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Farmers Auto Insurance Online Reviews

Company Name: Farmers
Overall average rating of 2.3 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 20 %
If you want to have an insurance that has your back and your best interest, provides quality of service and resolves issues in the fastest way possible, choose Farmers. I had other insurances throughout my driving life such as Allstate, Liberty Mutual Progressive, etc. Once you are with Farmers, you cannot choose any other. They have the most amazing ability to spot and handle opportunists and frauds.
Awesome rates and I could not find another auto insurance provider that could beat their rates. My dad totaled his car and they were very quick to respond and get him his check. However, some of their agents could use a class or two in customer service.
Someone insured by Farmers pulled out of a driveway in front of my motorcycle without looking. I was nearly killed, and suffered multiple broken bones, severe head injury, and permanent damage to my body. They outright deny the claim, even though the law is very clear regarding right of way, and have since sent me to collections for the damages to their insured's vehicle, are getting my license suspended due to these collections, and have ruined my credit and left me holding the $8000 bill for my motorcycle payoff. The officer did not cite the other driver who claimed I was speeding for failure to yield, nor did he cite me for speeding. This company is ruining my life and I will never take a policy with them, or allow anyone in my family too.
I called my agent right after my auto accident. I never had an accident or even a ticket prior to this, so I had no idea what to do. My agent did not even want to hear about the accident, he just immediately referred me to his attorney friend. I figured this was just how it was done. The attorney was a complete idiot, who did not help me at all either! Now mind you, I was the one who was hit! Anyway, the whole thing was grossly mishandled, and now the kids that hit me are suing me. Total nightmare.
My daughter was hit by an impaired driver. Several physical therapy visits followed. The police report clearly identified the other driver as the at fault driver. Farmers immediately paid for the car loss at about 60% of the blue book value. They refused to pay the very low medical costs. We hired an attorney too late... our fault. Even our attorney lamented that Farmers is the worst insurance company in America. I had policies with them for more than six vehicles and they always refused claims unless I complained to my local rep. This company is pathetic and does not deserve to operate. AVOID THIS COMPANY AT ALL COSTS!
Always there if needed but stay in the background when not needed. Agent is always helpful and solves problems in a speedy manner. Customer service representatives are friendly and professional at all times. I would recommend this company to anyone who needs insurance.
Farmers vigorously defended us against the bogus claim! A small claim, bumper hit while parking. However fees keep increasing despite lack of any claims. Waiting for more opportune time to switch to other insurance; friend had bad experience with Farmers' legal division on a claim settlement with another Farmers' insured.
I have been a resident of AZ for four months. Things are slowly getting settled. One of the things I needed to do is acquire auto insurance. I am well aware that the state of Arizona requires all drivers to have auto insurance. That is why I applied for insurance, at Joe ** Farmers insurance. I was GIVEN A CHOICE. As to how I wanted to receive my statements. Internet, text, or paper mailed. I chose paper mailed.That was not what he wanted. I chose to have my statements sent monthly. He didn't like that either. So, statements come randomly. Very recently I went online at the AZdot website to seek help/information about what I have the power to do about this. I found this agent online posting slanderous statements about me. The statements are gone, but I can't unsee that. Now recently I have been communicating with Rick ** at the Farmer's relations rep. The slander issue has already been swept under his rug too. To the best of my knowledge there is no law that says I have to accept poor, sloppy service.
Met with an accident, person hit my car also had Farmers Insurance, NOW THERE IS NO PLACE YOU CAN COMPLAIN because both are having Farmers. In spite of my calls to toll free number as well as adjuster and agent, everybody is busy having family time for last 15 days. NO customer service by anybody from Farmers in spite I complained for dizziness as well as concussions. SHAME ON FARMERS, yesterday Farmers agent advise me leave Farmers Insurance.
My car was vandalized on 8/21/15. My deductible comprehensive is $750. My issue is mainly with agent Jae **. When I agreed to this coverage I didn't know there was a better alternative. I was mislead into a coverage that wouldn't do me any good in the long run. I just told him that I don't want to pay too much for insurance per month and if he can give me a cheaper rate. We ended up with a deductible of $750/$750. So I went ahead and agreed to this coverage without having a clue as to what I'm signing up to. This agent never advised me as to what other coverage options I have. If he would have offered me something better which I'm finding out now that $250 comprehensive would have been a better choice, I would go with that option. Next, when my car got vandalized I called him and he was completely unprofessional on the phone. Basically, he laughed at my friend and I telling us, "It's not my problem" and then hung up the phone. So first, he was negligent when selling me insurance and failing to protect the customer with a good coverage, and secondly he was disrespectful over the phone in his demeanor. Sure I got upset too, but who wouldn't. Look at all these reviews here as it is pretty clear that Farmers only cares about their bottom line and treats their customers like trash. After being with Farmers for quite a few years I won't be staying with them. I'm an excellent driver and I'll take that excellence elsewhere, where at the very least I won't be disrespected on the phone by an incompetent and unprofessional agent. I contacted the District Manager regarding this agent's lousy behavior and felt like he continued to play favorites by covering this agent. District Manager told me that this agent is an independent contractor and they haven't had complaints about him in the last 5 years. Really?!? So if he is an independent contractor and they haven't had any complaints it means that it is okay that he is unprofessional and negligent. It's like the District Manager doesn't even care about the disgusting behavior of this agent. I'm not buying into this! A complaint is a complaint and it does not matter if it is a first one. There is a first for everything. If anyone needs a copy of the email from the District Manager I will gladly provide it. I also filed a complaint with California Insurance Commissioner. I talked to Alex in the claims department and he said there's nothing they can do because I signed a contract. Yes sure, I signed a contract in which the agent sold me a lousy policy that wouldn't do me any good in the long run simply because the agent did a lazy job from the start. So I guess I'm suppose to be paying for this incompetent agent's mistake. The agent's job is to advise clients about insurance coverages so that the client can choose what is the best option, this agent FAILED TO DO ANY OF THIS. And of course he will probably lie through his teeth claiming that he explained all the different policies. If he would I wouldn't be stuck with a $750 comprehensive deductible. I was under the impression that this was the last best choice, too bad I learned it the hard way that it isn't.
I contacted Farmers Insurance to get a quote for auto insurance when my teenage son got his drivers license. At the time, we were insured by State Farm. Once my son got his license the premiums went up by $300 per month so I decided to shop around. I contacted Allstate and Progressive along with Farmers for a quote. Allstate and Progressive were about the same cost as State Farm, but the quote I got from Farmers was same as it was before our son got his license. I even asked the agent, Steve Gawlik, why it was so much less than all the others and he stated that Farmers doesnt penalize new drivers like the others do. I agreed to purchase the policy and after the initial payment was made I was sent a policy and the insurance cards listing myself, my wife and my son as drivers.Because we were saving over $300 per month we had decided to lease a new car for our son rather than have him drive an old beat up car for obvious safety reasons. Even with the new car listed the premium didnt really change. Everything was fine for the first year, but then I got a notice from Farmers stating our premium was being raised by about $350 per month. When I questioned what the increase was for I was told that my son was never listed on the policy and now that he is a licensed driver we would have to pay the higher premium. I explained that he has been a licensed driver since before we purchased the policy a year ago. Thats when I found out about the agent that sold the policy Steve Gawlik.It appears the Mr. Gawlik in an effort to make a sale, sold me the policy under false pretenses. He falsified the documents he sent the home office stating that my son only had a learners permit but sent me documents stating he was one of the licensed drivers on the policy. Thats the reason the quote was so low and why. Then after a little research I found out the at the time Mr. Gawlik sold me the policy he was under federal indictment for fraud in a previous real estate scam. I can only imagine what would have happened if my son had been involved in a serious accident while we were insured under this fraudulent policy. And to make matters worse Farmers didnt think it was a big deal since we saved so much money for the last year.First of all saving the money wasnt the issue. We leased a new vehicle for my son based on fraudulent information we were given by A Farmers Insurance rep who they allowed to work while under federal indictment without any oversight. I also found out from the new agent they put me with that he was dealing with dozens of Mr. Gawlik's clients the he perpetrated the same fraud on. The worst part of all this is that Farmers Insurance never contacted me with any of this information until they sent me a rate increase and thought there was no problem with them employing someone like Mr. Gawlik.To add insult to injury, after I canceled the policy and paid the final premium, I recently got a letter from a collection agency demanding an additional $64 Farmers claimed was still due to them based on when my son was actually listed. Something I was totally unaware of until the collection agency contacted me. I hope all the other people that were cheated by Farmers Insurance and their agent Steve Gawlik speak up so everyone will know how Farmers treats their customers... BEWARE!
