the mail. Took vehicle to two different accredited body shops for estimates on repairs. One estimate was in the $1500.00 range and the other was in the $2000.00 range. The check arrived and it was for $644.00. I own this vehicle and there is no lien on it whatsoever. This was explained to the adjuster at the time he assessed the damage. Follow up calls to Fred Loya resulted in a general 'runaround' and a 'just take the money and go away' type of attitude. We are not going to cash this check and after reading the complaints on this website, I have decided to render the services of an attorney if necessary to rectify this situation to my satisfaction. This is obviously a shoddy company with a very low level of satisfaction with policy holders and claimants and they should be investigated and put out of business. God forbid you may have damage to your vehicle caused by someone covered by this insurance company because almost assuredly you are going to get screwed. My advice is to render the services of an attorney if you are dealing with these people immediately and that is no joke.
I filed a claim on 4-18-15 my car got flooded. My car was picked up and sent to a shop for inspection. I received a rental & was told I have 30 with the rental and I am responsible for the taxes, which I agreed with. It took them 2 weeks before they went and inspected my vehicle and authorized repairs. They refused to give me anything new because my car is used. I was only allowed a "junk yard" motor which was trash! AutoNation needed to get yet another "junk yard" motor because the first one failed every test possible. The 2nd motor had quite a few issues itself but were repaired. By the time Fred Loya finally paid AutoNation so that I could pick up my car it's almost 2 months passed. So I'm responsible for the rental because I went over my 30 days, because they were too slow to inspect & authorize repairs on my vehicle.Every time AutoNation told them something needed to be repaired on that 2nd junk yard motor they had to go and inspect, and would take their sweet time. The only reason I needed that rental was so I could go back and forth to work. I didn't get my car back until June 15, 2015. Almost 2 months later, Fred Loya did not care as long as they paid the cheapest amount to "fix my car". When I got my car back I noticed there were still some issues with it. Keep in mind they are to pay to get my car back to where it was at, and it's nowhere near it! When John ** sent to supplemental payment to AutoNation he sent me a letter saying if the car needs additional damages to contact him.When I got my car back it had a misfire, you can actually feel it shift gears, the steering wheel shakes when you drive it, the a/c only works if you put it on max a/c, my keyless entry horn doesn't work and my horn itself sounds sick. Also my inner fenders were not put back on. I called Auto Nation so my vehicle can get re-inspected and was told to contact Fred Loya so that they are aware the vehicle needs additional work. I have been contacting Fred Loya since I got my car back with NO returned calls. When I finally speak to someone they always direct me to someone else, and that someone else directs me back to the original person I was speaking to. It's a never ending circle. I need my vehicle back to where it was at, and Fred Loya needs to pay for it. I have been a very loyal customer to them since 2007, and never in my life have I ever filed a claim until now. John ** is very rude and does not care what happens to you or your vehicle, but then again no one at Fred Loya does. I call the corporate office to complain and they connect me to John **, who directs me to someone else! Very horrible customer service, I just want my car back to where it was before the flood. Oh and it's now July 9, 2015 and my car still hasn't been authorized to get reinspected.
One of their policy holder hit my car and he even admitted that it is his fault but still these people are lying to me saying the hitter did not see me in his backup camera. I had call my adjuster ELITA ** and left 6 voicemails on different occasions and she never picked my call. Finally I had to call other customer representative to reach her. Then they are offering 250 dollar for my damage where my damage cost 1000 dollar. And they talk to me like if I'm bothering them by calling at their house. IF ANYONE WANT TO CLAIM THEIR LOSSES PLEASE LET ME KNOW. I'M GOING TO SUE THEM BIG TIME. If anyone want to claim their losses email me your info at **. My lawyer will work with each one of us.
