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Erie Insurance Online Reviews

Company Name: Erie Auto Insurance
Year Founded: 1925
Address: 100 Erie Insurance Place
City: Erie
State/Province: PA
Postal Code: 16530
Country: United States
Phone: (800) 458-0811
Overall average rating of 3.5 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 44 %
The agent I have at Erie is personable. Top-notch customer service. She helps me to make sure I have the coverage I need and not pay for coverage I don't need. She's the reason I have been with Erie for years. I have recommended Erie to others and they are satisfied.
They kicked me off because I had an accident and no longer live at my mother's address as well as I am only 18 years old. Otherwise they were helpful in getting me the insurance I needed.
It is a great and local company (for me) to be served by. I can reach an agent at any time, quickly. Everything is explained to me that I don't understand. Their commercials really do mean they put service in their name!
Insurance buyers beware!!! Was told my 20 yr old daughter would be removed from policy per voicemail and my return call because Erie didn't like that she put down her address as her mother's. Really? She's an adult. She can stay where she wants. Said I would receive a cancellation notice, which I did, noting my daughter's removal from policy. Fast forward 2 months and I find out my whole auto insurance policy had been canceled! 6 vehicles canceled! Never a claim in my life and I'm 46! Now I have a lapse in insurance and my agent doubles my rates due to their incompetence! Take it from me, if you don't want headaches shop for insurance elsewhere!
In larger cities, talking with your agent on the phone is so much easier than living in the country! Usually, I have to go into the agent's office to clear up any discrepancies on my policy. Make sure to comparison shop at least every 6 months and be sure to ask about special offers from all insurance agents. Erie only likes to insure cars that are less than 5 years old, regardless of how long you've been a customer! I am a disabled veteran and I cannot follow "Normal business hours". When I filed my claim, I was very very sick (And hospitalized). I was expected to return a phone call to the adjuster within 48 hours and was in intensive care for nearly 4 days. The insurance company settled with the negligent driver while I was fight for my life. The only reason I stayed with them is they have the most affordable rates and payment plans.
I have been with Erie for 30+ years in two different states. They are my insurance company. I have renters insurance and car insurance with the company. I have had other insurance companies both for auto and homeowners and had disagreements with their actions and/or policies.
I had my oil changed at one of the local OLF businesses in Erie recently and they did not properly tighten the plug in my pan. Needless to say this caused all kinds of inconvenience for us until my own insurance company (GEICO) took care of us. However, we were still left paying the deductible which really sucks since this situation was due to some else's incompetence. Now Erie Insurance is dragging their feet and doing everything they can to get out of a very cut and dry case. I am now stuck paying the $500 deductible out of my pocket due to someone else's negligence and their crooked insurance company not owning up to their mistake.
I have two homeowner policies and five cars insured with Erie. I have only had one comprehensive claim on a windshield in four years. I have an old Ford truck, Chevy farm truck, Nissan Altima, Mustang, and a Corvette. I sold the Corvette and my problems begin!!! My almost $3000 yearly auto insurance policy was paid in full with 8 months remaining. I was expecting a few hundred dollar refund -- but NO -- I got a $53 bill instead! NOW this is what Erie customer service claims. They said it was a rate adjustment on the 4 remaining cars. That there was a clause in the policy that they could not raise the policy premium until there was some change in the policy.I sold and dropped the Corvette so they increased the premium on the remaining 4 cars, (the newest being a 2014 model). My wife and I have a clean driving record -- no wrecks or tickets (both are over 62 yrs. of age). The remaining vehicles are 3 years older than they were!!! I recommend to just never notify Erie if you sell a vehicle and you will probably save a $1000 a year. I was with Allstate 40+ years and they never pulled nothing like this, they are higher but don't pull stunts. All my conversations with Erie are on tape.
