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CARCHEX Online Insurance Reviews

Company Name: CARCHEX
Phone: 877-CARCHEX
Overall average rating of 4.6 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 78 %
I purchased a extended warranty for my truck and it was a good deal to cover the most expensive parts plus roadside assisstance.
I will see how things go as far as claims before i can refer carchecks to anyone.
I had determined that I would not be able to afford another warranty after my previous one expired. The other company that I'd been with for 5 years with only two claims over that time quoted a renewal cost of $2000 for one year, and 12 thousand miles. Carchex quoted a price that surprised me, and the representative did not resort to high pressure tactics. We are going to get the wife's 2012 Traverse covered
I am a new customer and Chris Kilduff is the reason.
Thanks for making my search for extended warranty service a snap. Good products and excellent customer service
Everyone was wonderful explained everything to where I understood it and was very reasonable with your prices and savings that were given to me. Keep up the great I would anyone about your great services and recommend them to you in a heart beat.
After posting an issue about airbag coverage on my vehicle the Vice Presitent of CarChex personally contacted me. We had a very nice conversation about why things such as seat belts and airbags were not covered in a bumper to bumper warranty. And I have to say this man is a real gentleman and a stand up guy. He is willing to put coverage issues aside and put the safety of myself and my family first. He has offered to reimburse me for the cost of the airbag in my vehicle. It is so reassuring to know that a company is willing to go the extra mile even when they don't have to in order to make sure that your family is safe. I really cant express in words the emotion involved when someone that does not know you is willing to make sure you are taken care of and that your family is safe. In addition I would like to add that when I took my vehicle to the dealer for repairs something called a mode actuator was also broken and my warranty told the dealership that it would be covered no with no issues. The entire process of having a claim was actually very easy. It is hard to believe because in this day and age not many companies keep to their word of having great products and great customer service. This is one of the very few that actually have it right, and I would highly recommend them to everyone.
Website made it very easy to compare plans. Stephanie was very knowledgeable about the plans and was very helpful as I made my choice.
Honest and trustworthy. They honor their contact.
I have used CARCHEX before with no problems. I highly recommend then to everyone. They have covered three of my vehicles and have replaced two dealership warranties.
it was good and i got what i wanted.
Carchex is great. They provided service that was superior to others in their field. They are my first choose for my second vehicle.
The Representative was polite an patient with me answering my questions about the program and he determine to make get this warranty I glad he did cause I am a procrastinator and this i could put off to important I would like to thank him for pushing me the getting it with no pressure due my warranty expires from the dealer in a year .Overall great customer service
nice experience helpful and informative
Have it on my SL 600. Stands by coverage claims. Now have it on my GL 550.
This company doesn't cover half of what they promise plus they don't tell you that they will send out a contractor to verify the repairs that your claiming to have done. If a repair facility is certified why does a customer need a second opinion. Money wasted. In response to Jason's reply and a call from the claims department, I received 2. One person wanted an itemized listing of what I paid and the other representative left a message. I have called back not once not twice but 3 times only to get voicemail asking me to leave my name and number. I requested to have my service cancelled. The cancellation has yet to be honored. I paid full price to have my vehicle repaired and I must say it's running great despite what the follow up guy who is suppose to be ASE CERTIFIED. Cancel my policy!!! Forth request.
I want to make sure that my vehicle is cover and not worry about the "What If's" we can travel comforter knowing we are cover anywhere we go.
I have not had the opportunity to use this warranty thus far but my experience has been very pleasant with Kenny. Not pushy, but good in his follow up , he stayed with it for two weeks while I considered my options. In the end I went with Kenny because of his persuasive commentary on the available warranties.
I was very satisfied with the way in which the representative, Lynn, served me.
All the information was explained in detailed. The person that I was speaking with was polite and knowledgeable about the information that was presented
David Parker was absolutely amazing! His patience and knowledge helped me to make a decision that I'm certain I will be pleased with. Simply Remarkable!
