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Ethos Life Online Insurance Reviews

Company Name: Ethos Life
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 415-843-8467
Overall average rating of 4.6 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 83 %
Great customer service. Easy experience.
Easy to use. I talked with them mostly through text message. I got the price they said I would and I can not be happier! Thank you ethos!
It was easy, great customer service and follow up!
Low-balled on initial on-line quote. Cust service rep talked over me while I was trying to explain my concerns. Received a letter from the actual insurance company saying that they hadn't heard anything from Ethos in two weeks and the policy offer was rescinded.
I am very pleased with the customer service with ethos. Every time I’ve called them they have been 100% great. I would definitely recommend them for your insurance needs. They are all exceptionally nice on the phone and very thorough in helping you. I always have had really nice conversations with them. They sorted out my new credit card billing super easily and my new address changes too.
Satisfied , Honest Experience
Easy process and great rates
it was a great quote process. and the followed with calls and stayed until issued.
I’m very happy with ethos, glad they are my insurance company, great prices and I always get answers to my question in a very polite and professional way.
Their process was the best by far. “Painless” application with a great rate quote.
My policy was finalized without my signature, and I was charged before I saw the policy. I still give three stars because I was ok with it once I received it. This way of working seems shady.
Very timely with a response to my questions. Always kept me updated during the process. Smooth...
Very pleasant and professional representatives with fair and reasonable rates. Highly recommended.
Great communication. Kept me advised of where we were in the processing of my application.
Great follow-up and communication throughout the process
Great product and value, excellent customer service! I won’t be around to review delivery of coverage.
Easy to apply and great rates
Great online and via phone service.
Great experience. Very quick.
The Ethos Life application was just as described, timely with an immediate result. I could not have been happier with the process and the outcome. In a period of less than 10 minutes I applied and was approved with an extremely competitve rate versus other quotes I had preciously aquired. This and no worry about finding time to schedule an exam or receive additional phone calls.
Decent user experience. A little disappointed in the time it took to process everything (although this was most likely not the fault of Ethos), and the quoted rate less than half of the final rate. (If you’re going to ask questions that will lead to a surcharged policy, you should figure that into your quote.)
Easy, through, verified, done! Thank you, great concept.
Good communication.
Efficient, easy and accessible.
These guys are great! They really made purchasing a life insurance policy easy!! Any questions we had they were right there to help us through it.. highly reccomend Ethos!
Ethos made it easy to apply for a term life plan, and I was approved in less than two weeks. Premium is reasonable.
Ethos was very easy to use and follow up was good. I was able to get the pricing that was quoted to me. No hassles.
The most convenient way to buy life insurance! Would recommend.
The easiest and simplest process I have seen. I have putting off life insurance for 10 years as I hated talking to agents and taking medical test. With Ethos I was done in 10 minutes. Love it.
Easy to work with, no pressure. Simple and convenient.
Super easy to work with, very satisfied!
Thanks Ethos Life for all your support!
Excellent service. Great communication with the option to conduct business via text message.
Easy application process and approval
Ethos is quick, easy and affordable! No stress life insurance!
Excellent service great company
Easy process and came through as promised. Well done !
I sell this stuff and this was the easiest policy issuance ever!
I would recommend this product to all my family and friends. So smooth, and a cool way to apply for life insurance. Hope it stays around for a long time.
Too bad customer service.
This company is wonderful. They will tailor your policy to your needs rather than putting you in a “one size fits all”. Impressed!
Very user friendly. It was nice not having phone calls and listening to sale pitches. We did receive texts and were able to commute that way with any questions. Was a smooth process. Thank you
This is an excellent company. Never thought getting a life cover would be so easy process. Everything online, no talking, no tests, honest prices. This is a Wow!! Highly recommend this company & its services.
Easy to apply. Just answer questions asked.
Everyone I interacted with was really helpful, professional, and knowledgeable. The process went very quickly, too, which was a nice relief!
Very easy to do and also got approved.
So much better than expected. Within minutes I had applied for a policy and qualified. Within hours I had spoken to an Ethos representative and had all of my questions answered. Three days later I had a written policy in my mail box and affordable coverage for my family.
Simple, fast and efficient.
Very poor communication with email and they rarely answer their phone during business hours.
Wow what a simple way to purchase life insurance within 10 minutes I was approved. Easy application no sales pitch no annoying sales calls. Thanks Ethos.
They made it simple! I got more coverage at a better rate - can't ask for much more than that!
This is a very good life insurance option. Application is easy and quick. People are friendly and helpful when needed, but mostly this can be done online. Side benefit is that the prices are very good. Recommend highly.
The ease of experience was greatly appreciated!
Super easy. Hassle free and no BS.
Started new policy with the company and my policy information along with my personal information social security number address and more was sent to someone else. The company claims this was a mistake but how do you make a huge of a mistake like that as far as sending someone else information out and want me to contact the credit bureaus
Incredibly smooth and very responsive experience. Highly recommended. Do your research and you won’t be disappointed.
Amazing service, effortless application! Thank you
Positive experience, process was quite lengthy.
My husband and I both signed up. They were helpful along the way and answered any questions we had.
The online application process was very convenient and they offered a good value for the coverage as compared to other companies.
Did a poor job
Extremely efficient easy application process & took less than a week for approval. Compared premiums from many insurance companies & Ethos Life had the best rates. Medical not required. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
Started out good... the application process was easy, but once I tried to change things or ask additional/detailed questions to the brokers at Ethos they were clueless. I was routed back to the insurance company and then the process became even more convoluted.
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