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Everest Wealth Management Online Insurance Reviews

Company Name: Everest Wealth Management
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 410-EVEREST
Overall average rating of 5 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 98 %
Julie Long is very professional and always available to answer questions. I enjoy our conversations and she is always pleasant and kind. Julie goes out of her way to take the time to explain products and how they will benefit my growth and retirement years. She is an asset to your company and I enjoy working with her.
very satisfied with the service provided.
Having done what I consider due diligence some three years ago we decided to utilize EWM. Until recently we have been confident with our relationship with EWM. We were a bit rattled when EWM came under scrutiny by the Maryland AG. To my knowledge no irregularities have come to surface to date. As a result I continue to have confidence in EWM business practices.
I have been with Everest for about five years. From top to bottom, the experience has been great. They met all my financial needs and continue to review my portfolio and make suggestions which assist in acquiring better retirement needs. I am glad that I chose them instead of sticking with my old company retirement plan.
I have dealt with various members of the Everest Team over the past 5+ years and all have worked hard and professionally in assisting us with developing and implementing our retirement plan. They put their clients needs first to insure complete satisfaction.
Always available to answer questions and to review my accounts. Very professional and friendly. Have been very happy with their recommendations. Would and have recommended to friends.
Having worked for the Federal Government, U.S. Military and in the private sector for over 36 years, Joyce and I were fortunate enough to build what I called a "hodge podge" retirement portfolio. Over the years, we saved and invested our money in a convoluted and unorganized array of annuities, mutual funds, bonds, insurance, stocks, IRA's, cash, etc. Not a bad thing, but it all lacked organization and strategy. Most options were pursued based on whims and amateur advice. A year out from retirement, I called on Everest to help me understand what all we had and to explain options that could help us consolidate and take advantage of some of today's insurance and investment programs. With their expertise, knowledge and resources, we were able to reorganize, take advantage of new options and build a portfolio tailored to fit what we think is best for our long term financial needs. Most importantly for us, we now have clarity and understanding of our assets and their management. For the Everest team; I could go on forever describing their professionalism, courtesy, and personal no-nonsense approach to doing business. Thank you Mike, Brittney and Taylor for making us feel our "financial peace of mind" is your number one priority! Chris and Joyce
My husband and I have been members of this organization for many years and not only have we been guided into a successful retirement, but we feel that they have always had our best interest at heart. The whole team has participated in advising us on different events along the way and we always walk away with a feeling that every effort has been taken to answer our questions and guide us to the best conclusion. We would definitely recommend Everest Wealth Management for optimum retirement planning.
They are soo great they really care about their customers
Everest Wealth Management has been an excellent investment. They provide up to date information on a timely basis. They maintain contact with their clients and always ask if there are any concerns and/or questions. They are very easy to deal with and very responsive.
Julie called just to check if I had any questions/concerns about my statement and I did not. This is an organization that deserves my highest recommendation.
I have been a client with Everest Wealth Management for over a year and I am thoroughly impressed with the level of personal service and professionalism that I receive from the entire team. Specifically, Sarah Flora is truly an asset to Everest's team as my Financial Representative. She and her team are consistently proactive and are always bringing new options in terms of retirement funds that I have not seen with any other financial institution. I highly recommend Phil Rousseaux and his entire team at Everest to help support your financial needs!
Mike DiPaula spent a lot of time and effort and exhibited a sincere interest in helping me choose the best financial products for my particular situation. He thoroughly reviewed my current investments, expenses, and lifestyle prior to providing me with the guidance I wanted and needed to ensure my living comfortably during retirement. He is a true professional, as are the other members of the Everest team I regularly interact with, including Danielle, Julie, and Taylor, among others. I definitely recommend this company.
Easy to talk to and discuss needs
Going into my meeting with Sarah we were not sure what to expect. She asked questions to get a feel for what we envisioned for retirement and then discussed areas for improvement in my investment portfolio. Sarah was very courteous and professional. We left with a rejuvenated sense of confidence that we will reach our goal of retiring comfortably.
I started pondering the idea of securing an annuity last year prior to turning 62 after watching Everest on TV prior to watching my football game. After a few days of thinking, I decided to set up a meeting to discuss further and get my questions answered. Everest was very responsive to my needs as well as being very flexible in order to meet my schedule. Mike came to my home, sat down with me, listened to my situation, answered all my questions as honestly as could be and strategized some scenarios best suited for my financial goals. It turned out I just wasn't ready and it was not until just about 1 year later I called Everest again to revisit my financial goals. Once again, Everest spent all the time necessary for me to make my decision. I couldn't be happier. It became quite apparent that an annuity was a perfect way to supplement my income for the future. The follow-up by Everest is outstanding...something not so common these days.
The account is reviewed annually. I get frequent calls about the account especially when investments are not doing well in certain area and receive suggestions as to what changes need to be made. I have had money with other investment companies and I always had to contact them about my account and ask for changes. I believe my account is now being monitored and managed constantly.
Good advice when planning for retirement. They will assist with referrals for other retirement planning such as estate planning, travel etc. Great people to work with.
I have never been treated in such a personal, professional and caring manner by any organization - ever. They took all of the fear and uncertainty out of retirement and made it a very easy and enjoyable ride. I could not be any more pleased with an organization. Especially Julie Quinn who has been there for all of our questions and advice, And with a smile. First class company.
Quick conversion of funds, professional approach.