I had a head-on collision and sustained permanent nerve damage to my neck. My UM policy limit was $100K and they offered $3k for pain and suffering. I had to sue my own insurance company to get a settlement. My agent took money from me for 22 years and when I really needed them, they said "sorry we can't help you." Do not think that low premiums will save you money in the long run. Look at the payout stats online for different companies before you buy. I have AMICA now and they have a good payout rating. That's what insurance is for--to make it right when you need it. When you have a bad accident, it's too late to expect all those promises they feed you at Farmers to be true. They aren't! NEVER use Farmers.
Farmers' Insurance is a unreliable, irresponsible, ridiculous insurance company. Today, July 22nd 2014, I received a "Final notice of premium due" statement for April to June coverage, and stated that my auto policy was cancelled last month (June) by Farmers insurance, even though I made the 6 months premium payment in April 2014. I thought I could sit back and relax for the next payment until Oct 2014.Regard to the conversation over the phone with Farmers' underwriter, my policy has been cancelled by Farmers' due to non-payment because Farmers' insurance refunded the payment I made few days later, which I never expected.Ridiculous saturation #1) Farmers' insurance refunded back to a credit card I haven't been used for a year. In other words, I used another credit card to make the payment. I didn't know it, until I check all my credit card accounts one by one today, however the person over phone would condemn me for not checking my credit card statement. If I had any accident during uncover period, who would be responsible for the cost?? I asked that question over the phone, it seem like they didn't care! IF YOU WANT TO SIT BACK AND RELAX, DON'T USE FARMERS' AUTO INSURANCE.
Billing, accounting, unilateral changes - I was charged extra to combine all 3 vehicles to 1 policy. I was billed an amount for annual renewal. I paid the bill in full on March 7, 1012. On April 4, 2012, I received a bill for an unspecified change dating back to January 20, 2012. Turns out they didn't believe that I drove my Tundra less than 5,000 miles a year so they changed it to 6,500 miles without consulting me and billed me an additional $42. I actually drove the truck less than 4,000 miles last year due to the purchase of a high mileage Honda hybrid which is on my policy. We have 3 cars for 2 drivers. I received over 20 confusing mailings from Farmers prior to my renewal this year. If I can't trust their billing or the information passed on by their agent, how can I trust them if I have a significant claim? I was going to change insurers when the current policy expires next March, but because of a total lack of trust, I am now shopping for other companies. Farmers is incredibly unreliable in my opinion and should be avoided.
I recently was a victim of vandalism. I have a police report, estimates and they are dragging their feet. I faxed over a notarized copy or statement, but now a special investigator wants a recorded statement. I am being treated like a crook versus a victim. No bueno. Too many options and I have been a long time 21st Century before it was bought by Farmers. Typical, moves to not pay when that's what you pay them for to be there when you need it. Typical Insurance delays and bad service.
When backing out of my garage, I bumped into my son's parked car. Both of us have Farmers Insurance. Farmers charged us both a deductible under their policy while other insurance carriers waive one of the deductibles in similar fact situations. Online customer help at first said it was illegal to do so in Washington State, then said she wasn't an expert on policy language, then said she didn't sell policies, then she offered to connect me with my agent, but at no time did she point me to a specific policy provision to assist me. Now my son will sue me for the deductible he was charged to fix his parked car as he wasn't at fault. Farmers really sucks if this is the best they can do.
Getting into an accident is not fun but Farmers Auto is a good insurance company. I call, they listen and are very willing to work us. They help you through it. I just called my insurance person and they gave me the number to call and they asked me who I was going to use. Between the repair shop and the insurance company and me we got everything done on the car.
My engine went out on car and I was thinking Farmers Insurance. I talk to the guy at Farmers and I remember the engine freezing up. The guy at Farmers my agent had documents that are confusion. I don't have them documents now that someone taken them alone with my computer and other important paper work so Farmers will not be a insurance I get again. I said to the guy it shows on contract my insurance covers engines, body work etc that others have done to my car. If I did it then I would agree with agent on phone. So Farmers gets a 1 PERIOD for misleading information in contract where it was clear that as long as I did not the one put water or other in my oil to make engine bad and I did not. Bottom line it was done because I would not give people free rides. Might sound funny yet 100% truth.
Recently totaled my 2003 Z71 Tahoe. The mileage on my vehicle with just 190K, it was in immaculate condition with no issues. Insurance came back and told me they were willing to give me $4500 for it. This is absolutely ludicrous as of this particular vehicle will cost about $9500. For what they are offering me, I cannot even replace my vehicle with the same exact vehicle in the same condition. Their offer will not even cover half of what they're going for. They say they are going based off blue book value but would consider upping it if I can show them proof that these vehicles go for more in this area.I have sent them countless examples of what they go for in this area but they will not consider them because they are either one your new were one year older. Apparently 2003 Z71 Tahoes are rare in this area. I guess it doesn't matter that 2002 models just like it are going for well over what they are even offering me for mine and those are in bad condition. This is absolutely ridiculous. I pay to be covered and I get nothing in return.
Have not had a great deal of contact (no claims since we have become a consumer) but like being able to talk personally to a representative who appears to understand our needs. However, I do think that pricing needs to be more competitive and discounts more expanded for people w/o claims or long term customers.
My son was in an accident, where someone Farmers insures hit him at full speed (40 mph) while he was stopped. Farmers immediately assumed liability for the accident. Then they proceeded to try to cheat us at every turn. They determined our car to be totaled. We had purchased the car (certified pre-owned) exactly 5 months ago to the day of the accident for $17,400. We had put about 3,000 miles on it, for just over 31,000 miles total. Not only was it low mileage it was loaded, even had a moonroof. Farmers' first "offer" for our totaled car was $14,200. They eventually came up to $15,200. So in five months my car had depreciated in their opinion by more than $2,000. I understand this was "cash value" not "retail value"--at the end of the day I'm still the one paying the difference. ALSO... before their check was even in my account they wanted back the rental. So how do you buy a car in less than 24 hours? Most of us mere mortals need that check as a down payment. I asked for an extension and was told they couldn't approve it. Also, they NEVER asked if my son was okay after the accident. They tried to cut corners everywhere they could. It was an awful experience dealing with this company. No concern for people, just money money money.
