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CarShield Online Insurance Reviews

Company Name: CarShield
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 1-800-974-9385
Overall average rating of 4.3 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 69 %
Great customer services, personal touch, as though it theirs family members whom they are serving. Everyone shows that's they have an genuine interest.
Clear and informative.
I really like it and it's nice people honest people so far everything is just great
I actually found it easy and comfortable to deal with carshield. They did everything I asked of them and were able to complete everything in a timely manner. I've recommend Carshield to my family and friends.
Great experience very helpful and would recommend CarShield to anyone
Absolutely excellent customer service and very professional and very friendly. Love you guys and will recommend you guys to all of my co-workers, friends and family.
I would recommend this to a lot of people
Quick service. The best.
Haven't had to use Car Shield yet
Are first of all I had to call back twice the first got it waiting on me he put me on hold and hung up and never call back so secondly at call back and we start everything all over so I didn't think that was happy I wasn't too thrilled with that and I didn't like how it took me 3 hours to get a tow truck to come out there
I had car shields b4 and was satisfied
I bought the coverage, then my son bought me a newer car with warranty, so I called to end the insurance. Car Shield returned my payment without a hassle. When my coverage ends on my new car Car Shield will get my business. Nice to deal with reputable people
So far we haven't needed it yet but the customer service is great!
Would recommend you guys to family and friends
my car shield experiences that i feel so self when i am Driven just to known i am cover with my car shield protection Thanks CarShield.
This has been one of the worst experience I've ever had in regards to trying to get a car fixed and having an extended warranty. the sales team the representative and the dealerships are not all on the same page you pay for warranty and then they tell you your parts are not cover. Dealership said they had bad luck with the warranty of car Shield another young man came in with the same issue sales team tell you that everything is paid for and you have to pay $100 deductible that is not true. This is a scam I wish I would have known before I purchased it I could use that money on repairs.
Friendly, courteous, knowledgeable, people to deal with! Very pleasant to talk to! Good service also. Thank you, Bill B.
The last person I spoke with was very professional and I did receive my hand book this time.
I called to get a quote on my vehicle that had 34,000 miles on it. I know my factory warranty ends at 36k miles and wanted to make sure it stayed covered since I had already had 2 repairs on the vehicle. I spoke with a guy named Eric and he made sure payments were going to fit based off the information I had told him. Im only paying $3,200 for 7 more years of coverage which is fantastic.
helped me on my car repair
I received outstanding customer service from each of the representatives that assisted me in securing car insurance coverage. Since I have not yet filed a claim I cannot comment on the delivery of services promised but if it's any reflection of their excellent service to date I would have and already have recommended their services
Dear CarShield and others, I am sorry Jill cannot give any report per CarShield performance as Jill passed away due to pneunomia recently. I personally would appreciate if all claimes and whatever else will just stop! Thank You
This company is DISHONEST. I paid this company 11 payments of $118 for two- years. The year of my car is 2000 jeep and was happy for coverage. When my engine gave me trouble, Carshield told me to have the engine dismantle by my mechanic. I would have to pay out of my pocket to dismantle the engine. Carshield stated, "it was stated in my contract". They would sent out an adjuster to approve if my engine need to be repaid. Dismantling my engine would have cost in the thousands. I was someone that wanting to keep taking care of my car. I wasted 3,000 trusting Carshield and now can't afford to replace my engine. Save your money in the bank. I will be contacting the Better Business Bureau.
Just take out and I recommend
Nothing is more upsetting and disruptive than unexpected car problems. I unexpectedly had to have my transmission rebuilt and my coverage with was a lifesaver. The coverage saved me a ton of money. I would recommend this company to anyone. They provide great value and great customer service.
Can't log in ipad.waiting on contract in mail
Took many phone calls to arrange the service work to be done. My local service tech told car shield they did not accept parts provided by another dealer.
Not sure if I like it or not yet I will have some one who know more about this take a look at the wording and papers
I've had 2 issues with my car & each time I called the agents went above & beyond to help & answer any questions I had. The agents seemed to genuinely care about my concerns & didn't make me feel like a "number". Which i appreciated. I will use them in the future for any car I have.
