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Farmers Renters Insurance Online Reviews

Company Name: Farmers Renters Insurance
Year Founded: 1928
Address: 4680 Wilshire Blvd.
City: Los Angeles
State/Province: CA
Postal Code: 90010
Country: United States
Phone: (888) 327-6335
Overall average rating of 3.6 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 47 %
Farmers Insurance is there when you need someone to help, if you have any questions about your policy or coverage, or if you are looking for help with anything at all related to insurance. They have an easy to use website and the claims process is simple and not time consuming. You give all the information necessary to get the claim rolling, then you sit back and wait for it to be processed - and it only takes a matter of a few days. They offer a wide range of coverage options, and they will definitely have something to fit your budget. A representative will also go over your coverage to be sure that you are getting the best coverage for your situation. The coverage options are affordable and they are definitely fair for the price. I am completely satisfied with the coverage I get from Farmers and the price I pay for it. That 's why I've been a customer for over 5 years.
I have had a very good overall experience with Farmers Renters Insurance. First of all their customer service is excellent. They are always very helpful and understanding. Farmers also offers many different options to fit the needs of their clients. Also the price for your policy is very affordable. There was one time I had to fill a claim. The whole experience was overall easy and satisfying. My claims representative was very helpful, understanding, and pleasant to work with. I highly recommend Farmers to all my friends and family. They are an excellent company and I will continue to use them.
I tried to take a renters insurance online with Farmers Insurance at the recommendation of my apartment community. After entering all the information, I got an error online. Since I received an error, I thought the policy was not created. As I was in a hurry to take a renters policy, I took with Geico and submitted it. After few days I received an email from Farmers that I need to take some action to complete the process. Since I was travelling, I didn't see that on time. After I came back home, I found that my credit card was charged and I didn't get any email confirmation for the policy.I called the agent Jason ** and explained it and also called the Farmers customer service and explained the issue and asked to refund my amount and cancel the policy. They asked me to submit the proof of my Geico policy and I have sent it to them on 31st July. I thought the cancellation would have happened and the case is closed. My account was charged again for the current month premium on 4th August. I tried to reach my agent and left a message. I am yet to get an answer. It is completely unacceptable that they keep taking money from my account even after making several attempts to cancel this policy. Service Request: SR# **, registered with Farmers Insurance on 31st July.
The service I have always got from them has been top of the line. I never would need to switch. I love how well they fix anything wrong and are always ready. I've never had to process a claim with them but my cuz has and for him it was perfect. They did everything they say and gave him no hassle thru the process. I found just what I need for my apt when I was looking. I was not wanting to spend a lot and they did just that. Found me the best rate but I'm also protected. The coverage is great. I get all I need and never worry, I like know they got my back in case I need them so I can go on with my life without the worry.
Customer service was very helpful, friendly, always ready to help, very proactive. I wish all customer service reps were like these at Farmers. The claiming process was prompt, very efficient, customer friendly, made me feel like at ease. I would recommend them to everybody. The policy options fit my needs, however I would like to have more discounts, lower rates, and more options to choose from. I was very happy with the coverage. It made me feel safe and at ease and gave me a peace of mind that I will be completely covered when something unexpected will happen to me or my family.
I needed a very basic policy and something I could afford with a low deductible and replacement cost. I had a hard time finding a company willing to give me coverage for a low amount. I only wanted 5000 in coverage and even that was a lot for a small 1-bedroom apt. I did have coverage for visitors if they were hurt inside my apt. The process from meeting with the agent to the help and advice about taking photos etc. was good. I never had any problems with them answering my questions and helping me set up ways to make payments. This is a good company and I would recommend them. Thanks to their help and advice I would have been well prepared with the photos. I'm sure it would have gone well if I ever needed to make a claim of some kind.
Great, helpful people. Easy to do. Different options very helpful. All kinds of coverage for everyone.
I have life, home, and car insurance all through Farmers Renters and I am very satisfied. Their representatives are knowledgeable and helpful. It was easy to get through to customer service and they answered all the questions I had. Also, they have easy access to their website. I have not had to put in a claim as of yet but when I do, I am sure they will be able to assist me. I share with others what I think about the company and the policies I have. I am very happy with my policy and I do not plan on leaving this company. I look forward to future business with them.
The customer service of this company is very good and very knowledgeable. They are also willing to help you until your problem is resolved. The claims process is very simple and they help you through every step and help you get the most out the process. They also can do it in a quick manner. They have a lot of policy options and make sure you pick the right one with your budget in mind. They also make you feel wanted and appreciated. Their coverage options are the best and are very affordable. They help you pick the right one for your budget and make sure you make payments.
Farmers Renters' customer service was excellent, always friendly, answered my questions quickly. I never had to file a claim thank goodness so I'll take this time just to say I'm happy I had it and happy I didn't need to use it. There were a few options. I was able to find the one that worked best for me at a better price than other places quoted me. I'm happy with them.
Very satisfy with customer service given professional standards company showed in helping me with policy. Very informative employees and helpful any questions I had. Claims processing was handled most professional and was quick and easy personal information needed and customer service was excellent. Agent handled most of claim processing. Was satisfied with my policy the agent laid out for me and type insurance given and type coverage for the rate paid. I am totally satisfied with quality service. Policy and coverage very satisfying, agent set up good amount Renters Insurance I could afford and claim processes was done professional. I'm very happy with coverage.
