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California FAIR Plan Online Insurance Reviews

Company Name: California FAIR Plan
Overall average rating of 1.3 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 0 %
I was calling on behalf of the lender to have the Dec page and Mortgage clause corrected and they are neither willing to listen, do not have the patience nor are willing to help. They did even want to stand by the policy that apparently they follow when asked to send an email stating the same! I would not even give a star, but then there is nothing lesser to click on!
Our premium was raised by 100%. The California Department of Insurance allowed the FAIR Plan to increase the rates with a cap of 100%. Our house is cleared of all brush, with gravel around the house. We are adjacent to Bailey Canyon, either owned by the city of Sierra Madre or LA County. Neither will clear their brush. I have not been given a reason for the increase.This is not a fair rate increase. Their page on Facebook indicates that most people will see an increase of 6.7%, not 100%.
We have several residents insured by California Fair Plan who do not understand the dangers that are not maintained can cause significant danger and cost to adjoining neighbor property.My neighbors located at ** are insured by California Fair Plan. Both homeowners have trees on their properties that have been noted by certified tree arborist should not be growing in a major hillside fire zone. During the last major fire in the Sierra Madre hillside, I witnessed branches on trees burning. Those burned trees remain on the property. The new owner of this property is not educated on the safety and maintenance of trees. A major pine tree belonging to the owner continues to stand and pose a property danger to approximately four neighboring homes in its immediate proximity. A certified arborist has recommended the removable of this pine tree due to the location, size and type of tree. The tree is noted to be so tall that there is a concern of the tree being struck by lighting. The arborist noted that it should never have been allowed to grow in its present location. Permission was requested to approve the removable of this tree. The owner notes that she wishes to keep the tree on her property because she moved in our area because, "she likes trees". She was informed of what the arborist recommended and she did approve a tree trimming. At least, I will be able to remove the danger of falling and burning limbs on my home. Trees are great until you see them burning near your home. Another person insured by your company located at ** maintains the same uneducated thinking in the maintenance and planting of trees on his property. He recently planted a pine tree that has been deemed extremely dangerous and a high fire hazard in a high fire zone. An arborist at the Arcadia Arboretum did not recommend the planting of this tree for the same reasons as previously stated. What happens to the homeowners responsibility for the safety and danger that his/her trees present to their neighbor's properties?Fire season is here and I do not wish to contribute towards the dangers of the fire season.
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