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CNO Financial Group Life Insurance Online Reviews

Company Name: CNO Financial Group
Overall average rating of 1 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 0 %
My father could have been claiming on his LTC/HHC policy FOR at least the last FULL 5 YEARS. However, as many seniors, he 'could manage'. Plus, we paid a person to 'live and help him', which also included providing this person Free Room & Board. My Father's initial LTC/SNF Claim was paid within 60 days of filing it. I made certain that ALL the requested documents were collected, and set up within the full original Claims Packet. Then, I numbered the pages from '1 Of 199', '2 of 199', and did this all the way through '199 of 199'. This is the ONLY insurance company I have ever felt that I had to do this with, to take out what I call the 'Stupid Factor', to ensure that if they state, "We are missing [they Name Off one of the required/specific Claims support documents]." Then I can quickly respond, "Well, do you see that each page has what number it is, about the total number of pages, which is 199'’? Get the picture. Yes, this is what happened when I 'called to check the status of my father's initial submitted LTC/SNF Claim'. The lady on the other side had nothing to say when I called her out on where each Section of Required document started and ended. I asked her to "Please Count the Total number of Pages, and tell me if you have the same total that I have. If you in fact ARE missing some pages, then let's figure out which one(s) you are missing and I will FAX THEM OVER TO YOU RIGHT NOW." My comment was followed by complete SILENCE. When I asked her if she had everything she needed, she stammered out, "I think we do, if we find that we need any additional documents, then we'll be in touch". I was surprised when about three weeks later that Dad's LTC Initial Claims funds arrived for deposit. I was especially surprised this occurred [after years of helping Clients with Claims, that it occurred without having to threaten the S.H.I.P. Claims Department with 'beginning escalation at compliance, regulatory levels, and then ultimately resorting to legal escalation'. I must admit that during my post initial claim submission that I clearly outlined the 'course of action' when calling in to Conseco/S.H.I.P.'s LTC Trust's Toll Free number at 877-450-5824 to 'Check on Dad's Claim'.Well, the reason that I ended up having to write this grievance [posting here and quite a few other spots where consumers will be sure to find it], is that when I submitted my Father's final LTC/Hospice Claim which was not even two full months in length that this is the manner it was handled. REMEMBER, this is NOT the initial claim, and my father's entire final claim is a hospice claim and my father's policy has a ZERO DAY ELIMINATION PERIOD! Which if you do not know what that means, "Elimination Period = # of Days the Insured must pay their own way, prior to their policy paying". Also, just to clarify, my father's policy is a true indemnity policy, which means there is no coordination of benefits, like on the newer policies do. My father's LTC/HHC/Hospice Policy benefits pay "in addition to any other similar coverage, and pays directly to the policyholder/insured, unless benefits have been assigned over to the provider", which my Father's had/has not. I was shocked that I received a call from the S.H.I.P LTC TRUST CLAIMS Department. Well, that was until the lady began stating, "the purpose of this call to you Mr. ** is to inform you that we still need quite a bit of information". Well, well! Surprise, surprise!!! ;-) I knew they would screw up, I just needed to give them enough rope and time. I listened to her poor, pathetic excuses of "why it is going to take some more time to contact the Hospice Provider, have them gather all of the additional documents that we need, and then get them to us". I gave her all of the time she needed - that is, to continue to hang herself with a completely conflicting 'story', versus reality.My response to her was, "Ma'am [addressed her cordially and respectfully], I am in NYC right now on vacation with my family. FIRST, I am going to address your oversights swiftly, and be very direct on my outlook and future action options, which will depend upon whether S.H.I.P. Claims decides to correctly and in a timely manner processing ALL submitted 49 pgs. of my father's final claim. This is a subsequent claim. Again, please note, this is NOT the first time that we have recently filed a LTC or a facility type claim. In fact, for my father's final claim, there are Forty-one [41] pages, AND ALL pages are solely due to dad's Hospice care, which was provided to him during the last days of his life.Second, I called into S.H.I.P Claims and spoke direct to your CSR [which I have on record, and S.H.I.P has a recording of] prior to myself both faxing & then also shipping by USPS the same entire final claims packet into S.H.I.P. LTC Trust Claims Department. Your S.H.I.P CSR young lady I spoke to, who pulled my father's claims records stated that she could access my father's file. Your S.H.I.P Claims CSR also acknowledged that any future LTC/HHC/Hospice Claims, if future Claims documents are submitted soon, would be considered a 'subsequent claim'. After I explained to the CSR the claim I was getting ready to fax, and then send in by USPS is a Hospice Claim, your Claims CSR stated the exact documents that S.H.I.P. Claims would require, since this is not an initial claim.Third, I explained to this lady