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Farmers Homeowners Insurance Online Reviews

Company Name: Farmers
Overall average rating of 2.5 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 21 %
The water connection behind my washing machine had what I noticed to be a leak. This leak could have been dripping since I last used my machine, about 5 days earlier. The agent advised this claim would not be covered because I waited too long to notify them. I knew newspapers had reported Farmers had denied many claims that were caused by the terrible fire in Oakland, CA hills. I explained that I had no way of seeing this leak and reported as soon as possible. I feel using Farmers (Foremost Ins.) was putting money down a rat hole...... I had the repairs made for less than $ 900.00. I would never again use Farmers (or whatever name they are using).
I have been with Farmers 20 yrs, had 3 claims and now I had a supervisor call me a liar. I have had it with them. She tried to tell me that my policy only pays for one roof life of the policy. Well, I let an attorney read my policy. Nowhere does that say that in my policy. This company is a rip off. Over 20 yrs, I have paid $48,000 in home insurance. I am calling the CEO to let him know how bad his field supervisor is and customer service is terrible. I am reporting them to BBB, all this trouble for claiming wind damage on my roof. This company is cheating customers. Bad insurance company.
I figured since I already have car insurance with Farmers I just bundled and saved a little more with bundling vehicle and homeowners insurance together and plus on less bill to worry about!! They really are there for everything!! I call them and they always answer the phone pretty fast and know who I am right away. And they always call to check in with me randomly! But they could do a lot better on their website. The information is hard to find on there. Otherwise they do amazing with everything else I need!!
Sold our home and moved into my domestic partners condo. We have been together over twenty years and registered as domestic partners. I am not on the deed of the condo. I was denied an auto/home discount since I am not on the deed. I have received health benefits from my partners work, since we are domestic partners. Farmers offers pet insurance, but they don't offer auto/home discounts to domestic partners.
The claim statement was misleading regarding the amount of money I received after getting my hail damaged fence power washed and stained.
This is the worst insurance company that I have ever worked with. Not only is their customer service disgustingly terrible, they screw up payments. We have only had a policy for three months; every single month we have had a problem with them. First month - the automatic payment was not taken out on the day we were assured it would be. We panicked and made a manual payment. We had an incredibly hard time getting that extra payment refunded, and somehow the account got behind. When we finally talked to someone that we thought would help, they assured not only me but my local agent that we would have a double payment taken out in September, and then our account would be fine.Second month - The double payment was NOT taken out in September. Supposedly we were to make a manual payment too, but we were assured verbally that the payment would be taken out in full by auto payment. We were never informed otherwise. This month - They decide to take the double payment out, because they ** up last month. We had budgeted for the double payment in September, and only had budgeted enough for ONE payment this month, as we assumed it was resolved. I lost my job recently so we have to be really strict with our budget, and this completely put us in the hole. Not only did my account overdraft because of their stupidity, now I am hit with $100 extra in overdraft fees! Now our essential bills such as POWER to our house can't be paid, nor can I buy food to sustain my family. Please, anyone reading this - DO NOT GET A POLICY WITH FARMERS INSURANCE!! THEY WILL SCREW UP YOUR LIFE.
I was driving down Ojai Ave. in downtown Ojai where the speed limit is 25 mph. I was going approx. 20 mph. Just to let you know, this is a tourist and shopping strip area with several sidewalks. You are very careful in the area. It has heavy police patrol. I was coming upon Ojai and Signal St. heading west on Ojai at 20 mph when a car turned left in front of me from the eastbound lane onto Signal St. just in front of people starting to cross from a sidewalk crossing Signal St. from the east of Ojai Ave. As I entered the intersection, a Toyota Highlander turned in front of me from Ojai east lane and I had no time to avoid it and we collided. I was driving my little Nissan truck. The impact caused severe damage to my truck from the front left grill and pushing everything towards me. I was in third gear which in a 96 Nissan is used between 20 and 30 mph. The shifter indented my dash so you can tell what approx. speed I was at. The impact shocked my lower back and I thought it was broken. As I have had prior surgery on my back, I thought that it was. Also, I have been driving for over 40 years and this is the first accident I've been in. The young man came running to me saying how sorry he was and that he was not paying attention. He was with another teen who asked if they could help me out of the truck. I said, "No, I need to be sure my back is not broken." So an ambulance came and took me to the hospital and they ran X-Rays and it turned out that I had a severe strain but it was not broken. Thank goodness! Anyway, I was thinking about the accident and I thought it must have been fate I was there at that moment as I think if I were just a fraction later, the young man would have accelerated through and hit the pedestrians crossing the sidewalk. It may have been fatal and caused a lot of turmoil in this kid's life legally and the emotions he would suffer. I talked to him later and he told me he was very sorry and I told him that it was good no one got hurt or worse and to be more careful. The same day, I called his insurance company and opened a case. The next day, I gave them an account of the accident thinking I would get my truck fixed. They called me later and said they had a witness, that I was speeding and if I had any witnesses. I told them how could I as I was being hauled off on a stretcher. Remember, my shifter was in 3rd gear. The next day, I went back to the scene and was able to get local business owners to be witnesses. They even reported that traffic was moving around 20 to 25 mph and a couple heard the young man saying over and over how sorry he was for causing the accident. I have a police report that shows the other driver is at fault, but still Farmers closed the case saying that I sped up and hit him while he was turning. This is insane. Why would I do that? I value my life and others. They will not even return my calls when I call. Since this is an older truck, I have only liability. So, I am left without transportation. This is a criminal act or just short of it on the part of Farmers, in my opinion, immoral at the least. I don't see how the adjusters sleep at night doing these types of things. Also, if you want to see the intersection, there is a live camera that shows the area at I called them hoping that they had a recording but they said, "no, it is only a live cam that shows downtown." I will never have Farmers or recommend them. I'm not sure how others operate but I hope not like this. They should be investigated.
I love that they have great discounts and as well as awesome customer service. They will keep in contact. They also respond quickly to call messages and emails. But I would definitely improve how much of a hassle we as customers who pay monthly just to get things fixed. It seems like we have to go and jump through hoops. Nevertheless, I chose this homeownership policy, because it was within my budget. I can't afford a nice expensive policy. And if something breaks on my home I know I have a piece of mind because I do have a policy.
Basically, I was rear ended by an uninsured motorist so I had to go through my insurance (Farmers) to get the repairs done. Once I told them I had a shop that I wanted to go to and it wasn't on their list of shops they want to use, things got ugly. 1st they refuse to come out and look at the car. They wanted me to have the body shop email them photos and an estimate. Soon as they got the estimate, they decided they needed to see it (which is what the body shop said would happen). We could have saved a lot of time if they had just come out and gave me what they were going to give me and got the car fixed, but they want to play games.My claims adjuster (Christian **) or his supervisor (Doug **) wouldn't return my calls for a week. I had to call my agent (Tom **) to get them to call me back. In the beginning, Tom was great, answering all my questions and getting in touch with those other two when I couldn't find them. So naturally every time I had a problem, I would contact Tom. Boy was that a mistake. Tom began to get frustrated and upset with me, but all I was trying to do was get a question answered. Neither he nor Christian could answer my question (who/how would my rental be set up). Tom started telling me to pay and they would reimburse me, but I didn't like that option.I asked if they would set it up. He said yes, but I need to call them to reserve the vehicle. That didn't make sense. Then he had Christian call me, but all he said was "The person coming to do the adjustment would let me know what to do." That didn't make sense because by then I would need the rental and if that's all he had to say, Tom could have told me that. In the end, Tom and I got to arguing because they kept trying to force me to go to the shop they wanted which only made me not want to go even more. Then Tom tried to say that the body shop told them to come look at the car and I know for a FACT that isn't true. Farmers just doesn't want to pay that money. They were treating me like I don't pay them every month. I have a 2 SUVS, a car and a motorcycle with them and they were treating me like I have accidents every day and I know their procedures.This is my first accident ever and it wasn't my fault. I don't understand why I've been treated so badly, but this couldn't have happened at a better time. My policy is up in a couple of weeks and I will be leaving and telling all my friends and family do not use them. They are so unprofessional and disrespectful. Please take your business elsewhere.
