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Cigna Disability Insurance Online Reviews

Company Name: Cigna
Overall average rating of 1.1 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 1 %
If you are reading this, hopefully you have not paid these criminals a dime!!! Long story short, believe all these negative reviews! Also known as "LINA" Cigna Life Insurance Co. of North America. NEARLY EVERY NEGATIVE thing you see in the foregoing rating HAS HAPPENED TO ME AT LAST 3-10 TIMES. I was constantly lied to! They try to make everything your job (to do their job). I finally call them on the lies. They back off for a month. But go on the same.I was told by my claims rep that California (where I live/work), did not have legal jurisdiction on my policy because the policy was "written in TEXAS" ***BUZZ LIE #1. **! Not only do they fall under California insurance laws but they have knowledge of this, and but are under court order in California among other things, but they knew about then order, to stop high pressure and deceptive practice. I could go on for an hour about my bad feelings and bad experiences, as they never STOPPED! RUN!!! DON'T WALK AWAY FROM THIS HORRIBLE COMPANY!
Was placed on ST disability in July. Payments from Cigna have been sporadic and unreliable. Physicians have disabled me for lifelong illness. Cigna closed my account because they could not read Dr handwritten notes. Told me to deal with it myself. My company has paid a large premium monthly for me as a benefit package. Cigna's behavior is itself fraudulent and illegal. Borders on disability discrimination. I am unable to have the MRI they have requested as my left knee is made of steel and would be sucked right out of my body. I am initiating legal proceedings. I too am a nurse. Turning my back to this is out of the question.
I have been paying Cigna for Short/Long term disability for many years. They like their bill to be paid and even on time but when it comes time to pay on a claim Be aware you will probably not receive anything. I went out on short term disability due to a work injury. The Doctor put me on limited work status and my employer was unable to accommodate the restrictions, so I was put off of work. Cigna paid the claim after requiring me to do most of the legwork to collect the necessary documents. They paid me for 4 weeks on the claim. I went back to the MD and he said he was keeping me on limited duty because I was not ready to go back to work full time. This is when Cigna decided to stop paying me stating that I was able to work limited duty.I explained to them that my work would not let me come back until I was at a non limited status. They said that this was not their problem. I had to put in appeal after appeal to no avail. I would call and the agent would say, "that should be covered. Go ahead and appeal," and weeks later I would receive a letter stating it was denied and I did not have any appeals left. Later during this process I had to have surgery and was put off of work on total disability. I called Cigna and the agent said "oh yes we should cover that. Go ahead and put in a new claim." I put in the new claim only to get a very angry Cigna representative calling to tell me I was not allowed to put in a new claim, even though the company advised me to do so.This company tries to wear you down so you will just give up because they have frustrated you beyond your breaking point. I think to myself what if someone needed this claim to be paid to be able to eat and provide for their family. I pray that these folks that work at Cigna never have to go through this process and get denied by such uncaring workers or company. My Sister in Law had a Aflac plan and they paid for everything for her family.
My husband worked for a company that offered policies to salaried employees and we were offered an "upgrade" by a Cigna sales rep. We were told that it covered loss wages until he is 65 no matter what. 3 years ago he was taken off work for spinal stenosis and is now dealing with chronic pain and major depression issues along with stress and high blood pressure. I filed a claim with Cigna for short term and was denied because this is an industrial illness so I filed for long term and got approved. Policy stated 24 months and then a review. At 21 1/2 months his check stopped and I appealed. I won and received 2 1/2 months more. Now he is evaluated again and Cigna sent his file out for peer review. When I ask for a copy of his file I saw where they held back all his most current reports which stated he cannot work. And he was denied again.Now after all this I have an attorney but I also called the doctor that Cigna uses... He said I wasn't supposed to do that. But... Anyway when I read him the diagnosis and what the doctor said about the medications my husband takes, he said he wouldn't have came to the same conclusions. So anyone out there... Do not appeal, it's a waste of time, just get an attorney and get it over with.
I am 37 years old. I have Degenerative Disc Disease in my entire spine but have most pain in neck and lumbar spine with disc bulging and fissures. I am unable to be on my feet for more than an hour or two without my back feeling like it is going to break. Cigna constantly harasses myself and my physicians for more and more info... even though the doctors clearly state no sitting, standing or walking for more than 10-15 minutes. Cigna is unable to take a physician's direct notes at face value and will make your doctor fill out more paperwork every week. If you have to see another doctor such as a specialist... they will put a hold on your benefit until the next doctor also certifies you are disabled. I would not recommend signing up with this company because they will do their best to be sure they don't pay on your claim and cause you a lot of stress in the process. At this point, I feel I will be forced back to work before I am actually ready, due to such great financial stress. Going back to work too soon could also put my job in jeopardy, when I have to leave because I can't make it through a shift! Save your money and do not invest in Cigna... They will be happy to accept your money and burn you when it's time to help you receive money for your claim. I will not be signing up for this mess again!
I got into a car accident April 11th 2015. I ended up tearing my ACL and PCL in my left leg as well as my ACL, PCL and meniscus in my right leg along with a fractured collar bone. I underwent surgery on June 3rd 2015 to repair my right leg with hopes that the left would correct itself. During this time I was put on std. I maybe received one check on time otherwise they were about three to four weeks late which means I've been behind on bills for some time now.About two months ago I received a new claim worker who has issued one check for me and never one again. They are currently seven weeks behind on payments. I was forced to pay for MY OWN medical records which costed $40 (that I had to borrow) under the impression that once I paid said fee my records would be cleared and Cigna would cut a check. I have been informed that my records have been reviewed but my case has been denied and is still closed. My doctor told me two weeks ago to remain out of work for three months yet but to call him if I feel up to going back. I'm being forced to lie to my doctor so I can get back to work so that me and my 3 children are not put out on the street. I'm so stressed and don't know what to do.
Cigna's operation is to delay and deny claims or claim that they have not received information from the doctors office even though they have not sent the information to the doctor. They also hide behind their voice mail. They DO NOT CARE if you are not getting any income, they are just checking the boxes. What makes the nurses qualified to review these claims if a PHYSICIAN orders you to take time off of work? They will not tell you the names of the people reviewing and you cannot speak to a supervisor as well. What a scam. You pay into STD thru work and cannot get a benefit when you need it. I hope the reviewers personally have this experience sometime in their life so they can live this nightmare that we all suffer with. Shame on them.
Let me start off by saying never get insurance with this company if you have to go on disability. Go through the state it will probably be less painful. Cigna does not believe in mental disabilities such as Bipolar or Anxiety. I was off work from May 2017- till I had to go back to work in the end of September. They paid me less than the 60% that my employer said that I would receive. My doctor submitted the paperwork at least ten times. They claimed they never received it till the end of September. They said I used up all my FMLA and I was technically on short term disability. They denied my next paperwork.I am in the process for appeal but I will probably be denied because they don't believe in mental disabilities or learning disabilities. Apparently during the time I was off I'm not allowed to be tested for my disability. I just found out why I was rejected. My doctor said I might be able to go back to work but my meds were not even changed yet she just gave me the option. They also thought since I took showers I was able to come back to work. They also said I didn't show enough psychotic tendencies to be approved when I was showing severe depression. I am still in the final appeal process but I will probably be denied and I will probably lose my job. Thanks Cigna!???
I fell off my horse in Aug 2018. I broke 7 ribs, punctured a lung and bruised my spleen. Cigna has NEVER paid me on time, they are over a month behind and now I'm about to get evicted since Cigna is still reviewing paperwork. Paperwork that I had to obtain because they are so INCOMPETENT at doing their job. You talk to a different person each time, who gives you different information each time. Basically you're screwed if these people are who holds your short-term disability. Instead of healing from surgery, I'm doing these people's job just to get my measly 230.00 a week. I work in the medical field!! Cigna does not care about the customer and employees show no empathy for hurt/sick patients. If 0 stars were an option, that's what I would choose.
I was in a MVA on 3/31/2017. I called Cigna on that following Monday to start my claim. It has been hell!!! I made my claim. I start calling after a week when I hadn't received any communication from them. I was assigned a case worker named Selina. I left messages for her almost daily. She never returned my call. Her outgoing messages said she would not be back until April 29th at one point!!! What?! So feed up after not having none of messages answered and being hung up on by customer service reps I demanded to speak to a manager. Selina called me. She said my case was under review and they needed me to sign a release so they can get my hospital records. This is on April 24! My rent is due for May!!! I am livid!!!I signed my release and my doctor turn my records over to the company that faxes them to wherever they need to go. I called again leaving messages for Selina. She finally called me back on the 28. I asked have she received my records. She said, "No." I had already called my and spoke my doctor's office and the company that handles my record, they were waiting for Cigna to pay for the records. I told her this. Her reaction was, "Oh yeah. We will send out the payment. It usually takes 10 days!!!" I can not believe this company!!! So incompetent!!! I have been waiting 1 month to get paid. This company sucks **! I still have no idea if or when I am going to be paid.
Cigna is scam. We pay into it without consent and denied benefits contrary to medical documentation. They have figured out the loop holes. Just another insurance company who gets to take from the working middle class. Whose pockets are getting full??? I am a middle aged single mom who works very hard and was taken out of work by my doctor. I have worked since I was 14. I don't live off the system and I contribute more than what should be allowed in this country. These corporations get our money and the government. We are just slaves to make these guys money.
As a pharmaceutical representative with Pfizer Inc. since 1995, I paid my monthly Long-Term Disability insurance premiums for several years to CIGNA, which assured me of 75 percent of my pay should a medical condition render me disabled and incapable of performing the essential functions of my job. In 2001, After battling strange symptoms for 2 years and undergoing multiple misdiagnoses and failed treatments (including surgery), I was hospitalized at the Westchester Medical Center for 3 weeks with aphthous ulcers in my mouth, nasty boils/rashes/lumps on my skin, loss of appetite, high fever (105), severe pain and swelling in joints and legs, etc. A blood transfusion saved my life and I was sent home without a final diagnosis.A few months later, a rheumatologist in Manhattan finally diagnosed me with Behcet's Syndrome, a rare auto-immune disease with no known cause and cure. CIGNA picked up my LTD monthly payments after my 6-month salary continuance by Pfizer ended. Being relatively young at the time (40 years old), I aspired to return to work should my condition improve and with my doctor's blessing/approval. However, my symptoms persisted and I remained on LTD for approximately 16 months, at which time CIGNA abruptly discontinued my monthly payments. Upon inquiring, I was told that a review of my dental records (from a visit to my dentist; these records are actively shared with insurance companies) had revealed that I could lift 20 lbs (I had filled out a simple questionnaire at the dentist office). Consequently, CIGNA decided that I could do my previous job and stopped my LTD benefit. So, I was stuck with a rare disease and no income! Fortunately, a few colleagues at Pfizer were able to secure a sales position for me which I assumed in June of 2003, after barely surviving a few months without any income.Between 2004 and 2007, I worked for approximately 18 months but was unable to continue working courtesy of a series of heart-attacks, stent placements, Behcet's flares, cardiac aneurysm and finally a triple-bypass procedure. So, I'm weak and sick as a fish, and back on monthly CIGNA LTD benefits, which like clockwork, were suddenly discontinued after approximately 12 months.Despite my weakened state, I appealed, submitting all of the requested records and statements from my doctors. My appeal was successful and CIGNA resumed paying the benefit. NOTE, I contacted Pfizer for assistance but was extremely surprised to find out there were no advocates for sick employees with legitimate complaints against CIGNA! How could one of the top pharmaceutical firms in the world with billions in annual revenues, NOT CARE ABOUT ITS OWN EMPLOYEES WHO WERE SIDELINED BY MEDICAL ILLNESSES and lacked the resources to actively appeal and file legal proceedings against CIGNA? Surely, there has to be some office or individual at Pfizer Inc. with the direct responsibility of managing its LTD program. Sadly, none was revealed to me.CIGNA's coup-de-gras occurred a few years later, after they had utilized the services of a third-party company to finally get me approved for SSID benefits, thus shifting half of my monthly LTD payment over to the government retroactive to the first day of my most recent disabling event. All was well for approximately 13 to 15 months, then CIGNA abruptly discontinued paying their half of my monthly payment, claiming that video surveillance had shown me lifting boxes from a van. They sent copies of the video to my doctors who did not support their position and basis for benefit discontinuation. My doctors opined that my condition had no cure and was recurring with unpredictable periods of relapses.Ironically, CIGNA actively fought to get me approved by the government as being permanently disabled, THEN PROMPTLY AND SURREPTITIOUSLY FOUGHT TO SHOW THAT I WAS NOT DISABLED and was capable of working, thus arbitrarily justifying their decision to stop paying me. I am in the process on appealing and seeking legal counsel.By the way, I made one final attempt to return to work at Pfizer and an appointment was scheduled for me to meet with a Pfizer-appointed cardiologist for medical clearance. I was examined by the doctor in November, 2013 and Pfizer subsequently told me that based on the doctor's report I was "medically incapable of performing the essential (driving) functions of the sales representative position". In conclusion: 1) My former employer says I am medically incapable of doing my previous job; 2.)The Government says I'm permanently disabled; 3) CIGNA helps me secure Government approval for permanent disability benefits (SSID) then promptly declares that I am capable of doing my previous job, and stops paying their portion of my monthly benefit (since 2010).Surely, they can't all be right! I am so disgusted by the ongoing arrogance and criminal actions of CIGNA against disabled people like me with little or no resources and energy to fight back. Where is CNN when you need them? Anderson Cooper? Wolf Blitzer? Soledad O'Brien? America needs to know about these Criminals Intentionally Giving No Assistance!
Hello, I am currently on a ltd claim with Cigna. I work for Nokia and I hurt my spine in 2009. Short story, I tried to power through life and work. I went on std in Aug 2012. In November 2012, they denied my claim. CIGNA employees were dishonest about how they handled my claim. I won my appeal in April of 2013. I was set to go to ltd or so I thought. They denied my ltd claim. I was searching for someone to perform a surgery but great surgeons are often hard to get into see. I had been to Stanford, UCSF and CPMC. I was told I needed a two level fusion by each of them. CIGNA still denied my ltd claim but they told me to let them know if I was going to have a surgery that would change things. I had a c4-c6 fusion on July 10th. The same ltd crew would not overturn my claim. I complained quite a bit to Nokia hr. I told Nokia that they should be aware of how Cigna treats Nokia employees and to keep that in mind when it comes time to renew their contract. On Aug 14th I was notified that my ltd decision would be overturned. This was after I contacted the State of CA Insurance Commission, surprise! On the same day the same crew who had been completely dishonest said that they still needed documentation before they overturned my case. The same crew then stated that since my overturn letter already went out it was too late. So, here I am 2 months and two weeks after a c4-c6 fusion. I am still in pain management and recovering and the harassment has begun again. This time my current case worker refuses to acknowledge email (a common practice used in business and personal communication) from me. She has stated she doesn't like using email and prefers phone calls. Thank God I am not dying of cancer. I want my story out there and if there is any way I can help others please let me know. This is a policy that I have paid through Nokia who I have been employed with since 2003. I would have never thought I would have had to use a ltd plan but I fractured my neck surfing. I was an extremely active surfer, musician, cyclist, 40 to 50 hour a week worker. Bottom line, extremely active. Cigna told me that I don't need to be able to move to do my job as it was a sedentary job. I don't need to move to sit in my chair was her exact words. Pretty funny actually. Again, please let me know if I can help anyone. Stay healthy because you are in America and people don't care here anymore. Insurance companies like CIGNA are sure not going to give you what you pay for.
