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Endurance Online Insurance Reviews

Company Name: Endurance
Phone: (866) 918-1438
Overall average rating of 4 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 65 %
Great service and help with my warranty purchase.
Other than purchasing insurance, I have not had occasion to use the program (much preferred, I might add). Their prices were competitive and reasonable, and signing up was a breeze (quite a relief). Worth the investment!
Thanks Jeff for your patience explaining to me about my policy. Your positive attitude about your products is winsome, very professional! Thanks again Griffin
I’m a new customer to Endurancewarranty but the process to purchase warranty for my car was straightforward , transparent and pleasant. The prices wuoted were competitive. I’m sure they will back up their reputation with good service.
good support from the agent
I think what impressed me the most was how easy it was to get ahold of someone and have my options explained to me. I even got a direct number to call back when I wa ready to purchase. No hoops to jump through and very straight forward. Thank you so much!!
Endurance warranty DOES NOT honor their warranty when it is time for a claim. I had them for over a year and my first claim they tried to put after market parts on an AUDI A8, but the dealer told me in time. The second claim (12/2017) Endurance denied the whole claim based on my wheels (for a thermostat...really). I have reported them to and many other places (like this site). Please DO NOT fall to these scammers/LIERS. In fact Endurance famous words are 'We got you covered' also there are many warranty companies (like Auto Assure) RE-SELLING Endurance Warranty.... be careful Endurance Warranty is an administrator so they have the final decision as to IF your claim is paid. My vehicle was in the shop for over a week BEFORE Endurance Warranty DENIED my claim. I will be posting and telling as many people in the world as possible ... hopefully I can stop these fraudsters Good Luck
I called them twice, and they were knowledgeable and answered all my questions and concerns.
I didn’t bother with my dealer extended warranty when the original expired, which may have been a mistake, because within two years I had two major (expensive) issues with the engine. Of course, by then it was too late to go back and get it. Long story short, I found Endurance online and they have this high mileage plan that worked perfectly. I disclosed prior problems, but because I had parts replaced, they said it wouldn’t fall under preexisting conditions.
So far satisfied with the introduction to the company.
These guys are excellent! I was assisted by Tiffany L. And hannan awesome experience! Very customer friendly and informative. Thanks guys!
No stars... BAD PEOPLE. LET ME START BY SAYING THEY CALLED ME RIGHT AFTER I PURCHASED AND MADE ME FEEL SO SAFE! THEY HAD THIS PERSON CALL AND DO A SURVEY, I TOLD HER WELL I HAVENT USED THEM AS OF YET AND HOPE I WILL NEVER NEED THEM BUT FOR NOW I FEEL GOOD ABOUT MY PURCHASE.. NOTTTTTTTTTTT...….. Carlton Brown Endurance auto warranty is a joke, scam. Do not waste your time. My first claim, was my transmission. I follow all of the instructions, the initial oil change and maintenance. The told me flat out, they where not going to cover and that the condition was preexisting. Mind you, they never sent out a tech to check anything. when I TOLD them, I had the car fax from the dealer I purchased the vehicle from, and there where no reported transmission issues. They just asked what do you want, to cancel or not. The rep that I bought the coverage from told me it started 30 days from the purchase or 1000 miles. The claims reps kept saying it was 60 miles and even with me sending pics of my dash and miles they stated that it was 88 miles inside of the 1000. I clearly drove over 2800 miles and they refused to accept visual evidence. Do what you feel is best, but as they say buyer beware!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Endurance saved me a headache when I had to have my water pump replaced. I would not have been able to get my truck fixed if it had not been for the insurance. Thank you! Eddie Perez
Customer service was quick to answer my call, fast in finding options for me, transparent regarding their programs, no hard sell tactics, answered all my questions satisfactorily, very professional in doeech and demeanor. Product offered was better than others in the market.
The service is great and the staff is friendly and helpful and awesome
I was pleased with the service provided
I talk to a very nice gentleman about my car door regulator I'm having trouble here in Alabama getting things fixed on my car that's under warranty but this gentleman emailed me a list of places to check and go to and it made my day cause the auto shops here in alabama,refuse to fix under warranty they want me to pay them and endurance reimburse me but I got a list to look at and possible get it fixed thanks to the nice gentleman name Robert musser
a couple of things were slightly confusing but it was worked out easily.
The agent was very polite and professional. He took the time to explain all of the plan options and answered all my question.