After hearing their TV and radio ads for years, I finally decided to make an appointment. All of the team members that I met were friendly and knowledgeable. I met with Mike DiPaula and discussed my retirement needs and goals. Mike presented the pros and cons of the investment plans that EWM offers, and answered all of my questions directly and honestly. There was no sales pressure to make a decision that day, but I did. The EWM team does reach out to stay in touch with its clients, so that you don't feel like just another customer, and these days that personal attention is rare.
We have been with Everest Wealth Management for over 7 years and we have been treated with respect. The investment advice we have received has been sound and what we were looking for in order to preserve our finances for our retirement. Any changes that were made were discussed with us in advance.
I would recommend everest wealth to everyone thinking of retiring.
We have been with Everest for over 10 years and have never had a problem with any of their recommendations.
I'm extremely happy with the service
When we made an appointment with Everest Wealth Management, we had heard and read a lot of very interesting and great ideas for our retirement. So, we made a appointment and went in to talk to them. We left there feeling so good about the decision we had just made. Any questions you have, will be answered in full. I have complete faith in Everest Wealth Management. Couldn't be happier!
I first heard "The Money Guys" on the radio early mornings while traveling to work. I was impressed with their explanations and offer to call, come in and sit down with them for a better understanding. I was considering early retirement and wanted to begin to make certain I was on the right investment path for my 401 K as well as the pension benefit I would receive. I wanted some safety net to make sure I had plans in place for a safe and strong future. The Stock Market is reckless at times but I had done fairly well. I have been part of Everest now for over 6 years and can truthfully say that I sleep well at night! I have an account director that I speak to whenever I want. I visit whenever I want. They have even come to my home when I was unable to make it to the office! We review investments yearly and also if I just need a refresher to update my thought process. I was recently contacted about an opportunity that came about after an offline review of my accounts. An opportunity that is going to allow me to see comfortable growth along with tax incentives. I started out just asking "what if?" and then retired 3 years ago based on my confidence and trust in Everest Wealth Management, their products, advice, individual attention and continuous support no matter how many questions I have. They work hard to provide a friendly, professional and thorough team that keeps the spotlight on the customer. We have been on several outings , enjoying stadium events and mingling with other satisfied EWM members. Give them a won't be sorry.
Sarah Flora is my representative and she made this experience excellent. Sarah increased my knowledge of my retirement options. My experience with Everest through this process has been excellent. I met with Julie Long the Director of Client Relations and was impressed with her as well. I would recommend Everest just on their customer service alone. In closing I can not even begin to express how easy Sarah made this process.
I've been working with the team at Everest Wealth Management for about four years now. I perfectly comfortable with the investment products they recommended to me, and have frequent communication from the staff to answer any questions or concerns I may have relative to my account. I highly recommend EWM!!
We went to Everest specifically looking for an annuity and have been very pleased with what they had to offer and its performance.
The review of our three Plans took just about an hour as planned. We asked many detailed questions and Julie was able to "field" them all with keen insight and very clear explanations. We left much better informed on our plans and how they work, as well as pluses and minuses of each plan and their features We now feel much better prepared to engage in quality decisions regarding each Plan in the years ahead! Overall, a very positive experience!
I called and visited the firm spoked with Mike we went over my plans and I was calling Mike to.make sure my credit union was making the transaction was done right. In the process I had to call the office for help Mike was busy Travis called me and answered my. Question s .they were right on top of the of the problem. So far I have had great service and They have been right on top of my plans.10+ rating.
Our first yearly follow up review with Everest Wealth Mangement exceeded our expectation. Sarah was very thorough closing any gaps, knowledgable in the investments and was experienced in explaining the complexity of investment at our level. The front office staff were amazing, personalable and kind. It is great to find a business with great customer service skills! Excellent job Everest Team!
We have received honest and intelligent service. Everest has done everything they said they would do and more. We are very pleased. Gerard and Maria
From the first time I opened my account and through the following months, I always felt that the staff from Everest were looking out for my best interests, and not trying to fit me into a pre-determined plan.
Everyone at Everest is eager and willing to help and answer any questions you might have.they make it easy to understand your plan and how it works. in this organization is very professional and knowledgible. I appreciate all the assistances and advise given. I am planning to transfer other personal accounts to this company because of the performance of the people I have worked with over this past year. Taylor has alway provide assistance when need and I do appreicate all of his help
I am a client with Everest. They have been very nice, Very professional in our dealings. I cant wait to advance our relationship. Really god people
We have been with Everest Wealth Management since late 2007 and have never felt better about trusting our retirement savings to such a great company. They have come through on all of their promises to us. I have been in the customer service business through both of my careers and am passionate about good customer service. Everest has lived up to and far exceeded my expectations. with their professional staff. I highly recommend them.
I have been involved with Everest since I retired and they have always explained things in an understanding way. Everyone is professional and probably the most cordial I have ever dealt with. The most important aspect for me is that EWM is always involved with their clients, whether by phone, email, newsletters, or functions. They don't forget about you!
In just a few words, the experience we have with Everest Wealth Management has been awesome. They are knowledgeable, helpful and go to great lengths to make sure you understand them as a company and their product. They respond quickly to provide answers quickly and accurately and the staff seem always interested in helping. I would highly recommend this company to anyone interested in their services.
Felt confident with my decision to invest with Everest Wealth Management.
We are glad that we put our retirement monies in place with Everest. We feel like we will have a safe and secure future in our retirement years. We have referred many clients to Everest Wealth and they have been more than pleased. We continue to refer people and think very highly of Everest.
Always satisfied
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