I am very outrage with the lack of service I received from the roadside assistance. I was initially told a tow truck would be to me within 45 minutes after the actual tow company called me. I waited well over an hour before I called to see how much longer. I was informed by the tow company that they were not coming and I needed to call back to whomever I spoke with first. I called Erie back and was ensured by Erie that they would have someone to me as early as 30 minutes. Needless to say I would still be waiting if I had not received help from someone else. My 22 year old daughter was on the side of a busy highway by herself out of town. I still have not received a return call from Erie and no tow company ever came. I finally made it to my daughter and we sat there for at least 2-3 hours with no help for Erie or a tow company. I did not call back because I was so upset and just wanted to get my daughter and myself away from that busy highway. I am livid about this and this is poor customer service. I have never experience such disregard for safety and the well being of the customer. This is unexceptionable.
Very good. Cares about the customers and their needs. They have good rates and I'm able to get ahold of them in order to go over my policy and rates. I just got a neat year and they worked with me to get the lowest insurance payment possible while still maintaining good quality and price.
Happy with the coverage and pricing. I never had a claim so I don't have any feedback on their claim services. My only negative comment refers more to the Erie agency that I used. I felt that they could have been more proactive in reviewing my policies for changes and/or upgrades.
We did not have this insurance for a long time before we had a claim. It was a very bad storm that did damage. Erie was very quick and thorough to get an adjuster here and the claim was taken care of without any hassle. Their rates are very good for our area and I like having an agent close by if I have any questions or changes to make. Local agent and never any problems with a claim and the best rate in our area!
I had to change Erie Insurance just because my agent refused to provide information about extra fees. He yelled: "Do not call here again." and hang up on me. So, in a half-hour I found other insurance, plus I paid less.
I love the price and coverage that I get with Erie. Everyone I've ever spoke to has been friendly and helpful. I love having an agent who is local and knows me by name. They are a great company.
It's good and competitively priced. We just totaled our car and they gave us fair market value. They have supported us with customer forgiveness and price decreases. A good company to do business with.
After Geico dropped me after years of never filing a claim, I did some research and found Erie to be a better fit for me. I saved money in the process also. They're better than anyone else in my opinion.
Erie is a pretty good company. My local agent's place looks kind of shabby but we have our house and cars through them. The prices are great for the coverage, even on newer cars. Rates don't go up much year to year, only downside is that I often don't get ahold of someone right away but response time has never been more than an hour.
Auto insurance company (Erie) has been a pleasure to work with. We have had no significant problems and would recommend them to anyone looking to find auto insurance. They are also reasonably priced to other companies.
Erie is a good choice for auto insurance because their prices are the lowest anywhere around. They also have many ways to lower your premiums. They are excellent when you have to file a claim. They are fair and fast in their appraisal process. They also have accident forgiveness. The only problem I have with them is they are not very efficient at supplying important information from my agent.
Don't use Erie Insurance unless you want your insurance history trashed for years to come! Erie refused to investigate 2 separate crashes we were involved in, and in one the other party even called to state that it was her fault! Didn't matter to Erie! Erie will ruin your life then drop you like a week old egg salad sandwich. Learn to train your employees in customer service (every person I talked to fought with or was combative with me). Give your money to a real business!
I requested an online quote for auto insurance/renter's insurance bundle from Erie Insurance as I was shopping around for cheaper insurance rates than the ones offered by my current insurance company. The original quote that popped up was $119.74 per month (which I liked). An Erie employee Karen ** responded to my request. The first quote she sent me was doubled what I am currently paying; nowhere near the quote that had popped up on my computer screen. She claimed once I sent her my driver's license number it would be MUCH cheaper. I sent her my license number and the current full coverage that I now have on my vehicle. She continued to try to throw increases here and there on my insurance coverages. This did not sit well with me; I don't know if she thought I wouldn't notice it because I'm a senior or what she was trying to pull; but it immediately made me feel that Erie Insurance Company is not trustworthy.