Customer service absolutely sucks when you need something that doesn’t involve them getting money. Wow. This company continues to blow my mind. First, they don’t cover an item covered listed black and white in the policy. Now, I am in the process of getting my refund check, and they cannot give me a simple tracking number for the check. The first individual was polite and said he would transfer me to accounting, which instead transferred me to the start process for the phone call. The second woman hung up after she said she would get an answer for me. The customer service is a total facade. Not worth your time. They were very rude and impolite.
Every time I call with questions the customer service reps are very friendly and helpful. I couldn't find a way to make a payment online, I think Eddie made a payment for me and they actually updated their website based on my feedback, now I can login to my endurance account and click on make a payment link from there, it's so much easier. It's great to see a company that actually listens to the customers' feedback. I Would highly recommend them to everyone looking for extended warranty.
I found them thru the BBB, and from day one they impressed me. Kyle, the gentleman that wrote my policy was sooo patient with me. He kept the same calm, professional attitude from beginning to end, which was every bit of 20/30 minutes, because I was asking questions left & right (some repeated) but he never showed aggravation, just answered in the same manner he began with. Even my monthly communications when I've called customer service the agent Jose has shown the same courtesy. I couldn't be more pleased. Thank you Endurance.
I received a bill in the mail for a $13,000 expense from them. I've never owned a car in my life. That's the level of scam they were operating at. I called them to see what the explanation for this was. First they said it was an ad and that I should visit their website. Then they said I was mismatched in their system. I've never owned a car so I should never have been in their system. My name is extremely unique so there's no way they honestly confused me with anyone else. Stay away from them.
Everything went smoothly until I went to download my policy. Someone forgot to tell me I had to wait 24 -72 hours before I could download my policy. I now have and I'm reviewing it to see all of the parts that are covered. P.S. I was contacted twice by email to let me know what was going on.
I got the misleading letter that mimics a government agency on the outside and the inside the envelope. They used bad and out-dated information. They also concealed who they are in the letter and even on the outside of the envelope, by avoiding the company name. There are a few other ridiculously stupid contradictions that I don't recall after a few hours. I already shredded that garbage, so no new details can be shared on the highly fishy document I was sent. Then I called to ensure that they will never contact me ever again and told the so called customer service agent starts talking trash, while I used too many big words like mimic and perpetuate. I am pretty sure that she just got out of prison or is mentally incapacitated, because she has no idea what simple phrases mean and I am not wasting my time to try to tutor her, because there is no cure for an idiot. I called back and told to fire that a$$whole and another time to get my original point across, "Don't ever contact me again." I don't cooperate with intentionally misleading behavior, that is something no one will get my credit card information for. I most certainly don't trust a delusional punk, that should be paying any business to teach them customer service skills, fix comprehension, rudeness (not insulting permanently disgruntled people that were on the do not contact list would be a good start) grammatical skills and tutoring vocabulary gaps during phone calls!
Customer service was absolutely amazing. All my questions got answered and I feel 110% covered if anything were to happen to my vehicle.
I think endurance is the best company to go with if you are looking for an extended warranty on your car. Their prices are really fair and they have excellent service. I would recommend them to anyone who is thinking about putting an auto warranty on their car.
I had issues with my vehicle and Eddie Perez was there every step of the way
After my first warranty expired, I didn't even know what an extended warranty was. I was told that dealer warranties are garbage and overpriced. My dad and I did some research and found Endurance. They had great reviews, so I gave them a call. After speaking with them I realize that they earn those reviews. I got a lot of helpful information from a guy I spoke with--he wasn't pushy and didn't try to force me into the most expensive plan, and he promised coverage for any major issues with my car. I feel better driving now that I know they're backing me up.
I purchased the plan and then later had my mechanic review the program (shouldve did that first) and he then warned me that it was very limited on what it would acutally cover and the salesman are very very pushy. Wouldnt bother wasting my money.
