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Cigna Health Insurance Online Reviews

Company Name: Cigna
Overall average rating of 1.1 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 1 %
I am a Doctor trying to contact a "Representative" at Customer Service. The only contact made with Cigna Health Insurance was a computer loop requiring patient ID and birth date. Worst Customer Service I have ever experienced. I would have entered zero stars if that was an option.
I did not receive my dental insurance card and called customer service to get my user ID. They asked me for my first and last name, social security number, and date of birth. They confirmed that two digits of my social security number had been transposed, but that because they had no way of confirming that I was who I said I was, they could not give me my user ID. But they had in fact just confirmed that I was who I said I was since they had just confirmed that two digits of my SSN were transposed. Anyway, they are total morons and not at all helpful.
Honestly, getting my claims paid has become a part time job. They send you paperwork to fill out for each claim although sometimes they don't even send you that. Often times you don't find out that you have unpaid claims until you go to the doctor. If I have to fill out paperwork and call them each time I go to the doctor why am I paying for insurance? It is very upsetting and I would not recommend this insurance to anyone. It's just not worth the hassle to try and get the claim paid.
CIGNA blamed me for spouting off at them. I never did. They initiated it. I reacted. Now, as a result, even though I am on the policy I am not allowed to call in and check for medical issues as I have a very serious condition and CIGNA knows it. They have known since 2006. Here it is 2016. They want someone else to call in and change my doctors, set up new medical treatment, etc and leave me out! I am 56 and I can speak for myself. I have thought about taking them to court as a third party to the employer they work for and suing them. Anyone want to join?I am so done with contacting them... my former contact told me. Now they are horsing around with and playing with my medical treatments. If I miss 2 treatments I die. They know it. But do they care so I am looking into switching to a more aggressive doctor and possibly suing CIGNA. Never use any kind of CIGNA Insurance. Not even the Medicare they offer. THEY ARE VERY EXPENSIVE ON THE PPO SIDE AND NOT WORTH A DARN ON THE HMO SIDE.
Our first experience with Cigna this year and it is by far the worst insurance company I have ever dealt with. In fact it's outright fraudulent. It was recommended by insurance broker. It was affordable, but little we knew how it's impossible to use. They repeatedly denied coverage, medications, doctor's visits. You must go through major red tape to get approval to see the doctor and when we finally did they rejected to pay for it. We are frustrated and so our doctor. Our doctor has recently stopped accepting Cigna coverage and now we are having the worst time finding a doctor that willing to accept Cigna.Every practice we called off of Cigna's preferred list had made it clear that they no longer accept Cigna. HOW DID WE GET OURSELVES STUCK WITH HORRIBLE COMPANY?! We don't have a choice but put our healthcare needs aside and wait till end of year to change companies and for the meantime my wife (cancer survivor) and am over 50 have to live on hope that we will be OK without any testing and check-ups.
So my husband had services performed in Dec 2012 and January 2013 and CIGNA was our insurance. He had to fill out a form due to the claim, that asks for which doctors you have seen within 6 months of the claim. (They were looking for a preexisting condition, which is now eliminated thanks to Obamacare). One doctor took FOREVER to respond with the details of the services performed. My husband called them AND the insurance company many times to have the information sent to CIGNA to process the claim. The doctor said they faxed and mailed the paperwork many times, while CIGNA claimed they didn't receive any one of them. Meanwhile, he was thrown into collections, because CIGNA had their thumbs up their butts and said they couldn't do anything until one doctor responded. Well, after many attempts to get the doctor to fax this info, he called CIGNA and talked to a manager. This had gone on for a year and a half!!! He talked to a manager and now it is apparently too late to pay the claim, even when they do receive the information for the doctor! This is a horrible insurance company. For services that should have been covered, my husband was thrown into collections and his credit ruined. Beware of this insurance company...they make no effort to get your claims processed efficiently. They will do nothing and you will pay the price.
Cigna Health will go to great lengths to keep from paying authorized and/or covered claims. After a year of phone calls, faxes and other correspondence, Cigna Health Management approved a prior authorization request covering Botox injections (for every 3 months, for 1 year) as treatment for jaw-closing oromandibular dystonia. The request was submitted by an in-network dentist. DMD (Doctor of Dental Medicine) was clearly written on the prior authorization request next to the dentist's signature. Cigna has refused to cover the claim submitted as a dental claim (because there are no appropriate A.D.A. codes for the procedure or diagnosis). The Cigna customer service representative said to file the claim again, this time as a medical/pharmacy claim.Cigna has refused to cover the claim submitted as a medical/pharmacy claim BECAUSE THE IN-NETWORK D.M.D. IS NOT AN IN-NETWORK MD. Cigna has given the claim to MultiPlan "to facilitate resolution". The proposed resolution agreement form requests the dentist accept $6.15 for a billed charge of $608.00 because the in-network D.M.D. provider is not an in-network M.D. After contacting a MultiPlan representative to discuss the proposed resolution, (which the dentist cannot/will not accept), the representative stated they do not handle the resolution of dental claims, only medical/pharmacy claims. The MultiPlan representative suggested contacting Cigna.
I have CIGNA Health Insurance through my job. In March, I elected to have a bilateral salpingectomy--fallopian tubes removed--for birth control. Under the ACA, as my insurance rep told me on the phone, CIGNA would completely cover the procedure: no coinsurance or deductible. Of course, I received a bill for more than a thousand dollars. When I appealed, I received a notice from **, saying that the deductible was correctly applied because it applies to "Infertility Treatment." ...Yeah. I would kind of expect someone processing health insurance appeals to have, I don't know, taken ninth-grade biology. Apparently not.
It began in August of 2015. Johnson controls the contractor I was employed with, struck a deal to sell their contracting business to CBRE. My health insurance with Johnson was with BCBS of Illinois, they had approved immunoglobulin treatments for my wife, suffering from low test values and calcification of the arteries. CBRE's health administrator is Cigna as CBRE is a self insured company. A all hands meeting was called in mid August to announce a close date of Sept. 1st. At this meeting we were assured that there would be no lapse in coverage. During the question and answer I revealed my wife's medical condition and was told to see the HR person. I was given a transfer of care form and was told to fax it to a Cigna number. We filled it out and faxed it.Fast forward, mid Sept. after hearing, no response from the insurer. My wife called and was told they had no knowledge of our paperwork fax, then it was found and they would get back with us. No contact was made, meanwhile my wife's infusion date of Oct. 1st was getting nearer. I spoke to my supervisor, who spoke to his supervisor and so on. No communication from Cigna, wife calls them. Home visits are approved but not the medicine. Wife calls again, Cigna states they have spoken with the doctor and want to run more tests even though the doctor states that the wife would need to go off the medicine for four months to get reliable results, a lapse that could put her health at risk. This is a nightmare and there is no end in sight. Definitely not a good start for a employer/employee relationship. All due to this too big insurer and a company that has no control over them.
I am a 65-year-old working male. I have Great West/Cigna as my primary insurance and Medicare A and B as my secondary insurance. In order to submit claims to my second insurance, Medicare, they require a detail explanation from Great West/Cigna including CPT codes. When looking at my explanation of my Great West/Cigna benefit, I discovered the CPT Codes need to send the claims on to Medicare for processing were missing. Example: I saw my Doctor 5-5-14 for an office visit. On the Cigna EOB, it says 5-5-14, Office Visit, $40.00; it should have 5-5-2014, 99211, $40.00. I was told by a supervisor at Great West/Cigna they will not ever put CPT Codes on an EOB as it is a HIPPA violation. This makes no sense at all!!!! If a person reads my EOB, that person knows I had an office visit. However, if a CPT code was used, 99211, only a trained medical professional would know why I was seen. I was told by this supervisor that she deals with Medicare all the time. They have no problem with Medicare processing claims with their EOB and that I should contact Medicare directly and hear it from them. So I did! I was told by Medicare there was no way Medicare would ever accept an EOB from Cigna that simply said Office Visit and had no CPT Code. I pay for Cigna coverage AND Medicare coverage. I deserve to have proper Explanation of Benefits from Great West/Cigna in which Medicare will honor! This is a right I pay for! You are obligated to provide acceptable Explanations of Benefits that my secondary insurance requires for payment consideration. I would like to see what Great West/Cigna would do if they got an EOB that had only an Office Visit listed for a charge. This is WRONG, WRONG!!!!!!
When I was with HUMANA, the prescription I was taking was free! Was paid by HUMANA. CIGNA is charging me from CIGNA. Also HUMANA was paying me bonus for taking Annual Physical and certain tests. In all $50 per year, not so with CIGNA. I get $0.0. With HUMANA there was one dental X-Ray and one cleaning per year free, not at all with CIGNA. Obviously, I will switch next year back to HUMANA. It was my mistake to join CIGNA.
I have been to the doctor three times this year. EVERY time I am told I have no coverage. I have to go home and call them and straighten it out. They sure have no problem taking my monthly premiums without a glitch but trying to use the card they issued me is NEVER accepted. I beg them to fix this to save me being embarrassed at the doctor's office but EVERY TIME the same thing, "Oh, you have no coverage." For this I do not like Cigna and would NEVER recommend them as an insurer.
After 7 months I finally spoke to a supervisor and our claim was reviewed and benefits were paid out.
After changing jobs, I asked my dentist if they took my new insurance and gave them the information. They said yes, without mentioning that it was out of network - because Cigna says that it covers '100%' for preventative care like dental cleaning for out of network and in network services. In their chart, there is no caveat or asterisk. However, I was much dismayed to discover that of the $215 cleaning (I know it's a lot; I live in NYC though), they only covered $56, saying that that was the price they expected to pay for a cleaning. FOR A CLEANING. $56! it seems absurd. That was the only time I used their dental insurance in the entire year. And they wouldn't $215.I filed an appeal after speaking with a representative and it was denied. I’m aghast though. Isn't it illegal to say in print that they cover 100% of something, then somewhere else tell you that they only will pay some random small number? They did not explain where $56 came from. I don't know what other insurance options are out there, but I'd suggest to my company trying to find a better provider.
On 3/11/13, I received a letter from CIGNA refusing to pay for my spinal fusion on 3/12/13. They said I had not been in pain for 12 months. How sadistic is that? They want you in pain for a full year. This is **. I already had one fusion. I know my body and what works. I want to get back to work and yet, they are refusing to pay for my surgery so I can do so. All my pre-op was done, and I was ready to be healing by this time today. I want to have my surgery.
