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Company Name: Choice Home Warranty
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (888) 531-5403
Overall average rating of 4.3 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 69 %
This company lies from day one! I have a microwave oven combo wall unit that the microwave no longer works. The company sent 2 repair men out there and they both said it could not be fixed the part I need they no longer make. The company did not replace my combo unit, the manager said there is some fine print in section F that says if the part is no longer made we will only pay for what the part and service would have cost. What a joke. a 2000 dollar unit and they offer 300. Scam!!!
The guy who came to fix the problem was great no complaints!!!
The initial plumber did not correctly diagnose the problem and bringing in another, Choice worked with them to fix the problem.
The customer service agent was very informative and the response time for the entire operation was much quicker than I'd anticipated for a weekend service call! The owner responded within a few hours of my initial call, and came out on a Saturday evening! Service technician was great and temporarily repaired our A/C until the correct part could be approved and installed a few days later!!
I still don’t have my problems solved I try call the person no response I am unhappy
I needed emergency service due to a blown electrical panel . I called Choice and was assigned a contractor within an hour. I called Power One Electric and made arrangements for the owner to come to the house as soon as he could. He was very accommodating and had my electrical panel fixed within an hour of his arrival. He checked over circuits and gave me suggestions for long-term satisfaction.
I'm still trying to find out why my microwave has not been repaired. It's been about 6 weeks. I emailed Choice yesterday and asked why. I called the repair service to find out if a part had been ordered and they haven't called me back. Would like to know what the problem is! I just found out that the tech who came out quit his job and disappeared. So Choice was not at fault here. I will call them and get re-scheduled.
Its very easy on-line service request placed thru the Choice Web Portal. Assigned Company responded immediately to schedule the appointment. Repair to the garage door opener was performed on-time and to complete satisfaction.
I got a warrant today, and have called back twice and left voicemail for someone to call me back because I wanted to make some changes well it 14 hours later and I still haven't received a call so I'm wondering are they legit.
I needed quick service because of my elderly mother and no one paid any attention to the request and kept giving me service dates 4 and 5 days away. Finally after countless phone calls and talking to the Real Estate Agent who sold me the policy, was able to get the service needed. It was a large hassle and it did not seem that was listened to or that anyone really cared. When the service person arrived the wo4rk was done satisfactorily,it was just a huge hassle to begin with.
I'm satisfied with the services provided by electrician.
Repair was done timely matter.
Very pleased with the servce I received from Choice. I had a problem with the tech that was sent out and Choice sent another one. Very pleased that they took care of my need and concerns.
I was under the impression that if you couldn't fix it you would replace it not give me a settlement. I have to pay money out of my pocket for a new washer. Your advertisement should say IF WE CAN'T FIX IT WE WILL GIVE YOU SOMETHING TOWARDS A NEW ONE. Replace it means replace it all cost.
This was a horrible experience. I was without hot water for five days without hot water and waiting for an appointment. The “repairman” got to my house he just walked in. Didn’t knock. Didn’t have a uniform on. Wasn’t carrying tools. I had to ask him who he was. His answer was “choice warranty” ha came in an old vehicle with no name of a business on it. This did not instill and confidence. I showed him the water heater, and looked at it and told me it needed two parts that have to be ordered and it would take a few days to get them. That meant that the parts would come Friday, hopefully. I asked if he was going to come on Saturday to repair the unit and he said no. He had a good reason but it was still no. No hot water. The next thing he said to me was how was I going to give him the $45.00 fee. I said I’m not. You didn’t do anything and your not coming back to fix it. He said that’s not the way it works. I said I understand but since you haven’t done anything and you’re not coming back soon I’m not giving you the $45. He got into his car and called Choice warranty. He came back and told me that it’s covered under warranty but I had to give him $45. Again I said no. He left game then I called Choice warranty to explain the situation. I got to talk to someone and I explained the whole situation to the person. When I was done she asked me “so what’s the purpose of your call” so apparently it didn’t mean anything to her either. I needed hot water so I called a local company. They came out in 35 minutes and $69 later I have hot water. my hope is that this was just a one time very poor result. But I hope someone from the company reads this and gets in touch with me.
Turned in a electric range problem, got a call from service tech for an appointment the next day. Showed up within the time, found problem, but unfortunately did not have the part. Got the part there next day and repairs made. Tech introduced self, knew what he was doing, and got the job done.