When you have a problem, it is handle quickly and no problem with claims. The staff is very polite and helpful, like a hands on experience with a live person. Prices are very good and have discounts when there is more than one policy accounts.
Simply great service from my agent and staff! We purchased a new vehicle and required quite the maneuvering of policy and limits. Bethany really went above and beyond to assist us. I checked with several insurance companies and not only was Farmers the best rate but I cannot say enough about the exceptional service. They have safety and confidence.
My son was in an accident with a very nice gentleman who is insured by Farmers. The State Patrol report showed the man at fault and he was cited for failure to yield. I'm not saying he was doing anything bad, he just had a driveway at the top of a hill and was pulling out and blocking the whole road with his truck and trailer when my son topped the hill. The report showed my son had zero contributing factors. It was raining, he was not speeding and had less than 100 feet to stop from the top of the hill to where the man was blocking the road. Kevin, at Farmers, is in Michigan and he looked at Google Maps in GA and said that it looked like my son had plenty of room to stop. He told my son he should have taken evasive action to the side. The truck and trailer was completely blocking the road, there were 2 foot ditches on each side of the road and he thought my son should put his car in the ditch. He said that he didn't have to go with what the GA State Patrol said, that he could make his own decision. He said my son was 30 percent at fault. When I told him I didn't accept that answer, he threatened me that he would deny the whole claim if I didn't agree right away. He told me that since it was raining and my son drove that road every day, he should have known that something was going to happen. According to the Insurance Commissioners office, I can sue the other driver for the difference. So if you have Farmers, if you have an accident, they can decide not to pay the claim and the other person could be forced to sue you for the difference on their claim. I will not be doing that, it is not that gentleman's fault that his insurance company does not do the right thing. This is, of course, my opinion but I feel like we were treated unfairly.
Farmers Auto Insurance is a very good auto insurance company. I have been very satisfied with their service and coverage options. I have thankfully only had to file a claim once, but found the experience to be quick and precise and quite positive. I would not hesitate to recommend them although they are generally pricier than other insurance companies.
I see many reviews here showing Farmers as raising rates, not covering claims, etc... I had to write to share my experiences. I have had numerous claims with Farmers and have never had a negative experience. I've had Home and numerous auto claims. Yes, rates have gone up in the 15+ years I've been with them but not how some write. My current auto claim is regarding my 1998 Acura which I am totally at fault and am still having a positive experience. Farmers has always been attentive and helpful with each and every claim I have had. There may be times where I don't get a response same day, but has never been outrageous in time taken to get back to me.In regards to my current claim, my auto shop where my work is being done, stated to me that in his many years of experience Farmers is by far the best insurance to deal with! I have had to take the responsibility to do some research on my own to get the value I feel is appropriate but I don't see that as out of the norm. ANY insurance customer should be doing their own research on value of their vehicle in a total-loss situation. If you expect any insurance company to give you top dollar for your vehicle, you are mislead or misinformed. We, as customers, have a responsibility to pay attention to all claims, adjustments, offers, terms and conditions, etc. Farmers has been a great company to work with and have to cover my home, life and auto policies.
I will never ever get an insurance through Farmers or recommend it to any one else for that matter. What a lousy business. I got in an car accident earlier this year, car was total loss and I sold it to a junk yard. I notified the agent but somehow she didn't cancel my insurance and I was paying it for months. When I noticed it I contacted the agent and to get my money reimbursed. After months of asking me for all kind of evidence that I really don't own the vehicle anymore (they saw the pictures and knew that the car was total loss) now they simply refuse to refund. I provided them the name of the junk yard AND more importantly hard evidence: the notice of transfer and reliability of the DMV (that states I don't own the car any more and from which date). That's not enough for Farmers. What a despicable way of doing business and customer service!
I was in a car accident while sitting at a red light. A guy hit me full speed and pushed me up under the car in front of me. I was hurt very badly in the accident and Farmers took me through a year's worth of fighting sending me to their Dr where I had to get undressed. Then I had to go and sit for an hour while their attorney interrogated me for their client's negligence. At the end of the day all I got was my hospital bills paid and 1000.00. I live in Oklahoma.
My daughter and granddaughter were passengers in a vehicle covered by Farmer's Insurance that was involved in an accident. My daughter requested that the car seat be replaced due to the accident. Farmer's Insurance representative's reply was "That's not our problem." She got a lawyer and sued. It ended up costing Farmer's much more than if they would have just replaced the car seat. Every time I see those commercials talking about what they have covered, it makes me angry. In my opinion, I would not recommend this company to anyone.
Please do not get this company. I was involved in an accident where the other driver was in an illegal lane position and hit me head on and Farmers is making me take 50% fault. The adjuster lied to me multiple times and even said that it's my fault because I should have been looking more carefully. I had multiple police officers say that the accident was not my fault and that my insurance was ripping me off. Please do not get Farmers. They DO NOT have your best interests in mind.
My agent is easy to reach and is personable. Claims are easy to process and I get my money fast. I am rewarded for safe driving. It is very convenient and inexpensive. I love this company. I would highly recommend. Everyone should get this insurance. There are lots of great options for coverage. It is very easy to get coverage. It is easy to file a claim. My deductible is not very high and it is easy to get my car fixed. My agent Is always nice and friendly. I can go in a office and talk to someone as opposed to being completely online. I can bundle all of my insurance rates such as house, life and auto. There is always an office nationwide for me to visit. We recently moved and it was easy to switch to a new agent. I love this Insurance for its convenience and availability to me. It is a wonderful company with great values and I will use them for many years to come. I would suggest this insurance to all of my friends.
Personalized service outstanding! Always available for face-to-face meetings. Office personnel helpful, explain all details and answer all questions clearly. Enjoyable experience dealing with Farmers. Thankfully no claims. I have auto and home insurance with Farmers now.
Would like to make a complaint against Farmers Insurance. Claim Number **. My car was damaged at a restaurant from a lawnmower throwing rocks and grass on the hood of my brand new Mercedes. The restaurant manager came out and told me that her employee was cutting grass and not paying attention to what he was doing and apologized and said she saw the damage and would file a claim with her insurance (Farmers Insurance) company and just kept saying she was sorry. After a couple of weeks of me calling the insurance company a Mrs. Katrina ** finally called me and said to go get a couple of estimates and send them to her. I did and they was around $1800.00 dollars. Farmers was not happy with the estimate so they hired an appraiser to come and look at my car since she was in Tennessee. He came and said it looked like it was all prior road rash.So Farmers Insurance said they would offer me $750 for my troubles and then wanted me to file a claim with my insurance to get my car fixed. I did not do this because I didn't want my rates to increase. I had to pay the difference for this terrible company that beat me out of over $1000.00 dollars. Very rude and obnoxious lady. Katrina ** phone number is ** or **. I had to go ahead and accept the $750 to get my car fixed. But I felt that a bad remark should be filed against these folks. Insurance companies are giants that do as they please and just treat people how they like. TERRIBLE.
*BEWARE* If you plan to cancel your coverage make sure it's certified and call to verify daily. They will not allow you to cancel and even take you to collections. BEWARE.
A reliable company with agents in the community, call center and online access via their website. Supply all types of insurance and provide discounts for bundling insurances for the household. There for you when needed, have your back during claims process. Easy to do business with and provide a feeling of security.