Me and my boyfriend were going southbound straight when a driver took a left turn which he didn’t have the right of the way for causing the car in front of us to hit us and hit us directly wrecking all 3 cars. Basically police report says both drivers blamed the driver that took turn and Fred Loya is trying to say because the other car hit us as well they are 80% liable and we were 20% liable... How if their driver is the reason the other car hit us to begin with and they still said we had failed to slow down??!! How when we were halfway through intersection? Oh and then the driver stated he was blinded by a car and couldn’t see so it’s our fault too for that or what? I'm an insurance agent. No fancy words can describe how inhumane and irresponsible these adjusters are. I was sent to the hospital the day of the accident and having trouble recovering. What if I would’ve died? Would they have let him walk away too!! I have customers switching everyday from Fred Loya because of their claim experiences... If you’re considering don’t do it. They might flip it on you the customer and find any excuse to not pay you out!!!
My girlfriend was rear ended by a Fred Loya insured. I called my insurance company and they told me in order to avoid my deductible that I should go after them myself. So I did and at first everything was good, they were quick to admit fault once they received the police report. Once the adjuster showed up to take a look at my car 2 hours later than promised he said it was about 4k worth of work. I had already gotten estimates for over 7500 dollars. I laughed and said ok and told him he'd need to go back out for a supplement check eventually and he shined me on.So I get in contact with the adjuster Julianna **, and she is by far the most unprofessional person I have ever spoken to in my life! Her boss Felicia ** was the same way! They can't wait to get you off the phone! I literally had to leave messages threatening to sue in order to get anything back from them! The day I dropped of my car to the body shop I was asking about a rental because I was told that I would be getting one and they said there was no reservation number for a rental there. So I call and I call and of course no answer, so here come the threatening messages again. Finally she called me back (2 hours later and the rental place is closed) saying that she didn't approve a rental and that it is up to me to get myself into a rental and they would reimburse me! ABSOLUTELY NOT!!I argued with her for about 10 minutes before she finally gave me one and then I had to call every 4 days to get an extension! I had the car for 22 days and then they called and said that I had to return it so I did. Well all this took place in September and it's now November and I'm still without a car!!! They are sooo slow paying and god forbid you call and ask about it because then they want to play games!! They stopped payment on one check for no reason and sent another one!!! This company is RIDICULOUS!!! STAY AWAY FROM FRED LOYA INSURANCE!!!
I had an accident on the 4 of Oct at 10:00 pm which is a Sunday. I called on Monday since they are closed on Sunday. They told me my accident had to be investigated. So I asked if I could get a rental until then. They said know I have full coverage includes rental up to 30 days and towing comprehensive and collision. They said I cannot get a rental until my claim had been released from the investigator dept. which it took until the 15th of October before I got a rental. Had to return it on the 19th, had to call, ask for an extension. They gave me one, told me to keep it until I hear from my adjuster which I never did. I had to hear from the rental people. They told me that my insurance stop payment on my rental on the 21st and I was responsible for the payment and they call me on the 23rd so I tried to call my adjuster - no answer. I left a message. Then I call the department that handle my rental. They said I cannot get an extension because my claim was under investigation. I said it was under investigation in the beginning, what is the difference. They just denied me a rental car. I did not hear from my adjuster until 26 of Oct then he said my car is total out and he gave me a price. I have not received any paperwork yet and I am still with a rental but Copart did call and ask to pick up my vehicle on the 27th but I have not gotten any paperwork.
I'm hoping I can get help this way. On June 18th a driver insured by Fred Loya totaled my car. I have a police report and have been trying to get someone on the phone to help me ever since. I have called numerous times, left messages, and still over a month and I have an unsafe vehicle when I did. I have missed numerous days of work because of being hurt and not having a good vehicle. All I want is this insurance company to do their job. I'm so frustrated!
My husband goes through Fred Loya insurance company and they raised my husband's insurance because he's 1 day late. Every time we went from $33.00 to $67.00. How is that possible? I wished they would do payment same time each month but they don't. They are unreliable and unworthy of their position. It's BS what they put people through. They are a rip off company. We're finding someone new.
Ok. The worst ever... hands down. File a claim and see for yourself!!!!!
