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Farm Bureau Auto Insurance Online Reviews

Company Name: Farm Bureau
Year Founded: 1939
Phone: (800) 247-4170
Overall average rating of 2.5 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 24 %
My family has always used Farm Bureau. They are locally available and we can also bundle them. While they do a good job, your rates go up for minor fender benders. And although Farm Bureau gives a discount for safe driving, 1 minor fender bender and you are not eligible for the discount for another 3-5 years. That is ridiculous. Also, I wish that you could pay through a complete year with Farm Bureau. I would like to pay in January not December. Also, they could be cheaper.
My wife bought water contaminated fuel from a convenience store in Needville, TX. Took the truck to the Dodge dealer in Rosenberg, TX. The service manager told me that this was a common occurrence and my comprehensive insurance would pay for the repairs. I contacted my agent and an adjuster was promptly dispatched to the dealer. The service manager was very thorough explaining what had happened and giving his professional expertise on the subject and a list of parts and labor of what it would cost. The adjuster refused his estimate and told him that all injectors should not be replaced, only the cylinders that were misfiring. The service manager explained again that anything short of what He recommended would be a patch job. The adjuster then stated He could not honor the claim because the water separator failed to function properly. Again the service manager explained that the water separator was only intended to separate condensation not a blast of water. Then the adjuster said He could not honor the claim because the fuel sample taken from the fuel tank was not pulled properly and was not placed in a sterile and proper container. Long and short of this. If you have Farm Bureau Insurance you STILL NEED INSURANCE!!!
I have Farm Bureau insurance and I have my homeowners insurance with them also. My agent is so good to me and is really awesome. He make sure I have the rates I can afford due to the health conditions of my husband and I. He has given me the best price ever. He always is very personable with me and just one of the best agents I could ever find. If I could afford it I would like to have lower deductibles.
My Toyota Corolla collided with a deer early November 2015. The Physical Damage Appraiser came to the decision that my car was totaled. The local agent in Greensboro is fantastic - patient, efficient, and very friendly/professional. However, once the claim was transferred from the local office to the Farm Bureau Collision Center, I soon realized the deer was the least of my problems. The personnel at the Collision Center assigned to my claim are completely incompetent. Correspondence is very limited. I was "left in the dark" regarding the status of the payout. It has been nearly 1 1/2 months without payment OR the power of attorney.I had to contact my local agent to see if he could obtain additional information with regard to the delay, because attempting to contact someone from the Collision Center is difficult, to say the least. I was given the following reason as to why the above process is taking so long: 'We just had a lot of deer collisions this month.' OMG! I am a high school teacher. Let's say a Senior student of mine needed high school transcripts sent out to the University of Georgia prior to application deadlines. I wonder what a parent would say to the following response, "I don't know if I can get all my grades into the Main Office on time, so your child may not make the deadline. I just have a lot of students in my class this year." I guarantee you I wouldn't have a job much longer.I love my local Farm Bureau agency in Greensboro - awesome staff! Sadly, when (or if) the above situation is resolved, I feel compelled to change insurance companies. Allstate premiums may be higher, but you know what they say - you get what you pay for. Honestly, I don't feel secure having GA Farm Bureau insurance. If it takes this long to settle a simple claim (hit a deer with NO bodily injury), I can only imagine how long it would take to resolve an incident that involved another car with bodily injury. 6 months? A year?
I drive a very old car almost 20 years old. If it was for the mandatory no fault, I wouldn't have insurance at all. Should I ever have an accident, Blue Book would pay next to nothing, so I'm pretty much giving KFB free money for nothing. Now with that being said, these sorry ** have the gall to raise my rates on my auto, raise the rates on my homeowners and I have never in the last 10 years ever filed one damned claim with these people. In addition to the increase and this sorry excuse 25 buck membership crap, which I have never used.... I can barely afford to drive, let alone stay at some overpriced motel with a KFB discount. Oh and let's not forget the 5 bucks monthly service charge.... I'm paying almost 70 bucks a month for a damned 20 year old car and it's making me mad as hell. If congress ever wanted to fix something, look into the insurance auto industry, biggest racket going in this country.
I was shocked to see Farm Bureau up near the top of a recommended insurance company list. What??? This company might have been great at one time, but certainly not in recent years. We had policies with them for many years but finally dropped them. The longer we were customers, the worse the customer service was and our premiums skyrocketed even without claims. Our last experience consisted with them not changing coverages on our oldest vehicle. We called, faxed, recalled, sent verifications. Still we continued to be billed at the higher coverage and rate. We finally fired them and sought coverage with a better company. Then they even had the gall to sic a collection agency on us for the small portion of our premium that we didn't pay because they never corrected the balance as promised. Talk about adding insult to injury. Now mind you, we are good consumers and have NEVER had a collection agency come after us. The collection agency agreed with us after they received details and immediately dropped the claim. Thanks, Farm Bureau, and Goodbye!! Other insured people beware! This is not a company to deal with! Thank goodness we never needed to file auto claims. This is a company not to be trusted again, ever.
They are always available to talk to whenever I need assistance with anything and are very friendly. They will come and look at anything if there is an issue. They are very fast with their response to any problems or questions I may have.
Our home received hail damage almost a year ago and our adjuster will not do anything about our siding. Our neighbor who is not more than 30 feet away (with identical siding, mind you) got their house re-sided. All our neighbors are now re-sided or in the process. Our adjuster, Rich, said we have "neighboritis." He refused to meet the contractor at our home. He just wants a bid sent to his office where he hides. We have him on camera entering the office and having his help tell us he is out of the office and has been gone most of the afternoon. We have been with them for 21 years and were never late. Let the agent talk us into using him for all of insurance needs except for life and health. They are liars, scammers and cheats. Do not let a Farm Bureau crook tell you otherwise. We have now hired outside help and it sounds promising that this Rich, or I call him little ** the adjuster, will be paying for the hail damage and then some from his own pocket. Do not for any reason use Farm Bureau. They are a scam. I am putting a 4'x8' sign complete with Farm Bureau logo in my front yard. I want everyone to know how awful a company they are.
Always there to help when we need them. Fast, courteous service. Great rates and don't seem to up their rates when you have a claim. We would highly recommend them for all your needs from home, business and health insurance.
I had the misfortune of allowing my escrow company chose our insurance company and they chose Farm Bureau for our homeowner's policy. We have only TWO calls in to them in the past year and each time, it was a dire situation with water: first time, well pump; second time - water leaking from a pipe in the wall. BOTH instances left us without any water while waiting for a response and BOTH times we are forced to rely on our own resources to find a repair person. That means that the insurance company will NOT honor the claim: regardless if they have not responded to our emergencies; regardless of the fact that we are living without water for our home while we get idiotic "canned" responses from phone operators telling us that they are getting "someone" to contact us. NO ONE CALLS! The first instance, someone showed up at our house THREE DAYS LATER and today, all they keep telling us is that everyone is out of the office because it is Saturday and we can't even expect any conversation (let alone repair!) until Monday...once again THREE DAYS without water. I am going to our escrow company first thing Monday morning and getting rid of these WORTHLESS people who take our premiums but do not make any effort to serve the client.
The customer service at Farm Bureau Auto Insurance is wonderful. Anytime I have had questions, they have the answers. The coverage is great and the premiums are a lot less than any other insurance company quoted us.
I recently acquired insurance with Farm Bureau in East Palatka, Florida 32177 and after being told I had to join a club for $55.00. I then paid $172.00 the same day to insure myself with bottom of the barrel coverage and my son with the same. At the end of the month instead of the $172.00 payment I was told it would be? I get a bill for $344.00??? Unacceptable...
They offer good coverage at a fair price. The company is easy to do business with. They have local offices with reasonable office hours. Payment options are available in a number of installments and payment methods. They have more than one person in the office to help and answer questions.
I am happy with my auto insurance and have not had any issues. I also have Life Insurance through Farm Bureau and it is very affordable. I like that I have a local agent to work with.
Since I was out of state I called in and ask if in case of flood is my car protected with my policy? They said "no", I said "thanks glad to know". After 2 years I found out my question was treated as claim. Beware do not give your information to their agent or might as well don't use this insurance company at all. At the moment I am having a hard time finding for a better rate even though I do not have any ticket or any legit auto claim filed.
