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Embrace Pet Insurance Online Reviews

Company Name: Embrace Pet Insurance
Year Founded: 2003
Address: 4530 Richmond Road
City: Cleveland
State/Province: OH
Postal Code: 44128
Country: United States
Phone: (800) 511-9172
Overall average rating of 3.8 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 63 %
This company changed my pet's coverage after the first vet visit. I would recommend any other pet insurance company. This company does nothing but lie and take your money. Once you make several payments then you find out the coverage is different, so I've been paying them money since February, and now in June, they are changing what's covered. As a consumer, it was my right to know this information back in February before I paid my premium for five months.
In addition to the accident and illness policy, we have the wellness plan for our 4 month old puppy. We have been very pleased with the telephone customer service and the promoters of handling claims.
Like any insurance you need to read all the fine print and fully understand what you are getting. I made this mistake particularly with the waiting period and pre existing conditions. That said, I agree completely with what other reviewers have said about pre existing conditions. My vet also had noted some minor lumps and bumps on my older dog during a wellness exam and assured me that they were fatty tumors. Fast forward to a situation where an oral lump was discovered. Vet was concerned and wanted a biopsy. You guessed it, Embrace rejected it. So be aware, anything your vet writes down they will use it as a reason not to cover it. For accidents etc, there was no problem.
I've had Embrace pet insurance for about 2 years now. Just recently I sent in claim information that dates back to January 2017. All of the claims were reviewed in a timely manner and I was updated regularly regarding status. Just today I noticed that two claims checks of $140 and $250 had not been received. Contacted Embrace via chat. Received immediate assistance and support with recommendation to switch to direct deposit. Within 5 minutes of logging off with the chat person I received an email from Embrace regarding resolution. Very impressed.
I can't say enough good things about my experience with Embrace. My sweet dog was diagnosed with a life threatening condition, that was emotionally so hard to deal with and came with a lot of very expensive testing and procedures. It was wonderful that I could comfortably say "yes" to all of the recommended procedures and testing to give my little girl a chance to live. But, even better, with how easy it was to send in the claims and the timeliness in receiving approval. Embrace never gave me any trouble or questioned anything. They have been wonderful. I will never not have pet insurance again, and I will always use Embrace!!
I would not recommend this company. My dog has been with them for 1 year with no issues. They recently reviewed his "temporary exclusion" of an ear infection and although my dog met the 12 month requirement of being ear infection free. They are now claiming his ear cleaner is causing the "exclusion" to continue due to one FDA ingredient. My vet wrote a letter indicating the cleaner was not treatment, but preventative maintenance and they do not care - still excluded. Even though my veterinarian was VERY clear in the letter my dog had not been seen for an ear issue in over 12 months. They clearly will do whatever they can to find loopholes so they can exclude coverage. Would hate to see how they act when it comes time to pay a claim.
A wonderful addition to my pet's life. I no longer worry about the what if’s of her health. The claims I’ve made through Embrace have been quickly repaid and it was a simple process. I only wish I’d opted for the larger amount on the wellness rewards. Embrace has allowed us to compete and travel confidently.
They literally have done nothing except take my money and find any loophole not to pay. They go above and beyond to make sure you get nothing back for your pet. Not even simple meds or blood work. These people are disgusting on every level I swear. I wanna spit the worst venom possible but you all need to see this and avoid these disgusting human beings. I hope they all receive the same poor treatment themselves by their own health insurance cause they clearly aren't here for your pet at all.
My experience with Embrace has been a negative one. Months of claims went unanswered until I had to contact someone myself. What's worse is that none of the "so called" covered issues and visits were actually covered. So I canceled my policy out of frustration for giving this company free money while getting absolutely nothing in return. That said, every single person I talked to from the very beginning until the last day, was very professional and extremely courteous and understanding of the situation. Definitely not a recommendation to anyone looking for pet insurance. I have proof of the 10's of claims that were denied for the years 2017/2018. (100% of them).