I had Met Life insurance from ages 16 till 22. At 22 I went with State Farm. They gave me the best deal for the joint coverage my husband and I needed. Instead of the price going down it raised every year with no accidents. So at 33 I had a son driving that had raised our insurance even more. So I got quotes from 5 different insurance companies and Erie insurance offers me the best price and coverage for my needs. Even Geico and Progressive or The General couldn't insure us any lower. So I went with them and am still covered through them. I was saving almost $600.00 a year compared to my plan through State Farm and it was almost the same amount of coverage. I liked the plan and I love my agency, my insurance agents and the company as a whole. I can contact someone 24/7. I feel really comfortable with my policy and my price. The only thing better would be free.
I have been with Erie Insurance for a number of years. I have a great policy that is affordable to me. I have never had any problems with Erie Insurance. I have a local agent and that helps greatly.
Erie insurance has been very affordable and reliable when there has been a problem. Any claims are handled quickly and fairly with no hassle. I would recommend this insurance to anyone. They may not be a big name company, but they take care of their customers.
My auto insurance company is also my Homeowners insurance company. For the most part, they have been there for me. However, when I lost my wedding ring, they provided a check for replacement and then jacked my annual rates by at least the amount of that replacement check immediately. When asked if I could pay back this amount, they refused most likely due to the fact that they had me and knew it.
Seamless issue with a deer hitting my car; filing a claim was trouble free and gave me confidence. Erie is available anytime, understands my problem and solves it. Erie Insurance and the associated representing agent has been perfect for over 40 years; reasonable price; recommended coverage for additional items I needed; always been hassle free.
Erie Auto Insurance was very easy to deal with. I had this insurance many years ago and felt I was paying too high for a premium for the insurance I had. They reduced my premium by $500.00 a year for the same coverage.
I have been a loyal Erie customer for the past 2 years with no record or points on my license. I was in an accident a month ago and my car was inspected and deemed as a total loss. It took 4 days for an inspector to look at my car when I was told it would be done in 1-2 days. Then they proceeded to tow my car to a salvage lot over 200 miles from my home only 1 day after without my knowledge or permission. The license plates were still on my vehicle and all of my belongings inside. When I called my agent they acted confused about the situation. I was transferred to multiple Erie employees throughout the situation and they seemed to lack communication. They have really cheap rates but I feel that is only because they take advantage of young professionals who don’t have experience with dealing with insurance companies or claims. I was highly unsatisfied with my experience with my claim due to the fact that Erie refused to accept responsibility for my car being towed without my verbal or written permission. That’s basically stealing. Do not recommend for young adults unless you’re looking for just cheap car insurance.
Steer very clear of this company. They are only, I mean 100% only, about making money for themselves! They care nothing about you, as they will not barely reply to you, especially when you are most vulnerable! They most definitely will not assist you in any way whatsoever after you signed on with them! Their representatives are ignorant and liars and talk over you. Last but definitely not least, they will take their sweet old time with your claim from day one, making you and your family suffer in the meantime!
I've been a member of Erie insurance since I was in High School, Although I did not actually start paying the auto insurance bills till college when I got my own car. That was in 2005. That makes me a paying member for 13 years. This year, after the only major accident that was my fault in 13 years, and a freak accident where the frame gave out from under my rusted car, both within a six month period, the total bills being $20,000 they wrote me and said, "We won't cover you anymore." As if a rusty car is supposed to be my fault. By my estimation I have paid at least $10,000 in premiums during my time as a customer. That means they only paid out a net of $10,000.Really Erie? Are you serious. Will never have a policy with this company ever again. If you are thinking about it, run. They only care about their company and their investors. God forbid if they have to pay out any amount of money for any reason. So I guess that auto commercial is true. "You find yourself in one major accident, and your insurance company drops you."
You’re better off calling a local tow/repair shop to help you. You call the number, fill out information online, and then still receive a call asking you all the same information. I told the person on the phone EXACTLY what I needed, and she still kept asking irrelevant questions. Erie Insurance sure knows how to frustrate their customers and keep their money!
I have used Erie as my auto insurance company for over 35 years and have never had a problem with the company. I have also used Erie as my homeowners insurance for over 28 years without a problem. I would highly recommend Erie to anyone and everyone who is in need of a great insurance company. Erie's rates are very good and the agents are easy to understand, helpful and knowledgeable.