in detail the documents that I was told to put together and send in by their Claims CSR, is exactly the documents and support documents that had been faxed and sent registered USPS mail, which had also required a return signature card. Fourth, I mentioned having a full electronic copy that I could fax or e-mail direct to her right now, that is, if she in fact was missing any one or more of this Hospice Claims' 41 pages, and asked her to count through all forty-one to verify if they are all there. Guess what - of course they just happened to find ALL forty-one. Imagine that?!!Here is the final straw. Yesterday evening, my spouse brings me a check from our POB. You got it, it is short, and not a little short. It is like over $5K short. I have the original policy, a copy of the original application, and I will get my father's Hospice Claim funds. I have squeezed this unethical company so many times, helping aid insured's over the years that I have honestly lost count of the number of times that Conseco/Conseco Health Insurance Company/Conseco Sr. Health Insurance Company have coughed up thousands in additional claims. I am continually amazed by their lack of knowledge, especially now that it is supposed to be 'under regulatory supervision'. Trust me, that doesn't mean squat!Offer to fellow consumers: To any of consumer, if you are having claims Issues with this company, or any of their subsidiary companies, you are welcome to contact me. In the event, you are having problems in getting your Legitimate LTC/HHC/Hospice/Alternative Plan of Care, Cancer Claim, Heart Attack/Stroke Claim, ICU, or any other Conseco claim paid then communicate with me. My only request is READ YOUR POLICY FIRST. I know this sounds simple, however, I still get calls from agents asking me to decipher their consumers policy, typically because they are just too lazy to spend five to thirty minutes reading the policy.If you feel you can get results on your own, and hopefully my above message has provided you with some guidance, then feel free to, "Go get them yourself - and the best of luck to you". Last, please do not give up on pursuit of your matter! This is exactly what Conseco/S.H.I.P LTC Trust wishes you will do. If you give up, all it does is increase their profit margin!
Purchased a WL policy, in 1995 at age 60, paid 40 per month until 2002, then agent mislead policy holder, failed to disclose that insurer had filed for bankruptcy, converted to UL, AFPLI, on 7/8/2003 transferred $800.00 from old policy, WL, guaranteed 3 percent. Insurer allegedly acted in bad faith by increasing the premium to short the account by double the guaranteed percentage. Failed to notify policyholder of deductions in excess of agreed band draft, may have violated some other provisions of AT doctrine.Currently more than 300 percent increase in premiums, insured is 77. This presents the insured with an undue financial burden with the consequences being that the insured would be left without insurance after paying this company since 1995. We feel that it is time for a class action lawsuit. We are interested in joining any said litigations and/or actions on behalf of other similarly situated insureds, policy holders or other interested parties. It is improper to deprive long term policy holders the value of the contract which they entered into with good faith fully expecting to be covered during the policy and to the maturity of the policy. I am her son. My opinions are my own.
I got a letter from our life insurance company (Conseco) informing us that they hired a third party administrator company out of two different states, the way I see it. The customer service mailing address is in Nashville, TN and premium payment mailing address is in Atlanta, GA, both P.O. boxes. I noticed that our July 17, 2015 premium that has always been set up as an electronic draft from our bank account had not been claimed for that month, so I started calling and this is what I got for explanations: "Well, your account is not in our system as of yet." Well, according to Conseco it was to be entered and ready to go as of July 6, 2015. I called several times, sometimes twice a week. Ok, I finally got a letter telling me that come August 2015 that our EFT were going to be done on time, which in my book meant August 17, 2015, but they were never taken out. And how I was to mail in our July 2015 premiums, which I did. I called this third party administrator on August 21, 2015 to ask what is going on and how come this is taking so long, and how if they do not react quickly we will lose our insurance policies that we have been paying on since 2003, never missing a payment. And according the recent letter, if we did not submit our July 17, 2015 premium payment that our policy will go into lapse mode, and not due to our fault either. I did file a complaint with the Texas Department of Insurance about them and of this and they sent me a letter telling me they will follow through with an investigation. I am just sick with worry over this entire mess, thanks to Conseco, and when I did call them I was told they could no longer Alliance-One and not the collection agency either. I cannot find any information on this company and even addressed it to the person I did speak with. I do not have a good feeling and I feel we are about to lose our life insurance over this entire mess. I was supposed to receive a call back from the supervisor at Alliance-One on August 21, 2015. Well, today is Tuesday, August 25, 2015 and the time is now 7:21 PM -- no call back. I do not know what else to do.
