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Cigna Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plans Online Reviews

Company Name: Cigna Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plans
Overall average rating of 2.9 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 26 %
It was great in the beginning. The main thing that I like is no copay for my primary care physicians. But as time went on everything changed. They went up on how much they paid towards my meds, stop paying one of my specialist, paid less towards other specialist, stopped paying anything or paying less towards my prescriptions. A lot of Dr's have stopped accepting this insurance. I always received very vague answers to questions when I called to ask questions. The company also raised my deductible towards prescriptions & did not inform me. The company should pay more towards certain prescriptions such as asthma inhalers, certain heart medications, cough medicines, hospital stays, emergency room visits, specialist and always use the same set prices on the prescriptions filled at the same pharmacy from one month to the next month. I loved the company, but its hard to respect a company that doesn't appear to care for it consumers., address the issues with the consumer instead of talking to the consumer as if they are wasting their time.
It has good customer service but the claim process is slow sometimes. It took more than 2 months to finish processing the claim which is kind of annoying. Some of the staff is not very knowledgeable although they are nice. But I like their online feature and customer service picks up the phone is fast. The company is growing and becomes more popular in my area. I will continue using their services.
I like their ideas on the Medicare program and how it works. Their ideas on Medicare have been the most insightful ideas on Medicare that I've heard of. The overall satisfaction I've had with the company has been a great experience for the past twenty years it's always been wonderful.
This insurance company ignored Medicare protocols for level of care admissions for authorizing appropriate inpatient services for physical and occupational therapy rehabilitation after a patient I am currently serving as a medical and financial POA for. After diminished physical fine and large motor skills due to chemotherapy side effects this insurance refused to pay for appropriate level of care in order to build her up to a self sustaining level. They placed her in a facility with low level care services and after two days I was informed that she would be self pay within 5 additional days. She had a TOTAL of 3 1/2 in that 7 days. I was informed by facility that Cigna would not authorize more hours. I filed 2 appeals with the source CIGNA told me that I could use. Both failed. The appeal process was all to protect Cigna. Now I am going to Medicare to report them. By the way at once we were SELF PAY therapy improved immensely. If I need to I will go to our Senator to get our money back. When someone works for over 50 years they deserve better!
I never ran into any problems with Cigna. If I had to change something it would have to be a shorter process for getting approved so people that wouldn't have to wait as long to get an answer to medical issues. But they have low deductibles and helpful customer service. Any time that I needed anything or had questions I could call the number and get all the help I needed. They have a 24/7 hotline that can be called so you never feel alone and unknowledgeable. Overall, it was a good company and I had great experience. The deductibles sometimes were higher than I expected but it was worth it having a great insurance company.
They are professional and provide ok service and I never had an issue. I see myself as continue to use Cigna Medicare unless they change services. The experience is one I like and would tell other about. The price are affordable and I like the rate they offer it for and use them often. All of their feature are acceptable to me and no real reason to not use them. However, I cannot pick which doctor I like to use have a list that use them as insurance providers.
It was very helpful because I didnt have a clue what I needed. I was walked with it all explaining the different companies and the different grades with the many deductibles and copayments. The person on the other line was very patient and willing to take the time for me to write down all the information then we discussed which plan would be the most important.
I have been a customer of Cigna Medicare Supplemental Insurance for over a year. My payment comes out of my checking account automatically monthly to Cigna. I had changed my bank account because of fraudulent activity so contacted Cigna to let them know of the change and the representative told me she would put in the 28th as payment date. They would send out paperwork. I also could go online to make the change. I did that but put in the 1st as the date to take premium out. At that time, I had forgotten that the 28th was put in. So on 6/28 a payment was taken out and on 7/5 a payment was taken out. So I called Cigna to tell them what happened and if I could please get a credit of the payment on 7/5 and leave the payment date to 6/28. They would not do it! I explained I was on a limited income and needed that money. But they did not care. So I have requested a cancellation. Cigna does not care for their customers especially senior citizens on limited incomes! So sad and disappointing!!
The program Health Net Sapphire has many benefits for its members like free transportation to doctors appointments, unlimited GIM pass with Silver Snickers program. It's designed for seniors disabled people like me that need the best health insurance in the market today. Everything that the program stands for and includes is perfect for persons like me that needs rides to my appointments and also need to take advantage of the gym program SilverSneakers. I like all about the Health Net company. All the member benefits like $500 in credit for any custom glasses of your choice, rides to and from doctor's office up to 100 rides a year.
