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Company Name: CNO Financial Group
Overall average rating of 1.1 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 0 %
I am a retired teacher. I got a cancer/sickle cell policy in 1986. The company at that time was under another name. In 1993, I added my daughter to the policy. At that time I was told it would not change the maturity date. 20 years later, I was informed my date had changed because of an inversion. I did not get hardly any of my money back. I still paid until I retired in 2010 and tried to keep paying, but the payments were too high on a fixed income. I paid for over 23 years and got nothing but excuses. I would like something back.
My wife and I both have had life insurance with Conseco for 17 years. They have doubled our quarterly premium from $223.32 to $446.50. I called them and they want me to make my regular payments of $223.32 and they will reduce my accumulated account value every quarter the remainder needed to make the $446.50. When that runs out, I would need to make the full amount myself which I can't pay. So I will surrender my policy and take our money. That is what they want us to do any way. What a scam.
I purchased a $50,000 life insurance policy from Conseco in 1993 with a monthly premium of $98.43. Now after 18 years of payment (a total of $21,949.89), Conseco is raising its monthly premium to $469.43, which I cannot afford to pay having only my retired social security and small pension. My options are to take the cash surrender of $1,902.65 and let the policy lapse. This is a Ponzi scheme and scam. It is a very well planned Conseco scheme to make a large amount of money by enforcing this scam. I am interested in finding a way to stop Conseco from enforcing it.
I had a new agent take over my account. He made some adjustments to my account and now I get a $510 unauthorized withdraw from my bank. This is not even on my scheduled monthly premium date of $140 amount. I am on the line today to cancel everything these guys are doing. High turnover among reps. A terrible company.
For about 30 years, I have been paying my premiums on my life policy by debits to my Bank account that has not changed on all that time. Conseco and now the Company they have named to serve their policies ALLIANCE-ONE SERVICES, INC. have stop taking the premiums without any notice at all or without any reason for the last 3 months.I have called several times and nobody knows what is the reason for this, nor gives you any information on the whereabouts of your policy, refusing to pass to a supervisor or manager, having you on hold for hours at the time and inclusive saying once, "they do not have such policy". I have sent certified letters requesting reasons for non pulling moneys from Bank, I have sent a cashier check (they have cashed it) for the 2 months and one extra month and till today, I have no response of any sort. We are going to take legal actions on this matter and notify the Insurance Commissioner of the State of Florida as well as all the authorities that have something to do with this matter.
My 18-year-old life policy with understandable small increases in cost of insurance was suddenly up 400%. And they'll be happy to keep me if I pony up 29000 for my 100k policy. Their consumer and business ratings speak for themselves. Universally terrible. They are another example of "they do because they can." We are powerless.
I have paid on an accident insurance with a disability rider for approximately 6 years. I have been off from work since Feb. 4 2010. At first the company paid benefits but then after 8 months refused to pay. I was entitled to benefits until Feb of 2011 but the company refused to pay after Sept. 2010. They claimed my accident was due to a pre-existing condition. I suspect the company was due to default. I appealed the decision but they still were unwilling to fulfill their promise as stated in the contract. I am still unable to work but have yet managed to pay my monthly premiums to a company that no fulfilling their promise. I would like the public to know of my predicament and be warned not to invest in this company or their policies. I received a letter stating that they were merging with another life insurance company which confirms my suspicion of their financial difficulties.
I'm the owner of the three life Insurance policies (two for my daughters and one for my mom). I'm paying $150 quarterly for my two daughters and $183.36 quarterly for my mom since 1999. On May 2011, Conseco stopped sending us a billing statement for payment. I sent a letter to Conseco three times asking questions regarding our insurance payment however, no response has been provided. I also emailed Conseco thru their online site and still no response has been received. If I knew that this is how Conseco is making business, I should have backed out and picked another trusted company but it's too late now. All I need now is someone that can help us recover all the payment I have made since 1999.
