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Farm Bureau Homeowners Online Insurance Reviews

Company Name: Farm Bureau Homeowners
Year Founded: 1939
Address: 5400 University Avenue
City: West Des Moines
State/Province: IA
Postal Code: 50266
Country: United States
Phone: (515) 225-5400
Overall average rating of 2.8 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 26 %
No problems. Very fair premiums. Have not had to file any claims in the past twenty years but have met with agent and he was very helpful in keeping premiums low and competitive.
Our homeowners insurance company is Farm Bureau. Our agent is Brian **. He is great. He will even come to our house to cover policies with us. When you call his office, his associate, Nicole, is so sweet, intelligent and helpful. They work hard to get us the best rates. The only drawback to Farm Bureau insurance is that you have to pay an annual membership fee. This membership supposedly allows us to get discounts at certain places but we never shop at these places so the membership dues are a waste of money for us. Their 1-800 number service is great. You can actually get a real person who speaks English, knows what they are doing, and can help you right away. I would recommend Farm Bureau.
They are very reasonable, friendly and they work with you to get you the best policy. They also help offer other forms of insurance. They are also local. You can always find one close.
I had auto and home insurance. My payments (a set amount) were to be drafted out of my checking account. However, each month, my bill would be something different with no explanation. Finally out of frustration I asked them to stop drafting out of my account and to give me a total that would carry me to the end of the contract year. At that time, August, I was assured no more drafts would be made. I paid the amount to cover both auto and home thru the end of the contract, using THEIR figures. Even so, they still sent me another bill for something that was not explained. On Sept. 30 I canceled my policies and asked for a refund of money owed me. The cancellation was official on Sept. 30 yet in November they drafted a random amount out of my checking account AFTER I had canceled my policies with them. I finally received a refund on the amount of the contract but did not receive a refund on money fraudulently drafted out of my bank account or for dues for 2018 (I canceled in 2017). I filed a complaint with the Louisiana Insurance Commissioner and finally received a determination that they had violated no statutes. Farm Bureau pulled the same ploy in their response that they did with me: razzle dazzle 'em with reams of paperwork that no one is ever going to wade thru. So they are getting rich swindling little people like me $80, $35, $125 at a time. I was told by the Ins. Commissioner that I could hire an attorney. Yeah, I can surely afford an attorney to sue them for $88 when that $88 is the difference in me paying the gas bill or buying groceries. They count on us being defenseless. Shame on you, Farm Bureau of Louisiana.
All in all I did have a good past with Farm Bureau Insurance. This was until I needed them. The adjustor came to look at the problem, glass broke on the storm door. Adjustor said he would replace the door, hard to find specialty size, etc. And pay for the glass clean up. Said it would be around 700 dollars, acted like it would all be paid. This is when I learned without my knowledge my deductible had been increased without my knowledge to 1000.00. I trust the insurance to be honest, but mistake. I called the agent and was told it was increased several years earlier due to some tornadoes hitting somewhere in the area 6 or 7 years earlier. Said I should have been notified, of course should of been never happened, that I remember. They took it on their own to up the deductible price stayed the same for the year. I usually just pay and go on, you know you cannot trust the insurance, you hear so many bad things. Yes they were always nice to me when I paid my yearly auto, life, homeowners, and membership. Just do not file a claim. If the take it on their loan to change their deductible, it seems they would do it on any of their products, medical insurance, Medicare supplement policies, auto, it has been an awakening. Read all the print, I want to go over my policies to see if I have any coverage that is worth what I pay. I put my trust in them, so they feel they can do what they want. Lesson learned! I don't see where they have the right to change my deductibles, and not lower my homeowners. The adjustor was arrogant, and had me under the impression that things were covered, then got smarty, and told me they up you decide titles in that area, and nothing was paid, had me going for over a month acting as thought payment, clean up, and replacement was happening, knowing all along nothing was going to be paid. When I called the office they were quick to tell me as though they had had many calls over the last year's of people that were not aware of the deductible Farm Bureau took on their own to increase.
We worked this out.
