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First American Home Warranty Online Insurance Reviews

Company Name: First American Home Warranty
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 8667895570
Overall average rating of 4 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 61 %
A pool pump motor for a pool sweep is just screaming because the bearings are going out. Repairman comes out, verifies the issue but warranty won't repair/replace until it completely burns up and quits!
I have had a policy with FAHW for over 8 years. Our experience with small claims/repairs has generally been fine with only minor issues. Our experience with major claims, especially when conditions are difficult (extreme cold weather and no heat for two weeks, no hot water for a week), has been unacceptable and required a lot of persistence on our part to obtain an approval to resolve the claim in an acceptable manner. Furthermore, FAHW replacement units, when you they do approve a replacement, are the bottom of the line in quality and have poor quality reputations. It feels like they do this so customers will continue to use them after the replacement units have been installed because of the fear of future failure. Finally, FAHW's call center needs a lot of work, with sufficient manager coverage to answer customers' questions when CSRs cannot adequately address questions and FAHW needs more CSRs to answer their phones in a reasonable period of time.
Timely, high quality and friendly service.
Quick reliable and trustworthy.
Great company providing an excellent service for good price.
My only complaint is the difficulty in reaching an operator after hours, late into the evening. I was put on hold when I called at 11pm and was not put through to a live person when I had a household emergency. When I got a hold of someone the next morning, the emergency was resolved by another company and my policy was not valid.
Fast efficient service and the vendor that came out was knowledgeable and had all the parts on hand to get our air conditioning back to running as it should
Had to wait to long to get service for my first problem reported. Not enough companies to service customers in my area.
Have had First American for 3 years now and received nothing but excellent service.
Customer service was prompt in placing work order. Tech came out and replaced garbage disposal same day.
I will never do business with them again. In my opinion, look for another company. I usually don't write reviews, but I felt compelled to express my dissatisfaction.
Great coverage! I count on them every time
We have had a refrigerator down for two months and ended up having to fine our own vendor to complete the job. Another property we have had a heater down and electrical issues a property for a month now and still both are not completed yet. It should not take this long for issues to be addressed, the vendors are unreliable and unaccommodating in many ways. They have even went out and performed the wrong repairs.
Called to get our house rekeyed and it was taken care of quickly.
They have been fantastic! We had two separate plumbing issues within three days of each other and everything went so smoothly it’s as if we never had an issue! They are all very knowledgeable, efficient and extremely friendly. So easy and pleasant to work with! I would recommend them to anyone.
best home warranty company I could find. I have kept up my home warranty since purchasing my home in 2010. I have used my warranty on numerous occasions and I have never had an issue. I always get a quick response and my issue(s) have been fixed quickly and efficiently.
Just purchased my home warranty six months ago and have used their warranty twice with no problems. Have had a quick response both times from them and the contractors assigned to the problem. Last one they ended up replacing an Oven because parts for the old one where not available.They followed up on every step of the process and made sure I knew what was happening with the claim. They care what happens and make sure it's done right.
Needed oven repaired, made one call and a service person came out the next day. He needed to order a part. As soon as the part came in he returned and completed the repair.
Frustrating!!! I have been waiting to get our microwave fixed since a couple days before Thanksgiving 2018, and today is February 28, 2019. Because our microwave is a GE appliance we asked that a GE tech be sent to us, but were denied getting one sent to us (until this last time that I called in today). Techs have come to fix our microwave 6 to 7 times already and each time they say they have fixed it! After the first time they said they had fixed it, a burned-wire plastic smell stunk up our kitchen and scared us because we thought a fire might start or that the microwave could explode. Throughout these four months, we have experienced on-going issues like: 1) our microwave turning off completely (for hours at-a-time) 2) it taking longer than usual to heat things up 3) it emitting a burning wire smell 4) it working even after door was open But what has been the most frustrating of all is discovering (unacceptable behavior) that our techs have been telling us one thing and telling our insurance co. another thing. They keep telling us they will order parts and fix our microwave while telling our insurance co. that they have fixed our microwave problem that same day of the apt. and that that they leave it working properly. This is just shameful and that is why I am writing this review. I have made a video tape of the on-going issues and am ready to show anyone proof that our microwave is not working. I also have felt frustrated with our insurance company when they deny us reputable appliance techs (like the GE appliance tech we should have been assigned because we have a GE appliance). It's taken all these failed times with other appliance co. techs to finally authorize a GE tech to be sent????
