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Company Name: eHealthInsurance
Overall average rating of 4 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 62 %
Well the videos were helpful. It would have been great to get a video explaining INDEMNITY coverage. Cause what most people perceive with words lawyers write up these contracts twisting and turning them to confuse the average JOE. It would help to be very clear on terms and to be very concise on descriptions of all of you coverage your agreeing to. But they got me to sign up even though I still not quite sure of what I'm receiving. I foresee many arguments on the phone with an insurance representative explaining how many ways from the moon they are going to screw me.!!!
Generally speaking I had a good experience with ehealthinsurance. Things I liked: 1) Ability to compare multiple plans side by side 2) Ability to filter so the customer can choose what they want to view Things I disliked and reason why I gave 2 stars: 1) Over the phone customer service. This was my personal experience and at the end of the day is why I am giving 2 stars. As a first time user of ehealthinsurance, I found the website easy to navigate and pretty user friendly. However, as I was completing my application during the open enrollment period I ran into some issues. After I had selected my plan and entered my payment information, I was logged out of the system. I tried several times to reset my password and spoke with a customer service representative who help me resolve the issue, or so I thought. Yesterday, when I checked my bank statement to see if the amount I was told I would be paying was deducted, I noticed that it had not been. So I contacted ehealthinsurance to inquire as to why it had not yet been deducted. To my great horror and surprise I was notified that a system error had occurred and my application had not been processed. Meaning that not only did I not have insurance, the period of open enrollment had passed so I would not be able to apply for a plan of my choosing. In that moment you might imagine the emotions of frustration, irritation, and later anger that went through my mind. However I kept calm as I figured that there might be an alternative that I may not have been aware of. So I inquired about possibly being able to apply during the special enrollment period, since it was a system error (words of the representative) that seemed to have caused the issue. I was told that had I called in a week before I may have been able to qualify but at this time it was too late. My only option was to go with the one remaining company that had extended their deadline until 2/28/2015. Moreover my coverage would not begin until 4/1/2015. The alternative was to wait for the next open enrollment period. I took severe issue with this as the remaining company was one that did not provide the coverage I wanted in any way, shape, or form. To compound things, it cost more but offered less than the original plan I had chosen during the open enrollment period. Lastly, I simply could not understand why a) I had not received a notification previously that my application had not gone through, or notification that the deadline had been extended past the 15th. Had I known either of those things I would have taken the appropriate steps to ensure that my application was processed in a timely fashion, instead of being relegated to either paying the penalty for not having insurance or going with a plan that would not meet my needs and was out of my planned budget. But the staw that broke the camels back was the representative that told me that I got what I deserved for placing my application within 48 hours of the deadline. To assign blame to the customer, for an error that occurred on the business end, then not give any solutions on what to do moving forward is not only unprofessional, but utterly disrespectful coming from a person that should be helping others to enroll in a program that is full of glitches and in its infancy. Had the shoe been on the other foot, I'm sure said representative would not have wanted those words spoken to him. So while I originally wanted to give this 1 star based on my customer service experience with this gentleman and the fact that I now have coverage that is markedly worse than what I had chosen during the open enrollment period. I gave it 2 for the assistance the other representatives gave, as well as the relative user friendliness of the site.
I retired in 2013 and was without health insurance. We used ehealth to find a health plan to cover us till medicare which was 5 years later. Their website was excellent and contact with them was great. I would highly recommend them for you insurance needs.
Simple application process and very clear information.
It was very easy to apply. I called a representative Heather G. Was great. She walked me through the whole process and was patient with me. I am pleased I chose Humana for this affordable coverage.
The application process is too good to be true Super easy, very understanable...Incredible!!!
The representative was very helpful going through the application. Answered all my questions and explained the process in detail. Would highly recommend using the service.
I have a tendency to walk away from anything once it begins to confuse me. I was able to do EVERYTHING required to get insured the first try without any help...except pay. LOL, that I had to come back to. Even then I clicked the link in my email and went right where I needed to be! No searching for where I was before, no frustration.
I found everything easy to understand and easy to fill out applications.
