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Company Name: Frankenmuth Insurance
Overall average rating of 1.8 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 10 %
Frankenmuth Mutual Insurance executives and board of directors personify greed and corporate corruption. I hope you will investigate this because someone needs to share this with the policyholders who are paying much higher premiums to fund lavish executive lifestyles. Frankenmuth is refusing to advise me as to when their policyholder meetings are held. Below are examples of their conflicts and malfeasance:1) Conflicts of Interest between board/executive staff are flagrant. Specifically, each year the annual board meeting is held in the first quarter at luxurious resorts in places like Cabo (The one and only Palmila) or Vegas at the Wynn. The executives host the board members and spouses, and executive spouses for week-long trips where all expenses are paid, lavish entertainment, meals, and penthouse rooms are covered. The last day of the trip, the board members attend the meeting wherein they vote on executive pay and bonus. This reeks of a conflict of interest.2) The board members themselves are the best friends of the executive staff. They are all locals to Frankenmuth. Frankenmuth executives stack the board of directors with their friends on purpose. A Senior VP admitted that this was the only way they could ensure that they got everything they wanted without questions or anyone contesting/challenging.3) Canned meetings vote in the board. The policyholder meeting is annually and only employees who hold policies are invited. They purposefully do not want policyholders showing up. They know that employees will never risk their employment by asking questions or challenging a vote or membership election.4) Misuse of policyholder funds is frequent and egregious and solely for the personal pleasure/use of the executives. As a mutual company, their policyholders own Frankenmuth and its subsidiaries. They are accountable for being corporately responsible with policyholder surplus yet they ask the State for premium increases because they claim they cannot make profits. This company generates about 350 million in premiums annually. The executives spend disproportionately on themselves.Policyholders would be outraged if they knew of the spending and lifestyles of these folks. I would strongly urge a forensic audit of the Frankenmuth books and in particular, the board and executive travel, gifts and tax evasion tactics. I would also urge to make public the information regarding pay structure, bonuses, golden parachutes etc. Frankenmuth is not a large company in the overall insurance business, however the executives spend on themselves as if they are a global conglomerate with Enron ethics.If you could get a policyholder to write current CEO John Benson and ask to attend a "policyholder" meeting you would see how canned the meeting is. It's ridiculous. Demanding them to disclose their travel expenses, relationships with the board and trips with the board prior to voting on executive pay/bonuses would be eye-opening for the public.I hope you have the power and courage to demand accountability from them and/or get other people of power to look hard at what's going on at this company because it is costing policyholders money via increased policy premiums that are going in to the pockets of greedy executives.
I've worked in the industry for Frankenmuth and others and have heard these complaints so I wanted to look into myself. While I don't doubt the sincerity of many... there are typically 3 sides to every story, with the third being the truth. But you see some people on here ** that they 'pay a lot' (we all do) for their insurance and they should be handled immediately. Obviously there was a phone issue, are you that helpless that you can't call a tow company?On the one claim, somebody said it's ins fraud because they didn't pay a claim where a guy was insuring and driving a van he didn't own but his sister did. He's right... it's fraud... by the insured! You can't insure something you don't own... if the agent says it was ok then your agent is an idiot and you could file an E&O claim against them. And the guy who said they just 'dropped him with no notice. You legally cannot do that... they don't work that way... there are laws against it!!Then the genius who said they can't force you to spend money on your home. Right... so if your roof is about to fall apart because you've neglected it they should just cover any losses? Or the guy who said they don't offer replacement cost... they either do or they don't. You not knowing is shocking. But yes, you have to replace the things to get paid for them. They don't just blindly cut you a check!The list goes on and on. People, you need to understand, your insurance is a contract. It's likely covering the things that are your biggest assets in life (home and vehicle or vehicles). Unfortunately most people pick someone because it was cheap and they think cheap is the best. But how about sitting down with an agent and asking questions? Nah... just ** about it and not actually understand what's your biggest need to protect.
I received a letter from Frankenmuth on 6-05-14 requiring me to roof a storage shed and put a handrail on my deck stairs by 9-15-14. First of all, not sure how they can require me to spend money I don't have on repairs that were unnecessary in my opinion. The roof had at least 2 more years left in it and there is already a rail on the opposite side of the steps! I roofed the shed and installed the railing anyway on 8-16-14, emailing the insurance company photos that day. On 8-18-14, I received a notice saying my insurance was going to be canceled in Oct. Because I had not done the repairs they required!! What happened to the Sept. deadline? Who the heck do they think they are requiring unneeded repairs anyway? I will be changing my insurance ASAP anyway!
