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Citizens Property Insurance Corporation Online Reviews

Company Name: Citizens Property Insurance Corporation
Overall average rating of 1.8 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 14 %
I am a property manager of residential properties in the East Fort Lauderdale/West Palm Beach area. About 90% of the properties that we manage are covered by Citizens Insurance. During the last year, not only has Citizens increased the premiums on all policies, but it also decreased the coverage and exclusions from their policies. I am currently working on three policies with Citizens where they are giving me all kinds of unreasonable reasons for cancellations and/or increases. I will detail just a few of the problems that I am going through.Policy #1: Policy for a Palm Beach property - We filed for coverage and fulfilled all the requirements and processed payment online (it was accepted). The next day, our agent was advised that the application had been cancelled (even though the payment was accepted) because the payment had not been processed before a certain time of the morning. No problem, we re-filed the application, had to sign another form about a special assessment in case of a hurricane, etc. We did it. A week later, the agent receives a memo that the policy was being cancelled because they had no pictures of the new roof and copy of the paid invoice (which we had already sent the first time). We resubmitted the documents and they came back. Then they needed pictures of a washer hose that according to their inspector was leaking. We sent the pictures (not enough) and they requested a copy of the paid bill. Oh and by the way, they needed a copy of the roofer's paid invoice with a license # on it. Both were provided. This whole process goes into two weeks by now. We are waiting to see if they will be so kind as to reinstate/cancel their cancellation notice for 12/2/12.Policy #2: Duplex in East Fort Lauderdale - Back in April of 2012, Citizens requested a mitigation report because they were reviewing the policy before renewal. We hired an inspection company, paid for the report, and submitted it to Citizens. Citizens agreed that we had been overcharged and gave us a credit on the policy. The renewal came up in June of 2012 and we renewed the policy. In August, we got a notice from Citizens requesting to make arrangements to have their inspector go to the property for an inspection. After the inspection, we received a letter advising us of a premium increase. I asked for a copy of the report and comparing it to the earlier report saw major differences. Since both inspectors were referred by the insurance co., I contacted our agent. She in return contacted the first inspector and his advise was to hire someone to re-nail every strap on the roof, as the latest inspector might have found the only weakest spot (insane) and then asked for a one-time free re-inspection. I can see that they will not do anything about this.Policy #3: House East Fort Lauderdale - I just received a letter from Citizens advising us of an increase in the premium due to the fact that after several attempts, we did not cooperate to have the inspection required by Citizens done. Completely untrue. We set up the first appointment with their inspector, sat at the house for one hour and the inspector never showed up or called. We set up a second inspection with the inspector and had to cancel it the day before. No one returned our call or confirmed that the appointment was cancelled. We received a call the next day saying that the inspector had been there and there was no one to let him in. We advised that we had called the previous day to cancel and had left a message and were told that their schedule is busy and that they could not reschedule. These are just three of the many problems we are having with Citizens. All these owners have paid their premiums for years and had no claims and now Citizens is just trying to harass them with increase after increase. Someone needs to take some type of measurement about this.
Refused a claim stating it was too old for a water & mold damage although all the hoops were jumped. The adjuster was very nice helping as much as he could. The company doing the repair work left a mess & did not care at all. Part of the wood panel was left with a foot showing in the family room with another gaping hole in the kitchen. Molding was left undone.
Never send a payment into these guys early. My policy was due Feb 10 - cheques was dated for Feb 1 - they cashed it on Jan 10 - how can that be legal? How can a cheque be cashed 3 weeks before the date clearly presented on the cheque?
Neighbor claimed she was bitten by one of our dogs when her dogs (3) got into it with 2 of our dogs at the fence. Neighbor claims our dog bit her three times on the leg through the fence during the fence incident. Deputy came out, met our dogs involved in the fence incident. Neighbor would not let Deputy meet her dogs. My wife was at the fence the whole time and neighbor is 250 lb plus. She could not even get her leg close to fence because of her stature. Was bitten by her own dog Deputy even wrote report as such. Citizen settled case even after deposition from neighbor stating explicitly which dog of ours bit her. The dog she claims bit her has a canine tooth missing and vet took tooth out four years before. Bite mark shows canine teeth intact. Insurance company lawyer and insurance company would not go to court "cheaper to pay", "in our best interest". Then letter from insurance company to euthanize the dog, they picked one dog and "since they could not determine which dog bit the neighbor", hers or ours, we were told to euthanize one of our dogs to maintain coverage with Citizen. The most PISS poor company ever. Don't rely on this company, the lawyer representing "us" will not even let me have the case file and never asked us if we were willing to got to court and bear any additional costs to prove our innocence. We were removed from the process and decision making contrary to the law which states that lawyers paid by an insurance company are to represent the client's interest, not the insurance company's interest. Once again, beware of Citizen Insurance. They do not and will not defend you in your best interest.