I signed up online in December of 2015 because I was concerned about my neighbors. I live in a 4-plex of an apartment complex and of course, cannot be aware of or in control of what my neighbors do. I have never had Farmers try to call me, I receive automated generated emails.
Three years ago I had a sewer back-up. I live in a condo on the first floor. The back-up started in the front condo and spread to my condo. I call Farmers and they started the claim right away. Farmers had a agent right out to look at the problem. My place was fix in about three days. Farmers service was fast and quick.
I got sucked in by their low rates. I took the time to switch my homeowner's and 2 auto policies over to Farmers. Paid the deductible, got my mortgage company all set. 2 days after I canceled everything with my old policy they contacted me and said they canceled my homeowner's policy. 2 days! Who does that? Ridiculous! Stay away from this company! Unprofessional.
Shortly after I obtained this insurance I had to file a claim. The water pipes broke. Farmers was very responsive. They had someone here to dry out the carpet within 2 hours and an adjuster was here not long after that. They took care of their part and issued a check immediately. I would recommend them for someone looking for homeowners insurance.
My local agent is Bonnie ** in Columbia Falls Montana and has many years of experience in dealing with all types of insurance. Dealing with this agent can take some time as she is very thorough and makes sure that the customer understands her explanation regarding the type of insurance you are looking for, and as far as I know she handles just about every kind. She takes whatever time is necessary to make sure you have the right kind of insurance and you are satisfied with pricing. The agent is on call whenever you need her help. When you first meet her you just know you're in the right place. She makes you feel like family not just another dollar bill coming through the door. From time to time she will contact you and ask you to stop in to see her and just go over your coverage to make sure all your information is the same and make sure there are no loopholes in your coverage.I am completely satisfied with the service she provides, I understand my coverage as well as possible. I have homeowners and auto with her. I am certain that anyone reading this, that needs insurance will feel as I did. There was trust, understanding and that personal touch that is so important in any business, something most businesses have forgotten unfortunately. I do highly recommend this agent to anyone in this area that needs insurance.
Recently Farmers sent me a renewal quote for my homeowners policy that increased my premium by five hundred dollars a year. Of course I shopped around and found a less expensive policy with Allstate Ins. My Farmers policy renewed in March 2016 so I called them in January and cancelled my policy and went with Allstate. Last week I get a bill from my Farmers Agent Don ** in Oklahoma City saying that my policy premium was due so I gave them a call reminding that I cancelled my policy. Keep in mind my escrow account on my mortgage covers my insurance. I was told by an agent at the agency that I had to do this and do that to get my policy cancelled. Now I am worried that my mortgage company was billed by two insurance companies. If so my mortgage payment will increase around two hundred dollars a month for the rest of the year. This has happened to me before with Farmers Insurance. I wonder how many people are scammed by Farmers Insurance with this cancellation scam? Why do we allow these companies to control Americans? Americans need to be aware of this scam. I did turn in a complaint to The State Insurance Commissioner and to the BBB in my state. I have to wonder how many people lose their homes because of this Escrow Scam that Farmers Insurance seems to use to harass citizens? I am 64 years old on a very limited income and a scam like this can place me in serious financial difficulties. Corporatism is alive and well in this country and we have to stop it before it destroys everyone's lives.
After 29 years of paying Farmers Insurance we had to make a claim on our home. We had a hail storm in South Dakota which left the siding of our house cosmetically damaged and exposed to the elements. It has taken Farmers 6 months to call out an engineer and deny the claim because the siding is now weathered. The claim was denied because the siding is weathered after the hail beat the finish off. The adjuster said since the siding is weathered and would not pay the claim because weather caused the damage and “That’s just the way the siding wears”. Hmm let’s see "weather” aka “hailstorm". Blasts a finish off a substrate leaving it exposed to “the weather”, but weather didn’t cause this? Last time I checked hail is weather! The wrapped J trim around all the brick molding was also beat to crap. This is installed before the siding forming a J channel. Farmers will pay for a hack and caulk job which gives about a year before moisture rots the siding. Since Farmers is denying the claim it forces us to get a loan to pay for the hail damage, a weather event. Very funny Farmers! Don’t believe the commercials! They won’t cover it!
I was new in town and my friend worked for the agent. She gave me a quote and it was very reasonable. I liked the agent and the agent associates. They were very helpful and accommodating. So I went with Farmers for my home and auto insurance. I had insurance with Farmers Insurance for a few years and was always pleased with the rates and the service. Although I never had to file any claims they were always very professional when I dealt with them. But without warning and not having any claims my insurance went up over $100. So I chose to shop around and found another company with comparable coverage at a cheaper rate.
Farmers Homeowner's Insurance did not pay for my claim that was covered. Due to an ice storm, my pipes broke and from day one, the person in charge of my claim was awful to deal with. My house was flooded and Farmers wanted me to put my expensive large furniture in the garage, which would no way fit. They questioned me needing a storage. My furniture was out of my house and he questioned why and how long I would be in a hotel! The ordeal was terrible and they left me to pay $3500, at least. I had to put all my hotel bills on my credit card which were never fully paid and I got a very low-priced hotel. The nightmare was awful and I urged everyone to not use this company. I checked with BBB and saw the "F" rating for the same things I had to experience. If only I had done my homework before the disaster...
Submitted my notarized claim ** on 10 July 2015 for $143,772. It is now Oct 3, 2015 and Farmers still has not paid me a cent and tells me it could be a year before they will be able to complete their investigation. So far they have refused to accept my claim for loss of solar electric system and other items despite pictures and list of cost for items. Their behavior violates the guidelines for insured companies. Looks like I will have to sue them to get my claim processed. I have cooperated with them, attended a deposition and they keep asking for information I do not have and will not process my claim.
We have used it for over 30 years. It was accessible and affordable. It was good insurance for a young couple starting out. They have always been convenient and dependable and we have been able to work with the agents. We have used them for fixing a flood in the basement and some clean-up with a bathroom flood. The needs we had grew with the growth of our family and the insurance has grown with our needs. However, all insurances punish people for using them. Usually this happens when the policy price is increased for using it. It. Would be nice if we could find health insurance and do a full insurance package.
My father has been with this insurance for 15 years and recently we noticed that his home was beginning to leak. The roof was deteriorating, so we tried to get a hold of his agent. That never happened, we called them and they told us we needed a contractor to come out and give us a quote, so we did. The damage was estimated at around 5,500. So the agent came out and said they could only give us 2,800 yet we have a deductible of 2,200. So basically they are willing to help us with 600 dollars. They didn't really offer much help, other than that. It's a terrible insurance over all, I do not recommend it to anyone. We are on the verge of switching insurances, there have been several other companies more than willing to help.
I was driving on a two lane highway. A man fell asleep at the wheel, came head on to me. I did the only thing I could and headed for the ditch. He clipped the back end of the car right before I hit the ditch at 65 mph. 2 weeks and we are still getting the runaround from Farmers. The man that hit me was also a Farmers customer, with the same insurance agent as me. The man that hit me will not return phone calls to give his statement, even though he received two citations, and the agent knows exactly who he is. So now, I have to claim it on my insurance at Farmers just to get it done so I have a car again. Was told to get it done where I want. Found out after work started the repair shop was not on Farmers' preferred list. So I will probably pay more than the 500 deductible. Farmers halted work on car because an adjuster needed to look at it. A Farmers' customer hits a Farmers' customer and the one that is not at fault pays! How can anyone rationalize that? I'm done with Farmers. I have never had such a hard time with an Insurance Company. I should have known something was wrong when I switched Home and auto to Farmers and before all the paper work was done, all the agent wanted to do was sell me more life Insurance.
I got insurance after Farmers Mutual inspected my house in 2000. There was nothing reported about the chimney and I have had coverage for 10 years, so I thought. In March of 2010 I needed a chimney repaired and was denied. They said it was wear and tear and I failed to maintain it. The next year it was separated from the house. I had birds and small animals get caught in there. The town fire department told me something had to be done. I got a public adjuster and engineer to exam it. They said the problem was not from wear and tear but foundational it would have to be rebuilt. I resubmitted a claim and was denied. I am outraged that they would not fix it and more that they did not offer to assist me in anyway. I had them for 11 years and never filed a claim. It is a shame. As soon as I can I will switch. If you are searching for homeowners insurance, believe me Farmers Mutual (New Jersey) is not one of them.