I was in a car accident almost 6 months ago. My husband and I both sustained several lacerations that needed prompt medical attention, and we were sent to the hospital in an ambulance. I gave my insurance card at the hospital and paid the hospital co-pay, thinking that would be the end of it. After a couple of months, I received some explanations of benefits from Cigna that outlined what the original bill was, what the discount was that they negotiated with the medical provider, what Cigna covered, and what I owed.Shortly after, I started receiving bills from the medical providers I had seen at the hospital. All of the bills were the amount that was "negotiated" by Cigna with the medical provider. When I contacted Cigna to notify them of the bill, they had to apply for an appeal which could take up to 45 days to process. With the bill being due in less than that amount of days, I had to pay out of pocket to avoid delinquency with the medical provider. Then, it's a fight with the care provider to reimburse me for the excess that I paid since Cigna ended up paying the full bill anyway.This happened on about 5 different bills. When I asked Cigna about this repeatedly, they said it was because the doctor was out of network. Because the bills came not from the hospital but from the office of the physician on duty, that would mean that if I wanted to make sure that I was going to see an in-network physician I would have to call the hospital, see who was on duty, and then call the physician's office to see if they are contracted with Cigna. Basically, this is what they are expecting you to do if you don't want to get stuck having to deal with getting these provider bills, paying it yourself so it doesn't go delinquent, spending time on the phone calling Cigna to have the bills appealed, calling the provider to make sure they actually received the payment, and then having to get the money you paid out of pocket from the provider.Cigna's explanation of the "negotiated" discount being rejected is put like this: they send the doctor what they think is reasonable to pay for treatment, and then don't bother following up to make sure the doctor actually accepted the discount, and instead blame the doctor for not calling them. (The doctor should call them too, I get it. But I am also paying Cigna every month to not have to deal with paying anything out of pocket. Isn't that the whole point of insurance in the first place?)Having been with a different insurance provider in the past where I paid nothing out of pocket to see an out of network physician in an emergency situation, this really frustrates me. Why can't they close the loop of communication so that an already stressful situation isn't made worse?
Big surprise, nothing will come of **. This company is a joke, they know you have to sue them to collect. I have been out of work since May 2015, a delay so long I'm no longer employed with Sears .The only good thing is I will no longer have Cigna's B/S on my mind. I wish them all the worst in life.
Cigna now only allows payment by linking your bank account to theirs and authorizing them to withdrawal money. This is illegal, requiring citizens to have a bank account to have health insurance. Credit card payment, allowing prepaid credit cards would be legal but they no longer allow this form of payment. After requesting to speak to a manager, it has been over 30 days since the request, no phone call or contact has been made by Cigna. The tellers name I made the request with last month is Jennifer **. The manager on duty was Mia **. Another contact and request was made 28 Nov 2014 to teller Vallery.
I had switched my children over to child only plans and after a while, I called them back to see if they had anything else to offer. They said they did and offered a "better" plan. It was an 80/20 plan with lower co-pay. Wow, who wouldn't want that? Too bad, when I really needed the insurance, they won't cover us for nothing. My son had got sick and had to go to the E.R. We were only there for 4 hours. No x-rays and we were not admitted. Nowhere in our plan does it say that if you even think of walking into an E.R., you better have all of your deductible on hand before any coverage begins. My son got treated for pneumonia and we were at the E.R. for 4 hours and were looking at paying around $3K right out of pocket for a 4 hour visit. Cigna won't cover 1 single penny until our $5K deed is met, just for walking in the doors. To me that is a terrible coverage to have for anyone with children. There is no way had I been explained that in the beginning that I would have switched them over to such an asinine plan. My son is two years old. He is bound to have a visit or two to the E.R. We are a one income family. I would have never chosen a plan that would financially hurt us if God forbid one of my children need care. Are you kidding me?! It is ludicrous and all they can say is, "We are sorry, but that is what the plan states." There is no justification anywhere. I pay them a monthly amount basically for them to say, “Well, your money isn't good enough.”If I had to rush my daughter to the E.R. for an ear infection having to meet a $5K deductible before she is covered for an ear infection. That is dumb. The fact that such a stupid plan even exists is dumb. Cigna should be ashamed to have this as a policy. I thought all we would owe is our emergency room co-pay. After all, he was admitted and did not receive any x-rays of any sort.
Cigna is rejecting varicose vein treatment despite it is giving immense pain and difficulty to stand/work to my wife whose work requires stand and walk 99% of the time in the 12 hour work shift. The legs are swollen due to the problem and both PCP and vascular physician recommend immediate intervention
I have been taking a medication for some time which my doctor and I agree is good for my health. When I went online to choose a Medicare Part D company, I checked to make sure the medication I take was listed and the price was reasonable. Between the premium and the co-pay on the medication, I was going to save money every month from my prior insurer. Well, no.Cigna refuses to pay for the medication my board certified GYN prescribes for me because - Cigna claims it is not safe for patients over 64. Well, this is Medicare Part D. All of the subscribers are over 64, so why include this medication in the formulary with no warning that they in fact won't pay for it. Cigna rejected the form submitted by my doctor that the medication was required and suggested other medications I should try. They have no knowledge of my history, they are just refusing to pay for medication they showed would be available at a low price. Of course, they are still collecting premiums, but I get nothing in return.
I quit smoking and the Cigna team was supposed to send a letter to my benefits team saying that I completed their "program" which was completely useless. Nonetheless, I did it and the "coach" sent my benefits team the wrong letter because he wasn't properly trained. So here I am, two months later, still being charged and extra $200/month because every time I call Cigna to get this fixed they have no clue what's going on, they do not return calls, and they are completely baffled by their own processes. My experience with Cigna has been SO miserable that I would actually look to avoid working for future companies that use them. They are horrible. BUYERS BEWARE!!!
This is the worst insurance we have ever had! I had a total abdominal hysterectomy in March due to many issues. After the surgery, I had an awful time as the incision did not want to stay closed. I have continued to feel bad ever since March. Now I have a fairly large lump on the right side of my abdomen which burns and gets painful. My doctor thinks that it is a hernia which will need surgical repair. She requested a CT scan to properly diagnose the problem, yet Cigna seems to know best and decided that I can't have a CT scan despite having two abdominal surgeries and the high possibility of it being a hernia due to weakened muscles in that area. I don't have the money to pay out of pocket as I have already paid more the $6,000 in deductibles and out of pocket maxes this year. That doesn't even include the amount they take out of my husband's paycheck every month for this crap insurance. I don't even like going to the doctor, so I certainly am not trying get over on Cigna. I should not have to walk around with an unknown lump in my pelvic region because some goon that isn't a doctor decided not to pay for a test. I truly detest this company!!! By the way, I would give them ZERO STARS if that were an option on this site.
This is the worst company I ever dealt with. I canceled my insurance by calling their phone number. But these guys kept on charging my checking account. I called customer service to get refund. They said, "Send us written request." I sent it. Waited for month or so. Then again I call. They said they did not get it. Again I call. They said they don't have record I ever canceled. Finally I demanded that my call be played and reviewed. They reviewed and confirmed I called to cancel but still refused to issue refund. Finally I file a complaint with Texas Insurance and someone named Leslie ** contacts me months after that by email and tells me that they will issue the refund. Months pass but no refund. I contact them again. Finally some named **, Danielle makes excuse that they don't have my correct bank information to do refund. My question is how the heck did you send me partial refund then... It is over a year and still have not got majority of my refund. All in all wasted 30-40 hours with these guys and they absolutely refused to compensate me for all that time I spend to correct their own mistake.
This is the worst insurance company I have ever had. All claims get rejected back to the provider; they state that the insurance member has other main insurance provider. When I call Cigna, they all claim that they were just asking the provider (hospital) if the member had any other insurance. I have called them 10 times in the last 8 months to have them clarify that there is not another insurance and to pay all claims. They all (service representatives and supervisors) told me they will take care of it. And some of them just say that they have to update the information in 3 systems, but in one of the system, it can’t be updated; and they have to send it to the eligible team and it will take 24-48 hours to do so, but they never do. The worst insurance company I have ever had. I wish I had another option to choose as an insurance provider!
I was completely misinformed when I chose Cigna Local Plus insurance company. My only instructions were to check that my doctors and medications would be covered. I did that. My doctors were covered, but none of the hospitals associated with those doctors were. I underwent surgery and now have about $6000 worth of bills that are out of network. The doctors office, as well as the hospital, all checked my insurance and assumed the procedure was covered, as it always is with other plans. However, no one knew they only cover certain facilities. So there's that. On another issue I went to see a doctor that I chose that WAS associated with a hospital in network (30 minutes away), and he wanted me to get an x-ray, however the offsite facility they use is not covered. I have to find a place that is in network and get a disc of the x-ray and bring it to him before I can go any further. Not that it matters, I have no money left for any more doctor visits or physical therapy. Physical therapy was another issue, the locations may be in network, but none or only 1 of the PTs are in network. I'm paying over 700 per month for this gem of a policy, and from the reviews I at least know I am not alone.
Job Posting - Cigna (Dallas): I have been trying to apply to their job posting, and it takes me to the Cigna website. I logged in and put the location, and then, it doesn't show up on the website. I called the main office number, and a very rude man said he needed a name and I didn't have a person's name. I wanted to speak to someone in charge to let them know my dilemma. He stated that I called the home office, that he didn't have the number, and to look it up myself! How rude to represent his self and Cigna! He shouldn't be answering the phone!
Do not deal with this company. I was enrolled somehow automatically, never used the plan and didn't want it. When I called to disenroll, they told me to call Medicare. Medicare told me the proper process was to call Cigna. I called them back and explained what Medicare said. The Cigna Rep told me it had to be done on their form which would be mailed to me and could only be done by mail. By the time I got their form, it was more than a week later. I filled it out and mailed it the next day. After they disenrolled me, I got a bill from them for the month when I was trying hard to disenroll and got the runaround from Cigna. They are unscrupulous, dishonest, unethical and thrive on the income from billing senior citizens on fixed income. Stay away from them.