We have a home warranty with this company, and live in a major metropolitan area (population over 1M). Despite having a covered claim, the warranty company has informed us that they have no capability to engage a drywall contractor to fix our ceiling. Not an exotic ceiling, not a terribly old home with some antique ornamentation. Just your run-of-the-mill ceiling. So we (the customer) are now responsible for finding a contractor, getting a quote, sending it to First American Home Warranty, having it approved, getting the contractor to come back out to the house, and eventually submitting for reimbursement (which will absolutely be less than what it actually costs to have the ceiling repaired). Unbelievable. If you're on the fence, pick another company.
Very good company. All has gone well. We have had some serious issues and First American have cleaned them all up. The only flaw in their policy is that they should replace an appliance with equal quality.
The claim was started easily. First American paid for a small air condioner since it was going to take more time to get the claim taken care of. They were easy to deal with and seem to be very fair in the claim process. My only issue is the time to get the central air repaired. its going on 3 weeks. The time has been in getting approvals. Approvals to come, approvals to do a leak test then approval to repair. It has been about a week and the parts havent shown up yet. Im getting by with the small air conditioner provided but since it has been hot, Im limited to a room with the air. If the timeliness of repair could be sped up I would rate them 5 stars
Very easy to schedule for service. Most of the contractors are great, except a few unprofessional ones. Get rid of Habit Plumbing!!!
On line filing claims easy and convenient. Follow up on claims in progress is best I’ve experienced. Have used FAHW for multiple repairs and always pleased with the outcome.
This is the biggest joke. I made a claim to fix my heat. It took a week and a half for them to send a tech out to find the problem, another week and a few days to order the part another week to have the tech come install the part only to find out the wrong part was ordered. Now we are facing temperatures in the 30's with no heat. Every time I have called I always get the run around. I even asked to speak to supervisor and they same guy comes on acting as a supervisor. I will be canceling my service as soon as they fix my heat.
I have bee satisfied with the process for repairs. Have not had an emergency so not sure how quickly the system will resolve that.
I would recommend First American Home Warranty to anyone that ask who is my home warranty with.
Contractor comes and gives maybe 10 possible cause for an incident because he cannot be sure. First American dimly picks the one as the cause that is not covered! Second contractor comes, similar opinion and argues with them that we cannot say for sure. First American says you don't know the cause is the one not covered!
Great job, repair was done quickly and well.
Continuous follow-up and communicative contractors.
Excellent performance and workers. The're friendly and exceptionally fast and hard workers. I have great response back from contractors who work on these appliances. They even work on problems that are not covered on the home warranty which is wonderful. I do not need to go looking for another contractor. Thanks for all you do.
Nice to have home warranty from this company
Good repair on our dryer........
Excellent resoibse and workmanship
First American Home Warranty provided excellent customer service and arranged for outstanding service providers to address my home issues. Thank you American Home Warranty!
I think your company is great. I’m so glad I found you. Sometimes I wish the companies had to get to me sooner than the 48 hours you give them to call me and set up an appt, which can then be a week or more later. The 48 hours waiting for that call means something to a person who has something very broken that needs to be fixed. However the companies you use are mostly trust worthy so that helps to ease the 48 hour wait.
Will fix a plumbing leak but to th damage it causes to the lower floor ceiling No secondary damage as told by plumber.
Tech was very nice, informative, and neat. Did a great job.
Have used the service of First American Home Warranty in the past and most recently, no hassle just plain good prompt response and great references to local craftsmen. Very pleased and would recommend this service to anyone who wants reliable quick fair priced repairs. Mr. and Mrs. Esper Esau Nevada.
I have never had a complaint in all the years I have delt with First American. I was told once that my plumbing did not cover a rodent's chewing a hole in my plumbing and I understood, It was also in my book. I would tell anyone to get in touch with First American and have a number of times. Thanks for being there. Michael Richardson
Any time we needed an appliance repaired or a plumber or any service they were there. The customer service dept. is great and it does not cost us an arm and a leg to keep our minds free of worry if we need to make the call. I have told many friends and family that the money we pay monthly is so worth it.