Although I want affordable insurance and one with good value such as USAA, I am held hostage to the fact that my area is considered a burnable area and too high although any small fire we had has been quickly put out. Also there are other areas with much more fire damage.
Farmers clearly admits a number of errors were made on their part. We finally have after over 3 years, all the issues straighten out (policy type, address change etc), only to realize that they overcharged me $500 plus last year, and they admit this, but are refusing to refund any amount of this.
I am currently a Farmer's homeowners customer. I am having trouble with the claim I filed on my roof. My contractor disagreed with the adjuster about the extent of damage to my roof. I ask for a second adjuster and gave several reasons. Was denied. Spoke with the claims supervisor and was denied. The people on the 1-800 number couldn't help and still haven't heard from my local agent. They agree to replace half my roof and repair 3 places on back, room addition was fine. Now I guess the front will be one color, the back will have two color shingles and the addition will have another color shingle. I accept not changing the addition but why not change the entire main roof? It is leaking but not enough shingles missing to replace. Have hail damage to front of roof but not rear. How does hail miss half a roof? The adjuster said no hail in that storm but looked it up online and it was described as widespread to two thirds of the state. City to the east and west had hail but I didn't? Two of my neighbors got entire new roofs with less damage from two different companies. Told the adjusters' supervisor how dissatisfied I was and all I got was, "I'm sorry," and send photos to them and she would look. You can't tell age and pliability of shingles from a photo from a phone. I guess that means no. I expected better service from a company as large as Farmers. They are good when you start a policy but difficult to work with when you need them. I'm still trying to get someone from main office.
I have a friend who lost her home in the Tubbs fire. All of her neighbors were on a private social line comparing the behaviors of the insurance companies and advising each other. Some companies demanded a itemized list of all belongings, some excepted a general idea. Farmers were “okay”; AAA was outstanding; State Farm sucked with disorganization. Spend time preparing your home policy with the agent, line by line. Ask, in writing, if a complete inventory of belongings is required or not. Understand fire and flood insurance and what it covers on your home and your car. Don’t just use price to pick your insurance company for home or car. I have been with Farmers for over fifty years. I do periodic checks with other companies and I am paying mainstream prices. I like having an agent. The Farmers agent was wonderful and takes care of minor claims. Everything went smoothly for my minor claims.
On 2/4/14 I contacted Farmers' Insurance via my auto insurance (21st Century) to obtain homeowner's insurance. I wanted to expand my coverage and had heard, I could get a better rate when having homeowner's and auto under one "roof". My then current homeowner's policy was with Uniguard/QBE (since 1996, no claims). I was assigned Adam ** (Lic # **) in Petaluma, CA as my Farmers' Agent. There did not seem to be any problem with the application. I was quoted $770.- for expanded coverage (roughly the same I had been paying to Uniguard). I paid the down payment of $211.84 by credit card , and the new policy went into effect on 2/11/14. Thereupon I cancelled my old policy w/ Uniguard/QBE.On 2/24 I received a subscription agreement form for the Fire Insurance Exchange from Farmers, which I signed and returned, together w/ a check for $560.43. On 3/24/14 I received a cancellation notice from Farmers (effective 5/2/14), citing I had failed to provide a CA Fair Plan Companion Endorsement and a Fair Plan Policy Declaration Page, none of which I had heard about previously. The staff at Mr. **'s office was very friendly, but unfortunately seemed to have limited experience with the problem at hand. Mr. ** made excuses, i.e. "his staff has not learned the new program yet", but expressed full confidence In Farmers "new generation of home insurance plans" etc. After about two weeks of inquiries, phone call and emails to Mr. **'s office, I received the "good news" that the California Fair Plan was now prepared to cover the Fire/Lightening risk for an additional premium of $ 1060.- , bringing my total premium up to $ 1832.-, or roughly 2.4 times the amount I had been quoted.Needless to say, I have since obtained coverage elsewhere, and am confident that the quote I received, will be the actual premium. I consider the premium discrepancy between what I had been quoted and was finally asked to pay by Farmers an example of highly unethical, possibly fraudulent business practice, and am filing this complaint with the hope that future potential customers may be spared a similarly unpleasant experience, or even feel "bullied" into grossly overpaying premiums in the face of being threatened with cancellation.
Farmers Adjuster came out to inspect water damage at my customer's and friend's home. I have been a contractor for 38 years. It was clearly ice damming and a lot of it. Farmers gave a settlement after depreciation for damaged skylights, but refused to pay for the damage caused by leaking skylights from hailstorm and ice damming. I got a second opinion from an unbiased contractor. Farmers is a very poor company and if you consider buying any insurance from them, forget it. They have a class action suit against them right now. I had them for 20 years and glad I dropped them. Now I'm trying to help a client collect and they must have a no-pay rule on ice damming. It's 7,000 in damages.
Tried to get information about a Homeowners Insurance policy, had to be transferred multiple times to different areas and then back to the original area I called in the first place. This is where I had the unfortunate opportunity of speaking with PEGGY or similar name with a squeaky old voice. She acted like I had disturbed her from her nap after just telling her my name. I gave her my policy number and asked for any additional information regarding the policy. She responds bluntly "Like what? ".I ask for any information regarding how much $ it covers, fire damage, earthquake damage, wind damage, etc. Anything? She says I have to call someone else. Gives me the number and hangs up. No goodbye, no have a nice day, no can I help you with anything else? NOTHING. I have used multiple insurance companies over the years, Geico, Progressive, Safeco, Esurance, Arrowhead, Mercury, Farmers, and probably a few more for homeowner insurance and car insurance and not once have I had someone this rude. Just because of you, PEGGY, I will never ever have another policy with Farmers Insurance. Thanks again! This occurred today 12-2-15 at 1:20 pm Pacific by calling 800-244-2487 and selecting 6 as option.
The coverage of my house and property is outstanding. When I have needed to file a claim, they are very easy to work with and have a claims adjuster contact you very quickly. But I wish they a more comprehensive website and an easier to use app.
I chose Farmers Homeowners insurance policy over other insurance policies because they were within my budget needs. And came highly recommended amongst those I ask who are homeowners themselves. I like that they are super innovative and helpful. I feel like I'm getting taken care by the best. I always give a positive opinion when asked about my homeowner’s insurance. They seem to be on the right upward path. I feel super secured selecting them as my homeowner’s insurance and would highly recommended them too.