I appreciated that whenever there were any issues such as while at the pharmacy to pick up medications that they (the pharmacy staff contacting my insurance and whomever they spoke with) were able to provide help in reaching a solution more times than not. If a solution wasn't attainable, either due to insurance hurdles or my financial situation, it was easily made understandable to me without these explanations in medical/insurance jargon.Not Extremely expensive in most cases relating to many areas in which insurance was needed or used. Communication not too complicated and explained as simple as possible. Although there are some areas of which I would choose differently if possible the customer service itself was quite decent. Wait times I experienced on the telephone usually were pretty reasonable. The representatives I encountered seemed to genuinely take a interest in the reason for my contacting them as well as offering solutions to fix specific situations that had arisen.It would be nice if there were insurance companies out there that were a lot more affordable for me. I understand they have a business to run. Being on a fixed income means I have to take every EVERYTHING into consideration when it comes to financial related areas. Although it was manageable, it wasn't always easily manageable and it could have taken a lot of stress off my mind if, from time to time, I didn't have to financially shift this and that here and there in order to maintain my health and procure the things my primary care physician and at times hospital doctors concluded was needed in order to maintain the best interest of myself and health.
Most medicare services are up front with their rates without requiring personal data, Cigna not so much. The only rate I could get was a drug rate costing 35.00/month for someone who does not use any prescription drugs. I'm using someone else (AARP).
I had a fairly good experience with them. I had no major issues and it was easy to find doctors that expected the insurance. My co pay wasnt too much and I didnt really have to pay much money out of pocket after visiting the doctors. When I had questions the 1-800 was very easy to use. Not every doctor expects the coverage though.
One of the best supplemental plans out there. The features cannot be beat and they really care about their customers. I know I'm not getting ripped off with them. This insurance company offers a wide variety of doctors and benefit options allowing for you to stay comfortable and happy with your doctors and care. This insurance company really goes above and beyond to make their customers happy! I am so pleased with the knowledgeable and caring staff. This insurance company truly cares about their clients. They don't try to take all your money like the insurance companies. The co-pays are reasonable and so are the deductibles.
All Medicare companies need to act as though they care about their customers' quality of life. Cigna was less than adequate compared to private insurance and was more restricting. I was only thankful to have an option besides having to pay out of pocket for expensive medications.
If you love getting passed from one department to another with no one willing to provide information (even a simple quote) and telling you that you must wait for an agent to call, which of course never happens, then this is the company for you! Forgive the sarcasm. But really, the CEO of this company should be fired as everything from top to bottom seems arranged to stymie the customer. I only wanted information on Medicare Supplemental plans but had to be transferred to three different departments (and put on hold for lengthy periods) to discover that they had no one willing to help and I would have to wait for an agent to call which could take up to a week. I'd already been through this game so I can tell you that the agents do NOT call within a week. I'm not even sure they call at all. If you have a choice, I strongly recommend that you avoid Cigna.
Good selection of providers to choose from. It was easy to get assistance by phone and without having much of a wait. Easy to understand benefits and what is covered or not necessarily covered. The insurance offered a variety of options, providers, for how to make payments, how to access your account (which can be done by phone, online, etc). Covered most things I ever needed. The customer service was always adequate, usually very friendly, and tried to be helpful. I did not have to contact them often, however all interactions I had were positive ones. The value is appropriate for the services received. I know many people who pay more for equal service and plan options. My family members were covered as well which is the most important thing.
Cigna is always on top of the game and ready to go above and beyond when needed and to get you the best of your service and health. I like that you get 1 yearly check with blood work for free and they will help you get what you need when you need it. They are loyal people. They are online when I need them to answer questions or if I just want to view my account. But I wish they would layout what services you can get, how often it is and the copay amount.
It is a responsible company that has helped my family and me alike in the search for medicines and supplements for my condition. They have not let me down. Their quality and ethics when working and their products are priceless for users who uses them for various purposes. They maintain high standards of quality in their products and services, so that they reach the user who has trusted them completely. Their products leave nothing to be desired.
Cigna helps me cover medicine that was not cover by my insurance, they pay me back for the amount I had to pay out, and the amount of my drugs through them was cheap. But the amount I had to pay Cigna back was still way too much. Also, it was a hassle to get my payment from them. I'm supposed to pay all my copays and they are suppose to pay me back, but it was like pulling tooth from a dog. But I was happy with them as long as they did what they were suppose to.