I been with Fred Loya for couple years now and every time I go to make payment their staff are rude and tend to over charge me in 6 months. Time I went from paying 74 dollars a month to 103 dollars For Liability. Is it me or is this company robbing people blind. Am just tired of dealing with these kind **. I will be searching for another company soon. Go ** yourself Fred Loya insurance. You’re nothing but ** rip off. Don't buy insurance from this ** no good piece of ** company.
I am currently insured by Fred Loya and I was hit by a trailer on April 29, 2016. The insurance of the trailer agreed to pay for the damages and I received a letter on May 13, 2016 from my adjuster that a check would be sent out to me. As of June 6, 2016 I have not yet received any check. I contacted my adjuster a week ago and she told me she would check if the check had been cashed & if not she would send out a new one. I emailed her three days ago & she never replied or contacted me. Today I called the Fred Loya 1800 number and spoke to someone in regards to this. They told me that in the Notes section of the claim my adjuster did not write anything about underwriting the check to see if anyone cashed it or about sending out a new one. I can't believe it, so much time wasted! I have no car, I've been living off rides to get to work, and I even had to quit my school. On the other hand, another check for the reimbursement of a car I rented has not arrived either and this check was sent out on May 27, 2016. This insurance is a joke! I know of someone else who since March has been waiting for a check.
I’ve been a loyal customer for several years but yesterday I decided to cancelled my policy. Every 6 months when I renew my policy I had an increased & bad customer services in the location of Tampa & Roscoe in Reseda CA. I have excellent driving record as well my wife & daughter. We never had a claim. For 3 cars full coverage they increase to $602 per month. Now in Geico I am paying $447 for more coverage & better plan. They gave me a credit for Straight A student. Goodbye Fred Loya!!!
The adjuster (Cory **) filed a claim on my insurance, when he offered a passenger in my daughter's vehicle $150.00 to not file a bodily injury claim against Fred Loya. This was not divulged to me as the Policy Holder. This is now affecting my daughter's record and reflects as an at fault claim against her and our policy although the accident was a hit and run. When I asked Mr. ** for the documents signed by the passenger, he stated that it was a verbal agreement and no documents exist. If no documents were signed how is that the claim is reflecting against my policy? When I requested to speak with his supervisor, he stated that his supervisor was in a meeting (how convenient)! I have called the number he provided for his supervisor and hope that she will return the call. Concerned Former Policy Holder in Texas.
I am a Semi truck driver 1st off. I know most people think we cause all the accidents but insurance statistics prove cars are at fault in over 78% of our wrecks. I was involved in a accident with one of their customers on April 28,2016 on the Atlanta, GA loop. She pulled right out of her lane and into mine without even considering the consequence of her action. Luckily I have a very good quality Dashcam that records GPS trail as well as speed. After I rear ended her and we pulled over I went to check on her and she was fine she said. I immediately went back to my truck to download the footage into my laptop to store it. When the officers arrived (2 female officers) and they asked for my statement on what happened I pulled my laptop from the truck and showed them EXACTLY what happened.Well long story short is she was cited for "failure to maintain lane" and was told this was 100% her fault. She wanted to argue with the officers saying I was speeding. Nope. Footage said I was 3 miles under speed limit and after locking up the brakes 13 under at time of impact. She tried to say I should have been able to stop, Nope again. The officers informed her a semi truck can't stop like a car. We have too much weight behind us pushing us when we have to stop suddenly. I was told by the officer to be ready to fight her because she feels she did nothing wrong when the camera footage proves otherwise. The officer believes as do I that she is just wanting to sue because It was a BIG TRUCK that hit her and there are a GAZZILION billboards advertising we sue trucks no matter if it's your fault. I filed with my insurance company the next day.On May 3rd I still haven't heard from her insurance company so I called them. They didn't have a copy of the police report or any information on the wreck. I downloaded a copy of the report online the day after the accident on 4/29/2016. I gave the rep all the same info that is on the report as well as my statement and informed them I have dash camera footage if needed. They gave me a claim number and the adjuster's name and phone number. Well after SEVERAL attempts to contact the adjuster I still haven't received a call back from him and it's been 6 weeks since the accident. My insurance company has tried to contact them as well and was treated very rudely. They informed me but got nowhere with them.I have $6,000 worth of damage to my 2016 Freightliner Coronado truck and want it fixed. This truck is brand new and is now considered a wrecked vehicle so it has also lost value now because of the wreck. These people are sickening. I have contacted their toll free number off of the corp website and AGAIN had to give the info all over again from the police report and give my statement. I informed them when I called the claim # and adjuster's name. I informed them he refuses to return mine or my insurance company's phone calls and will never answer his phone when we call.My next step is to call the insurance commissioner's office for the state of Georgia and see if they can get a return phone call. I am also filing a report with the BBB. AVOID THIS COMPANY AND PRAY ONE OF THEIR CLIENTS DON'T HIT YOU. MAKE SURE YOU BUY A GREAT QUALITY DASHCAM. Don't pull out in front of semi trucks, we can't stop on a dime.