I was very skeptical about purchasing another extended service warranty for a vehicle having been "burned "a few years ago by a St. Charles, Missouri-based organization. However, after speaking with Rodney Bonds at CARCHEX my concerns were alleviated after he explained the benefits of the coverage I would receive with this top-rated organization. After doing my own research about this company and comparing their product and reputation to some of the others I was being offered by other companies I finally made the decision to go with CARCHEX. I now feel a sense of relief knowing that my vehicle will be covered in the event any unforeseen problems should occur. I would like to extend a particular note of thanks to Rodney Bonds with CARCHEX for doing such an outstanding job and thoroughly explaining the many benefits of their product compared to others on the market and helping me select the plan best suited for me.
He was helpful but I did not receive the package via E mail which explains the warranty details. Please let me know when that will arrive, since I need it to make my decision as to whether I will purchase.
Jason was excellent! His level of courtesy and care was superb. I am so grateful to have gotten this policy. I had to check with my mechanic who looked over the policy. Jason was always available. It's wonderful when you meet an organization with such integrity and support these days. So grateful for my experience. This is the second policy in 20 years I have bought for two different cars that I have bought from carchex. With customer care such as Jason gave me I will keep spreading the word and coming back. Thank you again for excellent support and care!
Great explanation of how carchex works and how the procrss works
I was happy with this company and felt secure in doing business with them
My sales rep was Anthony Miller..he was very pleasant and answered all of my many questions.. He explained all 3 levels of coverage in detail..helping me decide which one would be best for my vehicle..I I would definitely recommend to family and friends or anyone buying a used car..
Easy Exelente fast
The y help me with everithing i need
The program was explained to me very thoroughly. I accepted the Titanium package. I'm now at ease when it comes to possibly needing any service to my truck.
Customer service great
I have extended warranty for my car with Carchex and was looking for coverage for my husbands SUV, we were about to go with another company when I thought about the great service I had received with my car, I had to get a totally new motor for my car and since I had kept up with the required maintenance on my vehicle through the dealer, no words were exchanged, they put a new motor in my car with no hassles. They live up to their promise of good customer service, and that's exactly what I got with my representative J. Weisbacker, he went over our options and gave us an compatible quote and more options than I would have received with another company. We are pleased and hope we will not have to make a claim but in the case we do, we know we will get the assistance we will need to get the vehicle fixed as long as it is covered through our policy.
Lance Hinton did an awesome. Thank you very much Lance
Stephen Czapski was very helpful and not overbearing. When I originally called I informed him I would not be purchasing a warranty until the end of May and even though I originally inquired about 2 months prior, he did not push or pressure. He sent a couple reminder emails about promotional things going on, but when I was actually ready to purchase, the transaction was quick and easy. I only gave 4 stars because-thankfully-I have not had to use the service yet.
Dave was professional and informative on your product.
I purchased the Titanium package for my '07 Sport Trac. Advertised as bumper to bumper coverage. Paid for a year and then when it blew a head gasket they denied payment, after a heated 2 hour long phone call they paid part of the cost for the head gasket. Then got the call that the blown head gasket had ruined my catalytic converters, again they denied payment as Catalytic Converters are "Normal wear and tear". I was sold a plan that was supposed to cover my repairs "worry free" with only a hundred dollar deductible but am out $900 and my truck still doesn't run because I can't afford $2100 to replace the converters and O2 sensors. I have now lost my job due to no transportation.
Thank you great and quick service
Can't write a review yet
I will know when I need something fix and how long it will take to recieve approval for the work
I spoke with a very friendly and knowledgeable representative of car chex.
I have not had to use my service plan yet yet but the purchasing experience was very easy and the service agent knowledgeable. If my experience in the future goes as smoothly I will never have any complaints.
Will is an excellent Customer service technician. He allow me time to communicate between BMW and compare Carchex's extended warranty to BMW's. I decided to go with Carchex!!!!
Totally satisfied
Thank You Please make sure that Maiwand Anwary gets his referal fee for Referal me Thank You
James provided Exceptional Service.
The agent was pleasant and did not use high tactic sales pitches to get my business!