I have never written a review or ever documented a product failure, however I felt it was my obligation to make buyers understand what they are getting, or rather not getting, with an Endurance policy. I have a 2011 Dodge Ram 1500 4 wheel drive truck. I purchased this vehicle brand new and never added any after market additions or upgrades. I have adhered to the maintenance schedule and take pride in keeping my truck serviceable. As the trucks standard 100,000 mile power train warranty expired I began looking for an additional warranty to cover any unforeseen repairs. I did my research and looked at the overall reviews and Endurance was rated in the top two. I looked at the policy to insure the power train, to include the transmission, was covered. Here is what it states in the policy “TRANSMISSION: All lubricated internal parts contained within the case. Computer modules & solenoids; filler tube & dipstick; vacuum modulator; and internal linkage. Transmission case ONLY if damaged by the Breakdown of a lubricated internal part.” With that definition, I was comfortable any issue that arose with the transmission would be covered. I chose the Premier Select package and paid for the term of the policy in full. I had the policy for a little over a year and on Tuesday March 27 I had a service engine light come on so I took the truck to a Dodge dealership. On Thursday March 29, I was informed that the service engine light indicated issues with the transmission. I provided the dealership with the Endurance claim telephone number to move forward with a claim. The dealership submitted the Claim to the insurance company. Endurance said they had to have an inspector verify the codes and would be there on Monday April 2. I felt the claim was going to be covered and knew the policy would cover a rental if needed. I rented a car for a week expecting it would be covered and a week would be long enough for the repair. The inspector does not show up until Wednesday April 4. April 4, the inspector arrives, verifies the codes, and leaves the dealership. No information was given to the dealership. April 6- I call the dealership inquiring about my truck and they said they have heard nothing from the inspector. I have to call the insurance and get an update because neither dealership, nor I, have heard anything from Endurance. Endurance states they have not called the dealer back and the dealer has to call them. The dealership calls Endurance and they require the transmission to be dismantled to find cause of failure. On April 9, I receive a call from the dealership and have to approve a $583 tear down before insurance will move forward. This is written in the policy that I may have to incur this cost. If I don’t approve the tear down they will not move forward with the claim. I approve the tear down and have to wait for an inspector to come look at it again. April 11 inspector shows up and reviews all information provided by the dealer and leaves. There was no abuse or neglect identified. April 13 I call the dealership looking for an update. Dealership has not heard anything so they call Endurance. After multiple conversations between the dealer and Endurance I am informed by dealer that Endurance will not cover the transmission because it was caused by the torque converter. NOTE: Nothing in the policy says it will not cover the torque converter. What they say in order to make sure they have a catch all is “for any part not specifically listed in the schedule of coverages”. “EXCLUSIONS – WHAT IS NOT COVERED For any part not specifically listed in the Schedule of Coverages, or for any of the following parts: thermostat, thermostat housing, shock absorbers, carburetor, battery and battery cables/harness, standard transmission clutch assembly, friction clutch disc and pressure plate, distributor cap and rotor, safety restraint systems (including airbags), glass, lenses, sealed beams, light bulbs, LED lighting, fuses, circuit breakers, cellular phones, personal computers, and pre-heated car systems, game centers, speakers. Radio, compact disc player, and cassette player, electronic transmitting/receiving devices, voice recognition systems, remote control consoles, radar detection devices, brake rotors and drums, all exhaust components, and the following emission components: EGR valve/solenoids/sensors, vacuum canister, vapor return canister, vapor return lines/valves, air pump/lines/valves, catalytic converter/filtering/sensors, gas cap/filler neck, weather strips, trim, moldings, bright metal chrome, upholstery and carpet, paint, outside ornamentation, bumpers, body sheet metal and panels, frame and structural body parts, vinyl and convertible tops, any convertible top assemblies, door handles, lift gate handles, tailgate handles, door bushings/bearings, hardware or linkages, tires, tire pressure sensors, wheel/rims, programming, reprogramming, or updating a component that has not mechanically failed. Any equipment not installed by the manufacturer. External nuts, bolts and fasteners are not covered unless specifically listed in the Schedule of Coverage (except where required in conjunction with a covered repair). Engine block and cylinder heads are not covered if damaged by overheating, freezing or warping.” There was NEVER a call or explanation that was initiated by the company about why my claim was denied. I called to get an explanation. Explanation: The torque converter caused the damage therefore, the transmission is not covered. Evidently, they do not consider the torque converter part of the transmission. The torque converter is considered outside of the transmission case. Please feel free to research a picture of the transmission and you will see where the torque converter is located. Endurance says it is within the housing of the transmission but not the actual case, therefore not covered. That is their out and how you will now be on the hook for a $4500 transmission bill. Not to mention the $2395 I paid for the policy that did nothing and the $336 for the rental car that was not covered. Also, remember you had to pay $538 to have the transmission dismantled. Their “independent” third party inspector has to inspect it and tell you it was the