On January 20, 2015 I was involved in an accident wherein I was traveling WB on 51st Ave. When I came to a stop light at N. Peoria I was in the right lane behind one car with another car in the left lane when the light turned green and the car in front of me proceeded into the intersection and I followed into the intersection with the light being green. My signal light on to make a left turn to travel South on Peoria St and as soon as I reach the 3rd lane on N Peoria I was struck by a Truck traveling N on Peoria in the third lane. Consequences: Constant pain, stressful situation with Insurance Company-FRED LOYA.
I received horrible service from Fred Loya. Office staff inefficient, unprofessional, uneducated and try to scare people to doing what they want. In addition, terrible claims service. Reps don't follow-up or say they will call and don't. I experienced an accident in which I was not at fault. Fred Loya denied and closed my claim without advising me. I requested it to be re-opened to no avail. They did however offer me possibility of filing claim on my insurance. Stated my insurance would not increase. I declined. They also failed to give the other insurance my statement. I had to do all the work. Contacted other insurance and provided all info requested. The other insurance took care of me. This incident was a major red flag as to how they handle their business so I changed insurance carrier. I went into the office to cancel showed them my new dec page. They cancelled two days after the date of the new insurance. I caught the error at the office, but the rep could not fix it at the time, but stated it would be processed correctly. A week later I received a letter of cancellation with wrong cancellation date. I went back to the office, explained the whole situation and the rep said he could not back date. He stated that because a week had gone by they couldn't do anything??? Give me a break.I explained that I needed that cancellation date backdated, that I had proof of my new dec page, but he insisted he could not do anything. He even contacted his manager via phone. I explained to him that by them not changing the cancellation date my premium refund would be pro-rated less those two days. After all this all he offered to do was give me a 1-800 number as he was unable to further assist me. I do not recommend Fred Loya to anyone based on my experience. Peace of mind in the event an accident happens is more important to me even if I have to pay more.
A week ago today I was involved in a car accident at 18th & Euclid. A 21 year old girl speeding, ran a red light and we collided. I've been having to deal with my AAA insurance (who I'm also disappointed with); after obtaining statements from two witnesses my insurer FINALLY agreed I was not at fault, however LOYA insurance says their client was not at fault, EVEN THOUGH they also took statements from the two witnesses who saw everything - they were directly behind me AND according to the officer, her statement to him was "I think I ran a red light." Being that I do not have car renters insurance I am SOL for rental reimbursement. Lucky for me my medical expenses were minimal. It's so frustrating!!
The most terrible company ever! They lasted 3 weeks to successfully finish the initial estimate. They had me jumping hoops with the check they sent out since there was 3 names it was issued out to. When it came to having a supplement estimate done, the insurance said they did not have anyone in my area to do the estimate! Are you serious? They offer services and charge for them when they cannot help you!!! I only spoke to my individual adjuster once, then I was not able to contact her and I spoke to over 10 people over the phone. Every time it was someone different! I so hate this company! Very unprofessional!