This is the second or third time in the past year that Cigna has denied paying for procedures ordered by my Doctor, P.A. or Specialist. They always send a letter telling you they are denying payment of the claim. Cigna is in Tennessee, and their reviewer company is MedSolutions, Inc. doing business as, eviCore. EviCore decides if the procedure was necessary and whether or not Cigna will pay it. Nothing in the letter tells you what city or state eviCore is located in so you can just run by their office.So Dr. John **, Title, Associate Medical Specialty Director Specialty: Thoracic Surgery, is the guy listed as having reviewed whether or not I need this procedure. Now this Dr. must have magical powers! Why? Because he's never seen me, has no clue as to how or what I'm suffering in pain, yet he can over the internet and looking at the procedure determine I don't need it. Problem is the MRI on my Lumbar Spine, which is the procedure that was denied, is what identified what my problem is, which is three bulging lumbar disc in my lower spine. The letter is signed by Dr. Gregg **, MD, Supervising Medical Director, Diagnostic Utilization Management Programs.Dr. ** nor Dr. ** wouldn't know me if they passed me in a hallway, let alone ever laid a hand on me to diagnose a problem. This is just one, in a long line of many programs that Cigna puts in place in keep from paying claims. Cigna's mission is to collect premiums and not pay claims. What Cigna really needs to do is to issue a list of procedures that require prior approval and how long that prior approval will take. So you go to the doctor, they pay. The doctor applies for approval of a procedure, then you back to the doctor, so Cigna pays again. Instead of an X-Ray doing the trick, you need an MRI. So back to approval. Now back to the Doctor for the now approved procedure and again Cigna pays. Doesn't sound like a great way to limit trips to the Doctor or limit amounts paid to the Doctors.I'm learning how to manage the gauntlet and it's causing me to go to Doctor more than I ever have in my life. And then Cigna wants me to have this RN talk to me on the phone, "to help me" live better. Well since I've not been able to walk, ride a bike or exercise it's kinda hard to have an RN over phone help me live better when the Dr's at Cigna don't me to solve whatever problem I have. I'd steer clear of Cigna if you have a choice. There are much better insurance companies out there. My Personal Opinion.
I have been with Cigna for years and never have had a bad experience with them till recently. I needed to find a endocrinologist thru PCP referral due to a cat scan given to me after a whole year with pain inside my stomach. They found it after going thru several different doctors. I called Cigna to find a doctor and for first few days they gave me doctors that no longer take Cigna. So, after talking to several different C.S.R I had to repeat myself to everyone of them over and over again... not good at all having to deal with their rudeness and having no concern...Finally they got me service coordinator. She was so rude. She told me they would refer me to someone out of network that could take me. They gave me a doctor who's still waiting for information from Cigna. It's another week and still in pain, I called up there again and they still couldn't help me. I asked to speak to the service coordinator Alejandra. They said she couldn't speak to me cause she was on another line. I guess they stay on the phone all the time because she never wants to take my calls...I called again and they told I had another service coordinator. I got mad again with them and told them I wanted to speak to supervisor. They were also not able to get on the phone because they too are too busy... That's been twice I've asked to speak to supervisor and they don't want to speak to me... Finally I talked to another C.S.R and she stayed on the phone with me thru talking to the endocrinologist office and also with the PCP doctor's office. Lord.. I will be changing signal to another service who cares for my health concerns..
My wife is unable to speak due to previous brain tumor surgery at the frontal lobe and was admitted at the hospital from 9/9/2014 to 9/17/2014. She was diagnosed and treated with elevated blood pressure, pain, and high sugar. At the hospital she experienced seizure activities three times. My wife was on lower dose Keppra and the Neurologist increased the dosage. The attending physician (PCP) prescribed pain killers, Insulin, High Pressure meds, and recommended that the hospital send her to Rehabilitation Facility for Therapy and observation. SIGNA failed to approve to go to Rehab center for therapy. While I was waiting for a Rehab facility that accepts SIGNA insurance, the hospital discharged nurse informed me that SIGNA has declined the doctor's request stating, "There is nothing to Rehab."My wife was discharged immediately without adequate preparation. The nurse told me to go to her Pharmacy to get medication and rush home to wait for the ambulance that was taking my wife home; however, when I got to the store the Pharmacist told me that there was no medication for her. I called the hospital to notify them that there was no medication to collect. The nurse told me to wait for her to contact the doctor. She called back stating, "The doctor is driving and has not sent in the prescription." I rushed home without medication. It took three days before I was able to get some meds and five days to see the doctor for Sugar meds and supplies. I later called the customer service to file complaint and the responder refused to take my complaint Stating, "You are our customer. You are the husband but you do not have POA on file. We can speak to you on the account but will not file your complaint on phone. Write your complaint and mail it to us or fax/mailed us your POA before we will file your complaint on phone."
The best thing we can all do is file a complaint with each of our State's Insurance Bureaus against Cigna. It's a free service designed to stop the type of bad faith Cigna engages in. The horrible experiences we've all had with Cigna are not aberrations, not mistakes, they are Cigna's business plan. Initially my LTD claim was approved. Then I received a letter that they were cutting off my benefits after 3 months. Nothing had changed since they initially approved me... they simply had their in-house doctor deny me further benefits even though three treating specialists as well as my employer's doctor all continued to say that I was unable to work. I appealed and they had another doctor they paid do a "peer review" and deny me again (important to note this peer review doctor is the subject of a book titled "Health against Wealth" whereas the medical director of an HMO, he erroneously denied claims just to save the company money; in one case the patient committed suicide. I appealed again, writing letters, sending faxes, continuously calling until I finally got an approval. They had no new medical information, just finally approved my claim... two days after I had filed a complaint with the Michigan Department of Insurance and Financial Services. Get on your state government website and find out how to file a complaint with your state's Insurance Commissioner. They need to know what's going on with Cigna, they will help you. It's a free service and if enough of us complain to them they may file a lawsuit against Cigna and get a settlement like the settlement five state insurance commissions got which you can view at this link from Connecticut government website: **. I appreciate this website and being able to share bad experiences but everyone here needs to file the complaint where it's going to get some results. Your State Insurance Commissioner!!! Let's go get Cigna!!!!!
On March 12, 2015, I had dental procedures performed. A dental claim was filed by the dentist on that date. Prior to the procedure, a predetermination was submitted to Cigna with all information regarding past procedures relating to the current procedures, such as previous extractions and previous appliances and all information regarding current procedures. The predetermination was approved and I was sent a copy showing what Cigna would pay for each procedure. Since March 12, 2015, Cigna has on more than one occasion contacted the dentist for more information (which he had already sent them, but he provided it again). In June of 2015, I began contacting Cigna (and of course, spoke with a different rep each time and had to explain each time all that had transpired) and their response, from each rep that I spoke with was that they needed more information and when I stated, "I just gave it to you" their response was "oh yes, I see that here now and I will get with processing and see what is going on." I would then request that they call me and let me know what processing has to say (Oh, I forgot, they always told me when I requested, that I could not speak with processing). Of course, I never received a call back from them. Today I went into my Cigna account to check on the claim and there was a "new" "Dental Claim Detail" showing a new claim number with the claim received date of 7-10-15 and a claim processed date of 7-10-15. I immediately contacted my dentist and verified that they had not sent in a new claim. Wow - I have copies of three different "dental claim detail" forms with each showing a different claim numbers and different received and processed dates.A dentist expects to be paid within 90 days. Cigna states they have 30 to 45 days to process and pay, which is reasonable, but what is going on with Cigna when they take an extreme excess amount of time to pay? Is it incompetent employees? Is it poor management? Is it that they cannot afford to pay claims? Is it they just do not care about their enrollees and just do not pay? Whatever it is, it definitely needs to be corrected.The correction process begins with our State Insurance Commissions (this office may be called by different names in different states, but each state has an office that regulates insurance companies). Each individual that has problems should keep copies of everything, document the date, time, name of person and what was said on each contact and file a complaint with your state insurance regulation office. I urge each individual who may have a 'legitimate' problem with any insurance company to document, document, document, and file a complaint with your state insurance regulator. Phone numbers for these offices can be obtained by phoning the state information number in your local phone directory and requesting this number. The regulatory office will provide you with guidelines and instructions.
I've recently been dropped by Cigna for non-payment, even though I've been paying them despite not receiving a single bill from them (paper or electronic). I'll be gathering bank statements and send them with a letter pointing out their incompetence. I will also send copies of all the correspondence to the State Board of Insurance and see what transpires. As if their refusal to get it together weren't bad enough, I recently discovered I need minor surgery, so it's a tad suspicious I've been dropped now. I don't even want to call them, as their representatives are extremely rude (rude enough to hang up on you). I asked one rep where their head office was located and he said he didn't know. As I was asking him this question, I looked it up online and told this person the address. Seriously?!
Ridiculous requirements, last minute cancellations. AVOID CIGNA! - I get to the point where pre-op testing is complete, surgery is scheduled, and all is just days away. Suddenly I am informed that I need to be evaluated by a cognitive behavioral therapist, 3 visits, in fact, so that we can discuss disease education, activity and lifestyle changes, and stress management. (Fear, anxiety and sadness interfere with pain management, you know.) On a separate email it was stated as this:From the clinical information received, medical necessity has not been established because: - the documentation received does not confirm that a PCP, neurologist, physiatrist, psychiatrist or psychologist, or other licensed behavioral and/or medical health care provider attests that you do not have an untreated, underlying mental health conditions/issues as a major contributor to chronic back pain-the documentation does not confirm that you have completed a course of cognitive behavioral therapy as outlined.I did, however provide a letter from my general practitioner, who knows me way better than any of the above mentioned strangers, stating that I am mentally stable and do not have any underlying conditions. The hospital staff where my surgery is supposed to be done, as well as any other medical professionals I relate this to, are dumbfounded as to why this is being done. Except in the case of gastric bypass, this is unheard of. It is the end of the year and the thought of them stopping this so I have to reach a new deductible has also been questioned by many. As if leaving me in pain, without surgery due to a disease process isn't enough, Cigna made it impossible to fill a prescription for my son to have pain medicine following the removal of his wisdom teeth. They make you wait 48 hours to fill a narcotic prescription, which was well after he didn't need the medication any longer.Cigna needs to get their act together. I would not have wasted my time, arranged time off from work, had my spouse arrange time off from work, had physical therapy, x-rays, an MRI and several pre-op visits only to have them issue one more impossible deadline just days away from surgery. If you happen to have Cigna thrust upon you, anytime you need to have a procedure, call them and ask for a list of requirements, then check back to make sure they haven't changed or been added on to.
Cigna is the absolute worst insurance company I have ever had. They are unaware of their own policies and procedures, and will not help you get any clarification. As I have today, you could call two different representatives in a span of an hour (because that's how long it takes to get an actual person on the phone) and get two different answers. When you give them reference numbers they are clueless and can't manage to look anything up. They also claim you don't need pre-authorization for certain procedures/scans, but when you get them done they stick you with the full bill stating it wasn't an approved visit. When you call to tell them you asked for a form and they said you didn't need it but now you have a bill, they say "we'll take care of it" which means not actually taking care of it. Do not use this company. Cigna does not care about you, your family, or your well being.
It’s been more than 4 weeks since I submitted the claim, and whenever I contact customer care team, I was advised to wait for 10 business days. Also they rejected the first claim even though it was within the policy date, after talking to a customer care agent they accepted that it's their fault and now re-processing that claim. Worst health insurance company.