My policy more than doubled from last year to this year. We even had to put a new roof on the get covered. We have never filed a claim. How do we fight this increase?
Where should I start? On October 1st 2013, a rep. from Miami Dade water and sewer came to our home and basically said that our meter was running non stop and that we have a leak somewhere between the meter and our home. He also advised us to contact a plumber to find out where exactly was the leak located. Cool, so I call my neighbor who happens to be a plumber amongst other things. He basically says that I need to call my insurance. Ok, so I call my insurance (Citizens) and they send someone out. The guy comes with his partner who he seems to be training and they basically talk amongst themselves while I stand there clueless as to what's going on. Keep in mind that it took approximately a week for Citizens to send out their adjuster. In between all of the waiting, I get a bill for $2,600 from Miami Dade water and sewer. (My bill normally runs about $54 every three months.) The adjuster ask if I've contacted anyone regarding this, I said, "No, should I have?" He says, "Good, good, no you don't need to." I'm new to all of this. I've never had to file a claim before. I'm pretty much trusting that Citizens will follow through because this a pretty open shut case. Wrong! So my neighbor advised me to get my own adjuster so I DID. And my adjuster pretty much told me Citizens doesn't like to pay out on claims. Remember that this has been since October...... In the meantime, I hire a plumber to fix one of the leaks to find out where the remaining leaks were. Yes, there's more than one! The leak that's causing the damage is the pipe that runs under the house that feeds my laundry room, bathroom and kitchen. All of the damage is in the bathroom and kitchen. Fast forward to December 19, 2013. My adjuster contacts me and says that Citizens had denied my claim stating "existing water damage". Are you serious? So now it's January and I now have a water bill of $5,700, plumbing damage totaling 11,000 not including the cost to redo the kitchen and bathroom after the walls have been torn down to fix the leak. I'm beyond angry!!!! I'm paying over $3,000 a year to Citizens for property insurance for absolutely nothing and ohhh, it gets better. I received a letter that they will be increasing the premium by 45% this year so I should shop around for a better insurance company.
I own a carpet cleaning and restoration business. We handle many floods that aren't fake. We provide the best services to handle the problem for the customer. I dealt with Citizens more since they're cheapest for people to pay. I would recommend switching Insurances. They don't pay for the and have a cap for our work. Like roof you need to pay for us to put a tarp which would cost you 1500$ which most people do not like to pay for. They fight contractors who are there to help you. We need to sue them to get money from them all the time so when you have Citizens expect to get the minion work from contractors. I wish you the best of luck.
Citizens raised my premium by $1,500.00 because my front door was not adequately protected. I purchased storm panels for the door, installed them, and sent photo proof to Citizens. I was told initially by Citizens that it should take 2 weeks to resolve. In the meantime, my mortgage company paid inflated bill, leaving a huge deficit for escrow insurance and taxes. I was told this morning that it will take "months" to resolve the issue, and rebate will be prorated. This is so unfair to Florida homeowners struggling with insurance costs as is. The rest of the openings are covered with accordion shutters at a cost of over $5,000.00. Has this company become so focused on their bottom line that we don't count anymore?