For a lot of years since 1994, I have held Conseco on a high level, because they were the most reasonable and sensible insurance for me to afford. Now after 17 years and over 70 years of age and living on social security, I am told my premium will be $546 a month. This does not sound right or honest. I know at age 78, my insurance will be at 0 premium according to my policy. Can someone explain the hike?i would like to keep my whole life insurance with Conseco as I have already spent 17 years with them. But I need some solutions as to how the expectations from $79 plus to $500 plus per month can happen after putting the funds into the policy. I believe there is a clause that the premium would not change. I may be wrong, but I will research my policy again.At the time of this purchase, it was stated that this would be the best for a single parent raising four children. I am still a single parent who depends on her self to maintain her life as her four children are raising their own now. I wonder what is the motive behind all of this. is it greed? Who are the CEO and board members for Conseco?
Like everyone else, I was duped by Conseco. My policy was purchased in 1993 from Philadelphia Life which then sold it to Conseco. The monthly premium has been $70 for all that time. I have now received a statement that it is going to $158.39. My question is, how do we fight this? And is there another class action suit against them for this particular shady practice? The girl I talked to said it was legal since they were raising it on everyone not just the senior citizens. This company needs to be shut down.
My husband and I purchased a disability policy in 1992 since he farmed full-time and we had 3 children. Being proactive, just in case of an accident, we bought from Capital American. In 2004, we were informed that the company was bought out by Conseco companies and an agent would be contacting us to go over the policy we had in place. Their representative came to our house and went over the existing policy and what we could do. We decided to stay with the company and to continue the policy. This is where we were lied to. We asked if this would affect our current policy and was told no, everything would stay in effect. Little did we know that when the policy matures in September 2012, we won't get the money we have paid for the last 20 years. We'll only get what we paid for the first 12 years as that was the original policy and when they purchased Capital, the policies became obsolete. They started the timeline over when they gave us a new policy number. I believe we have been fraud out of 8 years of payments. I would never again purchase any policy from Conseco.
I've been paying for accidental and disability insurance with Washington National, both for several years, through my work. I'm a part-time waitress. I was told I would receive my short-term disability claim for my maternity leave. I recently found out that I would not be receiving any money like my agent told me, because I don't average 20 hours a week. I don't even qualify to get any of these benefits. They have literally been stealing 46 dollars a month from me for many years! And they have no intention of righting the situation with reimbursement. Shameful. I should have never been sold this policy. I gave them 1 star because I had to rate them. They deserve zero.
I have always paid my insurance premiums. I started in the 1960's with one insurance co. This co. evolved to Philadelphia Life which evolved to Conseco. I have paid my premiums for 50 years. Then, this started a few years ago. Every month Conseco started raising my rates and threatening to cancel my life insurance if I did not abide to their rate increase. I have tried speaking with their representatives on the phone and they don't care about helping me solve this. I can no longer afford their rate hike. They now want close to $300 a month for something I have been paying for 50 years. This is a $50,000 life insurance. I am retired and could no longer afford this. They have forced me out. If you are contemplating getting insurance from them, please, don't do it. They are thieves.
My insurance policy is classified as surrendered. I initially requested a full surrender until I got information telling me that I could have a partial surrender and not lose my policy. A check was sent to me for $7106.68 but I sent it back because I changed mind about full surrender. After going through all the proper channels I was finally sent a check again under a partial surrender. Then I sent a monthly payment of $118.83. Then I didn't receive any more correspondence so I called Conseco and was treated in an abusive manner by one of the management people there. Angel was her name.I called back and the lady that took care of my case Jamie, who I spoke to the other day told me not to worry about it that my policy was still intact but that was not the case just received letter saying policy was surrendered 2-1-2016. These guys have put me through a great deal of stress and don't know what to do now and I am asking for you to investigate this if possible. Thank you.