I am very troubled with all of the negative comments and reviews. I had Cigna through my employer for 27.5 years. I have 7 children who are all now grown and on their own. Four of these children were adopted in 1999. Cigna notified us to let us know that we could add them once they were placed in our home. They covered them under my policy for almost a year before the adoptions were finalized. My husband has had to have 2 major back in 2000 and one in 2017. Both of these surgeries were covered 100%! We have never had an ounce of trouble with Cigna in any way! I retired and let my policy end because not being covered through the company I was working for meant my cost would rise A LOT. Now that I have been looking for insurance I wish I had just paid it and kept it! The bad thing about reviews is people always write when they are upset about something but no one ever writes the positive reviews. Well, Cigna, I give you a full 5 stars and would give more if possible!
My husband went into the hospital for mental health. The doctors at Vanderbilt admitted him because of his condition and well-being. This is a life and death situation. CIGNA called the doctor and told him that if he is not trying to harm himself right at the moment that they were speaking, then they were not going to cover him and to release him right now.The problem is that the only reason he is not harming himself is because they have 24-hour watch on him and are trying to get him stable and out of harm’s way. But CIGNA does not care. I told several people that work with CIGNA that my husband is very ill and needed to be there. They told me that they cannot discuss him because he is grown. I told her I am the primary card holder and I did need to discuss my husband’s problem. That we needed to discuss why you are refusing to cover him.Then after that she began asking me about my husband’s past and why I think he should be there. Now, this is the question. How do they expect me to discuss his personal business with them when they are not willing to cover him or to give any information on him? So I told them that I will call, email or write to every person, company, or government that would listen as to how an insurance company that takes about $800 a month from my check refuses service that they provide and I pay for.To top it off, every month they take our money and send out these false letters of concern on how they can help with different situations but now that we are in a crisis, they are refusing help. This is my first step. I will call everyone.
The CSRs at this company treated me very poorly. They refused to assist me with my issue and when I was transferred to supervisor Larry ** in escalations he refused to give me an option to speak with anyone else but him; basically telling me they were going to cancel my insurance when the grace period was up and here I am only 14 days into my insurance? The Marketplace updated my application so I would have the correct premium amount and the CSR and supervisor (Larry **) refused to give me access to a fax number or another person I could speak with in order to show clarification of my corrected premium amount. So although my premium was corrected for February on for 2019, Cigna wanted me to pay a $767 premium when I could show them my new premium amount and take care of it. All I needed was a fax or email or a person who could assist me and I was treated poorly because of my low income. This company hires persons who do not care for people. I will be filing a complaint against this company but I feel people should be warned not to associate with this company.If you have other healthcare choices do not choose this company because I paid all last year on another plan I had with Cigna on time and they could care less. I picked a new plan with them and some errors with the Marketplace were corrected and this company REFUSED to work with me and I was only 14 days into my insurance. This is also the ONLY insurance available to me in my area leaving me without insurance once they cancel me. Please pick another company if you want to have dependable health insurance.
Four years of being customer, used to be so pleasant to call in and get answers to my insurance coverage QTs. They had a survey at end of each call to relay your evaluation of the call experience quality. Now my question seem to get lost in the maze of people that answer calls out of country and half rude American call center. And 40 minutes go by bouncing between transfers, can’t get answers and can’t get the right department. Cigna! You cost so much $, and has really deteriorated in quality of customer service.
I submitted a claim for IVF treatment and received a letter back from the Cigna saying the code on the claim was invalid or out of date. The code was correct on the form so either someone didn't enter it correctly or the copy someone at Cigna took of my claim made it unreadable to someone. The claim form I sent was an original and not a copy and very clear. Even the poor copy they sent back to me too. I can still read it well enough to tell that the code starts with an N, not an H like they said. Is this just a delay tactic so that they don't have to pay the claim immediately? When I called Cigna the person I talked to claims if there is a problem with the claim they don't keep a record of it so it's not like I can just call and tell them the correct code number over the phone. I have to submit the form again. Even though the code was correct the first time. What happens when I submit the exact same form again? This was our last attempt at IVF and it failed so I wish they could understand how painful and frustrating this is for me to have to deal with a difficult insurance company on top of my loss.
I was taken out of work by my MD for testings to determine what was making me ill. Once STD disability applied for process easy and simple with getting forms in as required. The claims specialist I was assigned to did not contact me with updates on the process and in the web-site status kept saying pending. So I often called her every other day to see what I could do to assist.My first payment took 5 weeks from me opening my claim and the check came with a note saying this was my final payment even though my MD had not return me back to work. The specialist advised me on a Monday my check would be mail out and I continue to view the web-site during that week and saw no payment enter that I called her on a Friday and she enter it in that day. She stated because it was a paper check that was why it was not enter in on Monday. I had to wait extra days to receive my payment because she basically did not tell the truth on when she was going to mail my check.I contacted my claims specialist today to see if their medical department finished reviewing the last MD notes for I will be returning back to work tonight and now she has advice me that my case is closed as of 4/26/15. So I will call her back at 1pm to see when the last check will be mailed out because she was not even kind enough to tell me when she was going to enter it into the system. I don't want to rate the whole company as bad but all it takes is one unprofessional worker to make the organization look bad. So if anyone has to work with ** please be advise that you will have to call her often to make sure she does her job.
I've had 4 medical insurance companies in my life and Cigna is the worst by far! They dictate your healthcare as they believe they know what's best for you. CIGNA could care less what your doctor's recommendations are, they only care about money! I've had two Me I'd denied this year without jumping through China's hoops, i.e. physical therapy or other alternative treatments. I recently had a prescription denied even though they covered it the previous month, Cigna believes there cheaper alternatives. I might add they gave me zero notice.When I went to pick up my refill I learned it was denied. And third they want me to rent to own a new CPAP machine over 10 months. They'd like to go this route because I'm only about a hundred dollars from my max out of pocket for the year, it's November and they want to push this into next year so I can pay for the whole $1700 dollar machine. IF you have a choice I'd stay away from Cigna! Oh, when you to discuss denials, understand you will be allowed to speak to anyone with any authority!
I've been on disability since 2011. The company that I work for required me to apply for Social Security Disability Insurance and pays for a 3rd party company to file for SSDI. If you did not agree to apply then your LTD will be terminated. After receiving SSDI, I continued to pay for my medical coverage, as I provided the health insurance for my family (son and husband). Subsequently, I received a notice from Social Security to pay for Medicare for an additional premium of $211. I was already paying $300 for medical premiums to CIGNA. I declined to pay for Medicare, as I already had coverage thru CIGNA for my family. So, I declined or opted-out of Medicare at the age of 51.In November 2016, I received a $33,000.00 bill from National Pain and Spine - Joshua ** - my pain management specialist. I contacted the office and was informed that CIGNA was requesting a return of all medical bills paid from Dec. 2014 to Dec. 2016! I paid my health premiums each month, paid my monthly copay at each visit and had received numerous EOB reflecting my bills were paid. At no time was I informed that Medicare was a mandatory requirement. To date, the HR Dept or CIGNA can provided any such requirement.I have contacted CIGNA numerous times to no avail. On yesterday, I received a package from CIGNA with over 200 pages of billing. Further, I received another bill from another doctor where CIGNA has identified themselves as the secondary insurance provider. I contacted Medicare and was advised that Medicare A (which is free) is only for hospitalization. None of the claims are for any hospitalization. Further, I am now receiving bills from previous medical providers that CIGNA is requesting a 3-year refund. This is outrageous and fraudulent.I am on disability and still maintain the medical coverage for my family. The type of insurance tactics extremely distressing. As a result, my health and medications are jeopardy. Trying to get assistance from CIGNA is impossible. No one returns calls and they try to use information overload as a technique to overwhelm you. I have read many of these reviews and it appears getting an attorney is the only way to resolve this issue which is unfortunate. I am not going to file fraudulent Medicare claims so that CIGNA can get out of paying what my premiums have already paid for.
Although I have had Cigna through work for the last five years, I'm new to the HealthSpring Plan. I've been checking on the status of my prescriptions to ensure they arrive before vacation. It appears HealthSpring wanted another prior authorization for the same med I've been taking under my work plan and which was previously approved. This would not be a big problem, except they didn't notify me for 11 days that they wanted a new prior approval authorization and told me last Friday everything was fine. To add insult to injury, they had mixed up my old plan with the new plan. First they sent me a letter that I wasn't eligible for ANY medications under my plan. Then they sent a letter that I was eligible for Cigna Home Pharmacy. Then my doctor faxed my RX to the pharmacy, and they notified me that my meds were not covered. Then I called and was told my plan covered two meds but not one other med -- the one I need most.Got everything resolved to a point where I expected my RX's to be sent and the online record showed they were, but when I called today, they said nothing has been sent because I needed another prior authorization. Today I've been on the phone again and my doctor did a new authorization and I was told everything was good to go EXCEPT, Cigna HealthSpring does not notify the pharmacy that everything has been approved! When I called the Cigna Home Pharmacy, they couldn't locate the approval for all meds UNTIL I offered to provide them with an approval code.Next I was told they would mail all the meds but they couldn't give me the copay amount because the computer program was not accessible. I've been told this twice before. Since the cost was accessible two months ago when I was selecting plans, I find this very strange. With all the technology available, there is little justification as to why employees' information is compartmentalized to this extent. I've been on the phone so much, I feel like I work for Cigna. My advice to anyone is if you don't have 3-4 weeks to wait for medications and several hours to spend on the phone talking to each individual network to straighten out the same information, run the other way. Everyone is very nice to speak with but they aren't being provided with the tools they need to adequately communicate internally in the best interest of their customers.
I am 56 yrs old. I fell at home and was injured. First, they wouldn't pay for an MRI until I had therapy which I did. 2nd, they claim they have been sending papers to the doctor, etc. for my short term disability. That was a lie. They got a fax number off the internet which is NOT my doctor's number and I had to get them the correct number. 3rd, my doctor said he filled out paperwork and sent it back. NOW, they claim they didn't get the correct paperwork from the doctor. I have been waiting for my short term disability from work to start since May 27th. I am fixing to lose my home due to no income and I am still fighting for the MRI. I still cannot raise my arm or turn my head. I gave up. I have finally retained a law firm because they are such a huge scam company!