Anyone ever have any trouble with Farm Bureau not presenting check for electronic debit? This happened to me in April and again in November. Both times next month's bill said "insufficient funds," but the funds were more than sufficient and both times the bank told me the checks were not presented for payment. And both times I was told that someone had just entered it into the computer wrong. Further, since the problem in April, I have been having them read both the bank routing number and the account number back to me. When it happened the second time and the lady told me that they had entered it into the computer wrong, I pointed out I had the numbers read back to me and they were correct. I then asked if they re-entered them into the computer for some reason and was met with 30 seconds of silence.Also, any time I made a payment by phone on its due date or a day or two later, they always sent out a notice of non-payment. I got no such notices when both checks supposedly bounced. So what are they up to? I don't know, but I suspect that had there been a claim filed during the month of the insufficient fund check, they would have used that as excuse to deny the claim. Fortunately, I didn't have to test that and find out the hard way.
I changed insurance 2 months ago and had full coverage. I had an accident and now they say I only have liability and refuse to pay for the repair. This has to be illegal what they are doing. How can they get away with this??? A day after the accident I got a letter saying there was a policy change and to contact my agent. DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY, THEY WILL NOT PAY FOR YOUR CAR!!!
This company gets you by good rates and then if ANYTHING goes wrong, you'll regret ever going with them. It starts with their agents who are paid to sit behind a desk and sign people up - not to be personable or helpful. I submitted a small claim for a cell phone and was denied after about 2 weeks of waiting. I called inquiring about the claim after about a week and was told I was 'angry' towards them. I asked to switch agents and they refused. I called corporate and they told me they had the power to switch agents... Beware of Michael ** and his boss.
I have been a Farm Bureau customer for 10 years with no problems until April 2012. In the early morning hours while I was at work, I received a phone call that my house was on fire. When I arrived at my house, the fire department had already stopped working and my house was totally gone. I reported the loss to my local Farm Bureau office later that day. The next day, I had to meet with a Farm Bureau rep from the regional office. She was polite but not really nice. I had to do paperwork and she gave me inventory sheets, in which she told me I had 30 days to write down everything in my house, where I bought it, how much it cost, when I bought it and how much it cost to replace. After I turned that in, Farm Bureau made me do a 5-hour long under oath with their attorney, a deposition in which he drilled me like I was on trial for murder. Farm Bureau has sent me numerous papers to sign and send back since then. It is now Sept. 26, 2012 and Farm Bureau still has not settled my claim. I am a single mother with 2 small children. My insurance is taken directly out of my account so it is never late and I have never had a claim on my house. I think this type of treatment to people who are trying to work and make a good life for their families should be against the law. Farm Bureau should not be able to just hold your life in their hands and play with it. When you have a total fire loss, your local office no longer has any control and doesn't get told what is going on. In my case, I didn't get told anything either and they will not return any calls. Beware of Farm Bureau, they will be really nice when they are taking your money but when something bad happens, they will treat you like dirt and leave you homeless.
Well to start this off, switched to Farm Bureau in 2015. Purchased a 2015 Camry in July, 2015. Had a 1998 Jeep grand on the policy with just liability. Was happy about the rates I was being charged on the 2015 for full coverage. On my driving record, there are no tickets or claims. Paid policy off for the 6-month period. So around February moved to Dandridge, TN which is in Jefferson county, was sent a letter from the Corporate office that my rates would increase some. Reason was drivers in this county have a high claim rate, I thought this was kind of lame. For this reason when I called the corporate office and given that I had a safe, clean, and clear driving record. The increase was a few dollars and ok with that. I added a listed driver on my policy at the same time and asked a question if I would be charged for them being listed. Answer is "no". Well the driver has their own insurance policy with another company. Driver lives in the home. Anyway I purchased a 2012 VW Jetta added it to policy and listed with full coverage. Policy went off significantly. The 2015 increased as well and did not drop any at all. At the time I called corporate and asked why my 2015 Camry did not drop, their answer was "driver ratio". Remember I asked about adding a listed driver earlier before purchase. So at the time, I was talking to an underwriter who lied to me at the time the he was an underwriter and did not tell me the truth about being charged for the listed driver, then transferred me back to my agent I purchased the policy from. Then he gets involved and could not get a true answer except "they use this model and they charge everyone different and use a credit scoring system". I said "Hold on. I have a clean driving history, no tickets, and credit report is very clean. So no reason for me to be paying such higher rates and giving me all these excuses." At the end, all he could figure is that I was charged for a listed driver. So in truth, I was charged for adding a listed driver. That was not fair and they lied about this. I do not think you should be charged for everyone else's bad driving habits. These insurance companies need to be regulated better on customer service and true information. Customers should be able to see total breakdown of what they pay for. GREED!!
Farm Bureau Auto Insurance has pricey premiums but provide good customer service in a timely manner. I filed a claim after a car accident that was not my fault. Reimbursed me for the value of my car.
Their homeowner's insurance premiums are hard to beat. I just recently changed agents and they combined my auto and homeowners insurance and I received a significant discount which was a nice surprise. Car insurance in the state of Michigan is totally outrageous.
Made a phone call to report a claim, and was contacted sometime after that to settle. I get prompt and courteous service. I was only expecting the auto repair but received more compensation for broken glasses, rental car, time involved, etc.
My wife and daughter were on the interstate and were witness to a single car incident that nearly involved them in a very serious crash. A driver driving recklessly at high speeds in wet conditions spun her vehicle crossing a few feet in front of them from the right lane to the grass covered median and on 40 yards crossing two lanes of oncoming traffic to the far shoulder. Fortunately, my family was not involved in any impact & it appeared that the reckless driver avoided impact with any other vehicles. Not knowing if the driver involved was injured, my wife called 911 to report the incident in case she needed medical attention. The highway patrol contacted my wife & collected our daughter's recollection of the event, contact & insurance information. He also told her that the driver following my family gave the same account of the incident & reported the other driver as reckless. He told her she would be on the report as "a non impact vehicle" & told her how to obtain a copy of the report. He ended the call by saying that she would not be hearing from him again & she has not. My daughter has attempted to obtain a copy of the incident report but it was not yet available. However, my wife received a letter from ** Claims Rep for Tennessee Farmers Mutual Insurance Co of 4450-A N Highland Ave Jackson, TN 38305 stating "investigation of the above accident indicates that you are legally responsible for the resulting damages." The letter further states that "TN Farmer's Mutual Insurance Co has paid the above amount, which includes our insured's deductible." The heading of the letter states "Amount Due: Pending". I find it interesting that neither my wife nor daughter have received a citation resulting from the incident that they witnessed, yet Farm Bureau has found my wife guilty of "causing the resulting damages" (which have yet to be determined) and my wife was not even driving at the time the incident occurred. In closing, I would like to say that it is a sad state of affairs that if you take the time to call 911 for the welfare of someone who is driving aggressively & recklessly & consequently loses control of their car, you could receive a threatening letter from Farm Bureau Insurance.
I have had this insurance company for over a year. I have had one claim that they covered for me when a deer ran into our car. Claim was paid as expected, no problems. This happened when my wife was on her way to work early one morning. Insurance company rented a vehicle for us while repairs were made.
Our insurance premium was due on 9/25/2014. I paid our membership dues on 10/8/2014, but was not allowed to pay insurance premium. I was told that our insurance had been cancelled due to nonpayment. In the past if we were late, we received a letter stating when payment must be received (which is within 30 days). I was told it is 15 days if it is at renewal time. REALLY?!! We have been with this company for 14 years. We had 2 claims in the course of 14 years!!!! Both claims (after deductible) together may be $1800. Now while in the middle of a refinance, we no longer have coverage!! I feel Chris ** does not have a dedicated bone in his body!! 18 days and he cancels our coverage. Wow! Now no one wants to cover our home or premiums are so high we cannot afford it. Why do we pay insurance if we can't file if something happens????? Farm Bureau is not a dedicated or fair company!!!!! If the terms about late payments were different, why were we not properly notified?
