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Esurance Online Insurance Reviews

Company Name: Esurance
Overall average rating of 2 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 12 %
After being a Geico customer for 15 years with little activity other than OTHER PEOPLE hitting my car, they increased my premium to a ridiculous amount. I left and went to Esurance whose premium was considerably lower. Been with them 1 year. My beloved car has seen the end of its days and time for a new one. Upon the decision to purchase, I called Esurance for a quote on this newer car (2006). When the premium came back very reasonable, I made the decision to purchase the car. NOW the Esurance madness began. Not picking up the car till this Sat so don't need insurance till then. (Why pay more for days I don't need?) Called back. Oh... "Quote only good for 24 hours" so now it was $100 more. What? Then told "Well I can't give you a temporary unless it is 24 hours so I'll have to get approval. So, why not call on Friday for the Insurance for Saturday." Ok, tried again on Wed and then again on Thursday. In fact on hold right now after 3rd Thursday call. Each time the premium went up! 24 hours. Really... I called within same 1 hour went up $100. So now the premium which was $1,200 went to $1,500 and NOTHING was different, same car, same state, same requested coverage. NOTHING. When I asked for an explanation, "Oh it comes from our manufacturer." WHAT? As far as I am concerned, I'm paying YOU. I expect you to provide me with an explanation of why in 1 hour the premium went up and in two days went up to $300 for no reason? Naturally I'm on hold not getting anywhere. So I'm writing here to warn people. Dumping this insurance company and contacting my state's attorney general's office.
I tried to get a quote from Esurance. They kept taking me back to the same screen over and over. I never did get a quote even though I answered all the questions. I'll just stick with my current insurance company now that I've heard so many negative things about Esurance. I'm glad I didn't give them my phone number. I've heard they call you relentlessly!
It was easy to start up, customer service was awesome and very helpful. I was able to go online. Fill out all information requested and print off proofs immediately. Convenience of that was super nice and easy process. I was walked right through step by step. However, there was no local office to stop into. My monthly bill was average too. I found a company that provided coverage for less. For people unable to print would be nice for them to send a copy out as well that way everyone has a paper copy. I switch companies and they sent a check right away. They were very understanding.
My car was involved in a hit and run December 2016. The auto shop they sent me to Service King was not good. They couldn't fix my car until February 2017. Also never estimated all the damages to my car. Esurance wouldn't completely fix my car. Some of the damages are not from the accident. Not true! When I put my claim in external and internal damages was S stated to Esurance. I was a loyal customer for years with two vehicles. Esurance only wants to pay so much out and that's it. There should never be a limit to fixing a car after the vehicle is damaged, or cash out. Also went up on my insurance, I canceled my insurance. The best could have done. I have 45 dollar savings a month, with extras I couldn't afford with Esurance.
Esurance claims to be cheap. They are not. They were charging me $50 more/month for car insurance. Their customer service sucks. They lost my file and I ended up sitting on the phone with them for 2 hours while they tried to find me. To get a discount I had to get a Drive safe chip to put in my car. When I canceled I had to return it. I spent 45 minutes on the phone everyday after work trying to get a hold of someone who would send me the information so I could send it back. No one likes sitting on the phone for simple things. And no one likes being charged out the ** for car insurance.
This company is easy to work with and accepts change easily. I needed to change my insurance policy on short notice and they worked with me quickly and happily. The people on the phone are very attentive as well. I was never in an accident so no experience with filing a claim.
I can't begin to explain the lack of service I've received from Esurance! Horrible! We submitted a claim for our vehicle and heard from the adjustor before anyone at Esurance. We kept the appointment and had her come out and all was great. I called my claim rep. because I had yet to hear back from anyone other than her. I left him a message since he was on vacation! A couple of days later (still no call back from claim rep.), my adjustor called back and I explained I haven't had a conversation yet with Mr. Steve **! She said, "Oh really? Well, I see here that the check is already in the mail." "Okay," I said. Well that was easy! (So I thought!) A couple of days later, I don't see a check in the mail. I called Steve ** again. No answer. I left a message. No call back. (It's been over a month now and no call back!)I then received a letter that my claim is under investigation due to me being uncooperative! Are you serious? So, I called the Esurance 800 number and talked with an extremely rude customer service rep in their Dallas office, Holly **! I explained to her that I'm pretty upset that I still have a hole in my roof over a month after I placed my claim. She goes on to follow up my statement with, "Let’s get one thing clear. It’s your responsibility to cover that hole while your claim is under review and Esurance will not be liable for any additional damages!" I think to myself, “You must be kidding me. Did that just come out of her mouth?” I bit my tongue and said, “Yes, I understand!” She brought up my account and started reading my account notes out loud. I went to explain additional items that may not be in my notes and she said, "Well, if you let me finish reading your file, I might be able to help you." Wow! I quickly interrupted her and requested a supervisor. I asked for her direct supervisor contact information as well as the supervisor of Steve ** who also worked at that office and his supervisors information. She passed me on to his voicemail knowing that he too is on vacation and won't be in until next week! As soon as I get this claim settled, I will be leaving Esurance and I will make a negative post about their lack of customer care every opportunity I get - Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, any and every opportunity I get! It's unfortunate that due to these two individuals, I am now anti-Esurance. The company shouldn't suffer for the lack of customer care these two individuals have provided, but I will. For all companies out there, be picky about who answers your phones and interacts with your customers because they will be what brand your company in the industry and these two people, Steve ** and Holly ***, did the worst possible job I could ever imagine. You have lost me, my family and anyone else I can talk out of becoming a customer! FYI, training customer service and sales representatives are what I do for a living and I can tell you right now, Esurance knows nothing about customer care!
As a recent victim of hurricane Irma here in South Florida, I attempted to access a service offered due to the hardship of the storm. Without power or email at home, I received an email through my phone on Monday reminding me of an automatic payment withdrawal for my monthly premium was coming in a few days. I went online and accessed the "change a payment date" option and selected the offered option for a deferred payment; after the date was selected an immediate message popped up that the date was successfully changed. This morning the originally scheduled debt cleared my bank account and now my hardship has multiplied... The service turned out to be a disservice and has obviously created several other problems as a result.
I canceled my policy in January because the rates were adjusted for because of the "annual" reassessment and I found rates lower than what I was paying before the adjustment. I had the drive sense and was told I had 30 days from the day my policy ended in mid-February to return the device. I asked if I could return it early and was told I could. I sent the device back using the label they sent me and even received confirmation of its delivery from UPS.Fast forward to the beginning of March and I received a bill for the restocking fee of the device. I called them to let them know I sent it back and the rep had to put me on hold for 8 minutes while she searched for proof it was delivered. I gave her the date it was delivered and the name of the person who signed for it. She then said ok and she would waive the restocking fee. I thought the matter closed until 4/11 when I got a call from a collection agency regarding my non-payment of the restocking fee. They threatened my credit number and they even went as far as to say if I had paid my bills they wouldn't need to call me.I sent the agency proof of the waived fee and then I called Esurance to find out why it was turned over to collections when I already took care of everything back in January. The rep said their computers were down and she couldn't access the system and it should be resolved in a week. When I said that was unacceptable I was told their system was down and that is the best they could do. Long story short I now have to wait a week to see this resolved. I left them because they're system was always down and there are better rates to be had elsewhere and this is just one more example of the horrible customer service they offer. Their hold times are outrageous. Their system seems to be down all the time. They have no empathy for their customers or those they inconvenience and their "too bad, so sad" attitude is absolutely unacceptable.
I got a quote from Esurance and immediately insured my vehicles with them. I have been happy with it until my son returned home from AIT after having been gone a year. He had bought a new car first thing. We wanted him to be able to drive it and had no problem. When Esurance was more expensive, he went with USAA which was much cheaper. Who wants to be on their mom's insurance anyway. We had just checked to see what was affordable.Well it seems that was unacceptable. Esurance has sent multiple emails informing me I must send them information on his policy. His policy is none of my business even if I am his mom. He has since moved to a town two hours away. When I get to talk to him I'm not asking. The woman on the phone was that condescending nice. She informed me well if they didn't get it my policy would be canceled. Go for it. Beware folks, don't bother trying to get a quote unless you are adding it. This isn't how I do business! If there is nothing for you to do leave me alone.
I initially wasn't sure about whether to get a policy. I filled out part of the website application before bailing on the whole process. Minutes later a representative called me and asked me what it would take for me to complete my application. Through our interaction I was able to put my misgivings to rest and had insurance from Esurance later that same week. I like their availability. Because they are based online and because that is the format with which I am most well versed I am able to fully understand all the services they have to offer without ever needing to speak to anyone in person. For some people a negative would be their lack of brick and mortar facilities. Face to face interaction does have a certain appeal that this company simply isn't able to bring. But that is neither a concern nor a deal breaker for me. Would recommend to a friend.