Beware of Farmers Insurance! They will do anything to earn a dollar and not pay a claim: Tell lies, ignore coverage, misrepresent facts, dodge inquires, fail to conduct with integrity a full investigation, and fail to provide clear reason for denial supported by applicable policy provisions. I filed my first property claim, 5 years paying, under my homeowner’s policy: Section 1, Coverage C Personal Property, “we insure accidental direct physical loss or damage.” Loss or damage means theft or distinct and demonstrable actual physical injury to or destruction of the property." My hand was struck and caught in a pool vent that altered my ring, loosen the diamond and it caused it to fall out. My claim was to reshape band and replace the 2 carat diamond.Farmers denied the claim, without investigating, examining the ring or photos. In their first denial letter, (Alexandra **), failed to list the "Accidental Coverage Provision," or reason for denial. Instead, they simply copied from the policy, without explanation, inapplicable exclusions. After they stated that I reported “ring damaged when reaching into a vent,” they immediately proceeded to dishonestly claim that “lost was unknown" and "losing or misplacing items is not a covered loss.”After questioning their failure to address the “accidental coverage" and misrepresentation of the facts, they finally sent a 2nd denial letter, that included the policy "accidental coverage provision." However, this was done without explanation or reason as to why said coverage did not apply or why they chose to misrepresenting the facts. They pursued this dishonesty by bringing forth different representatives, Michael **, Shaun **, Brititini **, & Adam **, who made up different versions of the claim facts and lost, dodged questions, told outright lies, and refused to acknowledge “accidental coverage” provision.After resorting to e-mails, to stop the dishonesty, I finally stated that Farmers were not operating in “good faith,” and would like to verify Farmers' administrators addresses, so I could file a complaint. They responded, "We have hired attorney, James **, and "all further communication must be directed to him."" Interesting, this attorney, sent a letter, identified my claim as a “theft claim, not accidental, and never explained why Farmer had hired him. I had already submitted my complaint to three of Farmers’ administrative officers, Jeff **, Keith ** and Tim **, all failed to respond. The attorney finally responded, “although correspondence was prior to him being retained, Farmers requested that I respond.” Of course he stated that Farmers denies "allegations of bad faith, etc."I submitted this complaint to the Insurance Commissioner and Better Business Bureau. I am still awaiting a response from the Insurance Commissioner. Farmers responded to the BBB with even more outrageous lies, claiming, that "diamond was lost," "constant wearing of the ring had worn it out and it failed to hold the diamond," too contradictorily stating, I have "not, in fact suffered a loss of the diamond as she is aware of its location." This is sad!Needless to say, I canceled all three of my policies: home, auto and golf cart, all had endured price increases every year, only to find out that I would not receive a refund on my golf cart. Farmer’s (Agent Kevin **), without asking or informing, had insured the golf cart under a “fully-earned” premium. The insurance co. had immediately earned full payment, regardless of when policy was canceled. No refund. Who does this?STAY AWAY or RUN AWAY FROM FARMERS. We the public, need to let Farmers that we truly know a thing or two about dishonest insurance companies that go to any length, to rip off and con honest people, just to increase their profits. Then hide behind attorneys for egregious acts that they have committed. Shameful and the SWAP must be drained.
Traveling in my vehicle can be scary if something happens and I have a claim. But with Farmers, I can always contact an agent with any questions I have regarding my policy especially if I'm traveling and I need an agent at my location. I can find an agency or use the mobile app at my convenience. I have a home out of state that can be a real headache for me if I need to travel to see the damage. My agent sets all that up for me. However, the price is a little higher than other insurance companies even without a claim and I can find cheaper. But I'm worried about when I in out of state. Will a cheaper insurance do the same job as Farmers helping if I need a rental car out of state or a claim? That's the best about Farmers. It's recognized everywhere And the 800 numbers are always working even when I can't contact my agent.
Farmers Insurance is the best agency that a person could ever ask for. I recently had to claim where someone ran into the telephone pole and cost $21,000 worth of damage to my property. When they hit the telephone pole they ripped out the power in my house and damaged a lot of other stuff. They also damage the retaining wall. Farmers within 48 Hours had the money in my bank for me to replace everything. No other agency would have work that fast.
If you can't see "full replacement cost" on your homeowners insurance policy, then you might see "scheduled roof replacement" (which is what mine said) or actual cash value". Well, since the guy from Farmers didn't even know what that means then I can tell you the adjuster said it means that 60% of the total replacement cost of the roof isn't covered and for them to cover the other 40% you have to pay 1% deductible which means $2000.00 in my case. In other words, for a $10,000.00 roof, they will pay $2000 if you pay the other $8000, after you pay them $1000 yearly premium and $2000 deductible. Meaning you are out $9000 and they pay $1000.Make sure you don't see "actual cash value" or some other verbiage. Actual cash value means "we are considering everything as depreciated, and will only pay to replace a much smaller percentage of the replacement cost unless it is brand new". Thank you Farmers Ins./crooks. Also, without me even mentioning an old vehicle, they put a car I don't even own anymore on my new car insurance policy, and I had to get that fixed since day one. If I would have wrecked my car, they would say "well you designed it". That's what they say right away, "but you e-signed". Forget about customer service! These people don't take responsibility for anything they do wrong as long as you e-sign their misinformation and tricks.
Easiest to work with Farmers Homeowners Insurance than other companies for the price that you pay for the yearly amount. They go right to the mortgage company so you don't have to. They pay on a claim quickly and without any issues. I contacted them and they let me know what I had to do to get my money to replace my house and belongings after a fire. However, the cost that they charge for the yearly fee should be lower than it is currently and I would like a list of things to qualify after building a new house and/or a visit from the agent to make sure everything is correct.
I have family and friends with this insurance and they all love it. The policy was cheap and easy to obtain. The company is reliable. The customer care is excellent. They are very nice and they answer all of my questions easily and fast. It's easy to afford and I've never had an issue with the company. I don't plan on ever using another insurance company.
I owned a house that I rented out. It was insured through Farmers. I sold the house in August 2014. I notified Farmers that I sold the house. I had paid the homeowners insurance for the entire year, thus was entitled to a refund. Farmers ignored my REPEATED requests to cancel the policy. I sent them copies of the settlement papers and Farmers Insurance policy. Nothing - policy kept in effect. I WAS PAYING INSURANCE ON A HOUSE I NO LONGER OWN! The latest - Farmers is now claiming that I NEVER HAD INSURANCE THROUGH THEM!! They claim that the policy number is not a Farmers policy number, and they claim that they never received any funds from me FOR THE TEN YEARS I PAID THe ANNUAL PREMIUM! Frightening! What would have happened if the house burned down? I would have been stuck. FARMERS INSURANCE IS NOT A LEGITIMATE INSURANCE COMPANY - it is Fraud. Someone should go to jail.
Worst insurance company. Been 7 weeks since I filed a claim for water damage. Made me do all the leg work, getting me to run to contractors and getting estimates. Then coming up with ridiculous amount, less than half as a settlement for my claim. Never would advice anyone to buy this insurance. I will be dropping them like a hot potato and will stop all, friends and family from going to them. WORST COMPANY EVER.
Farmers covers homes, mobile homes, luxury homes, condos and even vacant homes. It offers more options and meets my needs for homeowner and auto insurance. Farmers also helped me get a start-up when I first bought a home and was in need of homeowner's insurance, which I used the Standard SmartHome Package Plan. I would recommend this company to friends and family. But Farmers insurance company should offer rewards and more deductible opportunities. Farmers can improve on a lot of things if they set their mind to it because ya know you only live once and you need homeowner's insurance at some point in your life and it should be affordable for everyone.
Two goals for my story. To potentially save you money, and in doing so, to cost Farmers the same or more than they are costing me by your saving money. So here goes: First - education. For jewelry, if you turn in an appraisal for $X.00, you will pay the premium for $X.00 for the entirety of your coverage unless you specify otherwise. If there is a loss or theft, Farmers does not necessarily PAY you the amount on the appraisal mapped to the premium amount you are paying. They will pay you “up to” the amount of the coverage. They pay you “market value”, even though you are paying the premium for the amount on your appraisal. The example is: I submit an appraisal for the amount of $20k. I pay premiums accordingly. My ring is stolen. Farmers assesses that market value is $10k. I am paid $10k even though I’ve been paying a higher premium which maps to the $20k. On the flipside, if I give them a $10k appraisal, and pay the associated premium of $10k, but they value the ring at $20k at the time of loss, do you think they pay you $20k? Nope. They pay you the $10k. In my opinion, that’s Farmers having their cake and eating it too.This is what I learned when the same scenario happened to me on my modification coverage for my Jeep. So here’s that scenario, and the second goal of my email, which is to have Farmers do the right thing, or fix the system, which I feel is misleading and “cake and eat it too” mentality. Oh, and cost them money by your saving money. 3 years ago, I added a highly modified Jeep to my policy. I asked how much Farmers covered for modifications, and they told me “up to $50k”. I agreed to coverage, and provided receipts for $55k in modifications. And I’ve been paying the additional premium for “up to $50k” in mods for the last 3 years. (Extra $640 annually).Fast forward to a month ago. The Jeep was stolen and considered a total loss. The “depreciated amount” that they are willing to cover? $27k. Do things depreciate? Yes. Did they depreciate them year over year and factor the lower value in when assessing my policy each cycle? No. Did they continue to charge the premium of “up to $50k” in modifications year over year? Yes. In my humble consumer opinion, there should be a depreciation calculation factored in when Farmers chooses to cover modifications. I would then have the choice to agree to those and continue coverage, or move on. So, in a nutshell, I pay for higher coverage than I am being paid on. JUST like jewelry. The Texas Department of insurance told me that there are no laws regulating this, that insurance companies are here to make money and there is no legal recourse here. “Why would they tell you your stuff is worth less, and charge you less if their bottom line would be impacted negatively?” I IMPLORE you to reassess your coverage on jewelry, and covered vehicle modification/accessories, to be sure you are not overpaying. And I can only assume that Farmers does not want this to happen due to the millions of dollars they would lose by consumers knowing this.Farmers? Anything to say? Would LOVE to hear your public response. It took me hours and hours to find the information I posted, to include how much extra I was paying for modification coverage and to confirm that I was still paying the higher premium. Happy to answer any questions. #farmersinsurance #farmersinsurancecomplaints #farmersinsurancereview #farmersinsurancestories #farmersinsuranceunhappycustomer @farmersinsurance.