I called Carchex to get a quotation, and Brennan Morris, now my agent, was very professional, offering me many options and not pushing me to close any deal in that moment. Gave me time to think and do my homework about the extended warranty of may 6 years' Honda. Carchex has a very good price and offers a lot o benefits. I am happy with my decision and I fully recommend it.
The rep I spoke with was very considerate, and called me a second time as on the first call I was at work. During the intake process he was very knowledgeable of the program elements involved for a car of mines age & mileage. I do appreciate the timing of the call as I was in the market for new warranty. Very pleased with the entire experience.
I tried to post this once but the website glitched and I don't know if it went thru so forgive me if this posts twice. I contacted Carchex as my Jeep was 5 years old, I am going to keep it a few more years, and I wanted a "peace of mind" extended warranty for that time period. Michael Camiolo was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. I originally chose a mid range plan but decided later to upgrade to "bumper to bumper" which Michael made happen by cancelling my day old policy (30 day money back guarantee) and starting my new one. Their prices are reasonable with no interest monthly payments, their customer service is excellent, they have a 9.63 out of 10 rating. I would highly recommend them to anyone based on my initial experience.
Update..... After I wrote the following review I was contacted by Sharon R. From Carchex. She read my review and was concerned about the service I received. She jumped right in and saved the day. She contacted me daily to provide me a status update on my recently denied claim. She went out on vacation but informed her manager of the issue and he stepped right in on her behalf. After all their hard work and dedication, my claim was approved. They were determined to make my experience a great one! I'm hopeful that I don't have to go through this again but they have assured me that if I have any problems, I could contact them directly. ------------------------------------------------------ I normally don't provide reviews but I felt it was a must to avoid anyone else from experiencing this issue. This company is a RIPE OFF! have had this policy since December 2016, so it is very new. I had a claim this week (June 2017) to repair my Lower Arm Control Bushings. When Carchex received the claim they could not believe the repair cost so they sent an Adjustor to inspect the vehicle. It took them 2 days to provide an approval and to my surprise the claim was denied. The reason they gave was the repair is not consistent with the wear and tear of the vehicle, they said that this issue was pre/existing. I explained to them that I had my vehicle serviced in January if this issue occurred I would have been informed about it then. When I contacted the Adjustor he only reintegrated what the report said and said the claim was denied. I asked to speak to a manager and he said that the managers do not have a direct line and they would need to call me back. What kind of company is this where the managers do not have a direct line. So now I'm irritated! So I asked for the President of the company number and he told nel me he does not know who that is. Now you work at a company where the managers do not have a direct line and no one knows the President name or phone number. Ridiculous! I have yet to receive a call back regarding this matter. I am disappointed frustrated and extremely upset by the treatment of this company. They have taken my money for the past 7 months and have not delivered on what they agreed upon with me based on contract. I will definitely be speaking to a lawyer regarding this matter. I want to prevent this issue from happening to others. Needless to say I'm canceling my policy. Buyers beware this company is truely a SCAM! Do not pass go because you will be in for a rude awaking!
So far, anything that my escalade has needed, or almost everything, has been replaced. I do run into what Cadillac refuses to put into my car that i must accept what Carchex allows for replacement, for instance, a need to have a new CD player, came out of a used GM car and I had to accept.
The agent was very courteous and helpful.
Excellent representation by the sales representative , both knowledgeable and patient.