I do not recommend this insurance. I have a new puppy which it is common to have diarrhea when they get home. It was cleared up after the first week but because the veterinarian put that on the notes it is now a preexisting condition. The second most ridiculous thing is that he slipped on my hardwood floor after running around at full speed. He started limping and because I am neurotic I brought him to the vet who said he was fine. He was not limping and she did an exam and he was perfectly fine. Now they say that it a preexisting condition. When I called and talked to someone NOT A VETERINARIAN they still say it is a preexisting condition. Can you imagine if I really needed insurance the trouble I would have!! Cancelled it immediately. Do not use them.
I started using Embrace at the recommendation of my veterinarian. I have rarely been so pleased with customer service as I am with this company. They are small and treat you like you are their only customer. They respond promptly and are extremely courteous and helpful. I added a pet to an existing policy and they were very helpful in explaining the costs and even found ways to help me save money. In May, they added a reminder to call me at the end of the year to help me remember to update my policy as we discussed, and sure enough, they reached out in December and got it taken care of even though the original rep was on maternity leave!! I wish my human insurance coverage was so easy and helpful!! And I don’t receive annoying emails all the time! They are there when you need them, and quiet when you don’t. I highly recommend Embrace to anyone!!
When my fur baby is sick that last thing I want to worry about is money. I very much appreciate how easy the claims process is and how quickly I am reimbursed. Love that I can download the claim form and email it straight from the site!!
I have had my English bulldog insured through Embrace for approximately 5 years. I have had one claim denied once. I emailed them to dispute the decline and they looked it over and agreed with me and covered it. They have been more than reasonable and very easy to work with. I would recommend them to anyone wanting pet insurance. It's not cheap, but in the case of a bulldog, worth every penny!
Total blockage needing emergency surgery. I thought Embrace was very responsive. I was going to look at all available companies for my new dog but I decided I didn't need to after my Embrace experience and got another policy from them.
You have posted an article on me and my dog, Tango diagnosed with Addison's. I tell everyone about you. We do a podcast and I mention how thankful I am to have you guys. Thank you for being easy to communicate with. You guys are awesome!
I first purchased Embrace insurance in 2014 - high deductible plans just in case something major happened. I carried insurance on my dogs for 3 years before I made my first claim. Then in 1.5 years I had 3 major claims on two different dogs. Embrace was simple to work with and there were no surprises. Questions were answered quickly and claims were paid promptly for the amount that I expected (bill - deductible & copay). I’ve been very satisfied with the service that I’ve gotten with Embrace.
Embrace Pet Insurance is the BEST! I have had since my babies were puppies. When Luca was diagnosed with Inflammatory Bowel Disease, the claims process was easy and reimbursements were fast! Embrace Pet Insurance is Amazing!
I have an older dog, a rescue named Angel (AGED 9) who has the usual bumps that most older dogs have. Right after I got her, I took her for a well visit and a "harmless bump" only was noted on her spine, her back. The Vet said it was nothing and not to worry, and I did not as my former Cocker Spaniel had similar bumps. Fast forward a year later and Angel has a cyst on her foot, a real mass/cyst that needs surgery. I foolishly had secured Embrace Pet insurance all year and was never thought twice about the fact that the 500 dollar surgery would be covered. WRONG!! Embrace denied the claim, claiming that because my dog had a bump on her back (lump, whatever you want to call it--it was super small and harmless) -- a year and half earlier meant the cyst on her foot, a serious mass, would not be covered. WHY? Because the harmless bump was a "pre-existing condition". Now you might ask, what does a tiny bump on Angel's back have to do with a real mass, oozing and bleeding on his foot??? NOTHING AT ALL. And my old Vet agreed and was shocked that Embrace would not cover the surgery. DO NOT GET THIS PET INSURANCE -- THEY ARE CHEATS.
Our Flatcoated Retriever decided to dine on a pair of woman's knee high socks, and we were not aware of this "meal" until he vomited up one sock. The other was removed surgically. Embrace very promptly paid the claim reimbursement a week after the forms were sent to them by the surgical hospital. No questions asked, just prompt, wonderful service! Thank you, Embrace - you rock!
I have had Embrace Pet Insurance for a few years. And up until now have been really happy. They have always covered my claims quickly and without a lot of hassle. That being said, I am less happy with the service at this point as my plan coverage monthly cost has jumped an astronomical $13/mo for a renewal. $13 a month is a HUGE jump from one year to the next. I called to discuss this with a rep who basically told me there is nothing they can do for me as a customer at this point to lower that cost other than cut the coverage I have back. Not what I was hoping to hear. I will be researching other options for my insurance needs going forward.