Long story semi-short: My doctor said my liver numbers were almost out of control due to recent blood test results and said I need to lose weight quickly. I thought about it and decided to see about weight loss surgery. My doctor agreed it would be a life-saving thing for me and I would benefit greatly from it. I was relatively new to the benefits I had and wasn't sure if bariatric surgery was covered or not so I got my insurance card out and called the number on the back. I spoke to James and told him I'm trying to see if I have coverage for bariatric surgery. He did some searching and told me that indeed, I was covered for everything minus the full gastric bypass surgery. He walked me through downloading a file called CIGNA_Coverage_Information_and_Codes.PDF as well. I told him I was considering the gastric sleeve and he assured me I was covered. I asked him what I need to do. He told me to find a surgeon I want and have them get in touch with CIGNA and that I'd have to also contact a company called Linkia to give them a surgery code. I found the surgeon. Called them. They supposedly got a hold of CIGNA. I was told by Maria at the surgeon's office that I had to see a psychiatrist, do a 4 month, doctor-supervised weight loss plan, take a weight loss surgery education, etc. I did every single bit of what I was told to do. When my surgeon's office submitted everything to insurance for approval, I was denied instantly due to "No Coverage" by someone named Sue in pre-authorization. This depressed me pretty big time. I called on 11/12/2015 and spoke to Gayle who supposedly filled out a BQE (Benefit Quoting Error) form and said a supervisor will review it and contact me within 3 days. 3 weeks went by and I finally was contacted once by voice mail. I called back and left 3 voice mails with days and times to call me but have not heard back from anyone again. I called an attorney and he told me that I can rest assured CIGNA has it documented in small writing that they can't be held liable for verbal quotes as only a written quote is binding. So yes, I lost some weight. Yes, my health improved a little. But I still feel CIGNA should honor their mistake and pay for my surgery. But I'm sure it will never happen.
I do not know where to even begin when describing my experience with Cigna. First, while my fiancee was on short term disability, he was never switched to long term (he suffered a TBI). It took 4.5 months with no payment coming in for this to be rectified. He had 4 case managers within those 4 months and the right hand never knew what the left hand was doing. Finally, in January we got a check. One check for a small amount. In the notes it showed that they paid out over 15k. I called and notified them that we have not received any compensation from them prior to this amount. They said they would look into it. It took 2 months and 8 to 10 calls a day before someone finally responded. Shemeka ** assured us a check for that amount would be overnighted to us within a day or two. That was a month and a half ago. I have called Shemeka 6 to 8 times a day to find out where this mysterious payment is and guess what, no response. I have left a few dozen messages for her manager, Brett. Also, not surprisingly, not one call back. This has been an absolute nightmare. They are not registered with Consumer Affairs, nor are they registered with the BBB. How does one file a complaint against these people? My fiancee is in dire need of financial help and has always made his payments to Cigna without fail. Anyone have anything they can suggest?
Since Aetna was no longer available in Missouri as part of ACA, I have to switch over to Cigna Connect. Before I took this insurance, I did check for the list of doctors/hospitals and all my family doctors were showing up on Cigna Connect site as in-network. Last month when I visited my dermatologist, she refused to take this insurance because of the previous issues with claims. Then 2 weeks back I visited orthopedics to treat my foot injury and even they declined to take this insurance. Today when I took my kid to pediatrics, they too declined saying they had previous issues with this insurance. I did call Cigna Connect and explained that doctors are declining their insurance. I was surprised that there is nothing the insurance provider can do about it. Now I don't have an option to change my insurance because of ACA and I am paying $580.00/month as premium. Can anyone help me what I need to do now?
I've been with Cigna Health Spring Advantage since January 1, 2015. In four months I have used their transportation benefit five times. Two of those times, they never showed up. The fifth time, the company left me stranded thirty miles from home.
I am responding with this due to a recurring idiotic plan that Cigna must review a doctor's prescription prior of its filling at a pharmacy. My wife has been on the same medication for 4 years and approved by this company after filing appeals. But yet again we are in the process of appeals for this year. Can't this company get their head out of their **.
Once I cancelled my account with Cigna... they proceeded to debit my account 2 times in the same month for the price of my old premium. I will state again, that I am no longer a client. I have yet to be reimbursed for the monies that they owe back to me and we are now on day 95 of looking for a refund. I get run around after run around. I have spent over 18 hours on the phone with them trying to recoup my money to no avail and with no end in sight. Horrible company!
Our campus is switching insurance to Cigna health insurance. We were given a number for our people to call with our enrollment questions. I called to ask some questions about the insurance, twice. BOTH times I was told erroneously by TWO SEPARATE representatives of Cigna that I would be responsible for paying deductible for services that I learned later at our insurance fair I would not be responsible to pay. So I asked Cigna agent at the fair for a copy of the Summary of Benefits she was referencing on the computer, which clearly states what Cigna would be responsible to pay so I would have information in writing since we haven't even started yet with Cigna and I was already getting shafted. The Cigna rep at our insurance fair wouldn't give me a copy. I called Cigna the next day and again requested the Summary of Benefits from the number our campus was given for enrollment and was told they don't give that information to their clients. WHAT? Cigna refuses to give coverage information to their clients?? These are OUR BENEFITS and we need to know what Cigna has agreed to cover and Cigna has been refusing to give me a copy of my own Summary of Benefits twice so far!! It seems obvious they must figure if you don't know what they agreed to cover they can try to manipulate you to pay out of your pocket for services you are supposed to be covered for, just as the reps I called originally did when they BOTH claimed I would have to pay deductible fees for a covered service. They have the Summary of Benefits at the fair that touts all these coverages but it's the old bait and switch apparently when you need the insurance.
With Cigna Healthspring offering one of 6 or 7 Medicare Part D options; I carefully checked IN ADVANCE of the end of 2014 to insure my required monthly medications would be on the approved Cigna Formulary, approved with (if needed) prior authorization from specialists/doctors via a reasonable and accessible process to physicians and pharmacists, and working with a PBN (pharmacy benefit network) that had a timely appeals process (in this case, namely Catamaran). This was great news for investors, stockholders, news agencies... Everyone EXCEPT the patients. "Catamaran SAILS Away with Cigna Medicare Contract" was the news headline preceding stock increases for both corporations!IMMEDIATELY I diligently checked my premium was paid, made sure I had the correct member information, proof of coverage, etc. WAS DECLINED on my 3 most important monthly medications I'd been PROMISED would be OK! January - letters arrived that I'd been 1) declined and given only a 30-day transition amount (is this just until open enrollment locks the patients in for the year? I could Appeal - which I did, which the doctors offices did, which after the Appeals were declined we could request a review of the determinations... Which we are doing.Catamaran was the PBN for my last year's Medicare part D provider - although it took from January through April to finally obtain approval for the 12 months of medications I found someone to help. However with CIGNA, Catamaran won't even play into the patient equation to attempt to help. Cigna instead only gives you a dead end phone number called Pharmacy services that promises to return calls in about a business day. In my case, that won't work! I fly out of town for my specialists and need approvals in advance of the trip or that day. It's why I "planned" in advance.I certainly would NOT have chosen a plan that did not have my medications on the formulary. The first of many customer service representative for Cigna who handles one of my "appeals" was front loaded to assure it'd be declined. I asked her to do it again - I not only needed to be sure that the first month's meds (1/1/15-2/1/15) was covered with the pharmacy that provided the 30 temp supply, but NEEDED TO get the PRIOR Authorizations/Exception in place BEFORE the next refill 1/30/15 when the representative was only filing an appeal for medications "already received". WRONG!! I pay out of my own pocket to fly to specialists in my state's capital to obtain my medical care and medications. I can't afford to get a hotel, stay in another city and "WAIT" to get another "NO". I've been trying to gain approval for my meds before I end up in CRITICAL CONDITION. I have very unstable angina with vasospastic coronary artery disease. TO simply not get my medications, simply stop them, will possibly kill me. It will certainly mean I won't be able to breathe, won't be able to sleep, won't be able to be ambulatory enough to get back home without complete assistance. This is such an awful misrepresentation of services. I want this published in the event of my death - to be certain someone files the "wrongful death suit" against CIGNA for refusing medications that've been daily medications since 1997, 1993, and 2006. Three different appeals cases, 3 declines, 3 different processors. The second customer service representative had so much difficulty with basic English language a 10-minute questionnaire took more than an hour as we BOTH spelled each word (such as "SUCH" "S" as in Sierra; "U" as in Uniform, "C" as in Charlie or Cat, "H" as in Hotel). I went through college as a broadcaster, it wasn't me! The third representative kept having call drop outs until finally I was disconnected on their end (my battery charge and signal were max positive). We're less than 72 hours of medications remaining. Not one of them can be simply "stopped". This company needs to honor the written formulary, or provide the patients with a transition to another provider which will provide the services we were promised. This is as bad or worse than the Veterans Care scandal. This is a Medicare scandal. We are seniors or disabled, and I'm one that inquired into "all available subscriber plans" 3 price tiers, I was given the same positive coverages for formulary!!
My son needs orthotics and Cigna refuses to pay. He also needs glasses and they refused this service also. He has Amerigroup and when Cigna refuses to pay, Amerigroup does also since Cigna is the Primary insurance. I am stuck and can't get any help or assistance.
Signed up in December with a Cigna agent "Nicol **"! Quite convincing with "you need only to e-mail or call if you have any questions"! 5 emails, 4 phone calls to her direct line, 6 attempts to reach customer service each with wait times of 52 minutes plus only to be turfed to the billing department and either hung up on OR WRONG DEPARTMENT, "let me transfer you to yet to another clueless department" who replies with, "Sorry, I can't seem to locate you in our system." My response was, "you must be joking because you sure didn't have a problem locating my bank account and getting your first $500 now, did ya"? Now JANE I'm so sorry for the difficulty you've seem to be having blah blah blah!! I kindly replied, "Ma'am, it's JEAN but you can call me JANE. It took several e-mails to get my name corrected so I prefer you call me by my real name." She went on to say that she would personally make sure "you get to speak to our individual policy claims department... they can help you"! DING LINE GOES DEAD!!! This has to be nothing short of punishment for being one of Obama's pre-existing sickly mongrels that CIGNA has now ended up and "OPERATION BEAT THEM ALL DOWN UNTIL THEY ALL GIVE UP" is fully operational and serving its intended victims. I am done writing this as it's a waste of time. I just want to talk with a live Cigna person that can find me in their system! That's all.
I have been denied testing, and medication both from CIGNA. I am currently post-op on two tests that they denied me for and once I got the test approved, it showed that I needed surgical intervention. I am currently waiting medication that I need for pain, and they have rejected that as well. This is absolutely the worst company I have ever dealt with in my life.