They are nothing but a scam! I'm writing on behalf of my 71-year old father-in-law. My mother-in-law passed away last November to cancer. It has been almost 10 months and Conseco keeps promising to pay the claims but then keeps sending letters to my father-in-law that they don't have information. My father-in-law has done all of the running to get invoices from three of the hospitals that were involved. I have faxed them, emailed them, mailed them and they still "claim" that they don't have all the information! Now, Conseco has mailed a letter to my father-in-law that they got a word that he was dead! Yes, this is just another scam for them not to pay what they owe! They would claim that he's dead even if he is still alive! They also keep debiting his checking account for monthly payments! I'm fed up and very upset with this company!
My policy was transferred to a third-party firm. Tried to call them and was on hold for over 30 minutes with no end in sight. Will cancel my policy as soon as I can make other arrangements. Stated in simple terms - their service IS ABYSMAL. And that is being charitable.
I've had a life insurance policy with this company for nearly 20 years. Each quarter I received a premium due statement and my wife paid it on time. In August I received a Grace Notice from Conseco informing me that I owed them $1400.00 by the first of September of my policy would be canceled. I called to inquired and was told that my quarterly payment did not cover the monthly premium. When I questioned why my statement did not reflect the rate increase, I was told that they were not required. I then asked what the surrender value of my policy was, I was told $0 because they took funds from that to cover the shortage. I was told that my monthly premium for now triple. They raised my premium without telling, siphon funds from my surrender account and failed to send me any notification, yearly statement, or documentation reference premium rate. If I cancel my policy, there is not surrender value. This thievery at its best.
Since August 1993, I have life insurance policy. The company, until 2014, send me annual statement report. This year, nothing was send and was impossible to contact the insurance company I call (tel. 1-844-877-6907) was busy. Send two letters (September 21 and in November 2) without answer. I need to know now -- policy status, annual statement and accumulated value.
My father had a life insurance policy with Conseco for $50,000. I was his caretaker but was sick and in and out of hospitals for four months last year. He has contributed $45,000 to this policy. It lapsed while I was in the hospital. My father passed away October 28, 2011. I have requested his policy, sent a check for $35 and certified mail. I have not received a copy of his policy. They are refusing to pay and it looks like they are going to get away with it. The consequence to me is that Conseco has ripped off my inheritance. I am the sole beneficiary. The consequence to my father is that his Conseco premium was taken out of his checking account automatically each month. He paid $45,000 into his life insurance policy and he has lost it all. None of it mattered.There are seemingly no consequences for Conseco. They just ripped my dad off and me off for $50,000.
Have had policy for years. New company is new administrator. It’s a 150,000 policy. When this new admin took over all of a sudden the benefit dropped to 149,819... How is that possible? Have to personally request summary of yearly activity now vs it previously sent every year in April so there is no way to track the activity without requesting. No way to know value, cost, fees, payments. No website info to track policy. No consumer online account info. No way to pay online. Sent payment 7/7/16 by USPS express. USPS says they received 7/9/16 but conseco has no idea where the payment is, how it’s processed, how it can be tracked in their system. Last year sent a payment and they lost it and it appeared 4 months later. Good thing i never cancelled the check. I'm concerned... Seems like something is not right.
My husband and I purchased a 50,000 insurance policy for his mother and mine with Conseco in 1991. After investing 20,000, we were informed that the policy would be cancelled if we did not send them a check for $800.00. We have never missed a payment. I am in the process of filing a lawsuit against Conseco. I do not understand how they are getting away with this. Someone out there needs to help us.
My bills have not been coming on time and then I get all of them at once and some of them are not even postmarked. I feel very strongly that whoever is involved with the mailings should be getting them out all time on time. I realize the post office has a lot to do but I would feel better if a person would call to check to make sure that you receive your bill. I now had the dec one come in, feb and then two weeks after that the march one comes. I allot money for my bills and do not have a lot coming in. Please note this and see that it is taken care of. Thanks.