My husband and I both had policies with Conseco at $100,000 each. We were advised some time ago that our premiums were going to increase, almost 3 times as much each, and I wrote to the NJ Dept. of Insurance at the time, but they told me there was nothing we could do. I now get a Notice of Proposed Settlement and Fairness Hearing regarding a class action lawsuit. We cancelled our life insurance with Conseco after many years. These policies were to ensure my daughter would have some security if we passed. The documents I received are telling me that if I do nothing, I will receive a cash payment of $175. It also states that in order to be a part of the settlement, I have to reinstate my policies and pay approx. $350 for each policy (minimum initial premium) plus all monthly deductions that were past due at the end of our grace period. What? I don't understand any of this. This is crazy.
I have had insurance with Conseco for 19 years, and automatic withdrawals for both my wife and I. Two years ago, I got a notice that my policy was in a "grace" period, and I needed to pay $272 or it would lapse; so I did! The next year, I got a notice of the same kind and this time it was for $282; so I paid it! This year I have received a notice for just over $300 or it would lapse. Guess what? I didn't pay it. I was paying $50 and $40 per month for myself and my wife. Suddenly, they stopped and started taking out only $50, so I contacted them and explained the situation. After that, they changed and began taking only $40 and I called again. The next thing I knew they took $50 out on 4/5, then again on 4/6, 4/7, 4/8, 4/9, 4/10, 4/11. I had to talk to the bank and have them stop paying. Of course, it messed up my ability to do automatic payments again, but they were simply going in and taking my money even after I had spoken with not 1, not 2, not 3, but 4 customer service reps. I did recoup $300 as they sent me a check and also the lapse notice if I didn't pay $320.10 roughly! So now, I am in a quandary as to what I need to do. I think this insurance company is very deceiving and not very reputable. I would join any type of class action suit should someone pursue it. Needless to say, I am totally dismayed and upset!
CONSECO INS., BANKERS, COLONIAL PENN, WASHINGTON NATIONAL. Caveat Emptor: Beware of these companies. In 1998 I purchased two Life Insurance Policies (Universal Life) one for myself and one for my wife. The original company was Massachusetts General who later sold the policy to CONSECO. I have to date invested about $45,000 in premiums. I received a letter this week informing me that my premiums starting this month are going to almost triple. I called the company and was informed basically my options were to continue the policies at the new rate or take the cash values and surrender the policies. Or to not pay the increase and let the cash values of the policies pay until they are depleted which at the current projections will be sooner than later.So now at 74 years of age I will probably have no life insurance and probably cannot afford the premiums. They claim this is due to unexpected claims and increasing costs as well as lower income projections from interest. So bottom line is they mismanaged their and my money and now they want me to suffer the loss. I have sent this information to the Delaware Insurance Office and probably will have no recourse. My goal is to make everyone on Facebook aware of this so that they hopefully will not do any business with these companies and suffer the financial loss.
Just like the other complaints on this site, I was with Conseco for years with the promise of a vanishing premium. For 18 years, I paid $33.00 per month for a $100,000 policy. And now, I'm told I need to pay $200 per month to keep the policy in force. Also, to be prepared for another increase by summer 2012. What a ponzi scheme! I'm retired now and I don't have $200 or more per month to pay these thieves.
My husband and I bought our policies 17 years ago and now that we are ready to retire, we found the premiums have tripled and will continue to go up every year. We cannot afford to keep the policy and the accumulated cash value is low. We would have been better off to save the premiums we paid. We are not at a good age to be buying life insurance. This seems so unfair and should be illegal.