I had Farmers for about 10 years when the car I was driving broke down and was so old it was virtually unrepairable. I kept Farmers Auto Insurance, however, until January of 2011. I hadn't had a vehicle since February of 1998 and paying the monthly premiums had become a burden. I asked to be released from my contract and my agent (cheerfully) complied, but I was told I had to pay for one last month, that is, the premium for February of 2011. I paid that, but the next month I received another bill. I was told I had to pay that one, too. I asked why and I was given some gobbledygook about how I hadn't fully paid for my policy. I kept paying for several months, always being assured that that particular payment would be my last. After 4 or 5 months I called them and said I wasn't paying them anymore. They began to send me threatening letters and then turned me over to a collection agency. I contacted the state insurance commissioner's complaint department where I was told my agent's behavior was definitely unethical. I filed a complaint, but the collection agency's calls stopped right after I told one gentleman that I was going to contact the insurance commissioner AND file a complaint, that is, BEFORE I even filed the complaint.
So after 20 yrs I'm without an agent because my agent no longer works for Farmers. I was in need of paying my bill and in Abilene Kansas. I went to the Farmers' office around closing time. The agent Thomas ** unlocked the door and assisted me. That was above and beyond for me. Ma I my because it wasn't a simple process. I now have a new agent. Thomas ** he was patient and professional. Thank you Thomas and thank you Farmers.
Been with Farmers Auto Insurance for 7 years. Agent has been very helpful. Currently have auto, life, home and renters coverage. Agent keeps in contact with me about any possible changes that may need to be done. Agent seems to be looking out for us and our best interests.
Our insurance has always been very helpful when we needed them to answer questions that we have. Also gave us good rates due to having no accidents on our records. We have never had a problem with them.
Farmers Auto Insurance instantly had answers to my questions. I have several vehicles insured with them. I only had 4 claims within the last 10 years and all claims were handled very professionally and to my satisfaction. They were very polite and very quick. Never a challenge.
I filed a claim where I was at fault and damage was covered without hassle; unlike a situation in which we were not at all at fault, and Farmers defended us vigorously from the minor but frivolous claim. My insurance over the last 12 years had a moderately priced premium, very good coverage but also 99% excellent, incident free driving record. I would prefer USAA but their premiums are so much higher, and even though I have heard others with Farmers who had to fight tooth and nail to receive due payment, Farmers so far has been reliable, especially on the burning coverage vs. receiving coverage, and they have an excellent online, user friendly website for reviewing coverage and paying premiums.
Run as fast as you can! When I finally canceled my insurance due to an excessive new premium this company has decided to charge me for past vehicles I've deleted, also the same vehicle TWICE! When I had canceled they should have owed me over $300 but somehow managed to explain with no proof that I owed them over $250! I had talked to several different customer service representatives and one representative had even seen that there were SEVERAL faults and multiple vehicles I was being charged for on my policy, he was supposed to look into the problem and call me back. I did receive a message on my answering machine from him but wasn't able to get the call and he had left no phone number or extension number to get back to him. I had called back and then they started saying I was with a sister company called foremost. I then was transferred to that company and they could not find my account. I then proceeded to talk with my local agent who fed me a bunch of **!!! I am extremely upset! Do not EVER GO THROUGH FARMERS!!! Beware!
I originally got my insurance in 2005 through AIG which was offered through my employer, Wells Fargo, at a discounted rate. Eventually it became 21st Century, which was later bought by Farmers. I had an accident in May of this year. While I understand that an at fault accident can affect my premiums, they tried to double it at renewal. In over 11 years, I have only had one claim which was a windshield chip repair. I've paid more money into Farmers than the accident even cost them. I will say that they handled my claim very quickly and efficiently, but I still don't feel like I deserved to have my insurance doubled.
Was hit while I was parked, I say again while I was parked and Farmers will not cover damages. Never moved, customer backed into Me and claims wasn’t his fault. If you're dealing with Anita ** trust me she’s rude, doesn’t care, won’t return phone call, treat people horribly much less a veteran.
Well, I have been told how terrible this Insurance company is, my recent experience is a proof. I am so speechless to hear from a Farmers agent that my claim will not be covered by them going by their review after their client damaged my vehicle. Prior to my experience, my colleague had told us how Farmers told him he was drunk during an accident where their client accepted fault. My colleague was returning from work at 3:30 PM. Only a court case proved them wrong and my coworker was finally paid for his vehicle damage. Well, in my case, I still will not say much even after they had refused to review the video from the surveillance camera right at the place of incident. We are going to court too. Seems like Farmers insurance will hurt their own clients and also non-clients. The only way to get them to cover what they are paid for is legal case.
Farmers Insurance is a rip off. They lied to me about coverage and payout on claims. They screwed up my policy so bad it had to be cancelled and new one written. Customer Service said I didn't have an auto policy, just a home policy. Another Customer Service agent told me I had three autos on my policy, and no home policy. I have one auto, one home. Pretty simple.My agent's office help is deplorable. First she gave the wrong policy info to my bank. I caught the mistake, and the information was corrected. Next Farmer's cancelled my home policy and it took many calls to straighten it out. Never did receive a written policy in the mail on the first policy. On the second policy, I did receive a written policy in the mail but it had so many errors it took over an hour with the insurance agent to correct them. This is when my insurance agent told me I could not get the same coverage amount I had on the first policy, and despite having 25K LESS coverage, my premium would increase by a few dollars. She said I could increase my coverage back to what it was originally but it would cost several hundred dollars more. This makes no sense. She told me on the phone I would receive a refund of $116 back. I got a check for $47.Several more calls to Customer Support who could not tell me why I only got $47. They said I would have to ask my agent. I paid $1085 originally. New policy amount was $970. No matter what math you use, it does not add up to a $47 difference. My agent said that because I made so many changes, all I was going to get was $47. What??? I had to make the changes because SHE and her office made all the mistakes! Not only did I pay the $25 fee for the policy on the home, and $15 on the auto, I also had to pay $70 because they don't know how to do their jobs!?I cancelled my Farmers insurance today and will never go with them again. I will tell anyone and everyone who will listen not to use Farmers. Rip off. Lies. Cheating. Ineptness. A company who will tell you to call your agent, and the agent will tell you to call Customer Service. The agent is Nancy ** in Hartselle AL. Her 'help' is Regina and Megan. I would be happy to explain in more detail the horrendous experience I have had with this office.
I hit a deer on the way to work, called when I got at work and they gave me the name of a place to take it to get it fixed. Got a free loaner car even though it's not on my policy. Car fixed and like new in a couple of days... easy peasy. From one call all was handled. I didn't have to do anything else.
