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Farmers New World Life Insurance Online Reviews

Company Name: Farmers
Overall average rating of 3 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 31 %
My husband is the primary insurance holder but we are both listed. We have not been with them long, but I find the agents to be very professional. My husband was with State Farm. We were buying our Toyota Sienna and we could not get an agent on the weekend in order to close the deal. Farmers stepped right up so my husband signed up with them. We had questions twice already and an agent always returned our calls.
I LOVE them. They're great!!! The agents take the time to make certain that I understand what my coverage covers and also they go over in depth what coverage I should consider obtaining. I really appreciate the time and sincere concern that they have expressed in making sure that I have the correct coverage.
Very helpful and courteous employees. Respond promptly to any questions or concerns. Would definitely recommend to all my friends and family. Have never had any problems that weren't fixed to my satisfaction.
My parents started their life insurance with Farmers and helped set me up with mine. It is not a huge policy and now my income is fixed so I like knowing it is there for my children as I am a divorced woman with little else to leave them. It is comforting to know it is there.
There is not too much to say about the company itself. I haven't filed a claim as of yet, but if they are as helpful and courteous as my agent, which is another reason I like them, I do not foresee a problem with them if I ever do.
We enjoy having a local agent who takes the time to give us quarterly reviews. Farmers was so helpful and went to bat for us when we had a fraudulent claim against us. The website is customer friendly and I have not encountered any trouble while using it. I find it very easy to find my information and pay my bills.
Had FNWL Insurance for more than 20 yrs. Every year in December, they sent me a premium notice to pay for the next year. This year they didn't tell me years before that my premiums was on the rise, they told that I had enough in my cash value to pay for it this year. They said I ran out of cash value so they needed more. I paid them $500 more premium to keep it in forced I thought, for the rest of the year. Now they sent me another notice for $600. If I had known when the premiums went up I could either take my cash value out and look for another life insurance plan. Instead, they siphoned all my cash value out without me knowing. Hope this don't happen to anyone else.
Overall it is a very good policy to have. They give you so many different policies to choose from based on what you want and how much money you are wanting to spend each month for the policy. I would definitely recommend this to my friends, coworkers and my family so that they don't miss out on this opportunity.
So far, I have had an excellent experience in terms of great rate and super customer service. I have been with them since 2008 with no rate changes or need major service issues & hope to continue that way.
I had purchased a Life Insurance for my mother 21 years so ago at what I thought was a reasonable rate for the amount of coverage. I just recently received a letter that to keep it in force I would have to pay 521.00 and the premium would rise to 250.00 a month. When I bought the insurance, I emphasized to my agent, who has since left or was charged with embezzlement so no longer affiliated with Farmers, that I did not want the premium to change nor did I want the amount of coverage to change. After all, isn't that why we buy life insurance. So now, 21, years later I have to tell my 80 year old mother that she is no longer covered or will have to use her entire income to pay for the premium. Unfortunately, I have had other experiences with Farmers that caused me to change to State Farm, Home and Car Insurance, but to put it simply, my premium for the same coverage was reduced by almost two thirds.Of course I contacted Farmers and said that it contractual and sorry for any inconvenience, but if she would have died she would have been covered, and unfortunately according to them, didn't happen, so there was nothing they could do. So while the Farmers CEOs and presidents are making millions of dollars, we now have to figure out how to save money to pay final expenses, after we paid on time, monthly and under the wrong impression!!! STAY AWAY FROM ANYTHING THAT FARMERS OFFERS. THEY LIE!!! COVERAGE IS HORRIBLE AND THEY DENY EVERYTHING ANYWAY!!! Go with someone else!!!