I've used this Warranty service for 6 years and they usually help me everytime. Thank you so much
I had a water leek and First American was unable to get a plumber out to look at it, they told me that the would put me on a emergence list, We were without water and sewer all day, they called me at 4pm to let me know they were unable to locate a plumber. This has happen several time since I have had this company for 2 yrs. I purchased this warranty because My husband has a bad back and neck to do all this labor work. I husband did repair the leek himself. I just paid for another year but I will be looking for another warranty co next summer.I have asked customer service to have supervisor to call me as of today no call
The service is always provided in a timely manner.
Response to a warranty phone call is excellent - both in contacting a company to fix what is a problem and the quality of companies that service warranty work.
All of the issues have been solved -- Excellent providers. First American Home Warranty is great.
The appliance repair guy couldn’t fix my water dispenser. He believed it was frozen inside of the door, but didn’t know how to get to it. I asked why this would happen after keeping the freezer st the same temp for years. He didn’t know. I asked how I could prevent this from happening again (if I could get it fixed). He didn’t know. I gave 3 stars because he vacuumed all the dust from the back of the refrigerator.
Almost didn't renew. Man am I glad I did AC compressor died just at the start of Las Vegas heat. First American was prompt and had someone out to look at it and fix it within a week. Thank you First American.
I have had First American Home Warranty since 2014. I have an in ground pool and the pump went out shortly after moving in the house. Fixed immediately. Second year the pool heater, fixed immediately. Third year furnace issues and this past year garage door openers. Everything was handled in a very timely manner and I have no complaints. Purchased different company warranty for other house but will switch it to FAHW upon renewal. Great company and recommend to my friends and family.
Closing it first available opportunity
It was our first time having to use this warranty & it was very easy to do. Job completed quickly. Very pleased.
I've had this warranty service for a few years now. I like it because my husband is not very handy. Their service is good but not excellent! My last claim was a horrid experience! It took them almost six months and almost six visits by contractors to fix the issue that was caused by the first contractor they sent out to begin with. My impression is that they don't use top of the line contractors!
I’ve called three times and each time problem was repaired at visit.
So ar so good. Great response when called.
Update: 7-17-2018: 2 stars to 3 stars - I spoke to another FAHW service rep and he was very helpful. BTW - all service reps from FAHW have been very good. Since they only have two contractors in the DC area we agreed that I will find my own contractor and then submit a report. I appreciate that FAHW is willing to work with me - more to come.... 7-16-2018:I am currently in the process of having my heat pump repaired, I will update as the process moves or doesn't move along. The first company they sent said nothing is wrong with my Heat Pump even though is was not cooling my apt, he said the unit is just over heating - that makes no sense...usually that means it is broken in some way. The second company came out and said the system needs to be replaced. They left and I heard nothing for about a week. Today they finally contacted me. It was a bad phone connection, so I couldn't hear them well, so I kept asking them to repeat. She mentioned something about what is not covered and what I had to pay, again I didn't understand because there is no report of the work nor has any info has been given to me, eventually she just hung up. I did receive an email stating that they are waiting to hear back form the warranty company. Two HVAC companies, neither if of which appear to care about the business. If these are the types of companies First American Home Warranty uses they are not worth the money. Especially since they are already talking extra fees. It simply is not worth the money or the aggravation. Better off not buying this warranty.
I have used First American three times since having the warranty. Most recently was in the last few weeks. The service was excellent and done timely. In the past, the story was the same. I have had AC repair and dishwasher repair. Peace of mind means a great deal.
Good service. Came at the time they stated.
I was very pleased with this company for the last 5 years, but this year they made an unauthorized withdrawal from my bank account. I caught it on January 23 and contacted the company. I was assured they would refund my money within 24-48 hours. It is now February 7th, and they are still stalling. Unacceptable! I will not be renewing my contract this year.
Have had to use my policy more than once this past year, and the company has facilitated replacement and or repair.