I tried getting all my insurances together my other auto didn't insure my b and b, so took my cars over where my home and rentals were with Farmers for 10 years... Never had a claim. Dealing with agent in B.A. ok. FOR FARMERS. for my cars to consolidate them into my existing policy. Agent is at his computer typing out my cars policy and told me "oh looks like you had a incident." Which was backing up at a grocery store (which I had forgotten it was about 2 year before with the company that I was insured with presently and at the time of the incident.)The agent suggestion to me, "let's go ahead and submit it." If they reject it they will send it back to me. I paid a full year. $1279 at that time. Well in a few weeks I get a notice that my premium for my cars just doubled. I call the agent. He say "Sugar, don't worry you are paid up", because I ask him "what is this!!" "I paid the year. Don't worry you're ok." Couple weeks pass I get same notice. Pissed. Called again. (WITHOUT HESITATION HE SAID "DON'T WORRY IT'S OK!!" He didn't have time to even look what I was talking about either time. Another couple weeks pass I get notice I am cancelled. I have no insurance on my cars for lack of payment. (I PAID IN FULL $1279 TO START WITH. In my life I had never been without car insurance nor in a accident with someone. Really angry I call the Broken Arrow Agent. He wasn't in. Didn't call back before I fax several pages what he did and he no longer had my business. Didn't hear from him. Waiting to get my refunds back for all my accounts. In process of me changing my business and being busy, time goes by. I called Farmers C. Service. They tell me they had reinstated me so fraudulently they used all the $1279 up. And the 6 months I had paid on my homeowners and rentals. In which I was cancelled by my notification to the agent and getting a notification from them, as well. Those were cancelled because I quit paying when they cancelled my cars, in my fax.Farmers reinstated my home and all my rentals. Reinstated me without my knowledge. Used that portion of money that was left after I cancelled due to stupidity about my cars. Farmers continued insuring me after my 6 months payments, on Homeowners, in which is against their policy to give insurance without payment. Farmers let me know they had put me on a collection circuit. For mistakenly insuring me without money because I had cancelled months before. This is 6 or 9 months after I cancelled. I finally got a letter in 2014 saying they dropped the collection agency. Really! They cost me $1279 because they cancelled me because I didn't report I had a incident (no ticket) backing up in neutral to a car sitting there with existing damage on the other side old car. I looked. No car was there. He said he honked 3 times, time enough to move I was in neutral. I did what the agent said. He submitted to see if they reject it because it would soon be expired the time they set.. He told me it was about to expire. No more was said. I don't say "oh sign this" to say 2 years ago you rolled back into a front panel of a car. Just look for yourself at all the bad things happen to folks, that pay good money only to get all the heart ache this company has created for them. Never to correct or admit any wrong doing. I LOST PROBABLY $1500 OR MORE. IF YOU HAVE MONEY YOU CAN BE A BULLY AND GET BY WITH IT.
Farmers ins keeps jacking up your rates. Had no claims. Save over 100$ per month on car ins by switching away for them. If you're with Farmers I'd shop around now. If thinking about Farmers ins they will double your payments in a matter of year or two. I have been driving over 30 yrs. Never had a company take advantage of me so bad.
I've been with Farmers for quite a few years. Was rear-ended in December, 2016 by an uninsured motorist. I had my car towed to a body shop recommended by Farmers. It took over 5 weeks to get it fixed. Obviously, Farmers did a poor job monitoring the repairs. Today I found out that the rental car agency I used (at Farmers' recommendation) charged my credit card over $1,000 because Farmers failed to set up the direct billing account - despite repeated assurance from Farmers that it was being taken care of (over a 5 week period). Avoid Farmers unless you want this type of negative experience and much wasted time on phone calls with them.
I called Farmers to switch from my current company. They came out, I filled out forms, they gathered information and all was good; so I thought. They told me to cancel my current insurance company (Erie Ins) by the 25th of the month; which I did. When I noticed no premiums being drafted from my checking account, I called my new agent at Farmers. I got the shocking news that they never picked me up as a policyholder and I did not have any insurance on my home the last several weeks! I was shocked, insulted and angry that I could have lost everything and would have been in a tangled mess with no insurance! I asked my agent "why" she never called me and she fumbled around and said they were just reaching out to the area (Crawford County) and insurance was not available yet in my area! After all their paperwork, pictures and rail installation required before they could insure me; they never did and never, never sent me one notice! Poor communication. Poor public relations, cute commercials.
They suck. They make you do everything yourself. Called about my rental. She -- "Oh, you have to call Enterprise yourself." Also tried to give witness names and numbers. "Oh, we don't need it because you could be related to them." What? No, they just saw what happen. Worse company ever. You really don't know how a company is until you need them.
I have both home and auto. I have been constantly hammered with rate increases. This last one 30%. Has been this way since I first got their insurance in 2011. I have a perfect driving record. As far as auto goes Progressive and AARP Hartford are your best bets. Every other name brand company was higher.
Is all happen on 4/20/2015 when my policy support to be newer but when I go to the place and is FARMERS INSURANCE now. They say that don't work with the old insurance company anymore because THE INSURANCE COMPANY were out of business (bankruptcy). The Farmers agent call me and told me that they can offer same coverage with even lower. Then told me to come to the office.FIRST when I were there they giving me different price than what they told me. SECOND the cover were different in which way were worst (the cover were less and the premium were higher). THIRD after agree with price we sign the paper and the premium paper send home is $300 higher than what we already agree! My policy end on the 20 so I got no choice other than buy it but I can't believe they lie on the premium. Also THEY lied when they say the insurance company they work with is out of business because I just call them today and they say they were not! I REGRET BUYING FARMERS INSURANCE!
The person we deal with, JR at Farmers is great, however, not happy with them raising the rates so much. Every 6 months they raise my policy. We don't drink, don't smoke and over 65 with zero tickets, zero wrecks. I cannot believe this. I am fed up with that portion of this company.
Good customer service. Offer multiple discounts. Available by phone or email. Offer multiple policies. Many offices. Good reputation. Fair prices. Respond promptly to questions. Have not had to make a claim in all the years we had them.
We were hit by a cell phone driver that totaled four vehicles; lucky no serious injuries. Farmers handled our claim to collect from at fault driver; however, they were aggressive and nasty to their customers (us) and used out of state vehicles as comparables because AZ vehicles were too "expensive" - cheating us out of thousands on the value of the vehicle. Moreover, their claims dept. (21st Century and Farmers have consolidated claims service). We'd spent maybe 100K with the company over the years with never one claim; now with a claim they are nasty, dishonest and unreliable. We cannot trust Farmers Insurance!!! They have a claims complaint ration 3X higher than the top four companies in Arizona!!
Been with them for years. My family as a whole has been Farmers customers, multi-generational. We stay because the stellar customer service but not so much the price. So if you're looking for cheap insurance. This isn't the company but what you will get is a agent that almost becomes part of the family.
They have very friendly service and have always been very understanding of all sorts of situations. My family has used this insurance company for a long time and has never had a single issue with them in any area at all.
They give many discounts including safe driver, good student etc. They also have a 24 hr assistance so no matter what time you need them they are always there to help. Customer service is also great and they are always friendly and willing to check to see if any other discounts can be applied or how to add on new drivers. My family has been with State Farm for many years and when I started driving they put me on the same insurance with no hassle and were very informative on how it works and what benefits I would get.
It was great to start but every year the premiums go out although we haven't been in an accident. It's getting ridiculous. Looked at different companies and found so many less expensive options.
On 7/29/16 at 5:00pm I was rear ended in my car by an elderly man going 50 miles per hour and the impact turned my car sideways on 101 Freeway. The rear end of my car was destroyed and amazingly did not start on fire. The office at the scene ticketed the other driver and made recommendation to DMV that this drivers license be revoked. We were transported to Stanford Medical Center Trauma Center in the same ambulance. I was examined and eventually released miraculously without injury. The Farmers representative called me several days later and took my statement and was willing to offer me a settlement in the amount of $7700 as my car was totaled. The representative was willing to release the money however I was not ready to settle the claim as I wanted to be sure I did not have any additional injuries that might show up a month later. A month later another rep from Farmers contacted me to tell me that the former rep was no longer working for Farmers and she would be handling my claim. It has been 6 months and Farmers is still refusing to reimburse me for ambulance charges, the lost day of work and my co pay to MY insurance for the medical bill at Stanford Medical Center. Farmers Insurance is indifferent to the fact that my car was totaled by their client, I had to buy a different car to get to my job 22 miles away. I have threatened to hire an attorney but still no response from this pathetic company. I don't know what my recourse is. None of this would have happened if their client hadn't rear ended my car. If anyone has any advice please let me know. Thanks.