My fiancee was hit by another person who was at fault according to police report. The other person is not the insured and I was told that I needed to go through my insurance to have my car fixed. I know from experience that they are still liable and I will not have my insurance pay for their problem.
I was hit by a Fred Loya customer. They refused to get me a rental car. They sent my car across town to their preferred auto shop and told me that if I take it anywhere else I wouldn't be covered. Then the medical portion of it told me that NOTHING is covered but services provided that same day. So now I have bill collectors coming after me and Fred Loya won't pay a dime. Their agents are rude and are downright abusive. I had to file a claim under my own insurance to get my car fixed. I am out around 5K. They treat you like you are the enemy and trying to scam them. I am filing a complaint with the Division of Insurance. Terrible customer service and they don't honor the LAW. This is a shady outfit. I don't know how they are still in business.
I got hit from behind and Fred Loya are the hardest to get a hold of any Representative to help you. They Take forever. Very frustrating when your car doesn't work!!! And very rude on the phone....
I have had an unbelievably awful experience with this insurance company. I was assigned to someone named Elita ** as a claims representative. I asked her for her license number and she told me she did not have one. Then she laughed at me! I asked for the license of the other claims rep and got the same response. Got most recent correspondence from someone named Priscilla ** also a claims representative and not licensed. This started on April 4th of 2017 and as of today May 23rd they still have not fixed my car. I cannot get to work. The car is unsafe to drive according to everyone who has looked at it that is a professional claims service representative, including Toyota's service manager where I bought the vehicle and independent body shops.However, Fred Loya did not even ask to see my vehicle which was backed into by their insured. Their same insured driver backed into another vehicle in a similar fashion right before my accident and admitted this to me and admitted fault to multiple people the day of the accident. Now says I have to "prove" that I was not at fault after almost two months of stalling, although she backed into me. This place is a scam insurance company. Just Google them and see for yourself. They do not do any sort of proper claims procedure, where you take your car in to get it looked at by a trained professional mechanic or they come to you. They takes the word of the insured in spite of their record of hitting other cars, photographs of damages and other forensic evidence.I was backed into by one of their customers who did not even have a current insurance card. She told me she had hit another vehicle the same way recently (backing into them). In spite of her admission of guilt, to others at the scene, after almost two months I was denied repairs Fred Loya Company. Now I have to fight to get my car repaired. This is completely wrong and unfair. My car has been well kept and maintained and I am the second owner. I cannot drive to work and will have to take Uber or public transportation as the hood can fly up and hit the windshield and shatter it while driving on the freeway. They should be heavily fined and put out of business. Since the accident every body shop and repair center I speak to when I mention the name Fred Loya says, "Oh no". Why are they even in business?
I have been buying auto insurance for 45 years and have never seen a company nickel and dime a customer like they do. Most auto insurance companies take only a few days to get you a LOE (letter of experience) which is what some insurance companies want from your previous insurance company to show you have not had any lapse in your coverage. Loya's policy is 30 days to send that out which can affect getting coverage from another company and cause you to pay a higher rate. Loya insurance company charges you a fee when you add or remove a vehicle from your policy. If you find a company with better rates for more coverage, Loya insurance company will then charge you a $50.00 cancellation fee. I have never been with a company that charges you a fee to cancel. This greedy company seems to take advantage of their customers in every way possible. I would stay away from this company unless you don't mind having the company nickel and dime you to death.
I was rear ended by one of Fred Loya's insureds. I refer to this company as "immigrant insurance" because nobody else will insure the people who sign up with them! First I had to jump hoops in order to get a claims adjuster to look at my vehicle. I ended up getting estimates from my body shop and taking the vehicle to the local Loya office to be photographed. Loya failed to pay me for lost wages due to the loss of use of my vehicle, for which I was forbidden to use a rental for. They were slow to approve repairs and overall, delayed the process by at least 24-48 hours. The staff at the local office was dressed like street walkers and the claims people were very unprofessional - never returning phone calls or repeated emails. This company is a joke and I pity anyone who gets victimized by having to deal with them. My advice is to file the claim through your own insurance company and let them go after Loya. You'll get your car back much faster without the headaches of dealing with their inept people and less than stellar company. There's a reason they market to who they do.