An individual claimed he saw our car hit a parked car in a restaurant parking lot and told the driver of the parked vehicle, his opinion, after following her to another store parking lot, where he entered the same store as my wife and belligerently began yelling at her. When it was all said and done there was absolutely NO damage to our bumper cover or fender in the area the man claimed to have witnessed. After we heard the accuser's account it became apparent he was not even at a vantage point to see any contact between the vehicles. Even so Farm Bureau charged the repair of the other vehicle to our account and promised it would not change our policy at all. Later they cancelled our account on its renewal date but did show the claim as a not-at-fault as promised, and now refuse to correct the false/misleading information.We had been with them for 19 years and didn't expect this kind of treatment but were sufficiently angered by the event to decide to look for other options for insurance. We soon found that Farm Bureau had several item on their files stating claims that were written in such a way so they appeared to be our fault when they were not. This made it almost impossible to find insurance with another company. So far they have falsely written claims when we're already the victim of others' act so that we are now the victim of Farm Bureau. There is no moral, ethical, or just reason for them to refuse to correct the file since we are not continuing to do business with them. They are like a bully or the deranged and angry member of a divorce who damages or takes property without justification only to spite the other partner. If they would amend the file as "No fault" on the claims in question, we could easily purchase insurance and they would lose nothing as a result. Let us get away from you Arkansas Farm Bureau!!! You don't have to choke us to death. Insurance companies look at shared records to underwrite a policy and Arkansas Farm Bureau is listing our account in such a manner that other companies won't write us. If they would list everything properly we would be fine. Consider your life with no car. How do you take your kids to school and pick them up when you live 1.8 miles from the school, the bus refuses to pickup within 2 miles of the school? How do you get to and from work with no legal car to drive when you live 19 miles from your work? I can't understand it and won't accept it. I have been told that I have no recourse because "You can't fight a corporation" but if you are determined and have faith you can move mountains: This mountain is coming to Mohammed!
Farm Bureau is an amazing insurance company - anytime I ever needed them they were right there for me and help me with all of the paper work to ensure no issues would arrive to delay response time. They have monthly incentives such as paying on time percentage lower monthly bills and a payment is missed, they simply just give you a friendly reminder whether it be by phone or mail. The office personal is always friendly and ready to greet you by name and with a smile.
I have been a member of Farm Bureau for many years and have always been please with how they have taken care of all my issues. I have had them for both my home and car insurance. I went with another company on my home and was very dissatisfied and went back. When I filed a claim, contact was made immediately. Agents were also courteous and answered all questions. The only thing I was unhappy about was when they took away some coverage on roofs of my homeowner’s warranty and if you want it you have to pay extra. But other than that I have been very pleased.
Benjamin from the Farm Bureau Insurance in Columbia South Carolina is awesome. First off, farm bureau saved me 1200 dollars a year compared to what I was paying with Nationwide. Benjamin was very helpful with getting me my auto and renter's insurance. He also got me quotes and spoke with me about the different types of life insurance. He was very helpful and knowledgeable. I would recommend anyone to use them for any insurance needs they may have. They offer top notch service.
After having our Home Insurance cancelled by State Farm (because we filed a claim for hail damage), our State Farm agent recommended her good friend, Ms **, from Farm Bureau Insurance. We met with this person, told her our tale of woe and anger at State Farm (22 years of being a customer, then receiving a form letter notifying us that we were booted). Ms. ** commiserated with us, took down the vital facts and our history with State Farm, had us fill out the necessary paperwork, and accepted our check for the first year's insurance. After about three weeks, we received five letters (all duplicating each other) informing us that Farm Bureau had cancelled our insurance! They said that the reason was that we had had two claims submitted to State Farm, information that we had clearly outlined to Ms. ** at the time of our meeting with her. Farm Bureau gave us 30 days to find someone else. When I contacted the FB agent after numerous attempts, we talked. She said that she was being pressured by FB to have us drop our old car insurer, and to take up a policy with Farm Bureau, at about 125% increase in cost. I said, "Are you saying that Farm Bureau is holding our home insurance agreement hostage? That they would only consider revoking the cancellation if we purchased at least one car policy?" She said yes, but she would get back to me regarding details. You can guess the rest. She didn't get back. I called every other day to determine what was going on. She always complained that she was too busy. Finally, she stopped answering my calls altogether. This behavior on the part of the agent and Farm Bureau was unprofessional and unconscionable. Home Insurance Companies are fast approaching the integrity levels associated with lawyers and used-car salesman.
After twelve years, coverage on house, health, car, and life, and never missing a payment I was told I will be dropped because I have had two accidents on the car insurance. My agent was told by the underwriter he had to drop me, and could not convince him to keep me. The agent said he doesn't recognize his own company anymore. I guess I don't either.
I have been with Farm Bureau for all my driving life, 29 years. My daughter had some issues paying and they cancelled her insurance. I offered to pay it and put her on my account to guarantee a consistent monthly payment. I asked what it would cost. They informed me I would have to pay about $400 to make it current then a surcharge of an additional $50 for six months. Apparently this is a penalty. I asked if they could waive this since I have been with them for so long and they wouldn't. I checked with another insurance company that day and ended up getting better insurance and saved over $3000 a year!!! I cancelled right away, still took over a month to get my refunded money back, but worth it.Then I found out, most insurance companies are publicly traded companies, which mean they care more for profits for their shareholders than helping you. I switched to a private company, saved tons of money, and they have been the best to work with so far! Take my advice. Don't go with Farm Bureau, or find something better if you currently have them. You WILL save tons of money and less headaches.
If I could give a negative rating I would. My wife was rear ended 12/1/2017 by a Farm Bureau customer. The accident pushed our car in to a bigger truck which then totaled the front end of my vehicle. Long story short my car was totaled. I lost my shirt on the transaction. Darin ** (agent) wouldn’t consider the the brand new tires, updated electronic system etc. Needless to say it took a considerable amount of money to get the same quality vehicle. The communication with the agent has been one sided totally. All done by me. The only time he would call is when I was considering settling.My wife and the passenger in the car had to go to the chiropractor for most of 4 months. They wouldn't cover the passenger's medical bills until she was done. Leaving her to cover them until settled. We had to claim on our insurance and have them go after the fees from Farm Bureau. Without a call, we received a very low offer for compensation with the wrong claim number on it and a different one on the passenger offer. I have now spent 5 months trying to get this solved. There should be compensation for the efforts on our part!! This company is terrible with communication. I’m seriously considering legal action if we don’t get a respectable offer in the next 5 days. THIS ACCIDENT WAS TOTALLY THEIR CLIENT'S FAULT. WHY ARE WE BEING TREATED THIS WAY.
Messed up my policy from start to finish. Right now I don't even have a clue what is going on with my policy!!! Because I can never get a call back or speak to whom I am suppose to, because he is never there or is too busy. Lol. Really!!! Too busy to deal with or help or talk to your client that is paying you. The client you told not to worry about anything, you will fix everything. But then you avoid!!! Please. I can't even go into detail about all the mistakes and problems. Because that would take me all day. To sum it up. What went right??? Would be easier, NOTHING!!! Then you cannot get anyone on the phone to discuss anything!!! To change or fix anything!!! The worst company, the worst Customer service, the worst everything!!! Do not ever use this company, Ever!!! They are a joke!!! You will be paying for insurance you don't even know if you have, and for things you are not supposed to be!!! On top of it all!!! AGAIN WARNING!!! DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!!
l was with Farm Bureau for years, but have change my auto last year as they went up so much. When I ask why, my agent literally told me I was now 65 and they went up. I have not filed a claim but now I am being penalized because I am a senior. Is that discrimination? I went with another agency. Now for 2015 the home insurance went up from $643 to $873 - a 35.7% hike. Plus the $40.00 membership fee. I think they have gotten away from caring about the fair treatment of their customers and use our money for the lobbyist. Playing politics is costly, it just a shame whoever is making the decision can fall back on the excuse of cost of claims, playing and paying out our money on politics. Just do research and see who the greatest contributors are ( Lobbying $91,181,552 Campaign Finance $20,654.251.