I have been with this company since 1986 and all of my claims were handled promptly and fairly. The office staff makes me feel valued. I have a new agent, but so far I am pleased.
I have had to use them twice. The first time was a small kitchen fire. I was only expecting the kitchen top cabinet door repaired and the kitchen repainted. They went beyond what I was expecting and cleaned and painted my entire house because of smoke webs. They sent in cleaners to clean the furniture and all utensils, appliances and carpet. They also dry cleaned all my curtains. The second time was hail damage to the roof of my brand new house. The shingles were immediately replaced. They also painted and repaired a wall that got damaged from leakage.
I have been a faithful Farm Bureau member for over 14 years. I have only had two minor claims in all that time. This past spring, we had heavy snows followed by heavy winds - tornadoes touched ground less than 35 miles from me. I had wind damage to my garage top. The adjuster came out and said the roof was old, it didn't have a cap on it which allowed the wind to get under and rip it. In short, they denied my claim, and they have been super hard to catch up with since then. I made a counter offer that I'd pay for half the roof, and I still haven't heard from them. The counteroffer was made on June 8th, 2018, and it is now June 30th, 2018. They will not respond to my e-mails either. You can bet I will not purchase another policy from Farm Bureau. You think you have insurance coverage, and then when you need it, you don't have a dime's worth of coverage.
I like Farm Bureau Insurance Company, we have used it and it has paid well. I chose this policy because it was a good value and a trusted company. Mom and dad had it so I got some for myself as well. We have been pleased with this company. However, if you do not live in a home they will not pay. This is not something you think would happen after paying them for so long. Please pay whether you are there living it all the time, we do pay our premiums. But other than that, Farm Bureau has been there when we needed it most. TRH insurance was very helpful when my mother was hurt and died because of it and had to be on a respirator for several days before she died.
Only have them a short time, but they seem ok. Haven't has a problem... so no claims filed and hope to never have to. Agent is educated in what we needed. Prices were competitive... options to pay, as well.
Great rates for the coverage amount that I need and great, clear, precise, accurate bill and customer service that makes you feel like part of the family.
Farm Bureau has good coverages and they have a best rating of A+ which is a top rated insurance company. It covers homes with wood stoves which is great. I just wish they have lower premiums carrying the same coverages, so that it does not cost me so much money. Since claim frequency is low, the premiums should be lower. Still, they have good customer service and quick claim service. They have the lowest price for home insurance in the area of my home, too.
My mother-in-law had a catastrophic malfunction with her washing machine on April 5 that has required her to move out of her home, because her home has become a construction site. My husband and I have been living with her as we are in the middle of building a new home and moving across country. She has been a Missouri Farm Bureau customer for 30+ years without submitting a single claim. We have been told by contractors that they will not replace the tile floor without adding cement board. MFB has told us they will not pay for the cement board because it would be an upgrade. When the floor was installed, cement board was not used in this process and now no contractor will touch the job without it and MFB won't help us locate a contractor to follow their guidelines.The kitchen is completely torn apart. MFB told us to eat out, then, after we turned in receipts, told us they would not pay for food in certain areas, at certain restaurants, and they don't pay for taxes. There is ONE restaurant in the small town near the home. It is not Burger King. We were also told that they may not pay for our hotel, have offered us minimal assistance in locating a home in our rural area, and refused certain housing accommodations. By contrast, we had a house fire last year in Minneapolis and State Farm is our insurance. They helped us every step of the way and they did not try to Nickel and dime us. When I spoke with Mike ** at the MFB home office he explained this by telling me how small MFB was compared to a nationwide company.I have to say, my in-laws chose them because they were small and hoped for more personalized service. Once we get through this miserable experience, we will be changing companies. We will tell anyone who asks that we would never use Farm Bureau and cannot in good conscience recommend it to anyone. By the way, the coverage for the house, over $450,000!!! Why this company doesn't allow their clients to remain whole through a crisis is beyond our imagining. Overall it has been an incredibly frustrating experience and it isn't anywhere near over.
