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eHealth Medicare Online Insurance Reviews

Company Name: eHealth Medicare
Overall average rating of 3.2 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 45 %
David, the representative who helped me, went above and beyond to help me understand which plan was best for me. I had already been on line researching and he helped me to understand what I was looking for and the best plan for me. If anyone has any doubts about a Drug Plan for 2016 or any other plan, please contact eHealth. They are great. !!!! N. Yerby
When I called with a question about whether or not I was signed up for dental insurance, they couldn't tell me. I thought I was, after receiving an email I began to wonder. When I called the help line they tried to sell me a new plan.
I signed my husband up for additional service on the last date for enrollment for medicare. I spoke with Everardo Hernandez and he was excellent, the previous rep Jeff @ extension 5828 gave me false promises of calling me back and answering the phone without speaking (I could hear voices in the background). I would have scored the company as 5 star if not for [email protected] 5828. Mr Everardo Hernandez deserves 5 stars.
I have called and called and have not been able to get a response for assistance I need very badly. What do I have to do to talk to some regarding help I need?? I received an email from licensed agent Rachael Mackay who helped me sign up saying if I need help to call and she never returned my call. She was very helpful when I signed up but now when I need help I can't get any response. I hope someone can assist me. Anytime Saturday or Sunday and Mondays or Thursdays.
I was really surprised to get the help that I got and I also learned a lot of information.
I was told that I would be able to continue with two of my now former doctors. The agent correctly advised that they are in the Humana Network but did not investigate as to whether they were in the same IPA as my PCP. I am now scrambling to get a referral to a retina specialist to treat an existing condition. The agent was very nice, and very incompetent and I'm now paying the price.
Called on 10/16/2016 to apply with Humana - as of 10/31/2016, I still do not have an answer with regards to my appilcation with Humana. I have been on the phone with Humana for days, transferred around - they have no clue what they are doing. At the same time, my broker also hasn't a clue as to what is going on. I have called and he continues to state he is going to call me back but doesn't. So far I still don't have an answer with regards to obtaining a Medicare supplement with Humana as neither my broker nor Humana know what the heck they are doing. Don't go through this company and if you need to apply with an insurance company, do yourself a favor and go to the insurance company's home page to apply DIRECTLY!
I've asked these people to quit calling me on at least 20 occasions and they continue to call. I have turned them into the FCC, State Insurance Commission, Medicare and the Better Business People. They are nothing more than a boiler shop enterprise that only offers you highest cost insurance plan because they are work from home telesales representatives working on commission. The higher cost to you the more money they make!
I spoke to a representative named Shelley Paur. She had a great understanding of Medicare and the various parts and plans. She helped me select Medicare supplement insurance and pharmacy insurance that was well within my budgets. I'm glad that I contacted these people. I plan to stay in touch with them for any additional Medicare insurance needs in the future.
I had Medicare part A but declined part B due to being covered under my wife's employment insurance plan. All of sudden her job ended and there I was with no medical insurance and my medicine cost was more than I had every month. I was so lost and didn't have a clue what I was supposed to do. I found the phone number to EHealth on and called them. I was instantly relieved. She was so nice and professional. She knew just what I needed. She found a plan that covered me perfect. She got a list of all medicine and made sure that everything I needed was covered. And at price I could afford with what I made. Not sure if I told her or not, but thanks for all your excellent helpTonya B. Mike Lambert
I was apprehensive to say the least when I started my seeking of supplemental Medicare insurance. I was walked through the process slowly and in detail. My options were totally explained. Recommendations were made and then explained to me. When I did hit a snag, it was quickly and completely fixed. I felt like I was the only person the company had to talk with. I know they were swamped. Customer service is excellent as they really know what they are talking about. Everything I was told, I verified. Absolutely correct information. Before you try one of the others, give them a shot. NO pressure from them, just good info and no demand to do it immediately. Given time to think it through and make a question list. The list was explained item by item, again with no rush.
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