I am happy with my insurance. I think it is a decent price and is good. Although some of the other insurance we have through them has not been the greatest, they have came through when it had to do with our vehicles.
Our house is insured with Farm Bureau of Michigan. Last December, we had three strong wind storms. I lost some shingles from my roof. I filed a claim. It took 3 months for an adjuster to come to my home and inspect the damage. When he did, he said the damage was normal wear and tear due to the age of the roof. The roof is 19 years old, so even though I was not happy, I accepted this. Then, I received a call from my agent, Tony **, telling me that since our roof is in such bad shape, we must replace it, at our own cost, or they will drop our insurance. They have had no issue collecting premiums from us, but they are unwilling to pay claims. And the idea that they turn around and then force us to replace our roof is just unbelievable. I have to sell my boat to get the roof replaced. If you are considering Farm Bureau Insurance, I would strongly recommend that you just turn and run. Worst insurance ever!
We haven't had any problems with Farm Bureau. We recently had a claim due to an accident. Everything was paid and taken care of. The only disappointing thing was it took the entire time to get the status out of pending so I didn't have to pay the deductible.
Grant ** is the rudest person. NO CUSTOMER SERVICE! Their insured hit our truck.. he came to look at the truck and didn't even make contact with us when he come. We got a letter in the mail and a check for 1,700. I called to get an explanation of how it worked and he said "if I give you 190,00 for that 2013 would you be happy?" I said "Sure but that's not even realistic." He continued to tell me I wouldn't be happy no matter what he did... All I wanted to know was... you sent me a check for 1,700 where can I get my truck fixed for that amount? All the estimates got were for 2,500.00. He never gave me an answer! I have been in HR and office management for 30 years and I WOULD FIRE ANYONE WHO TALKED TO OUR CUSTOMERS THAT WAY.
Don't be fooled by the good ol boy commercials. You'll be good ol boyed to death by them! Terrible response time. Lack of knowledge when they do call you back just plain lack of compassion period! We pay a fee to be a MEMBER right? You would think this meant you were in a special group to be treated differently. Maybe a little better. That's the feeling you tell yourself when you pay that fee but... Wrong. 7 months since I made a claim and they tell me they'll call or email. They don't. No one EVER knows what's going on when I call. If you're reading this to decide if you want Farm Bureau Ins... Don't. There's a thing called THE MCKENZIE BIBLE. Look it up. They live and breathe what is in it. They are responsible to their stockholders period. We are 2nd... Maybe 3rd. Just because LEGALLY they can take up to a year to give you a decision on your claim. Doesn't make it RIGHT or mean that they should. But they will because they can. Save your member fee. Go online and find the cheapest insurance you can because in the end if you have a claim it's not gonna matter who your company is. It's a business period. An investment group who tilts the odds in their favor! Also... When they give you that 1 inch stack of papers at first... Read them very carefully before you sign them. They might be standard to them but it's anything but... And they WILL use it against you should you have to give a deposition and then those good ol boy commercials will turn into Law and Order!!
My insurance company is pretty good. They do not ding you if you have an accident that isn't your fault. They also don't tend to raise rates often. I have had them for years and even with a claim they were great to me.
Have been with this company for over 20 years. Have searched at times for a better price, but over the years I have not been able to beat their price for insurance. I have never filed a claim, but have gone to office to pay bill or dues. The staff has been extremely helpful and courteous on each of my visits. I would recommend this company to anyone looking for good price on auto insurance.
I had hail damage last year. This year I was informed that my policy was going to be cancelled. Most companies won't take you if you have filed a claim for 3 years. They give me an ultimatum I can move my cars and they will keep my house. That's not fair. I love my car insurance company, been with them 20 plus years, never a problem. I've had Farm Bureau about 18 years with 2 claims filed. Not fair. How can this be legal? I have always paid on time. Farm Bureau is terrible for treating people like this. I'm not the only one either. Agent had a list of names.
They have been there for me through my life insurance, home insurance, & all car insurances, any other needs I could have. They were willing to meet me at my work location or home & were always there in a hurry. It was always my customer service rep not just some person but the person from the beginning that has been there with me instead of just a robot on a phone.
Great service. Very friendly. They support conservative values and what I believe in. The farming communities are quickly being forgotten by urban people groups. I find them to be honest and courteous while talking on the phone. I enjoy the yearly meeting to evaluate my plan and what they could do better.
I am a new Farm Bureau customer recommended by a family member who has had a couple of storm damage claims and said he was satisfied. I am almost a month out from an accident where a young driver pulled out in front of me when I had a straightaway. The adjusters, both mine and the other party involved (both Farm Bureau), will hardly return a phone call let alone take care of business that has to be done so I can get paid for my SUV. I had a phone appointment today set by the adjuster on another call so that she didn't have to deal with me then, to try to provide a statement. That appointment has blown past with, of course, no call. This is very, very, frustrating and very, very, stressful. I DO NOT recommend their services for any reason.
The prices are okay but the service is terrible. My Agent never replied to a voice mail or email. About 75% of the time other people I would reach out to did. When we purchased a home no one would contact me back about setting up home insurance so we got a different insurance for that and eventually switched everything over. I finally got the life insurance canceled (cross my fingers) after the third attempt. I never had a claim in the 8 years we had them. So hard today how they would have handled a claim. I was in one auto accident but it was not my fault so the other car's insurance covered it all. I did put a phone call into Farm Bureau claim line then and was told the other company would take care of everything and didn't need to do anything with farm bureau.
I have had several bad experiences with this company. First I was charged for a hit and run, which caused my insurance to increase. I was the victim but Farm Bureau wrote me up as if I caused the damage. I was also told that my premium would decrease once I paid for somebody else damages this past June 2013. I hate a lying insurance company and one that rips people off. I always pay my bills and been with the company for years, but no relief. I believe that this company rips off black people. This company that is located in Rochelle, GA.Another problem of concern is that GFB would not help a church out due to the building shifting. This building started shifting after some major weather our community faced. The insurance company sent some inspectors out that did not do their job correctly. Abbeville and Rochelle, GA are small towns and I suggest that this city be audited because some things are not right and unfair to certain people. I have a lot more to say about this company, something should be done about this action. Providing quality service is what the company states, but yet small communities are allowed to rip off people. Justice must be served and it's not right to mistreat people.
I've had NCFB auto and HO for 3+ years. Their rates were good and the salesman was sharp, so no complaints...until I had two claims last year for minor auto collisions. My first adjuster was just plain rude to me, hostile and he accused me of lying about an accident in which I was rear-ended at a traffic light. The second one was my fault and it was very cut-and-dried as there was a police report. Neither my first adjuster nor the adjuster has provided me with funds to fix my vehicle. The first collision is almost one-year old. I will need to hire an attorney to have about $1000 worth of repairs done on my car, which is ridiculous.
I am currently doing business with Farm Bureau and am very pleased with their business. I find their prices very competitive with other companies even though I feel their service is better. They will adjust your payment schedule to fit your needs and offer 6 month, 3 month, and once a month payment plans with low rates. The employees are extremely friendly and will help you with your problems. I do all my insurance needs thru them on multiple cars. The business hours are great even open on weekends. Overall the company is amazing. I plan on never changing. I have only ever worked with this company and have saw my bill drop every year. In 8 years I could not find one negative about them.
I have been with a Farm Bureau for 17 years. I have filed 2 claims in that time and Farm Bureau was quick, courteous and thorough. I recommend Farm Bureau to anyone who asks. I have had the same agent for that time and he is always friendly and willing to help meet my needs. I have 2 auto policies, a homeowner's policy and life insurance.
We have been with this company for years. They require a annual membership of $25-$30 which is not a big deal in the scheme of things if they are a good company. However after years of being with them I found out today that they did not renew my auto insurance and really did a horrible job of communicating that to me. I paid my membership through my bank's bill pay in October. I received a letter stating that if I had not already paid my membership I needed to do so by the date my auto insurance would renew. I checked my account and saw I had already paid it so I felt I was good.Apparently, there was an issue with the bank payment being collected by the insurance company. They did not notify us to let us know that they were not renewing the auto insurance. When I did not get the new cards I looked online and saw they still had our homeowners listed but not the auto insurance. I called and they said since we did not pay our membership they did not renew the auto policy. Who does that. Loses a customer of $25 without a phone call??? If that is all the value they have for me as a customer, then I will no longer trust them with my house and automobiles. I wanted to leave a review so that anyone that might be considering them would be aware that what they say about caring for their customers was not true for us.