*I'd like to preface my review by saying that I once used sold cars + dealer extended warranties on those cars, which makes me a bit more critical when it looking at what extended warranty companies have to offer. Quick Overview of my vehicle & chosen coverage package: -2010 Maxima SV fully loaded with 67,000 miles (premium nav/sport) -Purchased Carchex's Titanium Package+ High Teck add-on -3yr/30K coverage (24 month interest free payment plan) *Will be finalizing Monday I contacted 8 out 10 of the top ten warrenty companies I found via and decided that Carchex had the most to offer when comparing all companies through thier BBB ratings, customer reviews, and their quality of coverages. I've sold hundreds of extended warranties in my past life as a used car salesman, so I put my Carchex Sales Rep through the ringer with real world scenarios to try to identify any loopholes where they could not cover a claim. Both he and the warranty parameters passed with flying colors and I'm excited to say I'm quite happy with my decision to go with Carchex. Slight hiccup on communicated quote but was contacted in less than 24 hours and the manager (Tevon) helped explain/resolve the situation quickly. I'd highly recommend anyone who is on the fence with which warranty company they should choose to contact my particular sales rep directly as he was able to answer all of my ridiculous "will you cover this, when that happens..." type of questions AND did so by backing them up with real world scenarios from previous BBB reviews. Another reason I think you should strongly consider this particular rep is that he also informed me that Carchex covers repairs for TSB bulletins that Nissan posts which are normally only covered on cars that are under the manufactures warranty and NO OTHER aftermarket company I vetted does this!! My rep was Joseph Jones 877-227-2439 ext.1173 *I don't know if this allowed via the website but thought i'd try for your benefit anyway
Most reviews of the Car Chex service are positive according to my research, and at first the their representatives are helpful and polite. The polite disappears and is replaced with terse answers when you ask for clarification of what is covered and what is not. They are also more persistent than I would like. I was doing research when buying a car, they kept calling even when I told them I had not purchased yet, other than that they were fine.
I was amazed at the simplicity of the process I had with CarChex. I simply made a request for a quote, then got a call from one of their reps- before I could even put in the VIN number. The rep was great- answered my questions and sent me a quote for several different time periods. Then the BEST thing was- the quotes were priced fairly and which made me feel confident that I found the right company to buy from. My research showed CarChex at #2 and #1 in customer satisfaction. I hope the rest of my relationship (the next 75k miles) is as smooth as this one...
Very easy to contact and work with . I highly Recommend
I usually would never buy a car warranty over the phone but the representative that called me, Philo Gentles, made all the difference. He was factual, patient and he really LISTENED to my questions and concerns and answered them directly and completely. His follow up call was equally pleasant and no pressure. I was on the fence and he addressed my concerns. I feel good about my choice to get the warranty and I have him to thank for that. I would like to commend him on his customer service skills. It was a pleasure to talk with him.
Nick was very great thanks again everyone.
very good very nice and understanding very helpful
My alternator went out on my 2011 Nissan Maxima. I called Carchex to set up a claim within minutes they told me it was covered under warranty. Carchex saved me a lot of money!
Don't know what to say yet!
The representative was respectful, informative and also responsive. I submitted my inquiry for a quote and received a phone call in less than 10 minutes. That was bizarre. The representative gave me sufficient time to make a decision, he was also patient after I told him i was not making any decisions today. I was in the market for this service. I went with these folks because in comparison to the #1 company under some top ten list, Carchex was a lot more helpful and not arrogant about the top ten list credential.
I looked up over 25 websites, created a spreadsheet of over 20 questions I had (pricing, limits, who underwrites, claims process, ect) and then reviewed all of these companies on the Better Business Bureau website. This narrowed the list to 9 companies with an "A" rating. I looked up online reviews and called each company. Aside from having an A+ BBB rating, CarChex was 1 of 2 companies that even offered an exclusionary policy for our Audi Q7. Robert Heise is our rep and did a fantastic job of working with me (I first contacted them in June 2014 and picked a policy on Dec 31, 2014). He listened to me and just didn't start regurgitating a sales pitch. He was also very patient and worked with me on policies and pricing to get me what I wanted at a reasonable price. He also answered my questions and showed me where to find more details on their website. CarChex was one of the view companies that had the contract info on their website so you know what is covered and what is excluded before you buy. Overall, working with Robert and CarChex was a great experience in an industry that can sometimes seem a little shady. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a service contract on a used vehicle. Update: We have had our service contract with CarChex for about 16 months now and have had to use it on 4 different occasions and they have been great. They covered exactly what our plan includes and there were no surprises. Our mechanic said he works with many extended warranty/service contract companies and that the one we have is very, very good. He is impressed. We have had nothing but the best experience so far with CarChex. So much better than our past experience dealing with manufacturer/factory warranties and the car dealership service department. I still highly recommend this company.
everything was very well my experience was of 10
CarChex is an AWESOME Extended warranty company. Great coverage, good rates, and an Wonderful customer Service Team! I strongly recommend!!!
