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California Casualty Auto and Home Insurance Online Reviews

Company Name: California Casualty Auto and Home Insurance
Phone: 1.866.680.5143
Overall average rating of 4.7 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 83 %
My wife and I use California Casualty for both our auto and home insurance. When we suffered hail damage to our home, California Casualty immediately assigned an adjustor, and he did an excellent job of inspecting and reporting the full extent of the damage including the roof, siding, decking, and more. We received a check for the full amount of damages less deductible in a matter of days. I was fully satisfied with California Casualty's handling of our claim. I strongly recommend California Casualty!
We have had NO problems with C.C. Great company! Customer service is kind, patient and caring to us as people, not a number or bottom dollar. We have used another company for years. We have been with Cali. CAS. for about 4-5 years. I feel just as comfortable discussing things related to insurance with C.C. as with the other company we were with for years and years. I was in a fender bender. The other person doctored reports, retained an attorney and wanted to sue me. But C.C. stood by me. They took care of it for me!!! They didn't even raise my rates! We have no plans to change companies. California Casualty is the BEST!!!
Easiest and best insurance company I have ever worked with.
The rates are very good.
Customer service is very helpful. The few claims and questions I have had in the past were handled promptly.
I’m always well taken care of by the representatives that answer my call. My questions are always met with quick references and solutions. Any changes are hurried and taken care of. The people are kind, respectful and knowledgeable.
The service provided by California Casualty is and has always been stellar. It is quick and easy to get professional service when I've needed it. I appreciate getting to speak with a knowledgeable individual and accomplishing the business I need to get done on the first call.
I have had California Casualty Auto and Home Insurance for 10 years now. I experienced someone rear ending me on a freeway to water damage in my home. The service I received in the two situations was wonderful. In both instances they were concerned with my safety first. They gave me the names, numbers, and addresses ( which were close to home)of who to contact for repairs. The individual was professional, caring and knowledgeable. I was very happy with the referral companies they sent me too. Excellent service all away around!
My premium was raised without reason or notice
They have great customer service. I have been happy with them.
Pleasant professional knowledgeable personnel whenever I phone them. I have both my house and my car insured by them continually for the la I have both my house and my car insured by them continually for the Last 50 years. I trust they are looking out for me when they determine my premiums based on my need
My car was hit while parked in front of my son's home. The damage was extensive but the repair was seamless and efficient. California Casualty handled everything beautifully! I never want to go through it again, but I am not concerned at all about how it would be handled.
I have always been impressed by this companies ability to go above and beyond to ensure my needs are met
Good customer handling and provision on time information
California Casualty has given us the best rates on home and auto insurance. All personnel are helpful and courteous.
Paying premiums is a breeze with this company. Amounts are up front with no surprises. I have been fortunate enough have filed a claim since I have been with this company but I expect service to be prompt and dependable should the need arise.
As a new customer I have had several requests and questions and have gotten answers and explanations very fast. I would also like to commend Clay Anderson, for helping me through the transition to Calif. casualty.
I have been lucky over the years, but when needed California casualty has been there for me, both auto and home owners insurance.
After blowout on route 80 about 30 miles from home, I was informed that I would be charged $240 to flatbed my car to my dealership. I then called BMW and they arranged help at no cost. I am looking at other insurance companies. Very disappointing.
The rates are always fair and the ease of sharing the rates with family members has helped my children as well. There's very little wait time when I call with a question or a new vehicle or a claim. Claims are addressed promptly and thoroughly. My favorite story was when the mice ate through the wiring harness of my new Smart car in 2010. Fixing it was a big project which required a loaner car. I was so glad I had CalCas comprehensive coverage! I heartily recommend CalCas for your auto insurance.
Lowest price Great service
These people are on top of everything. Been with them for over 25 years. Great service too.
Thank you for all you do!
The lady that help me was very patient, she verify more than 2 times the information about the new car, since some of the numbers were not clear.
You have alway been so polite and helpful
They have always been kind and helpful to me on the phone.