My windstorm nightmare began in May of 2013. First, I had a good State Farm homeowner policy, but my bank Third Federal changed the terms of my mortgage contract after 6 years and demanded that I provide them with windstorm coverage, giving me only 20 days to secure it. I stupidly went with Peoples Trust because they could issue a policy within 48 hours. The catch with them is that they get a whole lot of money upfront before an inspection. Then they did an inspection and made up a bunch of lies so they could cancel me. Like State Farm they want to cherry pick and I am east of U.S. I applied to citizens and they took my money but are already picking apart my house and trying to cancel me, asking me if my windows are broken because my shutters are down on the east side of the house. Also they want to know why Peoples Trust cancelled me. I invited them to inspect my house. If I don't get this policy, my bank will force place insurance and I cannot afford the payments. I just want to get through the winter season and sell my house. With the money left over, I am going to move to central Florida and buy something cash. I would rather live in a trailer than subject myself to this crap, where banks can add thousands to your payment and foreclose you out. I will go back to basic homeowners insurance. I don't need or want windstorm insurance. I grew up in Miami and our house went through 20 hurricanes with no damage. I will take my chances rather than pay $5,000 a year for nothing. The reason they charge so much is they have to pay no matter where the storm hits. I feel my chances of getting a direct hit is small. I live in Pompano Beach and had NO damage from Andrew and no damage from Wilma. The whole thing is a lot of hype so they can ** people. Anyone whose house is paid for should consider dropping windstorm and just keeping homeowners. Six years of premiums will pay for a new roof. I want to sell and get out of Broward County. I don't know why anyone would want to buy here. I guess this place is just for the very rich anymore. Everyoneon this site is being forced out of their home. It is an outrage that our state allows this to happen. These insurance companies give huge campaign funds to the governor and insurance commissioner so they will let State Farm and others cherry pick and we are all at the mercy of Citizens. When they cancel you, you have no options. All I know is I can't wait to get out of So. Fla and buy something cash so I will never be forced out of my home again. I am so happy that I still have some equity in my house even if have to sell it quickly. I should have enough to modestly start over. Central Florida will never get a cat 4 or 5 and the homes are much cheaper. A CBS home should withstand a cat 1-3 with little or no damage. I for one will stay off the coasts and take my chances. NEVER again will I borrow money on my home. Things are not the same as they were 20 years ago. The world has become a heartless, brutal, cruel place that will eat you alive. I am going into survival mode against the forces that be, whether state or federal. That's another story. Now we even have force placed health insurance. I hope that my rant will help some people and get them thinking of some of the options they still have left. Leave this godforsaken place. God bless everybody who had contributed to this site. I feel better just knowing that I am not alone and there are others with the same problems I have.
At first we were thrilled that we found a company to insure our home as we were having a problem prior to this insurance company 'cause of a lapse in insurance. Now we have received a letter telling us that we are uninsurable due to disrepair. They sent someone to our home. No one announced that they were there and they saw that the house was under construction at this point and labeled it disrepair. Where do they come up with that! We are in the process of restoring the front and rear of our home with new roof and siding. If they would have bothered to knock on the door my husband would have went over all that is going on. Instead they jump to conclusions. Now after the 21st of January 2018 we are uninsured again!
After State Farm dropped me years ago - even after never making a claim - Citizens was the only one to pick me up. I appreciate having them but the rates are so very high. Have been a homeowner for over 30 years and have never made a claim. Could've bought a new home with all the insurance dollars I have spent. The rates continue to climb with no sign of relief.
Citizens Insurance Sucks! If you have a claim they will not cover you but they will send you a notice that they were unable to debit your account which is BS! There was plenty of money in the account and they simply cancelled policy. They suck and I would never, even if free, insure with them. HORRIBLE COMPANY!!! CITIZENS INSURANCE IS THE WORST COMPANY WE'VE EVER DEALT WITH!!!
Their flagrant use of premiums paid to live their lavish lifestyle is an insult to the intelligence of the people that pay their wages. Typical bureaucratic type mentality that causes these people to assume they can spend money on their lifestyles and collect huge salaries, while they continue to fund their lifestyles by raising rates and saying they don't have enough. Identical to any governmental agency. They should all be terminated. Go to the people that requested the investigation. Sickening.
In 2013 I had laminate floors throughout my home. I noticed some damage in the kitchen and thought perhaps it was normal wear. At the same time we were going thru some major rainstorms in our area, so when the damage worsened I thought it was due to water damage from the rain. Turns out, there was a broken main drain from my kitchen wall, the water went into my family room, living room, dining room and needless to say the kitchen. Citizens was wonderful. They sent a inspector who noticed I also had a roof leak on my back open patio (which was not covered), but when it came to the interior, I have to say that Citizens and their employees were tremendously helpful and responsive. I did hire a public adjuster at the suggestion of the contractor and he was able to increase the amount a bit. Given the bad rep that Citizens has, I just felt I should say that I had a very positive experience with them.