So glad we discovered Embrace Pet Insurance several years ago for our beloved Beagle and Aussie. We will never have to think twice about providing the best for them. Whether it be their health care, dietary needs, specialized training, or routine care. No questions asked - Embrace is the best!
Embrace is a wonderful company. The wellness policy covers everything from micro chipping to obedience training. You can choose the levels of coverage you need. I have peace of mind knowing that if my fur baby will be covered if anything major comes up.
We've had Embrace for over 5 years starting with our furbaby #1. Embrace covered her for teeth extractions and heart tumor diagnostics. Well into the thousands of dollars. All their forms are so simple and clearcut. They don't ask you a ton of details that you have to look up. Fast turnaround period. It's just an efficient company. Now we have all 3 of our furbabies with them. Wouldn't change a thing
I love having pet insurance for my dogs. What I don't love is every year there is a price increase making it not work for my budget. I'm a dog owner that is on top of my pet's vet care. I don't like that the policy increases every year. I have been with you guys since 2012... 7yrs. You think I would get some praise for being a loyal customer. It was 97 ish dollars and now it is 148.
My Dog Nemo tore his cranial cruciate ligament. Embrace reimbursed me within weeks after TPLO surgery. I'm glad I decided to get pet Insurance esp. Embrace, I recommend it for anyone that has a Pet that they want to keep around as long as possible without breaking the Bank!
I've had Embrace Pet Insurance for one of my dogs for almost 5 years now, and the other for the 3 years we've had her. In that time, one dog has torn her cruciate ligament in both legs and had to have them surgically repaired. I could not be happier with the service and reimbursement process. Thank you!
Embrace was there for us when our beloved pup, Porter, was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Having their coverage made Porter's comfort and the course of treatment our priority... not prices. Embrace was there for us when we had questions about prescription medications and to walk us through our coverage benefits. Their prompt responsiveness, caring words, and thoughtful card when Porter passed showed how compassionate they are when dealing with sensitives circumstances and lost pets. I recommend Embrace to any pet owner, they are a great company that provide a true service to their customers.
After a quick account set up, I just provide the Vet with a claim form for each pet. After that, it all happens behind the scenes and the reimbursement just appears in my account. Couldn’t be easier. Thank you Embrace for making something in this life truly simple and convenient.
Embrace Pet Insurance only knows how to collect monthly premium. I will make this brief. It was a total waste of money for 6 months of coverage. First they did not obtain the pet's medical history and then attributed every claim to a pre-existing condition. I wish my first experience with a Pet Insurance company had not been so AWFUL and NEGATIVE.
Embrace was an excellent choice for my dog. I never wanted to worry about Penny’s care if she needed any emergency service or expensive treatment. I went with Embrace because it offered a flexible plan. Unfortunately we have needed to use it twice - first for a mast cell removal and then for a CCL repair. Both times everyone I dealt with at Embrace was attentive and compassionate. I received my reimbursement checks and I am very happy with Embrace Pet Insurance.
It is a great pet insurance company. One time my dog broke her leg so they took care of it. I am very pleased with this company and they helped me and my pet live a successful life. The cost is above average and I can pay this as easy as 1 2 and 3. I recommend this to any pet owner that needs pet insurance. It will save them a lifetime. They have never gave me a discount but the price is still great and this insurance company is useful. It is a very fast processing time and I and my pet are having a wonderful life. We are glad that this company is cheap but still high quality.
Do not waste your time or money. We signed up with Embrace based on the fact that USAA recommended them and USAA has always been great. Huge mistake and wish I had done more research on my own before electing to go with Embrace. Their staff is rude and must be much smarter than any vet out there because they claim to know more about medical conditions than any of the 4 vets my dog has seen. They even went as far as to say that one case of diarrhea and vomiting represents a pre-existing condition for when my dog was diagnosed with IBD a year later. Imagine that... one time being sick and a year later that one thing means your vet wasn’t smart enough to realize that a dog getting sick one time meant they had IBD that whole time. Do yourself a favor and don’t ever consider this company unless of course you are a fan of wasting your time and money.