In March of 2016, Direct line winds took the center of my flat roof off, it rained for the next 90 days causing my home to flood every single day. Everything I owned was soaked, dropped ceiling tiles soaked fell sending debris and belongings flying everywhere. April, a FB adjuster came out and spent 45 minutes on the roof and walking thru my home, then May 2016, I received his first estimate, WOW what a shock, his estimate including my $9,815.00 deductible came to 32,000 dollars, he left off 2 bedrooms, kitchen and a hallway. I complained of the facts and after awhile now June of 2016, I received his 2nd estimate, upped to 40,000 dollars, still left off the same 2 bedrooms, kitchen and hallway. He told me that 40,000 dollars was a lot of money for a 1200 square foot home. "Zack," I said, "I'm sure it is, but, I don't happen to have a 1200 square foot home, I have 3370 square feet." The roofer and my adjuster got together, as he only had 10k in for the roof, the roofer gave him an invoice for 22,200 and agreed to do all the other repairs inside my home for the 6k on insurance estimate. WOW again! 3 Contractor's bids for $229K to $249K to make all the repairs, meanwhile, I am living in tubs, the brand new roof leaked and FB's adjuster refused to acknowledge the scope of damage and the quality of materials, my policy, replacement cost. I wrote the VP in Waco a letter, the same day I received the 4th estimate, (the roofer brought me the 3rd), I sent all 4 to him along with my letter letting him know of the wide difference of damage, his adjuster's unwillingness to change his estimate and if this young man had done other folks like he had done me, then shame on them - adding this undue burden on top of living in total chaos for now going on 1 year, where was the good faith and willingness to make me whole again. According to the VP it was not usual to change adjusters but they did not like hearing some of the reality of what was in my letter but they would assign a more qualified and experienced adjuster, he would be in touch. Oh he was, Guy made several trips to my house, he wanted to go over the estimate that was at 65k now. Trouble with the estimate, my 47 linear feet of kitchen cabinets only showed 12 and they were in the dining room, hall was included in the sitting room and still 2 bedrooms were missing along with my 5 inch stained baseboards, crown moldings and boxed beams, no ceiling tiles or insulation or paint for walls...hmmm.I had given up trying to sort out my house line by line on this unreadable estimate. He never had the dimensions of a single room right. From looking at it, it wasn't my house they were estimating and combining rooms didn't help either. With the help of a friend we measured and drew a diagram, which I sent to the new adjuster. He NEVER made one change on the estimate, he would go back to his office and after couple of weeks call and come out again, replaced one bathroom, 6100, both bathrooms total 11,000. Here's the paid invoice, he left, still no change. 110 days before my time limit he came, sat down, "I've good news and bad news, we no longer want to go by the line items (they ruled everything). They are just too much, we want to negotiate." WOW. Well, I'm not in a negotiating mood, I want to be made whole, just like I was prior to the damage. Guess we will have to go to court. He went back to his office going to see what could be done. A month passes, well we know where that's going, March case closed... So I sent a Demand for Settlement, damages 20% beyond insurance limit qualifies it, 4 weeks before his manager, Daniel invokes Appraisal, okay, I send him my adjuster's info, nothing, more nothing, I send email, haven't heard anything, him: he'll be in touch. Day before deadline I have to file a lawsuit, 2 weeks later I hear from his adjuster, he will be out next week, WOW you should see his estimate, up 20K but still 120K apart. He didn't try to replace my damages with like products, Travertine countertops, nope, he said Formica. Don't know how he expects to pull cultured marble out of a bathroom and put it back, but I guess you can do anything on paper! FB has been the worst experience ever. I wouldn't do business with them if they were the only game in town. They have not tried to make a decent estimate to repair my home. I paid them for 10 yrs. They have breached their duty and contract, adding unreasonable burden and expense. Their Appraisal adjuster's note sent with his estimate...ready to go to the umpire? Go figure, and he named the umpire! So we shall see, I have a lawsuit and all of this should have been taken care of within a timely manner, hmmm.I only hope that they each and every one have something as devastating happen to them and walk in my footsteps for as long as they make me walk in theirs. Good faith, timely manner, they need to learn the definition. The public needs to know how these companies behave and cheat you. What a fraud the Tx Insurance Commission is, like the State Bar or Banking Commission. If you have a valid complaint of illegal performance from an entity, they write them a letter asking the