We have been with Erie Insurance for over 35 years. When we had to file a claim it was handled quickly and efficiently. Our premium is well within the current companies. Last year we shopped around for other companies to see if we were getting a good price. None of the 5 companies could even come close to Erie Insurance. So needless to say we are still with Erie Insurance. And we plan to be with them for many years to come.
Erie Insurance has been my insurance company for 40 years and they have always gone out of their way to be helpful and informative. I have never had a rate increase due to a claim and I have had a few. Erie has even found ways to get more money when I have made a claim. Their agents are friendly, courteous and appear to care about their customers on a personal level. A+ company.
Erie Insurance has premiums that are reasonable, the providers are polite and efficient. Claims are paid in a timely manner. The notices for premiums due are sent enough time before they are due that the cost can be planned for. All correspondence is easily to understand and all costs are explained well.
I have had this insurance company for the past 13 years. I have only had a claim once and the company was very attentive. They have worked with me to lower my rate and offer a range of payment options to make payments affordable. I have otherwise had little interaction with them.
I have to say I was very impressed with the way Erie handled our auto accident (car was totaled and the driver was hospitalized for a day). There were 3 adjusters involved, one who dealt with the vehicle, one who dealt with the medical bills and one that reimbursed the lost wages. All were easily accessible both via phone and email. When the medical ran out under the auto coverage, it went to our health insurer, who reached out to Erie to confirm that the medical was exhausted. Erie promptly reached out to confirm it was ok to release the documentation and upon getting our confirm, they did. The offer for a vehicle was fair, they didn’t try to nickel and dime us. All claims, unfortunately, ultimately require effort, but Erie was as easy to deal with as I had hoped for.
The customer service is great. I have never had a problem when I have submitted a claim. Last year I was involved in a hit and run accident. The driver turned out to be uninsured. Luckily my plan covered everything. Instead of having to pay $600 out of pocket, I only had to pay $50. I had the check for my new bumper within 2 weeks of the accident. The premiums are comparable to other companies as well.
I have had Erie for many years and was always happy with them until I was hit by another car. The person handling the claim was not very professional and the claim ended up taking far too long. I still have them but if something else comes along I would for sure take a long look at it.
They have been fair with rates and efficient when claims have been filed. I have had no problems. I have only had one accident where I have had to use insurance. But the staff was very friendly and helpful and answered all of my questions and addresses my concerns.
I had a claim and left voicemail after voicemail. I finally got someone on the phone, and they told me to send an email. This went without response, as did the followup email. These people seem more than happy to take your money, but God help you if you have a claim.
I am satisfied with my insurance but am thinking about checking for a better rate. We have had the same insurance for over 20 years and had only a couple of claims. We will be adding new drivers in the near future so it is probably a good time to look into new insurance. The few times we contacted them we were pleased with our service.
I have had this company for 18 years and would never change it. They have always been super responsive and quick to pay claims, of which I've only had one or two, plus some towing charges. They are usually paid next day. Erie is one of the oldest and most honest companies. If you are approved to get Erie, you know you have a good record. Their premiums are amazingly low. I use them for my Renters Insurance also.
It is an average company with average pricing and service. Working through local agent, it seems to function fine. Like others, they bill aggressively, something I don't like. I have had no claims, so it's difficult to know how they would really back their clients.
I had someone hit me a year ago, Erie fixed my car right away, and collected from the other guy later. So, I didn't have to wait for the other company to call me. My rates are low. Went to USAA for a quote and there was no reason to switch.
A dog ran out into the highway in front of us. We couldn't stop and we hit him. My front end and passenger side in the front got messed up. I called Erie Insurance, took my car to the garage, they gave me the estimate and it was fixed in just a couple days. Nice, smooth, easy peasy. I am really happy with my insurance company and I've never had any problems with them. They have never been rude to me and their costs are reasonable.