torque converter that caused the failure, coincidently that lets the company off the hook. How many times do you think a transmission failure can be attributed to the torque converter? April 27, one month later I got my truck back from the dealer. Trying to understand why. May 1st I called endurance and wanted to have a written denial letter explaining how and why my claim was denied. I initially spoke with a claims representative who had to send me to his Supervisor Daniel Wilner. It was not a pleasant conversation and turned very contentious. His stance was that the policy clearly states what is covered and what is not. I explained that I wanted a written denial letter so I could use it for future litigation for false advertising. The conversation ended with him stating that would send me a letter with a time frame of 2 days to 2 weeks. May 25th I still have not received the denial letter. I called at 0800 was informed Wilner was not in his office and would call me back by noon, he never called. I called back at 1300 and was told he was in a meeting and would call me back. Never received a call. May 29th I called again and after an extended hold I spoke to Wilner. I asked why I had not received a call and he stated he was not in the office on Friday. I asked why I had not received the denial letter and he said it was mailed on Friday the 25th. I asked why it was not mailed within the timeframe he stated. He said he was not sure and they must be backed up in the processing department. The point again is failure to follow through. Your policy does not cover what you think it does when it comes to the transmission. Make sure you understand that. And remember they will put it back on you and say “sorry you can’t read the fine print and know what is covered and what is not”. This review is intended to inform you what you are going to be dealing with when you purchase this product. It was a piece of mind when I purchased the product, then turned into a nightmare when I had to use it. If I had known this information or read a review that detailed what actually happens in the case of a major repair, I would have definitely looked somewhere else or at least asked more questions.
just purchased no experience
I have been a customer with endurance for 4 years and I my policy has saved my behind more than a few times. Whenever I call into these guys they are always so helpful, kind and patient, which is great for an older customer like me. Sometimes I just don't get things and I have to have them explain it to me a second or sometimes third time, but they always do it with a smile in their voice. I will say that the previous warranty that I had with a different company was a completely opposite experience, it was like pulling teeth to get these guys on the phone to just answer a question. I am glad that endurance isn't like that though, they come highly recommended by me, and that is something that I only do for companies I really love. Yep, I said it I love endurnace!!! :)
professional, courteous, knowledgeable CS. 2 contacts 9/10 to investigate, chk t&cs, and enroll, and 10/16 to payoff outstanding balance. Both contacts were friendly, knew how to listen and recap, and were very cognizant of my intent. Kudos to both agents!
We’re very helpful
I thought this company was very well reviewed and a wonderful company to take over my gently used Audi s6 once the original warranty expired. Flash forward a year and a bit. Can adjuster went out, engine needed to be pulled for "tear down." After that, my shop was told that the tear down will probably not be covered (I have the top warranty). To get to the cam adjuster you have to pull the whole engine. I didn't understand why they wouldn't cover that (that's the biggest cost of this repair) but I decided to wait for the adjuster to come out and get a final verdict on coverage. Come Friday, adjuster came out, was a total a-hole to everyone at the shop and just rude on all accounts. Come Tuesday, no word on coverage. My shop had to call the company for them to tell them that the claim was denied because the intake filter was changed with a non-stock one, and that the catalytic converters were off the car (they need to come off to take the engine out). When I called the company to cancel my warranty (to get some money back so I can cover the repairs, since they won't) I was told by the service rep that they don't cover any parts that are not made by the original manufacturer. In other words, don't go to AutoZone and buy a replacement k&n filter for your stock air box because it voids your warranty. Even Audi didn't have a problem with it, but they do. I feel like anything over what you paid, they will find a way to decline your coverage. Read the other reviews, all the 5 star reviews have not had to file a claim. They just had a good experience while purchasing the warranty. Most of the one star reviews have had multiple things declined for no legitimate reason. I hope this review can save someone the hassle of going through what I did. Just save your money, or go to your trusted local shop and ask what company they generally have good experience with. This company are just good salesmen. They will do anything to sell you their product but when it comes to paying out they will screw you. I should have caught on when they told me if I secure my contact in 24 hours I will get a lower rate. Also most warranty companies will give you your full money back if not used. Endurance only gives you a prorated amount back. Save yourself money, time and headache and find another company. Don't rely on the "good" reviews which don't mean anything if you read them. Hope this helps someone. By the way, my repair ended up being a bit over $8,000. I now know why they wanted to find anything to deny my claim
The company was honest and I like the honesty with a company
My entire claim in general took many unexpected turns which ended up taking way longer then it should have. With that being said without the help of Steven and Mike I would have defiantly cancelled my policy. Steven ended up taking over towards the end and went above and beyond with his customer service to get everything settled which was more than appreciated.