When I applied for health insurance it said I may qualify for finical aid on the cost for health insurance. After I filled out the application there was no mention of finical aid.I was told I would have to cancel my current policy and re apply for it. I went to e health . gov and I should have been asked what my wages where. Not very happy about the whole experience
I was dreading having to look for a new medical insurance coverage, and anticipated struggling with the application. I simply worried for nothing, it was very simple and easy. My customer service rep was very helpful and easy to reach.
I spoke to many health representatives throughout the day from a variety of health plan providers and none of them knew what they were talking about which is very frustrating. I spoke to a respresentative today, 11/24, from eHealth Insurance who was very pleasant, knowledgeable and understanding of my situation. She deserves a bonus and I highly recommend her as Employee of the Month!! She was fantastic!! The eHealthInsurance couldn't ask for a better person to represent their company. Darn I wish I had ask her to repeat her name so I can mention her name on this survey!!
I got much better and cheaper results from eHealth than from an insurance broker. It was easy to choose my options and see what was out there and what different companies provided at what cost. I will definitely be back and have recommended to family and friends.
Thank you for making this process to easy and clear!
I have used ehealth for several years now to obtain short term health insurance and have always been satisfied with the products offered and the ease of purchasing coverage through their website.
My experence with this company was great. Everyone was very helpful. THANKS
This website makes buying health insurance simple and easy. It takes a process that is infinitely complicated and walks you through it step by step. eHealthinsurance takes the guesswork out of the equation. I have had to change insurances a number of times for various reasons and this site has helped me immensely each time. See you next time eHI!
After getting enrolled I still have proplems with it.
After wading through the myriad websites and companies that offered heath insurance I found eHealth to be easy to handle and well structured for finding health insurance options. At a couple of instances when I had questions about the application process I called the customer support number and the rep guided me through the applications very professionally. She offered to checked on other options for me and informed me that my original selection was good. I would recommend eHealth to people who are trying to apply for health insurance and don't want to waste time looking at the huge number of options available.
Sorry guys, but I am not at all happy with the customer experience! I applied for a plan almost two and a half months ago, it kept dragging on with no response except that the application had been submitted. I called twice and was told the application was in review and plans could really not be denied with current regs so no worries. (How can it possibly take so long for approvals that cannot be denied???) No resolution. Also contacted e-health twice online on January 12, once you ask your initial question, you are not allowed to correspond with the online rep, you can only read what they say. So now I sit here with no medical insurance, since I had to cancel the old as of Dec. 31 to take the new one, and basically no time left to try to get anything else. (BTW, my old plan withdrew from Texas - so no choice there except to switch to an HMO with that company that covers almost no Docs in my area). The new insurance was supposed to take effect January 1. I submitted payment for January, still have no confirmation of coverage and they are saying 1-5 more days more to get an answer (no confidence in that ). I guess I am still expected to pay for a January I did not get. What happens if the coverage does not go thru after all this time, I am just out for the year??? If e-health wants to be in this game, they have to actually provide a SERVICE so far, I don't see it!
Better to take insurance directly from the company instead of .I took dental insurance and they havent responded back whether I am approved or not the status shows that My application has been sent to the carrier and it is in the same status from a day. They say online chat 24/7 which is a lie they dont even have that system setup i guess.It is a email service and the response of that email is generic which says to call to this number 877-731-3652 which is a automated number and is not at all user friendly .I called for four times and waited for quite long time and no response yet. Now i might end up without health plan because of this site which already charged my credit card even before approving me my insurance.
Insurance can be so complicated, but Heather made it so simple to follow.. Gave me her direct number and when I called it, she actually picked up the call, no voicemail! Great experience
I used Ehealth for the prior two years, 2014 and 2015. Applied for 2016 coverage on December 3 with Regence, had a response a week later to prove I was an Oregon resident. Replied within 2 hours with documentation and statement that I had been a resident of Oregon for 60 years. Here it is January 4, 2016 and I still don't have an answer and no idea if I have coverage or will get coverage. I have requested a phone call 3 times in the last 14 day and not one returned call. Apparently they have gotten to big and can no longer respond. Will try Costco web site next year. Not sure what I will do for 2106, may have to start over and have no coverage until February or March.
Excellent customer service that the rep (Brad Bahan) provided. Very personable and professional.
The web page is terrible and difficult to navigate, if it were streamlined it would eliminate calling in. The folks on the phone were great.