culprit to make nice, waste your time another 30 to 45 days and send you a letter stating, There's nothing they can do, we ask them to make nice and they said no. False sense of security, so buyer beware, stand up for yourself, pray for honest help and not get raked over the coals in the meanwhile. Sad this country's sunk so low. How do people sleep at night or look themselves in the mirror, I don't know.This is common practice I have found, Harvey swept thru and endless counties of people, thousands of people, 30 cents on the dollar, what can you do with that? Can't rebuild, struggle to pay the bills that keep coming, add expense to play the insurance companies game, add more to go to court, pay a lawyer and hope he's worth the money. Good luck with other companies but I say stay away from Farm Bureau, they don't care about anything but your money!My reason for this review is to disclose Farm Bureau's full intent is to not fully pay their claims, to not communicate and drag out your claim, limiting your options; to sue if need be is over, they are experienced and count on your honesty, ignorance or goodwill, and know you are living in chaos while struggling to repair or rebuild without them dealing in a fair and prompt manner, deliberately letting weeks go by without contacting or following thru, making you the bad guy if you do. I would rate them a tip of a star if I could, they don't deserve a whole star.
My father-in-law has been paying Farm Bureau for over 20 years. I personally have never owned a home before. I've always rented. I was unaware of association dues that has to be paid. My mother-in-law was left with all his bills and she's disabled and cannot work. So I helped her with all her bills that I can. We fell on hard times and was running over a month late on our mortgage payment they were the bank called us they told her that we had to pay our association dues. I told them "I thought that was included with our payment." He said "everything is except that." Unfortunately we were too late when I contacted them. They said as of 12:01 last night it was 9 a.m. in the morning they cancelled our insurance and when I asked them to reinstate it they said they had to send a insurance adjuster out to our house we've never made a claim before. They said because our house is 20 years old they will not redo our insurance. I hope this never happens to anybody else. I just want to warn everybody please do not use this company anymore because they are not there to help you. You have been warned. I don't know if this is legal or not but if anybody reading this please let me know.
BEWARE! KYFB has small print that you NEED to read. If you have a major or total loss you're screwed. They'll only pay you your total insurance IF you rebuild on the same spot!! If you do not and build somewhere else they'll only pay you the depreciation value of your old house. THEY decide the value. Even if you rebuild on the same spot they only give you the depreciation value until AFTER you rebuild!! Doesn't matter how much you're insured for or how much you pay per year. You only get so much of your personal property money upfront. Once you turn in receipts for EVERY little item that you've repurchased they'll give you a little more. Be sure you repurchase the same items at the same price you gave for it ten years ago. It ALL has to add up the same and be the same or you won't get the insurance that you've been paying for. DO NOT USE FARM BUREAU. They're a rip off!!
I haven't really had an experience other than purchasing the policy. It is the same company who I have my auto insurance with and I have a great relationship with the agent and they provide me with a competitive cost.
We have been with Farm Bureau since we bought our home in 2014. We didn't filed a claim until this year when a pipe burst under our home and caused water damage to the subflooring causing a huge weak spot on our floor in the kitchen. The linoleum flooring is the only thing keeping people from falling through. We filed a claim, we were low balled and sent a check for less than half of what it would cost to repair. We filed a supplemental claim and was told we would not be charged an additional deductible since it was a supplemental claim attached to the initial claim. That was a lie. They charged us $1000 both times and deducted "depreciation" costs both times as well. The supplemental check was barely over $200. Icing on the cake the agent (Tucker) who was suppose to give his estimate, still has not sent it to us so we can send it with the check to our mortgage company to be signed and here we are 2 months later with a hole in the floor and a worthless check because a lazy agent is never able to be reached, never returns calls, allegedly is never in his office and has yet to do his actual job so we can fix our floor before one of us or or 6 kids falls through and gets hurt. I would not recommend this company or that agent to anyone. We will be switching to a more capable company with agents who have better work ethics. I would not even give this company a 1 star but I had to rate in order to submit.
