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Colonial Life & Accident Insurance Co. Online Reviews

Company Name: Colonial Insurance
Overall average rating of 1.5 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 11 %
Been off work since June 9, 2014, with cancer, diabetes and epilepsy complications. Filed all paperwork, received only 2 weeks work of disability, $840. They sent me a letter telling me they need more information from my doctor, doctor filled out all new paperwork sent to them on Sept 17, checked upon my claim status 10/6/2014, no action has been taken, they owe me, $5400 as of today. When I call, they put you on hold for 1-2 hours, when they do answer before that, they tell me they have no information.
I am a nurse and enrolled in my employer's short term disability. My policy was effective Nov 1, 2013. My right elbow began hurting and I finally went to an orthopedic MD in Dec. and was diagnosed with tennis elbow and was given a brace. During the appointment, I mentioned that, on occasion, my fingers would get numb. I blamed it on the cold weather since it only happened when my hand got cold. The Dr ordered nerve conduction studies and found that I had both carpal tunnel and ulnar tunnel and needed surgery to relieve the pressure. I had the surgery on 2/10/14. My last day of work was 2/8.I submitted my STD to Colonial on 3/3/14. It is now 3/21 and they are still dicking around and I have yet to receive any answer or income from them. In the meantime, I still have bills that are due AND I have used up all my sick time from my job. I would advise anyone to NOT sign up with this useless company, they only want your premiums and they do not want to pay STD and make every attempt to delay any payment. I will be cancelling my policy with them.
Had outpatient surgery which was covered under my policy. Submitted my claim on 12/10. My doctor faxed in the paperwork to Colonial, and they were awaiting paperwork from the surgery center. Two weeks pass, then Colonial said they received the surgery paperwork but not the doctor's. Doctor faxed again. Then Colonial said they have it, but not the surgery center's. Three months have passed now, claim not paid, but not denied either. Doctor faxed paperwork four times and surgery center twice. I'm contacting the insurance board. They'll take my premiums in a timely manner though!
It takes way too long for them to process claims. Their customer service reps are no longer allowed to put us through to a supervisor when we have a question. They kept 7 days from my recent disability claim, and told me that the waiting period is only when you first open a claim, not every single time you submit a claim. My husband was recently denied his claim for over a year because Kaiser put his diagnosis second on the same line as another admitting diagnosis. And all they keep claiming is that there is nothing that proves that he had a sickle cell crisis last October 30th, when the discharge paper clearly states that he did.
It's been almost a month and still haven't paid. They asked for more information even though they had it. Any excuse to not pay and wait till the very last minute to update anything. They must only have one person working in the approval department because timely isn't in their vocabulary. If I could I'd drop their insurance but it's through my work. Though it's not like they have the most brilliant people working to get us the best insurance either. So I guess you just have to deal with what you got. But this place is a joke. Had to deal with them a year ago when my daughter broke her ankle and had to have surgery. I gave up trying to submit anything more to get paid because it was such a hassle. Also watch for how they word things in their policy. They do it just so in a way that they can go back and say they don't have to pay because it didn't mean that. It meant that you really don't get paid. But yet they still get their money from me every paycheck. They're a company that lacks integrity and morals.
I took the policy out effective date January 1, 2013 on me and my family. Unfortunately my daughter was diagnosed January 24, 2013 with Bladder Cancer. It was removed the following week by surgery. With everything going on I forgot about the policy until May and at that time I submitted the cancer claim. We are now into Mid-August and they are still stating they need more information. They have gotten her complete medical record and a letter from the doctor as well. They even admit that they know she has cancer and it is not pre-existing but since the medical records are not worded how they prefer they are still denying my claim stating more information is needed. I have nothing else left to send them. I will be contacting the Insurance Commissioner and see if I can get any help there. This is ridiculous and I would not recommend this company.
I added my daughter to all my claims. All the sudden she is not on the hospital one. I informed them I believe she will be having surgery a month and a half prior asking about my benefits. Was told I would get a call back the next day from Michael **. He never called. I called the office over 12 times leaving messages. Called his cell over 9 times. I had it finally got a hold of him 4 days after her surgery before it was even scheduled. Remind you I've been trying to get a hold of him. Asked him why he never called back. He was dumbfounded then asked him "Well why didn't you add her to the claim back then?" He said "Well I could have." Yeah that's right he could have but to his negligence in the company he works for he screwed up. I will let the world now about this man and this company and how this is a complete money sucking scam. Don't do business with this company. I will be going to channel 3.