Cigna did process the claim as they should have and for that I am satisfied. I was not at fault for the errors made during processing by the Cigna representative and should not have been punished by them withholding my claim. They did make an adjustment as requested regardless of being told they would not. For this reason, I am resolving the issue and appreciate their reconsideration on the decision previously.
Cigna says they provide 60% of pay for S.T.D. They must have felt obligated to keep all the change that would equal my 60%. They were giving me 59% for 3 months. Also, they would only approve me until my next doctor visit even though at the beginning of my claim, the doctor told them I would be out until 2 weeks after my surgery. I went on disability in October, surgery was in December, I went back to work in January. I had to call them weekly to update them that I would still be out after PRE-op appointments, then had to wait 2 weeks for them to catch up and approve it. I really hope I never have to go on disability again through Cigna.
I am having a flare-up of ulcerative colitis, so my doctor recommended that I take a medical leave. Today I found out that my application was denied (even though I have been off of work for more than 2 weeks already) because "I do not have enough medical evidence to prove that I am unable to perform work activities". I have found so many similar and disturbing stories online about this. Cigna has too much power! Shouldn't it be enough that our doctors say to take a leave? Why all the hoops to jump through? Why all the red tape?As far as the consequences, I don't know yet. I just got an e-mail from HR asking for a phone number to call me at. I see my doctor next Monday, and I don't think he is going to be pleased with what I have to tell him, plus all of the additional work it will cost him, as I am "welcome to appeal" the decision by writing a letter and having my doctor submit "additional medical documentation", when he has already faxed all of the requested medical records. They didn't say they couldn't read his handwriting, though. I see a lot of people writing about that. It seems that they just look for whatever excuse they can find to deny people's claims, cause more stress, and disrupt lives.
I filed for STD with Cigna and of course it wasn’t enough information. I suffer from internal tremors in my head and right hand also fibromyalgia. My memory is bad from the fibro fog. I’m a nurse that is right-handed and starts IV daily. But Cigna states that I can work because I have some grip and can raise my arms over my head. I can barely get out of bed due to severe pain. I’m shaking and I can work. My Dr. has clearly stated all this. They denied me and closed my case. I have appealed it and awaiting their decision. I do have a lawyer if I get denied again. They have nurses not doctors making these decisions. I will never go through them again after I get what is owed to me. They should be taken out of business.
Thanks again for Consumer Affairs... The reason for my email is to share that Cigna's Claudia - HAS DELAYED, DENIED MY disability claim since May 20, 2018 delay after delay with Cigna EVEN THOUGH my VA Primary Doctor in writing verifying my injuries, loss of days out of work, I've earned Perfect Attendance for the last years but been employed for almost 9 years. The reason I'm out of work now because I was ATTACKED & INJURED by a co worker for no reason. Not to mention my employer has reduced the last check to crumbs and when I called Payroll treated this veteran with TOTAL -- DISTAIN!!! Which I was responsible in case of any surprises; arranged years ago DISABILITY and I PAID CIGNA to deduct the cost out of my earned paycheck - weekly but Claudia Cigna's (Claims Manager)... after faxes still hell-bent on withholding my DISABILITY Benefit Payment that I'VE EARNED & PAID FOR BECAUSE... I'm the injured victim & hurt in pain suffering. What's a man without money to live. Cigna's Claim Manager's Claudia ** is acting in bad faith claim while I can't pay my bills, affecting my good name/credit, medical health after my doctor keeps faxing medical documents Claudia required and requested SAME RECORDING' UNDER REVIEW... UNDER REVIEW, UNDER REVIEW. I've exhausted my savings and Claudia is ACTING IN BAD FAITH AS CLAIMS MANAGER! Thanks to my veterans friends, friends and loved ones especially thank you God!!!
I was supposed to get paid on December 2 but still nothing. Do I get back pay from them since they will be 2 months behind?
I am sick and tired of getting jerked around and lied to. I'm on my second claims manager since I applied for short term disability and neither one of them will answer their phone or call back. I am supposed to be getting $560 a week. They are not consistent with the issuing of the checks. We almost had our electricity cut off, I am late with rent and other bills which is causing late fees and is cutting into our food budget really bad. I have to borrow money to get food, toilet paper etc. Then I have to pay that back when I get paid. The customer service tells me that my doctor's office sent them the correct paperwork but no notes. I call my doctor's office and talked to the lady in charge of it and she said that they did send notes and so she had to fax it to them again. They have done this twice now. I can't get through to them. I have had third parties try and they could not get through to the claims manager, their supervisor and the supervisor's supervisor. It is a joke. I pay for this benefit and then they expect me to do their work calling my Doctor. That is their job. I am not an employee of Cigna.
I am in the appeal phase again with Cigna. I have been dealing with them since Nov. 2011. Don't give up fight for what you deserve. They try to wear a person down and make them give up. I have spine issues. I am a petite nurse and was a gymnast for years and my lumbar area is pretty much a mess. I was denied 2 yrs. ago, fought line heck for 5 months and won my appeal. Now I am at a crucial 24 month review and oh what a surprise I am denied again. Oh and yes appealing AGAIN. This time I am hiring attorney. I have done a ton of research, phone call and etc. I am on prescribed narcotics 5 times a day and muscle relaxants 3 times a day. They stated I could do a sedentary job as an ultrasound tech or Holter monitor tech. Nope I can't. One I am not trained and two really have a narcotic using tech working for someone is pure negligence Cigna!! I would never as a nurse or any job work while on prescribed narcotics for pain. I am now accomplishing some headway with the negligence and medication usage comments. I also have discovered I am able to sue in MN for emotional duress and mental anguish as well as violation of MN Human Rights Act Laws. They are violating my human rights by knowingly placing me in a situation of reckless disregard of safety of another. Meaning me or the person I care for. Also they are placing me in to a negligent risk of my personal safety and others. I also use a cane, have fall 8 times in the past year and a half. Let me know if you have questions. Maybe I can share some of what I have learned. All I know is it sucks to fight and bust our butts to get what we legally have a right to and they are in the business of NOT PAYING. Just don't give up fight. Call them - local media, local government, look up your state's human rights act and emotional mental duress. I lost my home, my car pulled, my Eyre out of her senior year of high school. Packed up our home into a storage locker and moved in with my parents at 38. I lost everything I built for my daughter and I during the appeal process of 6 months the first time. Oh and I maxed out all but $1,000 of my 401k to try and not lose my house and car. Just know you're all not alone and if we continue to fight, complain, get angry, reach out to media, government, law makers and whoever else it will hopefully improve. Heck I am about ready to make a Cigna Stinks Facebook page!!! Chin up and best of luck from MN.
I have been on short term disability then switched to long term. They first messed up on my pay. They found out after paying me for 8 weeks that maybe part was taxable. So I went from around 500 to 90 per week. Then they began LTD and I haven't gotten a thing since Aug 22 which was 70.00. They won't pay out 'til 30 days. I don't understand that - if approved by them, why the wait? They mail checks and it takes between 4-7 days to get. No direct deposit. Then their "guidelines" say I will be ready in 84 days.Btw I had BOTH knees totally replaced. They tried that with my right on first and doc said no. Then I had to threaten a lawyer as well. And I can't contact my HR dept as they are as bad or worse. Still no answers as to why taxable. I pay premiums post tax. They also hired a company call ALLSUP to work me over on to SSDI. Even trying for full disability. If I call and talk to the rep Marcel he is like well..."I can try to look in to it." If they put me on SSDI then they want theirs back. Also don't understand why I pay them if going to SSDI. This has gone on too long.
In July 2016 my husband was having back problems, our family doctor sent him to see an orthopedic doctor who took him out of work until they could find out what the problem was. After over 8 weeks and 10+ visits to the doctors and not working he is still waiting on CIGNA to start his short term disability. He started the paper work around July 27, 2016 and all phone calls were made by him to his "case worker". We checked into why it has not started and naturally the company handling the doctors records charge for copies and mailing. CIGNA has not paid the $10 to get the copies, which they deny, saying they have paid. Enough is enough. We are broke because any saving has been paid to the doctors and to our monthly bills. Get off your butt and do your job.
CIGNA disability!!! They make their own rules - I’ve been out of work for a few months with anxiety & panic attacks & insomnia & depression. My doctor has me on month-to-month evaluations. I’ve been out for four months. On the fifth month they have denied the claim the same diagnosis was submitted, I’ve called to talk to (Jessica **) Plano Texas field claims officer, five or six times and emailed her three or four times asking why my claim has not been approved. She will not return any of my calls or emails!
My husband has Cigna Health, Short Term Disability and Long Term Disability policies through his employer. In March of this year, he was transported by ground ambulance to the nearest Trauma ER, where he was treated on an emergency basis and admitted to CCU, where he stayed for 8 days before being discharged to an acute care floor. After another 7 or 8 days, he was discharged to inpatient rehab, where he stayed for another week. Of course, there were several providers that treated him during this time that are not in the plan network. As of today, all but 4 of the providers have been paid under "enhanced" benefits, meaning they are being treated as if they are actually in the network. The employer handled the FMLA paperwork and got the ball rolling on the STD with Cigna right away.I was in contact with the claim specialist right away and overall, checks were submitted pretty much like clockwork without more than a short glitch or 2. I constantly kept his assigned claim rep in the loop as to his status via faxes and voicemail. My only real frustration came when his status changed to LTD. Most of that was because I was not aware that instead of weekly payments, payments would only be made monthly in "arrears", meaning, once his claim was approved, he would be paid once per month, at the end of that month. Correspondence from CIGNA comes very slowly, a letter dated 7/13/18 advising that his claim had been approved did not arrive here until 7/21/18. I have never had an issue with calling them and not receiving a return call.Any information that they need that I can provide them - I always ask and offer. Such as, on the 16th when I spoke to his claim specialist Kelly, she told me the claim had been approved but they were waiting for 12 months worth of check stubs from his employer to calculate the "award". I asked if I could supply her with them, she was surprised by the offer, and said, "Sure you can, if you have access to them." So I did, and by the 19th we had our first payment on the LTD claim. Even though I make sure to follow up regularly and ask questions and have called CIGNA Health several times to get claims taken care of - I can't really say that anyone at CIGNA has been anything but helpful.
Do not use Cigna for any of your insurance. It is a scam period for almost a year I was working on a job and paying close to $600 a month for this coverage. I had an injury and the doctor told me I could not work for 3 weeks. My employer could not hold my job for me. So I called Cigna to get my insurance from my bosses' office before they let me go. They told me I was covered and I would receive my short-term disability. My boss turned in the paperwork to go ahead and let me go. And then weeks later Cigna refuse to pay me because I was terminated the same day of my injury report. They use loopholes to screw their customers over every chance they get. Had they told us to begin with my boss could have held off on the paperwork.I also went to use some of their doctors before my termination and found that everyone who uses them are substandard. The glasses I got I ended up paying my co-pay about $100 more than what I have bought my glasses for without using their insurance because they sent me to some kind of goofy doctor. And the glasses I got were a lot cheaper built than what I am used to. The dentist they sent me to did not know very much about what he was doing. I had to pay 2 Grand for a crown, and he did not fit it right. There is a gap as wide as my fingernail along one entire side that food collected in and he told me it was no problem. The doctor spackled some stuff across it to fill it in three times now and it will not stay in. This is why laws requiring you to have insurance are so wrong. You're better off saving your money and paying a good doctor to do the job right the first time. The only reason I gave Cigna one star is because negative stars are not offered.
I applied for a short term disability from my job for debilitating fibromyalgia with Cigna being the STD provider. After being given a claim number and told to start my STD on October 3rd, I used the 7 vacation days required, provided Cigna over 150 pages of 4 doctors diagnosis, notes, x-rays, history, meds tried, etc. But when I called Cigna to find out about the approval of my claim, I, too, was given the run-around. People wouldn't give you their last names, transfers, and hold times were outrageous. Finally on November 3rd I was sent a letter denying my claim with no real reason given other than they did not deem it medically necessary. They never even spoke with any of my providers—none. I filed an appeals packet on December 4th with an additional 50 pages of information, diagnosis and notes from a new independent doctor, and personal letters from 4 of the other providers that I've seen along with my own appeals letter. Cigna received this packet on 12/5 and by 12/6 I had a letter denying my appeal! It has been a full time job just trying to get this STD approved. I wrote to all of their C-level executives, to state attorney's, and to insurance commissioners for both Philly and WA requesting that they re-open this case as they clearly never even looked at my appeals packet, nor had yet to speak with my doctors. To date, 1/3/12, Cigna has finally contacted 3 of my medical providers, but has not provided me with a conclusion. I'm still fighting. I'm fairly certain that my job is in the process of replacing me as the FMLA ran out on December 25th. The whole ordeal has been a nightmare.