Pre-March 10, 2011; March 3, 2011 made contact with Elsa ** of Farmers District Office in Edinburg. March 4, 2011 sent request plus $10.00 for a duplicate copy of Policy. I was looking for my insurance policy since my wife and I were having a Family Trust prepared for us by William Ellis, Esquire. Pre-February I received notice that policy was "Frozen". Since I did not know what that meant my wife called the Framers District office to obtain a copy of the policy with the Policy Number printed on the notice letter. March 10, 2011, I received copy of Policy and requested assistance from District office to explain policy since I need to know whether to place policy proceeds into the Family Trust or leave kids as Beneficiaries. Time passed, so on July 27, 2011 sent a fax to Bob **, a friend with whom I had previously worked with, asking for help. In August 2011 I received a call from the District Office saying the District Manager, Rick **, was reviewing policy and would get back to me. On August 18, 2011, Rick ** came to my office (by appointment) to discuss my insurance policy. He indicated that the "product" was not one of the better plans and that I need to convert to a variable universal life policy to reach the goals originally explained I would obtain through the policy. I informed Mr. ** that I was uninsurable because of my previous medical history and went into confidential description of my medical history with him. Mr. ** assured me that since he was the District Manager he would make sure I passed the medical exam regardless of my then present physical status. At the end of the meeting he assured me he would get to me with a proposal I could live with and meet my insurance goals. I waited for his call but after a month of waiting and calling to check status I just gave up. I hope you will be able to help me clear this matter up. I have sent you a copy of the information I received from Farmer's along with a copy of the policy to your office via runner. Should you have any further questions please feel free to contact me, my personal number is **.
Paid on life policy for 30 years. Made claim 2 weeks ago and still nothing. They play mailing games using snail mail and not honoring claims in a timely manner despite assurances claim is being expedited. Research Life insurance companies that are more efficient and do not play these games with claimaints.
I recently received a bill for interest on a 12,000 loan that has been accumulating from the 90's to 24,053.72. I contacted Farmers and was told I was sent an audit of the account yearly. LIE!! If don't pay 1924.30 by the end of the month they will cancel my insurance. They have received $32,000 from premiums and I was told today that premium money didn't receive interest. We were never told about the pitfalls of this policy from Mr. Turpen, the Farmers Agent in Albuquerque, NM. Of course they want more money since the face value of the policy was only 50,000.00. This month is the first time we have heard from Farmers since 1987. Perhaps we should have taken a closer look at the policy. However the interest was never mentioned to us whatsoever. I have tried to get them to negotiate with us to no avail. They are sending to us an audit of the policy. My wife also has a policy with Farmers.
After researching many companies, I found that this was my best one for me. They agreed to let me pay every 6 months with no problem. When I was filling out the paperwork, and did not understand, & asked for help, the representative was very understanding, & he made me very comfortable & willing to explain it without any hesitation. I would recommend anyone of my friends to use them without any hesitation!
Husband and I purchased ALL our insurance needs through Farmers. Since I spoke last we have discovered Farmers and their agents have falsified records to keep from paying. Plus have changed amount of policy. I have fought them over 2 years and to have them look you in the eyes and lie is just wrong. I also found out they were including West Coast Life of which is still being investigated. Just wrong!!! More to follow.
Very easy to get signed up. The customer service is great. Very easy to navigate through website. I would recommend it to family and friends. My life insurance policy was easy and carefree to get established. It was offered through my work. So this was the easiest way for me to get qualified. Very thankful I did. You never know what life may throw your way. It's a lot better to be prepared with a good company.
Genworth always keeps me up to date and informed in all matters pertaining to my Life Ins. I have several people I can get in contact with when needed. They service my policy by giving me good service, advice and recommendations.
I strongly believe that Wayne Bradshaw misrepresented the Universal Life Insurance product to me. Either he lied or omitted facts about the policy, Wayne either did it by negligence or error but either way he is responsible for me losing over $3,200.00 dollars in penalty fees. I was tied to a 14 year maturity date. I believe he tricked me into purchasing this UVL because he would get the most commission off it. Wayne failed to do an illustration and explain this policy to me. All he said was Universal Life Insurance Policy as a piece of candy wrapped in life insurance! I started off by paying $250 per month on a policy for myself only. I invested well over $7,000 and in the end all I got was $1,800. Totally screwed me. I called to complain to Farmers regarding Wayne and his misrepresentation, but all they said was "you signed the contract therefore you are not getting any money back!" Completely screwed me.
They are very smart and friendly too. I had many questions and they were all answered with respect toward me - no matter how silly they may seem to a professional.
Husband a had policy in case if anything to take care of us. We were up to date. They told me a week to 10 days. They then wanted medical records. After another few months they denied stating my husband had lied more than 2 yrs previously on a "reinstatement" application. He did not fill this out. Agent did. He had had a heart attack and our agent was aware almost 4 yrs previously but he did not fill out papers nor did he die of heart attack. He passed from cancer.