In Sept 2013, I was into bone accident while pulling a trailer and turning left, I was slammed into at 55+mph, and was pushed into a ditch about 25 ft away. As a result of the accident, I suffered 2 disc injuries and neck and back muscle damage, headaches, etc. My claims adjuster made it clear if I was not returning to work in 90 days, she would attempt to close claim by sending me to a IME. I later found this is a ploy to close your auto medical benefits. Upon investigation, the IME at hand is on probation with the Dept of Health and Regulatory Affairs for conduct of lying and manipulation, etc and lack of good moral character. I have recorded all this info. They then closed my claim. When I asked to see someone more legit, since they were hiring their friend to do the IME, they declined. We are now going to court (please contact me if u have similar exp with this co). My wife and I are not rich people, we own a home and we both operate small companies, we have children and a quality of living we have been unable to maintain. Since I climb trees for trimming and haul wood, boats and outdoor service, these injuries have made these tasks impossible and our own ins has made this experience worse than I ever could of conceived. Our adjuster has spoken to us with disrespect and has attempted to steer the conversation for me to agree with her. I have unpaid bills from over 7 visits and treatments in the last 90 days from the accident. They are challenging. See I found out, for them, it's easier to refuse to pay and go to court later if you can because most people get lost in the wind and give up their rights. Not only has our bills suffered, but my medical state has worsened and is not being treated. And the last dr referred me to a spine center for a disc and pain pushing on spine. Frankenmuth denied me from going there and is mad. I refused to see the IME they wanted me to see so they could close claim anyway. Our adjuster freely has spoken and yelled at me several times where we could not talk without an argument. Then it hit me... I'm not doing what her boss wants and they don't want to honor our policy and cover my treatments and work loss. They just want our premiums sent on time. Even get this, we cancelled our policy on my truck as it was totaled out. Instead of refunding my $100, they kept it, saying they are gonna credit 20 a month toward my other ins policy. I think this is un-American and I am American and have chosen to just go to court and have it all recorded and looked at by a jury like myself. I don't believe 1 person will agree with ins company and their action. This Accident could have been handled way better and professional and our family would not be in chaos. It has caused our family not only financial struggle but relationships have been tested with friends and family, and the stress level we believe our own ins has raised is unacceptable. I guess if you ever need to open a claim in the future, don't use this company. They will make you feel like you are asking too much. They will start false fights and discrepancies with you all in attempt to close your claim, leaving you and your family in a mess of injuries and bills, if your family makes it through the injuries process. Oh, they offered me 10k to close the claim. I declined, not knowing the amount that would be the final cost. 2 weeks later they closed my claim. 2 weeks later I got a lawyer. In 2 more weeks I'll be in-front of the ins building holding signs and communicating with pedestrians, with friends and family.
The weather here has been below 0 degrees but never had a problem before until this morning. I went to start my car at 6:30 this morning and battery dead. Called Frankenmuth as I have full coverage to see if I could get battery charged. I know with this type of weather they will be busy and I would have to wait but after calling since 6:45 this morning until 10:00... All I got is a busy signal!!!!! No operator to put you on hold... BUSY SIGNAL. Finally I called my agent and was told that I could call any towing company, pay for the service and get reimbursed. Fine, if you carry larger amounts of cash on you, which I don't. I pay a lot of money a month for full coverage so I should get full service. Where are the operators?!!! I thank God that I was not stranded on the side of the road in these weather conditions with NO help from my insurance company. Have had this company for many years without claims except for chipped windshield repair once years ago but starting to have second thoughts. Terrible to treat customers like this because it sure is not a way to keep them!!!!! NOT HAPPY.
A subcontractor set trusses on my building but failed to properly brace them. A storm blew the trusses over and a claim was submitted for the improper installation. The Frankenmuth representative forbid my primary contractor from bracing the sidewall to prevent further damage so they could examine the structure untouched. The delay in releasing my contractor to support the stressed sidewall due to the collapse resulted in collapse of the sidewalls. Now Frankenmuth wants to deny the claim for the trusses although we cannot get that in writing. It has become a total stall game and I am paying rent waiting to get structure built. Truss manufacturer agrees with the claim. Insurance representative gives me totally misleading information so I guess I need to get an attorney involved.
This company hates dogs. They are looking to hit me with a 500% surcharge because I foster a dog for rescue. I am changing companies after 6 years without a claim. DO NOT USE THE DOG HATERS.
They do not pay their claims. I recently had a claim for water damage, whereas my only bathroom was destroyed. It took over 12 days and continuous complaining to finally get RB **, an insurance adjuster, out to my home. I told him my home was unlivable, why does it take you guys so long? Robert ** said, "It was common practice to come in 2 weeks after a water claim" even though in the meantime, mold and such can cause more damage. It is now 30 days and still no stipend for other living expenses.
My mother, who was 79 at the time, had a very severe accident. She was in intensive care at U of M for 3 months. She was also on a respirator the entire time. The Doctors said they could do nothing more. I insisted she go to a rehab in patient facility. Frankenmuth Insurance was beyond wonderful. The Doctors said she would not recover. I argued she would and my agent supported me. After 3 additional months, I brought her home. She had been on a ventilator for 6 months. Less than 2% can live without it when it has been that long. Not only did Frankenmuth support everything I wanted to do, they put central air in my house because she required it. They paid for 24 hour in house nursing when that became necessary. I could not afford to pay for her prescriptions up front so they contacted my pharmacy and set up an account so they would be billed directly. My mother successfully got off the ventilator and lived several years more. I cannot say enough about my agent and my adjuster. I never worried about money and everything was handled beautifully.
My future son-in-law has been paying insurance premiums for almost a year. He had a claim several months ago from him hitting a deer which they paid with no issue at all. About 3 weeks ago, his van was stolen and was recovered 10 days after the incident. The van was abandoned in Sterling Heights, MI and was impounded. Frankenmuth is now refusing to pay the impound fees and anything else related to the incident because the van is in his sister's name and he was the one driving it and paying for the insurance on it. The agent knew it was not in his name but he was the one driving it, paying the payments, and paying for the insurance but now they are all saying there is no coverage. I believe this is insurance fraud.
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