My very first pug, Ping, was 12.5 when she passed in 2013. In her later years she suffered with a UTI that wouldn't go away. Her vet bills were very expensive, as you can imagine. She needed an Ultra Sound for almost $2K. Whether it would have helped or not I have no idea. During this illness she was on expensive medication, special diet food purchased via my vet, and constant urine tests and cultures. As a retired individual I did the best I could for Ping. As an aging pug, she also developed spinal stenosis and lost control of her back legs and bladder. At the time, wheels for dogs weren't as popular and affordable as they are today. I lost my beautiful baby when I felt her quality of life was gone. I swore at that moment that I would never ever have a pug without purchasing insurance for it.It just so happened that my vet had a mat on his counter which advertised Embrace Pet Insurance. I remembered that when I adopted two rescue pugs 6 months later. While the cost was around 2K for both dogs, my peace of mind was bought, too. It had wellness care which included dental and OTC items, doctor visits for illness and catastrophic care. I had no doubt that this was the way to go for me and my "girls". I now have only 1 pug, but I know she is Embraced! This is long winded I know but I can't say enough about the peace of mind Embrace has given me. I swear by this company and recommend it to others 100%.
I have, and would recommend Embrace again to anyone looking for health insurance for their pets. My experiences have been very positive and the staff have always been helpful. Billing and claim submission is very straightforward and easy.
In a freak accident, Ava-Grace ate between 15-20 grapes. I grabbed her and didn’t think twice about going to the ER, thanks to Embrace! She was hospitalized for 4 days and made a full recovery! Embrace took the financial stress off this very stressful time.
The price for the first dog has doubled since I started the plan. And she doesn't even have wellness visits included. It seems every time I send in a claim the price goes up. Last time it went up $18.00.
Our experience with Embrace has been nothing but excellent. Our kitty was diagnosed with diabetes shortly after taking out this policy and Embrace has covered us 100% ever since. As long as you do your paperwork and send in all the required documents, they are there every time. Embrace makes it very easy early on, to understand exactly where your pet stands as far as it's pre-existing conditions. I like that so there is no guesswork.
Very good insurance! We have 2 cats and the coverage has been great for both of them! Saves you money! The cost of the insurance outweighs what it costs at the vets for care and medicine! I would not go without insurance! Have ad discounts on vet visits, medicine, and pet food. I highly recommend this insurance! The processing time is just fine. It doesn't take very long to get money back. I love this insurance!
This is a highly unethical company and I wish I would have done more research before I insured my dogs; the other similar reviews would have surely kept me away. Both of my dogs have had claims rejected in the past months for a variety of reasons- all of them a stretch to fit with the coverage policies. In the end, I wound up paying the full cost of our vet visits, plus the monthly insurance payments. I was better off just paying the vet bills out of pocket to begin with. I would not recommend this company to anyone.
It provides great coverage and is just what I need for my pet. I take very good care of my pet and they help me provide the things I need to do for my pet. It's very fair priced and I'd tell all my friends to get it for their pets. It's a very low value for all they offer - one I'd surely take out again and again. I love the discounts they offer and I would like to see them offer more. They have very good things they can offer and are very cheap for all they do. It don't take long to get the process done and it's very easy to do and I would tell everyone how great of service they do and I'd tell them to try it.
I never had insurance for my dogs until my daughter purchased it for her new puppy. I did some research and thought it might be a good idea for my greyhound Joey. It was a godsend when Joey broke his leg and was diagnose with osteosarcoma. We were brokenhearted when we let him go but in the aftermath Embrace was there to help us sort out the bills. Now that we have a new greyhound, we also have a new Embrace policy.
We had a puppy that we enrolled with Embrace on 1/29/18. He had a pre-existing condition of "vomiting," which doesn't make sense, but okay. However, he did not present with a symptom of diarrhea until well after the effective date of the policy. We had to have some tests on him in June that came to almost $2000. First Embrace changed the wording of the claim to say "vomiting" so that they wouldn't have to cover it. After appeal, they went back and said that diarrhea was also a pre-existing condition even though they had paid or applied to deductible on previous claims. They did this based on a generalization for a report of findings from a one time visit to the lab versus all the notes I provided to Embrace from our dog's primary vet. I am not impressed with their ethics or customer service.
