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Erie Homeowners Online Insurance Reviews

Company Name: Erie Homeowners
Year Founded: 1925
Address: 100 Erie Insurance Place
City: Erie
State/Province: PA
Postal Code: 16530
Country: United States
Phone: (800) 458-0811
Overall average rating of 3.8 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 45 %
Everything has been good with the company we chose and they have not raised rates or change anything on me. It's local and I was recommended to them from my loan officer and they offered the best option on homeowners insurance compared to the other companies I checked out. I can combine auto to it for a better price and they are good at responding to any question I would have at the time and the payment option I was able to chose. Erie is a really good company.
This company Erie was the worst nightmare I ever experience in life. I had been with this company for 10 years. First claim I put in for roof damage they denied it. Meanwhile this is a business. It cost me to lose my tenants due to the damage and also I had a big mortgage on this property. Erie insurance made my life a living hell when it came to my finances. They spent money fighting me to not pay the claim. The roof damage cause more damage on the inside. They investigate the claim for three months my and would not pay. My mortgage went into foreclosure due to me not being able to pay with no tenants. The inspector lie, also the state of Illinois for insurance was on their side. I believe they were paid under the table. Never realize how the system with insurance companies is so corrupt. I would never recommend this company to my worst enemy. Imagine paying insurance for ten years and something happen and find out they will not out of all these years devastating to anyone. I don't care how they rate this a good company. It's not...
I already had an auto policy with Erie Insurance so when I needed insurance for my home that I purchased it just made sense to have both policies under Erie to save money. Erie Insurance has a very reasonably priced insurance policy for homeowners. The policy has not gone up very much over the several years that I have had which makes it very affordable and comforting.
I only been a homeowner policyholder with Erie for about 5 years but have been satisfied with them as I have had my auto policy with them for 43 years. They are responsive and make sure that you are covered.
Erie gave the best monthly fees with the same coverage as other insurance companies that I had checked in the state of California in the southern region. The flood insurance was very inexpensive because the area I live in in California was not an area that floods due to the fact that it does not rain a lot in this state. However, I did not like that they would not cover some of the damage I incurred during a rainstorm where my floors had mildew damage in the state of California. Still, I was very satisfied with this company.
The insurance cost is very minimal and seems to offer great coverage... Have never had a claim, so I cannot comment on that experience is with Erie -- I also have Erie for my auto insurance and they offer great discounts for multiple policies. I have had an auto claim and it was handled very well and efficiently, so I would assume their homeowner's claim experience would be similar. I have a local agent who is always very easy to reach with any questions.
Our parents used Erie insurance and when it came time to purchase insurance as a married couple, we took their advice. We have had the same insurance for the last 25 years. We bundle our home and auto insurance for a better rate and it’s overall easier to just deal with one insurance provider for several types of policies. Wish there didn't have to be a hesitation on our part for making a claim for fear of an increase in rate. Reimbursement for claims can at time be slow. Our local Erie insurance broker isn’t the best. They are not good at follow up when you call for questions or assistance.
It was very easy to get insurance through Erie. I was able to put both my car and my home on the same policy and saved some money doing so. The price is a bit high for the policy that I have but most all insurance companies are expensive because of people who do not get it. We have to pay for it. But so far so good. Erie also has a local office near me so I can always go there if there is a problem. It will also be easy to file a claim if I have to do so.
When I received my homeowner's policy and it had gone up a significant amount, yet again, I began looking at other insurances. I lived in a rural community and had built a new home 10 years ago. I was told my high premiums were due to being so far away from a fire department or fire hydrant. I had questioned each raise and was told by my Appalachian Insurance Agents that it was because of the cost of supplies going up. I assumed the supplies needed in case my house was totally destroyed. So reluctantly, I called them again because I had read great reviews on Erie and had been with them over 20 years. I didn't want to leave. Well, I told them the homeowner policy had risen to a rate I simply couldn't afford. The agent said she'd call me back after checking into it. Shortly, she called back with great news... my policy would be reduced by about $1000. Wow!!! How did that happen, I wondered. She said that Erie had a new method of rating homes in rural communities. Therefore, my insurance would be lowered since it fell under the old method of rating homes. Well, why the devil, did no one notify me of these changes before my premiums rose to such a high rate??? Doesn't Erie owe me for past premiums that I was basically overcharged??? Isn't it only ethical that they notify everyone and readjust premiums without the customer having to bring it to their knowledge??? I am no longer insured with Erie. I left for automotive insurance reasons but this left a bad taste in my mouth!