I have been on long-term disability with Cigna for 17 months. I am currently experiencing problems with Cigna. This will be my 3rd bad experience with them. Cigna is requesting my updated medical records, as they periodically do, to verify that I am still disabled, unable to work, and continue to receive benefits from them.My claims manager is new. She, however, is on the same team that has wrongfully denied my claim twice before. She requested my records from 5 doctors and the place where I received outpatient PT for 8 months. The requests were made on December 22nd. Cigna's HIPPA statement is missing a clause that is required in the state of Virginia. The area records department sent a letter and the needed form to Cigna so that my records could be released. (I have been through this before...'d think whoever is training this new person would know about this by now, instead of wasting precious time).So, the release forms are mailed to me, I sign them, and send them back (with delivery confirmation) the very next day. After I see that they have been received by Cigna, I wait a few days, and then check with my doctors to make sure that they have received these forms from Cigna. Nope. I call the records department and she sees only the original requests from Cigna on December 22nd.I call my Claims Manager. She tells me the she had faxed these forms with new requests to all of my doctors and PT on January 15th. I informed her that no one had received anything from her since December 22nd and that the records department lady told me to ask Cigna to fax everything again because no one had received this "supposed" January 15th fax. My Claims Manager insisted that she indeed had faxed to all of my doctors on January 15th and that she wanted to wait a week or two to see what their turnaround time was, and that she also didn't want to receive duplicate records. Then she said that maybe she should send me a letter giving me an update of where they were in the process!I already knew where they were in the process! Cigna is up to their same old games they play. My Claims Manager said that my urologist hadn't faxed the additional records that they requested. I made a call to them. The Secretary that I spoke with was mad as heck at Cigna because she had faxed everything on January 5th and had a confirmation page. I left 4 messages with my Claims Manager informing her of this and would she call me to confirm that she got these records. She finally told me during the 5th phone call that yes, she had received these urology records.At this point, I inform my Claims Manager again that the rest of my doctors and PT have not received anything since December 22nd. Then my Claims Manager says that maybe she should MAIL the forms and requests to my doctors. Gee...let's waste another week. After all, she told me that I'd be fine as long as they received everything within 60 days. I said no to mailing and she said that on February 1st she would put a big sticky note on her computer and come into work early the next day and re-fax everything. I told her that I would be calling my doctors later that day to make sure that the faxes were received. Five phone calls later, and not one of them have received a thing. No one has received anything since the original request, minus the correct release form, on December 22nd, 2015.At this point, I have made probably 30 or more phone calls and messages in writing to every doctor involved and my Claims Manager and I am red hot mad. Because, I have been jerked around like this by them before. If they "claim" that they haven't received what they need in time, they'll close your claim. Due to my disability, I cannot drive. So, out in the pouring rain, my ex-husband drove me clear across the city to my spine surgeon's office, where I signed another release form, and his lovely and helpful Secretary took this form directly to the records department. Now my records can finally be released to Cigna. Tomorrow I will make sure my PT records are sent as well.So, I call my new Claims Manager and tell her that I went to one of my doctor's offices today, signed another release form, and that it was hand-delivered to the records department, and that she would now be getting my records. I did inform her that we were having severe weather today with torrential downpours and that I had to have someone drive me clear across town to sign another release because she did not re-fax everything like she said she would first thing the previous morning with her sticky note reminder.WOW is all I can say...her tone of voice was angry, confrontational, and arrogant! She insisted that she was following Cigna's "process" and she wanted me to wait on the phone while she tried to find the faxes confirmations. I asked her if she could mail me all if these confirmation pages. She said she didn't know, that she'd never had anyone ask that before. I reminded her of her big sticky note and her plan to come in early the day before to re-send the faxes, and I asked her if she doesn't remember doing that, and she didn't answer.She kept insisting that she was doing everything correctly and everything that she could to get my records. I asked her to explain then why 5 different offices were all telling me the same thing, "nothing since December 22nd"? No answer. Just more ugly, confrontational language from her that she's followed Cigna's procedures. All the while, she's fumbling through her computer, trying to locate fax confirmation pages. She could not locate them, but insisted they were in there. Yet, she had no answer to why no one was receiving them.Now this lady had been very pleasant to talk with, until today. She became quickly angered when I told her that I had signed a new release form today and that she'd be getting my records soon. And she kept interrupting me. She offered no apology. In fact, she told me that ultimately, it was up to ME to get my records to Cigna! Oh, really? Why do we need a Claims Manager for then? Just send me a letter of what you want, and I'll be glad to get you my records. That would be so much better than being lied to, making multiple phone calls, having increased anxiety, and worrying if I will be able to buy groceries and my medications this month.I was so mad by now that I informed my Claims Manager that I had previously filed a complaint with our state's insurance board and maybe I needed to file another complaint. She said, "Go ahead!" I also said that I should have a talk with her supervisor, and she again said, "Go ahead!" I don't know what set this woman off...either she was purposely trying to delay getting my records so that my claim would be closed, and I foiled her plans, or she is so sure that she is doing her job perfectly and I'm saying otherwise, I just don't know. I don't know if she is making mistakes with the fax machine perhaps? I would like a copy of all of these "supposed" fax confirmation pages, first to prove that she really has sent these faxes, and two, I could verify that the fax #s are the correct ones. I do not want to continue having this sort if ongoing issues with Cigna. All this unnecessary anxiety for $351 a month. Unfortunately, I need this income.And BTW, I am so disabled, that I received Social Security on the first try. I am only 54, so it was not due to my age. I got no hassle from Social Security. Yet, now Cigna is asking for a Functionality Test from me. I won't go into what my disabilities are, but I wish these Cigna people could be in my place for a while and be treated the same by their corrupt company the same way that they have treated me. They really don't care about us, they care about screwing disabled customers out of money we are truly entitled to receive. Like we haven't lost enough, Let's take away their income too. If I do decide to file more complaints, my former employer is a Fortune 50 company, with roughly 1,800 stores. I think our corporate offices should be made aware of how Cigna treats their employees. There is Cigna, life insurance, MetLife policies, all under the same umbrella. It would be a huge loss if this Fortune 50 company switched to someone else.
I applied for short term disability through my workplace, due to a work related injury that was denied. Dr office sent in paperwork, Cigna never received it. So I reapplied. Paperwork that Dr.'s office sent in states I will be out from 11/27/18-2/18/19 due to 4 surgeries. 1st & 2nd surgeries were on 11/27/18, next 2 were on 12/4/18, follow up appt. on 12/14/18. I was approved for 12/4/18-12/14/18, received 1 check end of Jan. 2019. Was told I will have to wait til my 2/15/19 appt. so they can review & set up a payment. What? Meantime, I have to send in my Cigna insurance premiums while I am not working. This process has to be reviewed.
I have never been through so much hell in my life to get the help I need with the disability ins that I pay to help me. I am currently out of work due to cervical spondylosis, migraines, and left and right carpal tunnel. On March of 2014, I submitted and my family doctor's staff and neurosurgeon office staff faxed all documents that Ashley ** (cm) of Cigna STD requested. They, in return, sent me one check. Two weeks later, my disability was stopped. I appealed my case because I was told there was not enough findings. More information from my doctors was given. I called to check the status and Ms. Nicole **, who is on the STD appeals case, stated I had a deadline to submit my findings. I faxed her information 2 days before due date. I called again to check the status and Ms. ** stated that I needed to fax her something in writing stating it is okay to begin the appeal. I have never heard of such BS so I asked her to send me a copy of this from their company policy manual stating this. I have never received the copy yet. It has been 5 weeks and still no copy. I am a single mom of 2 young kids who thought that I cannot trust Cigna disability insurance. I have lost my car insurance and will be possibly having surgery soon. Still no letter and no money. Please, everyone take the time to read about this insensitive and lying staff who we employ for Cigna disability insurance. I won't stop praying until Almighty God steps in and show these people who we give jobs to, who is really in control. Please do not waste your time and money arguing with a company who does not keep up with faxed documents or always lying and saying they do not have enough findings. They don't want to pay us, but in Jesus' name, they will someday answer to every lie and hidden paperwork. Help people who trust this lying company. Treat others as you would like to be treated.
If I could give Cigna's short term disability coverage zero stars, I would. Without going into detail as the claim is still pending, claim managers and the nursing staff at Cigna have repeatedly lied to/misled me about details regarding my claim. I was told that I sent enough medical information with my initial submission and it would be enough to review; later found out this wasn't the case. My doctor's office mailed further information that they then requested; Cigna again said this wasn't enough. The nurse has now apparently stated that there were "no diagnostic tests" included in the medical records that would support my condition. Results of these diagnostic tests that DID HAPPEN were included in the initial paperwork. I've called them several times a week for the past four weeks, and barely any progress gets made at all. Phone calls to provide updates that were promised go unreturned.I sent my initial claim paperwork four weeks ago, and when you do so, they say that a decision will be made in "3 business days." What they mean is that once the medical staff has every answer to every possible minuscule question they have, they can make a decision in 3 business days. And according to the other reviews, they could hold you in limbo for months with this back and forth until that happens. And you'll probably get denied.My doctor himself is sick of dealing with the constant requests from Cigna and has said he's going to try to speak with them himself to get them off my back. I've been out of work for a while now. I have no more money, I have bills to pay, food to buy, and the stress is making it all worse physically and emotionally. I'm about to go back to work because I'm feeling better, but I don't know what I'd do if I weren't feeling better. I don't think I can deal with these Cigna folks for another minute.
Good morning. I am sending this comment in regards to my experience. I applied for my STD in Dec 17/2018. Until moment I have not received any phone call, any message or any notification. I deserve respect. My case is with “Luka”. Supposedly they have not received my doctor's records, I think this is negligent work because I called my doctor office and his assistants and got my records. This is the worst company. I am thinking to submit a complaint with the BBB.
CIGNA closes my LTD claim without any notice. My February check was short, so I called CIGNA on 2/28/18. Was told my claim manager would look into it and get back to me. I have made three calls to find out what's going on. I found out today that my claim was closed. No notice. No call. When I called today for an update and was informed that my claim is closed, I was told my case manager called me on my cell on 3/9/18. But my cell call log doesn't show any incoming calls. Now, I'm stuck. I'm in the process of appealing SSDI. I now have no money, I'm not married and have no other means of support. I can hardly get out of bed. I guess they want me to join the homeless. Jokes on them, I'll kill myself first.
Cigna must review and verify that claims are valid and they must have updated information. This is understandable. I am on STD from my current position due to bicycle injury. I have had FMLA and I now have personal medical leave until I am able to return to work. All of my Dr information is up to date. I have now been calling Cigna for 3 weeks asking if they would please update my medical information so that I can continue to receive my STD payments. I have spoken with several claim representatives, including the one I am assigned to. For 3 weeks I have been told that they are going to fax my Dr and get verification of my condition. I have phoned daily. No one has sent a fax to my Dr from the company, verified each day with Dr office.Today was the final straw. I called to assure they had faxed the information once again and, I was told that the number they are calling for my Dr is not valid. I verified the phone number and it is the number I call each and everyday and this number is in good working order. I have asked to speak with supervisor and all I am told is they are in meetings and all that can be done is for me to leave message. I have now been without a disability check for 2 weeks. Fortunately, I do not rely on this income. I wonder what happens to individuals who have to rely on this income for rent, food, etc. This is unacceptable customer service. I have placed a complaint with my company and will continue to call Cigna until this matter is resolved. This should not happen to ANYBODY who is injured.
I have worked in executive-level corporate positions for about 10 years and was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease about 5 years ago. I am currently waiting on their response to my LTD appeal. I thought I'd share a couple of things I did in the process to date in the hopes they might help others. Early in the STD process, I raised a concern that no one there had any experience with a neurological disorder and were asking me questions that make no sense for my condition. I was able to have a long conversation with the nurse clinical manager as a result. I believe this was helpful in getting my STD approved.When my claim was not transferred to the LTD team in a timely manner (and after speaking to a rude and unhelpful supervisor), I went out on LinkedIn and searched for people that worked for Cigna looking for titles/location that might be over the team I was dealing with. I phoned the person that looked most promising. Her admin found a manager (over the supervisor role) who called me back in about 10 minutes. I was then able to ensure they did process the claim in a reasonable time -- I continued to call the managers. That didn't ensure approval but might help folks who just can't reach anyone. Last, my attorney wrote a letter accompanying my appeal. It cost me $350. I don't know yet whether it will help but I felt having her cite the laws they were breaking in the review process up to that point could put some pressure on them to abide by the law and policy.
In early 2009 I had a surgery to correct diverticulitis. The surgery went bad after a week and my re-section separated, got peritonitis and almost died. To make a very long story short, it took 6 more surgeries to somewhat correct the stomach pains I still have. In 2012 I had my lower back/spine fused. For the last 3 years I have taken ** every 6 hours for pain. I cannot sit for longer than 10 minutes without having pain.Since 2009 Cigna has denied my claim three times. First time they denied my claim after they helped me get SSDI. My doctors could not believe they were denying my claim. I waited almost a year before Cigna paid me. In 2010 Cigna denied my claim and again I appealed and waited almost a year to get paid my benefit. In 2011 they denied my claim again and I hired an attorney to appeal my case. Cigna again waited almost a year to pay me, but the attorney got more than half my benefit payment for representing me. Now in 2013 Cigna has again denied me my earned benefits. I am 60 years old now and cannot do much of anything without taking a lot of pain medications.I worked 38 years for (PPL) a very large international electric utilities company and always thought I had great benefits. Cigna now tells me that I am not cooperative because I could not finish Cigna's work function test without taking pain medications. The second schedule work function test I cancel two days before and ask Cigna to reschedule because I sprained my ankle doing water therapy for my spine surgery. I am currently taking multiple medications for major depression, blood pressure, thyroid, cholesterol and prostate gland. Again they are denying my earned benefits because I am not cooperating. Cigna has created a real financial hardship for me over the last four years. CIGNA - A BAD FAITH COMPANY, you be the judge.
The short term disability was not so bad. They did pay 60 percent of my salary while my husband was off for shoulder surgery. We had to pay 20% of that back to them for the premium. At least he was drawing a check and it did come on time... until it got close to the 6 month mark. He went 3 weeks without a check. They sent one for back pay, but, some of our bills were late by then. Now it is time for the long term disability to kick in, and Cigna told my husband they had 60 days to review his case and he would not receive a check until November the 9th. They also requested pay stubs. They have his pay stubs from his short term disability and he has not been to work. They lady from Cigna, named Tasha, laid the phone down on her desk while he was asking her questions and did not listen to him. He heard her shuffling papers in the phone and he asked "Are you there?" a few times and she did not answer. We pay every week the premium. I have had to borrow money just to pay this since we are not getting a check. I work full time, but, my check does not cover all of our bills. The doctor has not released him to go back to work and he has not released him to drive a car. My husband is a truck driver. He cannot use his left arm much at all. How are we supposed to live without the insurance money that Cigna is supposed to provide. I don't know what the difference is in Short Term and Long Term, especially since we are paying for it and have been for years, never have used it or attempted to use it until now. Cigna is HORRIBLE, Rip-OFF Insurance.
I am a type 1 diabetic with very high to low sugars along with stage 3-4 renal failure. I suffer from depression along with blood clotting disorder on top of anemia, and now recently been diagnosed with gastrointestinal disorder. I have been on long term for over a year now and had to go to doctor many, many times before. It was good enough for them To accept with all these illnesses. My doctor retired and left notes on November who put me on disability and what do you know they wanted notes from a doctor I just have gotten established to and have seen one time which he even said looking at my chart I have a chart of an 89 year old woman and I am in my thirties.I have not chose this life and instead of letting me worry about my health Cigna is making sure I quit with trying to get my ltd. I asked them before I went to new doctor what they needed from him and then never gave me any paperwork. So with that being said I emailed my Cigna contact and asked over and over if I needed anything because the new doctor wasn't quite sure with what exactly they were needing besides a copy of the 15 things I'm dealing with. What else they needed to understand I'm sick. I of course got no response. So guess what I am back to square one with them. Don't worry when it comes to health and mine and taking a stand. I'm a fighter. They can go screw themselves because I refuse to let them and their crew win.
