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Complete Appliance Protection Online Insurance Reviews

Company Name: Complete Appliance Protection
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 1-800-978-2022
Overall average rating of 4.6 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 81 %
Completely satisfied!
We had multiple home and pool inspections completed before buying our home, but still ended up with unfortunate surprises once we moved in to it. We were so thankful to have our home warranty with Complete Appliance Protection as they were easy to work with and helped us fix or replace the necessary items.
They are great with service and comunication. I have had to pay a tech a couple of times but they always reimbursed me quickly. I highly recommend them.
Respond immediately and repairs within a week of time most of the repairs are 100% covered but only issue is plumbing is not covered it would be nice if they cover plumbing related problems also.
Used Complete Protection for years. A+ in customer service
I have heard of other companies finding "flaws" so they don't have to pay out. Not this company. It was a very easy process. The best part about it is, customer service always answers.
Excellent service fast and professional
The interactions with CAP were very smooth, but the repair partner that they are teamed up with in my area had to come back to my hour SIX times to fix my ice maker. Even now, it still makes a loud noice, but at this point I don't want to have to deal with another service call.
I like PC because they do what they say! It is hard to find HW companies that you can trust. Thanks!
Love this service. Cut down time, trying to find good company to fix your appliances and the costly fees. Take less then 10 minutes. Thank you.
The service was great however you need to read the fine print. Complete will only pay a limited amount on any single item. So if your hot water heater goes out the most they will pay is $250. If your AC unit goes out, the most they will pay is $500 (or there about).
Very happy with Complete Appliance Protection. I just call them up and get an authorization # and then call the appliance repair company. I can even ask for a specific company if I like.
I would prefer not to have the company that was sent out They seem to have problems with communication between the office and service people. There was confusion about appointment times and failed to call 30 minutes ahead as requested. Also, despite the fact that I mailed the receipt for the dishwasher some time ago, I haven't received the check for reimbursement.
I've had this plan around a dozen years and love the ease of any unplanned appliance going down.. they are a phone call away.. I've never had a bad experience
I have not be with C.P. for a year yet and they have taken care of me for 2 claims. Very easy process. My House is 10 years old I am original owner. Very happy.
Always get reimbursed for repairs within a short period of time CAP makes it easy and painless. Thanks
My name is William Roberts of Upper Marlboro, MD and I found this company after months of researching home warranty companies. The reviews I read were awesome and I must say that Complete Appliance Protection has exceeded my expectations based on them. They are extremely responsive to submitted claims and provide the absolute best customer service. Since signing up, I have whole-heatedly recommended them to any of my friends, family and colleagues willing to listen!
Unfortunately, I've had to file a claim 3 times. But you have provided the services we needed every time. Thank for being there, your company is exactly the reason we buy protection for. Ernesto Casas
This is a great company. They get the job done. I have been having a lot of issues in my house. They have fixed all problems no questions asked. I am very happy with this company. The best thing is that you don't have to pay out of pocket when they come and do the work.
I enrolled into this about a year and this is the very best investment I've made toward my home. Whenever something break I just call in and get the okay to repair or replace. It's just that easy. If you have a home you should invest in this home warranty. You won't be sorry. Thank you Beatrice S
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