I chose Esurance because I was in an accident and the gentleman who caused the accident had Esurance. Their customer support at that time and since I have begun using them has always been pleasant and helpful. It is nice talking to people over the phone who are pleasant and understanding.
My family members were involved in an accident in May 2015 and was handled by Esurance. Esurance called them to settle the claim on the vehicle and when we were going over the settlement they seriously undervalued the truck. I ask for a copy of their evaluation and when I received it everything was rated at a low/average private category. They refused to raise it even though the vehicle was in excellent condition. I called a company I was referred to and they negotiated on our behalf. They got the settlement up 3999.00 +tax. I would recommend anyone going through them to call this company. I couldn't believe the difference. He explained they do this all the time and a standard business practice for them. If anyone needs help with their settlement call them at **. They're not attorneys so they wouldn't be any help with injuries but they know cars.
My overall experience with Esurance has been good. Purchasing my policy was easy and convenient. I was able to do everything online, and my payments come out of my account automatically so I don't have to worry about it. I like that everything can be done online so I don't have to deal with a local agent. It is convenient to be able to make payments, policy changes, etc. online. I also like their rates. I get excellent coverage for less than other companies charge. I also like that I can choose the exact coverage and deductibles that work best for me. The biggest thing for me that I would like improve is the rates. Their rates are lower than other companies, but insurance rates in general are high. The city I live in has the highest rate of vehicle theft so I'm forced to pay higher rates. In twenty years, I have only had one claim for minor damage that happened in a parking lot by an unknown vehicle. I have paid out, but have only one $1500 claim in twenty years. I shouldn't be punished for other people's claims.
Had policy with them for my auto for three years. Moved to another state and they're quite was too high so I cancelled before my due date. Now they're trying to charge me a $50 cancellation fee which was never made clear on the phone call to cancel my policy. Never made a claim, never paid late and I canceled three days before next premium due. I called and they were unapologetic and says "Sorry the customer service associate failed to do his job correctly. But we charge a $50 charge to cancel in your state." How shady and dirty is that. Don't use them ever!
Less costly than other companies. Very prompt and fair on claims. Easy to contact and reps are very knowledgeable.
I was absolutely floored when I received a letter stating that my Premium was being increased $780.00 for 6 months. Yes I rear ended someone in October. Approx. $3000.00 was paid out for my car but nothing was paid out on the other car. My monthly payment is going from $214.00 to $351.00. That is just insane. I've never heard of Insurance going up that high. I'll be shopping around. Very disappointing. I always thought they were such a great company to deal with. But this changed my views.
Reasonable Price - they offer a price we can afford and allow us to compare prices with other companies. They have good coverage for the price. We have tried to compete with other local companies but the prices were higher. The best thing they provide is coverage equal to bigger companies at a smaller price. And I like the fact that some companies provide money back when you don't make a claim for 6 months. But Esurance is a small company and online. Therefore, we don't always have the opportunity to speak to a person face to face or visit an actual building. If there is a problem we need to call or go online.
I got in a car accident on Feb 13th 2015 and it is now May 28th 2015. Esurance has done nothing to help resolve my case. My truck was totaled causing motor damage and obviously cosmetic damage which made the vehicle unsafe to drive all at no fault of my own. This happening during a long move from nor cal to so cal losing all my belongings in my truck bed as well. I also received injuries to my neck and back which is now causing me pain and issues. My insurance adjuster ** only left me an email stating for me to contact the opposing insurance company and they will handle it. ** never contacted the other insurance company he never relayed information about the case or the police report. The opposing insurance Bristol west had claimed that on that end it was reported as a hit and run on Feb 17th 2015. So on top of it all the person that hit me is committing insurance fraud.The opposing insurance company (Bristolwest) ** could never get ahold of ** through esurance or the supervisor **. ** through Bristol west is also reluctant to help obviously as he is not my insurance provider he also denies the ability to get a copy of the police report and my Insurance adjuster ** will not return his calls or mine. So needless to say I have had to do all the insurance work myself. Losing time at work and sleep through this extremely stressful situation which still has not been resolved. If anything I hope that a consumer reads this review and decides against going with Esurance.This has been the worst ordeal I have had to go through and if all else fails hopefully with this review will save someone else from having to go through the same situation. Being stuck with no vehicle and no help. I lost all my belonging and still currently being seen for neck and back problems. Please take this review seriously. It has been the worst 3 and a half months of my life. I am lost and backed in a corner. From this point I assume I'll have to find a lawyer or take some legal action as I can't resolve this myself. I'll post pictures as well as a picture of what was recovered of my belonging which was basically nothing.
Before purchasing an insurance policy, I specifically asked if there was a cancellation fee or penalty for early cancellation. I explained I would only need the policy for a few weeks while I was borrowing a car from a friend, as my main vehicle (insured elsewhere) as in the shop. I was assured not once, but twice, by the rep that "California has no early cancellation fee." This was the only reason I purchased a temporary policy through Esurance. Went to cancel the policy today, and oops... "I don't know why an Esurance rep would have told you there's no cancellation fee, but there is, and it's $50." So to drive an 13 year old pick up truck around town for two weeks cost me just over $70. Had I known this, I would have simply added the vehicle to my standard policy through my regular insurance company. Totally unacceptable and I would recommend you steer clear of this company. Their customer service is non-existent.
A few weeks ago, I visited the website and updated the mileage on one of our two vehicles. Shortly after, we received notice that our 6 month premium would rise from approximately $600 to $3,900, WHAT???!!! ! I called back 3 times and was told on one call that it wasn't the mileage, but was some kind of rate adjustment according to our ZIP code, that there were many claims in our area so they had to raise the rates. We have had no tickets, no accidents and one our vehicles seldom leaves the driveway. I was dumbfounded.We have been with Esurance since around about 2006 and I was thrilled to find them and their low rates. I told them I would shop. I shopped and found something comparable with USAA for my old rates. Even when calling back to tell them I found something comparable, there was nothing they could do. I am speechless. I guess they're part of All-State now.
I insured my home and three cars with this company Esurance. I got home proof of insurance too. A few days later I called to make a correction to the name of the city in my address. I was informed that since they do not insure more than 4 attached townhomes, my insurance is cancelled! They pretty much said their so called "Trained Staff" made a mistake. Of course half an hour later I bought insurance somewhere else. I do not know how I had at least 3 other insurance companies last 8 years I owned my house. Be very cautious with this company.
After being with Esurance for 5 years and never having a ticket or claim, I got rear-ended. Esurance told me that because there was a car that fled, they would have to pay to repair the damage and I would be responsible for the deductible. I then received an email requesting that I update my driving mileage. I gave a rough estimate of how many miles I was driving per year and the next thing I know my policy increased $80/month. I found it coincidental that the increase followed my first claim and one in which I wasn't even at fault! I called and was told I would get a response in 24-48 hours, I never did. I called back and was basically told there was nothing they could do for me. I was understandably angry and they never even once tried to retain me as a customer. What a joke of a company. Steer clear of this insurance company.
Since I enrolled with Esurance my premium has increased every time it renews. It went from $386 every 6 months to $469 and now $639! When I contacted Esurance I was told it is for a state "rate plan change" and one speeding violation. The speeding violation happened a year ago and was included in the previous 6 mos. premium ($469). Just beware when enrolling in this insurance plan because they bait you in with one amount and steadily increase the premium at each renewal.
So I signed up with Esurance a few months ago. They ran my driving record and gave me a very good quote. Two months later, my insurance premium went up US$40 per month on top of what I already paid. I called them and they said they had updated driving record but I had no accidents or tickets after I signed up. I agreed to pay more money and moved on. The next month, my premium went up US$60 more!!! I finally got tired of them and cancelled my policy 4 days before my next month started (month to month policy). They were supposed to give me some money back since I cancelled my policy 4 days before my coverage period ended but instead, they pulled $123.58 out my bank account a few days after. I called the company looking for answers to this matter but they were not able to give me a good explanation other than my policy is being reviewed by some agents. This company is a joke in my opinion and I wouldn't recommend anybody getting insurance through them.
My car got hit by a woman that had esurance. She was at fault. The woman was driving very fast and while I was waiting at stop light her truck hit my driver side, she kept on driving and finally stop her truck on the opposite side of the main road, clearly she knew what she did but when she called her insurance she changed her story, and esurance decline liability. The total bill is almost $ 5,000.00. They never answer my calls and it is obvious that they are doing this to a lot of people. I WILL TAKE THIS CASE TO COURT because I was left without vehicle with a very large bill that does not have anything to do with me. This insurance will get into a lot a problems, what they are doing is wrong.