Even though, she was not able to give me any good news regarding cost of coverage, Heather was awesome to deal with. She was truly wanting to help and was very patient and sympathetic with me. This process has been my family's introduction to the horror of Obamacare. I appreciate the honest information and advice that I got from Heather. Thank You!
Very effective and knowledgeable. I'm enjoying my insurance.
I am frustrated I never received a call back from the agent I began this process with 2 weeks ago. I left three voicemails for him. The subsequent people I spoke with were somewhat helpful, but did not have all the answers to my questions.
I am a very thorough shopper and found this to be the BEST website out there for insurance shopping! It clearly compared the plans and even had a lower price than other brokers were able to provide. I called with questions on several occasions and the agents were very knowledgeable and friendly. I must say, this is going to be my go to website from now on! Thank you for making Obamacare understandable.
Not happy with the service, customer care, online chat, no clear answers. Wasted time, money, minutes
I THOUGHT I was on the right track for finding the best ins for me but later when another agent from the state I'm in told me it wasn't and showed me a far better plan I switched to that one.
Just look up doctors provider, two that was listed on is NOT on the list NOW. How can I change to HNSA Bronze HMO that is listed on the Hawaii Health Connection.? Unable to get to their web sited since December, try calling an unable to get them on the Phone.. You don't have the doctor which is on the HMSA plan that have the family doctor being going before.
I applied for medical coverage for my son on 1/11/2016, was sent an email that the application was in review on 1/13/2016 and the funds were deducted from my account on the same day. Contacted the broker on 1/14/2016 to cancel the policy and after a more than 20 minute wait twice (because the first time I was hung up on), the broker indicated that I was within the policy window to cancel the application and receive a refund, however, there was no way to cancel the application on the broker website and request the refund. I ask, what's the point of having a middleman, if the middleman is less than useless? It is now 1/24/2016, still waiting on my funds to be returned, and fortunately I acted quickly and was able to cancel the policy application, however, it is not written anywhere on the broker website that any changes will have to be done through the insurance company. Just letting everyone know that broker really is just a customer service rep, directing phone traffic to the health insurance company, and in my opinion, just another frustrating phone call when making changes or applying for coverage. Why can't we lower the medical premiums and skip the middleman and go straight to the insurance companies? With a requirement to carry insurance for all, the process has been made more difficult, frustrating and is certainly more expensive if I'm doing all the leg work to get the coverage or not.
Easier then what I thought it would be. When I called the hotline, I was surprised to hear a human voice in less then 1 minute. Very impressed. Now let's wait to see the process.
My employer doesn't provide dental and vision insurance so I went here and found the site easy to use. It also provided various options and provided enough details so that I could make the best decision for my healthcare in addition to offering competitive and affordable rates.
Ehealth is awesome. It is easy to use, thorough, and allows you to easily dind the best option for you. After applying, they even provise follow up to make aure yoi know your status.
everything is fine, only one thing i need complaint is the agent is been calling me every day for over nothing! please do not disturb me!!!
This site was a breeze to navigate compared to the US Government Health Care website. The EHealth website allowed me to do the same things as but with easier instructions to guide you through choices. I was able to compare your selections of both the Healthcare accounts offered and the Dental accounts offered. The comparisons were similar in value but the variety offered by the Government were far more in number and at a slightly lower cost. The Dental accounts offered by EHEalth was by far less expensive and more encompassing selection of services. In addition, EHEalth offered other services that the Government does not offer such as Vision, Financial Protection from unseen catastrophic medical costs, etc. Overall, the ease of navigation, the availability of assistance and the number of additional product lines makes this an ideal site to start your healthcare search and use as a comparison for others
Clear, quick and I loved the "compare" function! Great policies and we are thrilled!
Nathan was very helpful and knowledgeable. I was dreading obtaining new insurance but the process was painless with Nathan.
Robocall harassment all day long Monday through Friday! I would not do business with this company if my life depended on it!!!! made shopping for insurance fast and painless for me. The comparison tools and educational resources helped me make an informed decision regarding dental insurance and the application & checkout process was a breeze. I intend on recommending this website to anyone who is also shopping for insurance.
The site made it super easy to select a plan and gave me all of the pertinent information to make my decision. Great site!