I got Cigna Health Spring and they are the best insurance that I ever had. I will not renew my healthcare needs with Cigna ever again. Even many healthcare professionals have told me that Cigna does not care about the patient's medical needs. I need a referral for any and all medical procedures. You cannot pick your primary care doctor and many times the primary care doctor sends in a referral just to have it denied. Their dental and optical is horrible. If you want to add dental or optical to your plan, Cigna will not allow it. Sooner I can dump Cigna, the better. Cigna is worse than public health. I will go with another company as soon as I can.
We had Cigna as our insurance provider for the year of 2015. I became pregnant with our first child and had some major complications which required a long-term hospital stay (for which we were approved for). Not only had we received the go ahead for our stay, but we made sure to choose an in-network hospital and doctor (I think that goes without saying). My condition was an emergency as well as life-threatening for both myself and my unborn child. In total, I stayed in the hospital for about 3 and a half months. I was taken in May and was discharged in August when she was born a month early. We thought life was good, I was safe, my daughter was healthy and we were all paid up on deductibles and remaining costs to us. We were eager to start our new family on the right foot. The last bill that we were issued during this time was $658.00 which we paid immediately. As far as we knew Cigna had paid their discounted cost to the hospital at a little less than $17,000. Everything seems good right? We were so wrong. They requested a full refund from the hospital saying that we were no longer eligible for my benefits. We never once received any documentation of this process, an e-mail. a phone call... NOTHING! We never heard from Cigna or their partnership company Group Resources (which is beyond shady). They avoid me at all costs. They tell me they have no access to my files. They say that other teams are the ones in charge of handling my account, but those "other teams" never take my phone call. They took my premiums for both my daughter and myself and they didn't pay a penny towards my medical bills. Now, we owe a whopping $106, 255.00 to the hospital. We aren't any bigwig insurance company who could have walked away paying only $17,000. We are just a young growing family that is now faced with astronomical bills. We fear for the future and can never trust in these companies again. We thought we were doing everything a young family should be. Not only am I so upset about the bill, but I am blown away by the lack of communication, the lack of paperwork, the lack of explanation. It disgusts me that these big companies can do that. I am so disheartened to see all the reviews on this site. It truly shows that despite terrible business behavior, they are still making their money and taking the money of others. I was also shocked to see their rating on BBB as an A+. I urge you to file complaints with them too so we can have their score reflect their true nature, Stay far away from this company! I have had many other insurance providers that worked with you, communicated and resolved any issues. This company couldn't care less because somehow they were able to take our/your money and not provide ANY service at all and they are getting away with it.
Cigna authorized a surgery and cancelled it in the last minute when everything was booked. There was no proper reason, apology or any compensation. It caused severe financial loss and tremendous physical and mental pain. If there was minus score, I would have given Cigna a rating of -10.
I have requested a refund of a cancelled policy since 1-24-2014. I keep getting promises of 7-10 business days. I cannot speak to anyone who can resolve it and continue to get promises of returned calls to no avail. The refund is $550.40.
Cigna is an abomination! They shouldn't even be allowed to practice in the free world! They'll probably be better off in a slaughter house because that's how they treat their patients! My health plan was taken over by Cigna after years of having Empire Blue Cross, which never was a problem with their service. All of a sudden once Cigna took over, the bills started piling in. Cigna doesn't want to pay for diddly squat! My wife had a torn ligament in her shoulder, which required an operation. All of this was done through the network plan at a network hospital, but still I was hit with a $40,000 bill. Cigna must be insane!I also was hit with a $500 bill for an allergist visit. When I contacted my union to find out why I was being charged for an allergist visit, they told me "Oh, you went to the allergist 3 times." I said "Yes, I had to go back for several tests because I'm highly allergic to food (probably from the GMO's) as well as other allergens." She said “Cigna only allows one visit to the allergist.” My God! Cigna must have blood on their hands because I just know their patients dropped dead after receiving their hospital bills after an operation!
I have Cigna insurance through my employer, and it is my only option. In the Spring of 2014, I went through a major life change. I decided to see a clinical social worker in order to help me adjust. I received a recommendation from a friend, although the person was out of Cigna's network. I called Cigna before beginning to see this social worker to find out how much they would cover. They said they would pay 60% after the $500 deductible. They said there was a maximum allowable amount for each zip code, but their employee on the phone looked this provider up and said she was well under the maximum allowable amount.So I began seeing the counselor. Then I began receiving statements from Cigna. While my counselor charged $130 per session, Cigna's statements gave me back 60% of other amounts, mostly $110.50 but sometimes seemingly random amounts. I called Cigna multiple times to discuss this issue. It took many calls to get any kind of answer. Some representatives said to call back once they had information. Some said they would call back but never did. Sometimes my calls were dropped, meaning I had to go through the automated system again, wait on hold, and explain the situation again to a totally different person. Very stressful, especially since I was trying to get counseling for an already stressful life change at the time!Eventually Cigna said the $110.50 was the maximum allowable amount in the area where the social worker was, which I would have been okay with, had I not called before I even began seeing her and was told that the full $130 was within the maximum allowable amount. I went to see the representative of Cigna with my company, and she was able to listen to the original phone call and verify that I was given incorrect information. I filed a grievance with Cigna on February 25, 2015, and I received a reply on March 7, 2016. They said, "Sorry for the delay in response." They also said the amount would not be covered due to the "maximum allowable reimbursement" rule. They didn't mention the fact that I was given incorrect information by their own employee.It is frustrating because I feel like I did my due diligence by calling Cigna prior to seeing this provider, and they gave me incorrect information. I'm not able to look up this maximum allowable reimbursement information myself, so I must rely on what they tell me. Their customer service department was extremely frustrating to work with. The fact that you have to talk to so many people and explain the situation so many times is ridiculous. I also feel that we as consumers have no power in this type of situation. They handle their own grievances, so of course they are going to decide in their own favor. The difference in the amount of money that Cigna still owes me is small (by my calculation, $333.23) but it is the principle of the situation that has made me so frustrated. I only hope my next employer offers another insurance company other than Cigna.
Cigna's answers to questions are vague. Plus I was triple charged for 3 months following the month after signup with quote. They still haven't resolved issue on record keeping and address.
I am displeased with the service. I am getting no help at all. I have to chase down Doctor to get forms filled out. I have to chase down your employer to get a hold of her. Leave message after message after message with no response and when I do get a response I get nothing but attitudes trying to get things done. Are you with your employers and their attitudes.
Dealing with the incompetence of Cigna-health Springs Pharmacy DMR is the worst. They charge for things they aren't mailing for weeks. Will not listen about mail times. It is not the same from Portland, OR to Seattle as it is from Portland, OR to rural AK but won't change reorder dates to accommodate. Send inaccurate letters to doctor's office saying that the medication wasn't part of their formulary, when what they really want is a prior authorization bogging down prescription times and doctor's personnel and not accomplishing what needs to be done. Causing a lapse in medication. I just spent 2 hrs 3 mins and 50 seconds over 3 people to learn what the letters really meant and that they insist that the medication that they messed up last month can't be sent sooner just because it's going to AK and they still insist it will only take 3 days process and ship. It has never happened but that's their policy. I believe that they should have to put in their information, when we are choosing our insurance, that they are thick headed buttheads that have no real interest in helping you with your pharmacy needs but only in it for the money. Anyone can make a mistake now and again, I do, but to consistently screw up every time take real lack of interest. In the 3 people I talked to I got 3 different answers and $$ information. I have to say the last, Linda I believe, tried the hardest.If it were medication that wouldn't be such a big deal like a cholesterol med and I had to miss a couple weeks it wouldn't be right but not such a big deal but I'm talking about life and death medication. Totally frustrating and completely unacceptable. So because of it I will have to go without and take my chances or pay the much higher price and get it at the local pharmacy, which will screw up the next order. What part of that is ok? None!!! I don't know if there is legal statutes here but there should be especially for the price they charge. Totally unacceptable!!! But stuck with them till January. Grrr!
The company I work for obviously fired me. I paid for the insurance and tried to renew my prescriptions, and it did not work! Now I am on the phone for 20 minutes or more for the next available person - excess of calls this evening! They take the money but don't pay! This was the biggest mistake I ever made!
My family and I joined CIGNA earlier this year. My previous primary care doctor at Vanderbilt wouldn't take CIGNA so he dropped me. I have now called 3 primary care physicians in Nashville and NONE of them accepts new patients on CIGNA Connect! I'm now shopping for a new insurance company. BYE-BYE CIGNA.
My company decided to go from a PPO plan to a deductible plan. My deductible is 3,000 for the year. The medication that I have been taking is now 284.00 per month UNTIL I meet my deductible. I can't afford that!!!
I signed up with Cigna in Dec, for Jan 1 coverage date. I have not been able to get through the automated system. When I finally push 0 enough times andfinally get a rep. I get nowhere. I get up on hold. Hung up on. I requested a supervisor, but isn't one. I just get transferred from one person to another, with no resolve after 1/2 on hold. Without being able to get the automated system to take my info, I can't get anyone. This has gone for over a month. I get log in online. Spent 1 hr on the phone about that. I have spent 2 hrs a day for weeks, I am nowhere. Very shurd and unhelpful reps. I am a new customer. I find their customer service repulsive!
Please save yourself headache and heartache and time and avoid the NALC High Option Health Insurance Plan. I have had the worst experience with them. They have refused to cover numerous claims that are clearly listed in their brochure as being covered at 100% without a deductible, including the following: A prenatal sonogram. (They claimed that since I was having a miscarriage, it wasn't really considered as part of their obligation to cover complete maternity care - so not only did I deal with the sadness of losing my baby, but they charged me for it, too.) A well-child check for my newborn a year later. Three fetal monitoring nonstress tests ordered by my OB because it was a high-risk pregnancy. A newborn hearing exam/well-child exam.When I had my daughter 5 years ago, Blue Cross/Blue Shield covered the whole birth and well-child exams, no deductible and no back and forth. I wish I had them now. Needless to say, I am switching insurance. I have contacted NALC no less than 8 times and have gotten the runaround each time. I myself am a physician, so I know that their refusal of these claims is unfounded medically and is unethical. They have failed to meet their contractual obligations. They have wasted my time but still I am dedicating my time now to warn you so you can avoid having to deal with this company. Save yourself!
They do not discount anything, a waste of time and money. I pay them monthly for nothing! My daughter has been seeing a therapist, they denied the coverage, which doesn't discount the visits anyway. Never again will I be with Cigna.
I am new to Medicare and took a great deal of time to choose a plan D for my coverage that began on Oct 1, 2014. Cigna had agreed to my medications and assured that I would have no trouble getting them filled. All I have gotten from the company is a list of reasons the scripts are not being filled or a minimum a 30 day supply was sent along with a letter saying that the medication is denied or not in the formulary. That is not what was told to me when I signed up. This process has been a major problem for me and my Doctor with multiple contacts between all of us. I will file a formal complaint to the government and choose another company for 2015.