I was rear ended. So far my experience has been everything but good. The customer service is terrible and never returns phone calls. They don't call you, they don't keep you updated. This is to say I'm not with Farmers Insurance anymore and I would never recommend them to anybody else.
I have been a faithful and loyal Farmers Insurance customer for twenty years - never missed a payment and only had one claim for water damage. OUT OF THE BLUE, I received my statement to see the monthly payment went from $100 - $400.00. I didn't request any change of coverage. I don't own a swimming pool or a trampoline. I don't have any pets and I live two houses from the Fire Department. I attempted to log in to their website, but it was slower than the US site!! I contacted my agent who kindly passed this task on to his secretary. All she could do was adjust replacement cost a little and eek it down to only $4,000 a year. Of course, she tried to get me to 'bundle' and add my autos into the policy - no thank you! I am sort of glad to know I'm not the only one, but seriously, I just got the same policy from one of their competitors for $100.00 a month. Do you really think I was just going to pay the bill without looking at it?
We chose Farmers Homeowners insurance policy because it came highly recommended from friends as well as good reviews online. And it also gave us the best rates for our money. We like all the bundled discount savings we got for insuring our home as well as our vehicles etc. It saved us a lot of money bundling these things together. Our Agent is also wonderful to deal with and very informative! Although, I always wish for premiums to be lower of course, especially if claims never have to be made.
First off... If you had a relative in any business it is only natural to try to help them by sending business their way. My son is the agent of my homeowner policy through Farmers Insurance. He has been an agent for 20 years and lives close by. He also has my auto and an umbrella to cover other details. He is available 24/7 and actually volunteered to drive over a weekend and help an elderly insured couple move from their home in the northern part of our state here in California. Just an example of Chad's commitment to his insured. Also, Farmers is a well known and very responsive insurance company and is competitive with all the big names.But I am displeased that Farmers has slowly but surely taken away options from its agents that enable them to make more money. The upper management ranks have taken away some of the rights in order to keep more money for themselves. The older agents have been put under pressure to grow their insured at a rate that is highly difficult so they can't make goal assigned by the fat cats at home office.
I decided to chose this home owners policy over others based on a referral from a friend of mine who had been using this same insurance company. Additionally, the cost when compared to others when I was searching was far more reasonable and covered more. They are easy to deal with when making a claim. They have a call in number that you can call into at any given time that you need to make a claim. But they should have more personal connection with the agent to review policies each year and see what could be bundled in order to get more value from each dollar.
Temporary Housing was dealt with poorly. With no consideration to the homeowner. No effort was used. Farmers Insurance did not care if we had housing or not. We were treated like dirt. The limited scope for facilities on the month to month and or 6 month max lease agreement here in California is impossible to meet. Farmers would not let us sign a one year lease which is the only way to rent anything. We have been living in the most worst conditions since Dec.15th 2015. We are looking everyday and doing all the work trying to find housing. It is impossible. With Farmers so called experience they should know this. The one year lease should be calculated. This is the 20th century. 15 years ago when we signed up with this company the fine print may have made more sense. I find Farmers lacking normal up-to-date economic and care very little about the client. Experience angry.
I purchased my home in October 2009 and was insured with Farmers Homeowners insurance since then. Recently, I received a letter from this insurer informing me that my home does not qualify for their insurance policy due to: a) Front sidewalk is cracked and uneven. b) Front slope of roof has missing shingles.The reason for the crack in the front sidewalk is due to the roots from the huge tree on the curb growing underneath it and, as per the Farmer's agent, the roof did not have any missing shingles and she visited my house and took photographs as well. Some sections of the shingles in a portion of the roof was discolored. When I asked about it, the agent she told me that they might have mixed up my roof with some other property roof during underwriting. Both these defects were there when I purchased this house in October 2009 and Farmer's did overlook these and collected premiums from me since 2009 up to date. My insurance with Farmer's is valid till 11th November, 2011 and I did make a claim for the repair of the roof on 15th October, 2011 for which I did not get any reply. Since they insured my house with the above defects for the past 3 years, I would at least claim for the repairs of the said section of the roof. The side walk was already repaired by the City.This insurance company is very unreliable. To those who wish to insure with them, please be cautioned of sudden notices of cancellation of your policy for reasons which were already there when they initially insured your property.
A week ago I went to see the Agent in Donnelly, ID to get a quote on auto and homeowners insurance. This is probably the rudest business person I have ever run into in my life. Asked for a quote with the same coverage I currently have and we would talk about increasing coverage after. She spent the whole time telling me how bad my policy is and how good she is. Needless to say I didn't get a quote from her. I think she was trying to scare me into buying insurance from her. I don't recommend this agent or Farmers Insurance.
I filed a claim on 10/14/2013 for my real estate being damaged by wild hogs. I have a policy with Farmers through my agent, Stacy ** in Arroyo Grande, California. My property was invaded by Wild Hogs for the past three nights. I filed a claim and Eric ** from the Kansas City office would not respond to us for 48 hours while the destruction continued. I pleaded with them that I required their guidance and finally yesterday, Eric called me to tell me that Farmers does not insure Land, just dwellings. If the Pigs were in the house, I am covered. He went on to state that they would pay for Hunters and they would pay for the damage to the underground sprinkler. They stated that Farmers homeowners policies do not cover landscaping that was installed 18 months ago. Our beautiful park-like setting has been destroyed. When asked why they did not respond, Eric ** stated that he had to have teleconferences with his supervisor George in Oklahoma City. Please do not insure you hard-earned assets with Farmers Insurance. HPCS is a company that Farmers uses to deny and adjust claims to save Farmers millions of dollars. Please Do Not do business with Farmers nor Stacy ** in Arroyo Grande, California!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! By the way, Eric ** did state that if a plane crashed on our property and the aircraft was not registered to me that they would pay for a claim arising from a plane crash. Stacy ** has assured me that I am covered every which way with the exception of earthquake damage. That is a LIE...
They are easiest to understand when making the purchase. It covered the things I thought were necessary and I felt like I was an important customer. Price is reasonable for the coverage. The policy is easy to understand and when I have questions I can find the answers usually fast. Claims are handled quickly and very fairly too. I would like for them to let me know if any new or different policies might be available in my area though. Also, how I might be able to save money by improving my property possibly a home inspection to assure me that I am up to code in all areas. But all in all, Farmers is very informative and satisfying.
I was rear-ended by one of their clients and am still trying to collect money two years later. It's just fill this form out then this form. I would highly recommend you get a lawyer right away. Do not trust them or the person who contacts you and tells you she is on your side and will help all the way through this. There was over $11,000 in damage to the vehicle. They would not total it and said it was worth over $30,000. When it came to paying for depreciation of value due to so much damage to flex, it was now only worth $21,000. I am glad I was in a large Ford flex. I do still get severe headaches that I never had before the accident.