Mark, Thank you so much for your excellent customer service dealing with the Nissan warranty. I will definitely refer you to anyone inquiring about an extended warranty for their vehicle. Sincerely, Dawn
The purchase of my Carchex warranty was very easy and sales rep explained everything so it was easy to understand. He gave me the choice of different plans and with dicounts, it was easy to chose my plan. Having 2 years to pay for product helps me fit it into my budget. Having automatic monthly payment with a date that works for me also helps with this purchase.
I feel I have the best coverage available and an awesome Salesman who met and kept all of his promises. He is right on top of it!
The reps were much easier to work with than the website. The side by side comparison was not laid out that simple to understand or navigate. Got thru the process quicky with Will. All questions and bullet points asked and answered.
I like that about carchex explained me make clear understanding everything it is great
David was a great representative, he has knowledge of what he's doing tries to get the customer the best deal!
I reviewed a number of auto warranty offers from the online (don't get to talk to anyone) types to the mailed flyers that use high pressure sales - "you have to commit today or we can't guarantee a good rate" offers and CarChex and Endurance were the best to talk with and get details. As I reviewed the offers in my budget range I noticed that CarChex offered twice as much coverage for my car than Endurance. I went over all of the fine print with the sales person, Ken, and he was patient and answered all my questions. Other positives advantages are when the payments are completed the coverage continues and is transferable upon sale and you can discontinue the coverage at any time if not satisfied. Thank you for your patience and honesty.
I was sold the most expensive warranty for an Infiniti G37x and told it’s the equivalent of the bumper to bumper warranty my car had when new. Turns out anything they don’t want to cover is considered a pre-existing condition. My state inspection last year had no issues, but this year my ball joints needed replaced. Royal administration denied the claim saying this must have been an ongoing problem for a long time. When I asked how long is ‘long’ they basically said prior to my contract. There is no noise, vibrations, or driving issues that would have alerted me something is wrong. The only way I know it’s a problem is because the shop told me I failed inspection because of the joints. The 1,000 miles / 30 day validation period is a lie. Turns out different parts of the car have different validation periods. I was told the ball joints failed ‘too early’ in the contract, even though it has been 7+ months and over 5k miles. So don’t think that passing the initial validation period means you are covered. You basically need to know the condition of every single part of your car before you sign a contract, and even if it works fine, they can still call it a long term preexisting condition a few weeks in. Isn’t everything technically a ‘preexisting’ condition on cars with very high mileage? After asking for specific details between ‘preexisting’(not covered) and ‘sudden failure’(covered) examples, I was given scenarios that would have been covered if Parts A/B/C failed. After reading more reviews, I saw these specific scenarios also being denied as preexisting conditions when electronic parts failed. Carchex sells the warranty but Royal administration services it. That way when you complain about a denied claim, carchex will send you to royal, who actually denied it. When you complain to royal that you were misled(lied to) during the sales process, they will send you to carchex, who actually sold it. That way it’s no one’s responsibility and you get the runaround. I did what most others did, came to review sites like this one and saw they had a positive overall rating. But if you actually read through the good and the bad, you will see the vast majority of positive reviews deal with the sales process and how polite the representative was in explaining the coverage. The negative reviews are mainly from people who tried to USE the warranty and realized the truth. Their sales tactics are borderline illegal due to the misrepresentation that takes place. I assume they pay the bare minimum of claims just to to avoid legal action against them, but that is my opinion. UPDATE: situation was resolved to my satisfaction and star score upgraded. The company made me whole financially.
customer service excellent i would recommend this service to anyone very reliable
This was best experience I have had when purchasing coverage. Dunkin promised me it would be fast and fix my needs, and it did. will recommend this company to all my friends. Thank you
I researched companies & concluded I liked Carchex reviews the best. My auto was covered by manufacturers plan when I contacted Chris @ Carchex. about 6 wks left on my plan. He did not inform me that there was a 30day/1000mi WAITING period before coverage was in effect. Therefor I waited until the day before it expired to buy from Carchex. So I was without coverage for a month He also did not inform me that I needed a special rider for my electronics. They cannot just add it on the have to cancel and rewite w/ another waiting period. Since I submitted my review, I was contacted by a company supervisor. He was responsive to my concerns. I am convinced my experience was the exception and not the norm. I am confident that I made the right choice
Very helpful and courteous personel.