In 2011, we were victims of a break-in, we had a claim filed with State Farm. A few months later, we received a check from State Farm and renewal of our renter's policy. Then a month later, we received a refund of our auto policy that we had paid on a vehicle that we had suspended coverage on. I called and found out that State Farm had cancelled our auto policy 2 months previous without any notice. We were told that we were expected to know when payment was due. So ticked off, we checked around and decided on Farmers. They told us the rates would be high due to State Farm cancelling our policy but at 6 months, it should drop; then after a year, it should drop "quite a bit" as the agent put it.Six months went by, and rates went up, so did my payment. Their claim was for the payout they had due to a tornado in Joplin, MO. Okay, this has nothing to do with my liability driving. We live in a very rural area. I just got my renewal for the 1-year mark, and my rates increased by 45%! I called the agent yesterday who, of course, is never in the office, and again the excuse was the rates increased. I have never used my ** auto insurance in over 20 years and I am almost 50 years old. They think that I am going to pay $180 a month for two vehicles that are 12 years + old and never had any type of accident or tickets. Part of the renewal documents was a "credit report" piece of ** form letter. We were foreclosed on in 2009, so my credit is shot. We don't use credit at all and haven't since then, no need for it. But Farmers in their infinite money grab has stated they were unable to adjust rates because the address where we live now does not match the credit bureau's address.Now wait a minute, how does this have anything to do with auto liability? They were fine to take our money the past year without this being a issue. These companies need to be put out of business. Insurance should be an escrow. I'm tired of paying more and more for an undesirable product from companies that can charge whatever they want without any reason for it. Any lawsuits?
Speedy call time and great customer service. Farmers has some of the most polite customer service reps I've talked to. Always very helpful with questions. I've only had to file 1 claim, but it was handled quickly and efficiently. The service and technicians were top notch. I would recommend this to anyone needing insurance. Not the most diverse policy options, but they have great prices and good coverage options. For a basic needs person like myself, this company is best suited for me. They offer the coverage I need at the best price, but not very diverse in the coverage. If you need basic coverage for a good price, Farmers is the way to go!
I hate it, it sucks. I'm currently looking for a new one and am trying to cancel out with this company. I tried this out for a month and covered nothing. I am disgusted with this company. It had just wasted my precious money.
Farmers has the best Customer Service! They are always there for you when you need them and give you the care that you deserve because I think it is needed. Claim Processing is real easy with Farmers. All you have to do is call or go online and start a claim and someone will get to as soon as they can! Farmers Policy Options are very simple to understand and easy to go by. If you have any questions, Farmers will be more than happy to help you out. Farmers Coverage just depends on the person and their needs! You can always call and get a quote and ask if need be! For me, I think they have good Coverage.
Always quick and fast. When I call them, can answer my questions within 5 minutes. They look my account fast, someone there 24/7, 365. They have good prices. They have average prices. I have called other companies so they're fair. I would not change companies. Good rates and they're close to where I live. Everything is in black and white, easy to understand. They have other add-on accounts you can get. Nothing is easier than them. They have three different coverages with different rates so you pick the one you want with good rates. I'm happy with them.
Well I had a policy with Glen **. Paid my policy before it was instated (suprise) and had to pre-pay before they would insure me for the next month. I ended up going with State Farm for the price of two months with Glen ** with an additional 5,000 coverage! Now I received a bill that Glen ** had put me in collections for a unpaid month??!! How does that work? I am not insured unless I paid my bill for the month. Glen ** Farmers insurance is very shady and about 500% more than State Farm.
My agent, Lisa **, has failed my fiance and I as loyal customers in every which way possible. I had requested for renters' insurance to be put in our policy in June 2012, but received a quote and told my agent I would call her back to add it after I spoke to my fiance. Well I called her and left 2 messages on her voicemail in August 2012, but she failed to ever get back to me to confirm the renters' insurance. Every month my bill would go up by at least $10, so my assumption was that I was covered for renters and that was the reason behind the monthly amount. Aside from my agent never returning my phone calls, she seemed to always be unorganized and could never figure out what was going on with my policy. When I mailed her the info she requested (twice), she told me she could not find it but would look for it and would fix the problem if she didn't find the paperwork I mailed her. Very irresponsible if you ask me... but we continued to give her the benefit of the doubt. We then had a fire in our home in November 2012, so I called my insurance to have them help us with our situation. After all, I had left my agent two messages asking her to apply my renters to my policy and since she didn't have an office at the time, she would handle all matters through her voicemails while she worked on the go.Well it turns out we have no renters' insurance to cover us and help us out while I'm 8 1/2 months pregnant, have a 9-year old to take care of, and nowhere to live as we're weeks away from not having a Christmas... They completely failed to help us out. Our agent completely failed to take responsibility for her actions and not taking care of us as loyal customers. We regret ever becoming insured by this ** company who failed on every aspect to take care of their clients even after mistakes after mistakes were made on their behalf and we excused them... they failed completely. An insurance I would recommend for no one to ever become insured by!
When I went into the office I wasn't sure what or how much coverage I needed. They were very helpful in helping me to determine what I actually needed instead of just trying to get me to spend more money for more coverage that I didn't need. They were very friendly and professional and I would highly recommend them to everyone. Although I have not needed to file a claim, I was told the process and that it would be very quick for my claim to go through if I were to need it. There were many options for different types of policies available. They helped me to determine what I needed and nothing more which was a surprise. They walked me through a "survey" if you will of what I have in my home, the age of the items and what the replacement values would be. I also have an antique that they suggest that I get appraise to add that to my policy, which I had never considered, so I really appreciated that.
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