My son is still receiving mail. He was murdered in 2009. Please remove his name from your mailing list. Thank you. Mitchell's mom.
Was not told about $50 cancelation fee and was treated very poorly by customer service reps when trying to cancel. I was even hung up on during the call!! I would not recommend this auto insurance to anyone. I was a loyal customer for several years and they increased my rates for no reason.
Great company as far as pricing even with a somewhat bad record, and only takes about a half hour to get your car enrolled. After that, however, the customer service pretty much stops. Unless you're late I am assuming, then I am sure they will hit you up. If you get full coverage I am sure they will take care of you, because that is when they care, but if you are going for part coverage like I did, I wish you luck. I was hit by an irresponsible driver with part coverage and Esurance didn't help me do anything really. My "agent" took the claim then didn't answer calls or emails for weeks, until I wrote in to complain at which point a manager called once, only to never return any calls back. I never did get a single ounce of help with them for the accident. I had to do all the back and forth with the insurance and figure things out for myself. The other insurance company helped me more than Esurance ever did. Because of all's been a month and a half and this is still not over. Esurance sucks...worst customer service in history. I'm going to dump them as soon as I can find another company.
They are always very pleasant, courteous, and easy to reach. Very affordable! When I make a call with multiple reason, I am not forwarded to a million people and if I am forwarded, I am not on hold for long amounts of time. I love that it is all online so you do not get a bunch of letters in the mail. It is very easy to access everything on the website. I have only been with the insurance for a brief amount of time, but compared to my last insurance, it's heaven.
I don’t write a lot of reviews but I was so angry with Esurance for the entire time I was covered through them I decided to write one. The final straw came when they said they were canceling my insurance because I couldn't provide utility bills showing my brother doesn't reside at my parents’ house. I told them he didn't live at the address and they said he was in the same town and that was close enough. They also wanted my parents, sister, and brother license #. If I didn't provide their personal information they were canceling my insurance. They never would provide valid insurance cards and when I used their site to try and get one, they were always expired. I would call and call and they would say no problem or use the site. I think in the 5 years I had them, I only had one maybe 2 valid cards the entire time. For basic liability they were charging me 200 and I was paying it because I thought it was full coverage which I signed up for. They switched it at some point without informing me and without a rate decrease I never picked up on it. I finally had it with all their shenanigans and switch to another CO. I’m paying so much less and actually have the comfort of having a valid insurance card.
I was purchasing a new vehicle and insured my vehicle with Esurance. After a week with Esurance, they required me to have a vehicle inspection in order to keep my comp and collision coverage. I work out of town and asked if I could have my vehicle shipped to the state I’m currently working in to have it inspected. They declined, so I cancelled the policy. When I opened the policy, they required me to pay two months in advance along with monthly withdrawal. I kept the policy for only 3 weeks and they kept $130 - plus of my money for early withdrawal. I can't believe that Allstate attach their names to these crooks. I'm an auto insurance adjuster for the largest auto insurer and they would never do such bogus thing. I live in the state of FL and the rates are so high I couldn't get coverage with my own company. I have now changed to Progressive who is not requiring me. I know that most people who take this type of insurance is not educated about how insurance works. I would like to start a class action suit on Esurance because they are cheating lots of consumers out of their money in unnecessary fees.
When I saw that Esurance was "backed by Allstate," I thought the company would be viable, trustworthy, and dependable. When I switched over to their insurance services, I thought since I paid in full, and had given more than enough verifying information about myself and the car over the phone, that I would have a stress-free policy for insurance. This has been far from the truth. I have been hung up on by their hold queues after sitting on hold for sometimes 30+ minutes. Not to mention, they have a "call back note" in which no one in the underwriting department will ever get back with you. They had said I needed to verify my current address. They said this could be done via fax, phone, mail, or email. I had emailed and faxed them various documents - no response. I tried calling only to get hung up on.Because of all this now, in the State of Michigan, I am now forced to pay higher rates on my policy I obtained because they were unreliable and poor at communicating with clients. Prior to Esurance, I had a great rating since I had been with my insurance company for over 6 years. It's really sad that they advertise themselves as "insurance for the modern world" because no modern person would want to sit on hold or receive confirmation about sent documents. I have really lost trust in not only Esurance, but Allstate as well since they back this sort of poor business practice.
Esurance promises you a "seamless online and MOBILE experience to help take the hassle out of insurance" which is false! I've had a policy with them since 2015. I trusted Esurance to insure my first home as a first home-buyer. I filed my first claim in 2016 for hail damage. I had a contractor/friend tell me he seen hail damage to my gutters, which made him think I should have someone come out from my insurance company to access. I called; an adjuster came out and found nothing! (Mind you, they came to my correct address-Primary Residence.) In the meantime, I requested for my email address and mailing address to be updated. Esurance showed my previous address as my mailing address, although I never had any policies with them through my previous home. They never updated it.Fast forwarding to now, June 16, 2017, Bellevue NE experienced a EF2 tornado and I had significant damage to my home. I called Saturday, June 17, 2017 to file a claim. I was told I had to "itemize" every piece of chicken, package of ribs, etc. that I threw out of my freezer (located in my garage) because we were out of power for 2.5 days and other folks in my area 4 days. I still haven't received payment for my food. My parents have USAA. They immediately deposited the money for food during their initial conversation. The insurance lady, Stacey, was very sweet and empathetic to the natural disaster we experienced. On Monday, June 19, I asked Stacey to review my policy with me because I have 4-5 holes in my roof and over 120+ damaged shingles. She explained in January 2017, my policy was changed, REMOVING, the RCV (extended roof coverage).My initial thoughts were, "Who removed this?" Later, it was found that Esurance did because of the age of my roof. It was 10 yrs old. To notify me of this policy change, Esurance emailed me on the INCORRECT email address, then sent hard copies of this information to the INCORRECT address. The mail was returned back to them: INVALID ADDRESS! In the notes, it also says, "DID NOT CALL THE CUSTOMER" even after they received and NOTED my account of the returned mail with the important policy change to the incorrect address.The employee Justin (policy worker) ** advised me Esurance is a online web based company and I am responsible for updating them with my address. Although, my address NEVER changed!?? I never had them cover my rental. That insurance was through USAA. I asked Justin, "Do you guys not have an audit team? Someone who reviews to see why documents were returned, why does her policy show a different address to be insured but her mailing address doesn't change? Or better yet, CALL HER???" I took this information as, "Sorry that you're the paying customer, and that you have holes in your roof, paid your premium in advance-through 2018, but it's still not our fault!" As the paying customer, who assumed that I had the initial coverage that I signed up for in 2015. I am now, getting ready to pay thousands of dollars, due to a mishap, gap, and awesome customer service by Esurance.Justin made a point to tell me, "We are an online based company; we do not have to call you! We communicate through email!" So, if you're a Esurance customer, CHANGES will be made, as they see fit to your policy. They will NOT call you because they "assume" your email address is correct and valid. Even if they receive RETURN mail, they assume you will log in and see the policy changes because you should (assume) pay attention to everything, even when it NEVER reaches you. It will be your fault when a tornado comes and rips shingles, manipulate shingles, lifts nails and puts holes in your roof. YOU will come out thousands of dollars on the behalf of your insurance company not upholding their part of the bargain.I've since spoken with Esurance 4-5 times, and every time I speak to them, they say, "I will update your email address." I'm sure it's not. I'm sure the incorrect address is still showing and when another issue happens, it will be my fault again. I would highly suggest you pay a higher premium at a different insurance company to ensure you get proper coverage, good customer service, rest assurance and peace of mind. Do not use Esurance, AllState, or any other insurance company with lower premiums. As a new homeowner, you will be screwed and all responsibility will be lifted off of them and put on you.
They're really fast but getting expensive. I've had them for years but it doesn't matter.
I was in an accident with someone who had Esurance. They were at fault & accepted liability. My car repairs took over a month & when I got my car back, it was not complete. I was NEVER provided the estimate prior to the final bill. When I drove the car away, I immediately called & let them know the issues. I was told that these things were not from the accident which they were. They retracted their statement about 2 of the items & said they would be fixed. But, the main issue with how it was driving, I would have to obtain an inspection on my dime, which I did. Now they are saying a 2nd inspection needs to be done & paid by me again! They have 2 stories on why: 1st is that they said they called the inspector & that they "retracted their statement that it was caused by the accident" & now saying that it is because there is not a cost for the inspection on the paperwork. It is a line item as I had to pay out of pocket for an alignment before they could finish the inspection. I spoke to Kia about both & they said they never retracted their statement & did do an inspection! Esurance is horrible to work with & made huge mistakes in this claim from the beginning & trying to make me pay for their mistakes!