Since purchasing a collision/comprehensive auto policy on three vehicles with Virginia Farm Bureau, my experience has been less than favorable. You pay some membership fee that has no benefit and is a requirement of doing business with VFB. The rates keep going up because this privately held insurance company is having financial difficulties.First claim: Someone (a neighbor) punctured the sidewall of the tires on all three of my vehicles. We called Virginia Farm Bureau to come out and assess the scope of damage on this policy. The claims adjuster came out four days later and gave me estimates to replace the tires. The checks came in the mail a week later and all three vehicles were inoperable with flat tires for at least ten days. Apparently, it's my responsibility to remove the tires and take them to a tire shop for repair. We called every tire shop in town and the snow tire on an AWD truck was not available after winter was over. Virginia Farm Bureau said it's not their problem and would only pay for the ACV of the one tire that was destroyed. Keep in mind that if you put one odd tire on a 4X4 vehicle it will damage the transmission and differential leading to very costly repairs. Farm Bureau would not pay a mechanic to remove these tires. The burden of making repairs was left up to me (the customer) and I was never compensated for labor or the Freight-In cost associated with replacing this truck tire.Second Claim: I was involved in a side impact collision and Virginia Farm Bureau does not want to pay for proper repairs to my vehicle under the collision policy. The same adjuster came out and wrote an estimate for 1,693.00 to make repairs and refused to replace the tire that has cuts and abrasions in the sidewall from the other vehicle ramming their bumper into the tire while the car was in motion. This collision also removed the finish off my factory OEM wheel and pushed in the entire side of the car. The estimate includes a knock-off wheel that costs 20% of a factory wheel and it is significantly different in appearance. The fender was quoted at 7 hrs labor to repair and VFB refused to pay for a replacement fender put on the car by the body shop. The doors were straightened and filled with plastic filler. The plastic moldings on the side of the car are trashed and scraped up from the wreck rendering them non-repairable. These moldings remain loose and buckled up on the ends with deep scrapes in the chrome strips.A new estimate was written by a certified shop in the amount of 1528.24 to repair the moldings. I only have 260.00 remaining from the estimate written by Virginia Farm Bureau Insurance to remove and repaint these moldings. The people with Farm Bureau insist I will have to make up the difference out-of-pocket. This is unreasonable because the paperwork sent to me indicates it's my fault the repairs were not completed by the first body shop that refused to repaint these plastic parts. The next letter states it's poor workmanship from the body shop who damaged the moldings, rendering them misaligned and loose. VFB is all about finger-pointing at anyone to assign blame for damages sustained by a collision with another vehicle. There is also an issue of Virginia Farm Bureau refusing to finish the paint to the same standard that was completed just six weeks before this accident occurred. VFB is refusing to replace the polymer paint sealant stripped off by the body shop. The reasoning is there is no paint on the car that needs protection, but it was just finish polished and shined like a mirror where the car was damaged. The adjuster was also informed that if the paint does not match, I would not be happy with the repair. Guess what, the car has three colors of paint on the damaged side, original color, blend on the rear door and a different color at the front of the car. This car accident was eight months ago and repairs are still not complete, including the wheel alignment because none of the local shops have the tools and it will cost more than 69.95 paid on the claim.
I have had know issues at all with Farm Bureau. I was with my previous agent for almost 10 years. I decided to shop around a little to try to save some money. Farm Bureau was not the cheapest but close. I liked that it wasn't a huge company where if I needed to talk to somebody it would be an automated call. I can actually walk in the office a talk with my agent face to face. Anytime I have a question I can call or go in and they are more than happy to help me with anything I need. I have never made a claim so I don't have an opinion on that, but feel I have a good relationship with and won't have any trouble if it comes up.
I have Kentucky Farm Bureau Insurance. It is the cheapest insurance I have found yet. I have used Progressive and they charged me almost double what I currently pay. I like the fact that it is a small local company and the fact that it is cheaper. The office is very warm and inviting. Always clean and smells nice just like being at home. I also know when I go into pay my bill the girls there are always kind. They explain each policy and what it covers with reasonable rates and small start up fees. And every year they have a customer appreciation day for families.
We first started using them in 1999 with our house and our vehicles. Later we moved our vehicles to GEICO because the price was lower and better service. We kept her house at Farm Bureau. 2016 we were told that if we moved our vehicles back to them they would drop our house $1,000 a year. So even though we really like Geico we switched because going to save us $1,000 a year. This was in August. Now start of 2017 we get a bill in the mail and our car insurance is $2,000 per year and our house insurance is $1,000 more year. I try to work with them and they would not tell me why they raised it that much so we switch back to GEICO, everything including our house. When I call to switch back they lowered everything back down. But I had been trying to get them to lower it for 2 weeks on the phone. They lied to us to get us to switch everything. Once we switched everything then they tried to get more money than what we were paying before we switch. Would never ever go back to Farm Bureau.
Here is my complaint to the Georgia Insurance Commission:I am contacting you about Georgia Farm Bureau and specifically their adjuster **. Ms. ** refused to work with me, will not take my calls, will not return my calls, and says my claim is pending. I sent her copies of the Louisiana State Trooper's report clearly stating her insured, James **, was at fault. She knows this is not pending but is so unprofessional she refuses to pay my claim. What does it take to get my measly $1400 from Georgia Farm Bureau? Why is she allowed to refuse to pay? Tinesha ** is being petty and states her insured said he didn't do it. WHAT??? The police report which is a disinterested third party says he did. She lies and says the damage shows he wasn't at fault...WHAT? It is clear he was at fault. Now we take the word of an insured who changed his statement midway thru the investigation over a disinterested third party, namely a police officer? I just want my vehicle repaired. Ms. ** could easily pay my claim and subrogate with Avis Rental but refuses even though her insured was listed by the police as being at fault.I just got a call from Georgia Farm Bureau adjuster Tammy offering to pay half the cost of my repairs. She clearly stated that the driver of my vehicle said the vehicle was hit twice. Tammy said this twice all the while knowing she was lying. Tammy has the statement of Christine ** who was driving my vehicle. She was adamant that GFB insured James ** hit my vehicle and was stopped before his vehicle was hit by the third driver, Kim **. Tammy outright lied and twisted the statement thinking I was too stupid to verify what occurred and GFB would get out of paying $700!!! Seriously? I would like to file a complaint on Tammy ** as well for fraud. She knew she was lying when she offered to pay half my repair costs.
It is affordable. We have never had to take advantage of it, thankfully, but my husband has several coworkers who highly recommended it based on service they had received and price.
As a member of the Farm Bureau family for 20+ years, I thought that leaving them for lower rates elsewhere would be difficult. That changed, however, when the competing insurance came back, they found a claim from the previous year that hurt my rates with them. The incident was in a parking lot and filed as a no-fault with the police department. The damage to my vehicle was so minimal that I told the adjuster that I would not pursue a claim, so no need to file one. Farm Bureau apparently decided that I was at fault and filed as such, and paid out $1200 in damages to the other vehicle's owner without ever consulting me, or in any way letting me know of their decision. When I told them that I wanted the claim re-opened (several months had passed before I found this information out), they generally passed the buck from agent to manager to adjuster, etc. POOREST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER. As of this writing, I'm still waiting to hear back from Farm Bureau. I'm no longer a member with Farm Bureau, and they've still not responded to my request, but as far as I can tell it wouldn't have made a difference if I was a member. Just keep mindlessly paying their premiums.