We had to file a claim regarding the mechanic driving our car without our permission and getting into a major accident. Ms.Isaura ** was handling our claim. She was very rude and did not show any compassion to the situation. She spoke harshly to me, very unprofessional. She was very disrespectful and uncaring. She is not a person you want to deal with in a time of need of your insurance company. She gives a bad representation for Farmer's Insurance. I have been with them for 14 years, and I will not continue my business with them due to her behavior. I was very disappointed on the treatment she displayed. I do strongly encourage anyone to file a claim or report any mistreatment to a supervisor. We should not allow anyone to mistreat anyone in this manner.
When we tried to make a claim because our roof was damaged they refused. Our roof is old, our house is old and it was old when we bought it. Because of that...they refuse to help. This insurance company stinks and if you buy an older house because it's charming and sweet, DON'T use this insurance, they don't help at all!!!
So I guess Farmers Insurance doesn't like making contact with the people their customers hit. I had been trying to reach Todd ** leaving voicemails and never received any sort of response. I was in a hit and run with one of their clients, I was able to get their license, a description of how they looked and even the model of truck. I filed a police report. And took all necessary steps. Then all of a sudden without hearing from Todd my claim was closed out because their client's vehicle didn't have any damage... Well no ** Sherlock he has a big truck compared to my small car.Then Todd finally answers and has the nerve to tell me if I got video of the hit? Ummm... First I'm in my car, second it was a hit out of nowhere, third he took off asap. Todd do you have any brains at all? He was so disrespectful but makes sense after reading all these reviews. Sadly when you work for a company like this you should be more trained on how to handle claims and speaking to not only your customers but the victims of the accidents. I guess Farmers just hires people who need a job and don't give them the appropriate training on how to handle these kinds of situations. If you're a customer they're only looking to take your money and if you're a victim of an accident be ready to pay for your own losses. Beware if you ever get into an accident, it's pointless speaking to that no good for nothing company. Lol. Remember don't deal with Todd **. He's an ** just waiting for a check at the end of the day.
We have never had any problems with Farmers insurance for any reason. They also cover our house insurance. Now if we call with a question it is answered to our satisfaction before they hang up. I am sure if we have a claim it would be handled quickly & efficiently.
I was involved in an accident where a truck backed into me in a store parking lot. Farmers said we were both at fault because we were both backing up even though he backed into my driver's side. Turns out we both had Farmers. His truck didn't even have a scratch on it. 2 months later I get a renewal offer raising my rate $600 for the year. I tried to argue it with the adjuster but to no avail.
Filing a claim at Farmers Auto Insurance was very streamlined. Our agent handled everything. They are very personable and dependable. My son's truck was hit, and the person that hit him was very intoxicated. My son had just bought his truck. The other insurance company tried to settle for less than 10% of the damage. Farmers paid the claim and went after the other company and won.
Farmers is Awesome! Purchasing our policy was a breeze, we have an incredible agent who's truly on our side and does whatever he can to assure that things go smoothly for his customers from the initial quote to the final piece of information needed from an accident. Also, customer service is key and Farmers has amazing customer service. I don't care what any insurance company has to offer or what their rates are like, no feature compares to the quality of one's customer service. Like their accident forgiveness too. Luckily, I've never had to use it but in the event I'm in an accident, I like the idea that my rates will not be affected. But I feel that smaller services like rental vehicles, glass repair, and roadside assistant should be offered to policyholders at no additional cost with each policy. Each of these are services that would not be used regularly and when you are paying higher premiums to get better deductibles, those smaller services are a huge incentive because it's one less thing we have to worry about in the event of an emergency.
A car in front of me hit a tire in the road and knocked out my headlight. My insurance broker was very helpful. I'm getting a rental till it's fixed. Then we are lowering my deductible and it's only costing me 1.00 more a month for a 100 deductible. Farmers Auto have always been good to me. However, they could be a little cheaper.
On my father's behalf. His vehicle stolen 3/16. They found the car in a lake. He has complied with all request. To date 1 1/2 years later he is still making his $360 payment and the car was auction off by yard because Farmers neglected to get it. He's still making his premiums and his car payment! No response from the claims adj Casey **, his Supervisor Kristine or the Manager Andrew **. I feel they have neglected my father and now no one wants to be accountable.
I've been with Farmers for well over 20 years and... knock on wood... I haven't had any problems. They carry my auto, home owners and life. They've made quite a chunk of money off me but they are still always there when l need them.
I became a customer with Farmers Insurance in Tulsa. OK, because I purchased a car on the weekend and was forced to get insurance on my new car before I drove off the lot (even though apparently my coverage on my previous car should have just rolled over). I agreed, but once I spoke with my previous agent, I had realized it was cheaper to go through him, as well as I had better coverage. When I switched my insurance, I did it via e-mail and received an e-mail immediately back from the Farmers agent asking about why I was switching so soon. It was simply because my previous agent got me a better deal with more coverage included. My payments with Farmers were only $115 a month. I received a notice in the mail for a bill that was due on the second month, so I called my agent to see why my cancellation date was 12 days after I called to cancel it, as well as the bill said I owed $639. He assured me those computers just take time to update; that they have to send it in and get it approved, so it will linger and look like that, but to not be alarmed and ignore it. That month I got an automatic withdrawal from Farmers that took out nearly $500! I immediately put a stop payment on the ACH and called the agent. He gave me some remarks about how it wasn't his fault - "You know how those office girls are" - and assured me that I would get reimbursed the $25 dollar fee for placing a stop payment through my bank and would not be charged again by Farmers. Then the following month, I was charged a balance amount of $379 and again placed another stop payment and called him. He did not answer for over two weeks; that’s when I received a notice of final payment or my account was going to collections. This time I went straight to the source of Farmers and called their 800 number and got some very good information. The Richard Keck Agency never turned in the documents from signing, so there was a discount taken off of my account leaving me with a balance. I was very surprised when I asked if I could file a complaint about the agent and the customer service representative said that they did not offer that service. They should want feedback from their customers, especially ones that are leaving. Some of their agents are obviously not being honest with customers. Lesson learned: always do your research!
Called for roadside assistance and the driver took more than 2 1/2 hours to arrive. They should have Called to let us know if the driver is available or not. We waited outside cold weather and it's not good. I will not recommend this insurance again with my coworkers and friend and people. It's not a good service.
On November 9, 2010, I was hit by a man who was insured by Farmers Insurance. It was his fault and Farmers Insurance accepted the fault. They paid for the car repair and offered me 1000 dollars for pain and suffering. I delayed accepting the offer as I wanted to pursue some physical therapy for my injured knee and I wanted to make sure I had all doctor visits finished before I settled so Farmers would cover them. About two months ago, I signed the contract they sent me and agreed to the settlement of $1000. I sent it in and I kept a copy. Melissa **, Farmers representative, sent me a letter back saying I had waited too long and she would only offer me $500. The contract said I had as much time as I needed to agree to the amount and there was no time limit. I have not called Melissa since I received the new offer as she has been hostile with me in the past. Do I have any options legally? Thank you.
It's easy to submit a claim, but it's hard to get paid. First it's insurance. Second when you file a claim they make you feel guilty for using it. Hard to deal with same person twice. Not my ideal company. They boast about customer service, but that's only when you pay your bill.