They cooperate with me on payments every year and they always help me out. The premium is high though. Around here, there are not many choices and with somebody else choosing the insurance we pay what they tell us. But they are great and they do the best they can to help the people around here.
We had checked with many other insurances and Erie was by far the best coverage and best price for us. Also, our agent was good. The cost of insurances are way too high for all though and I would love to see lower prices and rewards for not using it or for no accidents rewards or for no homeowners claims, especially for many years.
This is a terrible company, with terrible customer service. We switched to them 4 years ago, and it was a terrible mistake!! We have had 2 small claims on our auto insurance since the switch, and none on our home. We received a letter last week that they are cancelling our auto policy!!! Are you kidding me!! I have tried to call my local office 3 times, and the agent is never in the office. I finally spoke to someone today at the "customer service" number, and he could have cared less about what happened, and said that he couldn't help in anyway! Done, and done. We will take our home policy along with our auto back to the company we had for 10 plus years!
We have never had to file a claim for homeowner but have for auto insurance with them. They were quick to respond. We have been dealing with them for over ten years. They are reasonably priced and have a great reputation. We would recommend them to anyone. They were recommended to us by others who value their business. They have a great reputation. We use them for other insurances too. They give you a special rate for bundling the insurance.
Erie's invoices makes you search for the address of the property covered. I have 5 policies and the annual cost is not on the invoice if you pay other than annually. Moreover, Erie's newly designed website does not give you a one page summary of all policies, due dates, the annual cost and the payments with the amount due.
We had Erie when we lived in Maryland. Couldn't get it when we moved to SC. Now we live in NC & have it again. We've never had a problem with them!!!
The homeowners insurance we have is for a new double wide house, built in 2012! Insurance for these homes are hard to find? With the help of the builder and the bank whom we got our mortgage with, we were lucky to find one nearby! EN insurance is very affordable and spread out our payments for us! Very nice people!
Erie is an umbrella policy which is what we wanted because it has everything in one place. We worked through an independent agent. He helped us get a policy from a company that gave us a good price for more coverage and covered everything. But I had to get flood insurance from another company and would love to have everything in one policy. Erie should cut down on paperwork and more than one or two visits. Things are hard enough when you going through a claim and you have no idea what's going on. I like a company that is fast and easy to deal with without tons of paperwork.
Have had nothing but good experiences with ERIE and highly recommend them. Reasonable rates, excellent customer service. Had weather claim 3 years ago ERIE handled above my expectations.
Have had no problems with my current insurance company. Their billing process is easy and accurate. Claims process is very good and the agents are friendly.
Erie Insurance for Auto, Homeowners, and life is a rip off! Advise anyone thinking of getting quotes to avoid Erie Insurance! I had all three for my insurance needs. When I no longer needed their Auto policy they increased my Homeowner's policy by 46%! Anyone living in Levittown hear this I was already paying $1700 a year because I still have the underground oil tank and I am locked in with Erie because no other company will insure me until that Tank is lifted and a new above ground one is placed. My new 2017 premium is $2537! When I sell this house I will Never insure anything with them!
Best rates I can find, pays claims quickly. Have never had a problem with them. I've shopped other companies whose rates are always much higher for the same coverage.
Erie insurance is conveniently located in my neighbor. They have provided excellent service to myself and many of my family and friends. They seem to always have the best pricing compared to other insurance agencies. I have had Erie insurance for over 5 years and have never had a bad experience! Coverage is also excellent. Their customer service is always a pleasant experience! If I have questions or concerns Erie is always available or gets back to me usually the same day. If I am not available to talk on the phone they will email me to ensure my satisfaction. I wish they would cover more outside projects and damage like retaining walls, yard flooding, dangerous trees, etc. Other than that I do not have any complaints or dislikes about Erie insurance. They are always helpful when I need them.
When we were checking policies the one we had was way overpriced compared to the one we have now. The insurance agents are very helpful and always willing to listen to all your complaints about the storms and damage that they do. Erie is always there to help 24/7. Good insurance... During the Flood of 2006 we lost all the food in our freezer and they replaced most of it. No questions asked. The insurance Company policy is pretty accurate. Covers everything... Only takes a few days versus weeks to get your money when filing a claim. Also, their office is local compared to the other Insurance Company.