I use Farmers because of their standing in the community. They're a highly respected company that I believe in. Customer service is top notch and you can always speak to a real human being right here in America. In this day and age of outsourcing call centers overseas, this is very important to me.
Please accept that I may be bias because I own a Farmers Insurance agent which means I am currently my own agent. Therefore I will see to it that I am receiving the best and customer service just as I do for my customers.
I started the process of trying to get life insurance and critical illness back in Feb 2017. I was assigned to Dan **, and I specified upfront that I am difficult to insure due to some health conditions. He said, "No problem, we would find something." Made appt with him for first meeting and to go over applications. Last minute he had to cancel and we went through the forms over the phone. It took a very long time as there were a lot of questions, but I know that is standard.Then he emailed me some quotes, but they were completely unprofessional - like he printed pages from somewhere and scanned them in badly, they were hard to read and disorganized. He gave quotes for completely different companies for life insurance than the ones he quotes for critical illness (which is ridiculous). Took me hours to try to make sense of the poorly designed quotes, so I did not manage to get back to him for a couple weeks while I tried to make sense of the quotes. He did not even include how many illnesses were covered for critical illness, and wanted me to just pick only 2-3 to find out about. I told him I could not pick top choices until I knew how many illnesses, and also that I needed quotes for the same companies for Critical illness and life insurance. In every email he sent me, he called me by a different name (spelled wrong, wrong name, etc) and I finally asked him to use my actual name. Very disrespectful.Finally I made a choice, and he said we had to meet again to get some more information. We arranged to meet (he was late), and then he made me go through answering all the same questions I answered before, taking over half an hour of my time and losing me my lunch-break. During the questions, he suddenly piped up that because of the health issues I have there may be issues getting me insured. I was furious!! After all this time, when I was VERY clear upfront that I had pre-existing conditions and had been turned down before, and he assured me it was no problem. Now we wasted all this time for nothing.Then when going through questions, when I stated I had an anxiety disorder, he wanted to know what caused it?? Seriously, he deals with life insurance, and is completely clueless about mental illness?? I had to explain that it is a chemical balance and he might as well ask someone with MS why they have MS. I was livid.Finally we finished the forms and he was going to send them in. And I waited. FOR MONTHS. We met last in April. I had to keep sending emails to follow up, because months went by and I heard nothing. Then finally in June he emailed me to say they asked him for more information weeks ago and he missed it. Then another month went by, and I finally got contacted for a medical checkup. Fast forward to August 15 and I was notified I was denied. So, after 6 MONTHS of wasted time, dealing with an unprofessional and ignorant broker, I am back to square one. Furious. Thanks a lot.
I am really satisfied with my life insurance. At least to know I am in good hands when and if I pass away. I would definitely recommend this life insurance. One advantage of my life insurance is that it is affordable. They are also lenient. Another advantage is the well-respected people that work there get your answers straight to you. If you're looking for good, affordable life insurance call Farmers!
Cost too much. Customer service is making in every way. Takes a long time to get through to a person, then half the time they're rude, indifferent, unconcerned.
Farmers is a quality product and offer hassle-free claims. They really do live up to their advertised claims. They may be a tad pricey but they truly provide the coverage when it is needed most.
I have been actively attempting to cancel the life insurance my parents purchased for me for the past 6 months now. When I first took this up it was because my parents said they could not cancel it because I was over the age of 21 and it technically belonged to me although they were making the payments. I went as far as changing the address to mine and submitting a cancellation letter as they asked with my signature. From then on it was just a mess. They said the cancellation needed my mom's signature. Then my dad's (who was in the hospital in critical care at the time) or a power of attorney. Then when I asked why they needed it they said it's because mine signature was invalid because my parents were still the owners of it. Then why would they be giving my parents such a hard time with this in the first place?!Irritating enough. They sent the check to my parents' old address (although I had previously been receiving mail in the new address I previously changed) and when I waited for 2 weeks to receive it, I was waiting on a response from a staff member who was set to help me out. Needless to say I called and the staff said they could not send it to my address unless my parents called and changed the address, and wait yet another week to receive it. So I drove to visit this house 4 hours away to retrieve it. Cashed it in with my parents. Finally I get a response from the staff member helping me saying she has canceled the old one and placed a new one (little too late, I told her not to worry) but she could not reverse the process, and now I'm short $1000 along with the fee the bank charges me if I don't have the funds and oh BTW, now I have to wait up to 7 more days to cash this other check in. Thanks farmers. Worst experience ever. Their staff is the billboard of chickens running around with their heads cut off.Never again.