I've used my home warranty with Choice twice now and I'm so thankful for them! Without the warranty, we would have had to pay hundreds out of pocket to get the repairs completed. Their customer service is great to!
My experiences with Choice has been all positive and I rank them tops among all others I have used. That speaks volumes because I have received good service from other like companies over the past 15 years. Their response time is swift. I am immediately informed by email, text, or phone with an appointment time and servicer. Their information technology system is advanced. Pleased also with the service companies they use
I hope the actual warrantee is as good as the sales agent waa in his presentation!
Excellent service, resolved quickly and cost effectively. Couldn’t ask for more. Highly recommend to anyone as I had a great experience.
Very polite response and excellent service.The repairman was polite on time and left everything very clean. Thank you, Joanne Cantu
Your repairman replaced my garage door opener very quickly and was very courtesy. I just wish that there had been two REMOTE controllers instead of one!
We had our first floor heating unit broken, we called Choice for scheduling and they were very nice to understand the situation as we had lot of family visiting and send the technician next morning. The technician was very professional he checked in few minutes and found the actual problem, went to find the replacement part in his truck and came back right away, it was actually the control circuit board on furnace. But later found that that board was not working with our model, he immediately placed the order and said will come down by next day since the part needs to be shipped and it takes sometime to arrive. Later in the afternoon he called us back and he was able to arrange the part through some channel as he understood our situation with the extended family and kids. So he came back and fixed it ASAP and we are all good to go. We are lucky to have Choice as our warranty company, we earlier had other companies but they were never provided services like Choice did, I did recommended my friends already and now going forward Choice would be our only Choice for home warranty.
Dispatcher was very nice n cool
Hard to believe this work effort still exists. Thanks Sir.
Gary, our account rep, is phenomenal. He's very responsive and promptly addresses any concerns we share with him. Overall, claims are assigned to service providers very quickly and resolved equally fast. Only real gripe at the moment is not being able to list more than one contact number for claims (as a property management company - this is a pretty big inconvenience for us as we need to list two phone numbers - ours for the co-pay and billing authorizations and the tenant's for scheduling purposes). When we do want to list more than one contact number, we have to repeat the same spiel every time - and even then, it's a hit or miss. Sometimes, they say YES, sometimes NO. Also, some of the claims center customer service reps are really nice but a lot of them have a little bit of an attitude.
The appointment was scheduled with Seabee AC and Heat, Inc. for Saturday, 9/22/18 between 7-11AM. I called the companie's office around 8AM and was told that the technician is not available and the appointment now is on Sunday, 9/23/18 between 7-11AM. I called again around 8AM and the voice mail is full. It is 8:45AM and no show. I am very disappointed with the way the claim is handled. I have several properties that have Choice home warranty and switched to your company and was hoping that the service will be better, but it not the case. I am a Realtor with Coldwell Banker and work with a lot of sellers and buyers. I will very difficult for me to recommend your company.
This company will only honor repairing cheap small appliances like replacing a garbage disposal. Big ticket items like water heater and furnace they will not repair and they will use all the exclusions in the agreement to void your claim. My gas water heater leaked and when I filed a claim, they sent a contractor to take a look. This contractor is not a licensed plumber and he reported his findings to Choice home. After that, choice warranty refused to honor my claim because according to the agreement, my water heater has another tank inside. All water heaters are built like that. After sending them an appeal, they agreed to pay $250. Do not purchase their warranty as this company will only cheat you. Also, they send 3rd rate contractors to do the repair works. The contractors that they sent do not have any reviews and no websites. I truly regret signing up for their home warranty.
I was caught a bit off guard when I was called within minutes of logging on the web site to see what Choice had to offer in Poplar Bluff. you might wait a few minutes anyway.
They sent the service tech out and he diagnosed the problem and made the necessary repair, great job.
The response time after putting in a request to have something looked at was great, was all set up and seen for a water heater issue within two days. Unfortunately, nothing was found to be wrong with the water heater or pipes upon inspection, but was still having noises in the pipes in the wall by the master bedroom. So it did keep me up at night, I ended up draining the water heater myself, and fixing some toilet issues which ended up resolving the noise issue in the pipes. But the water heater guy had no clue what was going on and didn't really seem like he wanted to figure it out otherwise...he just did his normal routine for the money! Oh well, at least it is fixed now and nothing is wrong with the water heater!
Used them for the first time and had a no hassle experience. Great work A and D plumbing.