I've had a $150,000 policy on my husband for over 20 years. A couple of years ago, Conseco decided to have the administrative portion of their business handled by Alliance One. I tracked down Alliance One and requested a copy of my original policy with Conseco, since I'd moved, and it had been misplaced. After many phone calls, a $25 fee to get a copy of my policy, and verification of address change, I still have not received the copy of my policy. I FINALLY received communication from them: In August 2016 I received a Grace Notice from Conseco informing me that I owed them $1737.76 by October 24, 2016, or my policy would be canceled.Apparently, they raised my premium without notification, siphoned funds from my surrender account, failed to send me any notifications - yearly statement, documentation, reference premium rate, etc. I finally did receive a statement one week after the "Grace Notice" saying my policy had no value - that report was for over a year ago (2015). If I cancel my policy, there is no surrender value. I've paid in over $20,000 and Conseco or Alliance-One has STOLEN it all. I would not recommend these companies to ANYONE. They are thieves.
My dad had insurance with Conseco for years with cancer insurance. He died about a month ago. Part of the cause was lung cancer. Conseco refuses to honor that saying it doesn't count as his cause of death. Fine, whatever! But they refuse to issue us the refund they readily admit they owe us. My dad didn't have an estate. There wasn't any reason to have one. They won't issue the refund unless we either set up an estate or go to court, spend a lot of money, to say that there's not enough to have an estate. This is totally a fraud all the way around.
My wife and I have had a life insurance policy with Conseco for more than 20 years. We have made premium and cost of insurance payments on time without fail. We made the mistake of paying 2000.00 a month for the first year to build up a nest egg. We received our annual statement and found out that all of the money paid in went to administration fees and commissions. We decided to pay the amount required to maintain the life insurance.In December of 2016, they decided to bill us using the combined amount of nearly 10,000.00 to keep our policies in effect. They waited to mid-January to mail this notice that was dated Dec 22, demanding this payment by Feb. 21 2017. Insurance Services Inc. took over the administration of our policies in Feb. 2017. They have completely mismanaged these policies and lead us to believe that our policies were in force. They underestimated our quarterly payments for a full year. They claim that we have been under paying our premiums the entire time they had our policies!Their customer service is terrible! They never answer questions. They babble generalities that never address the issue at hand. They refer me to annual statements that I have never received. When you speak to supervisors, they talk in circles and never address questions. If I call back, the customer service rep. has never heard of the supervisor I had just spoken to. NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH CONSECO!!! You will lose a lot of money and I doubt you could get them to pay a legitimate claim.
Customer service manager are rude and cannot give right information that I need. They need to be trained and more educated in the product they are selling. Customer service manager are suppose to be customer oriented than being just stick on the company's rule. I am so very disappointed dealing with this kind of people. They only know to sell and collect money but cannot give a heart to understand people. Pls. do not buy any policy in this company, you will regret it later why you invest so much money for this company.
I have had no callbacks concerning Payments that I have been making to pay back my loan since 2011 to Conseco Life Insurance to my Annuity. Took a loan for $12.000 payed back close to $10.000 and was told to stop making payments since the numbers didn't match. They are telling me I owe more money than the actual loan. This is going on since July with no solution on their part - not even a phone call. Conseco keeps you on hold for 45 min and more to tell you that the supervisor is not available. They are working on it! There are 121 complaints and more from clients. Is this Co fraud? What should the government to protect people? Please help me as to what needs to be done. Thank you.
I have had a Universal Life Insurance policy with Conseco for over 22 years. In June of this year I cancelled the policy as I took out a term policy with another company. In early June I received a letter giving me the breakdown of my policy; hence the Cash Value. In July I still did not receive my Cash Value and called them I was told there was an error and I needed to resubmit my forms - I faxed the forms over that day. Two weeks later I called back and was told I need to deal with Alliance One as they bought out Conseco. I called the new number and they had no information about my cancellation of the policy. I resubmitted the paperwork. Since July I have faxed them 4 times, called them 6 times and sent 5 notices to them. I keep getting the same response that they are computing my Cash Values. Two weeks ago I was told they would expedite my case. Today I called again and was on the phone for 45 minutes - I requested to speak to someone in charge and they kept giving me the run around. Finally, I spoke to a man (Thomas) from Nashville he apologized and said this was unacceptable and he would expedite it with his Manager. He also indicated someone would contact me - I have heard this before!!! I asked him for his direct number so I could follow up and his reply "I don't have a direct number but if you need to call me they will know where to find me". I told Thomas that I was going to file a complaint with the Insurance Commissioner to which he said that is my choice but it will slow down the process as they will put a freeze on the account. This is so disgusting - I have never missed a premium payment nor was any of my payments late. I would do business with any Conseco or Alliance One Insurance company ever again.
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