My claim was also denied. Diagnosed with cervical spondylosis. I have filed an appeal with an attorney but waiting on the results. I have written to the California Insurance Commissioner regarding ** but we should all write to him and demand that he take action. Giving Cigna a slap on the wrist has obviously allowed Cigna to game the system. If one of us committed fraud to that extent we would be facing imprisonment. Write to them here: ** then also file complaints. **
All I can say is if you're able do not purchase anything from this insurance company!! I was off work for 8 weeks due to a disability I was born with and my employer not wanting to accommodate me after my Dr put me on a 50/50 restriction. I had to hire an employment lawyer in my area and send a nondiscrimination letter to my employer for accommodations so I could return to work due to a disability I was born with. My employer uses Cigna for our short term disability. I filed my claim on August the 8th and have went back to work but still no payment on my short term disability. I keep getting letters stating no supporting evidence to support my claim!!! I have the back of a 90 year old person at the age of 49. I chose to work because I want to not because I have to. I have never seen such incompetence as I have with this company. I went to Scottish Rite Hospital for Crippled Children until I was 18. And here this company has a nurse telling me that I am able to stand 9 to 12 hours a day. REALLY!!! I am way over this incompetent company and on my way to seek legal counsel. Do not depend on Cigna to help you with anything even though they are paid to do so. I would challenge anyone of them at this company to work and live in my shoes for one day or one week they would never make it.
I am writing about my experience with Cigna Short Term Disability. I was diagnosed with lymphedema 4 years ago but continued to work under an accommodations agreement with my company. But soon after, my company started giving me a hard time about my limitations to attend certain meetings & such due to my therapy schedule & the stress caused my condition to worsen which caused undue pressure on my heart so my vascular surgeon put me on short term disability which I was upset with. But considering if my condition got worse it could potentially cause a stroke or heart attack I agreed. My VS prescribed 12 weeks of therapy which Cigna approved two weeks of but now has continued to deny my claim saying doctor's notes aren't enough & therapist notes don't say enough when both therapist & Doctor are saying they've provided detailed information regarding my condition. I keep calling Cigna but they keep saying it's still under review but their personalized website for my claim says closed & denied. I'm at a loss as to what to do at this point.
My employer switched to Cigna in August of 2013. It has been an absolute nightmare. I broke my wrist and finger, went to 3 emergency rooms until someone was willing to even deal with Cigna. Now, I am off on LTD because of several life disasters, death, divorce, foreclosure, etc. and have been informed that I no longer have insurance and they will be sending out the Cobra information. They took 4 months to get me 'owed' monies. I had to give away pets, we had no groceries, and no house or car payments made during this time. My sons could not continue their therapy as I could not afford it. ** Cigna.
I purchased a long term disability policy first of all under false pretense. The plan was nothing at all what I was told it would be. It actually turns out that even if they did approved me I would have to return the benefits after I am approved for social security because I have a pension plan through work for disability. At best I would possibly get $100 a month. I have had 3 back surgeries and have been diagnosed with facet joint ropothy degenerative disc, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia and restless leg that is not only in my legs but causes jerks in my whole body which along with the fibromyalgia causes extreme chronic fatigue. I am also being treated for depression and anxiety. I sit at a desk job and quite often travel long distances in a company car. Cigna thinks from doctor's notes (the same doctors that have said I can not return to work) that I have no viable claim that I can't return to work. This is even with a physical capacity test that states what I am unable to do. My neurosurgeon has been in practice for over 40 years and my other physicians are the best in their fields in my area. Really Cigna!! They are a joke and I think the government should do some type of audit and shut them down for taking advantage of the American Public!!
My story has not yet developed to the extent of dissatisfaction that most of you have expressed but it's still in it's infancy stages and I expect to be joining the rest of you soon based on preliminary conversations with my so called case worker. Three years ago I had anterior cervical discectomy at C3 - C4. It came out of nowhere one morning and literally shut down my body. I could not stand straight, had difficulty walking, experienced shooting pain in my back, arms and legs. I immediately went to my primary care physician who submitted a request to Cigna for an MRI. Cigna responded with the following; Coverage decision - "the service you requested is not covered;" followed by several lame reasons why they would not pay for it. Upon receiving the rejection my PCP got in contact with a neurologist who submitted for an EMG test. That was approved so the test was administered. Based on the test results, the neurologist could tell something was terribly wrong so he now made the request to Cigna for the MRI. By now, over a month had passed and my condition was getting worse. I get the MRI done on a Thursday and Friday, the neurologist calls me and says he scheduled me for emergency surgery the following Monday (April 1st) as I am on the verge of being paralyzed. The disc had crushed the spinal cord sack to a point where no fluid was traveling past the damaged area. Monday I show up at the hospital and have the operation, the next day when the neurosurgeon comes to see me he says the injury was so old that he had enough bone spur to scrape and use for the fusion. We go for a walk around the nurses station and I still have difficulty walking and the back pain is still there. When I tell him how I feel he says it will take time to recover as all the signals traveling down my body had re-routed to different sets of nerves and the brain would have to sync with the correct nerves after the pressure was relieved. I lost all strength in my legs by now and could not get up off the floor or walk more than 20 yards without experiencing pain that reached a level 9 on the chart. So now I start my office calls with the surgeon and go off to PT for several weeks. No help from the PT, actually made me worse for several days after each visit, keep telling the surgeon on each visit and now develop a stronger radiating pain in my left shoulder which I also tell the doc about and he attributes that to the disc damage. This goes on for almost two years, no problem from Cigna on office calls, PT, or a request for another cervical MRI to see if anything would show up. MRI does not show anything conclusive other than a white spot that was identified as a potential cyst in the lumbar/thoracic region. I decide to move south with my job as I was petrified of walking in the snow and falling down where someone might not see me. Before I go the neurosurgeon finally says this may be how I live the rest of my life.The day before I leave, I call Emory Hospital in Atlanta and ask for an appointment and explain the situation. A few days later the person I drove down with takes me to Emory and I see the head of the orthopedic division, his bio reads like a who's who in spinal cord field. He reviews my MRI and says 75% of the people who have an injury as bad as mine get better, 20% stay the same and 5% get worse. I continue down to Macon where I take residence and start seeing the local orthopedic surgeons. They want their own MRI performed so we do another one. Now they see white spots on the spinal cord and say they believe them to be scar tissue which has formed as the healing process continued and also say there is nothing they can do improve my condition. I do complain about the lingering arm pain so they agree to do an EMG test on the left arm and leg. At the end of the test the doctor says I have something going on in the elbow area and thinks it may be a Tommy John's injury and also says there are indications of permanent nerve damage in the right leg. He schedules an appointment with one of the other doctors about a week out. The day before my appointment I wake up with my small and ring finger curled or hooked under and cannot straighten them. I go to my appointment and immediately upon seeing my hand this doctor says I have Ulnar nerve entrapment and need surgery. Again no complaints from Cigna.After the operation the doctor says the nerve was pretty flat when he opened my arm up and was unsure of the extent of the damage and says it will take about six months to see if the nerve regenerates. Six months pass, no improvement so that also looks permanent. I have atrophy in several locations on my hand and to this day have little to no use of those two fingers and a constant tingling in the thumb. All this time I am still working.In the last six to eight months things are getting worse, I developed spasms in my legs, have started falling, get severe pain in the ankles and legs and a host of other ailments. By now I have a new primary care doctor who I see on a monthly basis and finally says "don't I think it's time to consider disability," I finally agree due to my age and just can't take the day to day pain any more so we file a claim for STD with Cigna.So far, just as all of you have said, nothing as far as paperwork is good enough. Mind you, this is coming from a case worker that has little to no medical training but says she has nurses available for consultation. In my book, a nurse is a far cry from a neurosurgeon or orthopedic surgeon. I even had a call from another woman who works for Cigna and has a 1001 reasons why I should not be applying for STD and tells me that it's my fault my case has not been approved or denied yet and it's MY responsibility to comply with all their wishes and demands.Over the years and at various employers I elected to take the Cigna coverage and always opted to pay for LTD also. So far, this looks like a big mistake. Reading so many other blogs and seeing the same recurring theme it looks like Cigna is just another money hungry corporation that likes to take all they can get and return nothing. So far they have caused me to lose three weeks of pay which is enough to make me enlist the aid of legal services and start contacting any regulatory agencies I can find. I did find a local attorney that hates Cigna and their practices and has no qualms about posting that on his website. I will tune in later as my case progresses and feel very sorry for all of you who have come before me and hope you all the best of luck with your endeavors.
I have been dealing with Cigna for almost a year and they have cause me more pain than I know what to do with. I am in tears as I write this now. One min. my case is fine and they are paying and the next the Doc did not send them what they want. So now I am not getting paid. I just found out today after just not getting my life back that it may be taken from me again. I had to sent my kids away so that they would be taken care and now they are coming home in 4 days and I just told again they are going to stop paying me so now I am looking at not seeing my kids again and being homeless again. This just can't be life right now.
I became disabled in 2015 and my employer had a long term disability policy with CIGNA. As soon as the first review came up they dropped me and after months of waiting they rejected my appeal... which I found out they do to everyone, counting on people not being able to afford a lawyer and getting fatigued. Their representatives are incredibly rude and hostile. My disability has been accepted by numerous entities but CIGNA MAKES ITS MONEY BY THIEVERY! My advice is you avoid Cigna at all costs. Better to put money in a mason jar. Don't just take my word, they are rated at the bottom... Quite task for rip off insurance companies. Cigna is about making money for their shareholders not taking care of people. If you work for Cigna you have no ethics!
Diagnosed with severe depression back in August 2014. I'm still in short term disability applied for the Long Term with Cigna through my employer. Went to review my claim online and the results were case closed. Called my representative and still waiting for him to call back. I don't understand how this work. I only have 3 wks on my short term and no other income, paying out of my pocket to see the doctor, and can only pay for one of the medication because the other too expense.
Obtained many reasons in the delay of LTD. The employer is NOT responsive. I will call you back as soon as I hear from them. One month I call Cigna. Same answer awaiting employers response to last day worked. Two months later I get a letter that I retrieved a month ago regarding needing an employer's response. Finally, I get a call after two months and nine days that the medical reports do not indicate disability. When I asked had the employer responded I am informed yes.NEVER, got a call about the employer responded. Every doctor I have has completed notation that I cannot work and my condition is severe. "No medical support." They prolonged denying me by indicating I am under review. Sent all medical reports. What a waste time and money. The case managers are the worse ever. The others who answer the phone are more helpful than the case managers. The case managers are nonchalant. I had to call them for information. I left so many messages it is disturbing and got little to no callbacks.When I did finally get someone (case manager) she let me know she will call me when she gets an update. Ignorant way of saying I am calling too much and give me a break. I was informed I can appeal. Why, to be treated bad and to be disregarded as a human being? If it took two months to be denied how many years would it take for an appeal. My experience has been horrible with the case managers. The case managers are playing the role of God with folk's lives. Two MONTHS to DENY over concrete medical records.
I was approved to receive short term disability for being off work due to an illness. After receiving the 1st month's payment my doctor sent in documentation keeping me off work for an additional 2 months. As each month went by and the doctor sent in the updated paperwork, Cigna never contacted myself or sent me any further payments. I left numerous messages, faxes & mailed in copies of medical paperwork with no response. I was finally able to speak with a Cigna representative today who told me my claim was still active but I am not eligible to receive any payments at this time. She could not tell me why either. She was rude & unsympathetic. I asked her to have my claim representative give me a call. This will be the 3rd day in a row this week I've left her a message with no response for her. I plan on cancelling this plan when I get back to work & discussing this with the HR department about a change.
After having my doctor fax numerous pieces of paper, my physical therapist and orthopedic doctors send all their notes and holding this all up for a month, today they denied my claim. I paid thirteen years worth of premiums and this is the response I get from them. They suck!
After my surgery when I learned that due to severity of the operation, I will not be able to use my right arm and shoulder for 6 weeks, I called my short term disability provider, Cigna, to file the claim. The customer service representative took the information and filed the claim starting May 1st and ending on June 15th. I received a letter after couple of weeks that my claim was approved from 05/08 through 05/10 without further details of steps to be taken and followed by a letter that I was supposed to have filled out by the doctor when I return to work. Once I started to recover from my pain and effects of medications, I started calling the claim processor to find out what the problem was. This woman never picks up her phone and a very long and winded message tells me to check the status online or check the automated status which is both incorrect. After leaving her several messages to call me back and getting no reply, I called her manager who was unavailable as well. I left him a message and he never returned the call. I called this woman again today and I am not expecting a response. I am now back to work but in spite of having disability insurance, I have not been paid for 5 weeks. How does one deal with such an incompetent national insurance provider? Is there any institution which actually listens to such complaints and tries to solve the issue or are we out of luck since these companies poured their money into election process of the people who would protect them in their crimes?
This issue is far from being resolved! The website just says it is if I respond to their private message.
After 4 surgeries on my spine in a 13-month time span, (two within 2 weeks of each other), three epidurals and numerous trigger point injections, the doctors would not release me to return to work. (I've always worked physical labor.) Cigna "misunderstood" my being released from the surgeon to after care physician as being released to work. This was between the 3rd and 4th surgeries. When they were contacted and informed of this "error", it became evident I was involved with either blatant and intention ignorance or thieves. Even after receiving the multitude of requested "more information", I still did not receive my LTD payment (in arrears) for months. When I was not released to return to the type of work I had been doing, my LTD should have rolled right over and began. That is how their sales representatives explained it. It has been almost a year and a half of hoop jumping and forms. I have had zero income since the last surgery. People buy insurance to protect themselves and their belongings. I have lost everything I owned because of having Cigna Insurance. I mean that in the most literal sense, too. They have been supplied with more than enough information supporting my condition. (Degenerative disc disease and spinal stenosis). Now, having to hire an attorney, I'll lose 1/3 of what I should have been living on in the first place. As I have been investigating this company, I've learned that from 2008-2010, Cigna has posted profit gains of 364% which over doubles the next three companies combined (WellPoint, United, Humana, as reported by ABC News). Their CEO, Edward Hanway retired on January 7, 2010 and received a $73 million retirement bonus (the same ABC News report which can be found online as I did). I am facing homelessness because of these thieves. If you have Cigna Insurance or you are an employer who offers Cigna Insurance, for God’s sake get out now. This is the voice of first hand experience telling you this, and believe me, when/if the time comes you need your benefits you have paid for, you are in for **.