I was in the hospital for 3 days for severe anemia and I needed several blood transfusions. I had already had Colonial for a year. They dragged the claim out for 4 months before denying the claim. They denied my claim stating I had a pre-existing condition which I have had anemia for a long time on & off. Never was this condition life-threatening. I'm also angry because the agent (Fred **) who sold the policy to me told me there were no pre-existing clauses. I'm seriously contemplating whether I should drop all of my policies with them (hospital income, cancer, employee & dependent, wellness & health screening, sickness). All of these policies cost quite a bit out of my pay check every week. I was really depending on getting reimbursed for my hospital stay.
I signed up for Colonial Life because you never know what life will throw at you. Unfortunately I was told I needed a hysterectomy and they set my surgery up right away. Not having time to save for being off work up to 6 weeks put me in a panic. Then I thought I would be ok because I have Colonial Life. Boy was I wrong. I would only be paid for the night I had to be in the hospital which only comes up to $100.00. Are you kidding me? What the hell is $100.00 going to do? I have a house payment, lights, water, car, insurance, cellphone, groceries, 2 children, and anything else that happens to come up in a 6 week span. I'm a single mother who lives check to check anymore. Colonial Life is a bunch of **. Here I was thinking I was going to be ok for a bit but no instead I get **. Paying for something that don't do what they are suppose to do. Now that I'm physically broke down now count the emotional break down too. Thanks Colonial Life for absolutely nothing... I'm cancelling and never looking back. Thanks for putting me in a hole that I will struggle to get out of. Your business hopefully gets shut down!!! Worthless company!!!
The claims department canceled my claim once I made it to the 2 weeks mark of being injured and they owed me. They tried saying my policy doesn't cover an accident at work when I signed up for an accident policy for any location and the customer service representatives I dealt with up to the 2 week mark all confirmed that yes, my policy covered accidents anywhere so unless you fight and push for what you paid for they will just tell you that aren't covered and screw you out of what you are owed. It's almost a month and I still haven't gotten my money plus Christmas is in a couple weeks... find insurance elsewhere because this company is a RIPoff. Hell I even updated my direct deposit 3x and their system still can't put the right numbers in.
After 4 months of sending Doctor's reports, hospital reports, cat scans, MRI, ultrasound and boundless other records and being told over and over that they are expediting the claim, you get letter after letter claiming they need "additional information". How in this day and age can a company conduct business like this and get away with it? Anyone use an attorney in SWFLA to get results? Please let me know. Thanks for the opportunity to put out there just how awful dealing with this company is.
I received one letter stating that premium of $117.96 was due by the 17th of October along with another reinstatement letter. I called and spoke with a supervisor and she explained a mistake was made and $117.90 along with an additional $45.00 was due on the 3rd of October, and if I didn't get it to them by the 3rd, my insurance will be again terminated. This is a lack of communication with Colonial, and something should be done about it. There are way too many letters sent to customers at different times with different information, but to the same customer. Everyone in this office should work together so that they are on the same page. I hope that when a death occurs, customer service is not as rude and unprofessional as they were to me.
Old saying... If it sounds too good to be true, probably is. I have A LOT of complaints but main one... Salesman told us (employees) our insurance premiums would be paid, medical and Colonial Life premiums till went back to work. Because of the way they pay, I had to go back to work before Dr recommended. I get my first paycheck from work of $0.00... Was told I owe $3600.+ for my insurance that was never paid while I was off... Not just my medical but the Colonial premiums as well. So no paycheck for 3 more weeks... But still gotta work. Am so upset, I would not recommend this insurance. Remember to read fine print for sure... If there's a loophole to get out of paying, they will find it. BEWARE...
Company does not (or at least says they don’t) keep notes when you call in. Customer service told me they did not have changes made yet I have received emails from them confirming. If they cannot get your information correct, would you trust them to pay your claim? Left message for my agent to call and he has not returned phone calls.
I purchased Colonial Life Insurance for disability coverage in March 2014 through the professional organization to which I belong. In January 2016 I went to my PCP with complaints of neck pain and tingling down my arm. She felt I had a pinched nerve and ordered X-Rays, muscle relaxants, OTC pain relievers and time out of work. After a couple of weeks of this regimen and no improvement, she referred to an orthopedic spine specialist who confirmed through MRI that indeed there was nerve impingement and spinal stenosis. I haven't worked since my initial appointment as I was instructed not to by my MD and have also had two steroid injections. I decided to use the disability insurance I pay for to help cover my expenses. The nightmare is beginning in the first phase of filing a claim: submitting the forms from my physician, my employer and me. At first I was told NO forms had been faxed to Colonial Life. I contacted my employer and my doctor again. This time, Colonial Life said they received my personal form and the employer's form, but still nothing from the MD. Once again I contacted my doctor asking her to submit her portion of the form and she assured me she had done this weeks ago. Is the fax machine at Colonial Life eating forms? Are the employees of Colonial Life so incompetent that they can't efficiently put a claim file together? I assumed that since this disability insurance was offered by a professional association in healthcare that the company had been vetted for quality of benefits, service, etc. and have paid directly from my bank accounts so all premiums are up to date. Ironically, I retired a few days ago (planned date, not related to medical condition). I wonder if there will be a road block to approval of my claim, if they ever actually read the paperwork. I still have symptoms so the retirement wasn't a "miracle" cure.