Rates being more than doubled... for a parking lot accident that caused a scratch on a bumper which could have been buffed out for $30.00. Instead they find me 100% at fault and awarded the other driver over $750.00. I repeat: parking lot accident which resulted in a scratched bumper = $750.00 claim with me being found 100% at fault and my rates being more than doubled. And now the supervisor, **, is out and out lying about everything we discussed and magically the recording of our conversation has vanished. Another thing to note is that I mentioned to every person I spoke to at esurance that they are forcing me to switch companies and not one person asked me to stay because they value me as a customer. No urgency at all to keep me as a client. All they said was: "ok". Do not use esurance.
Esurance has been inexpensive, has had good customer service, ease of use, coverage has been fine when needed. Through several years of insuring two cars we have only had one fender bender, and everything was taken care of quickly. Plus the website is easy to use. It is easy to get your cards online when you lose one. It is easy to change a policy and to make a claim. Overall, we have had a positive experience. And we have been satisfied so far.
I have had Esurance for nearly a year, was pretty satisfied until here recently. October of this year things went terrible wrong. Esurance added my grandson to my insurance policy without my permission, charged me 85 dollars to take him off, seriously, charged me 85 dollars and felt justified in doing so. My grandson just obtained his license in July. His address is different from mine, even if it was the same as my address does not mean he is driving my automobile. I asked where did they obtain this information, they said from a third party....ooook.... They would not reverse the charges. They said I did not respond in a timely manner. I had 10 to 15 days to respond, I responded in 10 days...twice. This story goes on. Their customer care service is terrible, got transferred from one location to another, time and time again. Got lied to time and time again. They took an 85 dollar payment without my permission. Had to cancel debit card. Don't ** with Esurance they will **!!!!!!.. And they don't bend you over to do... Now I got to hunt for insurance, again.
My husband deals with them more than I do... no complaints thus far. I like that everything is accessible through internet, which makes things efficient, fast, reliable, and good. I like to document my transactions.
I called emergency roadside assistance because our truck stalled and they took two and a half hours to get to us. We were waiting in 98-degree weather with three dogs and limited food and water. When we first called, they said it would take 60 minutes. Well, at 85 minutes, we called and they said, “Anytime now. The driver is looking for you.” Half hour goes by, still no show. I called again and this time, the agent said she can't locate my initial request and had no record that we had called in the first place. Now angry, dehydrated and almost dying from heat stroke, I insisted on talking to a supervisor. Finally, after 20 minutes, they said, “Oh yes, the driver will be there shortly.” It took a total of two and a half hours for the tow truck to show up. We were in the middle of a heat wave. What if we were in the middle of a snowstorm? We would have certainly died then. As it is, one of our dogs was suffering badly and I thought she was going to die for sure. Do not use Esurance unless you want to put your life and your family's lives in danger.
In Jan of 2014, my daughter had an accident which the adjuster declared a total. I am the lien holder on the car. In Feb her claim was sent to another handler. This person Joanna ** was out of the office most of the month so no one was able to help. My daughter was not contacted until mid March when she finally called the person who was handling the claim prior to Ms. **. Ms. ** was sending emails to the wrong email address. They insisted on obtaining title before a written agreement was established. They took the vehicle from the home without authorization in April. We had to drive across town (I live 1 hr away from Tampa) to the junk yard the car was taken to, another hour of my time, and back totaling 4 hrs, to get personal belongings.Ms. ** lied about them having permission and said they had the keys. They did not. Last week Ms. ** emailed a power of Attorney to my daughter for me to sign. Today June 13 she emails a title for me to sign. In April I requested Ms. ** not handle this claim because of her incompetency. I asked the address of the claims office so we could go there and sign all papers needed and get a check. They refused to give me the address. It has now been over 6 mo. and no car or check. I finally purchased a vehicle out of pocket so she could get to work and get her daughter to and from school functions. This is the first problem she has had with Esurance in the more than 10 yrs she has been their customer. Since Allstate has taken over, this company has definitely gone down hill.
I have a 20 year old son who moved out of our household. I transferred the title of one our vehicles into his own name, and he had the car insured under his own name. In order to remove him from my auto policy, they said I needed to show proof of his new policy and proof he was no longer in our household. I both emailed this information and faxed this information at least 3 times in a period of 5 days. This entire process started on July 19, 2013. After about 5 days of getting the runaround and not removing him, I just cancelled the policy and went with another insurance company that gave me a better deal anyway. On August 9, 2013, I get a call from an Esurance representative saying that they are sorry but they needed my son's consent to remove him from my policy? This is after my policy has been cancelled for about 18 days. This obviously is not good customer service at all. Now if you want to add someone to your policy, they will gladly take your money immediately.
When I filed my taxes recently, I listed our family car as having been used for business since I used it twice last year to drive 7 miles to our rental property. I received no tax deduction for this. It's not surprising since the calculation was that the vehicle was used for business 0.1% of the time last year. However, Esurance quickly contacted me about this and said there would be a $53 business surcharge for this 0.1% of business activity. The customer service people were pleasant enough, but were also unwilling to forego this $53 business surcharge. It seems pretty clear that Esurance just have their hands in my pocket on this. I was honest in filing my taxes, got no benefit from the IRS, but still had to pay an extra fee to Esurance. Beware!
You may enjoy low sign on rates with Esurance. But they hiked my rate up twice in the first two years. The first was up $15 (not bad) in 6 months. The second hike was up $57.00. No driving record change. Said it was a statewide increase. Thanks for rewarding my good driving Esurance. I'm moving elsewhere.
Esurance were adorable and didn't treat me badly just because my husband had two recent tickets. They were also quick to act when I needed roadside assistance. They were great... Until they turned on me. I was dropped after two accidents even though I wasn't at fault. We weren't told of this until we got a letter in the mail after they'd canceled us so we had to pay extra because of a lack of insurance. Dropping me for something I wasn't at fault for and not telling me about it was very low and unprofessional.
March 29th I hit a deer. I carry comprehensive insurance. I called Esurance and filed a claim. I own a 2008 Suzuki Forenza, which is still under manufacturing warranty. Five months ago, I had a new transmission installed and battery. Yet esurance insisted the car should be totaled. They offered me less than $4500. I refused that robbery. They then told me they spent $200 to $300 for a private company to make a comparable report. This company, CCC, supposedly came up with the same $ amount. If I had a problem, I would have to produce receipts for the work done on the car. I sent them that.Next they wanted me to tell them where I looked for a replacement car. I gave them the web site. There was a 2006 Suzuki forenza for $7100.00 and a few other cars similar between 6 and 7 thousand. After seeing this they still refused to give me a fair price. Now they are telling me I have to pay an appraiser $200 to $300 and that they will consider his results. They were also going to hire an appraiser. Why do they have to hire another appraiser, if they are so confident they have good numbers? Oh, to add insult to injury, they told me they found a car just like mine for $4500. I told them I saw that car for sale and it has a manual transmission, where mine is an automatic. Also, I have an mp3 and that car doesn't. The agent knew all this but hoped I didn't.At this point, the agent offered me $5200. I will accept nothing at this point but a replacement car of equal value. It is obvious, they don't care about the consumer. I just started using them as my home insurance and I plan to find a different company and cancel with them. The last thing that seemed odd was their insistence to have my title and take my car. They are car thieves with a good cover. Warn everyone you see.
Although, we haven't had to file a claim yet. I felt I needed to tell you our experience regarding esurance so far. Raising rate for no reason? higher rates after renewals? rate hikes for late payments??? I honestly don't get it. At least here in MN, we've experienced no issues whatsoever with them, though they have certainly experienced issues with us as customers. Late payments, mostly, several times...we have received 2 cancellation notices from them in the mail, but have paid before the policy expired, with only a slight late fee, like 5 bucks or something. Same as a late payment fee. One can avoid the late payment fee, if you change the payment due date before or on the original due date, but only get 3 days grace period, usually enough for us. We recently renewed our policy. 1st payment to renew was actually about 10 bucks less than our actual policy rate, and counted as our first month's premium. Never asked for it in advance, though was notified in advance. Then 2 months rate was the same as it always was. The only penalties we incurred was when we had to move the payment date past the allowed 3 day grace period of the original scheduled date. I like how you can change the payment date. It could be a little better sometimes because we can't always pay it within 3 days of the original date, so then we do get the late fee, but it's not bad at all, so?? Other insurance companies would have for sure raised our rates or kicked us to the curb, some at least. So it must either vary by state or there's a lot of people filing false negative reports here in some sort of smear campaign. Now if we ever do need to file a claim and they definitely screw us, only then will my opinion be swayed on this company. I don't believe everything I read, neither should you. Try them out. If they seem fishy, find another company then.