My sister was sold a policy in 2008. She was also diagnosed with dementia in 2008, and I am sure she did not understand the type of policy she purchased. She had thrown away copies of all documents because she did not know any better. My sister lived about 3 hours from me, so I was not aware of her condition and the debt she had incurred. As her care giver, I decided to keep the policy for various reasons and did not realize it was a Universal Life insurance Policy until I decided to change it from a $100,000.00 policy to a $50,000.00. The premium, as mentioned in other complaints, had doubled since she took the policy. She was paying $384.00 quarterly for the $100,000.00, and I was told it would go up to $577.56 to cut the policy in half. They also wanted an additional $1,150.00 to change the policy. Because she is on a fixed income, I decided to cancel the policy because she could not afford the difference or the additional fee requested. So, Washington kept what face value she had accumulated which was a little over $1,000.00 and told me that was a surrender fee. I did file a complaint with the Insurance Fraud Division in South Carolina and was told, due to the type of policy, I did not have any recourse. The problem with this company is that they do not explain the type of policy in terms where most people can understand. It is almost like playing the stock market. It is my fault I did not inquire sooner about the policy. However, the only type of policy I ever heard of was more like a term life insurance policy. For example, if you purchase $5,000.00 life insurance for $20.00 a month, then when you reach $5,000.00, it is paid for. All the complaints seem to be the same. No one knew they were paying for a policy that would never be paid up; and when you tried to cash it in, you get the same response. Due to the increase of insurance, there is no money left in your policy. Sorry, that is a stupid answer. It is hard for me to believe that all 81 complaints are pretty much the same, and no one seems to come out top accept for Conseco (Washington). Is there anyone out there that reads these complaints not see how people are getting taken advantage of over and over? I get mad every time I think about her situation and the other 81 people that decided to take insurance with this company.
I regret informing you of the uncooperative business of Conseco. I have been trying to be compensated from a car accident in June 2011. First, I had to go back and forth for an emergency room visit for me and my daughters. I did not receive payment until August. Now I am seeking payment for my physical therapy. I fax over the documents from the billing office on September 6, 2011. I was told I needed more documentation, my doctor fax a definitive statement about my family physical therapy sessions. Then I was told I needed a final bill. On October 28, a final bill was faxed. I was told "another 48 hours." Then On November 4, I was told "at least 14 days." Yesterday, I was told "by the end of the business day." At 4:45pm, I was told "another 48 hours." This is nonsense. I have become stressed due to a hardship Conseco is causing.On behalf of my self, my family, my doctor, and physical therapist, we all think this is ridiculous. I never experience service like this out of my 7 years with Aflac. Please reconsider this company in the future. I pay diligently. Why do my family have to suffer?
My husband and I purchased a life insurance policy (quarterly $80.25),18 yrs ago with the understanding our rates would never increase and at age 65 we would never have to pay another premium .This month, I received notice that they are raising our rates to $478.00 quarterly. I feel so betrayed and lied to. What can we do? There is no way we can afford this increase. I really need an answer.
I purchased a cancer policy from Conseco 17 years ago. In Oct 2011, I was diagnosed with cancer. I have been trying to get Conseco to pay on the policy but they keep denying it. They said the company that performed my radiation is using the wrong billing code. They will not offer any help to resolve the problem. The billing dept, Conseco and I have had 4 conference calls regarding this issue. The billing dept. keeps telling them that is the code they used and is the code they always use and there has never been a problem. Conceco will not help resolve this issue. All they tell us is the wrong code is being used.
My friend purchased a cancer policy years ago from Washington National. Unfortunately, he needed to file a claim and made me his representative. He passed seven months ago. Never have I seen such disregard from a company. They help with nothing. They only have demands for specific forms that are almost impossible to get, and then deny the claim with ridiculous excuses. They ignore the facts. They get away with it because they know their clients are the most vulnerable in our society. Policyholders that are older, that have just found out they are terminal, are unable to fight because of the disease or the medication. Deny them long enough, and they are dead. They roadblock every request, even if only a simple question. Family members are in turmoil, and an insurance claim is the last thing on their mind. My state insurance commission finally made them pay, so I can set up a trust for his children. Washington National is shameful.