Ron was very knowledgeable, listen extremely well and polite. He had solutions for my needs. Highly recommend Choice Warranty. Maggie and Chuck Register Wimauma,Florida
The service man you sent was very professional, also your service was very quick and much faster then we expected. Thanks to both of y'all
Heater fan went out on a Saturday, we had a technician here Monday and the problem resolved Tuesday. We were very pleased with the fast service you provided.
I was very satisfied with the service that I received. The person sent to do the repair was very prompt, courteous and found the problem very fast. I am delighted with the service that I received. I will recommend your company.
I am very pleased with the companies that you have sent to my home. They were both very professional.
I feel the product and services we are going to receive are well worth what we are paying. I had already compared your company to other companies and had decided to use your company when I contacted you. The salesperson was almost to pushy and I gave the phone to my wife. If I had stayed on the line you would have lost a customer that will probably renew for years to come and I would have decided on a company that I had considered second best.
My opinion is that this company is a great choice for your home protection plan.
Everyone who I spoke to was very profession and helpful. Potts Plumbing was an excellent company and did a great job fixing the sink. It took a little longer than I expected to get the service to my house (7 days).
For some reason Choice has chosen to pay for an expensive repair to 15-year-old appliance, rather than paying me the same amount to allow me to replace the appliance. This is puzzling as it means we will both most likely end up spending more money on this appliance when it breaks again. if I'm willing to pay for a new one, why would you EVER say no? Total nonsense. This makes me wonder if Choice is, in fact, not concerned with keeping costs down or customers happy, and is rather an agent of the repair industry who simply wants to continually feed that industry more business.
this was my first time using HCW. i liked that i was able to do the claim on their website. left a message to the contractor and they called back ina timely manner. technician arrived within window and was professional. he needed t oorder a part so i am waiting for him to call me back to schedule an install appointment.
IT is difficult to get service people who want to work and fight to get paid for what needs to be done. The gentleman who came had to wait for 1 hr to get the right to do half the job that needed to be done. His fees were already discussed with Choice, and they did not want to pay his fees. Great service from the vendor, but frustrating dealing with Choice on having to fight for his fees.
Recently I experienced a plumbing problem at 1:30 a.m., where the water in the sink of my upstairs second bathroom was backing up and running onto the floor. I called in a service request at 1:45 a.m., and by 11:30 a.m. the plumber was there and fixed the problem within 20 minutes. I have only been with CHW for a month, but the quality of customer service I received was top notch. I will recommend CHW to all my friends and co-workers.
David Martin knew the product well
At first, I got problem when made a claim .I tried to contacted the tech.3 or 4 times but did not go through...Finally,CHW sent to me a technician (may be closed to my area...)He came right away and finished the job very quick...Actually, my house dont have too much problem with electric or AC ...but we buy warranty just for in case we need them.
We have worked with other warranty companies and it was extremely painful and difficult. When our air condition stopped working, I contacted Choice and a helpful friendly person picked up within 2min. The next day a contractor went out to see what is wrong and reported it back to Choice who approved the work. Every time I phoned the wait was quick and the people knowledgeable and helpful. Thank you and we will recommend you to others as well.
I had a clogged sink. Made a claim with Choice Warranty sent a contractor whom fixed the problem, cleaned up and had no problems.
A technician was at my house a day and a half after I submitted the claim
response time terrible
Choice Warranty helped me through repair of my home A/C unit when it was 95 degrees outside to make sure repairs were completed as quickly as possible. In the end repairs required 3 visits from A/C repair technicians but the problems are fixed and all for only 1 small co-pay of $45!
When I called they wer on it. The tech came the next day and we settled the problem with my washer. He was top shelf in my book. The tech was knowlageble and courteous. The whole thing was painless. Choise warranty was a good choice. Thanks guys.
Quick response time. The contractors that they use are top notch.
My breaker box had a bad breaker that powered my air and heat. They were friendly and prompt at getting a service technician to my home. I was very pleased with the overall experience. I have used CHW several times since I first became a member. I would highly recommend them!!
Prompt, professional and courteous. Very pleased with this service.
Could be more timely
The office service was timely and the repair man explained what was broken and he repaired .