Excellent rates with good discounts yet all of the coverage that I wanted. Very good experience when I made a claim last year... It was settled & paid out in less than 2 wks. I was even contacted by the insurance adjuster when he didn't trust what he saw at my mechanic's garage... and he was right! My mechanic was a thief! So appreciative of the heads up from an insider.
They are very easy to do business. They also I think it is a great company. They offer competitive rates. They do not advertise as much as others which gives me great rates. They offer great serviceable and getting the policy was which, easy and hassle free with everything done electronically. I give them 5 thumbs up.
Erie has always valued their policyholders and takes the time to listen. I have been a policyholder with Erie for 43 years and they have always been responsive to my needs. I called in claim to my Erie agent, explained the claim, next day, adjuster was out, simple as can be and never a problem.
Friendly staff, great rates, staff very knowledgeable when asked a question. I have not had an accident so can't respond to after an accident but I would imagine from my experience it would be ok.
We have had Erie insurance for a long time. They were very helpful when we were in a car accident about 12 years ago. Representatives called us to see how we were doing and followed through with everything that we applied for. They have discounts when you have other things insured with them, so that helps lessen the final cost of insurance. They work with you when you want to change your car insurance and give good information to help you stay safe.
I was in an accident in October 2018. With a police report verifying I was not at fault. It is now December 1, 2018. Nothing has been resolved. My local agent is unresponsive and unhelpful. I have a list of people she has pushed us off on. Still nothing has changed. This is shameful to an Insurance Company I pay premiums to. Which will be fully reimbursed and a profit made from the auto accident.
Horrible and Unprofessional in Maryland. The claims adjuster would call at inappropriate times to schedule an appointment. Then he wanted to come and appraise a vehicle in the dark. And then the adjuster was unprofessional did not do a thorough job at looking at the damage. Called Supervisor and he was just as nasty and unprofessional. My agent was great. Do you even give these people training with how to communicate with others.
I have been with Erie for over 20 years with home and auto. I no longer even look anywhere else. When other companies contact me I tell them I am with Erie and they usually say "Oh, we can't beat their price". If they do not say that right away, they say it when they call me back, if they call me back.
I have an insurance agent in the local area that I consult or visit to pay my premium or ask any questions. They are friendly and make it easy for me to deal with any problems (which are very few). I also have other insurance policies with them. We needed an insurance policy recently for a new motorcycle my Husband bought. They checked around and found a policy with a different company for about 1/3 of the price that was first quoted. I also have life insurance through their company, but the agent is a few miles further away. He makes time to come to the main office so we don't have to drive so far.
I have not had to use it other than towing, it does bother me that even though I have not had a claim my rates go up but they are still cheaper than others. I do like the fact that they know me, I know them, I can call them up if I have a question or problem and talk about how to reduce my rates or adjust my coverage.
Have had Erie for 29 years home and auto. Have had claims on both and no problems. One of the best insurance companies. They don't have to advertise on saving you money. They are worth it.
For some 35 years as a driver I have had a couple of accidents and a handful of claims, never had an issue. It was just a phone call, and I had my claims person on the line, asked me a couple questions and my rental car arrived at my house an hour later. My truck was towed to dealer for repairs due to a collision. I've also had my children when they were driving age put onto my policy until they were old enough to get there. I also use Erie for my homeowners insurance and get a discount for the bundle package. I've had the same agent for some 15 years and always a first name basis with you, "How is your family?" "How are things?" Very personable. The price I pay for my coverage is a good deal for my age and the vehicle I drive.
I have Erie insurance and they are awful. I got into an accident and it was the other persons fault. I didn’t call the cops on scene but later within 24 hrs had a cop come look at my car and the other persons car. It was proved to be her fault but for some reason, unknown to me, she didn’t have insurance or something and my insurance has to pay. I got into a second accident a few months later and they raised my rates by $800 dollars a month! The first accident wasn’t my fault and was found it wasn’t my fault by the cops. The second accident was supposed to be my accident forgiveness. Well I guess that’s non-existent. Erie counts things they shouldn’t count and I had to pay a deductible for the first accident. The second accident we probably would have had to pay but I didn’t get the car fixed. Don’t wanna know how high the rates would have been had I gotten the car fixed. Now I’m switching insurance because I can’t pay that much. That was on my parents policy as well. With another insurance on my own policy it’s lower than mine was to start! Erie is way overpriced and makes you pay a deductible every time.