I have Cigna Disability Insurance thru my employer. I have been off work for 2 months, filed 2 months ago for STD. They have not paid me a dime. They always claim that my doctors have not sent information, it's under review. Since I went on Medical Leave for low back pain with severe leg pain, my doctors found what could have led to the back issue - I have a collapsed femoral head on my right hip - causing severe pain - and now having severe pain doing anything, and have trouble even putting on my socks! My orthopedic surgeon has recommended a total hip replacement - otherwise, remain in pain, unable to continue daily life normally, stay in pain and eventually wind up in a wheelchair.Since I have no income, I have raided my savings - soon that will run out. I will be returning to work - against medical advice - and now will not have the hip surgery due to Cigna not paying me anything. I have told Cigna that any further damage or injury at work or related to traveling 40 min to and from work, will be on them. I have reached out to an attorney at this point. There needs to be a class action lawsuit against Cigna - maybe if they have to pay another 73 million in damages, that might cause them to rethink business practices.
My husband has had 6 back surgeries and a hip replacement and has went through a lot with Cigna wanting to cut us off. Received a call today that they were going to cut him off that the doctor they just sent him to said he could go back to work. He bent his leg which cause pain - poked his feet with a object. He also made the comment that he brought his lunch because my husband told him he would be there all day trying to move his leg in a position that it would not go in. Very unprofessional. They told us we could appeal. I wonder if we should get a lawyer.
I went on FMLA through my company (ARA) for which I had Cigna PPO ins. I signed up for short term disability, as I was out of work on a flare up from an injury sustained during combat in Iraq (documented). I ended up getting paid for 4 weeks. 4. Since then I've had flare-ups where I fainted, disorientation, crippling anxiety, night sweats, not to mention my fiance had a miscarriage which destroyed her, not your problem, but that was on my plate too. Taking care of her which I'm sure also takes a toll on my mental stability. Seeing things, hearing things, paranoia, hypervigilance. Cigna Behavioral Health wants me back in work like this? You clearly need training. I find it hard to believe that your "behavioral Health Specialists" if they knew what PTSD was would think 4 whole weeks would suffice to get back in the workforce. I could not focus, I could not be around people. I was locking myself in bathrooms and crying. I've turned around on the way to work due to anxiety being so high I had to turn around, I've missed quite a bit of time at every job I've had since discharge. And here's Cigna, saying, "Just go back to work Jeff." That is the most irresponsible and potentially dangerous solution, just so you guys can save a few bucks.I am not sure if you're aware of the 2 decades of war we have been involved in. Many have answered the call, many I know personally have given their all. Millions upon millions of Veteran's coming home to OUR country, the one we're willing to give our ALL to, needing help. 1/4 are coming back with some level of PTSD. Suicide is at an all-time high for Marines. 22 a day. Mental health is a CRISIS, but "get back to work Jeff so we can save a few bucks." Just this week we've had 3 marines take their life. Stop giving them a hard time. PTSD is a real disease, stop treating it like a twisted freaking ankle.
I went out on surgery leave which led to having to kick in short term disability. I went ahead and applied and went through a heck of a time trying to prove my case. I finally got approved for it then the next Dr appointment I was put as a candidate for permanent disability and they dropped me like hot cakes suddenly. Dr's notes weren't good enough or they never received faxes which was a constant problem. Then there was a demand for Dr's narrative which my surgeon wrote, but that still wasn't good enough and denied again and get this never received fax. Hmmmm... Don't they read??? I have stacks of Therapy notes explained lack of motion nerve damage etc.Now I have to go to neurosurgeon and still not good enough so I go without job without pay etc... And having to hire lawyer for something I paid into and the nasty excuse for careless individuals who treat you like dirt. If I could shut this company down with one phone call to the head person I would because they are a company that does not care and you have to be dead before they cover you and it's sad there are companies like this ripping hardworking individuals off.
MD called today and wants me to come in for Cigna papers. Was confused because this spring to summer this year had a lot of papers done by many doctors and a lady named Kim ** handling things at Cigna. I called Cigna today and my account has been closed. Kim is not in that department anymore. New lady Karen said my claim is closed. I tried to explain that I am much sicker than I was in 2010. They denied my claim several times and I had to hire an attorney just to get things straight back then.I do not know how they can close your claim without notifying you and especially if you still ill and not released to return to work. I am on permanent disability. Multiple medical problems. I have adrenal insufficiency and carry emergency IM doses with me for when I have increased stress. I just had to give myself an injection because Cigna has caused my stress level to increase. How can they do this without notifying me? They offered me $140,000 a few years ago and I said, "No, I need a monthly check." Cigna is turning my life upside down.
I'm almost 63 years old. I've worked hard all my life. 2 1/2 years ago, I had my 5th back surgery. After having 8 screws and rods put in my spine, I couldn't work the job I was doing for 27 years. I collect SS disability and have no problem. I paid for long term disability for over 25 years just in case something like this would happen. Cigna is the insurance company. For the last 3 years, they have been harassing my doctors and trying to make my life mistakable. I do everything they want but it's not enough. What can I do to stop them from harassing my doctors and me? I'm not milking the system. I just want what I deserve.
I had surgery (mastectomy) on 9/23 and the caseworker from Cigna called me the following Monday less than a week after my surgery. Originally I was told that I would be approved for up to 6 weeks to recover. All of the sudden my time to recover was cut down to less than TWO WEEKS. Who returns to work after surgery in less than TWO WEEKS? Why do I pay for disability if I cannot use it? I cannot even straighten out my arm completely and my doctor says I need PT, yet somehow the people at Cigna think I can return to work full-time in less than two weeks. They just do not want to pay.
My wife applied for my STD back in 11/2018 because I was in a coma suffering from severe sepsis which led to bacterial meningitis, among other illnesses. We were issued one check in November for two weeks and then one in Dec. for one week. Then our claim was closed because a Cigna associate said there was not enough information from the Dr. We appealed with significant more proof that I am indeed still unable to work from the effects of Bacterial Meningitis. I have lost my hearing, I am unable to stand/walk without assistance and unable to drive due to a balance disorder. They denied the appeal! The doctors recommended vestibular therapy and I was going but had to stop since I have no income coming in. I have to see several doctors per month and still pay the co-pays.I don't understand how Cigna can see that I go to several doctors per month, and still say I do not meet the requirements. I wonder with all that I have read from other complaints what exactly does qualify for you to get what you paid into? Maybe, death? Then who would you pay? I guess It would even be denied then? It is so sad that when you need assistance after working so hard and thinking that whatever illness you are dealing with, it will be a little easier knowing you have insurance to help out with the bills, just to find out, that Cigna will fight you tooth & nail just so they do not have to pay a claim. I think that a class action suit should be brought against this company asap! Sincerely, A Very Unhappy Customer.
Was taking out of work on May 5th 2014, I have severe nerve damage, I'm a diabetic, high blood, had heart attack and died was brought back, followed by back damage, severe depression. I was on my job for 13 yrs and was hardly missed work. Well my disability caseworker for ltd closes my case today April 8th 2015. He did nothing to inform me and I got a lawyer, I'm taking it to the limit.
My dr. placed me off work for six weeks of short term disability leave. The adjuster kept giving me the run around for over a month. They finally approved me six weeks of back pay after I finally got a hold of some supervisors and they issued a check. Then they started this not the right paperwork crap. Then once they got the medical records from my dr they say there's not enough evidence in what the dr wrote to pay me my short term payments. They are just causing me more anxiety, depression and stress disorders. I hope and pray that one day they will all need help like I do and they get a big dose of their own medicine!
Updated on 01/21/2019: Waiting on the case and nurse managers still checking what my drs were sending saying I need to stay out of work. I sent every record to the case and nurse person again. They always say, "We didn't get things" or that the dr didn't answer or something. That is a lie. The seizures I have I guess that stop me from talking and oh wait having tubes down my throat. I guess I can still go to work daily when that happens. I've done everything the Cigna case lady has asked me since October. Me calling her to find things out. But it took the nurse person for Cigna from October to January to decide that I wasn't sick enough or however they deny you. Now I'll still be sick and not being able to function my job and well because I've waited so long for nothing anything help from Cigna. I'm sure I'll be losing things also. Have a nice afternoon.Original Review: I've been out of work since the end of June 2018. I had grand-mal seizures. Had more in August to the point the Drs put tubes in my throat and nose. So my boss told me to go on short term. I also had a heart attack and a stent put in in March. I went back to work 3 days after I got out. I've had so many Drs appt and Cigna has wanted the Drs to give them updates every appt. Even if in July my Dr put for me to stay out till November. If they "SAY" they don't get the update. They hold back your short term... Two of my Drs now have sent info to them. Primary and Neurologist but case manager just says, "We didn't receive it. Have them send it again." Let me call them. Ask which dr is which. Now the lady has closed my case. Even though I still sit at home having seizures. No-one gives help when you try to figure this out. It is just more stress for the people who are already dealing with sickness and other things.
I'm so upset and I need to share this story. I would like to share my story with you because it may help someone in the near future by exposing some of these insurance companies treatment of people who are really sick. I have been unable to work due to a chronic physical illness since 2/24/15. My salary was a 6 figure income but after going on medical leave, I only received half of that amount. I received Short Term Disability benefits from Cigna for 90 days. Then, I began receiving Long Term Disability benefits thereafter.On Friday 4/7/17, Cigna called me to tell me that my case had been reviewed by a Special Team of people based on the requested Physician Notes of my Rheumatologist. The Cigna Representative then said that this Special Team concluded that based on the Physician Notes, my education (Ph.D. Psychology), and the fact that I can lift up to 10 lbs, I could be working a job that is sedentary. I then asked, "how can you come to this conclusion when one of my problems with work was that it was painful for me to sit or stand for long periods of time?" I told him that lying down on a heating pad is most helpful. I explained that my medicines cause me to be sleepy and drowsy, my medicines have not changed, and my symptoms like fatigue had not changed.I asked them why they were doing this to me. My lab work shows that I definitely have autoimmune problems & problems with fibromyalgia. I explained to him, that If I could be working, I would be, because I've lost half of my 6 figure income, my home, and so much more. I'm really upset for 2 reasons. 1. The Physician Notes state that I complain that I can't stand or sit for long period of time without pain, medicines cause sedation, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, and all my other complaints. 2. I will no longer be able to struggle to pay my COBRA Medical Insurance with BCBS of Arizona. I've struggled to pay the $880 premium for about 16 months. As of May, 2017, I lost it forever. Now, I will be one of those millions of Americans that is uninsured with pre-existing conditions because I am also a breast cancer survivor, hashimoto's disease(hypothyroidism), and should never be without insurance. If something catastrophic happens, I don't know what I will do. I can't afford my ** 2x per day which used to be $4 per refill. Barely enough money for pain meds, stomach meds, & thyroid med. I'm so mad and upset with Cigna for unnecessarily putting me in the position to lose my health insurance and have no money coming in. I have embarrassingly had to file for food stamps. My Social Security Disability case could take up to 2 years to receive a hearing. It's so depressing. With the status of Health Care Insurance in America, I've been put into a life-threatening and life-changing position.I have retained an ERISA Attorney with the intent to get my Cigna Long Term Disability benefits back. But, angrily I say that I will never be able to get my COBRA benefits back. Also, I might not qualify for TrumpCare because I have pre-existing conditions. Medicaid?... Who knows what's going on with that. I would like to share my story because I hope that it helps someone in this world so that insurance companies like Cigna can be exposed for causing harm to sick people... sick paying customers. Based on my online research, I found other people with a similar experience. This is repetitive behavior toward the sick that has caused a domino effect of damages. I hope for a Class Action Lawsuit one day soon. Please help us...Updated on 08/19/2017: I did get a response from Cigna via email and a call a few days after my complaint posted, with no immediate relief. So, I continue to be filled with extreme Anger, Frustration, and Distress. Through all that I have been going through with my illness, Cigna still has not reinstated my benefits. I have been extremely ill with what I thought was a flare from the Connective Tissue Disease/Fibromyalgia. Oh NO!!! As of July 26, 2017, a Dermatologist diagnosed me with Lupus. For right now, it is Discoid Lupus Erythematosus but there are other tests and medicines that I need to get done and because of Cigna’s INCOMPETENCE and Profit-seeking GREEDINESS, I was denied benefits that was proven in writing by my MEDICAL TEAM’S assessment and documentation for 14 + MONTHS that have met their criteria and I don't have the MONEY to get MEDICAL CARE.I have to WAIT 3-4 MONTHS for and SSI APPLICATION for MEDICAID!!! THIS IS WRONG!!! The loss of my COBRA is DAMAGING to my HEALTH! Cigna is DAMAGING my HEALTH!!! The state of South Carolina and I’m sure there are many others need HELP. People are damaged and emotionally distressed!!! ERISA attorneys can only do so much and they get ½ of your Back Pay or 1/3 of your Settlement if you win… but that’s just NOT FAIR!!! Cigna should have to for the fees of the ERISA Attorney!!! THE PATIENT needs all of their money… ALL OF IT!!! I have a great chance to get my COBRA back if I get my Cigna Benefits reinstated, but I'm still waiting on relief!!!Cigna should have to pay for the fees of my ERISA Attorney!!! THE PATIENT NEEDS ALL OF THEIR MONEY… ALL OF IT!!! I want to be REIMBURSED for ATTORNEY'S fees, Money out of my pocket that I have to borrow for doctor appointments and medicines... but not all of my medicines. I CAN'T afford them!!! Food Stamps only buys food and I'm too sick on some days to eat!!! I'm trying not to be homeless.Please HELP ME/US in the state of South Carolina to follow the suit of California and others to get a Class Action Lawsuit against Cigna. I will not STOP until I get justice!!! I have read the Cigna Class Action Settlements. I am a prime example of their previous violations and I have proof. I already have my written proof. Please HELP ME/US in the state of South Carolina to follow the suit of California and others to get a Class Action Lawsuit against Cigna. I will not STOP until I get justice!!!
I have been out of work since 10/13/16. Today is 12/4/16. Cigna has been provided all necessary paperwork and has yet to approve my disability. Furthermore, they have failed to provide my employer with my FMLA paperwork. I've left messages and called everyday. They are well aware I may lose my house because of this and have still not contacted me or approved my leave. Shameful company.
I was put on medical leave for stress by human resources at palomar healthcare. She stated to file claim with cigna, that I pay for, for short term disability while I heal. Cigna denied claim and told me to get another job!! Really at 55 yrs old!!!