Great experience and great service. They have helped me lower my rates and have great rates. They are willing to help, no matter your situation. Best service I've gotten, better than the competition. Crazy good and crazy fast.
I really have not had any problems with my life insurance company. It's just nice to know you're covered in the case of something happening to you when least expected. The company that I have my life insurance with is well known in its industry, and I feel my family will not have to be burden with funeral costs in a time when they are bewildered.
I have had ALL of my insurance with Farmers for over 30 years; Life, Homeowners, Renters, Auto. I have a Life Insurance Policy through Dan in CO that I took out in 1999. I was told the policy would never increase and that is why you take it out at such an early age; so the premium is low for the rest of your life. Except, once I hit 60, I immediately received a call from Dan saying that I must pay a 50% increase in my premium or lose my policy!!! When I asked how it is possible that a premium that was to never increase is now increasing by 50%, he said "no one expected the market to be bad in 2008" What?!!! Who cares?!! My policy was to never increase. Just because Farmers made bad investments in 2008, it is not my problem!!!I may be as sharp as a bowling ball, but I definitely can recognize the old "Prey on the Elderly Scam" when I see it!!! He is increasing my premiums very quickly to a point where I can no longer afford them and then be forced to cancel my policy. Farmers, and Dan, just made 30 some years of premiums from me and they will never have to make the payout. This SCAM has been around since insurance has been around. I thought the industry was regulated enough now that this illegal practice had stopped. I was wrong!!! Dan and Farmers continue to keep it alive and well today!!! I have no choice, but to pay these illegal and ridiculous premiums until I no longer can. I suppose I can only hope to pass away before that happens and then my boys can get the payout as intended.I am sure Dan and Farmers would find a way to cancel my policy (or claim I canceled it) just prior to my passing. They will surely keep my kids in lawsuits until my kids give up or run out of money. These people... including Dan, whom I thought was my friend... are very evil people!!!! Do not buy Farmers. On top of this, they will increase your auto, home and renter's insurance rates on a consistent and regular basis!!! They increase them yearly, if not more frequently and always have some excuse like a bad rainstorm in Brazil turned over a poor man's rowboat, chipping the boat's paint, so they have to increase everyone's premiums by 30%. No lie!!! They will increase your premiums regularly with an excuse they cannot justify!!!!
I purchased and had this policy since January 8, 2007 automatic drawn from my account. Now my understanding during this time told by my agent that I could come out cheaper if I did so. Anyhow, straight to the point I just found out the agent that sign me up had passed away only with the consumption of me calling to speak to him. No notice sent out whatsoever.Please understand the service through him was great. He kept me informed and even send out holiday/birthday cards so I have to say the service was good then. No problem until now. Anyhow, I'm no longer working and had to contact the Farmers to let them know I closed my account due to my finances but I still paid my monthly payments using my husband account which by the way they took for two months. Now they're telling me they can't accept. I called to make payment and they wouldn't take it telling me the card had to be in my name. No warning about the change that was made. To top it off there isn't any Farmers Insurance nearby whatsoever! I'm looking into finding insurance elsewhere.
Be very careful with your bank information with this company. I tried to get my husband's auto withdrawals changed to a different bank account (which they never did). I had to make several phone calls to finally get this done correctly. The correct bank information that I gave them to charge for my husband's policy they used to charge for someone else policy. I applied myself for life insurance with this company and never heard back from them, then one day they called to verify my date of birth and had the total wrong year. Therefore they could not get my medical records. So I applied a second time with still no response. I called them and they said that they could not insure me and said that my agent was suppose to get ahold of me which they never did. I gave up and got better insurance elsewhere. I am glad that I got insurance elsewhere because after what they did to my husband's policy and my bank account. I do not feel I could trust them with any information.
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