Great local agent never had to file a claim price is very reasonable. Much less than other insurance that we had. Great coverage discounts for home and auto with the same company.
My experience with Erie was extremely pleasant and simple overall, and customer service even assisted in getting my rates lowered while still offering the same coverage. Erie had a very simple application process, and responsive customer service. The company is reasonable and easy to deal with. Low and overall reasonable premiums, and the company has a reputation of paying out when they need to. Generally speaking, the company is on the up and up. But maybe the price of coverage could be lower.
I have never had any billing issues with them and their claims service is exceptional. When I have needed to file a claim, I've received prompt service and didn't have to fight to get contacted by an adjuster. I have nothing on the negative side. Their rates are good and their agents really care. Customer service has also been easy to deal with. I find no fault in their service.
My wife was broadside and totaled her car. The cited driver also had Erie. Filed a claim and closed it in 3 days. They provided a rental car for a week too. Purchased new car 4th day and turned in rental at end of week. I compare rates every 3 years.
It has low rates and premiums, it has quick responses, it has good claims experience, it has local agent, it has online website, it has rental cars, it has roadside assistance built in to premiums.
Very pleased... my premium could be less but I’m happy where I’m at and I have never had an issue with Erie or my local agent.
I have had no problems with Erie since I have been using them. I've only had two claims and no problems. Claims were for towing and were paid in a timely manner. I have had this insurance for three years. I have auto and boat insurance. I also had renters' insurance for three years.
Had them for a long time with no trouble as long as you didn't have any claims... 2 deer ran into the side of me last year and another Erie customer "T" boned me, for being a great customer for years they raise my premium this year. Now I'm giving my money to a different insurer.
Most people I talk to don't like them, and for good reason. Erie is fine until the moment you need them. I've been a customer for almost 10 years, and my wife got in an "accident" which resulted in zero damage for either vehicle (She rear-ended someone at 1 MPH), and they dropped us both immediately. I called them to discuss it - they were rude, didn't answer my questions, and I was simply told: "Nothing will change our mind, sir."
I filed a claim for a cracked windshield. The company processed the claim quickly and set up the appointment immediately on the phone for the repair to be done. Payment was quick and easy. Everyone involved in the process was very professional and knew exactly what needed to be done.
They are very reasonable with their rates. Great customer service and they have always been there for me and have never given me a difficult time when I needed them. I have been using them since 2008 and have had a couple incidents in which I needed repair on my vehicle and I have never had a problem with getting ahold of someone.
When our car was stolen Erie Auto Insurance was unbelievably fast in responding to problems and helpful replacing it. They were fair and accommodating. We've used them for over 30 years and have never been disappointed. Excellent customer service! I always recommend them!
Very easy to deal with. Never have any problems with and I can rely on if I have any questions or problems. Would recommend to everyone that I know and have renters' insurance as well.
I had Erie insurance for a period 2.5 years. I chose Erie because my personal auto insurance company, USAA, does not offer commercial coverage. I was in good standing for a period of 2.4 years. I unknowingly missed a payment in December and they terminated service. No phone call, no no email, nothing. I was notified from the NYS DMV that my insurance policy was terminated and I had to surrender my plates.Apparently, a collections notice was sent out. A lawyer/third party started robocalling my mother, who never was on the policy. Absolutely horrid service if you ask me. USAA, which handles all my other insurance policies, including auto and home, is absolutely wonderful. In the event that a payment is due, they send me a polite email reminder, and if I ever miss a payment (rare) I receive a polite email or phone call within 24 hours. The damage done by Erie hurt my business greatly, especially during a time of year when winter work is extremely precious. I will never recommend Erie to anyone.
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