Very customer service oriented. Our son had his car stolen and there were several expensive musical instruments in the trunk. They called us several times to help with making a claim for his loss.
Reliable, helpful and a great company for all insurance needs. Take care of business attitude, very helpful and courteous.
They handled my claim quickly and reassured me every step of the way.
I have had auto and home owners ins. for many years and have had a few claims and have had fair treatment and no problems with there policies.
Like the promptness of the staff response. I do not like the requirements needed to have home insurance
I spoken with four representatives (one of whom was unpleasant and unprofessional), and received four different quotes. The last person with which I spoke was the most thorough and professional.
I have had nothing but positive experiences when contacting a representative for any question or update.
Has been easy to transition, and am happy with my premiums. Unfortunately I’ve already had to use their claim services but their employees are prompt and responsive.
They have affordable rates and have a great vision/slogan... However, the claims department could be better in terms of customer service. My rep was not very pleasant, only returned 1 of many calls, and did not do anything to make a situation that was not my fault better. It was a very expensive and tense couple of weeks. I now question whether I should stay with this company that I initially so excited about and pleased with.
I have been with California Casualty for years, I have compared their product with others from time to time and have stuck with California Casualty.
I have been with only 3 other car insurance companies in my over 40 years of driving history. California Casualty is the best one that I have experienced. I would highly recommend their service.
Always there when you need them, from advice on risk to help with levels of insurance to claims on both auto and home. Caring, professional.
Starting to get a little expensive, may consider changing to another soon
I have never been disappointed with the support I get when I need something right away. You are accommodating in every way and that's why I stay!
As a teacher, I appreciate their excellent service and rates.
Good customer service. Very helpful.
Recent roofing repair. Adjuster came in timely manner and submitted his findings in a timely manner and soon a check arrived. We could have been more efficient on our verification of work completed has we been advised of the documentation required of the roofer upon completion of the project
Ihave had nothing but good experiences with CalCas. They consoled me after my accidents, whether I was at fault or not. Their premiums are fair and customer service id excellent
These people have been taking care of me for over 20 years. Any problem I have they handle it. I’ve Been hit a couple of times and it’s been wonderful just giving them the info and letting them handle it! An agent from the insurance for the woman who hit me made the mistake of calling me instead of my agent. Very snotty and trying to bully me around. I ripped him up pretty good but still wasn’t satisfied so I called and ‘told on him’. My agent contacted him immediately and explained to him how things are done. I never heard from him again’ I would never leave California Casualty for any reason. I have been with them so long they feel like family!
Always easy to contact. Workers are polite and nice when calling for information.
California Casualty has been reliable and provided great service. During an accident they were great and had a great repair facility available that took great care of the damage.
I cannot emphasize how much I love this company. To me the definition of a good service company is when you forget you even have the service. I don't think about my insurance, I don't have to because CalCas has me covered.
I love California Casualty Auto and Home Insurance!!
My only complaint was not knowing what to expect with the claim. I kept wondering what was happening and call backs were very slow in coming. The up front service is great, yet I kept wondering about what was happening with the claim - just seemed slow. I am looking forward to the claim payment so that the work can get started. Still I have been overall pleased with my move from State Farm!
California Casualty to date has been fantastic! It's been a great experience!
I've never had a bad experience with California Casualty Auto services. Everyone is highly professional and always friendly. I'm so glad I left USAA for Cal Cas
I started w/ California Casualty 12 years ago and have been nothing but delighted. From prompt responses to claims to immediate changes to policy as needed, California Casualty has been there. And they tell *me* when there is a way to save more and pay less for better coverage.
An easy group to work with. Absolutely no problems
A five star rating says it all!
I feel I was well responded to with several auto issues and a flood in my apartment.
I have been a customer a long time and haven't had any problems. I feel comfortable with my coverage and think I have been treated well. They have a lot of discounts too!
I think they are a great company and take care of their customers.
