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Cigna Vision Insurance Online Reviews

Company Name: Cigna Vision Insurance
Overall average rating of 1 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 0 %
I was in my garden and fell and the next morning I noticed a large floating mass like a curtain in the side of my right eye. I went to an eye specialist who diagnosed a torn retina and sent me to a specialist for emergency surgery. After five surgeries I had lost the vision in my right eye. With no medical or surgical options my eye was now blind. I filed a claim with Cigna under an Arizona life insurance policy that included Death and Dismemberment which is covered by the dismemberment section of this policy. The company Cigna sent a form to me to fill out along with my doctor which has done the form documents that I fell in my backyard and have irreparable and permanent blindness in my right eye. Since that time six months ago my claims Agent Courtney ** has refused to accept that as proof and has been contacting hospitals, anesthesiologist, other doctors that assisted and anyone else to look for a secondary document (which is not required, it's their procedure only), all these doctors assisted with surgeries etc. but I have never spoken to them in was usual under anesthesia. Obviously such a record doesn't exist. So she has repeatedly said she doesn't know what to do so I should tell her other names she could get records from making me try to investigate my own claim even though they have a signed affidavit. This company is also on the east coast even though my insurance was in Arizona so contact is impossible as they never answer their phones. It always goes to voicemail 100% of the calls made. This company make up rules and procedures to try not to pay a claim so talking about adding insult to injury. Now I'm Blind in my primary eye and they're calling me a liar as well as calling my doctor a liar and refusing to pay a claim unless my own or some unrelated doctors would have written an unrelated note about me falling in my yard. This insurance is useless and combative bringing a new definition to the term bad faith.
I find they have fraudulent numbers posted, missing providers and they don't cover in a policy year what they claim they WILL for the upcoming year when you go to renew. They also didn't apply my endorsement coverages for dental insurance, vision insurance, and silver sneakers as the policy claims it is covered. I paid an extra premium for this part of the policy and then STOPPED PAYING WHEN THEY DIDN'T ADD IT ON AND THEN APPLY THE COVERAGES to the dentist and/or vision center. Both offices said they have never seen anything like this before!! My prescription drug plan formulary carried my name brand and generic drug so I signed up. After the policy started... I filled it twice that calendar year then I was sent a BOGUS formulary claiming the drugs that Medicare cover are not covered after the year was in progress.In IL you cannot change the policy terms during the calendar year you have applied those coverages to. Cigna people who answer their phones are not well informed and they claim to have 65 call centers all over the country so each different state doesn't know what to do with you calling from a specific state. I also get audio answering messages claiming KAYAK administers my prescription drug coverage... They are a TRAVEL WEBSITE. I believe these morons have overtaken the customer service number. I also get mail from UNREGISTERED MAIL DROPS that are fraudulent mail denying me coverages and the local pharmacies charge a ridiculous amount of copay. EXAMPLE COPAYS ARE $3.00 or $6.00 for name brand. They charge me $7.92 or $4.31... Don't use CVS pharmacy. I think their employees ** up the coverages all the time... And corrupt the swipe card system. I've seen them do it live at the stores.
Frustrating experience today when I spent 3 hours on calls with Cigna Customer care to figure out how to file a claim for prescription glasses which I purchased from out of network provider. Here are the sequence of events: Note I had first called Cigna on 12th Jan 2015 to confirm benefits coverage of vision and was advised that my plan had the coverage for 1 free checkup every year and up to $150 towards frames and lenses. It was also confirmed that the doctor Monica ** was in network provider and I do not have to pay anything for the checkup.Coverage was confirmed by the doctor's office and following which I visited the doctor on 15th Jan where my Son was advised prescription glasses. Post the checkup the doctor's office on 15th Jan had Cigna Authorization on the coverage for frame and Lens, however Since the glasses sold by the doctor's office did not fit my son well so I did not order them. I was checking on other options. Visited Visionworks on 19th Jan who also received authorization from Cigna on coverage but again the frames did not fit my son so did not order. I further visited Walmart on 19th Jan where we did get the frame which fit well. Walmart optician called Cigna to confirm coverage where they were advised that there was coverage. However they were not in network, advised that there is a process to claim up to $96 expenses on frames and Lens and I would have to pay and then claim. I order the same and the expense was within the coverage limit.To file a claim today it was excruciating painful experience with Cigna customer care as for 3 hours I was getting tossed around from departments to department... Cigna medical to VSP, Vision, EyeMed and back and forth. Where Cigna medical kept pushing me to one of them and the respective departments pushing me back. I was persistent in trying to get an answer where one agent of the many (...Dawn, Sheela, Melissa, Terry) advised that vision was not covered since beginning of the year i.e. 1st Jan 2015 and I should go back to the plan administrator. Nobody seem to be able to answer how and why there were two authorizations and the advise I had received on 12th Jan 2015 on coverage. I'm appalled on how Cigna can misinform me on the coverage which I had particularly verified before availing service and deny me of the claim which I should have been entitled to. Cigna should never have advised me on the coverage being a responsible corporation.
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