ON May 14, 2013 I was PARKED in my auto at a gasoline bay where I had just finished filling my tank. I had a passenger, both of us 60 something grandmas. We were hit by a truck taking a shortcut thru the station. He was insured by Farmers. When asked to provide a driver's license, he provided a Peruvian ID. They were good about paying for the damages to my car. Will give them that, they accepted 100% liability via email within a few hours. HOWEVER, we both suffered whiplash type injuries and required treatments from a chiropractor for a few weeks. Imagine our surprise when we were told that Farmers only pays what they consider to be usual and customary fees for medical treatment and they get to decide what that is! They decided that they would pay roughly half of our expenses. Mind you, we are out of shape grandmas, NOT out looking for lawsuits, just expecting our expenses to be met. We finally decided to try small claims court where we won the case but because we neglected to provide a letter from the doctor stating that the accident caused our injuries we were not awarded the medical payments even though we presented the bills in court.KUDOS to HARTFORD, my insurance company who accepted the bills from the doctor and paid them without question! After much posting I got a call from a supervisor asking me if there was anything he could do to "help me resolve this in my mind". Sure there is, change your policy and pay the bills your client caused to be created. Act as an honorable company. Follow the Golden Rule.
Farmers was recommended by a family member and I feel like I'm getting a very good insurance policy. It is the same one we had before we moved to the area and that was 14 years ago.
I am an insurance adjuster and I have worked with many of the top insurance carriers. A friend is a Farmer's agent so I gave him my business. Unfortunately, I made a homeowner's claim with Farmers and here is the result. They denied the claim and after "reading the fine print" their policy is one with far less coverage for much more money. They write their policies so the consumer has to "fit" into a narrow window for the claim to be paid. I cannot recommend Farmer's as after seeing how they manage their business, it is not coverage you pay for. There are far better insurance carriers available, ones that put the customer first and actually write policies that cover their insured. I would urge anyone looking for insurance to pass on Farmer's, or hope you never need your insurance. If you get Farmer's Insurance and have a loss, they won't be there for you. You will be on your own and in a position you wouldn't be in if you had another insurance company.
After paying annual premiums for 23 years (~$2000/year), filed a claim for damage due to water leak. Problem found to be drain adapter of shower pan - bottom piece broke. Leak appeared to happen the day discovered, after 2 kids showing. Adapter failed, causing water to bypass drain and permeate floor and walls surrounding shower. Claim was denied, because adapter showed signs of aging.Yes, these adapters age and begin to deteriorate the day they are installed. There was no way for me to examine the under portion of the adapter (piece that failed). Farmers denied claim based on an exclusion that the damage has to be from a sudden and accidental discharge. I pointed out that this is exactly what I had, but Farmer's denial claimed that the adapter showed signs of aging and therefore leak was not sudden.Consumers need to be aware of not only the exclusions and exceptions but need to interpret, based on these exclusions, how the insurance company will respond to the types of claims potentially filed, and adjust their policy to provide the best insurance at the most effective pricing for the consumer - not the insurance company. Agents should make consumers aware of these exclusions, and state and federal laws should mandate this, preventing the smoke and mirror sales.
Have had insurance through farmers for a very very long time. Our agent retired, we got stuck with another one. The office has no idea what he is doing, they have my accounts so screwed up that after 40 years I had to change, not to mention they never do what you ask and are rude to boot. I have been satisfied for 40 years, then found out they are the highest rate in the US, in having to look for other insurance........ don't use this insurance company at 201 W. Twohig. You will regret it because if you choose it and don't like it, you will be blackballed by them because they will make sure not another agent will take your insurance, period. BEST STAY AWAY, WARNING!
I was recently involved in an accident where I was injured as the passenger and the driver was at fault. This happened out of state for me. Jennifer ** was my agent and arranged the liability coverage for my claim. She was professional and courteous. Her knowledge of what I needed was excellent. The convenience of being able to get things done without having to come into an office after surgery was a plus. I highly recommend this company for your insurance needs. I can't express how pleased I am with Jennifer and all that she has done for me. Thanks for all you do!
I've had Farmers ins for about 10 years on my 3 homes, 6 autos and paid my premiums as they come due... Have NEVER in the past 10 years ever made a claim. We had a huge snowstorm and collapsed my deck ($20,000). YES. A big elevated, attached deck at my cabin. Adjuster said it wasn't covered because it wasn't part of the home even though it was attached.HERE'S WHERE FARMERS SCREW YOU. The agent is all folksy, nice, smiles a lot to get your business...says “don't worry about a thing, we cover your entire home,” etc and never mentions anything about decks, etc...and leads us to buying their company... Then here comes the adjuster and it’s his job to give you the bad news... "Oh you didn't read the fine print?? It says here on page 77” or whatever... Who reads the fine print?? Very bad customer service. DO NOT BUY INTO THEIR COMPANY.
I like that this insurance company product is that cover everything up. Whatever the damage is fixed in a fast manner. Also you have the option to insure other things that you have in the house like kitchen, refrigerator, TV, desktop computer. I did chose Farmers because the price is good value to this features and it is one of the best in all markets and even in the world. So I can say I can walk totally secure around the house. But I would like to change that the insurance cover the car while it's in the house, because the car is not covered while being parked in the garage. Neither the things I leave inside the car are covered by the insurance policy.
Four of our units were struck in MC IN happening between Sept & Dec 2011. The owner Kent never said a word, except to complaint about issues with the contract to the police. I guess then being robbed is okay! *** kept collecting money for an empty unit and 3 not even half filled ones. I found out that Jenn ordered them cut off leaving the units free for the taking. McCintock, cannot believe that a person could have so much stuff, so he would rather investigate us for not reporting it sooner & apparently its' a crime to have so much stuff. Dec 18, 2011 was the 1st time we knew of it. So, how is this fair? Our agent is okay. But the claims sucks, they're rotten eggs. The claims woman, Tammie, said, "No, we don't cover that and you guys will just have to deal with it." And Amber in Michigan investigation dept would also like to do investigations on us, not anything else. After all, who else could they go after?Do not go with State Farm Insurance, 30 years of paying them *** to be treated like we stole from ourselves. They need people in there that know what the *** they are doing, like going after the real criminals, not make out your insurers to be the criminals, so they can get out from paying the claim.
My husband, who passed away two years ago, had done the research and determined Farmers Homeowners was a good fit for us. I have kept it because I trusted his expertise. They are very quick in answering phone calls. Always has a good answer and willing to suggest solutions. I like that I can have all my insurance under one company. I have had 2 automobile issues in the last two years. A deer ran into my car and another driver hit me and both were solved promptly.
The agents were very professional and informative. Were willing to come to the house to handle things personally rather than over the phone. The range of products offered were excellent and the cost was considerably under competing insurance companies. Claims process was seamless and very timely. Follow up to the claim by the agent was excellent. The Company makes me feel important for who I am and not for the premium that I will pay. No pressure to purchase. Presentation of facts and the decision was most definitely mine based entirely on facts. I would wholeheartedly recommend.
We have insurance to cover a manufactured home. They knew when they sold the policy that it was a winter home. The home is on the market and when the HOA went in to show it to a possible buyer, part of the place was flooded. I called the insurance company and they gave the claim to an adjuster named Pam. She sent John from Service Masters out to dry the place out and take a look. He told me on a phone conversation that he thought it was the reverse osmosis and that mold could start to grow in four days. Before Pam even went out, she said insurance probably would not cover because it has been vacant for so long. My mom passed away a couple years ago. I let her know that people have been there, my mom's friends, real estate people. I had just let Carmen look at the place three weeks ago. When she went out, she had John from Service Masters meet her there. She called and said that it was a leaky faucet and that it had gone on for weeks, months, or years and it would not be covered. I then had someone from the HOA go out and check out the water heater and the reverse osmosis. They said that they could not believe that she would not see how bad the reverse osmosis was leaking. It could have done the damage in two days. I then called Pam to let her know. I left a message. Then, I called John from Service Masters to ask how well he knew Pam, how often he worked with her, how the inspection went. He told me that she turned on the water for a couple minutes, said it was the faucet, turned the water back off, and wrote out that it was the faucet and he changed his papers. Pam called me back later on that day and said she was with John when I called giving a check and she knew that I said it was the reverse osmosis. She said insurance still would not cover because it had gone on too long. I called David ** at Farmers to let him know what had been going on. He said he had worked with Pam for a long time and she is honest. He asked if I wanted to cancel the policy. I said no not until this is resolved. I then received an insurance request cancel policy on 8/9/12. Talk about organized crime. I have kept in contact with Farmers every step of the way and the policy or the people have not let me know I needed to change anything. David did say that they should have changed the policy a long time ago. I told him I did my part now they need to do theirs. Please help.