Absolutely thrilled with this warranty!
I provided you with my information in your last email.
Always cooperated to work with us.
The reps over the phone were very polite and patient in explaining the policy and taking my payment. She gave me extra time to pay the next past due amount.
Very helpful and understanding!!
The dealer where I service my vehicle dealt with your company and I believe he was satisfied with the service
Although I have not used the warranty yet because I just purchased it, the sign up was very good, with no problems. Plus the price was fair.
I think it's the best company there is.
Fantastic I would recommend this to my family and friends.
Customer service department was great when I called with a question concerning my policy. Sometimes getting the repairs completed takes more time than necessary. When taking my vehicle to a certified mechanic there should not be so much paper work or visit from a rep. If a mechanic repair shop is certified then they are totally capable for doing the repairs without question. The policy is a little misleading concerning part replacement. I have had this policy for years and have only had to use it once. I am satisfied with the company but my mechanic said there are a couple of issues that could be made easier for the repair work to be completed at a more timely manner. I would still give an overall great rating for my experience with CarShield. Janet Liles
Customer service was excellent. I was put on hold and almost immediately someone else answered all my questions
Terrible service by a salesperson. Do not trust what they say, when selling you a policy. Got "bumper to bumper" coverage, only to find out it was not bumper to bumper. In fact I had it for two cars, one of which I just cancelled. Be careful while dealing with Car Shield.
i do not like it that no electrical switches are covered now that almost everything is controlled by switches. thereother things too but i would prefer to talk to someone about them
Thanks for you service, was an excellent service ..
Very nice and professional.
Yes I will recommend some more People Thank Ya'll.
They worked with me to get a payments down to a payment I could afford.
Very knowledgeable, and friendly people.They know their business well, which makes it easier to make an informed decision.
I just joined, and so far everything is going smoothly. But once I have to make a claim we will then see how good this company really is.
With the greatest of ease, my request was handled.
Car Shield commercials are so promising but the company they contract the work out to is terrible. Wait time for assistance on phone is upwards of 45 minutes to 2 hours. My car is still waiting to be inspected after it's been at the dealership service department since MONDAY! IT'S FRIDAY AND IT STILL HASN'T BEEN INSPECTED! Then I call again to find out about rental car service and was on hold again for another 30 minutes and was hung up on for bad connection. A.A.S. is not ready for the volume of calls or service requests and Car Shield is duping people. There is a disclaimer on the commercial in fine print on the bottom. Stop advertising as Car Shield and start advertising as A. A. S.!
Customer service was great. They worked well to give me a very good rate.
Talking with David Douglas yesterday was awesome, he was very clear with explaining everything. Thank you
Excellent purchase info and then buying was simplified. Reasonable rates. Policy info mailed within a week.
So far, so good. Easy to speak with real people. Price is fair. Have had no claims yet. .
The representative that I spoke to was very helpful
Haven't used it yet but the experience so far has been excellent.
Great Service....
Just got off the phone with car shield sales rep. Tony.....very high pressure to make sale was told had to do it NOW.......could not wait to talk to ask wife about it. Was told could only be done now. Very high pressure to buy.. I would would go out a warranty than buy under pressure.....Told them to please takek my name off of there call list....
I was surprised when the representative I got was able skip to the bottom line and make a reasonable and agreeable resolve. Thank You
Some rude customer service persons. Finding a dealer willing to use United Car Care Not totally up front on requirements of use. Expensive for no value in service.
First class organization.
Each time I call -- all are very helpful -- and professional. I haven't used my warranty yet, but it is still good to know you are there when I need repairs .
Excellent customer service and professional staff
Was a very good experience
Mr brown here im liking the services but i still havent received my package deal. That never came
The company gave me a fair deal to renew my coverage. Everyone should an auto repair warranty for unexpected auto repairs. They covered every claim that I’ve had.
I was completely satisfied.