When offered a life insurance policy at my workplace, the agent was very quick to sign me up for a policy, being naive. He told me this "term" policy was what I needed. 7 years later, when I was cut back on my hours and needed to re-think the deduction, I contacted the new agent and she told me that ALL the money I had contributed in this term policy would be GONE! I could not change policy, I could not touch the money I contributed, and she was very sorry. Seems that the previous agent did not explain things to me, and I did not ask questions... I trusted he would know and direct me... PEOPLE BE CAUTIOUS!! I have lost tens of thousands of dollars and now looking for a policy.
Since May of this year, I noticed my weekly life insurance premiums have almost increased double, and I've only had them for less than year through my employer ** in Los Angeles. I've contacted them three times and they will blame your company corporate office and after having my corporate office tell them it is not their error, it is Colonials, they still overcharge every paycheck. They never take responsibility and I had my HR dept yell at them in front of me and they still overcharge. My other co-worker got so disgusted with them she wrote them and call them to cancel her insurance with them and guess what? They are still charging her every month now and it's been three months now. Nothing works here. Not the employees. Not their services. If you die and need the life insurance, they'll probably still keep charging you and complain you're not paying your premiums, even though your family has reported you dead. Maybe it will take a good lawyer or and a class action lawsuit to make them change their ways.
This was finally resolved after I tweeted to the CEO and my payment was posted and my claim was finally processed.
I purchased Voluntary disability benefits a year and a half ago. Also I purchased accident insurance. I knew that in the future I would be wanting to get pregnant. I knew NYS disability was not going to be enough to live off of during maternity leave. In the meantime I was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease and had to have a thyroidectomy. It would take me out of work for 4 weeks. I called my representative and he faxed the forms I would need right to my place of work and gave specific instructions as to how to fill it out. I am on leave still and today is Wednesday. I called Monday to see if everything was in order and they stated yes. The check would be sent out on Friday. Well I just received a phone call today saying yesterday (Tuesday) the check was processed and will be sent out next business day. How happy I am that it will be here before the date they originally said. Every phone call I have ever made has been friendly and informative. Since I have both policies they both have a health screening rider. My last two pap smears I called the 1-800 # told them the date and doctor and received $50 for each policy I had. So end total $100. Check came within next few days. For me having these policies have given me comfort and security for day to day life knowing I have something to fall back on. I have had no experiences that many have been complaining about. I encourage calling your representative and having them guide you through the proper channels and be able to maximize your benefits.
Work switched to this provider and we had no other options. They never set up my account correctly, I was never given an insurance card, the login information doesn't work, I have no idea what my policy number is, but they sure as hell take my money every check. Their website takes you in circles, and when you call their call centers you're told to either know someone's 5 digit extension or hang up. They don't have operators or an automated help menu. I input my policy information from work and they tell me there's a problem with my account and to call some number, but they won't help me until I log into the website first. Went to the dentist and set up an appointment because I need emergency work done and then I'm told the day before that the information they gave me at work is no good. Been paying some form of dental insurance for the past 7 years and I have yet to be able to use it.
My husband called for a Life Insurance. The advertisement on TV said, there will be no medical examination to qualify for insurance. All information was given to your company. Lo and behold we were told that he did not qualify for coverage because of a certain medication he was taking (for heart disease). Boy do we play with words. You did disqualify because of his health. We can read between the lines (not truthful).
I was told by my rep that I would be paid in full for 2 months due to surgery. However it took 20 days to receive only 200 dollars. Then I was told that I would not get another check until my employer verified I was still off next month even though my doctor gave them my 2 month off minimum. I am very dissatisfied. I am going to tell everyone I can about this.
I have been trying to get my disability claim finished with colonial life since 3 4 2017 and they keep asking me for bogus information that they really don't need to have and they just keep giving me the run-around. I just had back surgery due to the fall that happened on 3/4 2017 and they tell me today that they can't pay me for the surgery. Has anyone else had any bad experiences with Colonial Life Insurance?
I completed a form to deduct my life insurance premium monthly. Instead Colonial Life took 6 months of payments out of my bank account, leaving me without gas or grocery money. They refused to refund the overpayment back into my account. I was trying to do the right thing and protect my family and was forced to go to a food bank because of their mistake. I feel humiliated.