Esurance keeps harassing me in the middle of policy execution. Never in my life I had similar experience. Its underwriting department keeps treasure hunting in the middle of policy execution, threatening on premium hike and cancellation. My son is a full-time student in college. He is away from home and won't have access to my car. He won't drive unless he comes home on vacation. At that time, I would always call Esurance and add him to my policy and removed him after he left. It worked for a well until a few days ago, Esurance called me saying that I either to include him or exclude him on my policy, or cancel my policy. I talked to their manager, telling her about the situation. She was reasonable, telling me for my case all I need is to submit his class schedule to approve that he is full-time student. I did more than that. I sent the receipt of his tuition fee and class schedule over. However, Esurance is harassing me again, saying that the receipt is not acceptable and that the schedule doesn't have the information they need. I didn't produce the class schedule. The school did. Now they are asking for transcript. Who do they think they are to inspect my son's transcript?
I shop for new Auto Insurance quotes every 4-6 months to help ensure I always receive the best prices available. In the past, any time I received quotes from Esurance, I was able to choose month-to-month payments, as paying nearly $1,000 in one lump-sum is virtually impossible for most people to do. Today, I was excited to see that my quote with Esurance is a much better price/value than my current auto insurance company. However, when attempting to checkout, I was unable to change from pay-in-full to month-to-month payments. What's going on Esurance? You're losing customers (myself and my mother, at a minimum, as we both received better quotes from you than either of our current companies)!
My experience with my old insurance was among few regulate words, a service not bad but not as good as my lived experience with it was a little stressful because they are ** in some cases about giving answers with respect to payments that required for certain parts of my cars. Attention sometimes varied branches of the company in California. Some days were good, some days were not so good. Would give a recommendation to expand the field of efficiency when solve problems and make timely payments with extensive communication between the company and customers.
I became a customer of Esurance around Nov of 2012. At the time I had no tickets or accidents and my husband had just gotten a speeding ticket (45 in a 35). I had no problems until May of 2013 when Esurance tried to raise my premium because I called to report that they had my information wrong. I told the representative that my name was Paula not Paul, and that my zip code had been changed by the post office. I told them my new zip code and the representative said my premium would be going up because my zip wasn't found. It was too new, so they put me in another zip code that had higher premiums because of where it was! I didn't move. The post office changed my zip. Not my fault. Right? They said that because they couldn't find my new zip they had to issue a zip close to mine!?!?? My premium went up over 100 dollars!! I told them I wouldn't renew. I wasn't going to until a customer service agent called and said my zip code had been added and my premium went down 200 dollars! Then last November I hit a pole in a bank parking lot. They paid for the damage, raised my insurance over 200 dollars, then went back in 4 months later and took another 130 dollars! When I ask they said it was for a speeding ticket my husband had that they had missed way back when we signed up!! I think they are a flakey company and I am NOT renewing my policy!!
I just switched from Esurance. We've been with them 5 years with no claims against them. The reason I switched is that I needed to add my daughter and they wanted to more than double my policy. I switched to a plan with another company for less than half what they wanted me to pay at Esurance.
Affordable rates offered. Very user-friendly site that allows you to make changes easily. Also can quote potential changes (new cars, drivers, coverage limits, etc) with no hassles. Sign up process was easy. Renewals are never crazy increases. No complaints!!
About a week after starting a policy, they started calling on a daily basis & emailing about a person I didn't know not being listed on my policy. They were going to cancel my policy or jack up my rates because their underwriters see someone else lives here. Well, no one else lives here! The person they were talking about was a former resident of the unit I now live in. I told them I live in an apartment and the person they are referring to must've been a resident before I was but that wasn't good enough. They expected me to add this person, so I ended up cancelling my policy and going with a better company that doesn't harass me over someone I don't know.
The son of their insured hit our car on 17 Apr. It is now 14 May and they have not done anything. Their adjuster is always out of office and she will not call back. I have sent the call record from the police station and we have not heard from them.
I have not had to file any claims with this company and I have had no problems. The customer service was great when we set up the plan. And everything was sent through email so I could print it up.
I moved to a low crime area from a high crime area and they raised my insurance and took a double payment when my husband's insurance went down. Because of our moved they caused me to have overdraft fees and bounced checks. They gave me some lame excuse that my garaging zip code wasn't updated which is bs. That is only if you live in 2 homes so they finally admitted the mistake and said they would credit it on my next contract and I said "I'm not renewing with you please return my over payment" and they still haven't. Now they say it is going under review. It makes no sense. This company is a total rip off. I hope there is a class action law suit. If there is count me in.
I switched to Esurance probably 7 years ago after my son had been rear-ended by an Esurance customer. At that time the company was superlative in every way and so I canceled my policy at the time and went with Esurance. In 2015 upon moving to another state, I continued with Esurance auto and added Homeowners. Sometime between 2007 and 2015... Esurance became an Allstate company and the result is disastrous.I have spent HOURS in 2016 trying to clear up errors on their part that caused jumps in my rates of $500... twice. Once on the auto which was squared away and shown to be THEIR fault... not mine. And now all of a sudden the renewal on my homeowners also jumped $500 and once again I have spent hours and hours trying to clear this up. Their procedure is to just say whatever... and then do as they please. Currently on Aug 24 I received a renewal for my Homeowners slated to roll over six weeks later on Oct 5. The policy cost had gone up $500. I immediately called Esurance and told them I was not renewing at this price. I went over every line of the policy with the Licensed Representative. She could find no reason for the increase and sent the policy back to Underwriting telling me I WOULD hear from them within 48 hours. A week later and one month before the renewal was to go into effect, Esurance drafted my bank account for the first payment on the new policy which I had NOT renewed, did not accept or agree to, did not authorized and I had notified them more than 10 days prior.I took issue with this procedure but could have been talking to a wall. They refused to reverse the charge claiming it was a cancellation and as such could not be REFUNDED until the rollover date. If I had decline to renew the policy and not authorized any payment then how could this be a REFUND. I did not pay it or authorize it. They just took it.Only after numerous emails, calls and a complaint directly to the State Insurance Dept... suddenly they reversed their claims!! I did not have to wait 6 weeks to get my REFUND. Suddenly they put it through right away and despite their warnings it might be my BANK'S FAULT if it did not show up for 2 weeks... strangely my REFUND shows in my bank account today. They not only stole my money... Esurance stole my time. I went right out and got another policy locally for $1400 LESS a year than Esurance. Allstate is a horrible company and now they have made Esurance over in their model. STAY AWAY. You can do much better.
Our car was hit by an Esurance client, March 25, 2014. The accident report was 100% the Esurance client’s fault. We have been without a car since this incident. Today is May 8, 2014. Esurance is investigating the client’s health - to determine if it meets their guidelines to pay for accident (per my conversations with them over the phone). To date, we are without a car. No Rental. They want us to go thru our insurance to get help. (ISN'T that funny - go to another Insurance company to get help?) We do not want the "action" to be noted on our car insurance and do not want to put out of pocket money (car deductible) for something that is noted on police report their client’s actions. Needless to say… IN MY OPINION, they do not want to pay anything, and put the other people at no fault using their own funds and resources. I will NOT EVER buy this insurance.
My daughter was stopped at a left turn only lane. The only signal that prompts you to move is a protected green arrow (which lasts for over 17 seconds when cars are detected by the motion sensor) and if you don’t go - traffic behind you will honk. An oncoming car ran the red light and totaled the car. The other driver was nervous and seemed to be on drugs. A witness stated that he saw the red light runners’ light, after he watched the very visual accident. With the witness’ statement Esurance took 70% fault & states that my daughters (both saw the light & they were at the front of the line) “don’t recall” what part of the light sequence it was. I think my girls are smart enough to remember what happened a minute before they were almost killed by this lady. ESURANCE IS A MONEY MAKER. They are not there to support you even if the facts outweigh fiction. I have installed dash cams on mine and my mother’s vehicles because if I can be accused to be at fault when the only light you can get is a green protected arrow, think about how they will treat you! I have hired an attorney since the truth doesn’t make any difference to this company. Join a smaller company that wants to satisfy their customers. ESURANCE SUCKS... ESURANCE DOESN'T HAVE YOUR BACK... ESURANCE IS THE WORST INSURANCE COMPANY EVER! The good reviews for this company are about the price... Price doesn’t really matter when you have to hire an attorney to get to the truth. Read their reviews about claims if you really want to know how this company works.
Esurance has been great. I am always on my phone or online, and having a company that I can manage online, communicate with online, and seek help with online is very useful for me. They are very responsive and even had a representative call me while I was purchasing insurance to see if I needed help. Everything is very easy if you are computer savvy!