We gave combined Farm Bureau Homeowners insurance with car insurance to get the best price. We shopped around before choosing Farm Bureau but with their competing pricing and friend recommendations, we chose them. We also liked having a personal agent that we met in person and can call and/or email anytime we need!
We have been with Farm Bureau since we moved to this area 17 years ago. We had dogs when we moved in and still have dogs to this day (we are surrounded by woods, no nearby neighbors). We never had any issues with the dogs and we never filed a claim with Farm Bureau for any reason. In 2011 the area was hit by some tornadoes but we were not affected. Farm Bureau sent someone out to check our property and take pictures anyway. We never heard anymore at that time.Recently, they sent someone out again to check the property and take pictures but there were no storms preceding this visit. Following the picture taking, they sent us a list with repairs which we had completed to the tune of over $400.00. I am not saying the repairs did not need to be done but I would have preferred to have them done at a time when I would have more money available. I called and told them the repairs were completed and they supposedly stopped by to check but I did not see them. I then received a letter stating they wanted me to call them about the dogs.I called and assured them the dogs have never been an issue, they are fenced in the yard and I do not have any of the types of dogs that insurance companies do not want such as German Shepherds, Rottweilers, Pit Bulls, etc. I thought everything was okay at that point and then I received a letter in the mail letting me know my insurance was cancelled. There was no explanation given in the letter. My husband and I went to the Farm Bureau office and asked what was wrong and we were told it was the dogs. I informed them we had dogs since we moved in so what had changed? They were there in 2011 taking pictures and nothing was ever mentioned at that time about the dogs and there were no problems. Again, I asked "what has changed"? I did not get an answer.I found them to be very cold and secretive. I asked why they gave me a list of repairs to do if they already knew I was to be cancelled and again there was no reply. I gave 3 stars for the coverage because I liked the coverage I had written down on paper, however, I am grateful that I never had a reason to file a claim because I can see now that I would have had an uphill battle on my hands if I did.
I didn’t think a company could disappoint me more than Comcast. I should have looked up reviews for Farm Bureau before purchasing my home, car and life insurance policies with them. They denied my roof claim two years ago. I had to come up with $10,000 to fix the roof and damage inside. I guess “it wasn’t storm damage” so it wasn’t covered. Today, I was informed that my basement flooding wasn’t covered. If a pipe burst and flooded it though, it would be. Favorite quote of the day (it’s early, there’s time for more) “ Your policy literally covers everything but the exclusions.”
I was a member of Farm Bureau for over 30 years. Moved to the woods and had 3 claims in 3 years, when it came time to renew my policy they kicked me to the curb. 2 of the claims were small ones and should never have been filed but the agent told me to file them. One was my freezer went out and I lost everything, the other one I can't remember. The last one was a biggie due to a ice storm we had. But how can you take a client that has been with you for over 30 years and kick them to the curb, as far as I can remember these were the only claims I had on my home.Because of this I had to go to high risk insurance thru my Mortgage Company for about a year before I could get someone else to take me as a client. I have been so so upset about this ever since this has happened. You pay and pay for the insurance but when it comes time to use it they don't want you to. This is for the Farm Bureau Insurance Company in TN.
In September of 2013, 3 thugs broke into my apartment at 7: am while I was sleeping. They came in through my patio door. Fortunately a neighbor saw them and called 911. Before police arrived and I woke up, they had already carried out several items into the apartment behind me. I woke up as police chased them out my door and then around the neighborhood. It was a very traumatic experience. Not only for me but for my Himalayan cat who spent many days at the vet's office having glass removed from his fur and his body.Most of my items were recovered, although not in the condition they left in. My 50 inch tv was damaged, my computer had to be taken to be repaired, my iPhone was completely trashed. When asked for a list of items by the police officers, I told them off the top of my head what looked to be missing. I didn't realize the iPad and digital camera were gone until three weeks later. When I mentioned it to someone they said I could turn it in on my renter's insurance. Up until this point I wasn't really worried about the material items. I was too worried about my cat, the astronomical vet bills and emotional trauma of waking up to two strange men running out of my living room with cops behind them with guns drawn! (The other thug was their lookout, he stayed outside.) The cops also had no idea if I was part of the thieving thugs, although I was standing there in underwear, and ordered me to hit the floor. When five or six cops are pointing guns at you telling you to do something, you do it and ask questions later. So I did, right into a pile of busted glass. At this point, three weeks later, I called the agent and explained it all to her. Her response was, "Oh, that's too bad. You should have called immediately. It's too late to file a claim now. Hope your kitty is ok." Their renter's insurance is just useless if you have to file a claim "immediately". What is immediately? The next hour, day, week? I paid on it for years and when I needed it, NOPE! I was satisfied with the auto insurance, but based on this experience, I would never suggest this company to anyone. At least not to anyone I liked very much.