I was rear ended a month ago by their insured, who took full responsibility saying she was not paying attention. At first they seemed to want to make it right. I went by their office they took pictures and a statement. I was told I would have a check the next day, then I was told as soon as they got the other party's statement I would get a check. My adjuster never contacted me. I called him after a few days had passed, he said he had her statement and i would have a check in the mail within 5 days, 2 weeks pass, no check. Call him again, he tells me there was an error processing the check, they would have to cancel it which would take 2 days, then reissue me another one that I could pick up in their office. He said he would call me when it was ready, of course a week later no phone call, so I call him. Someone else calls and says they issued a check 2 weeks ago. They issued a check to the person that caused the accident, at least that's what I am being told. Once again I'm being told they have to cancel the check which will take 2 days, then will mail me a new one. This person tells me I cannot pick it up in their office like I was told. Not sure if I will ever see a check.
Today I contacted them because I have traded in my vehicle. I had a 2014 Nissan Versa and currently have a 2015 Elantra. I traded in the Nissan for a 2017 Dodge journey. So I went into the Fontana Cardenas branch here in California. I asked to have the Nissan removed and add the new vehicle. First of all they just withdrew 261 from my account Saturday. So the girl there makes me sign a paper stating my agreement to remove the Nissan, yet they mentioned that I would be 20 for adding a vehicle plus the difference. OK so the contract states the charge, so I didn't argue that then she tells me that I have to pay 97 aside from the 261. She said my total each month was estimated to 311. So I asked if we minus the 52 that has increased in my policy plus the 20 for the change what is the 25 remaining charge for? She didn't know and advised me to call corporate. So then I call the Corona branch where I first started my policy (Magnolia). Here I was provided an exact quote which was 305 but in order to start I had to pay 160 today. Once again I asked what are the charges for? 20 change in policy fee and 44 for the difference. Total of 64 yet once again I couldn't get an answer to extra 96 dollars being charged so I was informed to contact corporate. When I called 2 representatives couldn't give me an answer so then I spoke to the manager and he said it was a deposit fee. I've been informed that Fred Loya doesn't charge deposit fees especially if I'm just changing vehicles. He said that the initial payment doesn't require one but after that for any add one they charge deposit. Then he said that every month they charge 12 dollar fee for installment. He David ** stated "it was for all the letters mailed to you like bills and policy card," by the way it's not a card it's a piece of paper. Now once again David the c/s manager could not explain charges. He said he would call tomorrow for an answer. So if I canceled today I would expect to be refunded the difference. Out of 261 they should deduct two days of service plus 50 for cancellation fee. Plus a reimbursement for 15 days a total of 130.50 paid the first month. When I started the policy they charged a month ahead and 15 days later they charged the full amount again (the second payment) they said it was because my first payment, half of it covers 15 days and the other half covers 15 more days after missing a pay if in case I don't pay the last month. The answer I got from David was that he did not know. They are really stealing from people they should be investigated.
There was an accident and Fred Loya is my insurance so now they don't want to pay and told us we was not paid up when we have auto pay we can see what comes out our accounts. So they decided to drop us as a client. These people are fraud and take people's money.
I got into a car accident on 11/07/2014. A Young America Insured driver failed to yield right of way and came across my lane while turning into an apartment complex. He t-boned me from my front driver's side wheel to my back door. The impact caused my front wheel to come off and we fish tailed into a ditch and flipped upside down. I suffered an open fracture on my right tibia which required surgery (my tricare military insurance covered it) and a fractured c1 vertebrae. My girlfriend suffered a broken arm (she does not have health insurance and has over $90,000 in med bills) and our friend in the back seat broke her arm as well. A few days later I got a call from "joe" with this insurance company. He was hostile and degrading, also said they would not pay 100% of our bills, which pissed me off. My mother (who is the insurance policy holder on my vehicle, the white Crown Victoria Police Interceptor) called him back and told him if he has any questions to contact our attorney. He then got very quiet and weakly said "y-you have an attorney?! No one told me that" and then went on the defensive. It is now March 2015 and have not heard anything. They contacted my attorney and said they were sending an adjuster to look at my vehicle 3 weeks ago. Still nothing. I would avoid dealing with this company and if you have to get an attorney.