December 28, 2011 I was on my way to Southaven, MS to my back doctor’s office for a follow up visit for back surgery from November 3, 2011. When going through a green light on Goodman Rd. at Southcrest Parkway when a customer of Farm Bureau Angela Crockett driving a 2011 Chevy Suburban only slowed at a red light and hurled right out in my path. I had no time to stop and crashed in to her rear end. Thanks to the cameras posted at the light all was caught on video and the fault was put on Angela ** for failing to yield the right of way. My car was a 1993 Mercedes Benz 190E, a classic in most peoples eye because it was the last year of this model. I had it for only about 3 months and I bought it because it was a one owner and only had 113000 miles on it and it was near mint condition. I paid $3500 for it and I knew that was above book value but it was what I wanted. I suffered neck and back pains from the ordeal but nothing I thought was permanent. I waited till January 3, 2012 to go to the ER for my injury because the pains would not go away. The doctors took x-rays and determined that I had sprain neck and lumbosacral strain in my back. Although I had had back surgery in November 2011, my back was in recovery and was before this wreck getting better, but since the wreck I have many sleepless nights of my back and neck pains. Farm Bureau only paid my car off of about $1750 and gave me about $950 as settlement on my car and I kept my car so I can rebuild it. I soon found out that the damage was far more than I expected but I was able to pull the radiator support back and replace the radiator, put a new right side strut on it and replaced the headlight which cost me about $1500 and drive it for awhile till I can afford to buy something else. I am presently on disability for diabetes and other related illnesses and I am on a fixed income and only receive enough money to pay my bills, and since I was late a few payments before the payoff was done I have no credit to buy a car. I never thought that if I was victimized by another driver I would go through so much pain financially and medically. I haven't settled with them as of today January 20, 2012 on personal injuries but the insurance adjuster assures me that I will not get very much. I have talked to lawyers but they all give me the same answer that because I had previous injuries that my chances of getting any settlement of any value would be very little. My back doctor thinks all my pains are due to the wreck and even he doesn't want to see me. I think that Farm Bureau insurance company is like a bandit and I feel like I have been robbed. I asked that everybody please read these complaints and think it over before choosing them as you insurance carrier.
I backed into a car in parking lot, no damage to my, car minor damage to victim. We talked for 45 min. No medical called then she claimed major injuries. Farm Bureau refused to fight, is saying it was cheaper to pay her. It surely wasn't cheaper for me. My insurance was cancelled and tripled, was with them since I was 16. I'm 62 now.
It's been years since I had any reason to use my insurance, but when I did they paid quickly and fairly. They are always friendly and helpful with any questions I have about my insurance.
After 20+ years with Allstate we thought we would try someone new so we went with Farm Bureau because they were more affordable. With only ONE claim on our policy we are dropped because our dog - who was tied up - bit someone! If we get rid of the dog they will allow us to maintain our policy... Who does that? I will never use them again. We have to pay more for Allstate but I guess you get what you pay for.
Very nice agents that look for the best deal for my financial situation. Even chose to do life insurance and homeowners insurance with same company. Each term my agent finds more discounts that I qualify for. Save me time and money which is important to me and my family.
They are helpful, giving advice but letting you make your own choices. The experience I've had was great. We had to make a claim when lightning struck our house. They were fast to take care of my family and fixing electrical problem so we were back in our home in 3 days.
I got a new auto policy with Tx Farm Bureau last September. It was up for renewal in March. I got married in January, so I called to change my last name on the policy to match my driver's license and the title of my car. The rep. asked me for my husband's info to add him as an "excluded" driver on the policy. He doesn't have a license, and I hadn't asked to add him. When they found out he is a felon, they said they could not add him to the policy, even as an "excluded" driver, and therefore could not change my last name as a result of our marriage. I asked, "Is this going to cause any problems if I get pulled over, since it won't match my license or registration?" To which the rep replied, "Probably." So now, I have to cancel my insurance policy and go elsewhere. Way to discriminate, Farm Bureau! I never saw anything in the terms & conditions about not insuring felons.
I had a claim when I was hit over a week ago and now no one at Farm Bureau is returning my calls. This is horrible customer service. No one seems to know what the other one is doing in regards to my claim and I am getting the run around. What a waste of my time. When I pay these high premiums monthly, I am paying for someone to take care of thing when an accident occurs! I will definitely be shopping for other insurance if they cannot help me in a timely manner.
I've had my auto insure by the same company for the last 20 yrs. They have handled any accident problems without hesitation and you're always treated like you are the only customer they're ever going to have. You are treated like a king or queen really. They always make sure that you are well taken care of. Farm Bureau has low rates on all their insurance and you can look at the other insurance companies but I know for a fact that none of them treat you the way that you get treated with Farm Bureau. If you have never had this company's insurance, everyone should try at least once in their lifetime. They'll never leave them. The best company in the world
Our agent is always available to help with any questions or concerns and claims have been extremely easy and were always handled professional and stress-free. Our rates are very reasonable and affordable. We definitely recommend them to everyone we know.
As my experience with Farm Bureau. Not too good. Just like Kim from Utica, Mi. I have been having issues getting paid for lost wages. I haven’t worked for almost two months now. I work for a “mom & pop” business so I don’t get short disability or any benefits. However because I live in a no-fault state. We can receive medical and lost wages benefits thru the insurance. I too filled out all my paperwork CORRECTLY. Made copies. Thank GOD! Talked to my place employment. Everything was legit. Mailed express put a tracking on it. Farm Bureau received the mail in the morning two days later. Granted I am not the only person has been car accident and injured. So, waited a week. Called the adjuster. She has not received it. Really! So, she had me email the paperwork. Then tells me she is going on vacation. So, another week went by. Now it’s three weeks. Called several times, at the time she was back from vacation. No call back. Called the next day. Only for her to tell me that she needs to verify the info! Really!! That she was waiting for my authorization. Well if that was the case. Why couldn’t she just send the paperwork in the first place or recorded our conversation. So, Now it will probably be another two weeks that I might see a check. What the hell?!?
Given discounts for good credit rating and bundling various ins. policies. Efficient claims process and local agent who reviews our ins. needs yearly. We couldn't be more pleased with our experience of over 30 years with the company and our local agent and his staff.
On Wednesday night, November 25, my husband was sideswiped by another car - the airbag saved him from serious injury and maybe even worse. The next morning, Thanksgiving, we tried to call our insurance agent/office. We kept getting "looped" and could not leave a message. We were directed to another number, we later learned was an "answering service." The response to his concern that he was about 5 hours from home without a car and needed to know what to do was, "Call your agent on Monday." When he reminded them he was out of state with no transportation and his mother is in hospice 2.5 miles from where he was, he was told to "rent a car at your own expense."He asked, "Seriously? That's it? At my own expense?" The "answering service" hung up on him. We have heard NOTHING from our agent after repeated emails, or from Customer Service. Where is help? Because it is a holiday, we get NO HELP or ADVICE or SERVICE from NC Farm Bureau? This is unacceptable. We are confused and quite helpless. I have been a Farm Bureau customer for my entire life, as was my father, a teacher and farmer. I don't know what has happened to this organization, but this entire episode is unforgivable.
I have home and auto insurance with Farm Bureau in Prentiss county. I recently had to file a claim due to a storm. A limb went through my roof. I called my agent Glenn and as always he was very nice and helpful and put me at ease. I had never had to file a claim. The adjuster came out with in the next day or two. He also assured me it would be taken care of promptly and it was. I received a check soon after. I chose the contractor and had a new roof within the next week. I couldn't ask for more friendly and a genuine group of people to handle my affairs when something like this happens. I would recommend Farm Bureau to any and everyone!!
I am not a client of Farm Bureau but am in litigation with them now. Their insured was cited for driving reckless and rear ended me while I was at a dead stop. As you can imagine being at a dead stop and getting rear ended with a driver going 50 plus mph not looking where he was going can cause a pretty major accident. 4 cars totaled because of their insured thinking something was more important than paying attention. How do you think Farm Bureau acted? They should have been all over getting things taken care of but instead I had to go after the insured and he was all over his own insurance company to handle the claim. Now over a year later with still having pending issues, my Mother was parked in a parking lot and another one of Farm Bureaus insured hit her. He was very apologetic and said he just wasn’t paying attention. When I arrived and saw he had Farm Bureau I warned my Mother that it was going to be a long road ahead. Sure enough the adjuster Kevin has been nothing but RUDE and LAZY when it comes to handling her claim. So enough is enough. It’s time to get the word out about our experience with Farm Bureau.