Not the most use-friendlies of forms. I'm sure the Spanish Inquisition would be interested. I despire poor form usage, management and layout. The redundant section is merely lemion juice for the open wound.,
Looking to make a change in your hubbys's medicare insurance plan? This website has awesome customer service reps. Working with "Heather" was soooo stress-free, and she took the time to hear what my concerns were and what I was looking for. When I turn 65 I am coming back to this site and have someone help me with my insurance needs too.
Gee, I really want to do business with this company! In addition to my address in their lousy letter, they addressed me as, get this, "Joe Jerkoff." Must be a real crap of company!
The web site consolidates all the insurance providers in one place thus making it easier to shop for health insurance. The web site still needs to simplify terms because I struggled with understanding 'coinsurance' and 'copay'. Even though I picked health insurance, I am not sure if I understand those terms, but otherwise the web site is efficient and effective for those looking for insurance.
it was easy to find the correct button and shop for the right plan that suited me. finally someone made it simple for the older generation
eHealth has a very beautiful interface, and is very user friendly and simple to use. I didn't feel overwhelmed at all when choosing! AND they have videos explaining health insurance jargon, like "co-insurance"; I loved this, as I found it so helpful!
Easy to use, clear descriptions, somewhat fast results
Good service and good price,I will introduce to everybody ,thank you very much.
We diligently entered information for entire family when searching policies and was issued a policy for only the primary insured. Not sure how that could happen so make sure you triple check your final policy if you use their website!
Excellent and easy application process. Thank you.
I was disappointed to see advertisements of low insurance possibilities and could not qualify even with a full time job with the state that would not cover benefits. My premiums were more than $600/month and wipes out much of my earnings by 25%. With a mortgage of $2100/mo. it's difficult to take out so much for medical monthly, even with a second income. Also the application process is lengthy and repetitive even when I just want to change one thing. Unfortunately my household income has fluctuated greatly and I've ended up on the low end though I had to report higher due to previous year.
I. Thought I signed up for coverage that could use my current doctors and I can t
They don't make it easy to figure out what providers are available for you and the paperwork you're asked to fill out can be non-sensical and completely non-standard. But as far as health insurance companies it could be far worse. 3 stars.
Highly recommend eHealthInsurance!
WARNING: The worst of the worst. HORRIBLE customer service. Can't get anything right. Refuse to let me cancel my policy. Hung up on me. None of the representatives know what they're doing. DO NOT go through them!
Overall this was an easy process and the customer service was responsive, prompt, and helpful. I applied for vision insurance costing $12/month with an initial set-up fee of $35 for a total INITIAL charge of $47. I was concerned upon reaching the signature page to find language that indicated I would be charged $47/month. I called the customer service line and was assured that the $47 charge was one-time and that my credit card would be charged $12 going forward. I would suggest changing the wording in the box on the left side to match the charges promised throughout the application process. I certainly hope I have not made a mistake and fallen for a very clever scam!
I called numerous times in trying to navigate my way through the application process, and each time the customer service rep was friendly, patient, and helpful. They made a very complicated and confusing process easier. I am grateful I used eHealth to purchase my insurance plan.
Pleased with the assistance of the medical review person. Still do not know exactly what my coverage is. Would appreciate a copy of my policy.
I was so impressed with the website design. Very easy to use. Also impressed with the knowledge and courtesy of chat and phone reps. They all seem genuinely happy to help. Thank you for helping me towards a happy ending to an Obamacare nightmare. Keep your doctor? Keep your insurance? $2500 less per year? Yeah, right. I was victim to all of those lies. Thank you for at least making the shopping and purchase process enjoyable. I also LOVE the fact that you're policies are off-exchange. I never want anything to do with Obamacare.
I found that there are significant latencies involved when utilizing eHealth as an intermediary. Multi-day delays occurred between provider requesting additional information, eHealth reporting that information was needed and then in providing the information uploaded to eHealth back to the provider. At one point, regular mail notification from provider was more timely then eHealth. My insurance cards arrived yesterday and the eHealth site still shows application pending.
Having never had to shop for dental insurance before, I found this website very easy to use when comparing the numerous plans on the market. I could easily change the zip codes I was comparing as well as change the number of people I wanted to insure in order to compare all scenarios.
