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Farmer Brown Online Insurance Reviews

Company Name: Farmer Brown
Overall average rating of 4.9 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 93 %
Erich F. thank you for being exceptionally diligent in our behalf as home owners to make sure we are aware and prepared to meet the insurers expectations. Great work!
Great service and prices from Mr Erich F, who helped me to get my insurance.
excellent service. Giovanna Santamaria help me set up insurance policy for my hvac company.
Mary Grace Alandria from Farmer Brown Has always been the best point of contact anytime we need anything. Would HIGHLY personally Recommend
Very good company to do business with
I love working with Farmer Brown for my business insurance! They're always on top of things and get me a great price on a policy. Their customer service is exceptional!
Really helpful when it came to make me understand how insurance works. I was able to review multiple coverage and got the right one for a good price.
Trudy was quick to respond and communicated our options well. I would recommend.
Quick and easy to get quote. Fair price
Great customer service and attention! Our old company keeps trying to win us back and they don’t like “no” for an answer...but we won’t switch back ever!
Everyone was nice and helpful. Explains things well.
I Highly recommend Mr. Erich F. He helped me to buy my policy.
Thank you Erich F.!!! Your knowledge and patience in answering all my questions made this process extremely stress-free!! Highly recommended.
Farmer Brown Agent is 5-star We currently use Farmer Brown insurance for several of our businesses. Initially, we started with one of our entities, however, our agent, Trudy Vargas is so exceptional that we transferred over all of our insurance needs over to Farmer Brown. She is always on top of our business, responsive, patient, and an overall absolute pleasure to deal with! We will continue to use Farmer Brown as long as Trudy is there!
Anna Acosta is easy to work with and very professional! She always has the answers to our questions!! It been a pleasure working with her over the last few years!!!!!
Excellent service & quick service.
After my ins company i was with for 7 years attempted to triple my rates on my renewal date for no reason, i went online to shop new rates. I was pleased to sign up with Tony at Farmer Brown after i recieved their quote. They got new insurance in place in timely manner and cost was what it should be for our plumbing company. Would definitely recommend.
Wonderful always there for our business and Trudy Vargas worked thru all of our needs would recommend our insurance company Farmer brown to anyone that is looking for business. Insurance. Thank you for everything
They really do a good job for us, and when our insurance needs change they find us a perfect fit.
Thomas Oakes and staff are the best. We have been with Farmer Brown for over a year and will continue. They are dependable and help me anytime I have a question. I have dealt with other insurance companies by far they can not compete with the customer service we have received from Thomas and staff. Save yourself the headache and go with Farmer Brown you will not be disappointed.
Rhea Nies Farmer Brown Customer Service Representative did a fine job assisting and placement of the policy vacant rental below: United States Liability Insurance Company 1190 Devon Park Drive, Wayne, Pennsylvania 19087 A Member Company of United States Liability Insurance Group Thanks John Stevens
The Farmer Brown insurance has always address my needs promply with so much ease. Thank you for a great job. Owner Jesse Alaniz
I have had my business liability insurance with Farmer Brown for several years and they continue to offer competitive pricing and great service. My agent Kat is always quick to respond to my 'special need' Certificate of Insurance requests from the General Contractors I work with and continues to be a pleasure to deal with. I highly you recommended check them out.
Gio has helped me twice with a policy I procrastinated to get going. She works very quickly and efficiently. Please offer homeowner's coverage for TN so I can keep working with Gio, she is excellent!
Estoy muy feliz con el servicio que tiene y que hablen español. I was able to get insurance with Jurgen he explained and made it easy for me to understand the coverage.
My experience so far has been amazing! Trudy helped me sign up for exactly what my company needed. Also since I have gotten my contractors insurance she has helped me every step of the way, with different things I have needed for specific cities and specific forms she has been awesome! Thanks again !!
Staff are always readily available and willing to help with my concerns and answer any questions I may have.
Did great service and any questions quickly answered. Staff was very knowledgeable and thorough.