Hail storm and check made out to finance company. Yes you heard it right!! While other insurance companies are issue out checks to their customers, this company do not if damage is over $5,000 and you are financing your car. So after 20 years being a customer, I am now writing reviews and never ever again will I do business with this company. Bad customer service. Takes days to get a callback. And rates for insurance are higher and higher.
I unfortunately had my car damaged by a Fred Loya insured motorist. After the initial claims process I started running into problems when I brought up the subject of getting a rental while my car was in the body shop. My car spent a week and a half at the body shop. I called my adjuster ** and asked him how much per day was authorized for a rental car. He was very vague and said that he would "help me out with that" when the car was repaired and when the rental car invoice was submitted. So on 5/18/2015 I submitted the rental car invoice and spoke with him regarding the reimbursement. He said he'd review it and call me back. After a while he stops responding to my phone calls, doesn't return calls when I leave voice mails. Then he calls one day and says I'll offer you $23 a day and only for 2 days because he doesn't think it should have taken more than 2 days to fix a dent on a Mercedes. So then he says he was going to call the body shop and find out why it took so long and maybe justify paying me more money for the rental. He then doesn't call me back for like two weeks and I keep trying to reach him and leave him voice mails. I also left voice mails to his manager and she doesn't return call either. One day I finally get her on the phone and tell her the situation. The manager says she will call me back and instead the adjuster calls me back saying he can now only approve $40 a day for three days only. I’m so furious by this point that I just take the check and angrily hang up. In the end it took over a month to get a $130 check. I can't imagine how difficult it would have been if this was a major claim.
I was re-ended by a man who had Fred Loya Insurance, so I had to use them. I cannot tell you how awful they were. It took them weeks to get in touch with me, and they did everything they could to NOT pay, even though it was their responsibility. It took weeks for them to send a check to me and they did not want to pay for the rental car, even though it was their customer's fault. I hope that I never have to deal with them again.
I was involved in an accident with a Loya insured customer in March of 2015. My daughter was in the car, we were on our way to work/school. The insured was obviously distracted as she changed lanes, ignored the red lights around her and rear ended me at about 40 mpg. Enough to twist a 1 ton steel tow hitch. She immediately pulled into the center turn lane like she was going to take off. I got out of my car and put my hands on the hood of her car yelling at her to stop while on the phone with the police. The police filed a report, ruling her at fault. I went to the hospital that day because I was feeling pain from the accident, my daughter missed school and I missed work.A Loya rep called us asking us to take the truck to them so they could take pictures. Two days later they offered us a settlement of $1200.00 for the damages, in the meantime I took my truck to my insurance company because I wanted a second estimate and had done my research the minute I found out what insurance company the other person had. My insurance company body shop came back with $3600 in total damages and slight frame damage. Something that the LOYA agent couldn't have even seen.A representative called me two days after the accident to offer me medical claims settlements. I was on pain meds and anti anxiety medications and was unclear as to what she was saying. She didn't present herself very clear to the point, I thought she wanted to get my account as to what happened and she didn't speak English that well.Turns out I wound up agreeing to give up all rights to any future claims against them. Here it is a year later, I am still in pain and having problems from the accident, still have nightmares of my daughter screaming, and to top it off the woman that hit me went into my job and told the ladies in the office I was crazy and there was no damage to my car. Do yourselves a favor, if you get into an accident with one of their insured, do not agree to anything. Let your insurance company handle everything for you. If they call you on the phone wanting to talk to you about the accident, refer them to your insurance company. Scam artists.