I join the other unfortunate souls who have been wronged by Cigna. I was awarded SSDI in March 2014. I received Long Term Disability from Cigna for a brief period and suddenly Cigna decided that they "overpaid" me $3000+. After withholding $400+ a month until the amount was recovered, leaving me in a position of possibly losing my home, struggling to pay utility bills, and barely able to buy enough food for the month, Cigna immediately closed my case, claiming that my Dr. reported I was seeking full time employment which is false. My disability is due to seizure disorder. I have been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder and receive counseling, as well as medications from a county facility. Services are provided free of charge, due to my low income. Don't get me wrong, I am grateful to have been awarded SSDI, yet it is not enough to fund the bare minimum of my expenses just to keep a roof over my head and food to eat. I became eligible for Medicare in March, 2016. Having gone the last two years with no medical insurance coverage, I was unable to seek medical treatment from a physician, let alone a Neurologist. My seizures were occurring once every 6 wks, then once a month.In November 2015, I get a letter from Cigna, informing me that they were unable to continue payments due to lack of medical documentation in reference to my seizures. There was no documentation because I had been seizure free since June 2015. I had to be seizure free for 6 months before I could be released to return to work. I have been in the process of appealing their denial for 6 months now. As everyone has reported, baptism by fire has gotten the best of me, resulting in the onset of another seizure. Stress is a trigger for seizures and if credentialed medical reviewers actually reviewed my case, they would have known the meds I get for depression controls seizures. When I informed them that I was appealing their decision, I was told to obtain records from November 2015 to March 2016, which was their way of giving them another excuse to deny my appeal. That timeframe was not the medical records in question! They made their decision based on medical records from October 2014-September 2015. Eleven months of records they already have, so why weren't those records being reviewed by another group of non "credentialed" members on the team? Cigna is more crooked than scoliosis! I have researched my options for recourse and intend to fight for what is owed to me. If anyone is plagued by their underhanded practices and false accusations, I say report them to the US Office of Civil Rights (OCR) as a HIPAA violation. There are other measures as well. Stand up and fight for what is rightfully yours and hang on to the knot at the end of the rope. The process is grueling to say the least, but we cannot sit back and let this corrupt entity continue to screw over disabled members of society. I share my experience in the hopes of helping others faced with their wrongdoing.There is no guarantee I won't have another seizure from my appeal process as long as they continue to deny my claims.
This has been the worst experience ever. I have paid a policy for years in case something ever happened to me. Now they have you go in hoops trying to get information for them. They NEVER return phone calls - they can care less that you have a policy with them and will do anything possible to deny it. I took out this policy so that I would be able to feed my family if something happened to me, guess what we are not eating - can't afford to go to physical therapy due to having a copay and no income. This company and its employees are absolutely useless. I had a surgery on January 20, 2017 and they decided my disability stopped Feb 2nd. Absolutely absurd. I sincerely hope one day these employees have to go thru what they are doing to others. It's called karma.
I filed a short term disability claim in April but did not receive any payments until June because Cigna kept using the excuse that they were not receiving documentation to support my inability to work. Doctors were very specific as to their prognosis and the referral to a specialist due to the severity of my condition in the initial form sent to Cigna. In a conversation with the Cigna rep, I asked how a nurse's decision to deny claim based on unsupported documentation trumped a doctor's prognosis? The rep immediately stated he would escalate this to the case manager responsible for review. Within 24 hours, I received a notice of approval of benefits through the next appoint date. I have since met the appointment and the specialist clearly stated that referral for pain device implant required in his notes to Cigna, who continues to claim unsupported documentation! This is a pattern which leads me to believe that I am pretty much screwed. I chose to pay through my employer's benefits for this insurance to protect me from financial hardships in the event of an illness. I am beginning to question if there is any real benefit when I am compromising my health battling against Cigna for my short term disability payments. I believe that this pattern is a ploy to avoid paying the claim at all. I haven't been denied, just held in suspension! It is a nightmare that doesn't end when I awaken!
I am currently on partial long term disability due to 4th stage cancer -- I am still working. Last year in December [which also coincides with Cigna Fiscal year end], I did not get paid on time. This year it has happened again -- I have not receive a check for December. As of today's date, January 07, 2015, I have not received my disability check. After making numerous phone calls, I was assured payment would arrive today via UPS and was given a tracking number. Following tracking number indicates Cigna generated a Label but did not actually send check. I have made more phone calls and been assured "someone" would call me back. I have not heard back and it is currently 3:00 pm central time. This is unacceptable -- the company I work for is very large and I imagine considered one of Cigna's important clients. I am very disappointed and have now contacted my Employer's Human Resources Department where I shall lodge a formal complaint.
I've been dealing with Cigna for a LTD claim since April of this year. It took them almost six months of requesting "extra" information and telling me they've not received paperwork from my doctors before they denied my claim. My specialist then submitted paperwork stating that I am totally unable to perform the duties of my job and I’m nearly totally disabled. Cigna's doctor reviewed the new records and told me that their "original decision stands". I am almost totally house bound. I have home health nurses that come to care for me and I use a wheelchair when I have to be on my feet for longer than 5 minutes. Not sure what more they need. This whole situation has caused serious depression and anxiety. I feel like they will do anything to get out of paying LTD, so I am currently interviewing attorneys in order to get resolution.
I worked in special education and was physically hurt over and over for a full year, by a student with autism. I was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. My Psychiatrist said my case was strong and there was no way I was able to continue at my job. Cigna says I can continue at my job and be treated at the same time. This just seems wrong to me.
I went out on STD on March 29 2018, due to severe anxiety panic disorder with agoraphobia. I sought treatment and was also diagnosed with high blood pressure, when My FMLA ran out sept 24 I was told I’d have to apply for Long Term Disability With Cigna through my job. It’s now November 13 and it’s still under review, every time I call they tell call back in a few days and I should have a decision. I’ve been with my job for 11 years, all of this is from my job. The stress anxiety etc. dealing with Cigna has given me setbacks in my treatment, my doctors have told me they’ve sent all required documentation as requested, Cigna has said that they haven’t gotten them or still waiting for them. I have never missed worked or ever had to use any of these type services before, I think it’s a shame that all the comments I’ve read that this is a standard practice with Cigna. They’ve gotten paid by me for the last 11 years and now they want to fight me in getting the services I’ve paid for. This company should be looked at further and investigated. I’m praying I do find out soon, if not I’m out of luck. I can’t go back to work, and still have to find a way to pay for my meds.
I have been trying to get my long term disability benefits through Cigna for a year now. They have denied me twice and I have now hired an attorney, who will get a very large portion of any benefit money I get (If I ever get it). Cigna has lied to me multiple times. They kept sending me paperwork to fill out, then resending the same forms over and over, saying that they didn’t get them. I completed them, mailed them, AND faxed them each time. They also told me that they had sent multiple requests to each of my doctors to get my medical records and that none of my doctors would send them my records. I called each doctor and their medical records department and there had been no request from Cigna for my medical records with ANY of my doctors. They lied again.So it became my responsibility to get my records and then send them all to Cigna. I got them all and mailed them to Cigna, also faxing the most relevant ones. Then someone called me and asked me about my hands and told me that since I am able to hold a phone and feed myself, then I should be able to work, but that she was calling me to obtain more information so they could make the final decision. While I do have medical issues with my hands, it was not my reason for filing for LTD. She became angry when she learned that I had sent my medical records to them. She even called my doctor and told her that since I can use my hand, then I can work! My doctor was shocked. I am a Registered Nurse and my job requires very long hours of standing/walking/lifting when I worked the hospital and long hours of driving/lifting/stooping when I worked in homehealth (both jobs were with same employer and same Cigna policy). All jobs as a nurse are very physical and require critical-thinking and making decisions related to other people's lives. I take strong medications to help control the pain; this affects my ability to think clearly. My pain causes me to be very limited in physical activity. It is not safe for me to have the responsibility of another person's life when I can’t even take care of myself! My health has been declining for about 5 years but I continued to work and I worked as long as I could. But I now cannot work, barely even able to get out of bed in the mornings. I have multiple injuries to my lumbar and cervical spine, having spinal fusion surgery when one cervical disc "exploded" that deviated my spinal cord, causing loss of use of my right hand (which was numb) and I am right handed, loss of reflexes in that arm, and I could not move my neck. Since that surgery, I’ve had multiple procedures - epidurals, facet blocks, neurotomies, physical therapy, etc. I am in excruciating pain and it’s degenerative and getting worse. Along with spine issues, I’ve had to have my colon removed, hysterectomy due to pelvic adhesions from endometriosis and cysts, chronic migraines (the kind where you feel like you are dying), carpal tunnel syndrome with stenosing tenosynovitis (trigger finger), tachycardia (heart beats too fast), etc. (too many to list them all). I’ve had injections in my hands and finally had to have surgery, still have to have another surgery. My hands are stiff and numb. I have MANY reasons I can’t work. My Cigna policy states that benefits paid for the first 3 years is for "inability to do CURRENT job," then at the end of the 3 years, it changes to "inability to do ANY job." They don’t even feel I’m entitled to the 3-year length of benefit so I can at least have my surgeries and injections and procedures and not have to worry about having money to feed my child. I have a friend who worked at my same place of employment, with the same Cigna policy, who got hers approved immediately based on her spine issues, which are very minimal, with no surgeries and doing nothing to improve her condition, not even physical therapy. While I am actively trying to get better. Her medical records reflect barely anything wrong and with no surgery... nothing like mine. How do they approve someone with minimal health problems and then deny the ones who are truly unable to work and are truly sick and in pain? They are a very bad company. And my caseworker there seemed like she really wanted to help me, wanted me to be approved. I later found out she was involved in the decision process and she was the one lying to me and sending me all those forms! They have really made my life very difficult and more painful and stressful. If I didn’t have my husband and his income, I would have lost my home and literally been in a homeless shelter with my child. I will continue to fight them with my attorneys. They want to receive those monthly premiums but then don’t want to honor them when/if the time ever comes. They are very unethical, untrustworthy, unfair. After reading online at multiple sites, it’s sad how many people have suffered because of them.
I am not asking for help, as I have already contacted an attorney. I just want people to know about this company. I have never done anything like this but I am angry and want people to know what CIGNA is doing. I know all the horror stories, lawsuits and court documents I found on the Internet are not imaginary, as CIGNA has done with so many others. My short-term disability has been denied for no good reason. I have the same story as everyone else does: Paperwork! I think if anyone mentions paperwork to me again, I will scream! I will not bore anyone the rest of the details, just go to complaint boards and websites and read what others have said. I suggest that everyone who has been wronged by this company go to every media organization they can think of; the more complaints the better. You should also go to your state Insurance Commission. Last resort: I have been forced to hire an attorney.
I am covered for disability benefits through my job by CIGNA Group Insurance. I am a disabled retired veteran who had a unfortunate automobile accident where I got hurt at home due to one of GM's defective transmission recalls in which my car came out of park and ran over me breaking both my legs. I was hospitalized for nearly a month after the surgeon replaced my Tibia with a steel rod in one leg leaving the breaks in both legs on the Fibula to heal themselves. I followed up with 3 weeks in a rehab facility and several months of in home and facility physical therapy. For months now I have been trying to collect long term disability payments from CIGNA. I used up all my company sick leave and vacation time to secure some form of income as well as 4 weeks short term disability supplied by my company. Finally I had to declare bankruptcy and go on early social security so that the bank would not foreclose on my home. Cigna has lied to me multiple times. They kept sending me paperwork to fill out, then resending the same forms over and over, saying that they didn't get them. I completed them, mailed them, and faxed them each time. Some of the questions on the forms are ridiculous. (What time do you get up in the morning, what time do you go to sleep, how often do you use the computer, how much do I watch TV). One of the filing request was for a statement from Social Security on how much SS I get monthly because they will subtract this amount from any I would be getting. They filed it as SS disability and refused to correct it. They denied the claim based on a statement from the surgeon that I can sit, ignoring the statement that I cannot return to work at any job. The doctor says I'm not ready to go back to work, but no matter what he sends is enough! He finally sent a a detailed letter to them explaining it all to them and still not enough. I'm doing Physical Therapy everyday to build up the the strength as well as twice a day sonic bone healing treatments to assist in bone growth since the recent CT MRI indicates that it is not healing. I'm in Physical Pain everyday and taking pain medicine that makes me sleepy but does not completely alleviate the pain. The surgeon is reluctant to return me to stronger narcotics because they are addictive. CIGNA closed my long Term Disability case and I filed an appeal submitting additional doctor information. They informed me that that can take up to 45 days. This week I got a letter stating that they got the results from the independent review and that it could take another 45 days for them to review the review. Recently saw my surgeon and was told that it has started healing and that I could try returning to work with restrictions that I be allowed to have a break every hour to exercise so that my legs don't swell and assuming that I can tolerate driving 37 miles to work thru downtown Austin which is the nation's 2nd worst congested traffic. I am awaiting my companies reply and filing this in hopes that someone will legally pursue CIGNA and put them out of business.
I have been on disability since June 21, 2011. Cigna has sent me checks a couple of times. But there is always a struggle and fight before I get a check. One time they claim that they do not understand my doctor's handwriting; another time they said that my doctor is not filling out the form properly. Now they are saying that my doctor need to be very detailed in explaining why I cannot return to work yet. My doctor will not send me back to work yet but Cigna is saying that I should be able to go back to work. I have not received a payment since August 15 and bills are piling up.
Horrible. They are inconsistent and should retrain their entire case management team. People apply for disability when they are going through a difficult time, yet Cigna makes it seem as if you are scum. They are constantly changing things regarding your case and then saying it has to be done within x amt of days or you will lose your benefit. I was supposed to receive $1082 on 8/17 and 9/17. To date I have only received $216. Both times were caused because Cigna failed to properly process my claim. I work for a very big company who prides themselves on taking care of their employees. Having lost my only sister and my dad, plus having 2 surgeries all within the last 1.5 yrs, I was done. I'm trying to recover and get back to work ASAP, but this stress is killing me. So I contacted my company regarding my frustration and they contacted Cigna. That didn't sit well with my case mgr **. She not only avoided my calls, but reprimanded me when she finally answered. I am incurring overdraft fees and late fees beyond my control. Credit is ruined and I'm in jeopardy of losing my Cobra insurance for Sept. I will be notifying and documenting everything for my Union and company benefits department. There has to be a better option out there. I wish I could sue Cigna for all the money I'm forced to pay because of their mistakes!!!
Two short term disability appeals denied. To find out because the 3 drs I went to needed to state how many times per day issues happen, making it impossible to function. Lack of sleep due to issues. I am sure this report w/ consumer affairs is time stamped. 209 am. Now worrying how bills will be paid, hoping we can eat still. Let's just continue to add to the issue. Thanks Cigna.
A close relative was working full time, loved her job. Due to more than one illness, including arthritis and COPD, her physician and three specialists placed her on permanent disability. After paying the claims for approximately 10 months, Cigna stopped her disability checks. There was no prior notice this would be done. She would love to return to work if she were physically able. Her Doctor will not release her to work. After 5 months of attempting to have this paid for coverage reinstated, she hired an attorney last week. When he read through her file including the Doctor's letter stating he will take the stand in her defense, the attorney said 'we got them'. The attorney expects it to be a substantial settlement based on his past experience of winning cases against Cigna. In the meantime, I have had to assist in paying the house note and living expenses for this relative just to keep her from becoming homeless and without food.