I have had a couple different policies with Colonial over the last 7 years. I was going to cancel my policies in June because I had heard a lot of claims not being paid by fellow co-workers. When I told our rep (Helen) that I was going to cancel she ask why and I told her that I had heard a lot of bad reports from co-workers. I told her I had been off work in January for 13 days but didn't even claim it because of the hassle. She informed me that there is a seven day waiting period but that they owed me for 6 days disability. So I went ahead and signed up for another year and filed for the claim. I received a check for $110.82. Even though I was off 13 days they claim that disability starts the day you see the doctor not when you are off work. I became ill on Friday, called the doctor Monday morning and he was able to see me on Tuesday. Even though the doctor signed off that I did miss work because of illness they refuse to pay anymore of the claim. (Now she told me I should have went to an urgent care facility the day I felt ill, that would have cost me more money that my regular insurance does not pay.) When I got ill, I did not have any idea that I would be off work for that period of time. I can not tell the future, thought I would be back to work in a day or two. She mis-lead me to get me to sign up for another year. I have paid this company a lot of money over the last 7 years and they refuse to pay me for the four days that I missed work! I called to cancel all my policies and am now told I have to wait until next June to cancel because I signed up for a year! DO NOT LET THIS COMPANY MIS-LEAD YOU. I will be talking with an attorney!
I would never recommend this company for secondary accidental insurance. It has been over six months since I filed a claim and have been treated poorly by the customer service on every phone call. I have done everything more than once and contacted my doctor office numerous time to get the paperwork Colonial request. I don't get any replies regarding the claim, they absolutely will do nothing to help getting Dr information regarding patient files. This company isn't concerned about paying a claim for the client, they just hope to prolong enough until the client gives up.
I left work on May 27, 2016. I had a new hip put in on May 31st. They sent me my first check of $3800 on June 14th. They really came through and I am still waiting for the State, due to a glitch. The rules are pretty straightforward. You can download the form, fill it out, have your work fill it out, then drop it off for your doctor to fill out. Then pick it up, fax it in. You will get calls and emails saying they are processing it. It seems like most issues people are having are too grey areas, etc. I feel bad for many of you as I know how tough it is. Rules are rules, and there is no exceptions or judgement calls. We were all explained the process when we signed up. If someone has a legit claim, and they don't get paid, that's a different story. It's not right to discourage others from signing up, because they did not ignore something pre-existing for you. I am in California, and work for Toyota, and Colonial came through for me. I would give 10 stars if I could. Thank you Colonial, and I think it's safe to say that it would be foolish to not sign up with you guys. I will end this by saying that if I bet 100 bucks at blackjack in Vegas, I hit my sixteen, I bust at 26, then I ask for my money back and get denied, I am not going to give the casino a bad review for not making an exception on that blackjack hand, lmao! Keep up the good work!
They are the worst at paying any claims. Initially they took about 48 hours to pay the claim. Once I submitted for my cancer policy it took them almost 2 weeks to pay my lump sum and their after each claim takes approximately 7 business days to get paid and this does not include the day you submit, holidays or weekends. I placed a claim on the 18th of July and on the 25th of July both are still not paid. I have called numerous times to be told originally yes it will be paid Monday the 30th, called Monday as payment was not posted and got "oh this should have been paid, I am putting a rush on the payment and this should be paid within 24 48 hours," Tuesday, no pay. Was reassured it would be paid Wednesday, Wednesday rep was getting me a supervisor who never came to the phone, but she reassured me she would call me back in an hour to update me, no call no payment. I just called again was told my claim is still in review but only the claim for the 18th, the 25th claim wont be processed until the 3rd. A rep assured me she will call me in the morning to verify the status, so still no assurance the claim will be paid. I would NEVER recommend this supplemental insurance to anyone.
Let's get the positive out first. Colonial Life agent for our company is a great lady. Now the rest... I believe that Colonial Life goes with the let's deny and if they call put on hold and disconnect as their standard operating procedure for clients. SILLY things like, "We can't process your claim" and "It's denied because no treating doctor is specified" (ok I was in the er and the er doctor was signed on the paperwork, which I supplied, as er attending physician signed electronically.) NOW the rest of the things... Wait, wait, wait. We will hold your claims until you forget. I supplied on a hospital stay for a grade 3 head injury over 100 pages of paperwork and was given a quick hospital stay $$$ and maybe then I will think it's done. Well I work in the medical field and see that I didn't get compensated for a hospital admit, tests, follow-ups, and other services provided.** Over 1000.00 easy in accident benefits not paid.** I will stop here but will sum it all up with, look for better. Colonial Life will say they pay better but that is if you are diligent and don't mind waiting along with getting disconnected when asked nicely if you can be put on hold for a short wait. At my part-time job we have Aflac and it pays quickly and almost without effort. I will try and convince my on front lines, life saving your life, primary job to switch.