Have had Embrace a few years for several pets. Also have had pet insurance from other companies over the years. First thing is that there’s no transparency. Other companies list the claim charges submitted and then list what’s been paid on each and what was excluded. Embrace just sends you a check with no info on the claim being paid— just a claim number. Neither is there any info on their site itemizing the amounts. Half the time, their website portal didn’t work for nearly a year, and even after that overhaul, it’s been mostly useless. It just tells you what a claim number was on a date and the name of your pets. I find this very dishonest. You have to dig out your own invoice copy and do all the arithmetic yourself. No thank you.Second, one hand doesn't know what the other is doing at this company. I’d almost always get an email saying “more info was needed” and would call and reach someone else. Then I’d be told everything was cleared up only to get an email from another worker saying the opposite. In some cases, email sent would say a claim “was covered” only to find on the useless website buried somewhere was that the claim hadn’t been covered because the rep had misread an medical report and had excluded everything. In other cases, I’d find out months later that some claim had been languishing unpaid because some small detail had been missing (according to Embrace that is) but nobody bothered to ask me. It’s always “log into your account to see the claim details,” and then there’s very little there that explains anything.For the high premiums paid, the customer has to do extra work on almost every claim to point out errors. That is, if you catch them to begin with since Embrace provides zero accounting to you if what they paid. The reps are usually nice, but that doesn’t make up for the rest. A poorly organized company that robs you of time and directs you to a website that seems to have little function. Don’t know how this company ever got rave reviews.
After a very frustrating day, the rep I'd been communicating with took the time to re-set relations. She did eventually void the check and switch to a direct deposit. Additionally, my outstanding claim was processed. While the initial experience definitely left a bad taste in my mouth, I do appreciate their willingness to reach out and repair relations. While I wouldn't necessarily recommend Embrace, I do intend to finish out my annual policy.
This company needs to be investigated. I made a mistake and chose them as a pet insurance. My pet went to the ER and they kept placing her claim in pending status that it needs more investigation. I have to call everybody to make sure they received all documents necessary and they still won’t activate look at the claims. They are trying to avoid to pay for the ER bill. It’s been over 2 months since we filed the claim. I’m pretty sure they are actively trying to find any ways to denied our claim. Just called the rep today and asked what’s going on with our claim. She just said, "We have all the documents" and needs to review it. Seriously!!! How long does it take!?
Embrace was very prompt in processing claims and sending me checks after three recent vet visits. Just wish the vets could have saved our senior dog. I would consider Embrace if we get another pet in the future.
My dog had seizures and had to take her to an Emergency Animal Hospital. Embrace processed the claims on time and had a great experience. This was the first time my dog had an emergency in almost 4 and a half years with Embrace.
Very satisfied with customer service. Staff is highly knowledgeable of many topics regarding coverage and if not certain will ask for additional assistance from other staff. Will go out to ensure customers are satisfied with inquiries.
I am delighted with the coverage I received for Chloe resorptive lesions. It was a bit stressful not knowing if the lesions would be covered by the policy or not - I wasn't sure since it relates to dental. The process for filing the claim was easy enough, my only two negative thoughts are that: 1. Needing to login to the website to see claim results is a pain. I wish they could be attached to the email as a PDF. 2. Some but not all of Chloe's anesthesia for her surgery was covered. This doesn't make much sense to me.
I have had Embrace for my Newfoundland since I got her as a puppy 6 years ago. Embrace customer service is very friendly and helpful. They reimburse quickly and I would recommend every new pet owner consider Embrace.
We had rescued 2 pit bull-mastiff-lab mix puppies from a local Humane Society. Both were in great health but when one of them, Hamilton, developed a limp when he was a year and a half, we took him to the local vet who diagnosed him with a TPLO of the right hind leg, basically, as I understand it, he tore the tendon in the knee. He needed surgery so we took him to a nearby vet who specializes in sports injuries for dogs. Hamilton came through surgery great, and then several weeks later did the same to his left hind leg. So back to the vet we went to get that repaired. Both surgeries were covered by Embrace. They paid 80% of the total bill - both for the local vet who first diagnosed the problem and for the vet who actually did the surgery. Without this insurance, we wouldn't have been able to afford the cost and may have had to have taken other measures. Now we have a dog with two bionic legs and is a great and friendly part of our family. I would recommend Embrace Pet Insurance to everyone.