Great service! Kat was so helpful throughout the process. As someone who just started a small painting business, I had no real clue what I needed or what my insurance options were. I will recommend using Farmer Brown!
Gio, Always handled our insurance needs to a high professional level and we will recommend her to anyone that needs insurance products. Thank you Gio, you are a Rock Star!
“Imee is an asset to the company! She is very professional and helpful with my concern!”
I am very happy with Thomas Oakes and Farmer Brown. He is the only agent who has taken the time to explain my options to me and make certain I get the right policy the first time. Thank you, Thomas.
We've had our commercial insurance with FB for over 3 years and have no complaints. Thanks to Kat for always helping us out with our demanding insurance needs!
Great service - Im glad to be a customer!
Great company to work with and customer service is outstanding! Would give them one more star if they bought my lunch occasionally!
Trudy has been the best help I could ask for! I would definitely recommend.
I would just like to share my experience with talking to one of your employees by the name of Giovanna Santamaria. I was unfamiliar with Farmerbrown and I might not have put my trust in your company had it not been for Ms.Santamaria. She is quite knowledgeable while being accessible , both are very important and necessary in my line of work and I am a perfectionist. She answered every question that I had and quickly.We had a connection right from the start and that speaks volumes. She was knowledgeable , efficient, and well-spoken.She is definitely an asset to your company. Thank you so much for your time and effort. Sincerest regards, Stacey A.Sigler. p.s. I gave her 5 stars, she deserves 6.
I got my insurance policy right away. Thank you very much for your prompt response Miss Julia Cuering! She was informative and very professional.
Giovanna Santamaria helped me with my policy. She is great and immediately responds. Highly recommend
I always have a great experience with Farmer Brown!
Hi, I called my sales rep. yesterday to get a copy of insurance sent to a town where I had pulled a permit. when she answered the phone I told her my name and she started to look me up; I was surprised that I didn't have to answer a million questions so that she could find my account. I hadn't spoken to her in about a year. she asked if I wanted it emailed to me and I said yes, do you have my email address; she said of course, your one of my clients. Her name is Gio Santamaria, she is so professional and gets things done very quickly. I run a department of over 40 people and I wish they could be half as efficient as her.
Farmer Brown follows up with their customers that does an excellent job special recognition should go to Ivy who calls to make sure I get my policies
Julia Cuering has been my agent for 3years now and she has been so wonderful to me and always prompt with my requests. Thank you for your great service!
Erich F. was very helpful and make it easy for me to understand it all. I Highly recommend him.
Thank you very much for the great customer service! KUDOS to Miss Julia Cuering.
very fast in response and great customer service
Top of the line company. I will highly recommend
Fast responses and fair
Great service. Team of dedicated employees. Great to work with!!
Thank you Sandro for your help. Excellent customer service! My COI are always on time, as soon as I need them.
Great costumer service, thank you Gio with answering all my questions promptly..very satisfied customer!
So far so good. If the service stays the same I think it will warrant a fifth star. Renzo was exceptional!
Farmer Brown, Tom Ponsot & Staff, have played a huge part in the success of our Business, Regal Homes & Roofing of S. IN. We started doing business with them apx. 7 years ago, Liability Ins, Bond, WC. They have helped us with it all 3 of these and are very knowledgeable when it comes to Commercial policies. They know where and how to help you save without putting your business's at risk of 1. being underinsured & 2. being Insurance poor,... ie{all your profits go to insurance premiums} If you need a Cert, have a question, or have a problem, they are always accessible. sometimes you may have to leave a message...its a busy world, but they always get back with you, fairly quick, to help you resolve any your issues your business may be encountering when it comes to the in and outs of commercial insurance. Leave it to the Pro's. I would highly recommend this Insurance Company. Thanks Guys for all your hard work. Natalie Irwin Regal Homes & Roofing Serving: Evansville, IN., Warrick Co, IN & The Tri-State Area
Fast and professional!
Customer Service is Outstanding
They are a great honest company. Willing to go the extra step, to please Costomer.
“You are awesome Julia! Thanks for your assistance!
Giovanna Santamaria is great!!!