I had surgery on 3/5/13 for cervical laminectomy with fusion. I was sold this policy in 2012 and told pre-existing conditions went back 5 years. I asked the person selling me this policy several times if my first cervical fusion would be considered as a pre-existing condition since it was done 7 years ago. She informed me it would not. I filed all my paperwork on 3/21/13 for sickness and short term disability. As of today, I have not received any payment whatsoever. I have tried to contact the office, but all you get is a computer message telling you what the website tells you - in process. How long does it take to process a clear cut claim? I have gone without a paycheck since 3/4/13. How do they expect you to put food on your table and pay your bills? They have no problem taking the money out of my paycheck every week. This company is ridiculous. I have filed claims with the Better Business Bureau and the Insurance Commissioner, and now seeking legal advice. Warning: If someone offers you insurance with this company, run fast. I should have listened to my gut and stayed with AFLAC.
PLEASE, PLEASE don't waste your money on this company. I'm sure management spends nights dreaming of ways not to pay claims. My example was seen in fall of 2014 for left knee replacement. Was seen in fall of 2015 for an injury to my RIGHT knee which required a surgical repair. Contacted the company to verify coverage twice to be sure I had coverage etc. Was assured there would be no issue as it was not the same knee or same issue. Claim was denied. Seems since I have 2 knees it was considered a bi-lateral problem. Told the same was true for ankles, hips, lungs, breasts etc. Management was very sorry I was given incorrect info, saying the reps we speak with are not knowledgeable in this area. Dah...
Colonial in my opinion is the worst company with no compassion for its customers. I filed a short term disability claim and they take their time paying. This company waits until the day that they suppose to pay you to ask for more information. How is that showing concern for the consumer? They put you through the ringer trying to get money that you paid into. My entire company is dissatisfied with Colonial Life. If I had to recommend a company for insurance, it would not be Colonial Life.
I called them 6/30/2017 about accident insurance I have with them and what were the procedures after my husband had an accident. The agent was not helpful at all. I told the agent I never received my policies and on my online account it does not let me see it. I try to get her to help me and she was very unhelpful. I mention that I have Critical Care, Accident and Short Term Disability and Long Term Disability and she said that the only policy I have is Accident. I told, "How could that be if I have been paying over a 6 months for my policy." No help. I got my policy thru TrueChoices program with Schneider Inc. trucking company. They are a rip-off. Save your money in a Saving account. We are making these insurance company richer. Will be talking to a Lawyer.
My employer had Colonial Life Insurance come in to explain to us about disability and life insurance and to see if we wanted to sign up. The representative told me to put in all of my information JUST FOR A QUOTE. After I did so, he told me about the different plan options and I said I wanted to discuss with my family. He then proceeds to tell me that I just signed up. I was confused and angry because he clearly deceived me.I took the paperwork and was planning on cancelling the following day. The sheet said that we had 30 days to cancel after signing up. I had to call to request a cancellation form and the associate looked up my policy and emailed me the form. I filled it out and mailed it in. They mailed the form back to me a week later saying I couldn't cancel until open enrollment in February even though I was told 30 days. They told me because it was the pre-tax version -- I only had one day to cancel. These people are SO UNPROFESSIONAL and CON ARTISTS! They don't explain anything to you, take your money, and don't give you the correct information. I cannot wait until I can cancel next month and get my money back.
I read several bad reviews for Colonial Life. But I followed the steps, filled out the form, my doctor filled out his part and my employee their part as instructed. No problem. I was very pleased.
They can never give you a solid answer. In eight years I've used them twice and it was horrible. They rip you off but yet paying $300 a month is ok with them. They told me how to file a claim and emailed me the forms. Then a month later deny my claim. Busy. Will text you when I can. Saying I filed it incorrectly. They were the ones that provided me the forms and the "how to" and I get dinged for it! Still have no money!
I have had Colonial Life insurance Short term disability for over 15 years. I do a routine call every year or two to see if: (1) they respond when I call,
(2) that I can reach them if I have questions and (3) that I get to talk to a live person if I have questions or concerns. My last check was about two years ago and a live person did answer after many prompts and seemed knowledgeable and kind. However, on my check this year, I could not get through the multiple prompts, there was no number to get through to a live person and I could not even get on their website – needed some kind of passwords that never worked. I got the bright idea to enter my own work extension ** and somehow that bogus extension got me through to a voice mail and someone called me back in 2 days. I was told (1) they were busy,
(2) the economy was down so they could not keep up with their customers and (3) they did not give me a number to call them back at, so I had to use my own guessed extension number again. There was an apology but more excuses so I cancelled my 15+ year policy. I have never heard of a company giving excuses for poor service. My question is what if I needed them, what if I was injured and needed to use my policy?