At 2 o'clock in the morning my house was on fire because the neighbors' house was in full blaze. I barely got my children out safely. Farmers canceled my policy that same day and refused to pay for anything. We are now living in a hotel. Never use Farmers. They are horrible. I am now suing them and will win. Just go with someone better. Trust me.
I have had this insurance for over 20 years. I have never had an accident claim. I finally did have an accident, the loss was 3000.00, and Farmers increased my premiums by 110.00 per month.
The best thing about the insurance is probably their customer service in my opinion. Every time I've needed help and have called they are always very helpful and polite and I don't want to say would bend over backwards, but just about so. They explain everything in an easy to understand way and get me my answers and needs met pretty quick.
My husband and I have had more headaches with Farmers. We have insurance with them for at least fifteen years. My husband and I took the driver's class to bring down our insurance which they didn't accept. They also draw off my husband's bank account and was charged a fee of five dollars for that. Over fifty, my husband and I have good driving records and we were treated badly. They were rude when we asked information about our policy. They called me a liar and said that we could find another agency. It doesn't matter how long you are with them.
Avoid this company!! I've never had such a horrible experience with a company before. I signed up for Farmers insurance about 2 months ago and have had nothing but horrible service up until this point. When I set up my account, I signed up for automatic payments which was a huge mistake. My payment date was originally scheduled for the 12th of every month, and called to change it to the 19th. Easy change (so I thought). I checked my bank account on the 13th, only to see that Farmers had deducted the money anyway, nearly $200. This caused my bank account to drop to a negative balance, and as a result, I received an overdraft fee from my bank. I called Farmers, and there was nothing they could do to reverse the charge until I was in contact with my bank. Long story short, I received over 7 overdraft fees because of Farmers' mistake, and Farmers gave me the runaround asking me to send numerous documents to their accounting department to PROVE that I wasn't lying about the charges, after it was their mistake!! It's been over a month and I still have not received a refund. I've asked to speak with a manager, and every time I try contacting them, I have to speak to a new person who knows nothing about the situation. They have a lack of concern for my issues and could care less about the problems I've had. I would highly recommend not using this company if you're looking for personal and exceptional service...Farmers is far from that.
Farmers is so rude and will not help you, Tim ** In Kirkland WA is so rude and does not care, When I had my old insurance guy and when he left and when Farmers assign me to Tim no one called me. I had no clue. They also say things that are not true on discounts and they don't like military family, NO one should never say something if they can't do it or promise.
The customer service I receive is above average. My agent has come to know me and my husband. She makes me feel like a valued customer and as a result, we have multiple policies with them. You just don't get personal service like this from most companies nowadays.
I switched to Farmers several years ago because State Farm wouldn't pay a claim on my house that my neighbors, who had other insurance companies, got paid for with the same damage. My son had a small at fault accident a couple of years ago, and I also had an at fault accident a year ago. Our rates went up slightly, but minimally. For the few preceding years, our rates stayed the same. We shop rates every year, and Farmers has come in number one every time. Sometimes they're close, but always the best price. I have a house and 4 vehicles on our policy.
I have been having problems with Farmers for a while now. It started last year, I had to file a claim due to when we had a severe flood. The flood caused damage to the bottom of my car. I was told that it would be covered, I was given a rental car and they towed my car to their shop. The claim was September 6, 2014. I never heard from anyone for over 30 days. I tried several times to contact the adjuster, but I always got the voice mail or was told she was on vacation. Then finally, on October 24th I was contacted by the body shop that my car had been at, telling me to come pick up my car. Nothing was ever fixed! It actually was worse then when it had gotten taken there. So then since it took them over 30 days to do no work to my car, Enterprise said that Farmers will only cover 30 days and I'm responsible for the remainder of the days. Which this was unfair, due to it not being my fault that Farmers took so long.Now, I'm currently in an active claim that had happened on November 10, 2014. I was at a convenient store when my car was basically vandalized by a gentleman that wanted me to pay him to paint my car. The insurance adjuster, Lauren, had came out to look at the car on January 16,2015. She had said it was claimed as a total loss then proceeded to get an estimate for the car. She advised me that I would receive a call for a total amount within the next few days. Then I get a call from Zachary, a total loss specialist on January 23. He said he had to do a recorded call on exactly what happened. So that was done. Then, I'm told that he is unsure of what is going to happen with the claim. That it's in investigations. I've tried contacting him many of times to figure out what is going on. I don't understand why Lauren tells me it will be a few day process then now its been 3 months. Just like my previous claim, which never was even done.Back in October, I had called my agent and set up my payment with him, that was on October 5th. Then October 14th, I get a call from him saying that the payment hadn't processed correctly. So I had given him the correct card number and he told me everything is fine. Then on January 21st, I get pulled over and the officer stated that I had an insurance lapse. I was completely in denial because I was up to date with Farmers. Well, my car was towed and the officer took my tags. I spoke with Jason and he said he remembers exactly what had happened but my insurance had never canceled. So I went to the MVA and they told me that my lapse was from October 5,2014 until October 14,2014. I explained I was still with Farmers and told them about the payment that was processed wrong. They said that I should not have had a lapse that fast and to get a FR-19 from Farmers. I call and speak to a gentleman named Rick in Direct Services Department. I explained everything to him. He was nice at first until he seen I'm no longer with Farmers. I told him it's because my car was towed so I had no need to pay for insurance until I get this situation fixed. He then got very mean and stated "I don't have to provide ** since you're no longer a customer!" He was yelling and cursing at me. I then asked him for his name and he said Rick, I asked for his last name. He stated "I do not have to tell you **!" So then I asked to speak to his supervisor and he refused to let me speak to anyone else. I couldn't believe the way he was yelling at me.So now, I'm stuck without my vehicle on the road. I'm unable to go to work, I'm stuck with all of these fines which I don't think I should have to pay. The MVA had said I need to file a complaint due to all of the problems I'm having with Farmers. I have been paying a lot of money to be insured so that if any type of damage or accident happens, it should be covered. No one should have to go through all the things I have with their insurance. It's just not fair! I have to have transportation for work. Also for my daughter to go to school and I'm also pregnant and it's been too much stress for me to handle. I can't even make it to my doctor's appointments. Thank you for your time.
I think that Farmers has done a fine job in helping me get the coverage that I need, or at least the coverage that I desire. The only issue that I have is the price. I currently pay $300 for insurance on one vehicle, a vehicle that isn't known for carrying high insurance rates. It's a shame, but I think that might be the dealbreaker for me.
They are around when you call on them and in their office when you need to go by and ask any questions. They are also on Facebook if you want to contact them that way. They even try to put some fun in what they do by offering games off and on and contests on site to try to win a package. I am also check with the secretary every first of the year to make sure my premiums have not gone up and if they have we go over what can be readjusted to bring those back down to where they have been prior. What I don't care for is their dealing with another company that handles some of their clients and that can be frustrating especially if one of your kids are assigned to them instead. Prefer all being with same company and written up the same.
Run, don't even think about using Farmers for your auto coverage. When I asked them to send me a history of my premium payments, they actually refused, saying I should get a subpoena...?? For my own premium payment record? I switched the same day and went to another company, as well as logged a fraud complaint with NJ Banking and Insurance Dept. Farmers is one BAD insurance co.