Well this one the best deals. At 1st I wasn't sure about this because it was to good to be true. Now I'm so glad to have this. you'll be happy. Don't wait.
no problem. just follow the steps and done.
The process was painless and straightforward - They could have used your development team on the website!!!
Site was easy to navigate, rates are reasonable and coverage appears to be comparable. Look forward to a long relationship with this company
Really impressed with how easy it was to search, find, compare, and apply for dental insurance. I was even able to find a dentist within a few miles of my house that will accept my plan. Also, the videos that explain everything about the jargon and other FAQ was super helpful and convenient. A+ experience!
I found the site to be well organized, complete and easy to follow.
Could you tell me how to collect the assistance?
This website made it VERY easy for me to compare dental insurances and find the one right for me. Once I selected one the preceding steps were incredibly easy to follow and complete.
Gail Randall was excellent on explaining and helping me finding the right insurer for my family. I fill much better today thanks to her help, support and patience. The first time we used E Health It was a big disappointment and a very frustrating experience because we selected Amerihealth NJ . No Quality, No Customer Service there. Hopefully Health Republic will be a much better provider.
I haven't had any problems so far.
The live chat people take forever to answer, and I'm not confident Nicole knew what she was doing. It's really hard for me to comfortable filing for insurance with this experience.
My time is limited, so I really enjoyed not having to speak to a million people to get the process started. It was quick and easy and all from my computer.
Attempted to apply for a health plan, but that was as far as I got. Once I submitted my application, which included info like my home address and social security number, I was sent an email instructing me to call a specific number in order to speak to an agent. I called the specified number and waited on hold for about half an hour before I was disconnected. Called back, was disconnected within a few minutes. In total had to make four calls on the same day before I was able to speak to someone just to be told that "We don't have any access to anything online, I don't know why ithe directed you to call us. You need to contact customer service." Called customer service and was given ANOTHER number to call. I called this number and waited again on hold for quote a while. I was told that I could set up a call-back time for the next day. I set up a call back time but again waited for a while on hold. When I finally spoke to someone they sent me to a completely different agency. Another note: the agency that actually worked with me said they had never heard of eHealth and had no clue what they were.
This has to be the simplest way to apply for health insurance, browse and compare various insurance plans, and find primary care physicians all in one stream-lined site! Had to call their customer service department and was greeted, cordially, by Sean. He informed me that the primary care physician I selected was not actually in my network and helped me clarify my search terms in order to find one that was. After some research, I found my new PCP and called again to get a practice ID number in order to continue with the application, and sure enough, he answered promptly and was happy to help me once again. Good times with eHealthInsurance and their awesome team.
Really not sure what their value add is. As a small business owner, we do all our own paperwork for the coverage. I send to them and they send to Covered CA carriers. They take no responsibility when things take forever. They do no follow up for the items I send to them unless I ask them to. I sent a single application to add a new employee in the first week of July for an August 1 effective date. I got a receipt confirmation on July 10 and have heard nothing since then. It is now Aug 30. I cant imagine how they will function during the large fall open enrollment period. Again, I am not sure what they contribute.
This website allowed me to make a full comparison based upon my needs. I am so glad that i ran across this site. Some plans that i saw online was not clear as to premiums and other charges and also to what they covered. i feel confident the the insurance that i am getting through eHealthInsurance is exactly what i need to cover my family.
The site is very user friendly.
It was much easier than I thought it was going to be to use the site. The customer service people we spoke with were extremely helpful and knowledgeable. All told it took less than 10 minutes to get everthing filled out and submitted. Thanks
I called customer service and I spoke with Marissa Perea. She was so helpful. I was confused because it was the first time I had to purchase health insurance without my employer. She walked through all my options and provided me with what she felt were going to be good plans based on what I needed coverage for and the price I would be able to afford. She is really great and I hope she is commended for the job she did. I would have been lost without her assistance. The best customer service experience I have had in a long time.
Very pleased with how the information was presented and the enrollment process.
eHealthInsurance is an easy way to shop for health insurance. The layout is aesthetically-pleasing; more importantly, the site is functional and user-friendly. Excellent company!
We are happy with the service,
It's a great and easy to shop for health insurance! Great!