Had Farmers for 30 years, when pipes broke in house Farmers would not even cover carpets. After shelling out $70K over 30 years, switched companies. Farmers is not trustworthy and failed to provide coverage as advertised.
We shopped around a lot and Farmers had the best prices, our agent suggested them over all the other ones because they found the price to be better. However, we found that many times when we call them, they have very bad customer service.
I annually review my insurance to make sure I am getting the best coverage for the money spent and Farmers has always been the company that I stay with and have never found a legitimate reason to leave Farmers Insurance. My policy covers all from liability to property damage and has the best cost to coverage ratio that I ever found. My agent has been with me for 18 years. He gets back to me in a reasonable amount of time and always has been courteous and looks out for me and not his commissions. My agent is responsive and contacts me periodically to review my coverage and make any changes and/or adjustments that we feel needed.
Farmers Insurance office on 4220 S. Grand Canyon Dr., Las Vegas, NV deals dishonestly with customers. Not one specific incident, but throughout my business with them, they quoted wrong amounts, billed the wrong amount every month, and each of the employees had different answers, incorrect or dishonest answers. My last bill was outrageous and I cancelled the policy. At which time, they sent me an additional amount due besides the outrageous bill I had already paid. I sent them proof of another insurance policy I had in order to cancel the amount due and I never heard from them, but I did receive a collections bill. Large businesses such as this truly do not care about the customer since they know there are so many more customers out there.
ANDREW JEWELL Ins Agency Inc is falsely trying to collect on me. Faithfully, We paid our monthly payment online. Our monthly payment was raised unknown to us. We were contacted that we were going to be cancelled. When we asked why, we were told it was because our payment was short and there were fees tacked on. I got no assistance from their office in rectifying this other than an explanation of charges. We cancelled our auto policies and home policy and moved them for that reason. I received a bill from their office stating that I owe them money for a gap between policies. Now they are trying to collect a debt on that gap. ANDREW JEWELL Ins Agency Inc is in Lynden, WA.
They offer the best service and the pricing is great. They also offer a good deal on here and they have a good selection of deals upon looking up other providers when looking for services. All is well and secure. Have dependable and reliable services and nothing can be improved with this service. The services are very convenient and always easy to access when needed. Have had no problems with the service since being a member of this team and have no complaints with any of their services.
I had a friend within the company who put me in contact with an agent. I liked what they were able to offer me. Also, their customer service people are fantastic! When I had to file a claim they were extremely knowledgeable and kept me calm. I love all their online capabilities and the commercials are just a hoot and a half! However, the homeowners' insurance policy was a bit confusing to understand. I didn't like the fact that I needed to call in to have certain aspects explained to me.
Farmers was much better than previous carriers. It was also much less and didn't need the added coverage the previous carrier pushed off on me to make a commission. I like the amount of coverage for my 30-year-old home with new roof and yard fence that I put on myself. I like how it covers anyone's vehicle parked on my property too. But I wish they have less coverage on items 10 years and older inside other than tools and certain specific things inside the home that are not needed on the policy currently.
I chose this because it's been in my family all my life. So far it's been great for me. Their prices are really low and they always have. Everything they've done to get from their prices of the benefits of been great. Now if they went up on their prices I might just like them but they haven't went up on their prices out. So far they've been treating me well too.
Farmer's service is good; like discounts they make available to use; give discount for direct pay from bank; easy to get a hold of agent too. They always make sure to check if I need more from company. They also provide very good bundled services and their price was better than others for services they provide. The company provides all I can ask for as well. Other companies did not provide what I wanted.
Really liked the agent and what the company had to had to offer at the time. The company was a solid company and we felt reassured by that. They had a good payment plan option and really good coverage. The agent came all the way out to our home. He was very approachable and knowledgeable about his company products. He explained what his company had to offer. We loved the agent and signed up. He wasnt pushy at all which was nice. Farmers kept raising prices a lot though and when we would talk to the agent about it he was unable to give us an answer. After that I started getting quotes from other companies that cost almost half of what we were paying. After being with this company for over eight years was really disappointed that their rates had gone up so high.
Don't buy into this insurance, I have a roof damage and they refuses to pay for the damages. I have 7 different location with damages and water leaks in my house they offered $648.00. My deductible was $1000.00. They will tries to do anything to not pay out the money. Completely Crooks. Don't deal with them. You will lose every single time.
This is my worst decision ever made - to be a Farmers customer. I have Home and Auto insurance with them. There were heavy storms that caused damage on my home roof. I called in Farmers twice. Both times I was denied of roof replacement stating there isn't enough damage. Very bad customer service, thieves who only rob money from people. NEVER BUY FARMERS.
We had two separate incidences with Farmers. The first was on a rental home that had sustained damage from hail. We had been told by several realtors that the insurance company would replace the roof, no problem. Many people in the city had damage and their insurance companies just replaced the roofs. Not Farmers! They came up with a prorated report, the age of the home etc., etc.! None of it made any sense and so the result was they paid $800 TO REPLACE A ROOF!The next situation was our own residence had a broken sewer pipe. We had a plumber come out to diagnose the problem. We called Farmers to let them know that there had been damage from the broken sewer line. It broke under the steps and wall and as a result they collapsed. Farmers would not send anyone out to survey the damage. They said it was not covered because it was most likely due to tree roots and tree roots are not covered. My husband had been out of work for a while so we did not have money to have anyone come out to tear out the stairs and wall in order to find the broken sewer line to get it repaired. So my husband worked on it for days. Once he was able to expose the sewer line we saw that there were no tree roots anywhere near the line. We had the plumber come back to take pictures and document what he saw. He reported it all to Farmers. There was no word from them until we received notice that we had been dropped because we had an unsafe hole in our front yard!!! After 30 years of paying Farmers to cover two homes THIS is what we get the first time we need help from them! Oh, but the story doesn't end there. Somehow they decided AFTER they dropped us that we still owed a payment and we are now in collections! This company should be brought up on charges.
Farmers Homeowners Insurance company is a no go. Beware of shady claims adjusters, bad service, and lack of care for your well being in the case of a disaster. Our adjuster Jamie ** has been a joke. We have to constantly correct the man in areas where he attempts to short our household funds, or reimbursements. Farmers Insurance paid a sistering company money for work not done shorting the contractor hired disallowing our home to be repaired. This company will short change you anyone way it can. Farmers is prepared to allow a family to stay at a shelter while a contract is limbo due to lack of pay to the contractor hired. Beware of Farmers Insurance.
I have had their homeowner insurance for 25 years. This is first time using it and I called them about water leaking over the light fixture in the kitchen. The adjuster came out and looked and said he could only find problems with front porch and around chimney, so we had that fixed. It come another rain and it leaks in different spot in kitchen and they are being slow at trying to help and they want to file it on another claim so we will have another 1000 dollar deductible different from the first one I reported, so there is a thousand dollar deductible for each report not for a year.I pay them nine hundred dollars a year for 25 years and this is the way I am treated. It has ruin food that a church had given us to eat because I live on 1,1490.00 dollars a month. If it wasn't for churches and friends we could not eat. I hope other people will read this and see that home bureau insurance will get out of paying anything. And do not get this insurance. I am looking on internet for a more reliable ins.
This company is awesome. We've had several claims with them and they've always been awesome and prompt with their service. They went above and beyond what we expected and always were happy to listen to questions and complaints. Their service is always efficient and thorough. They surpass expectations every time and we love them for it! Definitely tell all my friends about them!
Farmers was the company my husband had insurance with. When my insurance expired I joined him with his insurance company. I divorced but continued to stay with Farmers. This seems to be the best coverage and the best price. Having 24 hour customer service available to customers is a plus. The representative are knowledgeable and friendly. Customer service online is also pleasant. However, I am unable to have the price reduced without giving up some coverage and putting home and family at risk or in danger. My financial situation has been dramatically reduced causing me difficulty in paying for insurance. Companies do not consider this.