My daughter and husband bought a house 3 years ago and had First American Home Warranty. The 2 air conditioners broke and this company refused to replace; said it was an installation error--these units were 10 YEARS OLD!! Instead, we had to use space heaters for 2 winters until they could afford to pay $11K out of their own pocket to replace them! A year ago, I bought a house. Nine months later, I was told I had standing water in my crawl space and would be $11K to fix it properly. First American said it did not cover the work. Had I known I had a crawl space water issue, I would not have paid full price for the house and I assumed a home warranty covered everything for a year. NOT the fine print. This company has not helped neither me nor my daughter's family. Not worth the money unless you have old items inside the house and they have no excuse not to pay.
Disappointed that you could not find an electrician to do my repairs .
They sent out a very trusted, reliable plumber that scheduled us right away. Thank you!
Awesome company and very attentive.
Quick responce and very professional service man fixed my problem quickly,
In reviewing the vendors sent to address concerns, I noticed that FAHW charges $15 above the vendors normal charge. Like all insurance companies....want premiums but claim payments leave much to be desired. Include $50 month to handle maintenance issues - has been cheaper and more effective in maintaining my property.
Gave me a Repair company that no longer serviced my area. Took too long to get my problem fixed.
First American did an excellent job facilitating our pool equipment repair.
Great peace of mind! Never an issue with any claims using First American Home Warranty. I have a policy on my homestead and a rental house as well. I’m very happy with the service, great value.
I'm glad I have it!
For now we have a washer that has a bad case of bearing noise on the spin cycle. F AM wants the washer to be completely non functioning-- what next? An 82 year old going to the laundromat? You can hear the bearing noise at the end of the block!? Will this thing blow up in the meantime?
The process was simple to request service and the agent was very professional and helpful. The tech was very professional and fixed the problem expeditiously.
I always get great service.
Fantastic assistance. Quick and great contractor
My experience with First American Home Warranty has always been excellent. Their fee is reasonable and the contractors they have sent out have been top quality.
When my old debt card expired I went online and added the new one and set it up to use the new one. However, every month after you continue to try to bill the old card. Finally I got fed up and called customer service about a month or two ago. I spoke with a lady. She treated me like I was stupid for not figuring out how to delete the old card. She said it was an option given and that it was there regardless of what I said. She said she deleted the old card for me so that my payments would go through new card. She was a bit demeaning and rude. So, this month I get another email and call that you are unable to process my payment (because you tried to bill the old card again). I go online and pay it and try again to figure out how to delete the old card. I can find no delete card option anywhere (regardless of what your customer service lady told me last month). Within 2 hours (I think) of paying my bill, I get a call from your service line to make my payment. PLEASE NOTE: The automated recording is VERY rude. Said you guys have "repeated tried to contact me for my payment." Untrue. I received one email. And then one call after I had already made the payment. The payment that was not process because you charged my old card and not my new card. Not my fault my payment didn't go through. Anyways, I stay on the line for the customer service call I got today. Spoke with a man. Explained to him I already made the payment online and told him I had been told by customer service lady last month that the card was deleted. He told me there was no option to delete the card. He was nice and I appreciated his help.
They live up to they word
They are professional and they have always made repairs or replaced my appliances.
Always able to handle and help when needed.
I've only had to use them twice thankfully. Both times I received quick response and depending on the problem I received next day service on one issue and the other I received same day service. They are always friendly and very informative. The service I also receive from the companies they send out are just as friendly and helpful. Thank you again First American Home Warranty.
Quickly respond
They have always been responsive and sent excellent people
I’m very disappointed in first America! If I could give no stars I would!!! I submitted my claim on 11/8/18 for plumbing and the contractor showed up at my house on 11/12/18 I called today to find out the status of my claim and the contractor submitted his report today 11/19/18. The lady that was helping me by the name Maria explained that the service is not covered which is fine but my complaint is why did it take so long for the report to be submitted and why wasn’t I contacted to be told that’s its not covered. Maria started talking over me and put me on hold so I asked to speak to a supervisor she hung up on me. Is this how you train your employees to treat your customers First American ? Will not recommend to no one ! And lastly the contractor that was assigned to my claim has the worst reviews on yelp and every review says they were assigned by First American! Screen your contractors better.
Excellent! I will use them again and recommend to everyone!