This website made it so easy or me to compare all my insurance options and make an informed decision. Really feel like I have the coverage I need at a price that I can afford on a student's budget. What a relief to have the process over so easily and completely understand my coverage!
I needed to know if I was insured and eheath didn't help. I called the actual insurance company (with the number that ehealth gave me) and I was on hold and transferred so much. I spent half a day on hold and talking to different people. They said that they had no record of me from ehealth. Should have gone straight to insurance company.
This company has assisted me twice in navigating the overwhelming maze of health insurance. Customer service representatives Heather Georgiadis and Tina Salyer, and all others I've had the pleasure of talking to, are professional and knowledgeable, and seem sincerely interested in helping. Other companies come off with an attitude that makes me think they almost enjoy confusing the heck out of you. Not eHealth. They have done a great job on two occasions, I highly recommend them. The process is so easy it's unbelievable.
I have had one obstacle after another with other health insurance businesses. Justin was very knowledgeable and smart. He really gave me excellent customer service which is rare today. This place has a very good agent in J that helped me get through the glitches on that website. In general the information I needed to make my decision was very up front and straight forward. Well done to
I just completed my application in less than 10 minutes for both health insurance and dental, not complicated at all. So far I am happy and waiting for my health insurance cards to arrive.
Easy to use, very efficient and very fast. Was able to get coverage for EVERYTHING and EVERYONE I needed quickly, efficiently and with little to no hassle.
Though it took me awhile to sort through all the plans, once I chose a plan, the application process was simple. Also, when I had a question about the application, I called and the response was fast and very helpful.
This website was very easy to understand and navigate. I would recommend to a friend or family member.
Just tried out my new dental insurance with my new dentist. He told me it was good insurance which felt good. My cleanings, X-rays, and exam were free. Two thumbs up for actually working like you said you would. That's priceless!
After what I am sure must have been a very long day for "Christy Hall", at 10 pm EST she was a pleasure to speak to. She helped me, very quickly and kindly, take care of my insurance application upgrade. This was a huge relief after dealing with a another agent at a government call center earlier this year for my initial enrollment. My plan has now been upgraded after a brief process initiated by an email from Christy Hall.... THANK YOU!!!!!!!!
I found that your site was very easy to use and will recommend you to all my friends and family members that are shopping for insurance.
I usually don't take the time to write either negative or positive reviews. I am one of those customers who just deals with situations as they unfold, and can usually work with different circumstances. However, I feel the need to share my absolute terrible experience. On 6/25/2015 I submitted an application through Ehealthinsurance for coverage through a provider. After reading additional reviews on the selected coverage, I decided it wasn't right for me. I looked every on the website for an option to withdraw my application, but coincidentally ,that option doesn't exist. So, to my dismay I contacted ehealthinsurance to withdraw my application. I was notified by the representative that I needed to fill out and fax a form back to them to withdraw an application that I submitted less than an hour ago! Ok. Fine, I accept that, even though it makes no sense. I completed the form and faxed it to the number provided on 6/26/2015 . I then followed up with a call to EHealthinsurance to verify and was assured everything would be taken care of and my application would be withdrawn. Fast Forward to 7/7/2015. I received an email from the insurance provider that my policy payment was overdue!!! No way, I thought to myself, I withdrew that application. After a call with Ehealthinsuracne, they notified me that the fax number was not the correct number the form needed to be sent to!????? I decided to cut out the middle man. I called the carrier directly, and they confirmed they did not receive a request to cancel the application. What is the point of acting as a middle man if you cant even relay information??? I was now told I needed to re-fax a hand written letter to a new number to CANCEL MY POLICY. That's right, I now have an active policy that I am past due on, that I need to cancel. Awesome. After faxing the letter over on 7/7/2015 and speaking to the provider rep, I was assured it would be cancelled and that would be the end of it. Until today, when i received an email from Ehealthinsurance, saying my Credit Card on file was attempting to be charged for the policy premium?!?!? Ummm what???!! From the start this has been one giant mess. NO ONE knows what is going on. Sure, they can get you rates, and take your money quickly and efficiently, but heaven's forbid you want to cancel, and not pay them, well BE PREPARED for the good old fashioned' okey-doke. Do yourself a favor, do your homework, and avoid this like the plague.
She made everything go so smooth She was awesome
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