I just want you to know that if you need a person that is understanding and willing to help you make sure you get with maurice. He relieved any doubt or uncomfortability I had about this company. Now the refund needs to come in and I will give this review the sixth star.
Do not be fooled by companies offering lower prices than Endurance! Most of them are scams and they will take your money and deny your claims. Endurance warranties might cost more, but they're still less than dealerships, which outsource anyway. When I asked the Endurance rep about why I should pay the higher price, she said they have to meet government standards and they guarantee payout on covered claims. That sounds a lot better than paying less and risking denial of claims by a shady operation.
As you are approaching the end of your new vehicle's manufacturer's warranty, you are likely considering the cost of unexpected vehicle repairs. With Endurance warranty, you are protected from out-of-pocket repair costs with one of their flexible and customizable warranty plans. Even if you are stranded on the side of the road, Endurance has got you covered. With a wide variety of warranties available through Endurance, you can enjoy the peace of mind of knowing your vehicle and bank account is protected.
I recommend endurance warranties. paid my claim with no issues and they are so nice on the phone.
If you haven’t felt the sting of getting a new used car, discovering it has major problems within weeks and going back to the dealer only to be told the original warranty has run out, I don’t know what to tell you. Only that it’s truly awful and it turns you into a very anxious person re: car trouble. I didn’t want a repeat experience of the last time so I took a chance on Endurance and so far I feel good about it. Down to earth customer service reps, clear terms, and an easy-to-use website that isn’t full of double talk.
Have used Endurance for three different cars now, my old one, my wife’s car, and my new car, and it’s been great. There’s really no easier way to get a car fixed, in my opinion, since you just take it to a qualified shop, tell them you have Endurance, and they call in and handle all the payment stuff for you. I mean, it’s not like calling your insurance is rocket science, but I didn’t realize how great it was to not have to deal with it until I got Endurance. Plus roadside and coverage for rental cars? It’s a great deal.
This may sound strange but I had a part replaced which was not covered in warranty..cost $25.00 for part but $900.00 in labor..dash had to be removed..Associate explained thoroughly and patiently some things just arent covered.I totally understand these things happen.Still I thank Endurance for for explanation about what is and whats not covered..Jesse customer for life..Rated 5 Stars by me !!
Very unprofessional, pushy and higher than most other companies. I told the salesperson that I am working on a budget and was comparing company plans from the start. Instead all he could do was degrade the other companies. I had to hang up on him as he wasn't going to end the call without closing a sale. Pushy and high pressure from the start.....I was turned off before we even talked costs.
I talked to one person, Jose, and he was GREAT. The problem was solved. Jose knew what he was doing. Rare, now a days.
They are SHADY! Trying to deny my claim because I don't have a service history, SO the dealership pulls out my maintenance records. Then the adjustor says well the real reason for the denial is his tires are 'Modified". Well really. Truck came from factory with 275/55/20 tires. I had Michelin 275/65/20. Said the modifications to my truck voided my warranty. What a scam. When faced with a major claim, the contract is robust enough for them to always find a way to not pay. It is stacked against you. Any money paid to them is a waste.
Getting stuck without any type of auto coverage can be a very scary thing. After having to deal with thousands of dollars of repair on my last vehicle, I knew that I wanted to get something like Endurance Warranty for my new one. It has already paid for itself, helping me get through some tough times when the car was acting up. I definitely recommended for anyone who wants to not have to worry about a serious car issue.
My name is Terry and I worked with Janessa with setting up an after market warranty for my 2011 Mercedes E550. She was very knowledgable and very polite. She also explained the process if a claim is not approved to where they will go great length’s to get to the best deal or rate for an hourly rate for the repair. She was very knowledgable about the company in general and the history. Now, I see and understand why they won over google for the best customer service award (forgive me if I have the wrong company lol). I wish every time I called in for any assistance from any company, the level of customer service matched what I received today. They made me feel like I was apart of the family. I worked customer service for 8+ years so I know how important it is to give feedback, especially when its positive. I would recommend this company service any day. :-)
Representatives were very helpful and polite.
Never heard about required oil change. Luck I read all the fine print in the booklet. Mine is not due at the dealer for four months. Seems like overkill and a bit wasteful.