Farm Bureau has consistently been great at fulfilling my insurance needs. My claims are handled professionally and promptly. Any questions I have about my account are resolved quickly.
I was a client for almost 9 years with homeowners and vehicle insurance with Farm Bureau of NC, Buncombe County office. The only time I had an auto claim, my absolutely awful agent Robert ** managed to ignore my calls, call my neighbor's phone and leave personal information related to my claim on their answering machine (how did that even happen??? ), and also when I spoke to him, he said "hey little lady, maybe I should speak with your husband". No apologies for divulging personal information. Gross negligence. Robert ** should be fired. Anytime I had a question about my account.policy, he never had an answer and said he would call back... he never did. Avoid this company at all costs. I closed my accounts with them and got superior coverage for a lower price. Do not use Farm Bureau of NC!
I was charged a $25 membership fee every year. What was this for, their Christmas party? No one else does this. I think someone ought to do something about it. This is a rip off, even if it is just $25 a year. It's still not right.
Farm Bureau accepted an auto accident claim and gave me an estimate. After towing my auto to an auto body shop, I called to see about a rental. After 4 hours, I did not get a return call. I called the supervisor, and I got no response. Finally, I spoke with Patrick, who in 5 minutes decided not to pay the claim. The reported damage was $800 (which was low-balled because the estimate did not include the front grill and hood repairs). Then I was told because the homeowner turned the claim over to them and they refused the claim, I cannot go after the homeowner.First, there is no way they could determine I was at fault. The police at the scene clearly told the homeowner and I, that the child involved caused the damage. This was truly a no-brainer. Second, if this company would do this to me, a victim of circumstances, there is no way I would want them to insure me. They are in my opinion, based on this experience, greedy and non-caring of the parties involved.
I've been a long-time member of Farm Bureau, and have had a good overall experience with them. We have been friends with our agent for over 30 years, and every customer service interaction has been very satisfactory. I'm not entirely satisfied with the rates, as we've had only a couple of claims, and they were very small. Despite this, my rates don't go down. In addition, the value given to my pickup during some recent hail damage was not satisfactory. Our car's damage was done fairly. There was no incentive to fix our own damage after a lightning strike, and we ended up costing ourselves money, despite saving the insurance company a significant amount of money on the claim.
Farm Bureau Auto Insurance offers the best value for the money. Their rates are reasonable and they are always easy to get in touch with. They responded quickly when I needed to file a claim. I called my agent and he said to get a quote and let him know. I went to one shop. He took my estimate and I got paid quickly.
after being a customer of ky farm bureau for many years. and having my installments taken directly from my bank account, I was told that my policy had been cancelled. there is a membership that is due on the first of the year. twenty five dollars. I told the lady i forgot to mail it due to things happening beyond my control. I offered to pay it. then i was told that no i would have to get a new quote. well they did call back the day after. i was paying 108. a month the quote they gave me said i would have to pay will be 800. a month. this is rediculous, I have always paid my insurance premiums on time. and have been a customer for that many years. this is so wrong. there i was driving without insurance not even knowing. NO letter was sent telling me it was cancelled. something needs to be done about this company treating consumers like this .
I have an car accident and it wasn't my fault. The other car hit mine. I went to the agent and talk about how to get our car fix and stuff. They keep telling us to wait and wait and wait and wait, it feel like a century just waiting for them. I mean this is their job to get their customers happy and get their car fix as soon as possible. Other thing they told us, the driver who involved in the accident can't drive until everything is fix and that if the driver got into another car accident, they can't fix it. This is **. It's not even my fault. I feel like they don't even want to help their customer who involve in car accident but oh man they do know how to help you when you want to buy insurance from them. They be like, "Please come in, I not busy at all and I will be more than happy to help you and get you on the road as soon at soon." Where are their help when you really need it.I been waiting for a month now and hasn't got my car fix, hasn't heard a phone call from the agent, can't even get a letter from it. If you want to talk to them you have to go and tell them face to face and even if you went straight to them, all they say is, "We can't do anything right now, can you please wait for a little long?" How long do I have to wait??? A couple months? A couple years? I never deal or heard of an insurance like it before. Other company get it done as soon as they can, but this company oh man you got to play the waiting game, which they are expert at it. After I got everything fix and all good, I am out of this company and switching to another one. I can't play the waiting game anymore. I would highly recommend choosing other company instead of this one. Everything is bad except when you want to buy it, they are good at it but when you in trouble in need help, they are really good at hiding.
Last year they used the excuse on my homeowners insurance when they raised it due to west Tennessee to hail damage etc.. I live in east Tennessee around mountains where I have not filed a claim ever! They live in high damage areas where tornadoes and wind damage and floods are bad! I lived near Colombia Tennessee and seen that for myself! And yet this year they raised my rates again $89.00 just in one year for 2015! What excuses can they use now?? This is unfair that we who do not live in those kind of areas should have our increases raised due to the bad areas others live in not including lawsuits they have paid out that when I searched it showed many on car insurance and homeowners! The ones who have been customers like me for years who have never filed a claim should be penalized for others! Make them take out separate insurance policies to pay for high areas they live in with flood and wind damage etc.. I think it is so unfair to pass those prices on to the customers with high rate hikes! Very unfair! Is the customers appreciated or what! I do not feel as though I am at all! Every year now. It seems as though my homeowners insurance is raised more! And the excuse last year was all the hail and wind and tornado damage policy they had to pay out is passed on to the customers! Regardless if you live in a area that isn't bad like that or not! So Unfair! They need to change this badly! It is not fair to the policy holder who has never filed any claims or even lives in bad areas like that! And the $25.00 membership fee is way too much just to belong to them! They need to review each policy and only raise the ones who have used or filed claims in bad areas in which they live or carry out separate polices for flood and tornado and wind damage areas who have filed claims! It is not a fair or good excuse to pass on to me being a customer of theirs for years.. Very discriminatory I do think!
I recently changed my insurance from American Family to Farm Bureau. Then, in the last six months, some damaging storms have hit our house. Roof material was torn off the roof for several times. I was able to put them back in place, but the last few storms did damage I could not repair and caused some leaks. So I filed a claim. Farm Bureau came out. Then they sent me a letter saying there was damage, but it was caused by more than one storm and they will not fix it. Everyone around me had their insurance replace their roofs from hail damage from more than a year ago, but not Farm Bureau. They are a cut rate insurance company and I would say to all: stay away from their insurance!
April 16, 2015 my fiance and I were on I-630 in Little Rock coming from St. Vincent Hospital where he had just come out of knee surgery minutes before. We were approaching the divide where the Hwy. splits to go to 15th St., North Little Rock or Little Rock Airport. I was in the lane next to the Airport lane when we felt a huge jolt/bump. To our surprise, a big red Dodge Ram pickup was trying to get in our lane. When we felt he had hit us, I pulled over on the median thinking he was going to stop too… Apparently he had other ideas. He kept going! I got back onto the hwy. When we spotted his truck (the ONLY red Dodge Ram to be seen out of the vehicles that had passed us) he was in a lane getting off the hwy. By this time there was traffic behind him, traffic behind us so our only recourse was to get his license plate #. Proceeding on across the bridge to Broadway in NLR, I called the police. My right side view mirror was broken off, my fender over the right front tire is dented in as well as the rear one and there's puckering on the right door handle. I've only had this car 5 months! The State Trooper came and assessed the damage, took our statements. He said the address for the driver was an old one and it would probably take a minute to find it, but that my insurance company (Progressive Northwestern… they're just as much of a joke as FB) should be able to find out. Needless to say, I got a call May 20th from HIS insurance FARM BUREAU that he denies hitting me and the damages on his truck do not coincide with the damages on my 2015 Kia Optima and they won't be paying for my car to be fixed!!! Well, SOMEBODY is paying for my **!!!