Bought the house in 2011. Citizens showed it was 764 square feet, but actual footage was 1400.... under all the same roof line. They refused to change the square footage so couldn't get full coverage on my property. Citizens had their own property appraiser come, took pictures, and proved that it was 1400 square feet-still refused to insure more than 764 sq ft. Had it reassessed by the county in 2014 for "proof" that it was 1400 square feet, but they still refuse to cover more than 764 square feet.
Just seeing all these complaints about Citizens. I have owned my home in Florida for 22 years. I had water damage from a storm. An adjuster for FEMA claimed it was for sure coming from windblown rain and suggested I just make a claim with Citizens, my insurance company. The FEMA adjuster was an expert opinion, thanks to a friend. Before the Citizens adjuster even walked up the driveway, he said he knew where the water was coming from and it was due to my having sprinklers too close to the house. Twenty two years and they have been in the same place. The adjuster was about 5 foot tall, if that means anything to anyone. Bottom line: I paid to have it repaired. Citizens is for sure a joke and everyone is at the mercy of this captive insurance. I will dance on its grave when it is all over. Sorry to see this 100% dissatisfaction score.
They are always there, ready to help and take the time to answer any and all questions you may have about anything concerning your insurance policy. In a time where people feel disconnected to each other, this company connects with its customers well.
Cancellation of 2-month-old policy: At the suggestion of my mortgage lending bank, I phoned AAA to find a more reasonable homeowners policy. I trusted AAA and did not question their recommendation for Citizens for my new policy. On April 30, 2012, I was required to pay over $750 as an initial payment, and recently, I received a bill for $347 or else, the policy would be cancelled on June 27, 2012. Today, I received a letter stating that effective July 13, 2012, my policy would be cancelled due to some perceived unrepaired damage to my home purportedly found during a photo inspection. This was the first I learned of any damage or needed repair. I did a walk-around today and found a tiny hairline crack along the lower fireplace chimney that's barely noticeable and with no broken or chipped cement at all. There definitely is no sign of a sinkhole (as suggested by the AAA rep) nor any softness or depression at the ground level. Now, I am faced with finding another homeowners policy, but I am already out over $1000 with little expectation to have this amount refunded. I have been scammed so many times by service people here in SW Florida, and my financial resources are perilously low and my income barely covers the necessities. I think the public assessment of Citizens is accurate but not really strong enough. Had I known Citizens was called the insurance company of last resort, I would have refused to agree to buying their policy. I believe Citizens is disreputable and a scam artist, and instead of providing insurance coverage with the risk of pay-offs, they are interested only in the premiums they receive. I suspect there are other underlying reasons for me to reach this conclusion, based on the comments I found on this site. I would like to know if there is a solution to my dilemma.
I had Citizens insurance for over a year and I've never needed to open a claim with them till a leak from the upstairs apartment completely damaged my bathroom (my apartment is under the leak), so I called them to open a claim. It's been almost 3 months and nothing was done till this day. I call them and I get nowhere, my adjuster does not know how to do her job and does not contact me back at all. As soon as my policy expires I will change to any other insurance I can find, I don't think there can be a worse one than this one. STAY AWAY FROM THEM!!! COMPLETELY USELESS!!!
In November 2012, I received a Notice of Assumption from Citizens. They gave me 30 days to decline Citizens moving my policy to Homeowners Choice. I called my agency and they said Homeowners Choice is cheaper. I agreed to have my policy moved over to Citizens. Now I get the policy amount from Homeowners Choice and it is over 25% more than my Citizens policy. I now called Citizens and explained the situation, and they don't care. They will not continue my current policy. I've been deceived by both Citizens and Homeowners Choice insurance. If you are happy with your Citizens policy, don't agree to have them transfer you to another company. Total ripoff!
As far as can see Citizens Property Insurance Corporation is a bogus organization that lets seniors rot before they pay for a claim... I say criminal because I know of such a case. 86-year old widow, home flooded and roof down and claim denied. This case in the courts right now 4 months later... In the meanwhile the home is full of mold and she is still living in the home.
