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Fidelity Life Association Online Insurance Reviews

Company Name: Fidelity Life Association
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 800.369.3990
Overall average rating of 3.8 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 58 %
You literally don’t have to do anything. They set up and organize everything for you at your convenience, based on YOUR price and needs. You tell them what you want, they lay out all your options in an easy transparent way. You make your choice and they make it happen. Very proactive but not in a pushy way... it’s more accommodating than anything. At your service type of thing. Helpful and informative NOT pushy or obnoxious. Excellent service by everyone involved from start to finish. Highly recommend.
Ive tried to call to get information . Rude and heartless people.
Communication was extremely poor
Top notch Experience
I have no complaints. Everyone was very helpful and nice to talk to. I'd recommend this company to anyone.
Terrible experience. Was presented with an overall of necessary information, physical exam, etc. necessary for policy approval. However, increasing subsequent requests for medical information made me feel under persecution. I am also e-mailing today to cancel this policy and expect a full refund of premiums paid.
Everything was performed very professionally
Kept in touch with me medical exam was fast and professional
I had the best experience while I was setting my life insurance for me and my family . I recommend fidelity life insurance company to anybody.
Cannot give them zero stars but any company that sends spam mail cannot be trusted Spamming all hotmail users As requested I have sent to your Unsubscribe mailbox another similar spam mail I have also extracted the e-mail header data so you can clearly see who is spamming on your behalf using stoled or hacked mailing lists. I have never subscribed to you, I never would, I am not even in the same part of the world, a small matter of the Atlantic Ocean separating me from the USA
fast and to the point about life insurance we got the policy now we don't have to worry about things
Never sent me a welcome package, never call me for my nurse visit so I cancel my new policy
They were really good about getting me the best deal at a really low cost
Your rep was wonderful and very informative. I was so confused from talking to other companies and he shed light on everything. Your rates are amazing as well. Thank you for helping us!
They took advantage of being young and gave me a coverage that is not even what I asked for. Very disappointed and want to cancel it. Waste of my time and money.
They were quite accommodating and eager to help. I obviously haven't attempted to file a claim on my life insurance; but I imagine that if anyone ever has to, they won't encounter any difficulty.
When I set up my account and my mother’s account a year ago, I specifically made it clear that I would be/have ownership over both policies. Unfortunately, unbeknownst to me Alexandria McCoy (4252161240) set the accounts up incorrectly. Not only was I not able to retrieve information about my account and my mother’s—I was also informed my maiden name was included on my account and not my married name. I’ve been paying for both policies for over a year and when I called in to update the address and credit card information, I was made aware of the discrepancy. It’s quite frustrating hat Fidelity will accept my credit card payments but will not release information to me about the policies I pay for and set up. This needs to be corrected as soon as possible or I will be looking for a new insurance policy for myself and my mother.
Everyone involved with the process was great. The nurse that did the exam was a bit impersonal, but that would be my only complaint. The process was fairly simple and easy and I am very happy with the outcome.
They were straightforward and honest with me, and worked with me to get good coverage at a good price. They made the whole process quick and easy, and I would strongly recommend them.
Service was great and was prompted with a quote and took the exam soon after first payment was made.
Horrible ! I called for a quote and these people signed me up and took money out of my bank account without permission ! 2 months later I never got my refund or explanation or apology. Very sneaky , would never do business with these liars.
Denied my life insurance based on a clerical error made by the account representative who filled out my application, then followed that up with a huge HIPAA violation by sending me the medical records of another client across the country. I would give less than one star if possible.
Easy to work with nice an polite
Was easy to execute and fast turnaround on the physical.
Decent policy, but didn't approve of a joker with your company making my relationship to the insured as "life partner".
Not only am I happy with the value of the coverage I was able to purchase at the age of 54, I am very satisfied with the quality of service I’ve received.
Nice, friendly and helpful
It was a good experience and I'm very satisfied with my policy. My agent took the time to explain everything to me. Thanks a lot. Plus I would tell everyone I know about this company.
I haven't died, so I can't review how well Fidelity treated my family after death, or how quickly payment was disbursed. What I can review is the practice of the salesman in my case. I had honest questions, and I was up front that I had an existing life insurance policy. After I was quoted a price, I explained that I would have to think about and discuss with my wife before I commit. That's when the used car tactics were put into play. "Are you serious about a life insurance policy" and "I don't want to waste both our time" in an effort to persuade me to purchase at that moment. I also believe the salesman was not entirely honest when he stated to me that (and I'm paraphrasing) "If you dont give form of payment today and you choose the traditional route where this goes to an underwriter, it will take weeks and your premiums will go up about $20 - $30/ month." Needless to say, I didn't appreciate the tactic and was unable to argue about something I didn't really understand, but I did tell him that it didn't make sense what he stated. In the end, days later after a little research, I purchased the policy. I hope my family never has to use it.
I have recommended this company to a family member. The process did not take long and the representative treated me with respect and was very helpful.
The staff and service was very good. Kept me posted with every step that I had to take for a trouble free experience. I would highly recommend. Thanks
My rep was so helpful. I'll definitely keep this policy
The company was easy to work with and answered any question I had and we were able to get the policy started that day for a very reasonable price
In selling me my life insurance and working with me to make sure I understand my purchase they were great. There was nothing outstanding about my interactions that would warrant a 5 star review however.
Great service. Thank You
Nice agent. Very knowledgeable. Too bad i can not borrow from my policy due to being a hurrican harvey survivor. A lot of red tape just because that is the way the government is. My clothes got damaged during the flood and fema wont assist me. Such a tragedy for the government to be so unwilling to help human beings
Unbelievably bad experience. Paperwork sat unprocessed on someone's desk for weeks and after multiple inquiries. Underwriter send request for information to wrong doctor, that took weeks to straighten out - THEN, to add insult to injury, declined coverage based on a medical event that happened 16 years ago, although their own guidelines specify 10 years. Currently waiting for a refund of the 2 months of premiums I paid for no coverage, and fully expecting to have to file a BBB complaint before I see it.
They were very helpful and knowledgeable about the type of life insurance I needed
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