After signing up for two other pet insurance plans and finding out that they did nothing but collect premiums without providing any coverage, I found Embrace. My experience with Embrace has been excellent. It is comforting to know that my Buddy is covered for not only illnesses, and wellness but also if, and I hope it is never needed, something more serious occurs. Thank you Embrace Insurance.
This is the first time I've ever had dog health insurance and a very pleased with the easy way to file a claim. The turnaround time for reimbursement was very quick. I look forward to continuing with EMBRACE for many years to come.
I have only had positive experiences with Embrace so far. The claims I have filed have been taken care of in a timely manner. I had to call once for questions regarding coverage and my questions were answered easily.
Thus far, I am pleased with the Embrace policy. We have had several claims, unfortunately, and each has been attended to promptly and within specified limits. I will say that Embrace is very efficient in replying to claims and/or questions, which is refreshing and not necessarily the norm these days. I plan to continue service with Embrace.
I have never felt so wronged by a company more than what I endured with this company. They are extremely fraudulent. I was paying for pet insurance that was not even covered on my policy. (Going back)... They required a pre-policy medical exam before starting coverage. They stated that they would contact me if they were not able to obtain it. Since I did not hear from them, I assumed they were able to get my dog's record thus charging me for a premium policy. A year later when I filed a claim, they reported that they needed a medical exam. They had ME go to my vet and request that it be faxed to them. This made me quite upset as I had to do extra work for a service I am paying them for, in addition to them not doing their end in obtaining the items.So, despite the medical exam stating my dog is in a healthy state, a doctors statement saying they found something irregularly shaped VOIDED my entire coverage. It was considered a preexisting condition according to Embrace. NOW, if I had known that certain things were not covered, I would have pursued other options (i.e., increasing my policy plan, changing coverages, etc.).So for the entire 15 months of paying out of pocket, they tell me that they can't do anything because it is the customer's responsibility to get that exam in. This poses an extreme predicament as THEY were the ones who stated that they would get the documents and would not start my coverage until then. Additionally, I don't even know what I was paying for. When I asked them, they couldn't tell me. Please be advised as there are many scam insurances out there. If you want to work extra hard and diligent where the company provides false lies and advertisements, then Embrace may be for you. If however, you want a pet insurance company that is honest and adheres to their terms and condition, then choose someone else.
Have been paying insurance every month since April, finally submitted claims towards my deductible... all rejected. The policy sold to us was bogus and covers NOTHING... I hope they feel good stealing from people... because that is what they do. I am disgusted!!! All these months I thought we had Pet Insurance, that money may as well have been flushed down the toilet. We were told routine visits were covered... now they change what is covered... making up bogus excuses. That money is gone. All for nothing. Do not waste your time w/ this company!
I signed up with Embrace thinking I would be covered for anything that came up based on the policy. I took my pooch in for a vet visit during the waiting period (which is total stupidity - I hear of people waiting until after the waiting period to take their pet in so they can be sure they get covered, but I did not). Because he was tested for a UTI and the vet mentioned ectopic ureter, it was not tested or confirmed, it was a simple statement of possible causes. Now that I have gone in and confirmed this is what he has, well after the waiting period, the insurance will not cover an ectopic ureter surgery which is nearly 10K!They want your money but will not cover anything so far. They have stated that my pet is not covered for any of the claims I have submitted. He is a year old and I am a loving caring pet owner and make sure to take him to the vet for anything that concerns me, but this has now been to my own detriment because now I cannot get him covered for anything but vaccinations. VERY Disappointed that I chose Embrace. What am I paying for? I will not renew. USAA should work with insurance companies that are a bit more reputable. Don't waste your money on this ins company.
Making a claim was easy and simple. Embrace processed my claims quickly and efficiently while regularly keeping me informed of the progress. The claims were paid a reasonable time after the review was completed. Very satisfied with Embrace.
Reasonably priced. They make every effort to pay claims without hassle or contention, and they do it quickly. I like their regular newsletters as well. I feel as if I am part of their community; it does not feel fake to me.
