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Dairyland Cycle Online Insurance Reviews

Company Name: Dairyland Cycle
Year Founded: 1966
Address: 1800 North Point Drive
City: Stevens Point
State/Province: WI
Postal Code: 54481
Country: United States
Phone: (866) 324-7952
Overall average rating of 1 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 0 %
Contacted customer service to see why my rate keeps going up. Signed up for a yearly contract. Payment has gone up each month until now it has settled at a VERY high rate. I contacted customer service and they just didn't care. Then I found out if I cancel, there are FEES involved. Ok probably my fault for not knowing that but it's crazy expensive to cancel a yearly contract!! For two bikes, Dairyland costs me 199.25 a month. I got the same quote/coverage from Direct General at $65.00 a month. Worth cancelling Dairyland, paying the cancel fee, since I'll make it up within a couple months with just the savings. It'll be worth getting rid of Dairyland too just to NOT have to deal with the attitudes and their terrible customer service department. Dairyland.... what a mistake!
Been fighting with Dairyland for 6 months. They refuse to cancel policy with written notice, email notice, and verbal notice. They keep stealing money from my account, until I put a fraud alert on them at the bank. Someone finally agrees to cancel policy, but then they reinstate the policy and harass me and threaten to send me to collections if I don't pay for the policy I have been trying to cancel for 6 months. I asked for a cancellation and refund of money stolen. They finally agree to send refund, but they never put it back in my bank. I called again, probably the 231st time I called. They said they would send refund and an apology letter, overnight. Didn't receive refund for 3 days, that's not overnight. Apology letter is a letter blaming me for their lack of communication and customer service. NEVER USE DAIRYLAND!!! WORST COMPANY EVER!!!
I had motorcycle insurance through this lousy company. I took their right to access my bank account and they illegally withdrew the funds from my bank account, overdrew my bank account and now won't reimburse the funds and say they're not liable for the problem! Don't go near this bunch of lying, stealing no good thieves!
On July 4, 2015, I wrecked my motorcycle avoiding another vehicle traveling less than 15 mph in a 45 mph in a blind curve (have video of the accident). I was riding a 2012 Harley-Davidson Ultra Classic with about $12,000 of upgrades and modifications. The condition was such that, at the urging of friends, I had entered it in a bike show earlier in the year.I was carrying full coverage plus $8,000 of additional equipment insurance. The estimate to fix my motorcycle was $14,050. Dairyland Insurance opted to total the bike. That way, instead of paying to repair or replace my upgrades, they could price it as a package. For a spotless, 3 year 4-month-old motorcycle with 20,050 miles on it, that I had invested over $35,000, I ended up with $17,500 minus my $500 deductible. I removed what I could of the modifications and received $0 for the $3,500 of equipment that I was unable to retrieve from the motorcycle. Do not trust this company. They are a division of Sentry Insurance.
I have insurance with Liberty Mutual for my motorcycle which is old but mint condition, 1983 Goldwing. Liberty doesn't have full coverage on my bike because of age, So I want full coverage, I call Dairyland. They gave me full coverage, quoted me a price and I payed it. They took the money out of bank account, next I get a letter stating I gave them the wrong bank account number. They lied, they took the money out of my account. Now they want more money, so I said "I'm having problems with you already". I cancelled them, which I had a hard time doing, very hard, but I still had insurance with Liberty Mutual all along. Even though not having insurance with Dairyland, Dairyland continues to contact the state of motor vehicles where I live saying I don't have insurance on my bike, which I do with Liberty still. The state keeps wanting proof that I have insurance for my bike, which Liberty Mutual sent them proof. I'm still getting letters from the state because DairyLand keeps telling them I don't have insurance. This is harassment, scamming, and what other junk I keep getting from Dairyland. I have papers from Dairyland. I no longer have insurance from them but they still continue to send me paperwork, insurance cards, and still telling the state of Pennsylvania, I have no insurance. Beware, do not I repeat DO NOT get insurance from this Dairyland Insurance. They'll scam you on money, They'll harass you in every way, till you have to spend money on a lawyer to deal with them. Dairyland is the nastiest company ever, Want a great insurance company, go with Liberty Mutual Insurance, I been in three accidents whether it was my fault or others. Please take my advice. I had to press charges against Dairyland for harassment and other charges that are pending. Please please, do not get insurance from this company. By the way, I'm still being harassed by Dairyland. Good luck to you all if you go with them.
I was quoted $821 for the whole year for two bikes and after they found out I don't qualify for the homeowner discount, the price was over double the quote. So I cancelled and went with GEICO and got a cheaper price. Now they saying owe them when I think they owe me because I put 379 down on 7/15/17 and cancelled 9/22/17.
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