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DriveSmart Warranty Online Insurance Reviews

Company Name: DriveSmart Warranty
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 8885783711
Overall average rating of 3.7 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 64 %
Company does not keep to their word and has created a hassle to work with when filing a claim
I heard about these guys on Facebook, actually saw an article they wrote about power train failure. I never considered getting an extended auto warranty until I looked at their site. I LOVE their website! Really easy to navigate. I was able to find a number in a heartbeat, I talked to their rep, and I got squared away with their Premium plan! Easy peasy. Will definitely recommend to friends!
I am at a loss for words for the experience I just had with the customer service!!! Due to some unexpected events I needed to cancel my policy(which I was told I could do at ANY time). No I had not received the booklet info in the mail yet but, unexpected events are just that...UNEXPECTED! First guy I spoke to was pleasant. I told him what was going on and I was understanding that he had to do his job. Offer me discounts, wave payments, ect. Thanks but no thanks. I was placed on hold and another guy who said he was an account manager came on the line. He was definitely not there to help me! Told him what was going on and that it was personal. He acted like it wasn't enough! He goes on and on and on til I say "Sir, I just want to cancel the policy!" Then he tells me that I was being rude and to not interrupt him while he was talking like I was a child! I was truly beside myself at that point. He continued to talk with an attitude and be rude. I asked to speak to someone else and he told me I would have to go through the same thing! Really?!!! All that just to cancel my policy that still didnt get canceled!!
Drivesmart really helps me with my car repairs and they paid for my car payment too! My car had to be in the shop for a few weeks while waiting for some parts to come in and drivesmart paid for that months car payment! It really helped me out. I believe I spoke with a Gina in customer service and she was great and really helped me out. I would recommend this company to everyone.
DriveSmart is the first and only VSC I’ll ever want to purchase. I did a lot of research before I bought my extended warranty, and I have to say you don’t have to look far to see all the flaws with the competition. DriveSmart has their team and product well put together. There are no hidden secrets, everything is laid out in front of you. It was the only company I saw to have more positive reviews than negative. I know they are a young company, but they can expect a longtime customer in me.
Frankie Williams and Thomas Johnson were awesome help during this first repair claim. With all the obstacles that came up, they went above and beyond to help me out.
I LOVE their website! Really easy to navigate. I was able to find a number in a heartbeat, I talked to their rep (Jon), and I got squared away with their advantage plan! Easy peasy. Will definitely recommend to friends!
Please don’t ever use this ‘service’ Jason, the supervisor, assured me over the phone that he processed my refund after I called to cancel. I cancelled because two different people told me that my struts were covered under this warranty, and when I brought it up to Jason, he was claiming that I must’ve misunderstood.. yeah ok!!
Spoke with Jonathan Taylor 3/22. Answered all my questions addressed all my concerns above and beyond all expectations. Wouldn’t think twice about picking up phone again if need be.
I’ve had to use my VSC with DriveSmart a couple times already, once for a bad AC condenser and once for a failing stabilizer bar. Both times I needed DriveSmart the process was very smooth. I got in contact with them by phone, they told me I could bring the car to my family mechanic. It was great knowing I could bring the car to a mechanic I trust.
Even with an older car I keep this thing in pristine shape! Always maintained, never left to rot. I signed up for DriveSmart because they saw the value for a person like me who cares for their car. I appreciate them, and now they got my business.
Customer service is great until you go to cancel the policy. We signed up for a policy and put a minimum deposit down during a "30-day review period". We got the booklet of information in the mail 7 days later on a Friday, reviewed it over the weekend, and on Monday I called to let them know that we decided the plan wasn't for us. The customer service agent - Thomas - was exceptionally rude once I told him that we were going to cancel it. He first asked me why - which I don't have a problem with. They always want to know why, so then I proceeded to tell him that most of the things the warranty covered, my husband can actually handle on his own because he's a mechanic. Thomas's exact word to me were, "Ma'am - with all due respect - why would you sign up for the extended warranty if your husband is a mechanic?" Irritated by the question - but for some reason feeling the need to explain myself - I told him that we signed up for it because we wanted to review the policy and see if it was something we would need. Thomas continued to question why we signed up for it and told me that he has his own policy and procedures and he needs to know why we're cancelling. He acted as if that wasn't reason enough to cancel. Admittedly, I got really irritated and told him that I gave him the reason why - and it doesn't matter why anyway - just cancel it, please! I also said that this should have been a 5 minute conversation to cancel it, to which he responded "This would have been a 5 minute conversation if you would just answer my question." SERIOUSLY?!?! I then told him that I answered his question and to JUST CANCEL THE DAMN ACCOUNT!!! With MUCH attitude, he told me that he had some things to do to cancel the account so put me on hold. He checked in with me and said he wasn't finished, and asked me to continue holding. About 5 minutes later, a lady was on the line to finish out the cancellation. Apparently Thomas had told her that I was a challenging customer, because she had quite a bit of attitude as well. I asked her what happened to Thomas and she wouldn't' answer other to say that she was going to take over the transaction. She did eventually tell me that call had been escalated by Thomas, and I let her know really quick that it only got heated because he was very rude. I used to work in customer service, and actually worked in a call center, which is what I imagine Thomas works in. I couldn't imagine talking to one of my customers the way he talked to me. Even if I was to rethink an extended warranty, I certainly would never go through Drivesmart based on my experience today.
There was no time waisted helping me
Bad customer service and and not honest
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