Just received a complete policy with billing for Homeowners Insurance from Florida Peninsular Insurance Co., complete with billing. I have received no prior communication from Peninsular, giving me the chance to decline their coverage. I WANT TO STAY WITH Citizens Insurance, with which I am perfectly satisfied. I immediately contacted the Agent who originally sold me a policy from Citizens, ABC Dennis Insurance Inc., 1022 Land o' lakes Blvd, Lutz, FL 33549, 813-949-7765, but they informed me that this sort of "take-out" from Citizens is legal in Florida.In the past I have issued the opt-out letter to a number of other fly-by-night insurers, but I may not have received notification from Peninsular giving me the opportunity to opt out. I feel completely resentful that this was done without any direct contact from Florida Peninsula informing me of their intention. DO THEY HAVE A CERTIFIABLY LEGAL DOCUMENT SHOWING THAT THEY MAILED ME AN OPPORTUNITY TO OPT OUT OF THEIR H.O. INSURANCE? In any case, I have never before encountered this way of doing business. "Opting-out" of agreements on the internet is one thing, but Florida's insane way of forcing THEIR insurance companies on Florida Homeowners is beyond being ethical - it is EVIL. Therefore, my reply to Florida Peninsula is simple: 1.- I am not going to pay the bill sent by Florida Peninsula.
2.- I will opt instead to do business with an insurance company of own choosing.
3.- I will join every group that seeks to sue the state of Florida for creating this insurance monster.4.- I will contact the U.S. Government and relate my problems to their Consumer Protection Agency, with a copy to U.S. Atty. General Holder (in writing!).I sincerely hope there is something you can do to spare me all this extra work. Thank you.
Policy cost tripled from last year so it was canceled prior to expiration but the EFT that had not happened for a couple years from Hanover/Citizens has since tried twice to withdraw from my account and cost me $25 each time. My agent has called. I tried to get through but the unfriendly automated system never lets me talk to anyone and just tells me to talk to my agent. I figure Hanover/Citizens owes me for the bank costs of them trying to withdraw funds for a cancelled policy. In the 14-15 years I paid for a policy with them, I never put in any claims and explanations for the outlandish increase was not even mentioned. It just dropped on us.
They're great service protection and I'd recommend them anytime to everyone and cheap to pay every month and very beneficial to me and my family. I'm very Happy with them now and will keep them for awhile.
StateFarm came through for me when my house got flooded from septic tank. They replaced all my carpet and fixed all damage right away. Also when things got stolen from garage they covered that also.
I don't understand why we are paying for an insurance commish. They do nothing to control this so-called company. It's a joke with what they get away with. I would like to know who does the audit on this so-called company. When our governor ran for office, he was going to fix this problem only to have gotten worse. I will remember this when we elect a new governor.
We were very happy with Citizens, when we had a claim a few years ago, it was quickly resolved and we got much more than we had anticipated. A few years later, somehow and without our consent, we were dropped and placed with SAFEPOINT Insurance company, the new company informed us it was for our own good because Citizens was planning on raising their premiums by 45%. It was all a lie, Safepoint is now charging us twice what Citizens was after forcing us to increase our DWELLING coverage by $36,000, but Personal Property remained the same as it was with Citizens.We are in the process of getting back with Citizens but are now being required to inspect our property, which will cost us money and we expect to have to make some repairs to be approved, Citizens is also requiring to increase our Dwelling coverage to twice what it was originally, which will increase our premiums by twice what we were paying Citizens before we were moved to Safepoint, but at least our Personal Property coverage will be increased to 50% of Dwelling and many other benefits will be increased to very good amounts. I just wish I had known about what SAFEPOINT was doing and not allow them to kidnap us from Citizens. Be aware of other companies, such as SAFEPOINT INSURANCE, trying to get your business away from Citizens, under false pretenses and then raising your premiums to much more what Citizens charges.
I have been with my homeowner’s insurance "Citizens" for the past sixteen years since 1997. I would certainly like to know why is there so much bureaucracy and increase in our policy/premiums? Why? We have not had any major natural disasters for the past seven years, and where is the money that they have collected from all the homeowners for so many years? Where? I should ask that to our commissioner Kevin McCarty. Homeowners, make your voice be heard. Keep calling! It is not right!