I purchased a $50,000 Conseco Life Insurance Policy in 1996 with a monthly premium of $137.40, which I understood would not increase. On 10/22/11, I received an 11-page package of documents from Conseco explaining rate increases which I had difficulty understanding. I called the number listed for information and after 3 attempts and waiting for over one hour, I spoke with a Conseco Rep. who confirmed that if I want to keep the death benefit at the current level, my monthly premium would need to be increased to $532. I have had this policy and paid the monthly premium for 15 years. I was told that if I do not increase the premium, the death benefit and the surrender value of the policy will drop to zero in 5 years. Do consumers have any protection from this outrageous action by Conseco? I'm approaching my 80th birthday and I am on a fixed income. I cannot afford this increase.
I have not been getting my renewal commissions from Conseco Life Insurance Co. My agent numbers were ** and **. Conseco gives me two agent numbers and cease giving me my renewal commissions since June 2010. It's because each individual number is not making the minimum vesting requirements, which is a way not to pay me any more renewal commissions. I continue to service these clients as a vested agent.
I have been trying to transfer money out of Conseco for three months now. First they said 28 days, then another rep said 3 days which then changed to 8 days. Now they are saying all policies are on hold and under review and there is no date they can give me as to when the transfer will take place.
My husband and I had a life insurance policy with Conseco for 24 years. At the time we were sold the policy, the type of policy was misrepresented. Conseco now wanted over $750.00 to keep our policy in force plus our premiums would more than double. We are retired and can no longer afford to keep the policy. Now we have no life insurance! At our age, we can't find a policy we can afford. There have been other people in the same situation as we are. I think Conseco should have to repay all the premiums for the past 24 years. We and others like us need legal help on this matter.
I took out a cancer and heart policy; the type that pays you money if you are hospitalized so you have money to pay your bills, etc. in 1985 from Capital American and Conseco bought them out. I paid on these policies through a payroll deduction since 1985 and when I retired in 2009, I called Conseco to inform them of having to set up an automatic deduction from my checking account for these coverages and I thought it was being done, as there was a monthly automatic withdrawal to Conseco on my bank statements. I called over to Conseco about two weeks ago to find out when these policies would mature and when I would be getting back my return of premiums since I had not had a claim or used any proceeds from the policy. I was told that the heart portion had lapsed due to non payment since August 2009. I told them I didn't know how that could be since there was a deduction every month, and they said it was only for cancer coverage.
I pay Conseco online through my bank and none of my payments to any company have ever been returned for any reason. For some reason, unknown to my bank (major bank), some payments (not all) started being returned only from Conseco. I knew of only one and I thought someone just made an error so I resubmitted the payment and it was accepted. This week, I received a cancellation of my 29-year Dread Disease policy! My bank says that the problem is on Conseco's end. I have faxed bank records, etc. and am told that I still need to show proof. If I am cancelled, I hope to join a class action lawsuit against this company!
My father passed away last year and when we started to cash in his life insurance policies, we ran into problems with Conseco. They were the only company that did not deliver on time. In fact, we had to repeatedly call their customer service number and complain about non-payment. Their customer service staff is extremely friendly and courteous when they give you the prepared company lines of "It must have been lost in the mail," or "Maybe we don't have the correct address, etc." My dad's policy was bought by Conseco in the 80s. It doesn't take a genius to recognize a company policy of deliberate delay in order, in my opinion and from reading these posts, to squeeze every cent of interest they can get away by holding on to policy payouts as long as they can without blatantly breaking the law. It took a threat of calling the Better Business Bureau and, surprise, check was received the next week.
My mother who is 97 years old has been paying for a $2,000 life insurance policy for 31 years At $16.20 a month. I talked to the company on 03/01/2012 to ask them why my mother is still paying for a policy that she has overpaid 3 times the value of the policy. The person I talked to told me that she had to continue to pay in order to keep her insurance up to date or she can get the cash value of $1,094. My mother has paid $6,026 dollars on a $2,000 policy. I would like to know is that legal? I think my mother is due a refund and her policy should be paid up.