Every step in understanding our policy and help with changes to our home or car has been seamless. Access and answers to policy are easily seen and Americans actually answer the phone each time. Changed 2 family cars in past year and it was very easy to do online. The best aspect of working with Esurance is how clear all data is well laid out on the web page viewed to the policy. Great communication and took care of my daughter in a wonderful way.
I don't have Esurance but I got into a car accident with a girl that does. My car was totaled and it took me 3 days of nonstop calling and emailing my adjuster to get into a rental. I called several times and my phone calls were never answered and when returned they were after over 24 hours of waiting. I had to leave dozens of voicemails and send dozens of emails. Finally after reaching the settlement I was told if I gave her my bank info she would get the money transferred in and after 4 days of her not answering my calls or emails trying to give her my bank info, I called the claims department and they said they can't do that and that they have to send me a check. Before I even got word if my check was on the way I had to take my rental car back and was left without transportation. The man I spoke to in the claims department was also very rude to me and did not want to help me. All he said was "you can't have a rental car for more than 2 days after your settlement" and I told him that my car was totaled and I hadn't received my settlement so I had no way to purchase a new car. He was not interested. I asked if there was anyone else I could speak to and he said no so I was left without a car and no settlement money.
Here we have this Insurance Co. That will tell you that they give you a discount if you have medical insurance, then Esurance says “well, we need proof of your medical insurance.” “Ok ,no problem.” But then they say “well, your medical insurance company must tell us that if you have an auto accident your medical insurance will cover you,” then your medical insurance tells them “yes, she is covered and she is the primary policy holder,” but as with any accident there would be an investigation, but if your medical insurance doesn't say they will cover you regardless of fault, Esurance will not give you the discount for having medical insurance. False advertising and not good business. Don't do esurance because they lie.
Esurance's slogan "sorta you isn't you, Esurance helps make sure you only pay for what's right for you, not someone sorta like you." WRONG! BUYER BEWARE: Your rates will increase even if you are a LOW risk driver. So their slogan, is completely a lie. When I purchased a policy through them about a year ago (2-3-15), I was ecstatic that between my auto insurance for 2 vehicles and homeowners insurance for our home, we were saving nearly $400 a year. Not bad right? Well, when my first 6 month term can due to renew, they increased my premium by $28 ($56 a year). Despite not having any tickets/accident/claims of any kind (EVER, not just during my policy term with Esurance), I thought, well, ok that's not a huge increase and I'm still saving money. So I let it go. Then when my next 6 month term was due for renewal (which was just about a week ago), it increased again, but this time making it nearly $200 more a year - just IN ONE YEAR of being insured by them! WHAT?!?! I'm a GOOD driver, yet my rates increase that much!?! So I decided to investigate my homeowners policy as well... and that increased as well!!! So now I was paying almost as much as I was a year ago before I switched to Esurance! I contacted them to find out why the increase and their reason was "...When we have to pay more for claims, unfortunately, we have to raise rates". Um, claims?! Not from ME! So why am I, who is a good driver, with NOT ONE single claim ever made or ticket/violation in my 21 years of driving, paying for someone who HAS made claims, had tickets/violations ... etc. Apparently, "sorta you" IS you no matter what with Esurance.
I was a customer with Esurance for over three years and have been driving with no accidents for 11 years. I was expecting my rates to decrease over the years and as I entered my late 20's (lower risk age bracket), but they did not. When I went back to graduate school, the rates were a bit high for me so I found significantly cheaper rates with another provider. I had been quite happy with Esurance so I emailed asking if they could meet the competitor's prices. They refused to do this, so I mentioned I will not be renewing when my policy ends (I still had 4 more months left). The representative preemptively cancelled my policy on the spot, terminated me as a customer and demanded I pay the remaining balance (4 months!). I tried to explain that I never asked them to terminate me, I simply stated I would not be renewing, and that they had caused a financial hardship for me by mandating I pay immediately. They wouldn't budge. I truly had a good opinion of the company for the majority of my time with them but they have no loyalty to their customers and they have higher than average rates. I unfortunately cannot recommend them to my friends and family.
My experience with Esurance has been nothing but a hassle, and all I've done is purchase a policy from them. I chose Esurance because they had the best rates but their customer service representatives are rude and demanding. What happened to customer service? They act like they are doing you some kind of favor, not like you're the one paying them money when there are many other competitors out there that you could choose to purchase insurance from. They keep hassling me about documents regarding the excluded drivers I live with. They are "excluded", and I shouldn't have to provide Esurance with any of their information.I have never dealt with a car insurance company that demanded such ridiculous information on others who I live with. They also do not seem concerned with whether or not they lose me as a customer. Oh yeah, and they are there 24/7 so they say, but the department I need to speak with doesn't open till Monday. Not only that, I'm the one calling them after sending the documents. There is no concern for the customer. I'd pay more money to Geico or Progressive just to be treated with some courtesy and respect!
They have great rates! The customer service went well too. They were able to give me some comparisons, which allowed me to make an educated decision. They had some of the better rates than other quotes I received. They gave me the coverage I wanted closer to the price I was expecting. Sometimes it's weird calling and always getting someone different. It'd be cool if you got a consistent rep. Otherwise, everyone is very helpful.
DO NOT PURCHASE ESURANCE if you are Medicare recipient! Please do not buy their Med Pay or Personal Injury Protection coverages!! Not only do they NOT PAY IN A TIMELY MANNER once claims are accepted, Esurance and its employees MISREPRESENTS THEIR SERVICES, POLICIES, AND VIOLATES STATE STATUTES. Not only did they not pay me, the named insured, they took it upon themselves to pay my benefits to Medicare WITHOUT my written assignment of benefits because they say, Medicare paid my hospitalization when I had a car accident. But isn't that the general reason any person would buy a PIP coverage, to help them with out-of-pocket costs in the event of a disabling car accident???
I was hit from behind in a car accident by a man who was sadly insured with Esurance. I paid 14k for the car but they are giving me 9k because that is what it is worth online. The problem is that no dealer is willing to pay 9k for the same 2010 Nissan Altima SL with under 100000 miles on it. I have given them multiple comparisons that were at least 1k over what they are willing to pay me and they all are very fair comparisons with the similar miles and same make. They all have been dismissed as not legitimate for some reason or another. The depreciation on the car is 1 1/2 years and they are giving me 5k less than what I paid for it. I'm a young college student and I feel I'm being taken advantage of because it doesn't seem very fair at all that I be at such a loss. This company is garbage.
On a Saturday (2015) I needed car insurance. I called everywhere and remembered an email that I received from ESURANCE promising a low rate. I explained to them about a car accident that I had back in 2014 and a speeding ticket I had back in 2012. I explained to them that my car was registered in NC. They sent me over to a NC Agent but when I told the NC Agent that I was in NJ working I was then transferred to NJ Agent. With this NJ Agent I was quoted at $858. The NJ Agent ask for my address and I gave them the NJ address and they found about 8 other names that had used this same address that I was staying at. When the agent saw this I was told that my policy can possible go up to over $2,489. They ask me who those people were. I told them that they were relatives who at one time lived there but were no longer living there and that they were not driving my car. The agent proceeded to ask me if they had their own car and if so who was their insurance carrier, how old were they, did they have their own policy and if so for me to get a copy of their policy. Ex: how much their policy was and fax it over to them. Once they received this information then my insurance wouldn't go up from the $800 to $2,489. They then looked at the address that my car was registered at which was NC and saw that the person that I rented a room from was married and their son use to live there. I was questioned about the owners of this home and where was the son and if I didn't produce a bill from this home preferably an electric bill then my policy would go up. They gave me two weeks to produce this information. A month later I got a letter stating that if they didn't get the above information my next payment will be $2,489. When I saw this amount I cancelled my policy. I was told that I have to pay a cancellation fee. I was like "for what?" I was told that I was in a $1,500 contract with ESURANCE. I told them that I never heard of being in a contract with an INSURANCE Company. I was told that my policy was a NC Policy.I then spoke with the Underwriter by the name of Lateefah. While on the phone she went over my policy from the beginning and saw that my policy was opened underneath NJ. About two weeks after my policy was opened it was then change to a NC Policy without my knowledge and now they are trying to get a CANCELLATION Fee from me. I don't owe them anything - they owe me for signing up with them. I am saying this loud and clear - do not sign up with them. They will rob you blind with false information and knack at taking your money. If anything can be done I'd like for this company to be looked into and for them to stop emailing for any monies that they think I owe them when they really owe me.