"Wind driven rain," NOT Wind fornication rain? Stupid auto spell!
I have been a customer of Citizens Insurance in Michigan for almost 20 years. In just over 10 years, my homeowners coverage has gone from $700 to almost $1600 a year, with an increase in deductible of $250 to $2500. They had my homeowner's replacement cost over-inflated by $75,000 and would not change it. The insurance agent at HUB International was not willing to find or work for a better rate. Then Citizens apparently mandated that all claims go directly through them, bypassing my agent completely. And the agent gets a residual on my premium, why? Needless to say I finally left and went with a different agent and insurance company. Now, I have a bill for the cancellation of my auto and homeowners of $6.46 for one day's worth of coverage on my auto. Citizens owes me a refund for two days of coverage on my homeowners! The fee they are charging is a 123 percent increase on what I was paying for my auto insurance if you broke it down on a daily basis. Huh? I let the agent know I would report this if it is not fixed. Just another insult to my wallet. I am very unhappy with Citizens and how it does not reward its customers for their loyalty. They are well known for hiking rates on people every year and only giving first time incentives for signing up with their company. They like to charge highly inflated rates! Michigan really needs to look into their business practices as well as agents like HUB International. We should be held hostage this way and insurance agents need to do the job they are paid to do.
My home was hit by a twister during Hurricane Hermine causing significant damage. Had a residential/commercial contractor with over 40 years experience survey the damage and thereafter provided a proposal to restore my home to its pre-storm condition. His proposal included the material costs required pursuant to the Home Depot website. Following submission of my claim to Citizens Property Insurance Corp. the initial adjuster came on site and reviewed all the damage. He was very cooperative and I felt good as to his assessment. After that Citizens changed adjusters and assigned my case to a dumb desk jockey in Jacksonville who in my opinion probably needed help in finding his way home after work. How dumb - he approved a 5 foot sliding glass door unit to fit in a 6 ft opening. He disregarded totally several areas of significant damage and finally sent me a check with a letter that said "here is our check, we are closing your file."My response was **. Moved for mediation thereafter pursuant to law and their representative at mediation was not concerned with the omitted damaged areas at all. It was his way or the highway. I walked out as I realized that Citizens in good faith was not concerned in resolving the issues but rather deploying the shaft. I now have to find a good attorney to file suit against Citizens, which I will, and in the meantime my home continues exposed to the elements. A suit can only be brought against Citizens for actual damages, not bad faith. Unfortunately here in Florida Citizens cannot be sued for bad faith as it was created by the legislature and protected by statute. You can sue other companies though for bad faith.Following the recent hurricanes I would like to find an attorney who can put together a class action lawsuit against Citizens where a pattern of intentional infliction of emotional distress can be filed on behalf of myself and other homeowners screwed by Citizens. Intentional infliction of emotional distress is a viable action that can be filed against Citizens. If you have Citizens Insurance be prepared for a major headache and do not hesitate to hire an attorney. In my case I have conclusive evidence Citizens has breached their contract with me and in has such a motion to dismiss by Citizens in a lawsuit will not be dismissed. Thereafter Citizens will be subjected to my attorney's fees and court costs which will be more than that they would spend on resolving my claim. BEWARE OF CITIZENS IS ALL I CAN SAY.
Citizens' policy premiums goes up every time I renew my policy. Unfortunately it's the only insurance company that I could afford. Citizens' coverage isn't that great.
I have never had to use them but confident they would be if needed. As far as citizens they are a solid company with a good reputation and have been around a long time and will continue to be.