I was rear-ended by one of their customers. They told me that everything would be covered, but when it came to paying out they refused to pay out in full. My body shop Maaco was in contact with them, told the insurance company that the two day estimate to get it fixed was not realistic due to workflow and ordering parts, and that they completed the work as quickly as possible. Even with this they would not pay out for how long I was without a car and I got stuck with a bill. This insurance company needs to be investigated. They rip people off who their customers hit.
My son was injured in an accident on 1/26/2015 and I called to use the coverages that I pay every month to only to be denied for my claim. The adjuster changed everyone statement including the witness and said we are not going to pay for anything. They are rude, do not return phone calls and should not be in business. I think all of the people on this site should file a class action lawsuit for deception of practice against Fred Loya! These people should not be in business. They will continue to prey upon others who have not came to this website to read the reviews of other people pain and suffering. Together we can get them out of business or exposed to future victims of this **.
I had full coverage with Fred Loya. My car would not start in the morning. It needed a new battery. I had to get to work. I called the person renting my basement as they had an extra car to see if they had a spare key and if I could borrow their car. They did. I used their car and got in an accident. My insurance was supposed to cover a loaner car. They denied it. Now the other insurance company is trying to take my license. Fred Loya then would not insure me saying I was uninsurable, but they added me to the insurance of the person renting my basement without even letting them know.
7/25/16 a multi car crash resulted in an F150 pick-up crashing into the side of my work shop, I file a claim and Fred Loya accepted liability. They assured me that it would be handled promptly. It took me and some friends 16 total hours to support and secure my structure. It was four days before a contract adjuster showed up. 5 business days later I was informed that they did not have my information yet. On the 17th business day Fred Loya contacted me and demanded that I file a claim on my own insurance due to policy limits, I am unaware of any law that requires an innocent victim to file an insurance claim on their own insurance.Fred Loya is insisting that they cannot resolve my claim with me directly which makes no sense when I have repeatedly suggested that I would be open to resolving this claim for my fair and equitable share of the policy limits yet they refuse to explore that option. The simple fact here is that Fred Loya owes me my fair share of the policy limits and they 100% responsible for resolving this claim. It is easy to see why Fred Loya has earned its place at the top of the worst Insurance list.
Fred Loya sucks. As we got hit by one of their people who had Fred Loya that didn't want to pay the medical bills or for my car being total. I went to mediation and Fred Loya showed up without their people who can say yes or no on the money. They play games and that's what this company is. All games. Go get State Farm insurance. A little bit more but they take care of their customers. I got a rent a car that paid to get my car fix. They say you get what you pay for. Cheap insurance cheap and sorry company. I will never do business with Fred Loya and hope y'all done. Either put this sorry company out of business. My next step is calling the BBB Better Business Bureau on them. You make sure they go out of business.
Fred Loya's client hit me and admitted her fault but they decided they would not cover the costs because the car she was driving wasn't covered on her policy. Completely absurd!!! She's still liable for damages. NEVER use Fred Loya. BEWARE!!!
I received a call today, no message left - I returned their call, it was Fred Loya. I've had insurance through them for 6 months. My rate was set to drop by $20-$30 by the end of the month. My driving record has always been spotless. Instead of dropping my rate, like our signed papers agreed on, they raised it by $15. They said they sent me a letter confirming that CO state has increased ALL insurance companies. I called around, that was complete **. No one knows what they are talking about. During the conversation, I was "accidentally" hung up on, lied to, the women were rude and just uneducated. They didn't know the percentage that CO supposedly raised any rates to. She didn't understand that my rate was to drop so told me the rate decrease wouldn't go in effect. I said I'd have to switch insurance and she scoffed and told me they don't do credit checks and every insurance was increasing... I'm new here. That's the only reason I even used them. It nearly felt like a threat. I am going to State Farm tomorrow to switch. The ladies there were actually pretty crappy to anyone other than the Hispanic crowd. It's a damn shame.
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