We have had our rental house insured by Erie Insurance for ten years. Our renter recently moved out without paying two months rent. She left without notifying us. We found our house totally trashed. She had destroyed lovely oak kitchen cabinets by painting over with spray paint, managing to get that all over the appliances. Carpet had spray paint on it and was soiled beyond repair. She had put sticky carpet tiles over the laminate flooring in dining/living area. The glue from these has destroyed the laminate flooring. She had kept a cat in the half bath, which had defecated on the lower walls and floor, and scratched the framing from the door at the bottom. We had never filed a claim with Erie.We called the agent. He inspected the house. A week later we got a call stating that the damage to our house was considered "normal wear and tear" and a "bad tenant". They refused to pay a dime! This insurance company worms its way out of paying claims, no matter how severe! I wonder if she had burned the house down, would it have been considered a "bad tenant"??? I don't understand how these agents can sleep at night...
Erie has the best rates and are very easy to deal with when filing a claim. Additionally, they have the best rates for auto insurance. My local agent is very easy to deal with when addressing issues. The rates have continually increased over the last 12 years though. I understand why they do because of claims submitted to them but they should give discounts for people that don't have claims. Still, their rates are better than other companies. The bundling of auto insurance and homeowners insurance saves you money.
Have had Erie Insurance for our Auto and Homeowners coverage for decades. Always had a pleasant experience with our Erie agent. Have had only one small auto claim and no homeowners claims so I think I've been pretty reliable customer of Erie's. Just recently, we had a water problem in our home and our agent suggested that perhaps we could get some help with temporary housing from Erie because my wife and I have serious health issues and the odors caused by the water problem (and mold) requires we leave our home till repairs are complete. Our agent contacted an Erie "Property Adjuster" and that's where the trouble began. We experienced being treated rudely by the adjuster and were made to feel like we were "trying to pull something over on Erie". We had the quality of our air tested and received an extensive report from the company about what we were being exposed to. This report was emailed to the property agent but he paid no mind to it. All he did during his inspection of our home was make cocky remarks and quickly wrote us off as not having a legitimate claim. After we can return to our home and things settle down for us, we plan to research a new company for our auto and homeowners coverage.
I've been with Erie insurance for 20 plus years. I've had a few claims and they were very prompt in getting things done in a timely manner. The rates are very good to what I've shopped around for. They have several payment plans that will fit anyone's budget. You get a discount for having home and auto. They also have some excellent life policies that are priced good, including life for children. The customer service people know me and my family. It's nice to deal with a small agency that is committed to customer satisfaction. Would highly recommend to family and friends.
I selected this insurance company because I personally know the representative so I feel like he is someone that I can trust, and also because this company offered me the best price on my home insurance. The only thing I really dislike about my insurance company or policy, though, is the amount that the premium increases every year. I think it goes up more than it should be allowed to increase. It is crazy!
I am very fortunate that I Have Not had to file a claim on my home. I am confident that if there were ever an occurrence Erie would provide me great service as they had to on auto insurance.
It was easy to get. I applied for a mortgage and it was all taken care of for me and the payments come out of escrow. However, I made one claim and it took them a long time to get to me. Also, I would like flood insurance but can't get it.
I filed a claim on my homeowners insurance back in April of 2017 for someone breaking in our home stealing everything and vandalism. The Charlestown police department let these people stay in my home while my family and I had to stay at my sister's until I got a protection order against the perpetrators to have them removed and it took me 10 days to do this. They stole 20,000 dollars worth of stuff. Clothes, shoes, electronics, appliances and damaged our carpet with motor oil, carved curse words in my kitchen floor, cut up all of our mattresses, put holes in my walls and a hole by the attic access door. Estimated between damages and stolen belongings to be 25,000 dollars.They sent one check in September for 5,000 dollars to replace belongings and just sent a check for 5,000 dollars for repairs for damages 2 weeks ago. I had to do statement after statement under oath as well as going to a local law office and do a statement under oath with all the evidence I provided and a court recorder. This company is ridiculous on their processes. I called and called, left voicemail after voicemail with the adjuster and investigator many many times and after that 6 months later they finally send a check. Because of this I couldn't catch my house payment up because the perpetrators stole my bank account information, my social everything, I am now facing foreclosure with a sheriff's sale. I wouldn't recommend this company not even for doggy insurance, even rat insurance if it was possible. They are a joke and absolutely unprofessional as well as ridiculously slow in all processes.
Prompt bill statements mailed to me with plenty of time for me to return payment. Excellent customer service that has knowledgeable, helpful employees.
I have had three major claims with Erie. One was for a full roof replacement. The other two were automobile claims (same company). The claims were handled efficiently and very fairly. Their prices could be a little lower though. They tend to be about 10% higher than other. Also they should have local agents to deal with. But overall, I am satisfied since paying claims is what it's all about as a purchaser.
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