Excellent service offered by the agent! Kat offered me a great quote fit for my needs. The best out of all other insurance agencies I spoke to. Will continue to contact Farmer Brown for all my future liability insurance needs.
Professional and quick
I have no words to effectively describe how wonderful Gio is. She help me to understand about the liability insurance that she sold. Took the time out to explain to me so that I understood it. And that took some time. Patiently answered all my questions, and I had many. Thank you Gio, you are just awesome.
Excellent service I get from Mary grace alabaría for all my insurance needs.
I was paying way too much at my previous insurance place that is why I am so glad I found John and his team at Farmer Brown Insurance. They were professional and polite to me - give them a call for a quote.
To me, Mr. Thomas Oakes is the best agent. Helpful and knowledgeable is a given. But I have to say his articulation helps a lot. I had no trouble understanding anything he said. That alone goes a long way.
Tony Bazalar is great! Helped me get good savings on insurance. Thanks again Tony.
The agent Mr. Erich F. was kind, professional, extremely knowledgeable about the various insurance products out there and honest. I highly recommend him.
I’ve being doing business with Tom Ponsot for many years and find him very helpful and trustworthy. Have always gotten great pricing. Why would I go anywhere else?
Have had nothing but the best experience with them so far. Ivy was friendly and helpful.
I was very pleased to work with you for the main reason is being able to do everything online. I am always pressed for timer and being able to purchase the insurance without having to do office visits really helps.
we have worked with Mary grace for several years with our window and door company. She is always very prompt and takes very good care of us. We do permitting in a lot of municipalities who all require specific information on our insurance certificates. She is always very careful to comply with all our municipalities quirks and issues, helping us get our permits as soon as possible. i definitely recommend working with her!!!!
Only had excellent service from them and recommend them highly been doing business for over five years
Kat has done an amazing job with my all insurance needs, from auto,GL to workers comp. I would definitely recommend Farmer Brown.
Very bad experience with auto and home owners policy. Not delivered what was promised and poor customer service. I had a good experience with insurance for a construction policy.
My agent Mr. Erich F. reminds me in a timely manner about when my insurance is due, I rang and was treated as a valued customer and he found the best quote for me. Very simple with no hassle whatsoever. Thank you Farmer brown you have an excellent team.
Erich F. helped me buy the policy I needed. Excellent service
MS. Trudy Vargas and the group at Farmer Brown Insurance has been extremely helpful with my insurance needs through starting a new company...
Giovanna was very helpful and worked hard to get the job done on a short time frame
I think she over insured me
Excelente service from Mr. Erich. I highly recommend him.
Gio was very pleasant while purchasing insurance. I have never had a better experience thank you so much!
I was unfamiliar with builders risk insurance, but knew it was a requirement for my construction loan. When I researched and tried to find an institution that offered that coverage, Farmer Brown is what I read to be the best. I emailed the customer service email and within an hour Sandro Zevallos called me and wanted to assist with my dilemma. I was on a very tight time crunch and Sandro explained everything to me and got it all taken care of before my deadline. Over all I haven't had one problem with Farmer Brown and it has been very easy to work with Sandro.
Trustworthy and great value.
Always helpful and informative.
Thank you Marianna for your great customer service in Chicago.
I was searching for insurance for an investment property we were rehabbing. I got a call from Giovana Santamaria. She was extremely helpful throughout the process of setting up the policy. It was quick, simple and easy. Then we ran into a snag, we had to change the name of the insured to our company rather then myself. Gio, was on top of it! It was close to closing time on the house so it was urgent that it was done quick, and that it was. Gio handled everything and was in constant contact with myself and my lender and I didn't have to do a thing! She got it done in a matter of hours. Snag number two. The policy was shown as not paid, because I paid when the policy was in my name, I simply email Gio, she said I will take care of it and that she did. I never had to make another call or send another email. I got a notice saying the cancellation was rescinded. This was our very first rehab project and we had a lot to learn. Thank you Giovana, for making the task of getting insurance very easy!!! I will be contacting her for our next project as well!
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