They seem to understand how my heart needs to be fixed, they have been more than willing to help me timely to make sure I am covered. I wasn't sure how this would work out with supplement insurance however it has be fantastic. They offer me a family practice doctor. I also have the best cardiology doctor. After I was sent to specialist I will as soon as about the expenses I was told after my Deducted of 5000 was met all my medical bill. E pld at 100%. I have only lying spoken to customers service on two different occasions however both occasions it was a pleasure to talk with them. They addressed me as if I were a part of the family. I guess this may be just a praise on my supplemental insurance because I think I have expressed how I feel and all my needs are currently being addressed.
Cigna Medicare is a great choice I made and really enjoying the benefits. The processing of claims were faster. The response time for any support calls is good. Also the doctors network is high and we could consult with all the specialist providers as well. I like the claim processing, detailed billing, customer support, great seasonal updates, wider coverage, less copay. It offers great pharmacy coverage as well for drugs.
It was a great company to use. I love them because they are so caring, helpful and very selfless. The service and price are amazing. This company is highly recommended and I love knowing that if I need them they are always there for me. I would recommend this to any and everyone who is looking for quality service at a great price.
I applied for Cigna Medigap insurance. I have not been in the hospital since my last child was born 35 years ago. I have had one doctor visit in the past year. I had a flare of polymyalgia rheumatica (last flare was 15 years ago). As a result, I took a low dose of **, tapering it over 6 months, currently down to 1/2 mg, due to be off it in a month. I was denied coverage for this. I had a phone consult with someone with no medical knowledge (I asked). Very disappointed!!!
Hammond, La 70403 Cigna Supplemental Benefits, I was contacted (on my work cellphone) by Paula ** on 03/21/18. She informed me that I needed to sign up for Medicare before I actually turned 65. She talked to me briefly and lead me to believe that I was actually signing up for original Medicare (A&B). Due to lack of knowledge and not being educated on the many parts of Medicare, I gave her some of my information. She already knew as much about me as I do. I was receiving online bank statements at the time. My laptop screen cracked. I had no means to check my acct. I went to S.S. office on 09/18/2018 to check on status because I had not gotten verification/cards. I wasn’t signed up for A or B Medicare. I went to bank and requested to start receiving paper statements again. When I reviewed the first paper statement, I saw Cigna Arlic charges and I was puzzled. I had just paid 4 months to CMS with a check. Another trip to the SS office was necessary. I was told that Cigna Arlic had nothing to do with original Medicare. I went to my bank and stopped the ACH. Unfortunately, my ignorance and trust in Paula ** had led to multiple charges before I realized the problem. I was credited for December 145.01.I am requesting that my money be refunded for 09/06, 10/03,11/05 of 2018 in the amount of $455.03. I was mislead/scammed by Paula **, agent for Cigna Supplemental Benefits. I did go through some old mail and found a booklet from Cigna Supplemental Benefits. I didn’t really inspect it. I should have but again, I trusted Paula **. I put it in a folder and just waited for my cards to arrive in the mail. Upon discovering all of her deceitful tactics, I began to review it a little more. The contact email address, Medicare #, health ins provider dates, etc. is not correct. She put what she wanted in the booklet. However, it does state that “Individual must be enrolled in Medicare A&B in order for the policy to be issued.” I am submitting verification of my enrollment in Original Medicare (A&B). I have contacted the BBB and I will diligently continue to pursue this matter.
I had to leave my doctor of 15 yrs because they make you go to a doctor that's in their list. Also I have to pay so much more out of pockets from getting labs done or just going to see a specialist. I really don't understand why I have to pay so much for PPO Insurance and can't go to the doctor of my choice. :(
The copays at Cigna are too high and so are the monthly payments. Sometimes, I can't even afford to go to the doctor. While customer service is good, things such as survey isn't covered. However, the overall health insurance is accepted by all of my doctors. Sometimes, I get a break with doctor visits and emergency services. They are also good with getting medical supplies. So far Cigna is getting me by until I can find a more affordable option but I would still like the copays and premium to be cheaper.
Cigna Medicare has horrible customer service. If you are considered poor they really don't care what you have to say. I've paid for insurance before and the experience was extremely different. Unless you have money and are paying everything needs to change. It's insane how poorly you are treated when you have no money. Everything there is to like or dislike, I dislike. They treat you like crap because they think they are above you. Yet again when I've had money the services are endless and customer service representatives are really nice.
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