I had First American Home Warranty for almost 12 years on one home and 8 years on another. This year the AC (HVAC) unit went out on one of my houses and my property manager informed me that First American wanted me to pay $1425 to repair it. Luckily I called to find out what the charges were. Evidently, and unbeknownst to me, my plan was no longer the premier plan, it was now the step below (Basically what First American did was change the names on their plans). I was never notified to upgrade or that my plan had changed. I then asked what the $1425 was for. First American told me, reading from the contractors invoice, that I was paying for multiple "modifications" and "permits" to fix an HVAC system. I blew a gasket! What the hell are "modifications" when all you need to do is replace a part? And why am I paying for a contractors permits? I then asked what the payout was and was told $825. Therefore, the total price of this repair on an HVAC unit was going to be around $2250. Does that sound right to anyone? I had my property manager call one of her local contractors and I called a friend that started his own heating and cooling business to get an idea of the validity of First American's claims. They were unfounded. Both contractors stated no modifications were needed, they already have yearly permits they pay for to dispose of freon, and, best of all, they both quoted me $1200-1250 to repair the AC unit. I went with my property manager's contractor because my friend was going on vacation. After it was all said and done, $1250 for the initial repair, then once it was fixed the contractor found a leak that was an additional $175 charge to fix. When added together equals $1425....interesting, don't you think? Exactly the same amount First American said I had to pay in "modifications" and "permits". Basically, First American is running a scam with their contractors they call for you and you are obligated to use. They mark up the price to ensure First American and the contractor both make out, and you pay the deductible along with continuing your monthly fee. I have been fooled by this company for many years now, don't do the same. Home Shield and Republic seem to be the better choice and I am continuing to conduct my research on them before I decide. I have filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau to ensure this company is investigated along with, hopefully, ultimately punished and/or shut down. You can view the complaint and their response using the BBB Complaint Case# 621177. I have also attached a copy of the receipt from the contractor. I hope this helps others!
Service and response time is excellent, but asking too much information to identify me. Never can find my contract number when calling in. Some of the product replacements are inferior to the quality of item being replaced.
I'm so glad to have this warranty service Ive heard some bad reports on some other companies
Everything takes several more days than they state. Can't get hold of them or contractors in a timely matter. Go with any other company.
Well worth the monthly payment. The amount of money this company has saved me as a homeowner is priceless. The monthly fee is worth it if your home is lived in it as much as mine is.
I have been extremely disappointed with my experience with first American warranty
First American Home Warranty has dealt with me fairly whenever I have contacted them with an appliance failure, however, I find it extremely difficult to understand the person who answers my call. I have asked to speak with another representative or to a supervisor, but I have not been given that opportunity.
I had this company for 3 years, with 2 claims. 1st claim was $300, very smooth. Second claim on the other hand was an absolute disaster. Their technician damaged the HVAC control board and therefore ended up replacing the whole unit. A $200 problem turned into $1300 out of pocket. I asked for payout option, they offered me $230. It also took 6 weeks and countless phone calls to fix the problem. I fired them and will never use them again.
Excellent and fast service with the company chosen to do the work.
Aweful! Took 7 days to get some here to fix the refigorator/freeze. Then they waived the service fee for my inconvenience (via email) but sent me an invoice 30 days later. So 30 days later still dealing with their incompetence!
I have had nothing but excellent experiences whenever I contact First American Home Warranty
The process was easy and the vendor was excellent, accommodating.
Twice I connected with First American telling them that I was not getting an answer on the phone with the contractor and they weren't returning my messages, and both times they told me that someone would be contacting within 24 hours, but it didn't happen. Then after 10 days without hearing from anyone, I asked First American if they would waive the $65 fee for the failure of service since they say 24-48 hour response, and they told me that I couldn't prove that I was trying to contact the contractor... which is pretty insulting that I would make that up. How do you fake a broken dish washer and fake not having an appointment to get it fixed, and what would I gain from that?
They exceeded my expectation. I had a plumbing issue. I submitted my request online, hoping that someone would would contact me the next day. I was very surprised to hear from them within the hour. They sent out a plumber the same day and my issue was resolved!
Every time I use them, I have been well pleased with their service. Contractors are professional and know their job. It is a pleasure to work with them.
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