Good cx services
I've been looking around for quality coverage from a reputable company for a while. I've had waranty in the past but nothing compares to what i got from endurance. They have by far the best coverage plans out there and the service is great! They actually care about the customer even after the warranty is purchased! i would recommend this company to everyone. when I needed them, they were there for me and very friendly throughout my entire experience. keep up the great work!!
excellent customer service excellent everything
Excellent customer service. Answered all questions . Very happy
I had the worst experience ever. They did not cover my water pump because it was leaking, which is what happens when a water pump goes bad. They do not cover gasket, bearings, seals, hoses, motor mounts, and suspension. These are the things that wear on old cars. The only reason I am spending my time on this company right now is because I want people to know what to expect. I will make sure I write a few reviews on other sites too. Save your money for repairs instead of giving it to these guys!
If I could rate them a zero I would like some of the others I have read. This is by far the worse warranty company I have encountered. I had the primier coverage with them for my 2011 VWCC. My car was only serviced by the VW dealership. I never missed a schedule maintenance and kept all of my maintenance records and yet when my transmission died they denied it due to "lack of maintenance" once I persisted and showed that was ridiculous they then went on to deny the claim due to "wear & tear" .....I mean that is more ludicrous than the original excuse. You get an extended warranty when your original warranty has expired so naturally your vehicle has "wear & tear"! I mean you get that once you drive the car off the lot. Needless to say my car has been in the shop for months & they keep giving me excusing as to why my transmission isn't covered. Similar to another reviewer, I was told to have my mechanic dismantle my transmission (a covered part) at my cost to pin point the specific problem, but they still may deny the claim depending on what's found. This company is a complete fraud and they have no intentions on paying claims over a certain dollar amount. Do Not waste your time purchasing this warranty because you will not only pay for a useless document but you will still have to pay for ALL of your repairs out of pocket with this Horrible warranty!
Seems fair I just signed up 2 weeks ago. Nothing has come in the mail or email except this survey. Hope service is better than what I'm perceiving
Endurance is extremely fortunate to have Steven on their team. After calling my dealership, I discovered that EVERYTHING except tires was covered through 100,000 miles. So I will be giving Endurance a call in 2-3 years to get coverage. Thank you so much, Steven, for your dedication to Endurance. Alice from Amarillo
There customer service representative I've just got off the phone with was awesome. She was very helpful in providing information about me and my wife's policy and knowledgeable about the vehicle coverages and special offers as well. Great customer experience. Glad that I had chosen this company.
When contacted endurance trying to get an extended warranty, the customer service person provided an excellent service in explaining the detail on the the warranty that my vehicle was qualify for. In addition, everything she said that was suppose to happened to include getting the exact mileage did happened. One thing that I am very impressed with this company is the fact that it only takes three days to get my booklet for the warranty through the mail..
I called to have my contract canceled 1 day after I started this contract and gentlemen said he would send me a form to complete right away. Well I didnt receive the form nor did Ronnie respond to my email request regarding this cancellation. Then you are still debiting my account. I didnt complete a form for my coverage why do I need complete a form for my refund and cancellation? Terrible customer service.
After owning my vehicle for a few years, I finally realized that I was getting near the end of my auto manufacturer's warranty. With the end in sight, I was looking for an extended type of coverage that will help offset costs that I might deal with later on. Endurance Warranty fit exactly what I was looking for. They were able to fit in my budget, and they cover everything major that worried me a little bit.
Their service is prompt and to my satisfaction. When it was time to cancel my policy because I was purchasing a new vehicle, I wrote in and even though my account was drawn on their customer service rep saw to my grievance and settled it. I would definitely be a returning customer.
Through this hard time I feel blessed to have had someone like Eddie Perez to help us through! He has been very understanding and helpful! From the bottom of our hearts we are so thankful to have had his help with our account! Thank you again for everything!!
I shopped around and found Endurance to be to most affordable with the best coverage. My contact was easy to deal with and was able to answer all of my questions.
Just completed my first claim with Endurance and I had to write a review because it went so smoothly. When I called in the claim, they not only assured me they would deal with the auto shop from that point on, but they also helped set me up with a rental car for the week. Not only that, but the needed repairs totaled more than what I've spent on my policy to date, which means Endurance has more than paid for itself at this point. I cannot overstate how great I feel right now, and how happy I am that I chose Endurance.
Lorel was such a pleasure to talk to and so helpful
Spoke to Eddie Perez, I had a wonderful experience over the phone with help and making my monthly auto warranty payment. Endurance has worked really with me. I truly Appreciate all the effort.