Embrace Pet Insurance (USAA Sponsored) is the best pet insurance I have experienced. Having many dogs as pets for several years, and the competition pet insurances in the past, that which Embrace offers is the best combination(s) of plans relative to cost, wellness/sickness/accidents definitions, prompt reimbursements, easy claim submission, understandable contracts, well organized web site, and superb "bed side manner" of the telephone/chat staff(s). Further, while the competition offers sporadic "helpful hints" to clients, Embrace email consumer newsletters are colorful, attractive, helpful, time/season/event sensitive and published often. I would unequivocally recommend EMBRACE.
My coverage is great. I get everything I need and I never have to worry. If my pet gets hurt or sick they will be there to provide great coverage. That is great to know. The cost is not bad. To know that you have the peace of mind that your animal is going to be ok in case of any reason I think it is a small price to pay for family. I get many discounts. My pet is healthy and the regular vet visits and shot make it so that I get all the stuff I need at a great price. I think these people care. I've never filed a claim but my cuz did and it was fast like a week or so and they had all his cash or a percentage of what he paid back. You can't beat such a great service.
Canceled policy due to numerous excuses to not cover medical expenses. This company ranks last in comparison to other pet coverage such as AKC etc. I would not recommend this service to anyone. The pre-existing conditions are overly used... And one condition exist for medical and another for dental. It's like chasing your tail... No pun intended... And hoping for progression. One is better to put money aside or go to another (any other) pet insurer than Embrace. A very poorly run company with many loopholes for not reimbursing even with the inclusion of vet notes. The invoiced is never sufficient.
I purchased a specialty cat and since she was an indoor kitten I expected good health. However, diseases and accidents can happen. I asked around and people and local vets recommended Embrace. I liked the prevention-yearly physical support. Soon after my cat at Pom-poms. She was approximately 16 months old. My kitten had X-rays, ultrasound and emergency surgery. She did well - the bill was big! Embrace was there every step of the way. Fair rates, compassion and efficiency. Best choice for us and kitty doing great!
I purchased Embrace insurance my dog Trooper. I have filed many many claims. I have spent over $10,000 on his medical bills. I paid $99 a month to Embrace and they have rejected EVERY SINGLE CLAIM. They have not paid me a penny back. I adopted Trooper as a senior. He was 11 years old. I took him to the vet and did a full profile on him: Echo, blood work, Ultrasound - everything and I sent the results to Embrace. I was operating in good faith that though his eye problem and his heart would not be covered any new illness would be. They gladly took my payments. They now claim that every unrelated illness is somehow preexisting. Save your money- this is a scam.
This is my second dog covered for both wellness and emergency. All claims over the past 4+ years have been reimbursed without question or delay. I am lucky my vet completes forms with each visit. I recommend Embrace. Easy to work with.
In 2009, I got my first Cocker Spaniel, and shortly thereafter I joined a cocker spaniel forum to learn more about the breed, grooming tips, etc. I learned a lot from this forum, particularly that cockers are predisposed to a variety of health issues, many of which are extremely expensive to treat. The other thing that I learned was that many of the owners obtained pet insurance for their cockers, but had mixed reviews as to their reputations. One company that kept getting excellent reviews was Embrace, and that is the company that I chose for my dog when she was a couple of years old. Their reputation for paying based on actual costs, and for not having breed-specific exclusions were two positive features that I liked.Fast forward several claim-free years, and Gromit tore the ccl in her knee, requiring surgery. The cost of the surgery and follow-up exams was over $4,000. My first pleasant surprise was that since I had not filed any prior claims, my deductible was automatically reduced! Next, the claims that I submitted were not only paid quickly and without question, but the agent suggested that I set up direct deposit so that I could receive reimbursement even faster. As Gromit has gotten older, the premiums have increased. But the peace of mind that Embrace has provided is worth it to me. I didn't have to hesitate about getting Gromit the surgery that she needed regardless of the cost. And watching her run around and play, pain free and fully-healed, warms my heart.
I have been a loyal Embrace customer for almost a decade, and I'm extremely disappointed in the company. Last year, Embrace doubled (!!!) my monthly payments (for the EXACT same service). When I talked to customer service, they basically told me to suck it up, and there was nothing I could do. I have always recommended Embrace whenever a friend or relative wanted pet insurance, but I will never recommend Embrace again.
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