On June 30, 2011, I was the passenger involved in a single car accident. My friend Ryan ** was the driver, and insured under policy no. **. I went to 3 different hospitals for treatment. My original NC Farm Bureau contact person was Adam ** in Sanford. Adam failed to return calls or keep us posted on the progress of the claim or tell us any additional information needed to complete the claim. Then in August, the file was turned over to Jill ** in Durham. At first, she was very attentive, and cooperative. She stated she was waiting on the records from the last hospital, and then she could finalize the claim. On December 20, 2011 those last records were sent and received at her office. It is now February 6, 2012 and she is not returning our calls. She continues to drag her feet and make excuses that she is busy. She now states that she may need even more information such as prior record reports and that it may be a couple more weeks before she has a chance to finish looking it all over before turning it in for review. I expressed my concern about the length of time this is all taking, and the unprofessionalism of Adam and herself not returning calls, or keeping us posted on the progress.There is no reason this should be taking 7 months and still be ongoing. Something needs to be done ASAP. I have my own insurance, Progressive, and they have been wonderful and on top of things throughout my recent claim on my own vehicle issue. They call me just to keep me posted on things and to ask if I have any concerns or questions. That's the way a good company works. I am very disappointed in Farm Bureau, and will never use them as my carrier.
Farm Bureau is the worst - they never return my calls. Seven months since my car accident and still have not received a dime. Will be reporting this to BBB and this state's Attorney General with all of my documents. By far the worst insurance we have ever encountered.
Six months ago we applied for a homeowners policy and were accepted. Halfway through the policy period (twelve months) their requirements had somehow changed and the premium was increased by 80 percent (retro-actively of course). When I disagreed with the determination, I was immediately cancelled for whatever arbitrary reason they determined at the time. They then have the gall to demand that I pay the difference, or a portion thereof, AFTER they cancelled the policy. That's in addition to what I already paid them according to our original agreement. I was told that the company is losing money. Really? Is that somehow my fault? I paid them a thousand dollars for six months of coverage and have never made a claim. I don't know what planet these people are from, but they certainly do not know how to run a business. This is a terrible company. Avoid them at all costs.
I have not had any problems. The rate is somewhat reasonable. Adding our children when they have started driving has been a smooth process. We have been with this company for about 7 years.
I had a house fire, dealing with Farm Bureau is worst than the fire itself. Never again, customer service is the worst.
Great company, best rates around bundled home, auto, and life. No one can beat the rates even with annual dues. Caleb ** rocks!!! Left State Farm cause their rates go up too much, and agents kept changing over and over.
Farm Bureau has been with me through all my life's big events. Getting my license, my first car, my first accident, the death of my mother, all of it. My agent and the office team have very little turnover, and are attentive and responsive to anything I need. I review other companies, but always come back to Indiana Farm Bureau.
My home was broken into on Dec 10, 2012. All of the gifts under the tree were taken along with a small safe & other items. There were a few gifts that my mother bought but most of the gifts were bought by me, the homeowner. We paid cash for most of the gifts and put gift receipts in with the gift and the other receipts in the safe that was taken. After filing a claim with the adjuster, he wanted me to send him a bank statement to show that I had the income to buy the gifts that were bought. I did (2) examinations under oath & provided them with all of my financial & personal records. Farm Bureau then asked me to have my mother sign an authorization so that they could check all of her business & personal financial information. My mother refused to sign it. She won't let them look at her private business. She is not on my policy but because she lives with me, Farm Bureau denied the claim & voided the policy and is calling it concealment or fraud. I asked the insurance company to take off any items on the claim that relates to my mother which was not much but they would not. I have my auto, homeowner's & life insurance with them. I am in the process of looking for another insurance company. Please beware of this rule with your homeowner insurance.
I like the speed in getting claims resolved and in adding a new auto. Also so helpful, both agent and his office staff. I contacted the claims dept, someone came out, told me what they would be paying and I got a check within 5 days. I have had Florida Farm Bureau since 1986 and they are the best.
I tried to several times to contact an agent at this office. I had questions about a policy that was going to expire on some property to be transferred into my name. My calls were not returned. I was able to get service immediately elsewhere but wasted time with this company trying to get a quote. I would not recommend Farm Bureau, Inman, SC. My calls were not returned. Very poor customer service.
My grandparents have been with Farm Bureau for 60 years. Their house recently caught on fire caused by electrical fire. The fire burned the whole upstairs and smoke and water damage in the complete downstairs. My grandfather built this house when he got home from World War 2 and being away from his wife and first born son for 3 years to serve our country. This was not a choice he made just like this was not the choice he made that his house burned down. There was a ton of personal antiques and a lot of other things destroyed in this fire. There were a lot of old pictures destroyed. But more than anything they are forced to live with family and my 90 year old grandmother forced to sleep on the couch in very tight quarters.The Tyler Tx location has treated them so terrible and after paying for insurance as long as they did, it's terrible. The insurance company is not treating them fair at all. I feel they should have provided them a trailer to sleep in on their property. The insurance company (Farm Bureau) and the insurance adjuster is refusing to pay what is owed. The fire was June 28th and there are still 2 or 3 weeks to go. The reason for this is the insurance company is refusing to pay and they do not have the money to get the work finished soon. I only hope that after all this stress and their already bad health that they get to enjoy their home again that they have raised their children, grandchildren, made it through the depression etc, etc. They are the sweetest people anyone could ever meet and it just sickens me the way they are being treated.I will go further than this review because people at their age don't deserve it. That generation is going away, the best people ever. We now have the younger generations that don't care about people at all. I am just so honestly pissed off. The Farm Bureau adjusters name is Brenda **!!! She is a ** piece of work. Let me just tell you. I would never use Farm Bureau for anything!!!
My car got broken into at the worst time ever... the day before I was attending a baby shower and getting my taxes done after that. Being a mother of 4, I know things slip my mind and I had packed my car with stuff I needed the next day and the thieves ran off when my expensive canon camera and all my tax papers for the past 3 years along with a lot of other personal belongings. It was traumatizing that someone ran off with such personal stuff but the Farm Bureau agent is adding salt to the wounds by taking his sweet time to "investigate." It's been a MONTH and he just now started reaching out to my witnesses. I have been with Farm Bureau for many years and thought they were great UNTIL I NEEDED THEM. I will not be recommending them to anyone ever again and will NOT be renewing my policy after this. Nobody can tell me what's going on with my claim, they can't tell me how much longer it should take, and the agent (who said he would call to update me along the way) hasn't called in 3 weeks and I can't get a hold of him. My personal agent hasn't even called to check on things to make sure everything is taken care of. They simply do not care. Do not use them.
I have had coverage with Farm Bureau for over 30 years. They have always been friendly and helpful. The few times I have had a claim they couldn't have been nicer and paid my claims quickly to my satisfaction. I highly recommend them.
An insured of Farm Bureau rear ended me & I swear this has been the worst week ever. He received a ticket for driving too close & his big truck was damaged as well. The man handling the claim, Alvin, is the most unconcerned, rude, passive, cold hearted, mean individual I have ever had to do business with. 5 days has passed & Alvin says he still haven’t talked with his insured about the accident. I find that very hard to believe because his truck was wrecked as well. It was driveable & he didn’t wanna move it. He got it towed to wherever. And he was upset he received a ticket. Do that sound like someone who will let 5 days pass from the accident without calling his insurance company. All I ask Alvin about is repairing my vehicle & getting me a rental & all he can say is, "We are not paying you nothing" until I talk to my insured. I never said nothing about paying me. All I want is my vehicle repaired & a rental car so I can get to my 2 jobs. But for whatever reason Alvin shows no remorse for the inconvenience that his precious insured has caused me. All he can tell me is go through my own insurance & pay the deductible. Which is not fair or right to me at all so I will not be doing that. Farm Bureau has poor representation & inconsiderate people working for them. It’s a shame I have to now go on every site I can to let everyone know how rude these people are. Alvin need to be mindful of the way he speak to me cause he can easily be in my shoes one day & I know he wouldn’t appreciate being talked to so bad when you are going through something like this & at the hands of someone else. I have had dealt with other insurance companies with accidents & I have never experienced nothing to this magnitude. Whether it was my insurance company or the person who caused damage to my vehicle. Farm Bureau has the worst customer service.
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