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Fiesta Auto Insurance Online Reviews

Company Name: Fiesta Auto Insurance
Overall average rating of 1 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 0 %
Lady who did our taxes, told us we could have our preparation fees taken out of our tax return. Failed to explain the fees associated with the loan. Just kept telling us whatever fees their banking institution charges. NO SPECIFICS.
The worst I swear. Went there to get a quote and they told me “It will take a while. Just call us and we can do it on the phone.” I called 3 times, 20 minutes listening to their stupid advertisements each time and I didn't even got what I want.
I needed car insurance so I gave Fiesta a try. I must say it was the worst experience. I was quoted one price then when the bill was due I was told almost a 50-60 dollars difference. I was told it was due to not having the right documents that would award me the discount. So I presented every thing I was told to that would allow me the discount. I noticed they made copies and sent them over. Was also told I would receive a callback but didn't. The people or new guy working is very unprofessional. There is no sense of urgency. No sense of accountability.
Seriously Fiesta Insurance are scam artist and I would not recommend them to anybody. They rip you off. Different people do different things especially Bakersfield branch off of Ming Avenue. Horrible service. I will never go there again and if there was an option to do no stars I would pick that option.
Very bad first experience. Not always good to go through a middle company (which is what Fiesta is). It was my first time getting car insurance, so I went through Fiesta Auto Insurance in Madera. I paid my first monthly payment and starting fee of $200. Things went normal at first: I got my next bill in the mail, went in and paid it off three days before the due date and also upgraded my insurance policy for a total of $138. Two weeks later, my insurance was canceled because Fiesta never submitted my payment to Reliant General, the company through which they were giving me insurance. My bill for my next payment never came in the mail... It took a while before I found out I was driving without insurance.I went into Fiesta and the first worker put the blame completely on me. He tried to send me on my way, but I refused. I spoke to a second worker and started a new policy for $79. He did give me $63 back because my last policy didn't work. At this point, I still believed the last policy cancellation was my fault. I then received a cancellation fee in the mail from Reliant General for $45 along with a warning for "collection proceedings". I would later receive a verbal warning "We will send our collectors." After some investigation, taking time and energy out of my days, I finally found out the fault was on Fiesta. To this day, no one has admitted fault and apologized for it.Over the next two months, I tried to get in contact with the manager/accountant, Andrea, (who actually works at an office in a different city, Dinuba), to fix my $45 cancellation fee. In the last few weeks, I was playing a little game of phone tag with her, as she would never call me back. Andrea finally did part of her job and contacted me. She never admitted mistake or apologized, but when asked why my payment wasn't submitted, she simply stated, "I don't know why." Also, she decided not to pay my $45 fee, telling me that the $63 refunded was meant to pay that, although I also had to pay $79 for a new policy through them and she knew the failure to submit the payment to Reliant General was the mistake of her company.Even after all the frustration and being cheated out of some money (paying $45 cancellation plus $79 for a new policy), I cannot break away from my current Fiesta policy as I have invested too much money already. Extremely bad first experience. I was expecting something completely different. At least I didn't get in a car wreck during those 2 1/2 weeks I was unknowingly uninsured.
Crappy service - I went to try to fix my id card that expired cause they didn’t send me my new card which I gave my payment early so now I’m driving uninsured cause of them. I’m so pissed. As soon as I can Imma change from this. And also waited for more than an hour and just got too mad so just left. I need to fix this.
Omg! I got insurance with Fiesta Auto. They always put me on hold and tell me they will call me right back. I even got, I promise I will call back after this corner. I am handicapped, so it's hard for me to keep going in. I have had insurance with them 2 months, I'm finally done with them. I'm looking for a new carrier. I also inquired about a refund of the money that I put down as a deposit. They stated it wasn't a deposit and is non refundable to me. Fiesta Auto insurance sucks!
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