After thoroughly searching the internet and getting personal referrals picking Carchex was a no brainer for extended car warranties.
Good sales guy. Easy to talk to and friendly, helpful.
I recommend Steve to help with your questions for coverage for warranty - he was knowledable about his job
IVe got ton excellent device from David
Excellent customer service. Explains everything to the tee so that you can understand about your warranty and coverages..
The rep was very helpful and professional.
I've had nothing but positive experiences with CarChex. I've not had any issues obtaining services or payments. I worked with Eric Fick both times when purchasing and he helped select plans that fit my budget and auto coverage needs.
I was not treated Fair in this place did not meet my expectations
This is my second purchase of a used car waranty through Carchex. I purchased my first waranty two years ago from Rachel. When it came to using my waranty it was a breeze. No hassle and prompt payment to my shop. I just purchased my second waranty from her again. She gives outstanding customer service. Rachel took her time to explains all options available and find the right option for my car. I feel at ease knowing my car is covered by a reputable company who stands behind what they sell.
We purchased a warranty from Carchex in good faith after spending hours in total on the phone discussing our needs with 2 different reps. We wanted to be sure our car would be covered for major repairs. The engine on our car blew and we just knew that it would be covered (nevermind the fact that 3 other claims for other repairs had been turned down by Carchex). Much to our dismay Carchex denied the claim because the engine did not die "in the way the contract stated it should in order to be covered".Never heard of anything like this! Called Carchex to resolve problem was placed on hold for over an hour and transferred a least 6 times. Kept calling back but same thing kept happenning. Tried to reach a Manager but never did. Will be posting this review on all the sites I can because I don't want to see this happen to other consumers...especially Senior Citizens who can not afford this type of treatment . Truly fustrating. Registered a complaint with the Better Business Bureau as well..PLEASE DO YOUR RESEARCH WHEN LOOKING FOR A WARRANTY COMPANY OR YOU MAY END UP LIKE US ...BAD WARRANTY COMPANY....NO CAR !! We will be posting this review to other sites to help warn other consumers.
My experience with you all was great. I would recommend it to others to get this.
Nice experience so far. They took time to answer questions.
Anthony Miller was very thorough explaining the Titanium CarChex product to me and differentiating it from the others. Before choosing CarChex, my husband researched several other warranties, including the one from the dealer. CarChex had the best reviews and ratings. Anthony gave me confidence I was going with the best warranty product on the market. He was efficient and quickly expedited my purchase.
Took a few mins to explain the contract, no hazzles, and a very easy process.
Chris assisted in the purchase and he was thorough, professional, and nice to work with.
Second time I've used CarChex to purchase an extended warranty for my car - the first warranty cost ~3K and covered almost ~7K of work at dealer w/ OEM parts. The second warranty, I was going to go with the same provider. However, my CarChex rep reached back out to me the next day to tell me they found a better deal with another provider who would be as good or better at handling any claims - more coverage for a few dollars less a month. I'm not one to buy extended warranties on items (consumer electronics and etc), but on something as expensive as your car - this is a "no brainer". Recommending CarChex is an easy choice.
No pressure to buy the first time but they never forgot about me and they listened to me..
My experience is only based on the customer service I received while purchasing the product. I don't have any experience yet with any claims. The sales associate was very helpful, answered all my questions, and best of all he was not at all pushy (like another person from a different company whom I ended up hanging up on). Hopefully I make a smart decision buying this warranty.
Dan was clear, patient and answered all of my questions. Very professional.
I was surprised by how simple and straight forward the sales man was. There was no changing hands of sales people when I disliked the price of one package. Instead he offered possible solutions to my problem. I will refer this company to my family, friends and customers.
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