The price was great for the policy. I had no trouble speaking with an agent over the phone. I liked the fact that you can do things online. I also liked the fact that you can speak with an agent 24/7. Very helpful and kind people I've experienced with Esurance. Processing the insurance was easy to do over the phone. I also liked the fact that I can use the website or call customer service to speak about any issues I may have now or in the future. I get that everything is just about paperless but it would still be nice to receive some things through regular mail instead of only email. For instance, it would be nice to receive your entire policy via regular mail with FAQs and everything that is covered in your policy on paper instead of just email and then having to print it out or go to the website. There could have been a more detailed explanation of some of the benefits that a consumer wouldn't necessarily think of when purchasing insurance. The agents left some services out that I would have liked to know if I was covered for or not and I did not have the knowledge on hand to think of some of these services. It's important to disclose everything because I am not the type of person who likes to not be prepared for things that may happen and then not knowing if I am covered for certain services or not.
I have no income so my policy lapsed for 3 days until I could get payment. I called to see how much I needed to reinstate and was quoted a price more than double my monthly payment. I had no claims or anything. Hard times fall on people sometimes. I was trying to keep my car insured the best I could, but if I didn't have the monthly payment on time, how would I pay over twice as much?
By call, one lady gave me a price around $70/month, for 6 month car insurance. Then I received an e-mail which indicated around $110/month. I called them, but nobody tried to correct the mistake, they only wanted to explain they did right.
I signed up for Esurance because of their ads. I'm not sure if theirs was the lowest quote at the time, but I signed up because of their claims of a simple sign-up and claims process. Someone ran me off the road a few months later, and the claims process initially seemed simple. They accepted the claim. Eventually it was a total loss. It would have been nice to have been notified sooner, so I could remove that car from the policy. It took well over 6 months to see any money on my claim. They don't tell you up-front, on their site, or in any documentation all the information you need to submit for a claim. They kept coming back for more documentation or changing what information they wanted. It took forever to finally get them all the information, which I could have had prepared if they gave me all the information upfront. They paid me about 90% of the claim, then I had to submit a couple documents to get the rest. That's time I had to schedule away from work or go get paperwork signed and notarized. I ended up getting another car before I got any claim money from them.Then I was constantly charged late fees because I asked for my billing date to be changed, but all they did was postpone it each month. Sometimes their system doesn't update. I add a card. I get confirmation it's added. Then somehow the previous card still ends up getting charged, and they say the old one is the only one they have on file.About a year after this claim a guy stops in front of me, and I barely bump him, but he wants to file a claim. Esurance pays out practically nothing to fix a little paint chip, but they try to double my rates which are already too high for me having no issues on my driving record outside of that no-fault accident. Of course I'm listed as at fault because they try to call me for like 2 days, and I can't respond due to being at work, so they just decide to go ahead and pay his claim. I was planning to change companies once I got all my claim money, but this accident happened. So, not only are their rates higher, it's affecting me getting a decent quote from anyone else.
I will be MORE than fair. I contacted Esurance after my ALLSTATE bill started climbing and they had sent me a "DriveSense" device that I had to install on my car to receive my "DISCOUNT". 30 days after installing THEIR device my rates went up... I am 68 years old; drive LESS that 8 miles per day and have NO tickets, and NO violations. When I called them on May 13 they said the DEVICE was not working so I went to the local dealership and they checked and said it was working. SO they reduced my rate to the ORIGINAL (without discount) rate and said I was NOW getting a "Discount". Then my car started dying, over and over in the dead of winter and I was having to be jumped off to get to work. Another battery change and still the same thing kept happening.The people that looked at it said I would have to have the wiring system checked to find the source that kept draining the battery and possibly I needed another alternator but first check the wiring. I took it to the local Chrysler dealer after the other mechanic could not find it by taking out all the fuses and then re-installing them and they began the expensive wiring check... then; VOILA!! It was the DRIVESENSE device and once removed the car is back acting perfectly. The DEVICE was a CONSTANT drain (night and day, hour after hour) on the battery! Now they tell me they OVERLOOKED giving me my proper discounts and if I send them copies of the bill from the dealership they would like the OPPORTUNITY to make it "RIGHT!"I no longer believe anything they say; as I just looked and my next renewal has gone up another 7.00 per month. A SAD commentary on the GREED of Insurance Companies and had I KNOWN that Esurance was a division of ALLSTATE I would never have used them anyway!!
Purchasing process was easy. I did it all myself and didn't need a middle guy (insurance agent). I'm happy with their service so far, nothing to complain about. When I signed up for my policy online the process was easy and self-explanatory. Charges were broken down and the format easy to follow. I like that is cheap and it's convenient to manage my account online. Esurance website offers features such as online payments, printing copies of your car policies, modifying policy as needed to accommodate for personal needs. I also love the fact that Esurance is backed by Allstate. At first I was hesitant to try out a new and fairly unknown company at the time I got my policy. The fact that Esurance is backed by Allstate helped take the risk of trying a new company. I recommend Esurance to everyone I come in contact with, most of all my friends and those closest to me.
It was very easy to first purchase auto insurance through Esurance. Every time my policy is ready for renewal, they keep me up to date and make it very easy to update my information. They have overall been very helpful and easy to work with.
Online quote from 4/29/2017 was for 108.00 per month. When I called in to get the insurance on 5/4/2017 the quote was 211.00 per month. The guy said it's because of my one speeding ticket from 2014. I told him I had added that online when I did the quote online already and they gave me 108.00 per month. Company is a total scam.
Esurance is a great company. Have checked around with other auto insurance companies but they are the best. I have had them for over 3 years now and haven't had any issues with them. Have great rates. When I had first purchased my insurance I did it online. I had a previous insurance company and they were really expensive. The best advice I could give anyone looking for auto insurance is to shop around for the best quote.
Esurance gave me a low quote and in less than two weeks after purchasing their insurance my insurance payments were more than doubled. Then after a year I decided to go with another company and I cancelled Esurance. They gave me a very small refund and reported me as lapsed.
I had Geico auto insurance for 9 years without a single incident or problem. Geico slowly increased my premium from $240 to $360, and I decided to shop for a lower premium. Esurance looked okay, they proposed a $270 policy. Then, after taking my payment, they sent me an email asking for documentation for low-mileage usage on one of my two vehicles. And they wanted that strictly in a 30 days period, or they will increase my policy premium to $327. I made one picture of an odometer, and I needed another one exactly in 30 days. But I would be traveling abroad exactly when this 30-days period ends.I called Esurance explaining that I’ll be abroad and will be able to make a second picture of the odometer only when I’m back in 40 days. They refused to take that and said they will increase my premium anyway. Then I had to pay $50 for a cancellation. I went back to Geico and was able to get even a better deal: $242. Lesson learned: better work with companies that you already know and trust. I regret that I paid Esurance this $50 cancellation fee, they did not deserve that - really inferior service and not caring about their customers even in small things. Then what to expect from them if you are really in troubles?
I had an accident on 10/27/14 that was not my fault. All they had was that I had a claim; they did not even ask if I was okay. They were very unprofessional. I had full coverage that did not cover rental before the other party accepts responsibility. I did not have any PIP but I had full coverage.I had changed address in the middle of this policy and they found out when I had the accident, and my premium went up by $600.00. They also discovered I was divorced and it went up another $300. I was told my monthly payments will be $377.00. I told the agent I just would not be getting a new car as I would not be able to afford it then. My monthly premium used to be $183.17 before all this.
Overall the experience of purchasing insurance with this company was very simple. My previous experience with purchasing insurance involve me spending a long time on the phone with an agent. I was able to easily do most of it online. That was the decision factor when I chose an insurance company. I had come from an insurance company that was much smaller and not have a good online presence for customers.
I was lured to spend time online with esurance for a lower monthly car insurance payment. I answered all the questions truthfully. I paid the deposit of approximately $163.00 on a 6 month policy quote of $450. I would like to warn people about the quote increases of esurance. I don't have the time to explain my horrible experience. They increased the quote to include by an additional $1000.00 for 6 months. My diligence helped me to immediately cancel the account and receive a full refund of my deposit. You only have the refund option in the first 24-48 hours. I was on hold for a long time before anyone could help me. A couple reps were not kind and a couple were very understanding. It's not the people I am dissatisfied with it is the company.
It was a good experience with Esurance. I liked the employees. Every time I talked with a live person they were always straightforward. No complaints. Also, I liked the website and the insurance. Overall, they are easy to work with. It's easy to get insurance through them. I would recommend this to anyone.
My rates increases although I have no points on my license, driving record is clean, and then when I inquire about the increase, I am told they will get back to me, and guess what? I never hear feedback. My most recent claim was a theft and complete and total loss of my vehicle, I put the claim in 08/2016 and it has yet to be resolved, they have interviewed me three times even under oath in front of their attorney asking the same questions, they have interviewed my spouse, I have provided them several documents, and they keep asking for more and more and something different every other week.If it wasn't for the fact I have a supportive spouse and family and they were able to get me another vehicle, I would be out of a vehicle. The way Esurance has handled my claim has been absolutely horrendous! They have wasted my time, money, and caused me undue anxiety pain and stress to the point I am now seeing a therapist. All because they don't want to pay!!! But they can surely take my money every month!! As soon as this claim is completed, Esurance will not get another dime of my money nor my business, and I will be urging everyone I can to STAY AWAY if they know what's best for them.