So far so good. Haven't went through any problems yet but i feel better about having them for security purposes
Professional Staff, this is just what I wanted, for my 2012 Impala LT. Driving my car is my escape from stress. Have to keep my wheels on the road. Car Sheild is the best way to do that!!!!.
They switched my cars over with ease.
Warranty didn’t cover my repairs
Great warranty plans, very convenient process.
I haven't had to use it but from what I read it seem like it will be a hassle trying to get my vehicle fixed if something was to go wrong
I had one claim. Carshield would not cover it. We sold the car shirtly thereafter.
Car Shield was very helpful when I had to adjust my payments due to financial hardship. I greatly appreciate their professionalism and empathy to my situation. Thank you !
As yet I have not needed to use CarShield but my several phone calls eith the representatives were extremely helpful and courteous. They found me a policy I could afford.
I am still waiting for the information on my Car Shield ! I need the paper work to carry in my car so if I need assistance I can contact some one! I have called many times and still have not received it! Marie L Brewer 554 Whitlock Ave Toledo Ohio 43605-1362 They have already processed my down payment so please get the paper work to me ASAP
Worst experience ever it is a scam. They took my money every month and when my car broke down they fixed absolutely nothing. It is such a scam be ware
Totally satisfied with the quality of service that I received.
I had extreme difficulty getting through to anybody live and was on hold for 25 minutes. My MECHANIC had difficulty getting through at all one day to place my claim and on the 2nd day, he was put on hold as well. After 10 minutes, he simply had to hang up because his other business lines were ringing. He called me, gave me all the info and asked if I could call and place the claim. Although the representative on the line was polite, he was ready to write me off about my not being the mechanic but suddenly changed his tune when I told him I had all the mechanic's info. Imagine my extreme surprise and dismay that after all that crappy experience, my claim is not covered! You need to change your erroneous commercial where it says "with CarShield, you can avoid costly auto repairs!" HA! Not true! This repair will cost me almost $500, thanks to CarShield! What do I even have CarShield for anyway? Pay all that money just to pay for all my expensive repair! For what we pay, EVERYTHING should be covered above a certain amount! Ludicrous!
Good service. No feelings of being pushed into something I did not want. I started a little sooner than I wanted but now I’m covered and I’m ok with starting before I originally wanted to. Peggy Jackson
I feel better, knowing that my older, but still nice, car is covered, when it does begin having issues.
I had good customer service and my call was answered in a timely manner and I was well satisfied with my service
Very good customer service. I've only had the service for a short time but I'm very pleased with the services and the customer service experience. If you have any questions they don't hesitate to answer your questions in detail to ensure you understand your policy. The rates are not expensive. I will definitely recommend this for friends and family
Car Shield is great keep up the great work you do.
nice agent relation about my concerns on my car.
We are very displeased with the service we are getting from them. Our truck has been siting at the dealership in the service department for over a week. The service department is getting very frustrated because they are having to wait to hear from this company. We were on the phone with Auto Shield for over an hour yesterday afternoon. They even called the service department and kept her, Cari , on hold for over 30 minutes. They hung up on both of us. We want some answers ASAP as to what they are going to do with our truck.
They cover all important parts of my car if it were to break down plus tow my car and provide a car till my car is fixed!
Every time, I called the reps. were very professional and friendly.
so far so good . seems like a reasonable price. haven't had to use them yet
Very easy to discuss needs and representative helpful in providing for me a policy that met my needs. Very professional!
Help desk was very helpful and courteous with my change to mailed billing instead of automatic payment to a cancelled credit card due its being hacked. Transition was flawless. Thanks.
My experience with car shield has been great it,s east to get
The two representatives I spoke with was very helpful and answered all of my question.
I hope you uphold your promise to take out $195 for my payment instead of the $395 that you did.
I like the service I got!
Juice to work with however the policy didn’t cover a lot of things I thought it would.
Simple, easy. Friendly American customer service Reps!! I’ve had a few warranty companies before, they were more expensive and covered less. Have to give Carsheilds a try, if you don’t like it. Fine. No contracts. Mahalo
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