CIGNA Local Plus is a complete fraud - STAY AWAY. I never ever write negative reviews, but this is by far the worst experience I have ever had with a company in my entire life and I have Comcast. Ha! They list many doctors as "in network" on their site. I get that one or two here and there are not up to date, but as of now, I cannot find one doctor on their list that takes Local Plus. I even have a call to Cigna who later called back and said she had the same issue finding a doctor for me and is now "escalating the issue." SERIOUSLY! I basically don't have insurance. I'm pretty much paying for Nada. They said that they have no way of knowing if someone is deciding to not take their plan any more. Well common sense says that you should probably follow-up with them and oh, I don't know... follow-up on the contracts? They do send the contracts, don't they? It's just a load of you know what. Worst insurance every. I can't imagine ever in my life choosing Cigna again.
Horrible customer service. If you get a US representative, after being on hold for a good 20 minutes or so, they're never educated and typically have a bad attitude. If you get someone from a foreign country, they are very friendly but you can't understand a word they are saying. I dread any time I have to call them. I just know I'm going to spend a good hour on the phone and end up very, very frustrated.
I went to see my physician in December, 2010. Cigna insurance billed the healthcare provider at an incorrect rate. Cigna then proceeded to take out an additional payment from my HSA account in June, 2011. My health care provider noticed that there was a credit on the account and sent a refund check to Cigna in November, 2011. I never received the check and found out that Cigna had received the check but refused it and sent it back to my healthcare provider. My healthcare provider issued another check at the end of January, 2012. It is now 30 days since my provider sent a refund check to Cigna who is supposed to send this check to me. I called their management problem resolution unit and spoke with a manager, Keita **, who said she would take care of the matter. I have left at least 10 voice mails with her as well as other management team members and no one has returned my calls.I have been out of work since September, 2011 and I really don't need to be paying the outrageous COBRA premiums and getting absolutely no service for a problem that Cigna created. This problem started with a physician visit in December, 2010; over-billing in June, 2011; no resolution to repeated complaints and attempts to contact to date, February, 2012.
On 12/16/13, I applied for Health Coverage with Cigna through On 12/21/13, eHealthInsurance sent me an email stating that Cigna had received my application and they would keep me up to date on the review process. 12/28/13 I received an email from eHealthInsurance stating that Cigna was reviewing my application and the review process could take 3-4 weeks and that I could login and check the status. I continued checking the status over the next 10 days and it stated that Cigna was still reviewing my application. On 1/14/14, a charge of $1031.51 for Cigna health, I had no knowledge that my application was approved nor was I ever notified it was approved. My issue is that for the first 14 days of January 2014, I paid for coverage I had no knowledge I had or was approved for. I called to express my concern today and was told since I requested Jan 1 as a coverage start date that they couldn't do anything about it. I asked when the policy was officially approved by Cigna and I was told 1/13/14 so my concern is valid. After going back and forth with a rep, I requested a supervisor and he confirmed that no notification was sent to me until 1/15/14 and I asked how I can be charged for something I couldn't use and had no knowledge I was approved for, had no policy number, no card no information at all on and he said well, you requested Jan 1 as the start date and you could have gone to the Dr before that as the Obama health care act says no one can be denied and it was up to you to know that. I feel this is wrong and I should get a credit for the first 14 days of Jan 2014 as I couldn't use and/or had no knowledge it existed and their records clearly state my application wasn't approved until 1/13/14. 1/23/14 @ 12:31am, I was notified via email by eHealthInsurance that my policy was approved by Cigna.
On March 15, I signed up for Cigna Flex 5000 for $170.82 a month through the Healthcare market place. After I got all signed up, paid my first month's premium, I went in and signed up for the Cigna Dental family and pediatric plan for $62.00 a month and made my payment on that through the Cigna website. On 03/28/14, I noticed that my health premium had cleared the bank but my Dental had not, so I called Cigna. They said the account was paid to date and no worries as the payment would clear. On 04/04/14, I still did not see the payment so I called Cigna again and gave them the account information over the phone to take the payment out of my bank account. In the meantime, I received our Cigna Healthcare cards, went to the doctor, got my husband's "Have to have" prescriptions and all was good or so I thought. On 04/18/14, I received my premium notice for May and on 04/27/14 mailed a check for $232.82 covering both my healthcare and dental payments along with the stub from their statement in the envelope they provided.Today, 05/09/14, I received a letter dated May 1, 2014 stating that my healthcare and dental had been cancelled as of 03/31/14 for nonpayment. So I called Cigna and spoke to Natasha. She said that I would have to call to have the policy reinstated so I called and they said they could not reinstate a policy that was not cancelled. I then made a conference call with Julia from and Nathan with Cigna. Julia explained to Nathan that the Healthcare policy and the Dental policy were only offered from the marketplace as two (2) separate policies. Nathan said that since they were both Cigna products, they were the same policy and since the $62.00 for April had not been paid because the bank account information was incorrect, the policy was cancelled and was actually NEVER IN FORCE EVER!!! Julia informed Nathan that that was incorrect and that the Affordable Care Act lists medical and dental as separate policies and that they could not cancel my healthcare for nonpayment of the dental. After checking all of their documents, Nathan noticed that CIGNA had entered the banking information incorrectly - that is why the payment did not go through for the Dental Insurance (the same bank account was used for both the health and the dental, they had the Account info correct for the health but not the dental) but since the Dental was not paid by 03/31/14, both policies were cancelled and could not be reinstated. Julia then said I would have to wait until the policy cancelled with them, then resubmit my application for coverage as of June 1, 2014 but April and May would not be covered.My husband's monthly pharmacy bill is over $750 each month, and I was now responsible for those bills as I was before, unless I signed back up with Cigna and we could talk them into backdating the policy. I am angry because I paid as I was suppose to, Cigna saw it was their error and STILL REFUSED to reinstate a much needed policy.
I was mostly satisfied with my coverage. It becomes obsolete in lieu of their billing practices. My policy through the Health Marketplace began July 1st, 2014. I paid the initial premium on the phone with a credit card. I was about a week late paying for August, but well within the 30day grace period. To avoid being late in September, I paid for both August & September. I paid by phone, my payment was accepted. I received a letter dated September 10, 2014 stating that my policy was terminated, effective July 31st, for non-payment. While holding to speak to a "customer service" representative, I logged into my account page. The page noted that my August payment was returned due to the credit card being expired. There are two exp. dates for the same card number on their site.. Aug 2014 (I made the pymt in Aug..) and Aug 2017. When I spoke to the rep and asked about this, she told me Cigna stopped accepting credit card payments beyond the initial premium six weeks earlier - the payment I made had been a month earlier... two weeks after the company says they stopped accepting payment this way. ***I asked her why the system accepted my payment if they no longer accept this type of payment. She said it accepts your payment, then kicks back several days later and that they don't necessarily notify you.***So, what does my credit card expiration date have to do with it? Absolutely nothing. Was my credit card expired, if that had anything to do with? Absolutely not. I even called the bank to ask if Cigna tried to run it.. no - no attempt what-so-ever. Really? Cigna:
-> accepted & gave a confirmation number for a payment made through their service which they admittedly stopped allowing two weeks prior to my making it; and -> noted on my account that the payment was returned because the credit card (which wasn't expired & is listed on my account profile with 2017 expiration date) was expired - a payment they never attempted according to the bank. That's hilarious... not. I have a kidney/pancreas transplant. It's not like I *must* have certain expensive medications to stay alive, right? I've spent hours and hours searching for prescription assistance programs; had to drive 100+ miles and pay gas at 15 mi/gal to pick up one of my anti-rejection medications. I'm still working on the other anti-rejection meds and cutting out meds I need but can't afford. My parents are having to take money out their retirement account to help me pay full price for meds & services... money that, even if reimbursed, has lost the interest it would've accrued. When I asked the representative for the name & address of the CEO, she said she can't "release" that information. I replied, "Are you refusing to give me the name of Cigna's CEO? " She said, "Yes." I said, "Wow. I'd like to speak to your supervisor." She said, "No. This is not a call that we transfer to a supervisor." I said, "Wow. Really? I'd like your name and employee number." I actually got that information. I know how to get the CEOs name (it's on their website) & that the supervisor lie a classic blow-off technique, but still... Wow. She explicitly refused to release the name of the CEO of a publicly traded company in response to wanting to mail a letter of complaint. I also asked how I appeal the decision - she said I fax a letter to their fax number. Upon pressing a couple more times for any corporate complaint informations, she said I fax a letter to the same number. No matter what I asked her, the answer was fax a letter to that one fax number. The next day I thought I must've misunderstood the conversation. I called Cigna again and spoke to what I'd call an actual "customer service" representative who confirmed everything I was told last night, except for the appeals process. Cigna does not appeal any policy termination they make.. the must be made through the Health Marketplace. She apologized for every bit of what happened and agreed that it made no sense whatsoever. Cigna is the only PPO available to me and the HMOs, which are cheaper, don't cover any of my doctors (I'm especially attached to my transplant physician!) or many of my medications. Thanks Cigna! When I searched Google for the corporate office address, I came across the following satirical, but appallingly poignant article from The Onion. The article was on the first page of results for "Cigna Cardani". FYI: Foul language is used liberally throughout the article, though it's doubtfully more than what you've thought or voiced already: ** If the link is removed, search: Cigna the Onion and have a great "laugh" - I had trouble laughing.
I paid $29 a month for dental insurance. I requested a copy of my coverage. Nowhere did it say I have to wait one year to be covered for a root canal. I have never heard of such a thing. Customer service was no help. They refused to help me file an appeal. I am 54 years old. I've had dental insurance all my life. This is the worst insurance I have ever had.
My daughter was on ** for five years and when my company switch over to Cigna, they denied her medicine, saying that she should try other cheap med first which she tried in initial stages of her UC. Worst health company.
If you have a choice to go with a different insurance company I would advise you do so. I had several medical complications following my delivery. I stayed in the hospital all together over 3 weeks. I had to have blood transfusions & several surgical procedures. Needless to say Cigna made it extremely difficult & did not want to pay me. Steer clear from Cigna if you can.
I have talked with over 10 individuals who keep requesting the same information. I have a PPO and chiropractic care is covered under the agreement and yet they keep sending me to different individuals within the organization (over 10 at this point). They have not paid the chiropractor and I have had to pay for the services rendered, which was almost a year ago. I continue to follow up to be reimbursed and so far have gotten nowhere.