On March 28th, 2017 I was rear-ended and the other insured driver has Farmers Insurance. The police crash report was available the same day so I started a claim with his insurance and emailed the claim. Mind you I was leaving on a cruise from Florida on April 5th, 2017 and would need a vehicle to drive from my hometown of Gainesville, GA to Florida so I was really needing to get this going hoping they would provide me with a rental care. Luckily my vehicle was driveable. I waited until March 30th, 2017 to call Farmers to see what was going on with the claim and if it was even started. I explained what happened to the agent and my need for a speedy process due to my trip but my agent wasn't at all helpful. She only told me that she reached out to the insured and cannot go further until he returns her call. I called again for the next day for update and my agent was out of town. I left for Florida and called again after I returned from my cruise on April 5th, 2017 and again my agent was out of town and unsure when she would return. I downloaded the app to help with the claim process and was estimated damage of $3,723.74, when I took my vehicle to a garage for an estimate it was over $6000. Once Farmers gave me the estimate they sent a check in the mail. I called and told my agent that I had it inspected myself and it was over $6000 and the check they were sending me for $3,723.74 wasn't even half of what damage was estimated. Once I told her I was going to their preferred collision repair she changed her tone and called the garage and got me set up for repairs. Again, I had to wait to get repairs, my agent was always out of the office and didn't listen to anything that I had to say, she didn't explain anything and even when I had questions she wouldn't answer them and was very unpleasant and then to get rid of me sent me a check that was WAY under what the actual cost of repairs were. The actual cost of repairs was over $8,000. I have received no follow up calls. Of course I didn't have a choice but to work with them and maybe because I wasn't their customer and paying them but I hope I will not have to deal with them ever again!
Friendly people and always return calls asap. They supplied me with the most reasonable prices for car and home. Came out to view the property while other companies did not.
My mom is a customer, and I was at one point in time. They're real good about following up on a claim. The short time that I was a customer, I had no problems with their service. My mom's been a customer of theirs for years, and they've always met her needs with quick, conscientious service. Just recently, she had to talk to them because she hit a deer. It took a little longer than usual to get the claim through the entire process, but they were really nice about it, and she was happy with their service once the car got into the dealership to be fixed.
After my last experience with farmers insurance, I will not recommend them to anyone. Yes, it was an okay deal to begin with however everything change this month. I signed up for the ETF debits to taken out of my account and each month they had difficulty taking it out of my checking account. When it came time for renewal, they told me they wouldn't offer the ETF discount and that I would have to pay each month manually. I spoke with a customer agent to get this resolved and I thought everything was going to go smoothly for the next month but it DIDN'T!!! I added a new checking account and credit number they could withdrawal from and to my surprise they somehow magically pulled the money out of the WRONG ACCOUNT! My bank charged me NSF fee and I had several "chats" with Farmers customers service. They are not help and make PROMISES. I guess they can honor PROMISES because they are made to be broken. I had to pay my insurance through the CORRECT account that was on their records and several days later Farmers is charging me again for twice the amount! I have been transferred to different "excellent, superior" customer care agents, supervisors but they expect me to do the runaround for them when they are the ones who made the MISTAKE in the first place!!! Now I'm out $200 which they will not return to me immediately and expect me to have official bank statements, account numbers, etc in order for them to REFUND MY MONEY!!! On top of that, they said for LEGAL REASONS, they cannot credit my account for the next month and half, but can issue a check after THEY REVIEW AND FEEL IT IS SUFFICIENT to issue a CHECK! If anyone is thinking of going to Farmer's Insurance, re-think this again! I have been a customer and I thought this would be a good relationship but it is not!!! Their "excellent, superior" care agents, supervisors wrote an email response back to me indicating it's my fault when in fact they were able to place a timeline that places me in the ABSOLUTE RIGHT!!! They admitted the error but I'm the one who has to jump through hurdles to get my money back and make sure the documents I submit to them is SUFFICIENT for them to give me back my money!!! I hope others will learn my "MISTAKE!"
I have been a State Farm insured customer for 50+ years and decided it was time to look at other companies. Farmers had a great rate and I agreed to accept and cancelled my State Farm policy Feb 02, 2016. A day later I received cancellation notice effective Feb 06, 2015. I now being told that Farmers is going to bill me for the complete month of Feb stating now that policy was cancelled Feb 26! Someone can't read their own email or just being TOTALLY DISHONEST! I have Allstate insurance now received after Farmers Insurance cancelled. Now, Farmers wants me to prove to them that I have Auto Insurance. WHY?
On November 28th, 2015 my daughters vehicle was stolen. The insurance company was contacted and claim was filed with foremost insurance. We have had very little contact with the insurance adjuster, we were told the claim would go to total loss on Dec 18, 2015 if the car was not found. Which was not true, they have not taken any action at all on the claim, we found out as of 01/06/16, the claim still has not gone to total loss dept. It was communicated to my daughter they need to talk to her brother regarding the theft, they had numerous opportunities to contact him since the claim was originally filed. My daughter was able to talk to a claims supervisor which placed her on hold initially and hung up on her and she had to keep calling back until the adjuster answered but still no updates, just the run around. This is the worse insurance company imaginable. These people do not return phone calls or provide updates and use stall tactics to delay paying claims. They have the police report and statements but refuse to do their due diligence to resolve this claim. My daughter made a terrible mistake choosing this insurance company, it's not a matter of you get what you pay for, her premiums are ridiculous for no reason, for those who have Foremost-AKA-Farmers-AKA-Bristol, good luck if you ever have to file a claim and expect good service.
I ended up waiting 7.5 hours for a tow through farmers. Most of it was on Farmers.
I was the victim. They accepted liability. Now they only want to offer lowball settlements. The Head of Claims Frank ** and the Chief of Claims Keith ** are on all emails and don't bother to look into the matter. They just hand it off. Their Director of California Claims Michele ** has refused to provide me with accurate information. Their Claims Manager Yolanda ** acted in bad faith, and it was caught in a negligent act by me on email. I have written documentation of all of my claims. I tried to contact their CEO Jeffrey Dailey, he is on several email chains and doesn't bother to respond. I tried contacting him at the corporate office and was told he does not take phone calls. The rep refused to provide me with an alternate email address for Jeffrey Dailey, and then gave me a fake email address for his "Secretary" Maggie **. The rep refused to give me her name or ID number for any reference. At this time consumers should be very aware of the unethical practices at Farmers Insurance.
Trustworthy, caring, want what's best for their clients!!! Gives discounts for multi policy insurance. Was a great help when needed for roadside assistance. Was prompt when needed help during an accident. Went out of their way to get us the best policy for our car, house, and earthquake insurance.
They offer good discounts on auto and home policies, and are very good at update notifications of policies in between renewals. Very friendly and thorough, there when you need them quick.
When we bought this house on contract the precious owner recommended the local Farmers agent Janet **. We promptly called her and bought a policy thinking that she knew the property well. In 6 years of paying premiums, she never once visited the property or did a review but was happy to take our monthly premiums. When we made a claim for a heating oil tank leaking in the basement, we were told that the policy did not cover that by the adjuster who called us. Calls to her office told us she was having family problems and could not be reached. Calls to the local Regional Director told us he was never available to talk with us. Stay away from this company at all costs. Go anywhere else.
Incompetent agents: What a crock! All those years we were loyal members; for over 20 years, we've been with Farmers. I got vandalized and hit in a parking lot while the truck was parked. The so-called adjuster did not file the claim as promised, did not assess all damages, did not follow up with the repair shop, and lost a customer of over 20 years! I want my money back!
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