I own a Mercedes. One of the requirements if you lose the keys is to get the car towed to the dealership. My ordeal started at 9am in which they schedule a tow for 11am. All was explained in the tools that would be needed some type of dolly, due to the keys being lost and no access to the inside of vehicle. First tow driver, had no idea he was suppose to have the equipment and told me it was nothing he could do and I need to call my Roadside assistance and road off "Auto Access Towing". Call Esurance back, had to explain from start to finish, they scheduled another tow with the ETA of 2:05pm "Metro Atlanta Towing Service LLC". Tow driver arrived, stated he had the equipment but it is broken and I needed to call their office. They stated they had a truck that could come and be to me in 20 to 30 minutes. I am still waiting on this truck and it is now 5pm. I called Esurance and had to explain the situation from start to finish each time I called. I have spoke with them over 6 times today no exaggeration. If and when the tow comes, that would be great as the Mercedes parts department closes at 6pm. I recommend you not use this company for roadside assistance. I will be cancelling this coverage and purchasing AAA Platinum as soon as I turn the keys in my car. And because of my experience with this I fear if I ever got in a collision, so I will also be looking for another insurance company. Very Dissatisfied.
My mom helped me pick and look for insurance companies because I had no idea where to start even looking. We looked online at a couple sites and talked with friends to get opinions. Also compared prices on a few for the best deal. I'm over the moon with Esurance. I get the coverage I need at a good price. The deductible was low in case something were to happen, hopefully not and monthly payment is at an affordable rate.
After my longtime insurance company was bought out by State Farm and they jacked my rates, I decided to make a switch. When I compared quotes from several companies, Esurance came out the winner cost-wise by a mile - so I went with them. They are fine as long as you don't actually NEED anything from your insurance company - but after an accident that was not my fault I discovered what a mess I had gotten myself into.A. They do absolutely EVERYTHING via computer - hence the name "E"surance. This includes investigation of an accident. No one ever looked into surveillance cameras that were posted at the busy intersection where the accident took place. No one tried to contact the police officer who was called to the scene and what it came down to was my word against the other driver's - who was lying through his teeth about what happened. I took pictures and there were witnesses, but Esurance did nothing with my pictures and did not follow up with any of the witnesses. They ended up calling the accident my fault and then almost tripled my rates.B. I moved and they recalculated my rates on the existing policy that I had ALREADY PAID IN FULL and charged me an additional $300.C. Customers are required to have them process payments via automatic withdrawal from my account - and I was never given any written notice when those payments were going to be processed. When I asked for them to provide me notice, I was told that this was not their policy - they wouldn't send me a letter, or even an email, to let me know when they were going to take the money out of my account.D. I switched to another company this week and cancelled my policy with Esurance yesterday - and was informed that there was a $50 fee for cancelling my policy prior to the end date. And then issued a "refund" on the remaining amount (a whopping $20 - which would have been $70 without that "fee"???) - but the refund went to an account that has been closed. I now have to wait for that refund to be rejected by my bank and THEN they will mail me a check. So - if you just want to have a policy that complies with the law, but doesn't do anything at all for you if you actually get into an accident, or a tree falls on your car, or someone breaks into it..... etc., then by all means go with Esurance. Otherwise, don't waste your time or money.
This company drafted my bank account without my consent for the full price of the following 6 month policy, which I never agreed to buy. Then, they doubled the price when I moved. Consequently, I attempted to take lesser coverage in order to afford the cost. I tried to get this straight with about a dozen of their people. I've been on the phone with them for many hours. Every time I think it is resolved, I wake up the next day, and it isn't! I was on the phone with these people on Christmas day over this stuff. Finally, I realized that they are not capable of fixing my policy, so I cancelled it a week after it began. Now, they can't get my refund right! They tried to keep $465 for a week's worth of bare minimum coverage. I called them, and the girl on the phone said she can't believe it either. She was able to get me more of my refund, but they are still keeping $75 more than what they told was the cost of the week of coverage, which was $25. These people are literally robbing me! If they don't fix it, I will go to the state. I can't believe I fired these people and now I still have to be on the phone with them! I feel like this is never going to end.
Esurance is a joke. I was quoted $570 for six months and then after a month and half, they want to add other people on my policy because they want more money. These guys are greedy and make you wait over 2 hours before you could get someone.
A deer hit us, we didn't hit it. Our payment doubled as soon as they were able to increase it. They wanted their money back instantly by the rate they were charging us after the accident. We were forced to change companies in order not to be punished.
On July 17, 2013 I was hit head on by a drunk driver. My 2008 Chevy Silverado was totaled. I was injured and taken via ambulance to the nearest trauma center. I contacted Esurance and filed a claim. First problem, I was bounced around to 3 different claims adjusters. The first adjuster, Sean **, informed me after 4 days, that he doesn't handle total losses. The second adjuster, Mahesh **, never did contact me. It turns out this person wasn't even in the office. I was told she was on vacation. Finally I was assigned to Cindy **, and that brings me to the biggest issue. Once Cindy ** began working on my claim, I was asked for the pay off amount from my credit union. Shortly after, less than 2 hours, I was given a quote for the value of my truck.... Just a few dollars more than I owed. That seemed really fishy. Nationally recognized vehicle value estimation resources such as Kelly Blue Book and Edmunds .com value my vehicle at considerably more than I was offered. I tried numerous times to contact Cindy ** and ensure my vehicle was valued correctly. My truck was a 4x4 and the value I was quoted is on par for a 2x4. It has been 2 weeks since I tried bringing this to her attention, I have heard NOTHING! Lastly, since none of these claims adjusters handle personal injury and lost wages, I have yet to be able to file claims for those issues. Stay away from Esurance at all costs. Or it will cost you.
My policy was up for renewal and I decided NOT to renew. I found another company that offered the same coverage for less $$$. Since it was up for renewal that means that I had satisfied the initial policy as far as the payments are concerned and now had the option to renew. I also knew that if I didn't call to cancel my policy would automatically renew because they had my credit card info online. So I called to cancel my policy so that my credit card info would not be in their system and they CHARGED ME $50 for NOT renewing my policy. They said I was canceling before the "official" renewal date, so I was canceling my policy mid-term. Huh??? This made no sense to me. They then told me that if I had waited until the first RENEWAL payment had been made and THEN canceled, I would not have been charged $50. Huh??? This made absolutely no sense to me. The more they tried to explain it, it made no sense. Long story short, they didn't refund my $50 so that's why I'm writing this review to warn others to stay away from this company!
I had an accident with my 1996 Lincoln Town car in August of 2013. The town car is in nearly mint condition and I am constantly making sure that the slightest of mechanical problems are addressed and repaired. I took the car to the body shop that they preferred I use and the repair cost was valued at $3600. The appraised value was $2800. Yep, total loss. I have tried everything with this company including paying nearly half of the repair value and reducing their share of the repairs to $2000 but they will not budge. They insist on paying me the $2800 and turning my car into a salvage car. They will not pay anything to repair the car. In my opinion, they are extremely unethical and must be in significant financial trouble, thus the buyout by Allstate. They know that the salvage value of my car is easily 5 or 6 thousand dollars. The emails that I get from them are filled with lies and threats in an attempt to intimidate me into signing over the title. Perhaps Allstate can shape them up... but I would definitely stay away from doing business with them.
It is nearly impossible to speak to a human when reporting an accident, service does not include a tow truck during an accident claim. It is believed the company did not investigate thoroughly to determine who was at fault. The customer service is very poor. The cost of the policy is a major factor, you get exactly what you pay for with this company.
I like the Esurance app and how easy it is to use. I can add or remove vehicles without having to speak to anyone. They also have a very easy to use phone service and every time I have been immediately connected to customer service with a very short or no hold at all. Overall my experience has been great. Their process and quotes are a little high but not as high as other insurance companies. They are an excellent company to deal with and they have excellent customer service. But even after having insurance with this company for three years my quote has only gone about two dollars. I guess I expect it to be a little lower since I have an excellent driving record.
Able to do everything online because I hate dealing with people over the phone and wait for a call back later on. Awesome experience because I just typed in my information and got a quote right away and didn't have to wait for a call back from a representative. This is how all insurance should be because any other way just waste people's time. Esurance has everything that I want or need from them but I would improve the ability to change the payment date from their current system and give the customers a little more leeway.
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