I am so fed up with Colonial Life trying to cheat me. I cancelled a policy one week after I opened it. I am tired of getting the run-around. Tell me I can't cancel the policy because it's part of a flexible benefits policy. Time to lawyer up!
I contacted Colonial Penn cause they claim that you will not be turned down for any medical reasons and I filled out the applications and 2 weeks later I received a letter denying me. Why? Cause of my health. Who can I contact to file false ads and denied me, help!
My husband has had a policy with them for three years. I have sent in claims for accident and disability and got paid very fast. I have never waited over a week and a half. You have to send in the proper paperwork when you send in the claim form. The customer service reps are very helpful and professional.
I purchased a cancer policy through my work. I was convinced to drop my Aflac and go with Colonial because it was so much better. 8 mths later was diagnosed with cancer. Trying to get my payout that is promised at diagnosis was unbelievable. Aflac never treated their customers the way I have been treated. I got mixed messages every time I called. I was told that I was not the only customer with cancer and constantly talked down to when I was saying I needed the payout to pay for my treatment. The customer service people were horrible and rude. I would not recommend this company to anyone. I have no choice now but to stay with them because I have cancer but I wish I would’ve stayed with Aflac. The way I have been treated makes me not even want to turn in a claim because they treat you as if you are a beggar. It is a horrible company.
My Brother's Disability Coverage - Ronnie has disability insurance through Colonial Life. In August, he was having trouble breathing. His heart had gone in to "AFIB", atrial fibrillation. It is not pumping but a 13% of what it should. Due to the fact he had "high blood pressure" when he applied for disability insurance, he was told that the "AFIB" is preexisting. He has been fighting them for 3 months. No money! Except the money he pays them to keep his insurance. If he doesn’t pay, they will cancel his insurance. Colonial Life short term disability insurance is a rip-off! If you have this insurance, you better get a new one, quick!Colonial Life keeps telling Ronnie that they are reviewing his claim, call them back in 3-7 work days. He waits. He calls back. They got more information, returned case to review. Call back in 3-7 work days. He waits. He calls back. Same story, over and over again! Can you go for 8-10 weeks no pay? I am telling this story everywhere I can. These thieves need to be stopped.
A follow up to my last post... They get the request to correct Dr. and I keep asking if they got my records and they wrote "No" in their email. They were looking in a queue for documents coming from a fax that had an area code of "567"... That is not even an area code in my state. They finally get the records and deny my appeal stating that my policy from 2013 did not cover my illness. A new law was passed in my state covering my illness and stated my illness could not be denied. However after some creative searching I found a policy statement from Colonial saying that they update polices when the state the policy was taken out in changes.So I wrote to all the senators and advocates who were a part of passing the new law and attached the emails declaring my denial. I also told Colonial that I wanted a copy of the statement that the appeals department submitted to determine my denial, along with the person who was responsible for the denial, their medical credentials, all other parties who had a part in the denial along with their medical credentials, what medical facility they used to review my appeal and all supporting documents. I already know the answer but I am entitled to these documents. I am not done with this at all.
My friend has Aflac and suggested I get an accident policy which covers my son who plays 4 different sports. My friend always gone on and on about the wonderful, fast service she gets with Aflac. I added Colonial Accidental Insurance through my employer. I've filed with them so far 4 different times and each time I've filed a claim it took 2 weeks or more for the claim to be reviewed and paid. 2 of the times I filed, if I wouldn't have called, it seems as if the claim would've never been processed. It is RIDICULOUS the amount of time it takes for them to review and pay claims. CHOOSE AFLAC OVER COLONIAL if you prefer to have claims that are paid within 3 business days. I will be leaving this company as soon as my enrollment period through my employer opens. They also DO NOT PAY FOR X-RAYS, MRI'S, OR CT SCANS, but Aflac does.
I requested a change in my policy coverage in October. The policy change was finally made, but the refund (a few hundred) I am owed has yet to be determined. It is evident Colonial Life cares nothing about their subscribers. Inter-departmental communicate is poor and laden with faux pas, no one is willing to take ownership of an issue, and customer service is non-existent!