In 1988, Conseco (Mass General at that time) agents came to my place of work asking if any were interested in insurance. I said I wanted a Single Premium that I paid upfront as I was retiring and didn't want to worry about premiums. They showed me a policy (single premium upfront payment), and I bought it and paid the $16,741.00. Later when they delivered the policy, it was not what they said I had bought. I questioned them about it and was told the policy I had bought was not printed yet. I insisted they supply the correct policy. We communicated many times. They came to my home and sent company reps to my home telling me the policy they gave me would perform the same as my request of a single premium upfront policy. After about 5 years, they finally sent me a letter signed by a Second Vice President stating "As we discussed, once the initial five premiums are paid, there is sufficient value to maintain the contract to age 100 without additional premium". He also stated, "Presently, we are still in need of the remaining $304.64 to complete your final fifth payment to put the policy in a vanish status." I paid the $304.64 thinking my wife/kids would receive the $100,000.00 at my death. Years later (2008), I receive a letter from Conseco telling I had two options to keep the policy in force. One was to let the policy consume itself (in about 3 years), or begin making annual payment of about $5,000.00. I could do neither so I took the third option of a cash settlement which was not nearly the policy value. I have continued to correspond with this company getting "the case is closed". I have written the CEO/President of Conseco Carmel, IN three different times, but he has yet to answer my letters. This company should be shut down, liquidated, and the money given to those robbed.
Through my place of employment I was contacted and bought a policy over 10 years ago. I have misplaced my policy but I am definitely trying to locate it. I never would have bought a policy and pay 20 bi-weekly to cover only if I were in an accident. I would not knowingly pay $20 a month for accident insurance for the small monetary amounts you get. In the past year I have spoken with another agent at my workplace and he discussed with me the coverage I have and the benefit amounts. It included dollars paid for days in the hospital and emergency room visits. Now I am being told that I only have coverage if I am in an accident and that I must have the policy another 5 years to get my return on premium payments. Therefore I must keep this insurance another 5 years so I will not lose 15+ years of payments.
My wife and I have had this insurance since 1994. Paid through quarterly bank drafts. 17 years later I get this letter in the mail that read that my policy was in "grace". I needed to send them more money. More than half of what I was already paying them. I was out of work, and I knew that I needed life in insurance but there was no way I could afford to pay what this company was saying that I had to pay. Tried to just surrender the policy, but there was nothing left. Paid for 17 years for what? Nothing!
I have been trying since mid-April to get my annuity payment changed. It is now July and no change. What is the deal?
The worst company ever. For over a year I have been trying to get my policy reinstated. I had mailed off a payment that should have be received before the due date. The letter came back to me as a wrong address. I then took that envelope and wrote a letter letting them know what had happened. They canceled my policy but said I could write a letter to get it reinstated. I wrote another check for the next year bill and sent a letter asking for my policy to be reinstated. They deposited the checks but I heard nothing back.I get a letter in the mail saying my policy cannot be reinstated and they sent me a refund check. The representative for our area no longer worked for the company but a new guy happen to be going around in our neighborhood so we talked to him. He wanted to start us out with a new policy. We had already paid 13,000 into the account they gave us a check for $5,000 and then they think we should start a new policy. Crazy. No way. I got so tired of writing letters and dealing with them that I gave up and took the money and am glad I will never have to deal with them again.
I have had an annuity policy with Conseco Insurance since 1997. Beginning in August of 2014 I called Conseco Life Insurance Company and asked what I had to do to get my net surrender. I was told no problem, complete a certain form and submit it. Needless to say, February 2015, I am still dealing with this company, through a call center in Jamaica, and each time someone tells me something else I have to do. I would never recommend this company to anyone.
For almost 1 year no one at this company can tell me why our policy lapsed. I've called almost every month since January and still can't get any answers. They tell me I need to fill out a form and that they have mailed it out - but we never receive it. They say a manager/supervisor will call me in 24 hours - it's been 10 days, no call back. Everyone has a different story to tell and no one can ever give me a straight answer. So the policy we had for over 40 years, may be lapsed and if my father passes away, no insurance payment because this company can't get it straight! THEY SUCK!
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