I had many interactions with various Endurance employees and they were always very positive. First, Eddie helped me with my monthly payments when I couldn't pay and then John (I think) from their claims department helped me with my claim a few months later. Overall I'm very happy, the repair was more than $2000 for my bmw and I only paid $100 for deductible and a few days for the car rental (which was partially covered by endurance). I recommended it to my friends and family.
We got this warranty for our truck and so glad we did. We have only used it once and when we took it to the dealership for repairs 2 hours later we picked it up paid our deductible and left. The cost of the pairs was over $800.00. Endurance and the dealership did all that heavy lifting we didn't have to do a thing. That was the easiest thing I have ever had to do. They back up everything they say, and do what they promised. I'm impressed and I do not impress easily. Thanks
My experience with Micheal Montierro (hope I spelled your last name right)...he was awesome in regards to handling my extended warranty policy concerns!! Great job. Thank you so much
Don't go with this company is a scam it will not do nothing for you i been with theme for 2 years and I try to use them four different time and they keep on coming up with excuses , they want the dealership to take the parts apart to see the problem if the part fall it need replacing that will come up with excuses after excuses
when in need of quick accurate information this is one of the best companys i have ever delt with. enough said
I was so happy when I bought my auto warranty I thought I had made a good decision as I am a woman and I do not like dealing with mechanics. but I soon discovered that I'd open myself up to an unreal nightmare these people take your money and not provide you with any service even if they state that something is covered they will refuse to pay for it you can pay them thousands of dollars I've only ever tried to make one claim against my policy which is paid off in full but they refused to pay a $300 claim which was included in the the warranties list of parts that they would replace. Please do yourself a favor and save the money and pay for the cost of the repairs on your own you will find that you are much better off. Update I have contacted Endurance at the phone number that they provided only to wait on hold for 45min then to be hung up on before I could even say hello to the customer service rep. I paid $2850.00 for there service . Contract #: 2027736BRR Plan: Xtra Supreme Term/Miles: 60/100,000 Expiration Date: 10/11/2020 Expiration Miles: 210,000 Deductible: $100 Update 10/6/2018 I have been contacted by one of their customer service reps who promised to send a $50 gas card for my inconvenience. I have yet to see the gas card that they promised that they would send me but the customer service rep lady was very nice and she explained to me that endurance is not actually responsible for the warranties they sell that they are just the customer service branch unfortunately it left me feeling more confused as to when I'm having a problem.
I called to find out if a part was covered and was told it was and then when the shop called they they ask a lot of questions and told them it was not. The car is at the shop and needs this repair and I don't have time to take it anywhere else. It just seems like Endurance did everything they could to not cover is. Why did I buy a warranty if they're not going to cover anything!
Contact endurance Eddie Perez about having financial difficulties and was able to accommodate me
Gordon was the best he help out so much. Very friendly and a great help.
I have always been happy with endurance customer service. However there have been two customer service gems. That I have been lucky enough to deal with. Manager Stephen K Who is without a doubt the best customer service rep I have ever spoke to in my life. He is very courteous and extremely professional. I have also had the pleasure of speaking to Jose also in the Chicago office. Pardon me I forgot his last name lol. Jose much like Stephen K he is very professional and courteous as well. I am a an extremely happy customer thanks to those two gentleman.
I talked to a lot of car warranty companies and endurance was the best company as far as coverage and price. I would definitely recommend buying your car warranty from them.
The process to obtain and quote/policy was simple and the service provided exceeded my expecatations. The value of coverage/price paid is well worth it.
Representative was very helpful and professional.
Dealing with used cars especially high end luxury cars can be frustrsting. I can honestly say I that I feel comfortable and secure knowing that Endurance has my back. This company goes the extra mile to make sure you and your car are taken care of. Their customer service department handled my claim with the upmost priority.
Paid this company over a 1000$ and when I tried to use it was denied and now they auto draft money from my account. They harass me to pay them even though I cancelled the (junk) policy months ago. Nothing is really covered. They will pay for a gasket(14$) but not the 1600 to install it. My mechanic said the policy is worthless as well. Run away, block the numbers they will call you from(constantly, three times a day sometimes) This company is a scam and the sales people are expert liars.
I like the way they keep you informed of where you are in line. Michael was very courteous and eager to fix the mistake. Offering me the $50 gift card for gas helped a lot. Thanks Michael!
I live in MT where the weather and road conditions are very hard on cars, so I really need a warranty to avoid the cost of repairs, which is why I contacted Endurance. They did tell me up front that the aftermarket parts on my car won't be covered, but they went over the stuff that will be covered and I feel pretty good about the price I'm paying for extended coverage. If I use it even once for a major repair it should more than pay for itself.