I have been failed miserably by Cigna, while I am going through the most difficult time as it relates to my health. Not because I didn't have the wherewithal to put in place and pay for what they call "Peace of Mind" additional coverages, all because Cigna totally dropped the ball as they promised using fine print, and loopholes to pay for services due. I pay as a single woman $685/monthly premium and elected into all of these so called wonderful safety nets so that in case of a severe medical illness the last thing I would have to be concerned with is getting better. All lies, they have so many hoops they require you to jump through to prove eligibility and once you have done all of their leg work and prove your case, they begin to reach for straws that are so farfetched and unsubstantiated to still find a reason on not paying out on a claim.My employer has been a dream to work with and they have lived up to their promises and I was covered under short term and although I went through hoops, lost my place of residence in the process of waiting a month for a check, all Cigna would do was offer the same redundant response, "We are so sorry for your loss and what you have to go through, rest assured you are not the only one who goes through this". Really? That is the explanation I received for losing my home, and if that wasn't bad enough my condition worsened, I was diagnosed with some pretty catastrophic disease processes and so instead of going back to work in the time frame I had intended my physicians collectively agreed I needed more time, the streets Cigna alone was causing me was actually exacerbating my symptoms, more seizures, more hospitalizations.As it was time for me to transition from Short Term Disability to Long Term Disability, I knew for sure after all the hell and hoops I had to go through for a plan my job covered I surely wouldn't have to go through the same, right? Wrong, I had to jump through more hoops, go through more paperwork, submit more things and the kicker is, I paid additional for this protection. All to be denied for that one straw they searched diligently for. A pre-existing condition for seizures all because I was on a medication to treat nerve pain 3 years prior to me having a seizure but this medicine can also be treated for seizures.The kicker is Cigna provided me a time period they were looking at to determine a pre-existing condition and my 1st seizure did not occur until 3 years and 3 months after this time period. It is still used to deny payment because I guess I should have known I was going to be diagnosed with and have a seizure in the future. What is even more egregious is that all the paperwork substantiated nerve pain, all doctor notes, hospital records indicate this but Cigna will not have a problem taking your money each month in a premium yet will deny what is due to you because of a fictional pre-existing condition.Thanks to Cigna, and their dishonest practices and deceptive coverages by weeks end I am at risk of losing my car, and my storage, remember already lost my residence. I have no funds for food, medication co-pays and yet they wish me the best in my recovery. I promise you I will spend every waking moment of everyday to inform the public that these coverages we pay into really aren't designed to pay out when you need it the most. Cigna, has yet to the right thing and as Open enrollment is right around the corner it is my mission to inform to protect, promote, improve the health of the people insured by insurance companies such as Cigna who offer all of these wonderful additional coverages that are designed to deny what appears at least 90% of their customers.Cigna should be ashamed and I will not be ashamed right along with them by keeping my mouth posed, or these fingers from typing I will ask that every group I post in will share million times over so those out there like me, hard working, committed to doing the right thing doesn't get swindled by the multi-million dollar companies taking advantage of someone especially in their most vulnerable and dire time of illness. Waiting on reimbursement from a plan you paid into for protection for absurd, far fetched reasons is just unacceptable, and will no longer be swept under the rug. I will expose as much as I can before others make the same mistake as I did in paying for a coverage not designed to cover me.
For years I paid for Long term Disability insurance, never thinking I would need it. Until I did. I have several Conditions, all proven By medical tests, Small Fiber Neuropathy, proven by Skin Punch Biopsy. Sjogren's Syndrome proven by Lip Biopsy. Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome diagnosed by a geneticist. POTS proven by Cleveland Clinic extensive testing. Yet all that is ignored, and they write on my files Severe mental disability, why, because they can say they do not owe you any money after two years. They even went as far as to deny my entire medical file when I asked and signed for it. They informed me that there were 5 pages of very sensitive material and I needed to pick a doctor to send it to. Then of course it ended up in my medical digital file, so now the rest of my life my Doctors can access my personal Counseling notes. So what's next, they denied my claim after 5 years, and now want to subject me to a psych hack, that has so many complaints against him. It isn't funny, all for writing fake psych evaluations. Then they threaten you with a letter that states whatever the Hack finds they are obligated to report to anyone, so basically authorizing them to ruin your life. They are worse than the Mafia, do not waste your money.
I paid for long term disability through my work back in 2006 in case something happened. I was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disease in 2012. I started getting my disability checks in June 2012. I am in the process of appealing my denial for social security disability. Today, I found out my monthly checks are going to decrease to $300. I was not sent a letter explaining why or that it was even happening. I happened to check online what day the check was mailed this month and found out about the decrease. I called to find out why and they told me my social security disability was approved when it hasn't been. I ended up having to call my lawyer asking them to send info to Cigna asap, that we are still waiting for approval. In the meantime, I have concerns that this happened - did they put an approval on my case on accident? Why didn't I get a letter? My case worker was out today so I was unable to speak with her so I asked to speak with a manager. I was transferred 5 different times. On the fifth time (and starting to get very irritated that I could not speak to a manager but kept getting transferred around), I once again requested to speak with a manager to which the lady replied, "It's not my department you want. I don't know who to transfer you to." I replied, "Who do you transfer people to when they want to speak with a manager?" She replied, "The manager, but you're in the wrong department." Me: "So what department do I need to speak with? "
Her: "I don't know."
Me: "Are you a part of the Better Business Bureau because apparently I need to file a complaint before I can speak with a manager?" Her: "I'm trying to help you but you're not letting me." Really? Because I've asked 5 different people and nobody has helped me. After threatening to file a complaint, she transferred me to a LaTonya. I left a message for LaTonya around 10 am asking her to call me back and my concerns. I did not hear back. I called back around 4 pm and she answered. She was rude and accused me of getting the letter they mailed out - "Well, we mailed it in August so you should've received it and we didn't get it back." She also said they assume after so many months. Your disability will be approved so they cut your payment - all of this was in the letter of course. I've had them for 3 months - do they really think disability gets approved that quickly? I also questioned her if she could fix my name in their system as they spelled it incorrectly. She once again was rude and said it was spelled correctly, then looked further into this and found they had my name incorrect to begin with but someone changed it. Another concern was the initial person I talked to said she can take the disability approval out of the system, to which she did. Why can she take it out without proof but can't send me my full amount of money without proof? I truly hope they get sick like I am and have to depend on disability income to get by each month. Maybe they will be more kind to customers then. Cigna, you need to retrain your customer service reps because if I treated anyone like this, I would've been written up or let go. Shame on you.
I have been out of work since July 17th 2018 due to heat being too extreme for me to work in as I am pregnant. It's been 6 weeks since I have been without pay and I have called numerous times asking them what they need so my claim can be finalized. They keep telling me the hospital hasn’t got back to them and claim they have faxed over the papers 6 times, so I finally decided to call the hospital and ask them if they have got any paperwork for me. This morning (August 27) I got a call back from my hospital at 8am stating that there were no forms for me waiting there, but they did have my significant others forms in which we dropped off this past Friday. I attempted to call Cigna and my case worker who is typically always the one I speak to is now out of office on vacation so I have to speak with someone else.Upon speaking to them I asked to again verify the fax number they have on file though I have done this already on 3 different occasions and been told that is the same number they have on file, today that was not the case. So I updated the fax number and now they should be faxing it over after I got very upset on the phone as no money is causing a strain on my life at home.I’m behind in bills and barely able to eat because we are living off of one income and unable to get any kind of assistance because the income for our home is considered “too high”. I have vehicle payments on top of rent, among many other bills that need to be paid in which aren’t getting paid because when something went wrong on Cigna’s end they waited for me to call them instead of them calling me. This company has issues and they need to get them figured out as this is ruining my credit and good name not having the money I am supposed to be getting because 6 weeks later my claim is “still under review” and I can only hope that I never have to go through any of this again!
After I got Esophageal Cancer surgery and during the first two years of recovery, a Cigna case worker has been constantly asking for updates and doing reviews to see if I can return to work. I can't because I have Severe Long term Chronic Pain ever since the surgery. Caused by nerve damage, scar tissue and damage from the radiation therapy that I had on top of chemotherapy. Every time I take a breath I have severe pain, so I have to take two prescriptions of narcotic pain medication monitored by a Pain Management Clinic. The use of my right arm while reaching and pulling something like putting on my socks or picking up any weight over ten pounds causes a severe shooting pain in my chest on the right side all the way around the upper thoracic/rib area to the back. My Gallbladder has been removed and I got Gastroparesis from the surgery. I have Asthma and Erosive Esophagitis from the aspiration of stomach acids that rise up caused by having to have the surgery.After about two years Cigna had denied my claim and stopped my benefits due to not having enough reports or information from my doctors. I fought and won the appeal and now only six months has passed and here they go again wanting more updates and doing a review to see if they can find someway to not pay my benefits, all the time asking me to notify them of any changes. They make trying to go on with what I have of life, miserable and stressful. I hate living like this and the stress is making it worse. If I could work I would have been working a long time ago. It's been about three years now and I'm not getting better. Now, Cigna is sending me to see a Neuro psychologists. This doesn't make sense because my disability is physical not mental. Cigna is picking on me and making my life miserable and stressful. To think I've paid them for years to have Long term disability insurance and then need it, just to be treated like this. They make me feel guilty that I need the benefits.
The help received from the LetUsHelpU was letting me know that the appeal was in process. After many pages of information being sent to the appeals department and many weeks of waiting, the appeal was denied.
I had to use my short term disability starting the end of October 2012. I became ill with phosphate kidney stones. I had two surgeries in the month of November to bust them up. I returned to work in December. January I fell out and was back out again. I used up my short term and was denied long term due to one Dr that sent no restrictions that was only seeing me for diabetes. I am still unable to return because I have syncope spells and they denied me my long term without my Primary Dr. Permission stating I could not return at this time.
I filed my STD claim 2/28. I have my doctor fax the required form and office visit notes. My first week of disability would be 3/27. When I saw my doctor 3/21 his office faxed the required paperwork and office visit notes. I called the contact person and said the notes were not received and that there is a lag time with their faxes, several day lag time. My doctor's office faxed these office visit notes five times. My contact person was out last week. I spoke to someone Friday who said yes they just received the notes and she would forward them to the office for review.I called today Monday and spoke with my contact person and said these notes were not even sent to the office for review. He will send them today for review tomorrow. I asked why tomorrow when it was only 11:15. "Oh the office needs to have them at 900 to review them." Very suspicious that when it comes time to pay me they closed my claim without notifying me. So now I will wait again. I call several times per week. This contact person I spoke to the day before they closed my claim. This is poor business practice. My employer pays CIGNA money for my STD.
I had surgery 12/10. At the time it was for my rotator cuff. While in surgery it was discovered that my bicep was torn as well. I have paid for my own STD and LTD for 16 years and have never had to use it (thankfully). My STD is a different carrier. I have been trying to get my LTD approved for a month. When I talk to my case manager I have been told they are waiting on my doctor to respond, waiting on additional information. I have asked for specifics so I could work with my doctor. I have to my doctors office repeatedly and they have sent everything requested. On Wednesday I was told my claim is with ** the nurse at Cigna and they needed information from my doctor. I got **'s number from ** my case Mgr and gave it to my doctor. The Dr called AND spoke to ** while I was there AND he has everything he needs. I was told last Friday I should have a decision from in 24-48 hrs. Still no information from case Mgr ** who basically told me not call he would call me. We are going broke. I will file a complaint with our city council who approves our benefits. This civil servant is in tears and frustrated from the lack of customer service and lack of caring of this company.
Cigna is an absolute "NIGHTMARE". For 7 weeks they have claimed not to have received medical information from my physician. After the first 2 weeks, I was told that Cigna had sent my physician the wrong forms to complete. They apologized and sent new forms which My physician's office has shown me copy of fax transmittals and delivery receipts indicating that my information should be in their possession. I took it upon myself to pick up my medical information and personally fax it to them with the Cigna rep on the phone line as well as send it certified mail. Finally, a representative confirmed they have my information. It's been over a week since they received my information and I have not heard back from them. So I call and I am told that my claim has been "UNOFFICIALLY" denied but that they will have a final determination by the end of next week. For 2 months now I have been living off of my savings which is nearly depleted. I sent them medical information dating all the way back to 2011 to support that I suffer from migraine headaches due to the 8-10 hour shifts that I work in a call center, staring at a computer for long lengths of time on a daily basis. As well as the medications to treat my migraines and neurology recommendations. Additionally, I have been medically treated for depression and anxiety as well. The representative told me that Cigna does not have enough information to make a determination regarding my claim. When asked specifically what information Cigna requires I was told that Cigna needs to know the severity of my migraines, depression, and anxiety. How many times a week I get migraines, depression & anxiety, when did my illness start, how long I have been being treated, what medications I am taking, what labs, test, recommendations my physician has ordered, if my illness is ongoing, if I have sought second or third opinions regarding my illness, record of every doctor visit to include doctors findings, treatments, prescriptions, etc... All of this information was sent to Cigna in detail, and still they deny my claim stating they do not have enough information. How in the hell do they expect a person to pay for medical treatment, prescriptions, etc... without income. I am absolutely LIVID! This company needs to be thoroughly investigated.
I was diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder, and Depression in March. I was prescribed **. My medical provider, and clinical therapist (LCSW), both feel I shouldn't work. However, Cigna is taking their time and dragging their heels approving the claim that would and provide me the benefits I need to sustain myself until I become adjusted to the medication and therapeutic regime. Note, my initial claim was approved, but; I feel they're over-scrutinizing my claim to discourage me. I need help.
Cigna STD denied my claim because as they put it, I was not an active employee in my company. However, no one in human resources or my supervisor knows what they are talking about. They "stole" money from my meager paycheck for nearly three years and when I come in need due to surgery, they come up with lame excuses not to pay. This is not the end. These people are ignorant, uncaring vultures who leach people’s money and then keep for themselves. For any companies that are using them, please start supporting your employees and don't use this company. They are thieves. And I do intend to go to the media about their practices. ABC ran a news story on them before. Maybe they need to feel the heat again.
Initially my experience with this company was positive. Then they changed claim managers on me and the person I now have refuses to do his job. The end result is me missing 2 pay periods because someone isn't doing their job.