I purchased the cancer policy over 15 years ago through an employer and kept the policy even though I changed jobs. We have a high risk of cancer in my family so I thought it’s prudent. In Nov 2014 I was diagnosed with cancer. I called the customer service group to ask how to submit my diagnosis and what the benefit would be. She walked me through the process and was very helpful.In less than 7 weeks I had a check in my hands for over $10k for my initial diagnosis. That was a huge relief considering the costs associated with treatment. That was just for the initial diagnosis. They continue to pay for travel expenses and lodging if/when we need it, as well as other associated costs. This is one instance where I feel paying the premium was well worth it. The sense of financial relief alone was worth it.
Colonial made me jump through hoops, and re-provide info that I had already provided (calling it "reverification"), then they went out of their way to make the process as difficult and drawn out as possible... Now they have decided my illness is extending beyond the "reasonable recovery period"... Are you kidding me? Now an insurance company can decide over my doctor when I'm healed? Give me a break. I truly believe they make people do this in hopes that they will give up and go back to work before they are healed properly - but not me, I will be seeing this through to the end. They got their money from me every payday, and I expect to get the services I paid for.
I have had insurance through Colonial Life for several years. I've had the cancer policy and in November 2013 I signed up for the short term disability through my job. First I had sent in everything they required for a mammogram, which they were supposed to pay the whole thing, they only sent $100. I had to fight for the rest. Then on 1/6/2014 I was involved in an auto accident where I was seriously injured and unable to work. I have sent them everything they needed including reports from doctors, hospital and an accident report. Their first letter they sent said I was denied because they say it was work related. They had no record of it being an auto accident. My office manager sent them a letter saying it was not work related, it was an auto accident. Then weeks later I get a letter from them saying they received the letter... weeks later another letter saying they needed me to sign to release records from the doctors... which I had already sent them. Today, 3 1/2 months almost 4 months later I get a letter stating that my policy was new and no premiums have been paid so I was denied!!! I have to prove to them my policy was paid... Don't they have that on record? Are we dealing with idiots here???? I am still not working due to my injuries!! What do these people want??? Honestly at this point I don't know what to do. If anyone has suggestions I would greatly appreciate it.
On Christmas eve 2011, my 6-month-old daughter was sitting in a Bumbo chair happily banging her rattle on the attached tray. She was set up on our bar style kitchen table, which is about 4ft high. I was standing beside her brushing my other daughter's hair getting ready for a big Christmas eve church event. Suddenly, she kicked and flipped the Bumbo chair (which is not supposed to be able to flip) right off the table. She landed smack on her head. Her eyes were rolling back into her head and she was vomiting several times before we got her to the hospital 10 minutes away. CT scans later, they said her skull was fine and just swelling her forehead, to keep applying ice and NSAIDs and sent us home. Thankfully she was OK.I filed a claim with Colonial. We've played the paperwork game of retrieving piles of paperwork from multiple agencies related to the ER visit. It's April 2013, year and half later, and we received a letter saying that they were sending our benefit check to our health insurance company - not to us. Excuse me? I paid the premium, not them. And why on earth would I continue to pay for accidental (and cancer) insurance if the benefit funds will be sent to a 3rd party - not us? You have GOT to be kidding me.
I've read through A LOT of reviews with Colonial and almost all of them were 1 star reviews. I'm enrolled with Colonial through my employer, I personally have never experienced any bad customer service from the customer service reps. I will admit that it does take some time for Colonial to process your claim but I can't put all the blame on them. I can't speak for everyone but what held up my claim was that they (Colonial) requires that your paperwork be filled out to the 'T.' My doctor wasn't completing the paperwork as thoroughly as Colonial wanted which held up my approval. My accident occurred in Oct/17 and I didn't receive my entire payment until the middle of Dec. To some that may not be a long time but for me it was, especially with bills that were now becoming past due. Once again not ENTIRELY Colonial's fault but their approval process can use some work.I suffered an accident at the end of Aug but I didn't submit my claim until this week (3rd wk of Sept.) because I wanted to ensure that I could submit all of my paperwork at 1 time and look it over to ensure that my doc filled it out properly. Today I received an email stating that they need more info from my doc regarding the date of my accident and when I'm expected to go back to work. I read the paperwork over maybe 15 times (literally) and I THOUGHT it was proper and complete. I called and spoke to a rep that was nothing but pleasant, she walked me through the next steps and legitimately sounded concerned for me and my case (I have a doc that wants nothing to do with this paperwork and refuses to fill it out after he's done it once.)All-in-all, Colonial is a decent insurance company. It take a while to get your payment but I can't think of an insurance company that's quick to throw money at you. They want to ensure that whatever the issue is covered by your policy (like most insurance companies). Customer service is excellent and I always been able to speak to someone. Never had an issue with them taking more than they were suppose to out of my check. Pretty decent company. Only wish they would relax with some of the info required by the doc and expedite payments so that you're not waiting over a month or so.
