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Esurance Renters Insurance Online Reviews

Company Name: Esurance Renters Insurance
Year Founded: 1998
Address: 650 Davis Street
City: San Francisco
State/Province: CA
Postal Code: 94111
Country: United States
Phone: (800) 378-7262
Overall average rating of 3 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 29 %
Called Esurance to get a renter's quote for my 80yr old mother. Rep transferred me to "agent" who then started asking me questions until I figured out - no warm-transfer, so no-clue why I was calling. Started over saying, just want a quote for my mom's apartment. He said, "Esurance does not have renters. We are their sister agency." Then as we got closer to quote, I hear him filling out form of yet another 3rd party. I stopped and said this is fraud/not trust worthy and I was transferred from 1 company to another without my knowledge. My State Farm agent provided me a basic quote in 3mins... I said mom's new apt address is xyz and presto. Where is our Government to limit the "trickery"?
They are really nice and help you when you need it and answers all your question. They are there when you need them anytime anything that happens. They have a good claims process. I haven't had a problem with them at all. I really like their policy. It is a good one. I think they have a lot of options I think that are good in a lot of ways. They have a lot of different coverage. I have a good one. I don't have a lot of them that were good - I pay a little not a lot.
My customer service experience with Esurance was a delightful one. They helped me every step of the way in finding the coverage I needed within my budget. The claims processing department was a huge help. They walked me through my claim step by step without hassle which made my experience delightful. The policy options were not as wide ranging as I expected them to be at first but there was still enough options for me to pick out one that suited me. Esurance coverage options are the bee's knees. There's so many different options to choose from that it can be a little overwhelming but in the end it helps.
After seeing the commercials for Esurance, I decided to get a quote when my Allstate (yes, their parent company) was up. The quote online was significantly less that what I am currently paying. I thought this was odd so I contacted customer service via phone. After taking all of my information, setting up the policy & payment schedule, I checked my email to print out our new insurance cards. To my surprise, the rate on the email was over $250 more than the agreed to rate with the agent. I contacted Customer Service immediately to find out where the discrepancy was.I was told that since I wanted to pay monthly rather than all at once, I was being charged a "fee" for this service though the agent stated that the "fee" would be $5 per month. How $5 per month equates to more that $250 is beyond me & clearly beyond customer service as well because they could not explain it. Thank goodness the policy was not set to start for another couple of days because to cancel would cost 10% of the policy premium. The customer service rep attempted to transfer me to the "Cancellation dept." to see if they could do anything about the premium. But because I technically didn't have a policy (remember it doesn't start for 4 days), they wouldn't even speak with me. I have been assured that I have denied the quote/policy & that it will cancel at 12:01 on the policy beginning date but after that bait & switch fiasco, I really don't see that happening.Did I mention I was crazy enough to set up a renter's policy with them as well? That premium has already been deducted from my checking account. I was told by Esurance that there is no cancellation fee on that one but they cannot cancel it. I have to call Assurance to cancel. They are closed for the evening. We'll see how that goes in the morning.Do not do business with Esurance. If you cannot trust them to give you an accurate quote, are you going to trust them to insure your belongings? If you do, make sure the quote they give you is the amount you agree to pay per month and not a one time payment, because they will not tell you till it's too late.
I had a great customer service experience. They answered all my questions and showed their expertise on the subject. They helped me get the best deals with great quality of service and experience. I wish they had more options but I was able to find one that suited my needs. They did provide me with a lot of information and help with making my decision and explained to me differences in them. I was happy with the coverage that I received. I believe that it was fair for the price I was paying and benefits that I was receiving. I enjoyed the customer service as the best part. They were always happy to help any way they could.
This is a horrible company and the adjusters do not communicate with you. I have been dealing with a claim for months and I have not gotten a phone call or response from my adjuster after I was assigned a new one. I have provided all documentation including a police report and I am still not receiving the service I pay for. I reached out to a supervisor who assured me that a call would be returned and it’s been months. Still no callback after leaving message including emails. I am extremely disappointed and left to replace my own items after a break and not to mention I’m a new mother.
Everyone there was very nice and helpful when it came to all the questions I had about the policy that was right for me and my needs, and I already knew they were good from references. I never had to file a claim with them. Hopefully my luck will continue and I never will have to file anything with them. There were several different policies I could choose from which is important because I wasn't exactly sure what everything involving Renters Insurance entailed. The coverage seems like it's good but I am not sure I really need it but I know as soon as I cancel it something will happen so I'll keep it for now.
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