I just read an article in the Sunday TBT about sinkhole repairs. I found it rather interesting because my husband who is a 49 year old DISABLED veteran and I are in somewhat of the same situation with the exception of us not being able to live in our home due to it having a sinkhole and making us extremely ill. We have a VA loan on our home that is now in foreclosure and with my husband who received over 40 injuries while in the military needs the VA desperately for medical care. We will probably never be able to get another VA loan because of this either.We bought our new dream home in February 2009 in Tarpon Springs, FL and within a year we noticed cracks, popping sounds at night and blocks blowing out of our garage wall. There were and are hundreds of cracks outside and tiles that were cracking and popping up in the house. We also noticed a smell in the house that was unrecognizable and couldn’t figure out what was going on. In June of 2011 we were pulling up the carpet in our back room because we have 2 large dogs and to our horror, we had large cracks which ran from one side of the house to the other. When the carpet was removed the smell got even worse. Smelled like plastic was burning. I was sick everyday for almost a year living there. Headaches turned into migraines, then vertigo and eventually cancer.In 2011, we went on vacation and noticed that my symptoms got better being out of the house, and upon returning my symptoms returned within a day. Right then, we positively knew it was the house. My daughter woke up everyday with headaches and one of my dogs lost a lot of her hair as well. Not taking any more chances with our health, we decided that we should move out of our new home.We moved out and it didn’t take long for all of us to start feeling better. A few months went by and we had verbal confirmation from Citizens that we definitely had a sinkhole but didn’t receive written confirmation until February, 2012.Citizens has been playing a game with us since we moved out of our home in August 2011. They ordered us to pay for chemical testing of what was coming out of the ground and then denied Additional Living Expense coverage because they said that chemical exposure was not covered. They sent us (2) checks in the amounts of $4,900 and another one for $22,000. These checks are bogus as they don’t even cover anything, and besides they were never cashed. The $4,900 check was sent to our Public Adjuster after we fired him and it was never forwarded to us. We got estimates for repairs and they totaled $125,000 to repair our home plus an additional $100,000 for stabilization for a grand total of $225,000 to do it right. Citizens repair total was $123,000 for everything including stabilization. We are over $100,000 apart in repairs, how could this be??? Citizens ghetto rigs everything to their advantage.In April 2012 I was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer, did the smells in the house trigger this?Fast forward to today, December 3, 2013 we are now years into this and nothing has been done. Citizens took our money for our coverage and they haven’t done anything for us. We are now in foreclosure with our home as I stated earlier because we couldn’t afford to pay for 2 homes and only live in one. So Citizens wins, this is not right. They continue to postpone doing the right thing for us homeowners so they leave us vulnerable to these situations which results in us losing our homes and then they don’t have to pay ONE SINGLE PENNY. Who wins, CITIZENS every time of course!This came from Charlie Crist who is a coward. I’ve written to him many times and he just ignores the facts.“Citizens Property Insurance Corporation seems to have forgotten that it was created to serve people during their time of need. It seems to have forgotten that the people of Florida are the boss, and the corporation is there to serve them – not the other way around”. “It’s time we remind Citizens Property Insurance of its statutory and moral duty to the people of Florida”.There should be a class action lawsuit against Citizens for people like us. We wish we could still be in our home. We asked them if they would put their own families in harms way and they all said that they wouldn’t, why should we?
Every year, I had an increase on my policy. Last year an increase of $350, and this year an increase of $438. How can I pay this? I have to leave my house because of the higher cost of insurance!!
Last year around August I got dirty water overflow all over my kitchen & toilets did not flush. My first action was called a plumber. After various intents to unclog the kitchen sink he said the problem was under the kitchen floor. So it will be necessary to dig & look for the pipe with the problem. He suggest to call a company to removed the water overflowing, and homeowners insurance. My friend give me some #s for ins/adjusters and I got one that start the claim with the insurance. I got the plumbing part fix at least until the Citizen agent came a month later and denied the claim saying that this was a pre-existing problem. This is unreal. I have been living in this house for over 15 years and never had a problem. So the adjuster pass the case to the lawyer & every time I call the lawyer's office they said my case is in litigation & the worst part is that after all these inconveniences, big roaches and insects coming from the horrible hole in my kitchen floor, the ins/policy expired so, in order to renew it Citizens demand that the kitchen need to be fix completely.
I had spent $35,000 a year ago under a city program to do upgrades to my house and to make sure it was up to code and passed under weatherization program 100% and instead of lowering and giving me a discount, Citizens raised my insurance by $1,500. Now my mortgage company has raised my mortgage by $200.00 to meet the escrow deficiency. I am so upset and unhappy that Citizens inspectors are not doing their homework well. I just paid another inspector to re-inspect my house and I don’t know what else to do. I am hoping one of those people’s lawsuits become available against them.
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