Had a pipe with a leak in my wall and had severe water damage to carpet and flooring and sheetrock and a lot other stuff. Called, send adjuster. Rolando ** came out and have a really low estimate to repair. Had other independent contractors come out all at about 11k-18k and Rolando ** from San Antonio Texas Farmers Insurance said only 5k of damage. Have been calling to give him other bids. Has not returned any call for months. Even called his manager to only get the same treatment. Very dissatisfied at this point and to put a nail in the coffin as we are dealing with this claim we get another leak and no you had come to show up to even see what's going on with this one.
I live in Lawrence KS. The agent here has failed to return my phone calls resulting in the cancellation of my policy. When they did reinstate it they withdrew two annual premiums without notifying me. The insurance agent does not know where my refund is! Also, they increased my premium $84 without informing me. It has been one problem after another. I wish I hadn't opened this can of worms changing my home owner's insurance policy! I should have found another company.
I did some shopping around for lower rates and got a quote from Joseph ** with farmers insurance. I decided to bundle my home, vehicles and business to save even more and everything seemed just fine but that didn’t last long. I got a call from Joseph **'s office and was informed that I needed to trim the lace leaf maples 18 inches away from my house and clean the moss and pine needles off the roof in addition to replacing my front porch stairs.I live in the pacific northwest where it rains about 9 months out of the year so moss treatment happens about twice a year or more. He gave me 2 weeks to get these projects handled or my insurance would be canceled. I called the company that I have maintain my lawn and they said they could prune the maples and clean and treat the roof for about $800.00, I had them take care of it but it wasn’t all completed in Joseph **'s time frame of 2 weeks.Joseph ** was talking to me like I was renter and he was my landlord. I reminded him who he was working for and he became very defensive. He took it upon himself to cancel my homeowners insurance without notifying me as I later learned from my lender. I’m now paying more for car insurance than I ever have in my life and very unhappy with my business policy also, stay away from this crook.
My pipe broke. Flooded my basement. Farmers came out. They cut up my perfect condition carpet. Stole half the pad. Put some of our stuff in a shed. Refused to answer our calls. A year and a half later, the owner of the shed had to call them, they still refused to answer our calls. They came out, said they forgot us. Said they would mail a list of contractors. Two weeks later, I called & said we hadn't received the list. He called me a liar & hung up on me. They came out, threw our stuff all over our front yard. Broke our bench, football table, new toys, electronics & left. They have refused to talk to us since. They left us in a house full of mold. They cut the walls & left it. Cut up the carpet & stole half the pad. But for 30+ yrs they have happily taken our money for insurance premiums. Calling Farmers is going to cost me over 20,000 min. It might cost me my house. I would've been better if I hadn't called them.
Have had for over twenty years and thankfully have never had to file a claim. They periodically review our coverage to make sure that there is enough coverage for replacement etc. Insurance company has always proactive and responsive to any questions or changes that might need to be made. Bundle other insurance with homeowners so rates are competitive
We have found the premiums to be less costly than other companies. The claims are handled quickly and efficiently. They did ask us to add a railing where previous companies did not. But that was a safety issue and we just never realized it. They were right to have us do it.
I have had homeowners, automobile, life, and general liability insurance with Farmers since 2000. I pay approximately $1200 per month for these policies and have never had a homeowners claim. We moved the furniture to our garage storage room, patios, and a ranch we were renting so that we could install a new carpet. Our home was vandalized three days after the carpet installation, causing more than $40,000 in damages. Farmers refused to pay the claim, stating that the home was vacant at the time of the incident. They also put us through a three month, time-wasting investigation. Hopefully, I will prevail over this dishonest company. I am filing a complaint with the California Insurance board, and the Better Business Bureau, and filing suit in California civil court. Farmers advertises that they have your back in the event of a loss. They don't.
I live in the southwest where wind is a common occurrence. About a week ago, we had our first big wind storm of the spring, with gusts reaching 65 mph (this storm lasted about six hours). My elderly father (90) lost about half of his wooden fence. He has always paid his premium on time and we both trusted that Farmers would help at least some. He lives in a nice neighborhood, nice home, decent fence. The adjuster came out two days ago and told a long story about how strong the winds were when she was a little girl (about 40 years ago) and lived in a nearby town. She said that the recent storm (which garnered severe storm warnings for days ahead of time) was "nothing." She did, however, say that multiple homes had received damages (go figure).After not calling by the end the day yesterday (when promised), she calls late today and without apologizing, leaves a two minute message stating that she was not convinced that it was "wind that damaged the fence." There was no empathy or advocacy. Just those words and that Farmers would not be able to help. This is going to be crushing news to my dad who is on a fixed income and naively trusted that other people would be fair to him. I wish I could give Farmers a higher rating. To be honest, I feel terribly disillusioned, as well.
Had major water damage that happened underneath our sink due to a garbage disposal that went bad (our place is only 7 years old). The water leaked out the back unknown to us, and under the floor boards. It was hidden from view, and there is no way you could even see the leak. Once we noticed and called, they would not honor the claim - said it's not covered! Worst customer service ever and I would never give them a dime of my money again! BEWARE! They will not cover your claim. Go with Liberty!
Farmers is well known and been in business a long time. They are reputable and family friendly. They have quite a few offices around the area and easy to get to. They are also online and have a website that is easy for me to relate to. It is easy to get in touch with, and can handle my questions by phone. I can get along with the customer service person. But I really would like them to offer better rates. I have a small income, and it is very difficult for me to pay the rates that keep going up, even though I do not file a claim.
After having Farmers Home/Auto insurance for 25+ years, we filed two claims within 3 years (total for both ~$5k). A year later, we received a letter stating they would not renew our coverage. Bottom line we were told, can have 2 claims within 3 years so long as not both water claims.
My agent is close by, he's fast, friendly and reliable on claims and quotes. Don't like doing business more than 100 miles away. I like that I have 30 day grace period. They have fair prices. But my deductible is too high sometimes. No hassles, or problems so far. I can call in claim any time of day 365 days a year hardly ever any questions asked. They will always cut me a check with no questions asked. They have competitive rates but they are raising my rates shortly after a claim, or even getting canceled. It difficult to find insurance in a timely manner especially when you need it. I don't like it when they raise my premium. Plus, the secretary is incompetent, or just plain lazy.
My interior wall was blistering due to moisture. When I filed a claim, the claim adjuster told me it was due to a crack in a pipe within the wall, and as such, not covered due to "Normal wear and tear." How this is considered normal wear and tear is beyond me. Dispite my arguing, they denied my claim. When I called my plumber, he said there was no crack in any pipe, and that the moisture was due to the slab my home is built on. I called Farmers again, and the adjuster had an engineer come out to inspect. Now they have decided it is due to moisture coming from the soil through the slab, and ONCE AGAIN, NOT COVERED. This is the worst company I have ever had the displeasure to deal with. We pay our premiums each year, yet when we reach out to them they continue to fail to deliver their end of the bargain. I am cancelling my policy, and can only hope the next insurance company I contract with has some small ounce of honesty.
Canceled EFT, canceled policies, still Farmers removed money from account the month after I canceled and removed EFT. Cancellation letter specifically stated they are to ceases and desist all EFT, ALL communication with me. Now I am fighting with them for the past 2 weeks to get all my money back. RUN AWAY, RUN FAR FAR AWAY from this company.
The insurance went up 4 times as much because of fires. Totally unfair as I have not had a fire since the house was built. My last insurance dropped me and it was a very lame excuse!
On June 24th 2017, Agent Ray ** came to inspect my home, before I could purchase insurance. He was very rude, complained about everything in my home. He looked at my kitchen cabinets, asked where I purchased them. I answered that I didn't remember the company name. Then he opens the sink cabinet and looks inside. What does that have to do with purchasing insurance? On my other home, he said there was mildew on the roof. It wasn't mildew... But he did say that my insurance would go down $200 if I had it cleaned. We swept up the "pollen" and haven't heard from him since.
Farmers did good and took care of my flooring issue, too 9 months from the time of claim but the job has been completed!
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