My house caught fire this past January... on my son's birthday. It was an electrical fire that did a little over $50,000 in damage. My agent was amazing. He brought a birthday cake & gift cards for my son from their local office to the hotel they'd put us up in. The adjuster was quick & very efficient at getting the approvals needed as well as sending out the checks to cover the costs. He advised me regarding good companies to go with for the repair work. It was just unfortunate for us that it happened in winter & the contractors couldn't get to work until the weather warmed up & the snows stopped. So we were living in a hotel room for about 5 months. But I think my insurance company did an above average job of handling our claim. The only complaint I have is that my premium went up outrageously as a result. My deductible is now outrageously high as well & I'm having great difficulty affording the premiums, but due to the fire, I can't find anyone else to insure me.
I have such a wonderful group people that work at my Farm Bureau office. They have always been helpful when I go to the office. They are able to give me the information that I need.
You all beware if you're thinking of insuring with Texas Farm Bureau. Think twice, do your homework unlike what I did. I have numerous homes that I normally insure through AAA or State Farm. A friend of the family went to work for Texas Farm Bureau and wanted to sell me homeowners insurance. He was an extremely nice person and worked extremely hard coming back multiple times trying to get close to what AAA was offering he came in and got within about $300 of AAA and advised it was Texas Bureau best policy and covered from the roof to the floor as good as AAA if not better. I signed up as a member and wrote him a check for the policy in June. My son advised me that a family of possums had moved into the attic and it done unbelievable amounts of damage. I contacted Texas Farm Bureau and the lady that answered the phone was extremely nice she kind of laughed and said she'd only heard of two and the other one was her house. She said they thought they only had one possum but it turned out to be a family of 5. She advised that she would write the claim and there would be coverage. After numerous phone calls I was contacted by Peyton ** who advised there would be no coverage because my policy is a stated policy. I advised him I did not know what a stated policy was and he said the policy has to say exactly what it covers and possums are not in the policy. I told him that I was told that the policy was better if not equal to AAA. He advised that all of Texas Farm Bureau's policies are stated policies. I advised him that AAA and State Farm would cover it I read him a section that State Farm's gives examples and covers bear damage and they used raccoons as an example. He advised that I should have went with one of those companies I ask for a supervisor and he advised I would have to call the 800 number. I got a hold of a gentleman by the name of Jim **, he said he would look into it. I have left probably 20 messages and I've only gotten two responses back. I told him that when I bought the policy I was advised that it was as good if not better than AAA and he said that they would have to call the old sales rep that was no longer with the company. After numerous phone calls Peyton ** finally called back to interview me to get my recorded statement he said that they were trying to get ahold of the old agent which I have already given them his phone number and I reconfirm the number for them to contact him. They wanted to see if he stated that the policy was as good as AAA's. It is now been almost 3 months none of the damage has been repaired. We now have water damage because they damage the roof and it appears that they really don't care at one point I made contact with a subject by the name of Jim ** who was extremely rude and unprofessional if I were you I would seriously review your policy and think twice about buying through Texas Farm Bureau. I was able to contact the original sales rep and he advised he did not even know what a stated policy was he said he felt that situation definitely would be covered I've yet to hear from Texas Farm Bureau and I would suggest you read your policy and do your homework. I am not the type of person to post stuff like this but I feel it is important that everyone know what they're buying in Texas Farm bureau's policies. I leave it open for them to deny claims.
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