Just signed up and not happy. You guys are relentless to get that credit card info. I spoke with Mark Johnson. He had a lot of information on what you guys cover. I had liked the price I was given for $37 and some change. But he said he could get it lower if i opted for the 3yr deal. He broke down the numbers and told me it would come out to about $30 and some change a month. It sounded like a better deal. So I said sure why not as long as it's month to month, definitely sounds like something I can afford. He asked for credit card info and I gave it and I watched $392 leave my account that I was not prepared for. What should have happened is,Mark should have specified the amount he was going to charge to the card number provided and ask do I agree. That did not happen. I told him he put me in a bad spot and I needed my money back, apparently we were not on the same page. That is something you should train your employees to do. Make sure both parties are on the same page and payment info is specified before making the transaction. He sent me to customer service and there they said they would notate to expedite the refund minus the $37 and change but since it was the end of business day it would not be processed and once it was,it would take 7-15 business days. Everyone is so quick to take your money and now I have to wait 7-15 business days to get my money back,minus the first month you are still holding. Which I will end up cancelling because this whole experience has left a bad taste in my mouth. Its New Year's weekend, I have bills being drafted out of my account that I had just enough for because my financial status is tight right now. I thought I was getting a good deal but now realize I got a bad deal. Now I have to go get a loan to clean up this mess you guys help make. Thanks.
If I could give this company below 1 star I would. Have waited over a month to get my furnace repaired. In that time two different contractors refused to provide service because #1 "CHW refused to call them back with answers to questions, redirected them to multiple numbers, and finally dropped the call....4 times" The other vendor never agreed to the terms yet was somehow assigned to my claim. They never showed up, because they never took the claim. Still waiting for a furnace tech to show up.
I'm so glad I invested in my home with choice warranty. The process is easy and customer service is excellent.
i have been with CHW since 2011.Whenever I requested repair, tech has always been scheduled in reasonable time frame. Most times the repair was completed the day they came. The only complaint I have is that my leaking water heater was not covered. I am very satisfied and just renewed for the Senior VIP Plan.
Well Rob was very helpful. Seemed to know what he was talking about. I'm pleased with the overall price. Hopefully we will never have to use it.
Couldn't be fixed and they are sending me a check towards a new one! Thanks choice home warranty!
Of late, it seems that service is lacking. In March, we needed our ice maker replaced. Technician came out and changed it twice and then mailed an additional one to our home. This week, the ice maker went out again. Technician came out and found the ice maker was literally broken and taped! He stated he would have to order a new one. We told him we already have one and he installed it. Now this technician drove up in a dilapidated loud car. I was afraid to answer the door because he looked undesirable and had another person in the car with him. When it came time to write the service check, he had me write it to another individual as he had not wallet or ID. It seems CHW is hiring less than professional technicians.
I'll be honest I switched to your service because of the poor customer service from my other provider. I'm skeptical that you will do better but I'm giving you a shot. You're constant calls were more of a turn off than a reason for me to contact you and give you my business. I hope this works out...
Outstanding service, called on a Sat. nite about problem with garbage disposer and new one was put in the next morning, Yes on a Sunday
CHW addressed our claim promptly and sent the plumbers first day the next morning. They were very professional and got the job done
I had a couple claims and both of them have been handled very professional and in timely manner. Thanks.
Very professional and friendly employees. They find great contractors to do the service and respond quickly when have questions.
We had a circuit breaker keep shutting down and called Choice Home Warranty to have the problem repaired. They sent their man the next day and repaired the two wires that were touching and grounding out one of our plugs.
I did my research before choosing this company because as you know there are a lot of warranty companies out there with online bad reviews and experiences. Well this is my second year with this company. I have had 2 events and once I paid my co-pay and the event was covered at 100%. They have my highest recommendation.
plumbing problem solved within 4 hrs of call to warranty hotline
My AC unit stopped blowing cold air, called CHW and they sent Generations Heating and Cooling to diagnose. determined the blower was no good and CHW covered all expenses. The technician found the part needed and drove over an hour to get it and installed it quickly. AC was up and running in just over one day. Great service. very happy.
I called Sunday afternoon because the A/C unit stop working. CHW staff were able to schedule a Tech for Monday morning. On Monday morning I contacted the Tech and he inform me that he was very busy but he will do his best to get my A/C unit fix as soon as possible. On Monday by 5pm my A/C was up and cooling. Thanks CHW.
CHW reps were responsive, attentive and proactive, which is different than what you usually get for other service oriented businesses.