Jordan made the process very easy.
The process to purchase a contract was great, so great that I purchased a second contract with another vehicle but the when it came to making claims for either vehicle Endurance never covered the claim. Each and every time the reason for denial was that the issue was caused by "wear and tear". I wish I would not have paid the plans off early as I wouldn't pay them another dime. I would never refer anyone to use ENDURANCE!!!!!!! A WASTE of MONEY.....
I do buy the warranty on my car the Volkswagen Eos 2009 in January 2018. I paid my premium always on time 192.00$ monthly November 21. 2018 my car broke down - I towed to the close Volkswagen dealer service. That day was start the most horrible experiences with Endurance. Want and try to find every chance to decline the claim. Volkswagen service verified the transmission broken and need to replaced. 1. want the record when was a transmission service was done couple of days researching I find the records, after claim was pull the carfax record on my car and find the other extended warranty coverage - was shock me why I pay for t separate extended warranty when the premium I pay for Endurance is so high when I can cover 2 premium than should by a new car. after couple of days investigation I provide the document which is proof only have Endurance warranty. This take 18 phone calls and each time on hod 50-55 minutes than someone answer and very rude careless and put me on holds other 20-25 minutes. Finally the documents accepted than I ask to call the service and authorize the repair. The Endurance is refuse to call the service was told me I have to call the service and the service need to call Endurance- finally the Volkswagen service advisor after 45 minutes hold was able to talk to the claim department and surprisingly told him he need to get the authorization from me to take out the transmission and take a parts to verify the cause of the broke down. and I need to pay for it 650.00$. The staff was very rude and try to make more and more difficulties to take care the problems. I do not recommend to anyone to purchase this warranty - very unprofessional and refuse any help. But never hesitate to take the payments. Please share this make sure no other car owner make the mistakes like me.
A settlement has been reached
I like you guy's
Purchased my coverage last year and never had a problem with them. Customer service is AMAZING. It was easy to find the coverage i needed at a reasonable cost.
I'm a new customer but so far everything has gone fine and i have no complaints.
Great product with insane product options.
I shopped for car warranties for my Audi A5 after my extended coverage expired. After speaking to a couple of different automobile extended warranty companies and doing searches online to try and find the good and the bad about these extended warranty companies that I had spoke to I decided to take a chance on Endurance. The initial person that I spoke to at Endurance could not have been kinder. She was the perfect picture of what a company should want in a salesman. She was a smooth talker! I purchased the Select Premier Coverage. There was an initial waiting period of 60 days and 1,000 miles that had to pass. Routine maintenance had to be done during that time which was a understandable. The contract called for me to get the cars oil changed after the date of coverage was taken out and within the first 30 days by a licensed repair facility. I did that. Every single thing that I was suppose to do happened. The car failed this past week and left me stranded on the side of the road. I had my AAA tow my car to Audi of Hilton Head, the company that has always done my normal service work. I gave the service technician my warranty information along with the numbers he needed to call and explained to him that I had purchased an extended warranty. This morning I got a call from that service technician and the Timing Chain had slipped due to a pulley which is SUPPOSE to be covered under my warranty. The technician told me that he had spoke to someone in claims at Endurance Warranty and that they were not covering the part because it's considered "normal wear". I called the claims department and got a rude claims adjuster on the phone who I could tell is extremely well versed in how he is suppose to handle every call that he gets and he told me that I was not covered and told me to read my coverage booklet which I had already done. He told me that he would gladly refund me for the warranty and cancel it. That's too easy of a way out for Endurance in my opinion. I'm fairly educated, I'm a real estate broker in Georgia, Florida and South Carolina along with having a Finance Degree and I own a real estate company. I'm amazed that companies like Endurance try and pride themselves on their reputation when in fact their reputation is not worth the paper it's written on....literally! Read the reviews. The negative reviews about this company are here for a reason! I would bet the positive reviews are only done by associates with Endurance and there's technically not that many!
I found Endurance's staff members to be very knowledgeable and I hope my experience with them continues to be a good one!
I told the sales person that I didn't get payed until Friday and he said no problem we won't run it through till then well the very next day it tried to pay on my account causing me to be overdrawn. They apologized and said they would send me the overdraft fees back and they said they were going one step more they said they were going to put 100.00 in my checking account to take care of the inconvenience they had caused, and I thanked them. To this day I haven't received either, they have been so wonderful to work with I think I just misunderstood.
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