I’ve had poor experiences before with Cigna, but this one really put me over the top! I have major surgery scheduled in 6 days and while Cigna has approved my surgeon, they are not approving the ENT who is the piece of the team who gives the surgeon access to the area of my brain he will be working on. At least get someone hired who understands what the heck they’re talking about and doesn’t send out denials just because they don’t understand the procedure. If this doesn’t get approved in time, I may need to postpone a very serious surgery, or be prepared to pay out of pocket for the rest of my life. If your employer gives you ANY other insurance choice, stay away from Cigna. They’re offering companies cheap insurance, then not paying claims to make up the difference!
I need a breast reduction for health reasons including rashing, neck and back problems, and now that I'm in my 50's a hunchback due to poor posture due to them. I have had 3 doctors recommend I get this and Cigna will not pay. I will be financially strapped by having to pay for this myself. My doctor has appealed this decision. It's not a vanity issue or "cosmetic surgery!" I am beyond frustrated and upset!
Learned today from my oncologist that CIGNA employees receive incentive bonuses for denying a certain amount of services each quarter. My Drs have instructed me to get regular scans to monitor my health yet they continue to get denied by CIGNA contractors who know absolutely nothing about my health background. Do anything you can to avoid this insurance.
Ilene (claims manager) calls my surgeon after a heated conversation between her and I - saying things out of context knowing (I have doc. to prove) it to be fabricated. Doctor fires me within hours - one week before surgery due to her comments. I had a perfect under 2 yr. relationship w/ doctor and PT. A letter was sent to CIGNA over a year ago - after many reminders they have yet to respond. I was forced to find new surgeon and new PT. I have the original letter and policy showing where this behavior is prohibited by CIGNA reps.
In January of 2015 I was involuntarily enrolled into your health care plan. I noticed that my physician selection became very slim, but I decided to give your organization a try. I have Medicare and your health plan was supposed to be my primary plan and then Medicare was to be my secondary. I found out that I was pregnant by using a home pregnancy test on April 11th 2015. I quickly made an appointment with my gynecologist, **, only to be informed that she did not accept Cigna-HealthSpring. I received a provider and pharmacy directory in the mail I referred to this in order to book an appointment with a gynecologist/obstetrician.I live in Lansing Illinois which is located in Cook County. I went through your obstetrics section and scheduled appointments only to be turned away when I arrived at the doctor's offices, some were nice enough to call me prior to my appointments and inform me that they did not accept Cigna-HealthSpring although I clearly had gotten their numbers from your directory. The last of your so-called affiliated physicians, **, allowed me to drive 45 minutes out of my way to tell me they don't accept any of my insurances and an appointment would be $500, out-of-pocket if I saw him that day. I did not have the money and had no choice but to leave. I ended up in the emergency room who referred me to a Small clinic which is where I learned that my baby's heart had stopped beating at 9 weeks.I was 3 months pregnant, and visiting the clinic for a pre-natal check up and routine ultrasound. Cigna's negligence didn't allow me to see an obstetrician and my baby died, in me, and remained inside of me for 3 additional weeks. I was ordered to the emergency room STAT, by the clinic's Nurse practitioner. They admitted me, kept me overnight and scheduled surgery for the following morning in order to remove my unborn child and dissect him like a specimen. It has been a week since this all occurred and I just received a bill from the hospital for $8,062.64. If I had a health insurance company that maintained better records of in-network physicians my child would be alive and my fiance and I would still be preparing for our child's arrival, but I had Cigna and it took me months to find a doctor because you don't care enough to know who your doctors are! I will be sharing this information, Thanks!
Patient on medication for 13 years, medication cost $30.00/month. Cigna denied coverage of medication. Denied 2 written appeals followed by 3 phone calls with rude individuals who were useless. This company is wasting a lot of time and not providing people with what they need.
I am unfortunately a customer of Cigna HealthSpring. Customer ID **. I should have known from 2016, the same problems I had then would carry over to 2017, they DID. I signed up with Cigna HealthSpring mainly for their Ride to the Doctor service. Suffice to say 2016, I was forgotten, lost in paperwork, but mainly denied services agreed upon. DO note that 2017 has NOT been any different. Note also that Cigna does provide this service (stated in its Cigna's Customer's Handbook, Ride to Doctors service), but I have been denied this very service, being able to receive annuals, screenings, well being appts, lab services, dental appointments etc. Cigna for me as a customer HAS been in NON-COMPLIANCE. Since, this has happened too many times this year. I have been borrowing money for 'transportation'. Enabled in getting to my appointments by cabs, my health my problems. Whatever, is being paid for this 'insurance' is a ONE-WAY service... to Cigna HealthSpring ONLY.
I have a 5 year old son diagnosed with Autism. For the last 2 years (2015 & 2016) Cigna has paid for his very beneficial ABA therapy as per the plan my son is on. I contacted Cigna multiple times in November and December of 2016 to confirm my son will continue to have benefits on his 2017 plan. On December 31st, 2016, I received a letter from Cigna that they were NOT going to cover his greatly needed and useful therapy as a benefit for 2017. That is their decision and not my complaint. The fact that they waited until 12/31/16 (letter dated 12/27/16) to notify me of this change of policy benefits. If they had notified me of this prior to 12/15/16, I could have found other coverage with another carrier that would have been able to cover my son (By putting my family in a "group" policy).When I complained to Cigna's customer advocacy department, the agent admitted that Cigna decided in MID 2016 that they were not going to provide for this benefit in 2017... but in my eyes, DECEITFULLY and MALICIOUSLY did not inform me until it was TOO LATE to do anything about it. This company is a disgrace And its employees that make decisions to damage people's lives should truly be ashamed of themselves. This was an intentional act, they should have avoided at all costs. I am seeking legal action!
My insurance with Cigna is through my union so I have zero control over it other than a complaint every now and then. So my issues are numerous however the most erroneous one is the yearly attempt to drop my son. Now I realize it's necessary to check on the insured but my son is my son. He's been my son for 13 years. This year he's been removed from the insurance until I send a divorce decree stating the insurance is my responsibility. Now I've sent this previously and am yearly bombarded with nonsense from these people. Constant ** really. Another complaint. I get a list of doctors to call for an appointment and they will not see me. Why well I wonder if it's the insurance. Anyway just be careful if you chose these people. I feel as if they're underhanded in their approach to my needs.
Routine dental exams shouldn't take over 90 days to process, which is in direct violation of Prompt Payment of Claims Act. Cigna has the nerve to send a letter after 30 days apologizing for the delay and stating that there will be a "one-time extension of up to an additional 15 days." Didn't see a follow up letter explaining why after 90 days the routine claim has still not been paid - same provider as in May 2018 (how do you suddenly become out of network during the plan year) - and for the same amount (so not some outrageous fee issue). Bogus answers and a waste of time - all so Cigna can hold onto its money instead of paying legitimate claims.
Can I give minus star? There has to be a way to give you guys minus stars or Zero Stars. Your claim department especially dental claim and your online representative and phone representative must be living in different planets as they have no coordination. One gives approval, other denies and third do the same after wasting 2 days of precious time. A procedure which is covered by insurance-after my dental office got approval and I got approval too from Cigna - was denied by dental claim dept. Here is the EPIC RESPONSE from the most intelligent group of people "Although the procedure is covered but necessity is not met..." Really! You based that on what? Nobody even bother to get X-rays and records from Doctor's office and now telling me to go labor department for complaint. Surely I will do it and I will make sure to raise awareness about your pathetic and frustrating services.
I have had Cigna for approx 15 years and EVERY claim is an ordeal. The latest and ongoing ordeal is a dental claim almost 6 months old. Since the dentist refuses Cigna (as does my primary MD), I pay them then submit the claim. Cigna, as usual, nit-picks every detail, refusing to pay. Each item is a fight with Cigna, and each charge is clearly legal and appropriate. In 2012, I filed a complaint with the AG of CT as well as the Ins. Board, yet nothing changes. How much does Cigna make illegally by purposefully denying aspects of every claim? How many customers just give up? Cigna, in my experience and opinion, is a shady operation, at best. And I'm still working on resolving my claim after my 11th call today, 24 mins on hold and told to wait for a call-back tomorrow. Jen, the supervisor, with her sickening-sweet, condescending tone and Amelia, who had NO clue, took 48 mins of my time today. DO NOT USE CIGNA.
My health insurance was changed to Cigna. Everything in my life needs to be GLUTEN-FREE because I have Celiac Disease. It turns out that Cigna's mail-order pharmacy only stocks ONE BRAND of drug at a time. Even though they knew of my GLUTEN ALLERGY, they shipped me a drug with gluten in and POISONED ME for over ONE MONTH. Additionally, they were unable and unwilling to fill other prescriptions for life necessary meds because they did not stock gluten-free drugs. Why should I have to pay more money to a local pharmacy? I really need the coverage that 90 day supplies provide.
I work for Cognizant. My company has offered me Cigna and I took the high end insurance and I am paying 11000 annually for my family. This is a worst insurance, Never ever it. They do not cover anything. They expect you to pay everything. Everything is out of coverage. If you want to see a doctor you won't find that doctor in network. Their customer service is worst. Not helpful at all. I would recommend to never ever take this insurance. I had Aetna earlier. I never had any issues with them.
Had a major medical illness and continued getting billed from providers and CIGNA's claims site is more complicated to understand or figure out than my college quantum physics class were. I used In-Network for services and it's barely if any cheaper than In-Network. I have paid more in deductibles in one year with CIGNA than I did with Kaiser and Blue Cross in a 15 year span. Just looked at "What you may owe" for a over 50 colonoscopy and it's 100% if they don't find any polyps and if polyps are removed it's considered "Diagnostic" and you're charged for the removal of each polyp. What's the point but they did offer sending me a kit which is nothing more than a stool sample kit and wouldn't detect non-cancerous polyps. It's the worse of the worse and will definitely be dropping this POS when open enrollment comes around. It's a good plan if you have a catastrophic illness (What's the % of that happening unless you're over 70) and the customer service is great, "At telling you your copay is almost as much if you paid out of pocket 100% for routine care?"
My issue is a simple one. I called them (unable to access a computer at the time), to find out if a Minute Clinic was covered by my insurance with Cigna. The person I talk to said (and I quote), "Yes, Minute Clinic falls under the same category as a primary care physician, so your co-pay will be (said amount)." So, being very sick, I said, "Thank you" and went to the Minute Clinic. Well now a few weeks later me and my husband are stuck paying a couple hundred dollars because evidently a simple, common strep test isn't covered AND the Minute Clinic ISN'T COVERED. This is my first and only experience with Cigna and I am extremely disappointed in the wrong information that is costing me money.
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