Best insurance company for first responders
Easy to deal with. Good customer service. Easy billing
Worst insurance experience EVER!! I am 41 years old and married to an elementary school teacher. The insurance company came into the school and pitched their policies. My wife and I switched our home and car policies due to lower rates with them. After 4 months of paying on car policy they said we had to start paying. Turned out they had our account under the wrong numbers, then they dropped our home policy due to an "investigation of the age of our roof. Even though our roof was new in 2004, their records did not reflect that. Wanted us to hire an inspector out of our pocket to prove age. We are now with a different company and I Can't believe I saw an excellent rating for this company.
Customer service is always over the top good. Your call is answered by the typical press 1 for this and 2 for that, but then upon transfer someone always quickly picks up. They are friendly and always very helpful. Best customer service of any large company I have ever dealt with. I only give 5 stars because that's all they allow.
Always helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly.
We are teachers trying to make our salaries stretch as far as possible. So when OEA/NEA puts those fliers in your mailbox, get a quote! We have been married for 36 years and never made an insurance claim. We have tried several other companies before switching to California Casualty. Well, we had a flood in our beautiful home that we worked so hard for. All I could do was cry!
California Casualty is a cut above most other insurance companies. They provide solid customer service and their claims are handled fast, efficiently and most importantly fairly. When we had to file a claim, everything was done professionally with a calm and caring attitude that made the entire process virtually frustration free. Now, who can say that about their insurance company?
California Casualty has been very fair as our only insurer for over a decade. Rates are competitve, service is exceptional, and coverage is thorough. Highly recommend them to be your insurance provider.
Great, prompt service with a positive spirit!
Company is very outstanding and dependable.
Great experience with the interview of enrollment.
We love doing business with California Casualty. We never plan to change insurance companies because of the efficient service and help they have given at all times, even at the time of an accident. Thanks!
Could not insure my house with Cal Cas because have three layers on the roof. I did not see that there is a problem because the latest layer is metal and the roofer recommended to not take off the other two layers,
Continue the great customer service.
I had immediate service. I was given a check for the repairs quickly. I was able to use the repair service station of my choice. You can't askfor better than that. Thank you, California Casualty! Sincerely, Nancy
you guys are very good would not trade insurance 5 stars
Your customer service is superb and all the agents and adjusters I have had the pleasure in dealing with and been courteous and polite. I have referred California Casualty to everyone I know.
Over the 20 plus years that I have had California Casualty that I received excellent customer service! Everyone has been very professional and knowledgeable. In addition,the rates are very competitive!
Great company, with great rates and excellent customer service.
Thanks for your continued loyalty!
When I've had a situation with the vehicle, Calif Casualty was very supportive and made sure the work was done to specifications and my liking. That means a lot to me. Thanks.
I thought you guys were great, and even would tell all my friends and family how happy I was with you, until I had to file a claim. At the beginning of the claim, things still seemed great, until I had questions and concerns. My claims adjuster, Corey, wouldn't return my calls regarding car rental, damage to the car rental, and other questions I had. I left several messages and pleaded for her to return my call because I had an issue with a cracked windshield of the rental. Till this day, I've yet to hear back from her. It would have been nice for her to check up on how things turned out regarding body work to my personal car, and experience with car rental. I really did think I had a great car insurance company backing me, but now I know California Casualty is no different than any other company out there. Shame.
It was unbelievable how quick and efficient California Casualty was after our roof experienced hail damage. My instinct was to think they would try and get out of it, but there was no hassle and no disagreement about the situation. We had a new roof in a matter of a few weeks. Our roofer said CC was one of the best insurance companies they've worked with.
I've been a customer with CalCas since 2013. They've always been very friendly and can usually communicate with me on my schedule, or via email, which is very convenient. Whenever I have questions about my policy, I always receive a response within 24 hours. Plus, the rate is far better than I would have had living in an expensive area and driving a sports car!
Good enough with excellent coverage
I have been with California Casualty for many years -- something around 35 or more. Obviously, I am happy with them.