I purchased this voluntary supplemental disability insurance through Colonial Life to supplement my std provider of Liberty mutual if I ever had to go on short term disability. My premiums came straight out of paycheck and were always paid on time. Unfortunately, my doctor put me out on std from Jan 2016 through March 2016. I filled out every form correctly and always had my doctor submit the requested paperwork. I received payment from Liberty mutual quickly, but it is now Dec 2016 and I'm still waiting payment from Colonial. My doctor has sent paperwork in three different times and then they come up with something slightly different each time. They wanted all diagnosis and lab tests/results and 20 plus pages were sent in on 2 different occasions. I never heard another word from Colonial, so I emailed them. They said the senior examiner would let me know something by Friday. Today is Wednesday and still not a word. I called them and now they claim they need doctor's notes from each appointment. Why wouldn't they ask for that when they asked for everything else? My opinion is that they love to take my money when I'm paying premiums, but look for every excuse available to not pay viable claims. It is unfair I have to wait almost a year for money they owe me. If I would not keep calling them they would gladly let my claim drop and never say another word. It is a shame how they do honest, hard working people. I will never recommend them or use them for any type of insurance ever again.
If I could give less than 1 star I would. This is the WORST company I have dealt with. They make the health connector look like they know what they are doing. I have NEVER written a review about a company before, whether good or bad, but this I had to do. I do not want anyone to go through the headache I went through. I wish I had read these reviews on here before signing up.I signed up for this policy in April. They did not send me any documents. So I was under the impression it was not in effect yet. I was sick as a dog and still going to work because I thought the coverage wasn't active because I heard ZERO about it. All along it was active and they have been collecting my god damn money and I couldn't use it when I wanted. I finally called them and found out they had my address wrong and the spelling of my name wrong. The agent sat across me in a room when I gave her my ID with the correct spelling of my name and my address. Only God knows how she managed to mess that up.I requested the correction and also that a correct policy be mailed to me because I NEEDED a physical copy for personal reasons. It's July 16 and I still haven't received it. My husband did a surgery and is out of work. So I accessed the policy docs online to see my benefits. Now I find out that he has no coverage when I know I told the agent I need coverage for him BECAUSE HE WILL MORE THAN LIKELY NEED IT THAN ME. So I canceled it this morning. Do not open any policy with them. The customer service reps and their agents are all useless and they will only cause you unnecessary stress.
They get one star because it was required that I give them at least one star. I have never in my life dealt with an “insurance company” like this one. We have this coverage because my husband’s employer offered it with a subpar health plan. (Around 10 years now). I have yet to file a claim without additional information needed. I have had several surgeries in the past and most recently had a skin graft to cover the removal of a skin cancer. The policy states in black and white that a skin graft is covered. (Also, prior to this, I of course had several biopsies to determine what this skin cancer was...the policy states that a biopsy is a diagnostic procedure. They told me they could not locate a diagnostic procedure I had, so I needed to provide more information).In the claim I filed, I sent them my ENTIRE file straight from the Dr’s office, complete with pathology reports, because I know how they have been in the past. They told me I had not provided enough information. Every code they could possibly need was on these records. I cannot express exactly how much I LOATHE this company. Also, when I last called to get help with a claim, the lady that answered sounded like she was in her bathroom and couldn’t offer me any help other than to tell me I needed to download a claim form and send it in.Also, did I mention that I file contracts for a living. I read everything. Trust me, I wouldn’t have wasted my time yet again on this claim if I wasn’t sure it was something that was covered by this stupid policy. DO NOT waste your time. I would give Colonial negative stars if it was an option. As a note, we also have Aflac policies. I file Aflac claims online and the money is in my bank account almost as soon as I click “file claim”.
I would like to add a positive review after reading so many negative ones. I started this policy through my previous employer about 12 years ago and have used the short term disability claims twice now. After changing jobs twice, policy about me with no issues at all. The monthly price has never increased. The first time I had to use this was soon after I bought into this plan. I was diagnosed with cancer. Then at the beginning of 2016 when my rheumatoid arthritis got to the point where I could no longer work. I have had nothing but good experience with this company.Communicating with them is easy and they answer my emails within hours. My payments are always on time. They notify me when the payment has been sent. The people at customer service are always friendly. Recently, I did not fill out the quarterly update from my doctor because I thought my claim had been exhausted. They contacted me to let me know I still had benefits available as I had not utilized all allocated to my claim. My doctor did they updated form and my check was quickly paid. I am 100% satisfied with this company and would recommend them to anyone.
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