I had a problem with inadequate air conditioning and Choice had John from Eastern come and check out my system. He was great and fixed the problem and even checked back the next day to see if everything was working. I will definetely use this service again!
your service stinks
I called the Choice home Warranty for the claim He executive talked so good as I am speaking in my own language. He took all the details and give the name of the service provider and their phone no. the service provide called me within an hour give their appointment time. the technician came on my fevourable time fixed the problem. they are friendly and good people . If you have home warranty with other company switch to choose home warranty and see the difference. GUYS DONT COMPROMISE THE QUALITY OF THE WORK.OTHERS COME AND GO CHOICE HOME WARANTY REMAINS FOREVER.
Great warranty service! Switched from another warranty service and wasn't disappointed with the handling of my first issue as CHW worked with me to get the repairs needed at a price point that is going to be fully reimbursed.
The sales rep worked with me to get the price to an affordable rate that fits into my budget.
Thank you for taking care of my fan, Appreciate it.
Have not had issues in a couple of years, but had my kitchen drain stop up. It was easy to schedule an appointment and the person doing the service was not very responsive and had to call several times to get them to schedule me a time. When they did arrive, they did a good job and were very nice.
I used AHS for years, now I finally have a warranty progr that 1) answers the phone 2) is curtious 3) makes timely appointments and works with curious helpful trades I couldn’t be happier Pb
i have had drain problems twice and both times Choice was fast to get help out to fix the problem.
I needed my washer fixed and the first company you setme up with was so unprofessional I was given another. They did not work out as well. Your agent bent over backwards to get someone over here as quickly as possible. She made us an appointment with Sears. They were quick and professional and my washer is now working fine.
Provides excellent service. Never had any problems. Very professional
I called Choice regarding a plan to suit our needs I had several questions about the service that I needed answered but the Representative (Ralph). Was in such a hurry to enroll me in a plan that he did not listen to my questions and concerns. I finally enrolled in coverage but some of my questions remained unanswered and when he was enrolling me he did not get all of my personal information correct. Fortunately later, I talked with another representative to get my contact information correct. I still would like to talk to a representative about some optional coverage.
Ok, service provided.
called chw and they set up a plumber to fix my leaky sink. contacted the plumber and was informed they were not dealing with chw. called chw and they verified they had put the plumber on hold and reassigned a new co. new co came out and fixed leak. leak was on going for 2 days due to chw's snafu. 2nd plumber did excellent job and also arrived on time
Good contact, technician met 4hr window and analyzed the problem, communicated the problem and what to expect in shipping defective parts. All parties were professional. Part was received and technician installed. Technician was professional and took care to protect the cabinets and flooring and removed water from the system prior to beginning replacement.
Although the tech was 2 hours late due to a call in at the company when he arrived he was very polite and helpful. I explained the issues we were having with our garbage disposal and after looking it over he replaced the whole unit. He completed he work in a timely manner and made sure I was satisfied before he left. Overall a great experience.
I consistently receive excellent service with this company. I just called about a 20 year old dishwasher that quit working and they were more than fair on handling the situation. Thank you! Am renewing my contract again for another wonderful year together.
Customer service is awful. I have no idea what’s going and apparently they don’t either but just pays a company to come fix my heater with out telling me. Mind you the service person that came to my home was unacceptable nor has communicated with me anything about the repair that’s needed. It has been days with the cold and nothing about they are waiting on a part. I asked for another service company because I was not happy with them I was told I would have to start the process all over. The women I spoke with was very nice but was not given the information needed to give me an idea of what’s going on. The only positive is that they are covering the claim, when I had a plumbing issue they stated they wouldn’t cover it due to installation errors. It was a clogged drain!
Claim submitted 10/22/2015 - 1st appointment 2 days later, part ordered, fixed next day. Great serevice.
I reported issues with my heater on Sunday, December 9, 2018. It is currently Monday, December 17, 2018. My heater issue has not been resolved. I received an email stating my claim was closed. When I phoned Choice Warranty, I was informed that it was still open and I should wait for the technician assigned to repair my heater to phone me. I did receive a call from the technician late Saturday, December 14, 2018. The technician stated he would make the repairs on today Monday, December 17,2018. No one has contacted me in reference to this claim today. I’m highly disappointed and beyond frustrated. I deeply regret paying for a three year membership with Choice Watrnty. This is my second claim with the company and they both have been nothing shy of a nightmare.
great customer service and very good service people
Excellent investment
Very pleased with my warranty . i have used it 2 times. got my appointments for repairs both times on the same day. the companies services was very good. so glad I have choice home warranty.
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