My wife was struck in her car as she accelerated from a stop light. The driver of the other car did not stop when the left turn light had changed. I reported the accident on Cal Casualty's website the same afternoon and we had an email reply and a phone call the next day sharing first steps for proceeding with a repair-- including choosing a repair shop. The wife and I got on with looking for the body shop. The next day we had a second call asking whether we had chosen a shop and sharing that as soon as we shared the name of the shop, to call and let the Company know so the tow truck could be authorized to move the car there. Over the next 3 to 3.5 weeks, the process moved forward to appraisal, reviews, then to consideration for declaring the car a total loss, then the case was moved to the Total Loss Dept. with the company. Every time we spoke with people at Cal Casualty, there was empathy, concern, and supportiveness. Yet it always seemed that we were the initiators and that absent our efforts, we never would have been updated but for snail mail. This was our biggest concern with the process and is the reason behind the 4* rating. Still the examination of our car and of the eval of appraisal information, the steps to determine whether the vehicle could or should be repaired, were probably all necessarily time consuming. When the time came to discuss a settlement, we were prepared to possibly be 'low-balled' and to have to battle. None of this happened. Discussions with the Total Loss Claims adjustor were open & direct, honest, and very fair. The company's claims process at Cal Casualty earns a 5* rating overall for putting the customer 1st and for offering a very fair settlement! Calif. Casualty is a great auto insurance company and I heartily recommend them for your auto insurance needs.
I've been a customer since I first started teaching. Have had great service
In the terrible aftermath of the hit and run collision that totaled our car and resulted in multiple injuries, California Casualty has made the traumatic experience ever so much more bearable. They continue to provide the sort of response we have needed most during these ongoing and trying times. We appreciate the personal service the company has consistently provided. Our most sincere appreciation.
My phone call went quick and the matter settled.
My experience has been limited to talking to representatives on the phone and to the mailed information they send me, as I have had no accidents or claims. All the staff I talk to on the phone have been personable and polite and have explained their services to me comprehensively. The paperwork California Casualty sends in the mail has been pretty easy to read and complete, too, including the insurance cards--5 stars from me! Thank you.
I have had only good experiences working with the representatives at California Casualty. They seem to treat you as an individual, not like other huge companies that don't even return calls. When I had an accident several years ago, they handled everything and really put me at ease. I am very pleased with this company.
We're very happy with California Casualty Auto and Home Insurance, it's very easy to renew, price is less than other insurances we had previously, and we don't have to deal with 'the red tape', others got. We've been using CA Casualty Insurance for a few years now. Thanks for a fantastic service!
customer service is quick about responding and super happy with the coverage.
I recently had to report that I was the victim of a hit and run accident. "Connie" was very professional in recording the information and walking me through the repair process. The repair from start to finish took about one month. (From reporting to retrieving repaired vehicle from the auto body shop). This was a very little hassle experience for me. However, I must admit that I'm kinda' waiting for the other shoe to drop. My premium went up this year and when I requested the reason for the increase I learned that after more than 15 years of insuring both my car and my home with Calif. Casualty, one citation for an illegal left turn and a slight increase in mileage double my monthly premium. The mileage went up because I bought a new car are took it on a couple of long road trips. That won't be the norm. The ticket was received while I was on one of the road trips in an area I was unfamiliar with. I'd have gone to court and fought it had it been closer to home. Or, had I realized that ONE citation would do that to my insurance, I'd have spent the money to attend traffic school. I don't think that was a very fair way to treat a long time customer. Though I haven't made a concerted effort, I do plan to look into the possibility that another company might offer me a better deal.
great customer service and reasonable rates
I have been a California Casualty customer for over 30 years. I am and have always been extremely pleased with the service I receive.
I have always received a prompt response to my calls, and they have always covered my losses.
Every time I call to make changes on my policy I am treated with respect and kindness. This is excellent insurance.
Have been a client for years and have always received exceptional customer service and competitive rates.
You have been a very reliable and trustworthy company and I'm glad to be protected by your company thank you.
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