Denial of LTD benefits following first 24 months; Cancer Patient. January 2011; (43 y.o. single mother of 2, Medical Professional) The lump I found on my breast biopsied and diagnosed with Invasive Ductal Carcinoma. Jan. 20th wide edge lumpectomy with sentinel node biopsy. Days following surgery I started jumping through the never ending hoops Cigna places so that you never have a day to take a breath and wrap arms around your Cancer Diagnosis. Delay in payments more documentation from treating: PCP, Surgeon, Oncologist, Radiation Oncologist, Neurologist, Palliative Medicine Doctor. Then they state didn't receive from doctors and or "no date to return". Doctors offices send 2, 3, 4, more times with same response. Hell doesn't matter fighting for your life, brain not functioning from chemo and radiation.Then you are made to feel you are READY TO WORK. OK, I went back. Only to face following diagnosis that would require total hysterectomy due to ER/PR status of Tumor. To get the surgery I must have insurance, to have insurance and provisions under FMLA... I had to postpone surgery for 7 months! May 2012 Total Radical Hysterectomy. Surgery completed, discharge from hospital 7 days later. Once again start never ending HOOP jumping to secure STD so that I can feed kids and pay for Health insurance. Cigna continues to require documentation from doctors over and over again. Start taking Chemo by mouth. Day in and out worrying what next and when weekly check to arrive. Call Cigna they state check sent, They are in Pittsburgh. I am in Cleveland, was check sent via CHINA? Radiation kicked my butt, estrogen blocker begins to cause joint pain, MORE fatigue and cognitive/memory issues. Cigna case worker not worried or concerned that I too care for patients and am having great difficulty performing my duties and responsibilities. Wondering how I am going to manage when every time I do a foot check on a patient I can't get back up! Regardless of the fact that I can no longer sleep in bed due to pain from partial mastectomy and radiation which I thought was causing me to fall asleep when I sat down or stopped at a Red Traffic Light!!!GO BACK TO WORK... What else could I do: seemed no one cared that I was having problems functioning, EXCEPT FOR MY PATIENTS WHO SAW THE RAPID DECLINE IN MY HEALTH. Went back to work, Sept. 2012. I had approximately 10-13 doctor appointments a month. New diagnosis, Autonomic Failure, Syncope with SVT's, Narcolepsy, Hypotension, Multiple distributions of Micro-vascular Ischemic areas on my brain. Not to worry though, still pushing and trying to be the best I could be. AND THEN, collapse at work, June 26th 2013. My heart said NO MORE, the doctors said NO MORE, and my children and friends continued to watch my health decline. Cigna, oh Cigna, more hoops and then they provided me with Advantage 2000 to get Social Security right before I was to change to LTD.December 2013, LTD paid by Cigna. It took all I had to keep up with their demands and for myself and my doctors to keep calm every time told that Cigna did not receive needed documentation. My Social Security was approved 3 months after application. That's when Cigna wrote to tell me they over paid and now I had to pay them because I received my Social Security ( even though their Attorneys from Advantage 2000 took $7,500 of my back Social Security payment). June 2014, Heart not wanting to function properly, many hospitalizations since began LTD. Now having to have medical device placed in chest, Not To Worry... Have phone in hospital when receive call from Cigna telling me they are reviewing my case and I did not call regarding letter they sent week before! I tell case manager that I was in hospital, response from case manager "You need to prove that!" So I did. My doctors at the Cleveland Clinic in disbelief on the lack of Case Management by Cigna and their total lack of accepting medical documentation and the fact that no doctor has a crystal ball and would be willing to give definitive date of potential to return back to work. Nor do they accept a trained medical professional who has consistently treated the patient with Cigna insurance, when they state they can no longer work permanently!Not over yet. July 28th 2014, the lump I felt in my breast AGAIN, Not my IMAGINATION! Biopsy August 4th, Once Again Breast Cancer following radiation and Aromatase Inhibitors! OH WAIT TIME TO REVIEW MY CASE!!! September 20th 2014. Double Modified Mastectomy. October 2014, revision of surgical line left chest wall. November 2014, ulceration of expander left side need to take addition IV Antibiotics. January 1st 2015 Emergency Surgery to remove contaminated left breast expander. The whole time I was going through these procedures and recovery I had to worry about CIGNA approving my on going LTD.April 2015 re-constructor of left chest wall and right breast with DIEP surgery. My case manager from CIGNA Heather, was only part-time and I could never get hold of her. Left message after message and talked to others on her team regarding late checks and inability to get needed cancer medications. Released from Hospital 13 days later only to return 40 hours later with surgical infection requiring debridement and a Jugular Line for IV antibiotics for 3 months. Shortly following removal of 6 drains and jugular line I received letter from Cigna stating that my LTD benefits would end November 15th 2015.I opened that letter while waiting for 7th doctor appointment, it was the 6th of November. I broke down in the waiting room, the stress and emotional response triggered my Autonomic Failure, I awoke in the ER of the Hospital. I was unable to reach Heather at Cigna because she only worked 3 days a week until 2:30. No one else could provide information and they would give her a message. My message was not well thought, I had problems talking through the tears and frustration. Since I was no longer able to drive, be alone in home or shower without supervision; my ability to organize all they requested was lacking too. I began emailing all records I could download from MYCHART at the Cleveland Clinic, I called my increasing long list of regular medical specialist I saw on a more than regular basis. Many provided documentation, however Cigna used only the Severe Depression and Anxiety reported by Psychologist and Cancer Center Psychiatrists that I saw following every appointment to the cancer center 4 times a month. At the time I did not realize they, CIGNA, did this so they could refuse to continue to paying LTD 12 months later! January 3rd 2017. CIGNA sends denial letter of future LTD Benefits. Forgot to mention ECN set up two IME appointments months earlier. The doctor to evaluate FCN capacity had no expertise in anything. We talked about how he and his nurse wife have to care for 93 year old father. That guy listened to breathing sounds and heart. THAT WAS IT. Yet he reported that he did full ROS including bilateral strength, reflexes and such. TOO BAD I WAS IN A CAST RELATED TO OSTEOPOROSIS and total joint destruction of my right ankle. He reported that he tested bilateral deep tendon reflexes in lower legs, Achilles tendons were good and I could stoop, crawl and dance! JK... No dancing. He also stated that I could not drive or balance. That was it, never mind a diagnosis list over a page long and medications out the ying-yang. Oh sure a nurse on heavy pain medication who can drop any moment is just what is needed in a doctors office, hospital or as stated TRIAGE CALLING! Since the denial I have been diagnosed with Autoimmune Disorders including Sogrens disorder and Rheumatoid arthritis and Osteoporosis, to which the bisphosphonates used to treat. I cannot take due to increased chance of secondary cancers. Secondary Cancers that already have high risk of developing because of 3 prior diagnoses, 2 rounds of chemo and radiation and hormone therapy!I have been diagnosed with further late effects of chemo and radiation, have not been able to complete reconstruction because of auto immune disorders and am looking at further biopsies due to suspicious lesion on spine. Not to mention stenosis of spine with bone spurs, loss of height and bulging discs. I go nowhere except to therapy and doctor appointments. Due to CIGNA stating that I could do something (an MEDIUM OCCUPATION to boot) I have not been able to go to all appointments or obtain needed medications even though I am on medicare and medicaid. The co-pay on 22 medications is more than I have. Medical evidence with the aid of MRI's, CT's, Bone Scans, Surgical and pathology reports, letters from gynecology oncologist, cardiology biometrics, cardiology vascular and cardiology oncology are pushed aside by a quack that CIGNA hires and pays to say that I can now work? Even their paid IME report by their own neuropsychologist stated due to fatigue and loss of executive functions, driving ability and memory I would be unable to perform any occupation. However, Cigna decided that the doctor they chose who examined me, was wrong too and then wanted me to see another neuro psych that they probably paid for the right answers before. But due to eye surgery for Glaucoma I could not attend the third IME they wanted so they said I did not cooperate! Like every other person who wrote a review, I had to obtain an attorney. However, I have read case law and found for someone with years to go before 65 years of age, this could be the first of many fights to obtain the long term disability payments from CIGNA.I don't understand how Cigna can have so many lawsuits related to improper denial of disability benefits OVER AND OVER AGAIN. Why can they push us to collect SSDI from government when we paid to bet against ourselves for a "false protection" for our families should something terrible happen to us that made it impossible to work? Not a wonder why the Social Security Disability System is going to go belly up. The Rich get richer and the poor get DEAD. This is abuse of the social security agency by BIG INSURANCE. I lost count on the number of justified complaints and law suits. Where are the class action lawyers, for it seems that this is one company that justifies the fines and lawsuits by the rest of us suckers who believe that if we could not work we would be protected by our long term disability policy with CIGNA. President Trump and the social security admin along with the states need to take a look at the deceptive policies of big insurance companies and investigate the abuse the insurance providers are handing out to hard working Americans. We need to stand up and speak out together!!! Cigna needs to pay for the abuse, stress and financial destruction it has caused those who bought into their bogus insurance policies and fleecing of the social security system. See you in court soon, Cigna, with all my pink sisters watching on! Can't scare a dead woman walking!
I had long term disability insurance with them through employer. My employer as well as myself paid for it. In 2011, my employer let me go due to some issues I had with memory and cognitive. I worked until noon that day. Next day, I filed for disability and stated I was disabled as of the day I was let go. Social Security was a battle for over a year and a half, but the judge ruled in my favor. I spent more time getting my life back to normal and finances in check with back pay. I then filed my LTD claim. They denied me because they said I didn't have the insurance at time of disablement. I asked when it ran out. They said the day after my last day of work. I said, "Then I qualify as I worked half a day and claimed disability that day." They still denied it, but did not give additional reasoning. So I appealed and they keep standing by it even though they will not tell me at what hour I lost benefits. They simply tell me they do not honor Social Security judge. With the illness and eventual death of my father, I became side-tracked from appeal process, but am back at it. I sent more documents to them, but have yet to hear anything.
My wife has Lyme disease and has been on disability since 2014. CIGNA denied her claim then overturned it on the 3rd appeal. They then paid for 1 year and 11 months (past 2 years they have deny again). We appealed and just recently got it overturned again. They supposedly mailed out the arrears check along with interest and penalties today and then promptly denied her again. Now we have to file yet another appeal. They are nothing but scam artists. It's time for this madness to stop. P.S. Lyme disease gets progressively worse when you have large amounts of stress. I guess that will be introduced in the lawsuit.
I applied for long term disability coverage through my employer's plan. First of all, I've only been on SHORT term disability twice. Once, for two days longer than the uncovered first week (from a workplace injury, at that), and at a later date, two weeks because of complications after minor surgery. I had to go round and round and round with these scam artists, all the while they saying they didn't get this or I didn't do that. I am 45 and have successfully been treated for depression since my teenage years. I have been clean and sober for seven years. And often times my back is sore because I have a physically demanding job. Which I've actually had addressed recently with chiropractic appointments. After months of jumping through hoops, contacting every medical provider I've ever breathed on, and calling, emailing and leaving messages for these liars, I received a denial of coverage letter for: lumbago (which I actually had to look up to discover is a fancy schmancy way of saying lower back pain), depression and ** usage. As I previously stated, the depression has been life long and never once interfered with being a productive member of society, any and all drug use ceased SEVEN years ago, and what 45 year old doesn't experience lower back pain? But yet, I personally know of people who've had major back surgeries and eat ** meds like they're Skittles, that not only received coverage, but are currently sitting on their butts using it. The only consolation I have, is seeing these reviews and how hard they are to get to acknowledge claims, now knowing I won't be another poor soul whose money they took. I will say this, the day will come, I'm sure, that I'll need to find individual coverage independent of a workplace offering, and it will NEVER be Cigna!!! And on another note, their dental coverage is crap, too. $2k yearly cap. That won't even cover a root canal and crown. I used to think they were one of the better providers, but now see I was either completely out of my mind wrong, or that they have taken a complete **. I will make SURE to alert ALL of my peers of their incompetence and unethical business practices. By word of mouth AND social media. I invite you to do the same, so that we may save the next innocent victim of their heinous greed and uncaring practices. And keep our hard earned money out of their blackhole pockets.
Okay, this is so frustrating and stressful that I'm not sure where to start. Almost two months ago, I called Cigna to file for Short Term Disability and here I am now starving to death. Let me back up a bit. I am a disabled veteran. I have an service related anxiety disorder. It's something that I have constantly struggled with for the last few years. And I have a very stressful job. My employer has been very caring and understanding of my situation, I'm proud to say that I've had the job over six years. But recently, it's gotten to be too much for me to handle.So my doctors agreed that it would do me good to take a break. It was my goal to take some time off, get my mind right, and comeback stronger. Cigna has been grossly incompetent and have only served to make my life worse. For starters, I filed for the STD in the second week of September. The paperwork didn't get to my doctor until early October. I made repeated calls to them. One call I was told that they were making my case a priority because it had not yet been worked yet. Then I called again and found that my caseworker was out of the office and Cigna had completely dropped the ball. And in between there were countless unreturned voicemails and caseworkers are seldom available.Finally, my Doc gets my paperwork. My provider found the questions to be vague and unfocused on what really matters. Cigna did not want to know about any of the problems I've dealt with prior to filing the claim. As I said earlier, this anxiety is something that I've struggled with for a long time. I had to have a break. Late last week, I was told that one reason that Cigna could not approve it is because I had not had a serious incident related to stress and anxiety. What does that say about how mental health is treated in America? Was I supposed to have a breakdown before I get help?So now, I'm at the point where my case has been escalated to Cigna's in house doctor. Their doctor has to review everything, and have a peer-to-peer meeting with my doctor. I'm worried about how long this escalation is going to last. I understand that my VA doctors have a lot on their plate too. There will be more phone tag, and it could still get denied. So at the end of November, I could be going to back to work broke and no better than I was before. If I could just get a week or two to deal with myself and not have to worry about all this Cigna stuff. I sincerely feel that Cigna is only after taking care of themselves. It's not like I need a year off, just a short time to deal with some mental challenges that I'm facing. We'll see how it goes.
Diagnosed with bone marrow cancer. No cure. Initial STD approved but when doctor sent update stating "able to work UP TO 30 hours as able... with other accommodations" Cigna entered "work 30 hours or more" into their electronic database. When I asked Cigna for a copy of the documentation the correct doctor form was inside proving Cigna recorded incorrectly on their end yet they take no responsibility for their mistake. My employer is taking action against me, despite this, because I had been completing my time card assuming everything was ok. Lesson learned. Symptoms 100x worse and I had only returned to work to ensure medical coverage, not because I was feeling better. So I filed a new claim and they're taking their time responding even though the diagnosis remains unchanged and the weekly treatments exacerbate the symptoms. I do not understand how they are allowed to continue to cause problems for folks who don't want to be sick and needing their services in the first place. Years I paid into their long term plan assuming I'd be covered if needed one day. Now I'm learning that's all a hoax too! Why is there nothing that can be done to protect those with real illnesses?
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